Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Derogatory & Offensive Terms "Auntie" "Uncle" in Singapore

12:39 p.m.  24 May Thurs

I don't know how someone can in good conscience can call another person "auntie" or "uncle".

As a teenager or older, I never addressed people with those terms. Because it's wrong. Firstly, it's a derogatory term.  Insulting a person's age.  Secondly, I don't know the person whom I am addressing. Third, I am not related to that person.

Singapore as a nation has not progressed. Worse now with so many uneducated foreigners, particularly from the backward countries: China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia.

They lack refinements in mentalities. Lack subtleties & diplomacy in human interactions. In other words: Not intelligent. Stupid.

In other countries, immigrants have to at least have university degrees before they can be residents. In Singapore all kinds of horrid uneducated people come in & work. And in just a few years, become permanent residents.

I stopped selling stuff to Filipinos because every time, they will  piss me off by using that derogatory term that insultingly mocks your age. I don't know them. They don't know me. It's just a transaction. Why the fuck are they insulting a person's age?

What has the person done to offend you that you call the person "auntie" or "uncle" like it's your right?

I suffered for years all kinds of problems. No money. I watched the person I love, die in front of me & powerless to do anything.  In my darkest moment of grief & despair, where were you?

How dare anyone just casually use just a single word to put my life (that you don't know) in a nutshell based age!

Everyone has a name. Even a dog or cat. How can a human being not be given the dignity of their names?  A name is so simple. 

Do you know what it feels like when you take time & effort dressing up to look nice, & some shit calls you an age-discriminating insulting term?  No matter how much you spend on a nice expensive salon hairstyle or how you try, people still call you that insulting term?  Suddenly you feel the need to prove that you are not people's mindset.  It's shit. Why do I need to prove anything to anyone??  I never knew what having to prove-what-you-are-not felt like until age discrimination terms were used on me.

A lot of people in their teens, 20s & 30s, banter & joke among themselves about "aunties" & "uncles" like it's so funny.  These terms are used with narcissistic, selfish & evil intentions: Negative, derogatory & demeaning.

You cannot say that "aunties" "uncles" are spoken out of respect. Don't be a shit. There is no respect behind the use of these words.

Auntie/Uncle = Uneducated. Old. Lower Level.

You don't see or hear Europeans or westerners calling another person "auntie" "uncle".  This age discrimination mentality is used by uneducated Asians.

You dare to call a head of state or minister or the Director of your company "uncle" or "auntie"? Why don't you walk up to that CEO lady & call her "auntie"?

A few days ago, I was at RWS. This shit-head around 16-17 years old, corrected someone who called him "Shawn" instead of his name on his uniform name tag. He said, "I am not Shawn".

Yet throughout, he kept calling me with the age discriminating derogatory term, even when he knew my name. And even when I told him off.

I notice that teenagers are very prim & proper about their names. Get it wrong & they will correct it, whoever you are. Yet they have no regard for other people's names.  Who are their parents? What a waste of  resources bringing such teenagers into life & feeding them.

Singapore managed to barely take 1 step forwards in the past. Now with the flood of uneducated foreigners with ageist mentalities & all kinds primitive attitudes, it's 3 steps back.

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Information Buy Sell: Walk Direct from Sofitel Guard House to RWS Staff Entrance/Casino

No need to take shuttle bus/train. No need to take shuttle back to Vivocity & change shuttle, which will take more time. There is no shuttle direct from Sofitel to RWS. This information is for:

Working at Sofitel & need to go to RWS uniform room.
Tourist from Sofitel hotel going to RWS casino (RWS shuttle bus-stop).
Buy this information @ $25.  Leave ur e-mail below.

Brisk walking time 25 mins (20 mins for long legs).

Starting point is Sofitel Guard House. If you're at Sofitel hotel entrance, take the shuttle to the guard house.

From Sofitel Guard House....

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Get Up Give Me Ur Seat Mentality in Singapore Buses Trains

Just because a woman is pregant, she automatically has a right to force people off their seats? Who asked her to get fucked? Did anyone on the bus force her to get pregant? Why must other people pay for her mistake?

When she decided to have kids, she should have already considered the inconvenience of travel & other matters.

A fat, pregnant boat strolls onto a bus/train. And someone must automatically get up & give her the seat? It's hooliganism, same as when a mafia boss walks in & his henchman points at a person & gets him out of that seat for the boss.

Only selfish people think that it's right that others get out of their seats.

It is not the people sitting down who are selfish. The real selfish people are those who expect & demand that others get out of their seats.  

If restaurants allowed such behaviour, these selfish people will gladly apply their hooligan mentality & demand that others get up & give up their seats just like in trains & buses. Anyone who don't get up, will be shot with "so selfish!" "so disgusting!".

Oh, fuck off.  What is your motivation? You have low self-esteem & using this to get a boost? So that you can pat yourself & say you're such a good person while everyone else is "so selfish" "so disgusting"?  For all anyone knows, you are the one who stabbed your colleague in the back by telling tales to the company boss.

Stupid Singaporean mentality will never change regardless of where he/she goes. A person can go to New Zealand & still be stupid when he/she comes home.

You walk into a train or bus. You see someone sitting & not getting up for a pregant woman. You point at that fellow & say "Get up. Boss wants to sit.".  The "boss" is that pregnant woman, or that old man/woman.

One man & woman pushes a large baby pram on the bus/train. Someone "has to" get up & give this couple seats? Why? The man fucked the woman & they have a kid. And everyone on the bus or train has to pay the price for his fucked up decision?

One old woman comes up. Someone "must" get up for her. But do you know what she has been doing? Do you know she spits on the street? Do you know she shoved another person while coming up the bus? Do you know she insults & abuses her daughter-in-law?

What sort of person are you giving up your seat to?

Everyone, young or old, pays a price for being here. It is not fair to force or criticize others into giving up their seats just because someone else appears more "deserving". Everyone is deserving of a seat to sit based on who came first.

When a bus or train has no seat, Singaporeans must blame the "In-charge of this country". Not those who are sitting down.

Why are there not enough seats for fellow Singaporeans? Why is the bus or train so crowded? Why are all these people who are speaking foreign languages taking up seats on our trains & buses? 

When you criticize, direct your criticism at the right target.

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Why No Need to Name Ur Baby In Singapore?

Because when ur child is above 40 years old, people will call him/her "Auntie" "Uncle" anyway.

And from childhood, people will just call ur child "Girl" or "Boy".

So there is no need to take effort & thought to name ur child because other people will just call ur child whatever they like.  It's called age discrimination terms.

Even if u wear name tag, people will still not look. People in Singapore are stupid like that.

Why not go all the way & just name ur child "Auntie" or "Uncle" when he/she is born?  Since u like calling other people "auntie" & "uncle", "boy" & "girl" so much. Since u don't respect other people enough to "remember" their names. Since u only remember ur own name.

Go Undercover for Ur Wedding Banquet Dinner Package Hotel Singapore

Can't decide which hotel to host ur wedding? U'll easily eliminate all ur choices simply by going undercover to check up on them.

Go backdoor instead of the front. Don't choose based on catalogues, pretty photos & reviews. 

Many big name 5-6 stars hotels/resorts, once u look behind, u will never choose them for ur banquets. Poor hygiene & rotten managers & staff. U will be surprised & appalled by how things are done.

Go undercover for the hotel/s under ur consideration.  Just sign up for any of the popular recruitment agencies.

1) U'll officically be paid per hour. 
2) Takes only a few hours from start to finish. Typically evening slot for banquets. Example: 4pm or 5pm till 11pm or midnight.  For earlier timings, typically, u'll be able to see how the event is set up from tables to cutlery, which is most informative if u're looking at hygiene standards.

Overall, working as staff for just a few hours, whether earlier or later timings, u'll be able to see the behaviour of the management staff. And decide whether u want to give them ur money. 

This is the crucial part:  Whether u want to give them ur money.

Without a doubt, you'll be offended in various ways, depending on the hotel.

1) Just looking older than the teenagers, u'll face age discriminating comments.
2) U'll sit on the floor/carpet the moment u enter the assembly area. No dignity of any chairs. U will sit until u are "selected". 
3) One of the managers scans each one like choosing prostitute or animal. "You!" manager points with his finger at you. "Up!". "Go over there.". U will wait ur turn & if u are older than the others, it'll feel like u are the dregs that nobody wants.

If u can hold in ur temper & ur opinions (remembering u are undercover), u will then proceed with the "job". U will proceed to see more of the operations.

Just 1 time at a hotel is enough to know whether u want to spend money there or not. Either Fail or Pass that hotel.

Basically, since it takes just a few hours to cover 1 hotel, u can check up on all the hotels on ur list in just a few days.

During the job, u can also find out from some of the ladies how it's like working for other hotels. Don't reveal ur intention. Just ask how is this hotel or that hotel & see what they say.

Some of the ladies are very friendly & will immediately tell u what they think at the mention of a hotel's name.

For instance:

Intercontinental: One guy told me the female manager there is crazy. Behaves horribly & unreasonably towards staff. He was forced to go home without pay.

MBS: One lady told me there's a manager there who yells like a mad dog. Not recommended to work there.

Shangri-la @ Orange Grove: The management staff behave strangely there. No details as the guy who told me heard it from other people & they told him to try it to see what they meant. Of course, he's not going to try. The hotel is also located very inaccessibly.

Many of the big name hotels are very sloppy & atrociously poorly managed.  

Reason: The managers or management are uneducated people. They have no academic qualifications. They have awful English.  Awful mentality. They wear suits but behave like hooligans & barbarians. Some are foreigners who think they own their place in Singapore.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

Undercover Challenge to Teenagers in Singapore: Disguise Urself to look like "Auntie" "Uncle"

1) Disguise urself to look "old". Without getting ur cover blown for 1 working slot in hotel banquet service.

Using cosmetics or any means necessary, make urself look above 40 yrs old.

2) Get urself hired into a hotel. Any hotel in Singapore. Through recruitment agencies or direct hire. Do something about ur I/C first so that it matches with ur disguise.

3) Work.

4) Experience & observe people's reactions towards you throughout the event. Successful disguise = people will call u "auntie" "uncle". If nobody calls u those terms, it means ur disguise is a failure.  Consider ur cover blown.

Note how many times u are called "auntie" or "uncle" during the event & by whom.

When people call u "auntie" or "uncle", let them know ur name. Example: "call me Joe" or "my name's Joe" or "I'm Joe". Then note their reaction.Will they call u Joe?

5) Write/ Blog about ur observations & feelings at the end of work.

What is your pay for this? Besides the official pay rate per hour, the actual reward is the experience. U don't have to wait to be "old" to experience people's reactions to u. Simply by "switching" to another age group. See what it's like. Also, it's fun undercover experience which can be useful later in ur other experiences.

#age discrimination sg


Sunday, 18 March 2018

Baoshi HR Agency SG Drags Down Hotel Names with Age Discriminating Pay Rates

"Below 40, $X. Above 40, $XX." said the fat man behind the counter whose buttons strained to barely hold the two sides of his shirt together.

Just to be sure, I asked, "What do you mean 40?". 

"Years old." he answered.

So, without doubt. Outright age discrimination right down to the salary.

I said, "This is not fair. Other agencies don't do this.".

He shook it off, "These hotels want younger workers. They pay more for younger. You might work better than them but the hotels still pay the younger workers more.".

Did the guests of those hotels demand to see young workers?

Of course not. It is the hotel management/HR staff that want to see younger workers.

By this method, Baoshi & hotels have a very communist way of filtering out older workers. Simply by paying younger people more. Either the older person tolerates the unjust treatment or walks away. The unfairness is very much a trademark of forced communism.

Of course, it's still free choice.  You can "choose" to work for less knowing that you're paid less just because of your age.

But do you want to work for 1 hour more for $1/hr less than the (younger) person next to you? Both doing the same work at the same time, but you are paid less. 

If you're a true-blooded older Singaporean needing money, it's worse considering that the majority of the "younger" workers are foreign students. 

Can you bear standing beside a student in the same room, knowing that he/she is paid $XX per hour while you are paid $X per hour? It's worse if you look younger than your age & there's no way to change your year of birth.

The hotels represented by Baoshi Agency are many:

Merchant Court.
Park Royal (Lime restaurant).
Crowne Plaza.

The agency also represents at least 2 F&B establishments, such as Limoncello Italian Restaurant & Dempsey Cookhouse & Bar.

And the agency dares to say it wants to expand. Such a company will not expand from such rotten work ethics. Plus, the hotels tarnish their own names by associating with such an agency.

I have not heard of the other well-known agencies practising ageist pay rates. If they were, I don't think they can get away with it, particularly TCC with actively busy older workers who talk freely with anyone who asks.

People talk. People compare.

If an agency wants to profit more off of every hour of a person's pay, I can understand that it's their way of making money.  But don't pull stunts like age discrimination or gender discrimination.

The bigger the recruitment company with a physical location & with more staff, the less they pay. So you'll see very low rates per hour at $6.5/$7 to $8/$8.50.

That's their way of profitting from human trading.

So different agencies will pay different rates depending on how much they want to "eat" out of your pay.

Take for instance CNY. Direct hire pays $15/hr. For the same hotel, different agencies will pay $10/$11/$12/$13. Meaning, for every hour, they take $5 to $2 per hour off from every worker. That's a lot of money for just 1 event depending on the number of people hired. People easily work 9 to 12 hours or more.  Comparable to an excellent 1 month graduate's salary from just 1 event from other people's sweat.

Since they are already earning so much from my sweat per hour, I will not tolerate further pay-based age discrimination deduction from my pay.

I have put up with various shit in various companies in Singapore but not this.

Rather than work for an age discriminating agency like Baoshi, I would rather work for less for another agency that pays the same for everybody.

And those hotels associated with Baoshi? Such hotels never age-discriminate money. Even if you are old, they still take your money (while running their age discrimination policies). So you can choose to boycott these small & old hotels mentioned above, & take your lovely money to bigger & grander & newer hotels elsewhere with hopefully, better mindsets.  You'll also feel better.           

[Side note:  Big difference of $1/hr = 1 hour less work. Example: 10 hours @ $8/hr = $80. However at $9/hr, you only need to work 9 hours to get $81 (even more than $8/hr). So not only 1 hour less, but also $1 more.]
With this tip-off from Baoshi, I will be looking more closely at other recruitment agencies & asking younger & older workers whether there is any pay rate difference from the same agencies that they are working under.

[Side note 2: An older lady told me that TCC used to have many older workers.  As the pay was low, no young people were interested. The hotels however, preferred younger workers as the older ones didn't seem able to work. So the agency raised the pay to attract more younger workers. So everybody benefits. That should be the way, rather than penalizing older people by deducting their hard-earned salary. TCC takes money once by getting people to buy their $10 compulsory card, whereas Baoshi is greedy & takes $ every hour off of an older person's salary rather than just once.].

Update 3:52am 27 Mar Tues:  I was talking to the older ladies & the topic of age discrimination came up. So I mentioned Baoshi's different pay rates for younger & older people. They were very surprised. They haven't heard of such a thing & these ladies are very experienced in this hotel industry. They couldn't believe it when I told them. When I emphasized that it's true what Baoshi does, they said Baoshi probaby wants to pocket the difference in pay rates.

Update Sun 1 Apr:  Change in pay rates on Thurs 29. 

Sunday, 11 March 2018

How Hard To Get To SP Utilities Singapore

High-priced anomaly in my latest bill. How come gas suddenly $56?? Want to ask how the heck they charge so much when every month the price is not even $8.

1) Can't download their type of fingerprint App & anyway, users complain about it.
2) Can't e-mail because their website says they are experiencing "technical problem".
3) Can't call because of "high volume" & just leave ur contact number & will get back to you. That took $0.85 out of my phone account by the time I finished having to key twice all my digits that their machine said "invalid" .

I don't want to talk about the government.  My only thought is: If I were in another country, I wouldn't be facing this anomaly in my bill. I wouldn't have to care about any Singapore bill or Singapore.

The whole country is overrun by foreigners. You know those China women? They come home every time late at night, so happy chatting out of the shuttle bus from RWS.  They come here all the way to work as what? Waitresses. They come here, happy happy, take up space like they own the place.

Just be a waitress already can live happily in Singapore in some rental flat in central area! In other countries, I read that they prioritize their citizens first, so it's hard for foreigners to gain employment unless they have some qualifications that their own citizens don't already have.

The whole country is falling apart. Even going to hire security officers from Taiwan (China) to guard checkpoints. Yeah, go ahead. Go AHEAD. Rather than improving working hours & salaries for your citizens, you would rather hire foreign help (mercenaries).

When the shit hits the fan, I hope we are outside of Singapore.

Update: In the end, received 2 phone calls from SP. I missed the first one & the lady called again. Even if it's a mistake in billing, I still have to pay for the mistake. Then take a photo of the gas meter & e-mail them before 3 April. And only then, will the next bill be "adjusted" & any refund (?) made.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Hotel

Fri 9 Feb  11:44a.m.

For a classy brand name hotel, it's a disgrace how little they pay & how they don't even train their staff.

They say, "We are the Ritz Carlton" as if it means something important when actually, they admit that they pay less than other hotels. And they ask some little girl to call an applicant with, "Are you auntie?" without even a Hi or where she is calling from or who she is looking for.  Age discrimination.

So unprofessionl. Even their security guard is unprofessional & so troublesome compared to other hotels.

The back room is even smaller than other hotels. Like a rabbit hole. And I thought other hotels' were small. Ritz-Carlton is even worse. No class at all.

On 1st & 2nd day of CNY, they say they will pay $XX/hr. And in the interviewer's eyes, it was supposed to mean a lot of money when she said it. it's a big deal when other hotels are also paying that much.

It's true I need the money. But calling me "auntie" is not going to make me rush there for it. Have respect. Train your staff to watch what they say.

The amount you pay on regular days is so little, it's amazing there are still people working for you. And I still have to buy the pants to fit your uniform top.  In other hotels, I just have to buy the shoes & socks (even then, shoes alone is expensive).

I thought I wouldn't mind even if it's little pay because there are no further deductions & it's weekly. But "Are you auntie?" twice on the phone, erased all thought of going to your place.

I have a name. I am not "auntie".

Little Girl Ritz-Carlton on the phone: You represent your company Ritz-Carlton. You make your company lose face on the phone. You should be fired.

It shows that the Ritz-Carlton little girl just put her eyes only on the 2-digit age number & called me.  No goddamn brains. My name is right there & you don't even know how to call a person by name??

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Banquet Server Wedding SG

A wedding is as fake as the cloth-covered tables they banquet on. Strip off the cloth & the table is the cheapest, ugliest wood boards on metal legs. Shocking.

Wedding couples: Be considerate. Don't go on & on with your speeches, teary-eyed & drama on stage while the poor serving staff's feet are hurting so painfully waiting for you to finish your crap.  Don't be so ego.  Your marriage won't last past the stage anyway. All your shallow words that carry no weight.

When you see the true test, don't run away. That's something that requires no words on stage. Do you have the intelligence & resourcefulness to think of a solution yourself & not be swayed or afraid?

Banquet server job is high-class manual labour.

Casual or odd job for a surprising number of young Singaporean ladies & guys. Shows how pathetic this country & this government is. Don't even have better jobs that this.

Banquet jobs pay relatively well & bi-monthly or weekly (or even daily if the agencies are to be believed). The job is simple & easy with own choice of working days & timings if possible.  Long hours are good since the pay is good. No weird short split shifts or whatever.

The best part about the job? While online comments always talk about the pay & free food (food poisoning since it's leftovers), but the best part actually, is not needing to talk to anyone!! No need to cultivate any fake friendlies since it is unnecessary! Every time you go there, it's a different schedule, different grouping, different tasks.  It's great!!  Not a cramped location with the same few people whom you've to bear with every day.  No need to say "good morning" & all the crap.

And though the dress code rules appear strict,  the management don't really care as long as it's not too obvious. For example: heels. Many people actually get away with wearing complete flats even though the rules state a certain heel height. And long, formal black pants? People get away with wearing tight-fitting black jeans.

It's a brain-less job. Just do what you're told until the time everyone is dismissed. No thinking involved & get paid well. 

But there are a few reasons why people don't do banquet for long.

1) Shoes. For ladies, if heels of a certain height are required, you won't be able to walk properly after 4-5 hours on carpet & hard floor, no matter how carefully or slowly you lay your feet every time you take a step. It becomes impossible to walk on those heels after 7 hours max.

2) Casual labour means unstable.  One week, there's only 3-4 days of work & a schedule can be cancelled leaving you with just 2 days of work. It cannot be used as income. Which is why it attracts young people who don't have to pay the bills & only go to school.

3) Long hours on the feet means it excludes older people. Even young people find it tiring & painful on their feet. Not the legs. The feet. The body's weight is concentrated on the heels for many hours.

4) Many top brand hotels aren't considering applicants individually, but using agencies to get their manpower. Bad choice for hotels & applicants & hotel guests. The only winner is the agencies.  Hotels & their guests get lousy staff, applicants get lesser pay & risk delayed payment or no pay. Recruitment agencies are like human traffickers but legally.

5) Those shoes, stockings, pants or skirt that have to be purchased. Unlike other jobs that are flexible with what staff wear, banquet service requires some initial investment. Initial outlay that is difficult when you have no money in the first place. Odd situation where you have to have money first in order to work at this job.

6) Unpredictable ending time. After an event ends, there's cleaning up. After that, it depends. Not knowing exactly when you can leave is a problem especially when your feet are hurting & tired.

7) Super boring. Monotonous. Meltingly Boring.  One whole day is used just to set up 1 wedding banquet at night. And it's just about finding table cloths, putting them onto the tables, getting the cutlery & plates & glasses & arranging them on the tables... while ur feet are hurting in ur heels (if u are wearing heeled shoes for ladies).

Here's where u are reminded of how much or how little they are paying.  Goddamn waste of time. At least, make sure it pays well.

8) If u are male, u better make sure it pays well because it's going to be really manual labour lifting those oval trays of plates & metal cutlery. Not worth the aches & injury.  Do it too long & too often, u might need a chiropractor to set back ur spine back into place.