Friday, 21 July 2017

Ezbuy Chat Staff Boey Liar & Lousy Purchaser

4 days delay. Due to lousy purchaser + liar Boey.

4 days ago, I sumitted order for 1 item. Status order "purchasing order". Then suddenly changed back to "order processing". I knew something was wrong.

Next day,  I saw the order disappeared. The purchaser had cancelled it. Reason: Must order 3 pieces.

Seller's website clearly states that 1 piece is Ok.  What's going on? I re-submitted my order for 3 pieces. And purchaser still didn't order. "Purchasing order" for many hours. Suddenly changed back to "order processing".

I went on chat. Stupid Boey came online. As I mentioned in a previous post, get out the moment u see Boey. She's stupid. Now I discover that not only useless, she's also a liar.

Since I really needed a solution, I asked Boey to check with seller whether I can buy 1 piece. Boey pretended to contact seller & got back very fast saying "seller say" must buy 3 pieces. Then why the seller stated can buy just 1? Boey said the seller forgot to bring it down.

What a liar. Forgot? Straightaway I knew it was not true. The seller stated in words, that 1 piece can be ordered. Also, it's a 7 year-old store. How can they "forget"?

No ordering dragged on for another day till this morning. In between, I was also on chat with Sindy who couldn't help.

This morning, I got online with another chat staff. Aaron was very nice. Very patient. He contacted seller for me. Took a long time because seller wasn't there even though his icon is online. So, I told Aaron, I'll try again later.

About 45 mins later, I got Aaron again. He very patiently contacted seller. When finally got hold of the seller, the answer: Seller says can buy 1 piece as well. 

So, what were the purchaser & Boey doing?  Because of their stupidity, it's 4 days delay.

Also, earlier, Boey "contacted" the seller so fast. Clearly, she never contacted the seller at all & was lying.

Aaron could only leave a remark to speed up the order. But after ending the chat, I saw that the 3 pieces finally "order placed".

4 days delay because of the purchaser & stupid Boey.  It's also not the first time. Previously, also cancelled my orders due to their purchaser crazy. And once was worse: Purchaser didn't even order for days.

Not only delay. Because the purchaser won't order 1 piece, I was forced to order 3. More money gone on just these 3 items, which caused me to be unable to buy other items.  2 other items were also cancelled due to purchaser wanting me to order 3 of both items.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Not Happy Starhub Prepaid $15 SIM Phone Card (Scam?)

Mon 10 July 12:35a.m.

>>Should have come across this<<   before buying their Prepaid $15 ($18 value) card. No wonder my psychic feeling told me to stick with M1.  Because previous years ago, I didn't like M1 for being a useless money sucker, I thought to try Starhub this time.

I haven't been using my phone for years. No money to keep topping up my old M1 Prepaid SIM money guzzler. In that M1 card, I kept topping up every 3 months just to keep it alive until it accumulated to $60 or $80 & damn M1 said they wouldn't refund me if I cut the card. In the end, I had to forfeit $60-$80 when I stopped using the prepaid card.

My psychic these days very accurate. I didn't listen to it & this time bought Starhub $15 prepaid with intention of downloading job apps from delivery companies.

In just 5 days (starting 4 July purchase to 9 July around 7+pm), all the money disappeared from this Starhub Prepaid card. I didn't make any phone call. Didn't download anything. All downloads failed when I tried (whatsapp, uparcel, ubereats), which made me realize that my phone is too old to download any Apps. Didn't use SMS at all. I turned off my phone almost always. On the first day after the purchase, I didn't even download anything & didn't know what to do with my phone.

On the day I purchased it, the customer service guy in the store told me that the free data will auto-activate upon purchase, whether I activated the card or not.  Meaning, if I just sat on the card, the 15GB would disappear in 5 days.  So, I thought it was nice of him to tell me.

Even so...

Free 5-day 15GB local data disappeared. $18 value disappeared.  The value in main wallet is now just $0.01.

Where did all the money go? I really have no idea.

Just a brief check online, I see other people experienced the same thing. Missing money.

Really, it's like being robbed without your knowing it.

Am I angry? Do I want to complain for a refund? No. It was expected that Starhub Prepaid would be shit.  On the day of purchase, I had to return to the store to change the card & the cashier took ages to issue me a new one that worked.  The service was slow even though the store was almost empty of customers. But I couldn't just walk over to next door M1 since I already paid for this card.

I don't know what to do with this Starhub card now. It's empty of cash. Can people still call in? Can I still use it to SMS? The expiry date is 6 months away. I have no intention of adding more cash to it.

Talk about scam. I think this is a pretty good one. Starhub. Established name & doing this with prepaid phone cards. I feel more cynically disgusted than upset.

It's a pity because I like this phone number. Easiest & most natural to remember. 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Note to Self for Carous***

Never ever allow buyers to leave feedback.  Just this once after a long while, I forgot. A quick click of the mouse & I realized what I had done. Shit. I had accepted the buyer's request to leave feedback. Shit.

True enough, shitty buyer. Unforgiving. Malay man. Smoker. I knew he was going to be a problem.

He got the item, said he liked it, but it took longer than expected to arrive. Gave neutral rating. And it plunged my feedback score from 100% to 66%. Just because of 1 neutral rating. Terrible.

Smoker. Fat. Unhealthy & ugly.  He will pay with his life for plunging another person's feedback to 66%. So, I am not particularly angry.

I expected he would be shit. So, he falls within expectation. My fault for allowing him to leave feedback.

Once click "accept" buyer's feedback request, it cannot be taken back. I shouldn't have accepted. He had already paid. Why the heck did I accept his feedback request for??? *shakes head*

I haven't been accepting feedback requests for a long time. I don't know why I clicked on it this time.

Can the 66% rating be fixed? Of course it can. That's the best part. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Urgent: Looking For: Genuine Skilled Psychics, Tarot Cards Reader & Exorcist

Tues 13 Jun 12:17 p.m.

I've searched online & cannot find one who appears reliable. I cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars. If you are a genuine psychic, you would not be wanting hundreds of dollars to compensate for the use of a talent that many psychics claim is to help people.

I can afford some money but not hundreds of dollars. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't need psychic help (I would be rich & already lucky).

My situation is caused by something that needs professional psychic assessment & help. No Chinese mediums.

If you can find it in your heart to help, pls contact me.

We have tried more than anyone can imagine. So do not tell me to de-clutter the house or use sage cleansing or crystals etc... These methods Do Not work. 

We have gone beyond these methods in order to subdue the entity that is causing our troubles. Bro has even invented devices to counter (in a technical & scientific way) what we assumed were ghosts.

We have done practically everything including hammering nails into the wall. Spraying the air with water. Crystals & crystal tuning fork. Smudging with Palo Santo wood sticks. Throwing away almost everything in a room & furniture around the house, including a $2000+ bed & bed frame. UV. Lights. Darkness. Candles. Sound frequency. Loud jarring music from 3 different radios & speakers at the same time. Yelling. Scolding. Insults. Reasoning. Fire/flame. Mosquito coils. Shutting down all electrical power to everything.  Electric mosquito killers.  Clear plastic sheets. Aluminum foil. Opaque plastic boards. Cloth sheets. Clear plastic cylinders with and without water inside, with and without screw-cap tops. Locks, real & symbolic.  Words written on paper & burnt. Plastic guns with rubber-tipped ammunition. Loud hailer. High-pitched alarm.

I am already partly psychic, yet cannot solve my own problem. I can tell if a so-called psychic or Fengshui master is lying or just trying to pull fast money.  Only genuine professionals are needed. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Haunted Bro's Room Malay Male Gay Ghost

5 Jun Mon.

"There is definitely something in that room." said bro at 3.25am this early morning.

He was explaining to me why he thinks it's not a C1 problem. Not a real physical mechanical neck bone problem for which previously we went to a (quack) chiropractor who "confirmed" that it was a C1 problem. Since I wanted a real problem so we can have a real solution, I was almost desperate to cling to the idea that it's a C1 neck problem that can be solved or eased by doing neck rotational exercises.

Earlier in the day he said the exercises eased the squeezing on his neck. Previous night when he had problem with the ghost, it also eased up when he rotated his neck slightly.

It seemed obvious that it's a C1 problem. Until he clarified that even with the neck exercises, it only eased a little. Not completely gone. But when he insults the ghost or yells at it, it clears up instantly, almost 100% gone.  I thought that this could be because when in anger, adrenaline rushes, clearing up the head.  When he calms down, the neck squeezing creeps back in (the ghost returns).

This morning's incident threw out my theory that it's a C1 problem when he clearly explained.

He finally found out what is causing all the recent weeks of sleepless nights.

Every morning at about 2.30-3a.m., he would suddenly wake with neck squeezing, headache & be unable to sleep. Horrible feeling to go back to sleep & he would get up & it would be impossible to sleep for the rest of the "night" until near morning.  He would also be forced to succumb to an inexplicable drowsiness that can't be shaken off when he lies down & when he is suddenly woken up like this.

I advised that perhaps he should leave the house (& not be depressed in his room & also relieve me from his disturbing scolding of the ghost all by himself) & increase his vibrational frequency so that he would no longer be affected by the "hold" of our father's influence on him at night.  We have been thinking that it was our father (the demon) doing some kind of shit long-range influence on us.

Our father has been possessed by a demon for years. He admits it & over the years has been completely taken over. He admits that he & that thing are One.  Sounds nuts, but we have lived with him in this house with his shit demon god since we were kids. And I am a hard skeptic with 2 Science degrees.

If it were just my bro having trouble sleeping at night, I would say it's just him. And I've been worried that he's going nuts or is nuts.

But I have experienced weird shit myself, unexplainable. So I have never dismissed what he tells me.  Just that I listen & try to think of possible & logical explanations for why it might be happening & what the heck it might be, all the while skirting around paranormal explanations.

But this morning, when my bro explained very clearly to me, I understand clearly. He has also previously said that he is clearly & soberly in possession of his own mental stability.

He said, "It is not a C1 problem.".  Because 1) the effect is only when he is within that rectangular area of the mattress. Recently, we threw away his 4 years old $2000+ King Koil bed on the theory that it's harbouring some unseen force (spirit/spirits) that has been troubling him every night.

I offered him my "new" mattress that was bought years ago but kept clean in my room in its bag. Even after his bed has been thrown & we cleaned up the place & laid down the mattress, the problem still remained.

Regardless of whatever my bro did, the neck squeezing & other disturbances that he was feeling, continued. It meant that it wasn't the bed & bed frame that caused it. But bro said he had no regrets throwing away the bed & frame since he had tried everything & nothing worked.

He concluded that it was the space of the bed that was haunted. In the floor, perhaps. But if it's the floor, I said then downstairs apartment will also be affected since our floor is their ceiling. He said there have been quarrels downstairs & upstairs, both Indian families.

The theory is that this ghost has been sent by our father. Don't know how he's doing it but it's the most possible since he claims to be able to astrally project (manifest). And he has been resentful of us with a lot of negative emotions.

I said since it's the space on the floor, then shift the mattress. But he says, "Why should I shift for them? I put my things where I want them.". 

Previously, I had advised him to shift his bed & bed frame but because it was too heavy & not feasible, we didn't do it. As it was, throwing it out took a lot of effort because the bed head was so goddamn big & heavy. Don't ever buy such stupidly huge bed frame stuck to a huge bed head. It couldn't even fit out of the goddamn door frame. The delivery guy installed separately inside the room back then.

2)  If it's a real C1 problem, it should work every time he did the neck rotational exercises. But the exercises only ease the squeezing & don't clear it up. And it doesn't always work.

3) This early morning, when he said "gay man", it eased up. When he said "Malay man", it cleared up almost completely with a "crick" sound in his neck.  Yesterday early morning, he told me that every time the ghost leaves his neck (when he makes correct guesses), he'll hear a "crick" sound & there'll be instant relief from the squeezing & headache.

When he called out "voyeurism" "pervert", it also eased up. Means he had guessed right. The theory is that this ghost used to be a sexual deviant, sexual criminal that got killed somehow & hangs around because he refuses to admit that he is a perverted gay.

When he said, the ghost is "an all-rounder pervert", the large sheet of plastic hanging over the overhanging shirts on his chair top, was swept down.  When I said perhaps it's the wind from the fan, he said it appeared to be swept down by force or anger. If it were blown down, it should have floated down. But it was swept off as though in displeasure & the air was cleared of the presence.

After the insults, he said the room was cleared of any disturbance. But at 6am, it returned, this time unresponsive to the same insults.

This early morning around the usual time when both of us would get drowsy, there was no drowsiness at all. Strange. It has nothing to do with my swimming or the 1 or 2 cups of coffee I sometimes drink during the day. It's a drowsiness at night (10.30-11pm for him &  1-2.30am for me) that we can't shake off.

In my case, this is even stranger because I am a skeptic & don't really care about such things except making money.

I feel no presence in his room every time he complains of ghosts. I stand in his room & don't feel anything, even though I am somewhat psychic. So my theory is that there is nothing there but something is playing with his mind & torturing him. We don't know what that is.  This morning, we discussed & he suggests it's some kind of energy. I think I agree.

At about 6am when the "ghost" returned to disturbed him & nothing worked to dispel it, he speculated that maybe there are more than 1 ghost in his room. So he tested by saying there's 1 ghost. His headache & neck squeezing remained. "2 ghosts" was the same. "3 ghosts" was also the same. "4 ghosts" cleared it up.

He told me that he then tested with the candle flame which confirmed the presence of 4 around the room.

He says if he guesses wrong, the headache comes back & worse than before. If it's right, the headache will clear.  That's when he knows he's hit the correct answer.

All these suggests to me, that it's a game that something or someone is playing. It's a game that he is forced to particpate every night because it wouldn't leave him to sleep.

Even after so many weeks, I can't say there are real ghosts in his room or mine, because I don't feel such  a presence. Yet there is undeniable something here. Question keeps coming up: What is it?  

Bro says if it continues like this, it's possible to go crazy. He also questions why I am not affected to the same degree as him. I say I don't know. I can say that I am affected in various ways but differently.

3)  The night before, he explained to me the disturbance. He would be dosing off when something would shove him physically. He demonstrated by jerking up the clothes rack stand in the kitchen, saying "like this". Every time as he is about to dose off.

It seems the goal is to keep him sleepless.  Sleep deprivation lowers mental strength & less able to handle stress. It seems the goal is to break him. But why?  This type of "haunting" is if a murderer killed someone & that victim returns to take revenge.

In our case, the only offending & recent event was that we evicted my father's demon statue. Since then, shit has been happening. So, if it's not coming from my father, then where is it from?

Sunday, 21 May 2017

I Miss Japan 君に会いたい。日本

Mon 22 May 10:37am

Where the people are more intelligent &  the country is more beautiful. Wish I was born Japanese, then I wouldn't know the shit in Singapore. Knowing the shit in Singapore, I don't ever want to leave Japan & just roll up into a ball & stay there where it's safe.

I don't want my parents to be Singaporeans. I wish I never knew them. 

If I were Japanese, I wouldn't need to step out of the country at all. The entire place is so big & different everywhere & all in Japanese, I can just be a tourist in my own country my whole life. No need to step out to see the ugliness of other countries.

Singaporeans are mad & stupid. Why was I born one of them? It's an embarrassment. For years when I was younger, I refused to let people know which country I am from. Small, pathetic island with small, pathetic people. Just pretend I am from No Country. Ok? Just accept me as I am. Don't ask.  My country is inconsequential.

Years ago, LKY tried emulating Japan. But failed. Till now, Singaporeans are still shitty. To be like the Japanese, everyone must ingrain in their kids civic consciousness. National scale, the type of civic consciousness & attitude that is drilled into the brain & skull in every child. Such that even when he is drunk, he will still apologize for being loud.

Singapore with its "scattered sands" attitude & laziness & uneducated & crude mentality will never reach that level. Every child is brought up anyhow. I have seen even young men hawk & spit on the street.

Shitty island. I don't know why foreigners keep coming here. And even applying to stay here permanently. Crazy. As Singaporeans, we are born here. We have no money to move. We have no choice but to stay here.

As foreigners with financial mobillity, why hole yourself in a cramp, little, no place island with nothing?

Online platforms are dead, can't sell anything, can't do anything as an individual. All everyone does is work from morning till night. And the money isn't enough. 20 years ago, a cafe pay was $5/hr. Now, it's still just $5-9/hr (look at the job ads). Majority just $7.50/hr.  I read a Grab driver earned just $5/hr.

How can the pay rise by so little? By now, it should be $10-15/hr at least. How can it be about the same when prices of things have risen?

Thank goodness for $2 stores. That is how hard eating to live has become. How can anyone even think to have any kids when the situation is so bad?

$5-8/hr can't pay for anything. My daily expenditure a day (2 persons), very tight, is already minimum $30 excluding transport. No restaurants. No cafes.  No phone. No extra spending. Even with $2 stores, just some food items, easily add to the daily expenditure, regardless of how little is purchased.

Even for teenagers, such "pay" is very crazily little. You would have to work from morning till night 8 hours just to get $40-$60/day.  Half of it goes to food for 2 persons. There is nothing left to save if CPF also dips the hand inside to take. 

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Crystal Ball Series 1: Which Polytechnic, Uni NUS NTU, Art School Sota Lasalle Should U Go To (SG)?

Get your Life Compass here.

When your parents conveniently fucked you into existence, they didn't provide you any manual on how to live, where to go, how to go, what to do, etc...

Wouldn't it be great if there is a manual available for every person born? But there is none. You bum your way around, making horrible mistakes, too late to change or regret. Years pass, wasted chances, wasted time.  Youth is wasted on the young.

Having been to Poly, Art school & Uni, I can tell you truths of the present & future that not even your friends or parents can tell you.

As with any worthy, valuable information, it does not come free.  For $10, you will receive the key to better decision-making above everyone else.  Bypass all that shit that everyone fails to see & steps into.

Remember Biff from Back To The Future? The Almanac that he passed to his younger self.   For just $10, you buy the experience & knowledge. Why not?

Get your copy by leaving a purchasing message after this post.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Review SG: What's That In My Salted Veg?

Location: Chinatown Point.

Been eating there a few times & one of those days, discovered a short, black cut hair in my plate of salted vegetables. Nose hair? Whose? The cook's? The serving woman's?

I posted on their Facebook. No reply & it's now gone.  Obviously, the company doesn't care. I notice these Bak Kut Teh outlets are opened by crude, uneducated people who employ many foreigners.

With the contaminants found in both Song Fa Bak Kut Teh & Old Street Bak Kut Teh, there is no difference between the two. It's just your lucky day if you discover something in your soup or your plates of food.

Review on Old Street Bak Kut Teh:

Lousy Old Street Bak Kut Teh SG Review

Sun 7 May is the last time I'm eating Old Street Bak Kut Teh.

We gave this brand of Bak Kut Teh many chances. And I don't blog about things unless I have to.

1) They hire foreigners.  Rude, crude, uneducated, sloppy, untrained foreigners who lack refinement in customer service.
2) No QC to their service or products.
3) Fluctuating standards. Everytime we eat there, we don't know what's going to go wrong.
4)  Careless staff who do whatever they like at the expense of customers & see nothing wrong with it.

No wonder the outlets are always empty of customers.

We used to eat at ARC. The staff are always chatting in their foreign language while working. Thai? Burmese? Very irritating to hear them. They shouldn't be in Singapore. Why does the company even hire them?

The female staff are rude. Once when we walked in, one plump woman rudely called out that they were closed. No "excuse me". Nothing polite in her words. Didn't even say "Pls come back tomorrow".  So rude, barbarian. This staff is sometimes at ARC & sometimes at Suntec. Always has a shit face. Unsmiling. Female or male staff are all the same.

When we ate there for a few times, we had to wait for her to stroll over to the cashier & she never even thanked us. Once I was so pissed, I said out loud that she didn't even say thanks.  That was the last time.

We went over to Suntec outlet. 

Unfortunately, even at Suntec, the staff were problematic.  Various service problems since the first time we were there. These problems occurred at different times:

1) Coffee forgot to serve after all the food arrived.
2) Dough fritters (You Tiao) suddenly very hard. When I asked, the female staff said it could have been over-fried. I said we have ordered this on previous occasions & it's been soft. I said hard dough is not nice to eat. She agreed & just said she'll inform the person who fried it. No discount as compensation. Nothing.

I asked whether the dough fritters were yesterday's? She insisted that it was not & "not to worry".  We never ordered the dough fritters again.

3)  1-1 ribs soup promotion after 5pm. Once we happened to be there before 5pm & the staff intentionally did not remind us that there was no promotion before 5pm. I say intentionally because usually when we are there after 5pm, the staff will helpfully tell us about the 1-1 promotion. Even though they see us regularly there, they don't even remind us that it's not yet 5pm?

4)  Ribs soup arrived tasting very shockingly flat & bland. What happened? Elderly female staff was walking around with a kettle of refill. I called her as she was coming by.  I said, "Is this the wrong soup? It's like water. Is this soup meant for Mee Sua instead?".

She said, "Oh, it's the new recruit. He must have used the first round of soup that hasn't soaked up the flavor yet.".

I was thinking: Did he use the soup when the meat is still raw??

I asked, "Is this soup Ok to consume?".

She said, "Yes. Just that the flavor isn't there yet. Here, try this kettle soup".

By then, I had already finished the ribs. She poured the kettle soup onto the bones in my bowl & encouraged me to try the "correct" flavor.

i) New guy isn't trained? The whole day, what has he been doing? Nobody supervise? The whole day serve water-soup?  This was already after 5pm.

ii) New guy isn't an excuse for a mistake this big. The ribs soup is the most important signature item. How can the staff just say it's a new guy & serve water-soup?

iii) No discount or any compensation whatsoever. The woman just explained & strolled away to presumably inform the new guy in the kitchen.

5)  The last straw was on Sunday 7 May.  What's that light green string (about 3cm long) among the salted vegetable that I am eating?  I fished it out with my fingertips. Looked like thin plastic string perhaps cut from around the salted vegetables before cooking.  Do you know what happens in my stomach if I ate that? Is the Old Street company going to take responsibility for what happens after I eat it?

I called the male staff who was at the cashier after he was done with a customer.

I said, "What's this? It's in my salted vegetable bowl.".  He looked at it & said, "Oh...".  He apologized with "Bu Hao Yi Si" in Chinese, which means "I'm sorry".

He asked whether it came from the pork ribs or salted vegetables (when I already told him earlier). He then took away the salted vegetables bowl (that we already ate some),  pinched the string off my fingertips & left. He returned a minute later with a full bowl. 

I asked about the string again, "What is it?".

He vaguely explained in Chinese, "It's a packaging string.".

This is the last time we are eating Old Street. 

[To companies: If you require a mystery shopper to check on the performance of your staff & outlets, I am for hire.  $30/visit.  Upon entering a store, I automatically observe everything related to service, layout & management. You will receive an honest appraisal with suggestions on improvements. Pls contact by leaving a message in comments.]  

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Weirdest Paranormal Event In Our House Monday Night

Wed 3:22pm  19 April 2017.

Note: This is for my own record. Not for any reader to think we are crazy or anything. There is a lot of background information that I didn't say.  If you are reading this, you don't know us at all & cannot say that we are nuts or that these "things" don't exist. If you are a professional psychic who can "see things" in houses,  you're welcome to contact us.

Monday Night Before Midnight.

I was typing at my laptop, working on a paragraph of my novel. Smelled a bad burning smell. Turned round in my seat to look at the hall. Direct line of sight. I saw my bro walking straight towards the balcony but stopping at the pile of stuff before the balcony.

He was holding the aluminum foil tray in his right hand. Looking down at the tray as he walked. When he stopped there, he looked down at the middle of the tray for some moments, then turned & walked back the direction he came.

Earlier, he had said he wasn't going to burn the papers (it will liberate "them" back to the air). 1) So, I thought he had changed his mind.

He appeared to be looking downwards into the middle of the tray where I assumed he had burnt some paper.  I assumed he had come from the master bedroom because I saw he was walking straight towards the balcony area (rather than curve out from his bedroom which is opposite mine).

The smell of burning stank up my room badly. 2) And when he walked away, I was wondering if he was going to flush the ash off in the kitchen bathroom toilet. Hopefully not, because I will be sitting on the toilet and those "things" flushed into the toilet may still remain... (even though he said before that he flushes away the water in the container that he used to trap them in the master bedroom toilet, not in the kitchen bathroom toilet).

3) After he walked away, I started turning on my humidifier in front of my blowing bladeless fan (facing the door) to get rid of the smell that came into my room. The smell of burning typing paper smelled like burning joss paper. I even sprayed my desk area & behind the fan (so the wind will take it forward) & the door area with mist in a bottle containing some aroma essential oils.

For the past 2 nights, I've been lazy with having to refill my humifier so many times with tap water so I try not to  turn it on until I go to bed (so the water will last till the morning).  That night, I didn't turn it on while I was typing until I smelled the burning smell (although my fan was already on).

4) After turning on my humidifier in front of the blowing fan & misting with the spray bottle, the smell cleared. Then I sat back on my chair & resumed typing, thinking that the smell was strong & smelled bad due to the optical brighteners in the typing paper. Toxic chemicals may have been released into the air but just briefly, I thought.

With all these thoughts (#1-4), I still did not step out of my room. I just took what I saw for granted & just sat back down to continue my work. I assumed bro was doing his "thing". When I am typing at the laptop, my attention is on my work & it's a very factual effort. Meaning, I wasn't thinking of anything other than what I am trying to achieve on my latop.

This was also the first night in 2 months that we decided to turn on the lights as if things were normal. We were fed up & decided to invalidate "their" existence. "They" don't exist.

For 2 months, we kept the power to the lights turned off (only use battery lights to prevent EMF emission which "they" take to become a nuisance). It has been very inconvenient & ridiculous. Other people can turn on their electric lights, why can't we? It's crazy.

The moment the lights were turned back on, I started getting headache. But ignored it the whole day. Why shouldn't I be able to turn on the lights in my own house? It's ridiculous.

Later that night, bro came into my room & as usual, we just talked. I didn't mention anything about what I saw earlier & the bad burning smell when he burned the paper in the tray.

Next day, in the daytime, it so happened we were talking about "last night".  I mentioned the scene I saw & the bad burning smell of the paper. He said he didn't do it.

I was surprised. I said "I clearly saw you doing it.".  He said no. The only time he burnt using the tray was much later after I had gone to bed, around 5am or so.  And burnt typing paper does not give off such a strong smell as I described. Once it turns to ash, there is little lingering smell, he said.

I went into the hall & showed him exactly what I saw him do.

I was really disturbed. I mean, come on. I saw him clearly.  And the smell was so strong that I turned on the humifier & misted my room. My mind was sharp & clear & I was wearing glasses. And I was thinking those thoughts (#1-4) as I looked at him with the tray "last night".

Not only did I think the thoughts while looking at the scene, I even took action by turning on my humidifier & misting the room. How could I have seen a hallucination? 

He said if he had burnt the stack of papers (which I saw him dump aside in the living room earlier in the day), he wouldn't have any papers to burn when he did it at past 3.30am. The stack of papers, he insisted, remained where he had left them in the living room.  Now, I can't vouch that the papers were still there at night because I had forgotten about those papers during the day, but I definitely saw him burn something in that tray.

He said when he burns the papers, he does it only in the master bedroom. Why would he come out? He said he don't come out because the wind or breeze from the balcony might interfere. And he only did it once in the master bedroom some days ago. And never did it again, until after 3.30am "last night" (which is technically Tues morning). In between, he did not burn anything.

Also, he said if he had burnt something, the tray would have marks of being cleaned or washed. There were no such marks when he used it a second time after 3.30am.

No sheets of the papers were missing. He said each one has different words on it. Even if he burnt something, what was it? Because he is certain it wasn't the papers that were burnt. 

Now, this is just crazy for me. I mean, if I cannot trust my eyes, even when I saw the whole scene so clearly, what can I trust in this damn house?

I said maybe somehow your memory has been tampered with & you "forgot". He said even so, the stack of papers were still there for him to burn after 3.30am. This point, only he can verify it because I don't know whether the papers were still there until that time.

I refuse to believe that what I saw was not "real". I saw what I saw. Nobody messes with my mind. I really hate that. I refuse to believe that those "things" can be so "powerful" that they can do scenes just because we turned on the power to the lights.

I said, "How can it be? Then won't eye witness accounts be dismissed in a court of law because nobody can be sure the person saw what he saw? Eye witnesses are valued. If no eye witness can be trusted with his eyes, then??".

He said, "Why are you talking about court of law?".

I said, "I am just saying...I saw what I saw.  And I clearly saw you go towards the balcony with the aluminum tray.".  

He said, "Then did you see smoke coming out of the tray?".

It suddenly occurred to me. "No." I said. I thought perhaps the tray was high & the smoke maybe didn't rise high enough.

Odd, now that I think of it. There was no smoke, yet there was very strong smell that filled my room. Also, just now I thought of it: He usually walks with sticky feet sound around the house but there was no sound when I saw that scene.

I asked where in the tray does he burn the paper. He said he burns it at the corner, not in the middle as I presumed to see in that scene. He said he don't burn it in the middle in case the paper does not completely burn whereas at the corner or side, he can get it to burn fully.

Bro told me to just forget about it. I said I will not. Previously, there was another incident that he told me to forget & I just let it go (I can't remember what incident but similar to this case).

Since I am very sure I saw clearly, it means the fault lies with 1) Bro. Maybe his mind has been tampered with & he can't recall. Or so muddle-headed with brain-fog that he forgot.

If so, as he already explained, that stack of papers will not still be there after 3.30am for him to burn.

He said, earlier in the day when he dumped that stack of papers in the living room, he had no intention to burn them at all (because as mentioned, he didn't want to liberate "them" back into the air). Why would he burn them later? And he only burnt them after 3.30am because those "things" were disturbing his sleep. I said there are some instances where he changed his mind abruptly. He said even so, he would remember & say that he changed his mind. In this instance, he insists he did not do what I saw him do.

2) Those "things" really exist & they played with my mind. They took advantage of my focus on my typing & slipped in while I was in an imaginative mode in my writing.  Vivid. Real. A shift from what I'm typing to the real world. Is it that hard to do? The mind is already primed & "open". And as I mentioned, I just took for granted that what I was seeing was as usual. Bro was wearing what I saw him wear throughout the day: just a black shorts.

I'm just very disturbed & perplexed & displeased. I told bro that if his mind was going nuts, rather than that, it would be a relief if someone told me that yes, that scene I saw was a hallucination caused by those "ghosts" in the house. I don't fear ghosts as much as if I have to worry about my bro & fear him.

There is no reason for my bro to lie. He is also not a liar.

And he said when he entered my room "last night" to talk, he had noticed that I turned on my humifier in front of my blowing fan, but he didn't know why. He said he didn't connect it to my seeing him burn the paper & it stank (because he didn't do it).

Also, he said he had glanced into my room through the gap (I left my door ajar) & saw that my yellow lamp was off & candlelight was behind my door. He said he was quite relieved that I turned off the lamp because he was concerned about the electrical bill going up if I left it on the whole night. This lamp is old-style & not energy efficient.

I said what he saw was correct.  I had turned off the lamp assuming it was perhaps making me unable to sleep & I had lit the candles behind my door instead. Since he is so observant, then his memory is correct.

He said his mind was clear & he would remember if he had burnt paper in the hall. Also, the cleaning up of the tray after burning paper takes some effort. Definitely won't forget if he burnt something. He said therefore, his memory is not in question. 

Since there can be no explanation, I have to let it go. Another case that I have to let go, although this is the first time I have to blog about it. I can't just let it go without some record here.

Background information:  

Earlier in the day, he was "shooting" at the written paper/s stuck to a board on his pillow. He said "they" are in the paper. I said "burn it". He said he didn't want to as it would liberate them back into the air. He walked out of his room & slapped the sheets onto a box at the side along the hall & walked off while I watched him thinking that he should burn it otherwise these "things" will then linger in the hall.

Because of this, he suggested that because I had said "burn it", those "things" are showing me what I want to see.


I couldn't sleep at all even till 3.30am. Although I stopped typing (due to drowsiness) at about 1.30am & went to bed, I didn't sleep at all. Oddly my mind was sharp & clear in bed (I considered maybe it was the small amounts of coffee I drank in the daytime, although I did consider it was caused by those "things".).

Then I heard bro having nightmare in his bedroom at around that time. Two separate sounds of his voice in a boy's high-pitched tone when he's having nightmare. Earlier, he had been having trouble with his pillow & didn't manage to get rid of the "thing" that has been disturbing his sleep for many days already. So, I expected he would have a disturbed night. 

However, he hadn't been having nightmares for a long while since putting Black Tourmaline  on his bed. Some time ago, he had removed the Black Tourmaline.

He was snoring loudly despite his nightmare. So, I guessed he wasn't aware that he was having a nightmare. His door was completely closed (previous nights he left it ajar).

I said loudly, "Are you having a nightmare? You haven't had nightmares for a long time already. Put the Black Tourmaline back on your bed.".

I listened for a response. I was thinking of saying that if "it" continued disturbing my bro, I will step into the room. But I didn't say that since bro said it might give them power to be more "real".

Bro was still snoring. But he stopped making the nightmare sounds. So, I went back to my bed. But still couldn't sleep. At about 3.30am, I got up to eat some bread with soup. Then went back to lay in bed.

I had turned off my yellow lamp on my desk (afraid it would overheat & that it was keeping me awake even though previous nights I had slept fine with it & even 3 of such lights).  And lit a plate of candles instead behind my door (another plate of candles already earlier lit outside my door). 

The moment I lay down (my own door ajar), bro opened his door & came out. Shortly, he returned & closed his door. So I thought he was fine. Then I was able to sleep. So after that, whatever he did, I don't know.

He said he was disturbed by his pillow & started "shooting" the words on the paper/s while afraid that I might be awakened by the sound. Then later, he took the papers & burnt them in his room. There was little smell & he turned on his exhaust fan to suck out any remaining smell.

I said I did not know he did that as I had already fallen asleep by then.