Sunday, 11 March 2018

How Hard To Get To SP Utilities Singapore

High-priced anomaly in my latest bill. How come gas suddenly $56?? Want to ask how the heck they charge so much when every month the price is not even $8.

1) Can't download their type of fingerprint App & anyway, users complain about it.
2) Can't e-mail because their website says they are experiencing "technical problem".
3) Can't call because of "high volume" & just leave ur contact number & will get back to you. That took $0.85 out of my phone account by the time I finished having to key twice all my digits that their machine said "invalid" .

I don't want to talk about the government.  My only thought is: If I were in another country, I wouldn't be facing this anomaly in my bill. I wouldn't have to care about any Singapore bill or Singapore.

The whole country is overrun by foreigners. You know those China women? They come home every time late at night, so happy chatting out of the shuttle bus from RWS.  They come here all the way to work as what? Waitresses. They come here, happy happy, take up space like they own the place.

Just be a waitress already can live happily in Singapore in some rental flat in central area! In other countries, I read that they prioritize their citizens first, so it's hard for foreigners to gain employment unless they have some qualifications that their own citizens don't already have. 

The whole country is falling apart. Even going to hire security officers from Taiwan (China) to guard checkpoints. Yeah, go ahead. Go AHEAD. Rather than improving working hours & salaries for your citizens, you would rather hire foreign help (mercenaries).

When the shit hits the fan, I hope we are outside of Singapore.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore Hotel

Fri 9 Feb  11:44a.m.

For a classy brand name hotel, it's a disgrace how little they pay & how they don't even train their staff.

They say, "We are the Ritz Carlton" as if it means something important when actually, they admit that they pay less than other hotels. And they ask some little girl to call an applicant with, "Are you auntie?" without even a Hi or where she is calling from or who she is looking for.  Age discrimination.

So unprofessionl. Even their security guard is unprofessional & so troublesome compared to other hotels.

The back room is even smaller than other hotels. Like a rabbit hole. And I thought other hotels' were small. Ritz-Carlton is even worse. No class at all.

On 1st & 2nd day of CNY, they say they will pay $XX/hr. And in the interviewer's eyes, it was supposed to mean a lot of money when she said it. it's a big deal when other hotels are also paying that much.

It's true I need the money. But calling me "auntie" is not going to make me rush there for it. Have respect. Train your staff to watch what they say.

The amount you pay on regular days is so little, it's amazing there are still people working for you. And I still have to buy the pants to fit your uniform top.  In other hotels, I just have to buy the shoes & socks (even then, shoes alone is expensive).

I thought I wouldn't mind even if it's little pay because there are no further deductions & it's weekly. But "Are you auntie?" twice on the phone, erased all thought of going to your place.

I have a name. I am not "auntie".

Little Girl Ritz-Carlton on the phone: You represent your company Ritz-Carlton. You make your company lose face on the phone. You should be fired.

It shows that the Ritz-Carlton little girl just put her eyes only on the 2-digit age number & called me.  No goddamn brains. My name is right there & you don't even know how to call a person by name??

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Banquet Server Wedding SG

A wedding is as fake as the cloth-covered tables they banquet on. Strip off the cloth & the table is the cheapest, ugliest wood boards on metal legs. Shocking.

Wedding couples: Be considerate. Don't go on & on with your speeches, teary-eyed & drama on stage while the poor serving staff's feet are hurting so painfully waiting for you to finish your crap.  Don't be so ego.  Your marriage won't last past the stage anyway. All your shallow words that carry no weight.

When you see the true test, don't run away. That's something that requires no words on stage. Do you have the intelligence & resourcefulness to think of a solution yourself & not be swayed or afraid?

Banquet server job is high-class manual labour.

Casual or odd job for a surprising number of young Singaporean ladies & guys. Shows how pathetic this country & this government is. Don't even have better jobs that this.

Banquet jobs pay relatively well & bi-monthly or weekly (or even daily if the agencies are to be believed). The job is simple & easy with own choice of working days & timings if possible.  Long hours are good since the pay is good. No weird short split shifts or whatever.

The best part about the job? While online comments always talk about the pay & free food (food poisoning since it's leftovers), but the best part actually, is not needing to talk to anyone!! No need to cultivate any fake friendlies since it is unnecessary! Every time you go there, it's a different schedule, different grouping, different tasks.  It's great!!  Not a cramped location with the same few people whom you've to bear with every day.  No need to say "good morning" & all the crap.

And though the dress code rules appear strict,  the management don't really care as long as it's not too obvious. For example: heels. Many people actually get away with wearing complete flats even though the rules state a certain heel height. And long, formal black pants? People get away with wearing tight-fitting black jeans.

It's a brain-less job. Just do what you're told until the time everyone is dismissed. No thinking involved & get paid well. 

But there are a few reasons why people don't do banquet for long.

1) Shoes. For ladies, if heels of a certain height are required, you won't be able to walk properly after 4-5 hours on carpet & hard floor, no matter how carefully or slowly you lay your feet every time you take a step. It becomes impossible to walk on those heels after 7 hours max.

2) Casual labour means unstable.  One week, there's only 3-4 days of work & a schedule can be cancelled leaving you with just 2 days of work. It cannot be used as income. Which is why it attracts young people who don't have to pay the bills & only go to school.

3) Long hours on the feet means it excludes older people. Even young people find it tiring & painful on their feet. Not the legs. The feet. The body's weight is concentrated on the heels for many hours.

4) Many top brand hotels aren't considering applicants individually, but using agencies to get their manpower. Bad choice for hotels & applicants & hotel guests. The only winner is the agencies.  Hotels & their guests get lousy staff, applicants get lesser pay & risk delayed payment or no pay. Recruitment agencies are like human traffickers but legally.

5) Those shoes, stockings, pants or skirt that have to be purchased. Unlike other jobs that are flexible with what staff wear, banquet service requires some initial investment. Initial outlay that is difficult when you have no money in the first place. Odd situation where you have to have money first in order to work at this job.

6) Unpredictable ending time. After an event ends, there's cleaning up. After that, it depends. Not knowing exactly when you can leave is a problem especially when your feet are hurting & tired.

7) Super boring. Monotonous. Meltingly Boring.  One whole day is used just to set up 1 wedding banquet at night. And it's just about finding table cloths, putting them onto the tables, getting the cutlery & plates & glasses & arranging them on the tables... while ur feet are hurting in ur heels (if u are wearing heeled shoes for ladies).

Here's where u are reminded of how much or how little they are paying.  Goddamn waste of time. At least, make sure it pays well.

8) If u are male, u better make sure it pays well because it's going to be really manual labour lifting those oval trays of plates & metal cutlery. Not worth the aches & injury.  Do it too long & too often, u might need a chiropractor to set back ur spine back into place.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Humpback Restaurant @ Bukit Pasoh (Oysters Cocktails)

Mon 29 Jan

Passion cannot pay the bills, ok? No matter how "passionate" you are about working at a restaurant, "passion" cannot pay the bills. Cannot pay the high living costs in Singapore.

I was interviewed by a plump Ang Mo woman named Betsan (manager). Was disappointed to see it was an Ang Mo. Probably just as she was disappointed to see that I am not Ang Mo.

Singapore has too many foreigners.  I don't get along well with Ang Mos because their mentality is impractical & they are typically crazy in Singapore.

She said she was expecting an Indian applicant but was surprised to see that I wasn't. I was 30mins early. That should tell her that I am really serious about the job. But that early virtue seemed to just fly past her.

When she pronounced "Indian", I had the distinct impression that she was racist, somehow. Maybe not.  Anyway, I dismissed it.

Her handshake was meaty & enclosed my hand.

Typical of "western" approach, she didn't ask about my age.  Her questions were geared towards testing for "what you would do in this situation" kind of scenarios. Testing experience that I answered to the best of my experience. Answers to which she appeared to agree with.  Not a good test since anyone can still bullshit through with some intelligence. Quite boring, but I just put up with it.  [Wanton Noodle SG did this scenario testing also.]. 

I have learnt in job interviews that it's better to shut up rather than talk.

She kept mentioning "passion" about working in this place, must be "passionate" about making customers come back. "We don't push sales" etc... etc...

I was thinking if your food & location is so good, there shouldn't even be any need to talk about wanting customers to come back. They will come back naturally.

It means your restaurant is not that great.

At one point, she said among the staff, she's considered "auntie".  I just noted it with an "Oh". I was actually thinking that she looked quite young.

She said the oldest staff is 27 years old. "Is that a problem for you?", she asked.

I thought it was odd she said that.

I said, "It's more whether they will be ok with me because I'm not 27.". She looked displeased, so I said, "Anyway, age is just a number." with some frustration while wondering why she's brought up the issue of age.

Immediately, her face eased up & she blurted, "That's what I wanted to hear.".

Odd. Why bring up age if it doesn't matter?  She don't know my age & the female boss who approved my resume for interview don't know my age either.

Throughout her interview, her iphone kept scrolling up with new SMS messages that she would reply to.

After her long talk about the establishment, she asked, "Questions?".

I asked, "Uniform?". She explained that they didn't have any, except that it's casual wear with some rules.

She asked if I was aware of the hourly pay rate. I said yes, from the ad.

Then I asked, "When's your pay day?".  She answered but I detected a slight negative reaction in her reply.

Earlier, I had asked when are the 3 nights that are needed (their minimum) so that I can set aside for her. She couldn't confirm. I said I can start the next day all the way till Sunday if I'm hired today. She said she has other applicants & she "imagines" the boss will let me know by Friday (2 days later).  She said she "don't know" when I can start work.

Just before the interview ended, I confirmed again that they would let me know by "Friday".

The interview ended & she extended her hand. But this time, her handshake was very cold & immobile & only the tip of her hand before she lifted away.

Bad sign.  Still, she vaguely said, "hope to see you..." I didn't hear the rest because she was bending down over somewhere as I was turning to leave.

Of course, Friday came & went & nothing happened.

Throughout the interview, she didn't take any notes, didn't have any application form. Just kept shifting her attention to her iphone. So, how would she be remembering the applicants? Presumably if she found the "right" applicant, she would hire on the spot.

Why wasn't I hired? Because I asked when is their pay day when she had been emphasizing "passion" & "passionate about the job"? 

So I can't even ask when is their pay day? I can't even appear eager to get the job?

Despite her preference for "age is just a number", she started out by telling me that she's considered an "auntie" among her staff & asking me whether it is ok that her oldest staff is 27 years old.

If age don't matter, why bring it up?

And all the "passion" in the world isn't going to put food on the table.  With bills piling up to pay, I need to know when is pay day, unlike some rich Ang Mo woman who only needs to work with "passion" in a restaurant.

Pay me, I work to the best of my ability. Don't talk age.  Don't talk passion.  Everybody works for money.

If you want to live in la-la passion world in your brain, go back to wherever you came from. Don't la-la in Singapore where money is required to pay the bills & food.

If you don't pay your staff, see whether they will continue working for you with "passion".

At least I don't pretend to say I don't know & disrespect the applicant by pushing it to the boss who will be doing the "informing". This tactic is to absolve the interviewer of responsibility.

I'm not angry. Everyone has to pay for their actions & thoughts. Most people are also not themselves & are under the influence of "other things".

Considering the behaviour of all the F&B interviewers I've come across since looking for work,  I recommend that people stop eating at these establishments.

These are very irresponsible, very inconsiderate, very cold people, very dishonest. A lot of fakery. They say 1 thing but do another thing. You dare to eat their food?

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Avoid Ramen Bari-Uma Japanese Restaurant @Tanglin Shopping Centre (Review)

Mon 29 Jan

Do not eat there. Do not work there. Bari-Uma is an example of how rotten the Japanese people are in Singapore.

Since the Japs are so badly behaved in Singapore, they must be worse in Japan. If not for the MOM (Ministry of Manpower), these Japs will jolly well not even pay.

And that is precisely the case in Japan. Japanese companies in Japan don't even pay overtime when they force staff to work overtime. The companies under-declare the amount of time staff work so that they pay less.

Coming from Japan, these Japanese people bring their shit mentality with them to Singapore.

Singaporeans must highlight companies that are shit during the hiring process. Don't just let it go. These companies don't read online anyway, they are uneducated, they are tired. They don't know shit about what customers complain about, they don't know what people say about them, they don't care.

So just go ahead & say the truth. So others will be aware & stay clear of these companies & interviewers.

As mentioned in my previous post, when a job ad constantly appears for weeks or months, it means something is wrong. Especially if the pay is good. Either the job is shitty or the interviewer is picky or they don't really need staff.  It is the last 2.

They don't really need staff & the interviewer is picky, mean & very inconsiderate. You can put all your money on that.

These people think they can just walk away from what they do & carry on as usual.

Bariuma is ramen cooked by the worst inconsiderate, irresponsible assistant Japanese manager named Satoshi. I still have his horrid name card (that I've thrown away).

This fellow's ad has been on Gumtree for months since November last year. The ad was put up again in December & January.  Why has this ramen restaurant not been able to hire anybody since last year?

As of this writing, Monday 29 Jan on which I was supposed to turn up for work, the Gumtree ad is gone.

A week ago,  after the interview which pretty much confirmed that I had been hired, I returned home to find that the ad was still up on Gumtree. And remained so days later.  Suspicious. Perhaps, he's hiring more.

What happened? I gave him the chance to reject my application on the spot on that day. I said, "If you don't need or don't want, just let me know.". He nodded. But after confirming the pay & everything all on his own, he made me wait a week for his staff schedule arrangement that never came & never apologized. Not even a single SMS to apologize.

Terrible. I don't know how many people he's done this to. But he cannot get away scott-free with me.

Do you still want to eat food cooked by such a horrid man? Bear in mind that his disrespectful mentality & behaviour towards job applicants, is also applied to you as a customer when he is cooking in the kitchen.

A week ago, I went to Bariuma at the lousy, ancient Tanglin Shopping Centre for the part-time kitchen crew job that was advertised on Gumtree. Before then, I checked up on the ad poster Satoshi. I discovered that he's been advertising since November last year. Strange that he hasn't been finding staff to still be posting ads even till January.

I SMS-ed the number & the first question was "how older you?".

Age discrimination in horrible English.

Another Japanese company practising ageism. He certainly thinks it's fine. The MOM doesn't control such companies.

As I needed a job, I replied that I hoped age was just a number & no problem because I look younger & work fast.

Do you know how it feels like to have to defend your age like that? Horrible. I mean, come on. Age has never been a problem for me. A 20-yr old can't even swim the Butterfly stroke whereas I can.

This shitty Satoshi took 1 hour to reply. He wanted to me to clarify the hours that I could work.  I gave him plenty of my hours every day.

He said:
I see.
I want to do interview.
when are you free?

The Japs have a weird way of typing their SMS. They split up their lines into paragraphs rather than sentences.

I answered that I was free the next day anytime.  It was another hour before he replied.

The long hours in which he took to reply was a bad sign.

Next day morning,  I arrived early & met this pale, round-faced Japanese man with shifty eyes. I didn't like the look of him, looked dishonest, but I dismissed it.  He was oddly evasive in his approach when he saw me. Kinda moved side-to-side avoiding me rather than approach directly. Don't know what's wrong with him.

I politely said that I was early for the interview & I don't know who (whether it was the manager) I was SMS-ing. He volunteered that he was Satoshi.

We sat & he pottered in the kitchen for a bit (shorter time than other interviewers I've met who purposely dragged). Then he "apologised" in his Japanese language as he took the seat opposite from me with his file of forms & business card.

Usual questions. Then he asked "IF" United Square outlet needed, would I be willing to go there? I said no, it's too far for me. His face showed weird displeasure with a weird awkward smile as he looked away & commented that bus 166 could go there.

Really? A bloody foreigner knows my country's bus better than me, eh? Whether it can or cannot go, I explained that it would take too much time (more than 1 hr) to get there. Whereas it only takes 30 mins to get to Tanglin.

He didn't say more about it. Continued his interview with "Have you been to Japan"? When I nodded, he said, "Really?".

For goodness' sake, he doesn't even know that Singaporeans are well-travelled. I stopped myself from saying that I went there alone for 2 weeks.

As if to check if I was lying, he asked, "Where?".

I said, "Fukushima. Niigata.". I didn't say the rest.

That's when he said the restaurant is from Hiroshima. (Well, I ain't going to the place that was bombed. I saw the Life photographs of the aftermath & the suffering. It's not a place to go to because of the horror.).

The interview went so well,  to the extent that he was even negotiating with me how much is my pay per hour.  My previous job paid well on regular days & higher on weekends. So, I wanted at least the minimum regular day pay.

As I was too honest, I failed to lie that I had kitchen experience. It gave him the chance to peg me as "no experience" with a lower pay.  Although I had applied for kitchen crew position, it was obvious he was now preferring my being a server instead of kitchen staff.

He said that if I could do both kitchen & server, he would pay more (50 cents more to reach my mininum pay requirement.). I said fine.

After being satisfied with almost all my days that I was giving him to do as he liked, he noted that it was in fact full-time (although it was part-time because I could choose which days I wanted to work). He asked me how much total salary I wanted. I said upwards of $1000. 

He then started helpfully calculating for me how much I would be getting after CPF. Much more than I expected.  I thought it was rather considerate & meticulous of him to calculate for me, as if he was looking out for his staff & making sure that I would be happy.

He even went to the extent of explaining when the salary is issued (payroll), whether I was ok with it & how & when it was going to be issued (cheque). And how my hours were going to fit into his scheduling. He explained that he would need me to submit my available days every week on Wednesday (after which, no changes allowed etc...).

He appeared to really & deeply consider everything such that there was little doubt that I had been hired.

He even asked what size uniform I would be wearing "S or M?". I asked how many he was providing as I needed to wash. He said if I worked 6 days a week, he would give 3.  How generous, I thought.

He was filling out his Japanese application form as he was interviewing me. The Japs have this weird thing about the type of transport you use to get there. If it's bus, they want to know which number & where.

He was so afraid that I would leave the job that he asked if I would still be looking out for a job after getting this one. And whether I intended to work other jobs together with this one. I had to assure him that, no, I had no intention of doing either one because I don't like doing multiple jobs & I didn't do that even when that damn unagi shop gave me only 3 hrs of work previously. I went home & had no other job. He seemed satisfied that I wouldn't be promiscuous after getting this job.

I haven't seen an interviewer so afraid of high staff turnover as this guy. And since he's so afraid, it means there is high staff turnover. Which means there's a problem with the place &/or working for this guy.

The interview must have been 30 mins. Damn pretty long. 

He asked me when I could start work. I said I could start the next day or the day after. Oddly, he paused, thinking.

He said he wanted all the applicants to start training together, so it would be next week Monday.  Sounds believable, right?

He said he would be texting the staff schedule to me on Saturday. 

He ended by walking behind me to the door & seeing me off in a Japanese way. I almost nodded back as I've seen Japs do while sliding close the door.

For a week, I waited for his text. There was no doubt something was wrong because companies that really urgently need staff, will want applicants to start immediately or on short notice. Not 1 week.

This is the longest I have been made to wait. The worst. 

As mentioned, at the start of the interview, I already told him that if he didn't need, didn't want, just let me know on the spot. Why waste so much time interviewing & talking so much?

And after 1 whole week of waiting, not even an SMS to apologize for making me wait. Terrible.

Some companies if you submit your resume, will say "only shortlisted applicants will be notified". This is a different situation entirely.

In this case, this guy Satoshi was sure he was hiring & discussed everything with the assurance that he would be texting the staffing schedule to me on Saturday.  Yet Friday passed, Saturday passed, Sunday & finally Monday & still nothing.

Come on. If you don't require staff, don't advertise. If you don't intend to hire, don't make the person wait. If you've given assurances & broken them, the least you can do is apologize.

Disrespect. Satoshi the assistant manager, disrespects the individual. Along with other Japanese interviewers in Singapore that I've come across. They completely disregard people & are completely disrespectful. Ironic since everyone thinks so positively of the Japs.

In fact, Singaporeans working in Japan have a cynical & jaded view of the Japs & sound like they look down on Japs.

These Japs shouldn't even be allowed to operate in Singapore. This is my country. They are not benefitting Singaporeans at all.

Japs in Singapore are arrogant, rude, stupid, disrespectful, mean & practise age discrimination.  

Don't be tempted by their higher pay. They are shit. Don't bother applying & don't work there. Even if you do manage to get a job with them, you won't be happy. They have odd hours anyway. And for kitchen crew, you have to waste money & time searching for restaurant kitchen non-slip shoes.

I totally didn't realize about the kitchen shoes until after the interview. Just as well I didn't get the job. I've no money even to continue taking buses there & was trying to think of how to tell the Satoshi fellow that I can't get the shoes (if I say that, he'll most likely cut the pay that we discussed.). 

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Ban Age Discrimination Employment In Singapore

Same as in Japan, Ageism in Singapore happens because the leader of the country doesn't care.

The Prime Ministers & leaders of countries are old men. Why don't Prime Ministers be below 35 years old? All the world's PMs are old. People equate their age with experience & knowledge. Can you trust a PM in his 20s-30s without questioning his ability?

Yet these leaders allow their citizens to be discriminated against based on age. It just means these leaders don't care for their citizens.

In Japan, Ageism has resulted in able & experienced people (from 35 yrs onwards) being dismissed from existence in society, unable to find jobs, unable to pay rent & homeless.No wonder their suicide rate is high.

Age discrimination is no small matter. It destroys people & society.

1) The Singapore government must stop the serializing of identity cards based on year of birth. Many companies & recruiters use the IC number to discriminate applicants soley by age.

Perhaps foreigners don't know it, but there are those who certainly know that the year of birth is visible on a Singaporean's identity card number.

Recruitment persons certainly know it.  In every advertisement, they demand to know the "Age". Sometimes, just "IC number".  The only reason why only the IC number is required when it says nothing about the applicant's ability, is that the number reveals the applicant's age.

2)  It must be made illegal for interviewers to ask for a person's age by any method.  If the interviewer feels that the person is good enough for the job, hire him/her.  There is no need need to disclose age as a number.

After all, salary payment is through bank account transfer, cheque or cash. There is no need to know a person's age.

3) Measures must be in place to prevent companies & interviewers from finding out a person's age. It's no use making age discrimination illegal after the age is already known.

Case in point: Man Man Unagi Japanese Restaurant. 

Despite knowing my age, the manager hired me because staff was needed urgently. However, once hired, I faced age discrimination at the outlets that I was sent to.

Age is supposed to be private information. However...

At another outlet on my 2nd day, the female Japanese manager asked for my IC to take photos to send to the human resource "department". Although I knew she was evil-hearted, I had no choice.

I couldn't avoid giving her my IC. So, I gave & she eagerly took photos with her iphone.

Next day, everybody knew my age. The atmosphere when I stepped in was different from the day before & their reaction was negative. That's how I knew they knew.

The only way they could have known was if the manager showed my IC photo to everybody. I bet even the kitchen guys also knew, even though I talked to nobody.

While I sat with the other staff waiting to start work, one unknown woman (presumably Selina from "human resource") who was hanging around, abruptly called loudly across to me, "Auntie! What shift will you be working at the new outlet?".

I was so stunned by her crudeness & the faux pas that I was speechless for a long while, pissed & waiting for her to apologize.  Of course, her crude stupidity prevented her from realizing there was any mistake & she continued looking at me.

I completely intended to wait all day in the same position I was sitting until she apologised. No hurry.

The malicious-hearted female manager then broke into the silence by calling me by name. So I turned to look at her. The manager repeated the question & I replied coldly.  After that, other staff continued teasing each other's age & playing with age labels "Lau Niang" (old lady) to further make fun of the sensitivity of the matter.

During the work day, the kitchen guy who had a weird habit of looking at me & smiling, abruptly stopped. The server guy who previously talked to me, suddenly ignored me completely as if I wasn't there, even when I asked a question.

When I went over to the new outlet, the kitchen guy from the other outlet was also there. One time, he yelled at me, "Auntie!!" & glared at me with crazy fury over a matter that he had no authority yelling at me over.

Clearly, these are malicious, uneducated people who put down a person using age discrimination to make themselves feel on top. And it's not as if they are children. They themselves are already old.

The kitchen guy is already 25.  Malaysian already married with a young son. In another 5 years, he'll be 30. Yet he looked at me & smiled as if he is still a horny bachelor. Selina, already herself behaving like an auntie, looking around her 30s.

Later in the new outlet, I was forced to write down my IC number on my time card for "human resource department".  I noticed that some other staff didn't bother to write & it was fine.

I noticed the dishwasher was called "uncle" for being old-looking, even though his name is Dave. He has a name, why can't people call him by his name??

Age discrimination.

4) Since Singapore loves campaigns so much,  anti-ageism campaigns should be run to educate people that age discrimination is not acceptable & not tolerated in Singapore.

Asking for a person's age during a job interview is very demeaning for the person. Suddenly, you are reduced to just a number. And what is the point? If a person is 19, so? If a person is 40, so? Why should there be any prejudice that come with someone who wants to work & needs the money?

Who the heck wants to work if the bills can be paid all by themselves?

Whether young or old, the feeling of being discriminated against just because of a number, can be felt.  What these interviewers are doing is very evil. They don't care how the person feels to be rejected just because of the age.

Avoid Working & Eating @ Osaka Kitchen Teppanyaki Japan Food Town Wisma Atria (Singaporean Review)

Do you want to eat food cooked by shallow-minded, evil-hearted Japs? Do you want to eat food cooked by Jap chefs who don't even respect a person, let alone respect the customer?

The last, small unit at the back of Japan Food Town.

If you want to experience age discrimination for being over 40, go to Osaka Kitchen. They will make sure to sneer at you, even though the chefs themselves are already in their 30-40s.

Since they love age discrimination so much, they should go back to Japan!! Why are they in Singapore? They are not even grateful to their host country for allowing them to work here! How dare they sneer at a citizen of their host country.

Come to Singapore bringing their shitty Ageist mentality. No benefit to Singaporeans at all!! Why did Singapore immigration even allow them in?

Likely due to age discrimination in Japan, these Japs can't find jobs & have no choice but to haul their pale, aged asses here.

Since they love age discrimination so much, why don't they also do it to the customers?!  Take people's money when in fact, they are harbouring disrespectful, ageist mentality.

No wonder one reviewer said the chefs are rude.

Initially, I thought maybe it was just a case of 1 reviewer. Even so, because of that review, I avoided going to Osaka Kitchen for an interview despite their advertised pay.

For weeks, the Osaka Kitchen job advertisement has been staying up on the job site. When an ad keeps staying up, it means something is wrong. Either they are picky. Or nobody wants the job.

Since the advertised pay is attractive, it can only mean that there's something wrong with the establishment.

You know why in the Osaka Kitchen reviews, the servers are rude? Because the manager is rude. When the head is shit, the rest is also shit.

With my broke situation & with their ad always up,  my need for money won.  I decided to take a chance. Kitchen crew typically don't need to be teenagers, right?

For the record, I look younger than my age. I move fast & am stronger than I look. I swim the Butterfly stroke.  I appear pleasant-looking & approachable.  With a fresh cut of my hair that takes 10-20 years off my face,  previous day at another interview, the male interviewer in his 20-30s had called me "Miss".

I was quite expecting this interview to go well. 

How was I to know that these Japs are so horny, they even need Kitchen Crew to look like Jap porn stars?

You know how long it takes to walk from Harbourfront area to Orchard Road? 2 hours. More than 5.6 km. I call it "road march" like the army guys.

It was luckily a chilly & windy day. You know that coldest weather for the first time in Singapore?

I wore a thick hoodie & only a drop of sweat dripped down my neck closer towards Orchard.

When I finally arrived, the last unit was dark. Closed because I didn't make it in time before they closed their first half of the split shift.

The bar counter joins the back corner that functions as a standing kitchen. The place is so small, I didn't want to work there just by looking at the "kitchen". Since they are closed, I considered the restaurant across & wondered if maybe I should try there.

Then told myself that since I've come all this way, might as well wait for the interview.

I saw a waiter sitting at a table inside & walked in to ask when the manager would be coming in later. He stood with a reluctant reaction while taking off his earphones & waved over the table.

That's when I noticed a dark form shifting on the bench. That's the manager??

Above the dark form on the bench, another dark form shifted. Two persons??

The manager raised his head & loosely waved a gloved hand.

I said to the waiter, "I'll come back later?".

The waiter turned to me & said, "Yes, later.".

I said, "Around 5pm?".

He tossed a rude "Yeah." while turning back to sit down & plugging in his earphones.

That was already a bad sign. The manager & some other crew sleeping on the bench. And this rude waiter.

At 4.45pm, I returned to see the lights were on. The japs were already pottering behind the bar counter.

I went in with a friendly raise of my hand. "Hi." I said.

The Jap chef behind the counter looked at me with a friendly smile but didn't seem to realize that I had come earlier. So I said I was here for the interview.

The young waitress (quite pretty) who had come forwards thinking that I might be a customer, smiled uncertainly at me even while realizing that I was an applicant.  This is the first time a potential colleague smiles at me when I walk into an interview.

The chef behind the counter immediately realized & passed another Jap man a folder. That Jap man was standing outside the bar counter & he is the manager because his hand was wearing the glove.

It seemed a friendly, lively start. 

The manager, still wearing his glove on his left hand, asked me to take a seat at the bar counter while he took the seat beside.
Some usual questions were asked. Everything seemed fine.

Throughout, I just had the natural tendency to reply "Hai" when speaking with Japs.  Who knows what evil sneers they must have been having.

The chefs seemed like they were fun & nice people. I noticed the chef behind the counter seemed to be pottering with work when in fact, he was hovering close by with very keen hearing (eavesdropping on the interview).

Then the manager asked, "What is your age?".

I instantly felt uncomfortable & said, "40 something.". And since he was about to request for clarification, I gave him the exact number.

The chef who had been eavesdropping, exclaimed my year of birth, "19xx?" with a look of surprise.

In hindsight, it was actually a disgusted look, as if I had just burst his bubble of illusion.

Thinking that perhaps he was pleasantly surprised (in a positive way), I nodded with a sound of affirmation.

The eavesdropping chef just turned away with switch off look.

I turned to the manager beside me & asked, "Why?" (meaning why the surprise at my year of birth). When he didn't reply & continued writing on his piece of paper, I asked again, "Why?".

Without looking at me while writing, the manager replied in a very detached voice, "Nothing.".

I felt it was age discrimination.

The way they reacted was not positive. Their thoughts were dark. If they had good intentions, they should be saying, "Oh, you look so young.".  Not "Nothing." with that cold, switch-off reaction.

The manager then continued interviewing with a very practised way of leading me to think that I might seriously be hired. Very good liar when in fact, they already decided they are not hiring just because of my age.

He even talked about needing to help out outside the "kitchen" when it gets busy. And when I asked about cooking, he irresponsibly said that in time I can do the Teppanyaki cooking. 

Don't be ridiculous, I thought. The Japs have been flown in from Japan to cook. And here he is saying I can take over??  When I asked about cooking, I meant cooking in the "kitchen".

He could say anything because he had no intention of hiring.

Earlier, he had asked me when I can start work & I gave him my schedule (which is everyday starting Wed night).

Despite offering up all my days that no applicant would do,  he said at the end,  "If ok, will contact you to come on Wed night.".

The fact that he said "If ok" means he isn't hiring, isn't calling. It's a waste-of-time, malicious fakery that I notice F&B managers use. Evil-hearted.  They make the applicant wait for nothing & hope for nothing. They waste the applicant's time.

If they really want to hire, they wouldn't say "If". They will hire on the spot.

They say "If ok" so that it excuses them from not hiring. They waste the applicant's time & they don't care. Very irresponsible, dishonest & evil-hearted tactic.

You dare to eat food cooked by such people?

If they don't want to hire, don't waste further time pretending to want to hire. If they are afraid the applicant might make noise on the spot, just be considerate in providing the shortest time that the applicant should wait for an answer. This is the correct, honest way.

Instead of doing this, many F&B interviewers will fake their way through with no intention of hiring & let the applicant hang for days.

In this case, Osaka Kitchen has no intention of hiring. There is also no urgency to hire because it obvious they already have enough staff in that tiny space that they call a "restaurant".

Earlier when the manager asked me when is the earliest I can start & I said Wed, he had said, "Next Wednesday?".

Why would he say "next" Wed if he needs staff?  I thought it was odd for him to say that. I was thinking, "Of course, it's this Wed. Why would it be more than 1 week away?".

I offer all my days for work & favourable in appearance & can start soonest. But just because of my age, they don't hire. How stupid these Japs are.  Very immature & unprofessional.

Here's the review from the customer I mentioned above: Click to enlarge.

Blacklisted companies practising Ageism:

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blacklisted Companies in Singapore Practising Age Discrimination

Wed 17 Jan 11:38a.m.

Singapore law must make Ageism illegal at job interviews. Age discrimination by such companies destroys the people & society.

In Japan, Ageism has gotten to such an extent that many Japanese who can still work, become homeless. The rising number of homeless in Japan is unnessary.

A homeless problem is created simply by not employing people over the age of 35.

A forklift operator laments that nobody looks at his experience but only looks at his age. A Japanese man cried when a nurse simply said "hello" to him because Japan's society has alienated him just because of his age.

It's terrible. For all Japan's natural beauty, there is such ugliness.

Still in love with Japan's culture & society? The Japs have never changed since WW2. Still the same horrible people with a veneer of civility. They are honest. Honestly Ageist. And they think it's fine.

They bring their shitty mentality to Singapore & apply it to Singaporeans & think it's all fine. These people are just plain evil. Their WW2 genes never die. 

Do you want to eat food cooked by such evil-hearted people? Many F&B establishments, if you notice have no older workers. Why?

Even if you look youthful, such companies only just look at your age. Such a terrible thing must stop.

These companies are not befitting Singaporeans. 

You may say "Oh, it's not my problem because I'm still young.".

Well, if you are now 25, you'll be 30 in 5 years' time. Another 5 years, you'll be 35. Another 5, you'll be 40. The years pass in the blink of an eye. If you think ageism is not your problem, then you better make sure you don't live older to experience age discrimination.

Since the Japs enjoy practising Ageism, they should go back to Japan to do it. Don't come to Singapore to do it! The MOM must make it known that Ageism is not acceptable & such companies will be blacklisted.

Blacklisted companies in Singapore practising age discrimination:

1) Man Man Unagi Japanese restaurant. Keong Saik & Duo Galleria.
2) Osaka Kitchen @ Japan Food Town Wisma Atria
3) Kushikatsu Tanaka @ Clarke Quay.
4) Wanton Seng's Noodle Bar @ Amoy Street

Do you want to eat food cooked by these people who have no respect for the individual? Why don't they also practise ageism towards customers? They want money but they in fact have no respect for people. How can they be expected to cook anything worth eating?

An interviewer shouldn't even be asking for a person's age. If the interviewer finds the person favourable & willing to work, that is good enough. But these interviewers ask, "What is your age?". This is really terrible. Even though the interview starts out well, this question will suddenly be asked. The rest of the interview then continues in all fakery, letting me think that they are interested. Finally, the interviewer says, "If ok, will let you know by XX day.".

Of course, "let u know by..." is a code phrase for 'don't want'. It's horrible that such interviewers intentionally lead the person to believe in a non-existent hiring when in fact, the interviewers are wasting their time & the applicant's time. They already decided they don't want just based on the applicant's age.

Such companies in fact, also don't really require staff. Yet they advertise. If really urgent, a company will hire immediately.

The way these people behave upon finding out my age, is awful & immature. They themselves are not young, easily in their 30s-40s. Yet they have the gall to age discriminate other people.

Since they carry the ageist mentality, they had better make sure they don't live past 40.

Just because they think 40s must be old-looking & I look youthful, they feel disgusted that I have upturned their own shallow expectations & tiny world view. Jealousy. Evil-hearted. Dark intentions.

If an applicant looks old & shrivelled, of course, you may not hire due to company image for front line staff. But the applicant looks favourable & just because of a number, you don't hire, that's really extreme discrimination, malicious & evil. Unprofessional & immature.

Do you want to eat food cooked by such disgusting people?

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Singaporean Needing (Spiritual) Help & Jobless & Ghosts

E-mail to donate:  A $9-10/hr job is not going help us escape the clutches of a madman doing his spiritual assault on us day & night. We don't know what's going on but a spiritual adviser asked us to flee. How to flee when we've no money?

What we need: 1) Money to leave the country.  2) Or at least a new address to sleep in at night.


You know when you need serious spiritual help, even monks will look at you coldly? Imagine all the while throughout your life, you've been helping people. All of sudden when you need help, even temples & churches don't even bother with you.

Even if you are prepared, it is still a wake-up call.  Temples & churches not even bothering to reply to your call or e-mails? I'm not surprised but it's like an alternate dimension where that's what they do.

That's life in Singapore. I don't know about life in other countries since I haven't had the money to leave. I've been stuck here all my life with the same government that has only burdened its people.

Suddenly, you realize that what they say about money is true. Money Is Everything. Without it, everything stands still.

Yesterday, I heard one office man say to his colleagues: It's only $1.  And I was thinking that even $1 is a lot when you're broke & have no job. The $1 suddenly has a lot of weight.  More weight than its actual value.

And that's a fact of living in Singapore as a Singaporean.

For rich foreigners staying here, of course it's all great. Every so often, they just fly off happily back to Australia or wherever they came from, then fly back here. They live in beautiful condos with pets that need free house-sitting from overseas strangers when they fly off.

Early this morning 7a.m. or so, I was browsing the online ad I had previously seen for Chateraise recruitment. It's expired. But there's still a notice stuck on the wall of an outlet.

So I'm wondering whether in my desperation I should sign up for Chateraise. The first time I saw the ad, I skipped it. Now I'm forced to reconsider.

Working at Chateraise means:

1) Wearing that entire uniform with the cap.
2) Being squashed behind the showcase in that little space with little walking space for hours.
3) Even if they paid the max of $2200, at 7 hours & 6 days a week, after CPF, it works out to be $10/hr. This rate of money can also be found at other places without getting squashed behind the counter/showcase.

And that's the problem with all the working salaries in Singapore. CPF.

It's a lot that's deducted from meagre pay. And companies still keep paying $7-8-9/hr. In the SMS with one cafe manager, I stated my expected salary is $10/hr. Knowing this, he still asked me down for interview. Looking at the full-time salary stated in his online ad, I already guessed he can't pay $10/hr.

Anyway, I still went to the place.  The guy is a foreigner. After wasting time talking about the job scope, I asked politely about the pay. I said, "Not $10/hr, right?". He brought up excuses before admitting that he couldn't pay that amount.  He didn't say how much he could pay but I can guess. I said, "After CPF, the money is really too little. I need to pay the bills.".

He said he also needed to pay his bills for the place.

I smiled & said, "I understand.".

Since I didn't want to remind him of the SMS in which I already specified my expected pay, I was ready to go. No point talking.

Sooner or later, restaurants & cafes will be forced to increase their pay if they want to attract &  keep Singaporeans.  Due to new regulations by MOM,  Singaporeans will be in great demand & the foreigners will finally be out of jobs & hopefully out of the country.

If the government don't take CPF, $8-9/hr job is still Ok.  But for instance a $7/hr job... you're left with just $5+ after CPF. That's the salary I got 20 years ago!  Anything below $10, you are left with crumbs for many hours of work.

Plus, the online ads are flooded with agencies. All these job agencies should be banned from operating. Out of so many ads, only a few are listed by the actual companies themselves. These are the companies to apply to, rather than agencies that take a cut. Agency take a cut, CPF take a cut, you eat what?  I never take jobs from agencies except once when I was a teenager. 

Couples before they get married, need to think responsibly of their kids & this environment that the kids will be forced to make a living out of. 

I don't have money to buy a new phone that is compatible with downloading Apps.  My current phone is old & don't allow downloading of data.  I can't download any Apps at all, which means I can't do all the courier delivery jobs since they all use phones to verify delivery & keep payment records.

At this time 9.25 a.m., Fri 29 Dec, I'm typing here but no money for every word.

My brother is having trouble getting rid of this paranormal shit that's been hugging & bugging his head for months. Whatever he's been trying, it's still stuck there & causing problems every day & night. From the time he wakes, to the time he sleeps if he can even lay on his mattress. And in between while he sleeps, who knows what paranormal shit happens.

I wanted to video him sleeping but it's only a small device & the battery might overheat if unattended.

For years, the madman has been taking our energies like a vampire. Not sure how he did it, but we think it's black magic. While we were having mysterious symptoms, the madman reported excellent health all the time in every medical check up.

We never knew. Now, he's still doing the same thing. Or trying to continue sucking & is attacking us out of spite & hatred after being discovered.

Can't somebody just please help us get away?

Physically, we are separated by physical distance. So how can a madman who is not here, be able to cause paranormal problems?

If he's using black magic, then it means he's using spirits & ghosts. The spiritual adviser mentioned the madman is working with negative entities.  It's beyond our knowledge or ability to fight against. That's why we were advised to get out.

But months later, we are still here.  Under the madman's tyranny. A madman who did nothing for years except cause trouble & deaths to anyone within his sphere of influence. Now he means to drive us insane & kill us. After killing his own brother, his wife, his mother, father & others, it's still not enough.

Physical law cannot bring him to justice.  Meanwhile we suffer, unfairly.  All because we were unfortunately born to this madman. It's actually abuse.

Some parents abuse their children in various physical or verbal ways. This madman abuses using black magic, on a spiritual level. Unidentifiable, untraceable.

Although I  try to be logical about it, I noticed my mobile phone behaving strangely on several occasions. Naturally, I have to dismiss them.

It's said that, or tested by ghost hunters that spirits/ghosts drain batteries of power.

Last night, my phone still had half battery power. But this morning, it was drained.  Does this happen every night? No. 

Some time before bed, I had topped it up. At half power, it should remain so. The phone wasn't turned off, but so far these days, at half power, it isn't drained in the mornings.

Then again, it's an old battery. So, it may be technically cranky.

The oddest thing was ... some time ago I was at a nearby island.  I think it was Kusu island. Or Palau Ubin. The phone battery was really down. I was worried. But when I checked again, the battery was fully charged!!!

My Poor Brother: How Can I Help Him? Crowdfunding is not working. And People Who Disrespect Money & Food

11:51 p.m. 28 Dec Thurs   

E-mail to Donate & get us out:

Seeing him sleep, I think: How can one person suffer so much? My poor brother. How can I help him? He is so tired, he snores as he sleeps with strange exhalations through his mouth even though he has no cold. I fear his spirit is disturbed.

This mental torment day after day without relief. All because he is the son of a madman who refuses to let us go. This madman uses some kind of black magic or some link to latch onto us, causing physical & mental symptoms.

Sitting at the edge of my bed, I can't think of a solution that will bring us enough cash quickly to get us out.

Even if I finish writing my novel, it does not seem like a viable money option.  I've been putting my novel on hold for so long since this thing began. I want to continue writing it, but the need to search for a job, the lack of peace of mind, I just want us to get out to a better place where I can write.

There are only so few ways of getting rich on our own & none is going to happen soon. How?

1) Lottery
2) Become the next Harry Potter writer
3) Sell stuff that's so hot that I make so much money.

Do you know that when you're broke, everything falls apart?

My jogging shoes Nike (not made in China) is falling apart at the sole. I've glued it twice & still it's damn coming apart. Don't buy Nike.  Other brands don't break apart at the front of the soles & sides.  When I had money back years ago,  I've worn Asics, Brooks & Reebok & they've been fine.

My underwear has loosened.

My black pants has split at the seams.

The arm of my glasses has broken off so I am just wearing over my nose with 1 side.

I've no money to buy replacements.

I see people treat their money like dirt. The other day at Meidiya supermarket, one man passed a $38 Japanese eel wrapped in a tray to his wife/girlfriend. She took it from him & just tossed it into their supermarket trolley. $38.  The disrespect with which she just tossed it is unbelievable.

And there are many people like her.  Look around in supermarkets & you'll see many women just taking & throwing the items into their basket or trolleys as if the items are dirt. I don't know what goes through their minds to toss such precious items like that.

It's strange that they have no respect for the food items that they are buying to put into their bodies. These are items that are going to nourish their minds & bodies & should be treated with respect. Yet these brainless people are tossing & throwing food like trash into their baskets & trolleys. One can't help but think that they are mad.

And when you look at these people, you'll realize that they look like shit.

I feel sad looking at such people. Here I am, conscious of everything, yet poor. Whereas these people have money but they don't value it & the food they eat.

X'mas has come & gone & yet I still haven't snagged a job. I've been trying but I think I started too slow. I couldn't find any online in the beginning. By the time I start physically going out to get hired, an entire month has passed.

I spent the entire today trying to get hired on the spot. But the process is so slow, they must find time to call me back & then interview.

At Clarke Quay, I arrived early noon. But a staff told me to come back 2 hours later when the manager will be around. So, I wasted time hanging around the area.  When I returned to the place, the manager (after some confusion about what I wanted) said the recruitment guy just left. So I left my contact number & walked out.

 On the way to the Chinese temple, I was caught in the drizzle. While standing at a traffic light, the drizzle suddenly like a tap turned on, blasting everyone. I had to run back to the bus-stop.

After the temple & desperate enough, I chased the job thing to Orchard where as lousy luck has it (the temple gods didn't improve luck), the recruitment person that I was originally assigned by the system to meet, was on leave. He'll be back tomorrow, so I'm supposed to waste another trip tomorrow. The manager was in but never even bothered coming out to conduct an interview on behalf of the absent man.

Later, I went to Paris Miki to try fixing the arm of my glasses. But as lousy luck continued... the only person who is able to fix it has gone home.  He'll be back tomorrow before 6.30p.m.

Walking away, I said aloud  that Fate is so goddamn perfectly lined up like this. If only lottery was the same.
At the end of the day, I stalked my previous work place that I had quit because of shitty manager & shitty fat woman whom he listens to absolutely. The fat woman wasn't there tonight, oddly. And they hired 2 more new women. Do they need me back? Do I want to go back?

I need the money & have been thinking whether it's possible to return to work there.  I stalked the place to check whether they need staff & how I would feel seeing the manager again.

Seeing the manager there again as I stood outside... Frankly, I don't want to see him again. But if the fat ugly woman has transferred out... maybe I might ask to return. These few days, I've been running through my mind, how I was going to text the manager to ask if I could go back. Whether he might actually agree, is another matter. I am guessing he might not reply.