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Faith Supplemental: Missing Scenes Eun Soo Harp Faith Trailer/Preview Kim Hee-Seon (Hee-Sun) Philip Lee

Update 9 Nov:  After reading the below post, follow up with Supplemental 2

Isn't that Philip Lee at the end? And why does it say "in 3D" at the end?

Found this interesting trailer called "Faith Great Doctor 1st Generation Version"

In this trailer, the missing scenes in Faith drama + the "long" preview at the end of one of the episodes, have finally been found.

Eun Soo in those ancient clothes playing the harp. And she appears to have special powers, just like Choi Young. Except that, in this "1st Generation" trailer, there is no Choi Young.

One of the Chinese comments said, "為什麼沒李敏鎬    因為有他所以每集都有期待 " (Why no Lee Min Ho? Because he's there, so looked forward to every episode.)

The same person also said, "看完神醫 後覺得李敏鎬演技進步  很多  劇裡靦腆深情的眼神讓人悸動   很期待再看到他的演出    突然很失落  就這樣結束了." (After finishing watching Faith, feel that Lee Min Ho's acting skill has improved a lot. In the drama, the deep feelings in his gaze make the heart throb. Looking forward very much to seeing his performance again. Suddenly feel very at a loss that it ended just like that.)

(zine ed: I completely understand this feeling and totally agree that Min Ho's acting has gone up a notch from City Hunter. However, I don't feel that feeling of being at a loss for this drama.)

Another comment says, "第一代感覺很好阿... 為什麼換?". (The 1st generation feels very good...why change it?)

Well, I'll tell you why it has to be changed. 1) No Lee Min Ho. 2) Who is that man (fighting at the start)? 3) The start looks too much like Timeslip Dr Jin. Bad. 4) Eun Soo just looks strange in there. 5) Looks like a disjointed mess.

Thank goodness the Faith creators last minute changed Joon Ki to Min Ho.  I wouldn't have watched Faith if it was Joon Ki. Small eyes and I never got over him playing that wimpy gay man in King & Clown. At that time, I felt he was the prettiest "woman" I had ever seen, but... he didn't leave a good impression. I ... haven't been able to see him as a man since then.

Therefore, to Lee Min Ho 이민호 => If you want to continue keeping your image as a handsome and sexy, manly man, hard to have and wonderful to hold =  Don't ever play a gay role. 

Thank goodness Joon Ki got hauled off to the army, leaving the part open to Min Ho. I still haven't read why Min Ho at first rejected playing Faith, but later accepted it.  Faith has been a good choice to play in. If he didn't play it, it would have been a big waste. Not only has Faith boosted his popularity/fame, but I think has also allowed him to expand into a different area that has allowed him to learn even more new things. 

I wish Min Ho could comment on this.  -.-   I think he knows English and can comment.

Back to that 1st Generation Trailer....

That ... guy is actually... the guy who played in Lie To Me, a Korean drama. Not entirely handsome/sexy, but quite a memorable face when I  saw some of the 1st episode. I only checked it out because of that girl... what's-her-name who acted in You're Beautiful. His name is... Kang Ji Hwan.  What made the Faith creators use him in this trailer, but not in the actual drama?

Another comment said, "這是狂野科幻版" (This is wild Sci-fi version).  Well... the person has a point. Like I said, it's a pretty disjointed mess.

I am guessing this trailer is a rough draft of the drama. For the creators to get a feel of how it should be. Maybe after that, they realized it was too similar to Time Slip. And maybe because of that, Time Slip people wanted to sue them for it.

Another missing scene is of Philip Lee using magical powers to "grow" acupuncture needles from his fingertips to treat a naked woman.  

                           "Eun Soo" looks a little strange. Not so pretty and don't look like her.
                                     Is it really her? It seems she don't look good with fringe.

                                                  2 guys who look very similar.... O.O

                                                        Who is he? Quite handsome.
                                              He has Choi Young's power and more.
                                              Able to run his energy along her back.

Is this Philip Lee? 

                              Here's the lovely Eun Soo with magical power as she plays the harp.
                        I love this scene the most out of the entire Faith (but it wasn't in the drama).
                                                                 Missing Scene #1 


                                                  Pretty amazing. I like this scene too.
                                                                 Missing scene #2

I wonder what is this story about. ^_^ It's called Faith, but it's not Faith. They should do another drama based on these 2 guys and "Eun Soo".

This below Youtube is the "long preview" that was put up for Faith:
Missing scenes from the actual Faith drama are at the end.  I remember a preview like this was also played at the end of one of the Faith episodes.


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