Monday, 20 March 2017

Goodbye Oven Marvel @ Sunshine Plaza (Negative Review)

Mon March 20

Won't be buying anymore from this woman.  Rude since the first time I bought from the shop.  Rude & proud woman. Just because she sells out some chicken pies & curry puffs, she gets it to her head that her stuff are great.

The chicken pies & curry puffs are so-so only. Bro & I go there sometimes because there's nothing else to eat in that Sunshine Plaza area & it's convenient.

Today I asked for 2 chicken pies. Gave her $10 note. She looked at the slightly crumpled middle folded part of the note, tried straightening it & asked in Chinese, "Is this originally like this?".

I said it got squashed in my wallet.

She said in Chinese, "We have to protect our money.".

Immediately, I felt I didn't want to buy anymore.  Criticising my money. My money is little & precious. Consider yourself lucky I buy from you when your stuff isn't that great anyway.

She then gave me the change. But instead of putting the money in my hand, she put it onto the countertop. I had to pick the 4 ten cents coins one by one. 

I was thinking when I walked out the shop,  "protect our money"? You can't bring it along when you die. So what if all your dollar notes are straight? So small-minded. Offensive woman. I bet she offended other customers too.

The note was only slightly crumpled in the middle part. It's still $10.  Just because of some crumple, she criticizes my money. Very bad. Very tactless & stupid woman.

Bro was angry when I told him what happened. He said I should've taken back my money & thrown back her pies at her.  He said, "You should've said so earlier. If I knew what happened, I would have returned the pie.".  I had bought 1 of the pies for him but only told him what happened after he ate it.

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