Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Blacklisted Companies in Singapore Practising Age Discrimination

Wed 17 Jan 11:38a.m.

Singapore law must make Ageism illegal at job interviews. Age discrimination by such companies destroys the people & society.

In Japan, Ageism has gotten to such an extent that many Japanese who can still work, become homeless. The rising number of homeless in Japan is unnessary.  https://www.csmonitor.com/2004/1018/p07s01-woap.html

A homeless problem is created simply by not employing people over the age of 35.

A forklift operator laments that nobody looks at his experience but only looks at his age. A Japanese man cried when a nurse simply said "hello" to him because Japan's society has alienated him just because of his age.

It's terrible. For all Japan's natural beauty, there is such ugliness.

Still in love with Japan's culture & society? The Japs have never changed since WW2. Still the same horrible people with a veneer of civility. They are honest. Honestly Ageist. And they think it's fine.

They bring their shitty mentality to Singapore & apply it to Singaporeans & think it's all fine. These people are just plain evil. Their WW2 genes never die. 

Do you want to eat food cooked by such evil-hearted people? Many F&B establishments, if you notice have no older workers. Why?

Even if you look youthful, such companies only just look at your age. Such a terrible thing must stop.

These companies are not befitting Singaporeans. 

You may say "Oh, it's not my problem because I'm still young.".

Well, if you are now 25, you'll be 30 in 5 years' time. Another 5 years, you'll be 35. Another 5, you'll be 40. The years pass in the blink of an eye. If you think ageism is not your problem, then you better make sure you don't live older to experience age discrimination.

Since the Japs enjoy practising Ageism, they should go back to Japan to do it. Don't come to Singapore to do it! The MOM must make it known that Ageism is not acceptable & such companies will be blacklisted.

Blacklisted companies in Singapore practising age discrimination:

1) Man Man Unagi Japanese restaurant. Keong Saik & Duo Galleria.
2) Osaka Kitchen @ Japan Food Town Wisma Atria
3) Kushikatsu Tanaka @ Clarke Quay.
4) Wanton Seng's Noodle Bar @ Amoy Street

Do you want to eat food cooked by these people who have no respect for the individual? Why don't they also practise ageism towards customers? They want money but they in fact have no respect for people. How can they be expected to cook anything worth eating?

An interviewer shouldn't even be asking for a person's age. If the interviewer finds the person favourable & willing to work, that is good enough. But these interviewers ask, "What is your age?". This is really terrible. Even though the interview starts out well, this question will suddenly be asked. The rest of the interview then continues in all fakery, letting me think that they are interested. Finally, the interviewer says, "If ok, will let you know by XX day.".

Of course, "let u know by..." is a code phrase for 'don't want'. It's horrible that such interviewers intentionally lead the person to believe in a non-existent hiring when in fact, the interviewers are wasting their time & the applicant's time. They already decided they don't want just based on the applicant's age.

Such companies in fact, also don't really require staff. Yet they advertise. If really urgent, a company will hire immediately.

The way these people behave upon finding out my age, is awful & immature. They themselves are not young, easily in their 30s-40s. Yet they have the gall to age discriminate other people.

Since they carry the ageist mentality, they had better make sure they don't live past 40.

Just because they think 40s must be old-looking & I look youthful, they feel disgusted that I have upturned their own shallow expectations & tiny world view. Jealousy. Evil-hearted. Dark intentions.

If an applicant looks old & shrivelled, of course, you may not hire due to company image for front line staff. But the applicant looks favourable & just because of a number, you don't hire, that's really extreme discrimination, malicious & evil. Unprofessional & immature.

Do you want to eat food cooked by such disgusting people?