Saturday, 30 June 2012

Latest Updates

Today is 1 July! Happy July everyone! Glad I lived to now! For a while back then... I was concerned if Aug 13 might just be too far away for me...

1) Waiting for Lee Min Ho's new series coming out in Aug 13. Called "Faith". Looking forward to seeing him in period costume playing a general with his cool face, particularly a shot of him looking very pale and evil.

2) Last night, tried for the first time, CocoIchibanya@ Bugis+ formerly known as Iluma. Don't know why they have to change the name so that now have to put the more lengthy "formerly known as". Iluma was fine. Bugis+ is so nothing. But name doesn't matter if numbers are to go by--last night plenty crowded, thanks to the linkway from Bugis. Mainly queues for food.

3) Just ordered from Vitacost again. Waiting for order to be shipped via UPS. Will need to do a post on this. Been wanting to since the first time, but didn't. This is my 4th order with them.

4) Just got a Franc Franc @ Vivocity bed frame and mattress on Friday 29 June night, just before closing. Cost a nice number of $1895. Krone bed frame = $845. Mattress memory foam spring coil = $1050. Free delivery for next/coming Friday 6th July. So, I wait to see.  Will do a post on this as well.

5) Got my hands on The Third Gate by Lincoln Child. Just issued hot and fresh off the National Library! I'm the first because reserved it even before it reached the shelves!! I learnt of its release by e-mail from the author who said it's out. So, I wondered if our dear library had it and viola, the computer system acknowledged that they had but not yet ready for loan. In the past, reservation wouldn't have been possible until After the book has been released to the shelves. But for a while now, it's been possible to reserve books even before they touch the shelves (as long the system shows the branches and says "in process").

6) Bubbles

Friday, 15 June 2012

*splat on my bro's bed while he gets changed to go out to Sim Lim*

Me *thinking of the handsome guy in Devil Beside You (Taiwan drama), seeing his face in my mind*: Ahh... I need a handsome guy in my life.

Bro: What you need is money. Then you can buy a handsome guy.

Me: Tsk. I don't wanna Buy a handsome guy...  *dammit. I want him to love me*