Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Derogatory & Offensive Terms "Auntie" "Uncle" in Singapore

12:39 p.m.  24 May Thurs

I don't know how someone can in good conscience can call another person "auntie" or "uncle".

As a teenager or older, I never addressed people with those terms. Because it's wrong. Firstly, it's a derogatory term.  Insulting a person's age.  Secondly, I don't know the person whom I am addressing. Third, I am not related to that person.

Singapore as a nation has not progressed. Worse now with so many uneducated foreigners, particularly from the backward countries: China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia.

They lack refinements in mentalities. Lack subtleties & diplomacy in human interactions. In other words: Not intelligent. Stupid.

In other countries, immigrants have to at least have university degrees before they can be residents. In Singapore all kinds of horrid uneducated people come in & work. And in just a few years, become permanent residents.

I stopped selling stuff to Filipinos because every time, they will  piss me off by using that derogatory term that insultingly mocks your age. I don't know them. They don't know me. It's just a transaction. Why the fuck are they insulting a person's age?

What has the person done to offend you that you call the person "auntie" or "uncle" like it's your right?

I suffered for years all kinds of problems. No money. I watched the person I love, die in front of me & powerless to do anything.  In my darkest moment of grief & despair, where were you?

How dare anyone just casually use just a single word to put my life (that you don't know) in a nutshell based age!

Everyone has a name. Even a dog or cat. How can a human being not be given the dignity of their names?  A name is so simple. 

Do you know what it feels like when you take time & effort dressing up to look nice, & some shit calls you an age-discriminating insulting term?  No matter how much you spend on a nice expensive salon hairstyle or how you try, people still call you that insulting term?  Suddenly you feel the need to prove that you are not people's mindset.  It's shit. Why do I need to prove anything to anyone??  I never knew what having to prove-what-you-are-not felt like until age discrimination terms were used on me.

A lot of people in their teens, 20s & 30s, banter & joke among themselves about "aunties" & "uncles" like it's so funny.  These terms are used with narcissistic, selfish & evil intentions: Negative, derogatory & demeaning.

You cannot say that "aunties" "uncles" are spoken out of respect. Don't be a shit. There is no respect behind the use of these words.

Auntie/Uncle = Uneducated. Old. Lower Level.

You don't see or hear Europeans or westerners calling another person "auntie" "uncle".  This age discrimination mentality is used by uneducated Asians.

You dare to call a head of state or minister or the Director of your company "uncle" or "auntie"? Why don't you walk up to that CEO lady & call her "auntie"?

A few days ago, I was at RWS. This shit-head around 16-17 years old, corrected someone who called him "Shawn" instead of his name on his uniform name tag. He said, "I am not Shawn".

Yet throughout, he kept calling me with the age discriminating derogatory term, even when he knew my name. And even when I told him off.

I notice that teenagers are very prim & proper about their names. Get it wrong & they will correct it, whoever you are. Yet they have no regard for other people's names.  Who are their parents? What a waste of  resources bringing such teenagers into life & feeding them.

Singapore managed to barely take 1 step forwards in the past. Now with the flood of uneducated foreigners with ageist mentalities & all kinds primitive attitudes, it's 3 steps back.