Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Human Hair In Unagi Rice Man Man Japanese Restaurant @ Duo

11 Oct. Wed around 8.30p.m.

Anyone wants a free-of-charge hair-in-your-rice?  

Just  the 2nd day of opening @ Duo,  a female customer ate 3/4 of her meal only to find a lengthy strand of black human hair embedded in her Unagi rice.

The manager didn't come out to apologise. Just allowed a staff to convey that it's free of charge.

Since the manager's hair is a dyed straw color & he wears a bandana over his head, it must belong to one of the kitchen guys.

The female customer was with another woman. One wonders if they took photos with their phones & posted on Facebook.  Surprisingly, they didn't make a scene despite such an awful lack of hygiene for a Japanese eatery.

My bro added to my report. He said if u have no money to eat, ask for rice with hair. It's free. But if u want no hair, then it's full price.