Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Meidi-ya @ Liang Court Hokkaido Food Fair till 2 Dec

Update 29 Mar Sun 2015:  Meidi-ya sells expired food & Meidi-ya spoiled Chicken & Salmon & Bad service.


Been wanting to post this before the fair ends.  From 22 Nov ~ 2 Dec.

Every year, Meidi-ya supermarket has this lovely little fair selling Hokkaido's foodstuff that they don't sell at other times of the year.

So while it's here, grab stuff before it ends!

All kinds of Ramen, delicious jar puddings, green tea jam, cakes, frozen stuff, sweets/candy, potato chips, chocolates, on-the-spot cooked foodstuff, etc...

Of course, most of these stuff are expensive, but it's once a year. If you can, just try them out.

I don't know if the supermarket @ Isetan Shaw House has such a fair as well since I don't go there.

Previous years, Meidi-ya actually had a huge, long-legged Hokkaido crab for sale in the frozen section. Just 1. Cost $100+ or more. Can't recall the exact price. It was in a box with a plastic sheet over the front. And what horrible  people did was poke holes or press into the plastic until the package looked unpleasant.

The plastic sheet would look perfect at the start of the fair, but be more and more abused as the fair progressed.

I don't know if anyone bought the crab at that price, but since then, the supermarket hasn't brought in another one for their fair. Most likely, it didn't sell well and was treated more like an exhibit than something to buy and eat.  (Incidentally, people do actually buy the $79 watermelons that are available anytime, according to the cashier I spoke to).

Anyway, I think the meat would be very nice from those long,  plump legs (imagine sucking the white meat off from a nicely cooked one).  The crab itself looked quite scary, rather spiny and red.  Imagine it walking at the bottom of the cold ocean floor. Pretty amazing to see in documentaries when I used to watch.

I actually haven't eaten a crab in years, although I like the meat in a chilli crab dish.

The first time I saw the Hokkaido fair at Meidi-ya, I was so excited, I bought plenty.

Turned out, everything I bought was expensive, but not everything was nice.

Since then, I've been much more careful about what to pick. It helps that most of the stuff were in the previous fairs, so I won't pick them again.

What not to pick: Cakes and sweets/candy.

My camera is down, so I have to take videos instead (it can't take pics but can still video). The camera's been in and out of Casio office many times ever since I took it to Taiwan & Japan in 2009. Bro wants to get a new one, but I'm not keen.

This packet is only available during the Hokkaido fair. Consomme flavor (the flavor that Light/Kira in Deathnote likes).

It's better than the other yellow packet that you see at the fair.  The first time I tried it, I thought it was great. But not anymore (although I've purchased it again this time).

The taste is bland and it just doesn't give much bite. US/Canada and Taiwan chips are better.  Bro says that the Japs don't know how to make potato chips and chocolates (I would add, candies/sweets + desserts).

Green Tea (Matcha Flavor) Milk Jam. Nice. Sweet. Taste of green tea. Unfortunately, $15+ for such a small jar.

I actually didn't buy it the first time I saw it in this fair. Wanted it though. Finally bought it when I went there again.

It flows a little at first when it's opened. But it firms up when put in the fridge. Eat it like dessert. ^_^  (although I had initially thought to spread it on Ritz plain biscuits.). 

Tip: Grab the $9+ Caramel pudding in a jar (beside the green tea milk jam set up on a table after the vegetables section).  Absolutely delicious. There are other flavors as well on that table.

Maple Syrup chocolate bar in a green wrapper. I didn't know it was white chocolate until I opened it.  I already finished it 1~2 days ago. ^_^;

Very nice. Sweet. Taste of maple syrup. $3+. I want to go back and buy the dark chocolate wrapper (assuming it's dark chocolate).

Here, I was trying to show the inside of the bar with 1 hand. ^_^;; You can see it's already opened. I have already eaten it before filming... hehehe...

Find this on a shelf across the tofu section (or somewhere along that row).

The words "HOKKAIDO" are inscribed on each block. Very nice. Too bad video quality not clear.

Sidenote: I'm expecting bro to be back today. Wonder how was his trench digging. Didn't save any of that yummy chocolate for him. But we can go back to buy again... *licks lips* Not this same one, but the other one. Bro is not really nuts about this type of chocolate anyway.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Goods of Desire G.O.D. @ Central Clarke Quay

No money to fly to Hong Kong... (or Taiwan)

If anybody is going there, please buy for me 2 things from G.O.D. store and I'll pay you. Name your price first.

The 2 things I saw @ Central Clarke Quay should be cheaper in Hong Kong. Yes, I know haven't add airfare.  But if I can afford to fly there, I would already be buying from the store itself, isn't it? 

Searched online for sellers selling for cheaper, but seems the G.O.D. people have controlled the market very tightly.  Seems the only way to get the items I want is by buying from the store.  Or buy wholesale (which brings back:  If I can afford to buy in bulk, I can buy the 2 items from the store itself).

What I need is someone who can buy for me the 2 items and charge me a cheaper price than what the store is selling in SG.

To begin at the beginning...

I never heard of G.O.D. until a few days ago when dropping by to spy on Izumi salon upstairs of Central (see Monso review in the post before this).

After getting off at the bus-stop outside Central, I took the escalator at the side, thinking that it would be a more direct route to the 2nd floor than going into the mall. From there, I would go looking for Izumi.

After the escalator, the only way into the mall, is through a store which I know is new but didn't know anything about.

Upon entering, right away came upon an interesting X'mas tree with mahjong tiles-patterned rectangles hanging along lines across it. At first, I thought they were actual mahjong pieces, but seemed to be paper-made.

Very interesting, captivating ambience that made pause and look around.  Very... woody and... Vintage is not quite the word. Old-fashion is also not the word. How to describe it?  "Like another time" is close to that feeling, although also not quite right.  Something like Food Republic's ambience @ Vivocity.

At first, I was thinking it was just another vintage-style store selling nothing much except useless decorative things. But walking across to its other section, I was grabbed by the fashion there. Very nice. Very unique stuff.

Not many items, but very nice designs.  Very interesting Tees that made me think they were from Japan. On the other hand, there were Chinese words, making me think they are of our "Singapore things of the past" theme.  Their material feels soft and they look well-made/printed well.

Wanted to buy for my bro or myself (if he didn't like pink), the pink bowling T-shirt with the word "Fluke".  But didn't see a price.

Moving to the side, I saw these cool-looking jeans! I've never seen such designs before. Very unique. Although they look like men's designs/sizes, I was interested and looked for the price tag on one of them. Hmm...

Well, the price is Ok for such a pair of designer-style jeans.  That's when I started wondering who designed all these.

I went to a stand hanging with what looked to be men's jackets, and picked out a dark blue hoodie with old-fashioned Chinese knot buttons! Unique combination of vintage and modern cool. Loved it immediately.

Excellent material, excellent workmanship. I wondered if I could get it cheaper from Taiwan online. Checked the label to see the brand and where it was made in. The logo was hard to see. I only managed to get a multi-colored word "G" and the rest was indeciperable.  No "made in".  

Put on the S size over what I was wearing. 

Looked for a mirror. 

Mmm... ^_^  Excellent fit (although too long sleeves meant for men). I simply pushed up the sleeves and it was perfect. It reached my thighs, although it should reach a man's belt if a man were wearing it.  Price tag $139.  T.T Noooo.... I love it so much.

A young salesgirl came over to ask if she could be of service.  About 18 or 19, small-sized,  in a man's outfit of loose black pants and  loose black shirt with Chinese knot buttons, and if I remember... a black Chinese cap. Let me think if she had pigtails...  I think not.  Ahh... her outfit was so at odds with her youth and makeup. Such a young girl wearing such an ancient man's thing. (Somehow, it made me think she was wearing Master Q, Lau Foo Zi fashion).

I loved her service. Very nice girl.

I asked her who designed these and she said, "It's all from Hong Kong.".

She offered to check for XS, but I said no need (since I had no intention of buying and was going to walk away). Then again... I asked whether the sleeve length would be different between XS and S...

So, she went to a drawer to dig for the stock.  While she searched, I was thinking of perhaps asking her to set it aside first if there was XS (I'll come back another time to buy it. T.T, although don't know when. T.T).

On the other side, a rack by the wall hung women's clothes, but those were old-fashioned, Chinese-style older women look.

Turns out no XS. Well, expected, since, come to think, it's a man's design.

I asked how much was the pink bowling T. She said "$55".  T.T

I said, "Thanks" (for her digging for the XS) and proceeded to leave. T.T

Googling yesterday, found out the brand is called "Goods of Desire G.O.D.", Hong Kong.  Found out today, that the brand is actually not new, started some years ago. And only now in Singapore @ Central Clarke Quay since early July.  And quite a few people in SG have known about this brand and are happy it's now in SG. Seems I've come late on the scene. :(  In Chinese it's "住好啲" or  "住好 D".

I was in Hong Kong in 2008 and never saw the shop at Tsim Sha Tsui.  How could I have missed it? Damn. What a mess, the place.

The website that started this post =

Incidentally, I have always liked Samuel Hui's song  "半斤八両" from the old movie "The Private Eyes" (although I don't recall seeing the movie, although maybe I watched before).

The brand has an online shop that will ship stuff to "30 countries". Unfortunately,  it has only very, very few items compared to the actual store. Many of the Tees are not there, same for the hoodie that I want. Gimmick to make people buy from the stores.

Also, realized that... the designs are actually... Triad-inspired. ^_^;;  No wonder they had that familiar "vintage" feeling when I was in the store. ^_^ Just couldn't put my finger on it. Wasn't vintage, wasn't old-fashioned...  Triad.

A song about damn broke people:   半斤八両 (Bun Gan Baht Leung - The Private Eyes) Opening Theme - Samuel Hui ( 許冠傑) 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Monso Hair Design Tokyo Salon @ Gallery Hotel SG (Review)

Latest Update 28 Nov:  A few days later, I am even more unhappy with the haircut. After 4 months of saving the hair length, Mr Soga @ Monso has ruined it with a bad cut.  The back end is really ragged and not nice. The sides are not even. Really unhappy.  Bro said it looks like "anyhow snip". Suggest: Avoid Monso (or Mr Soga).


Thursday 22 Nov, evening 

Just back from Monso. The most recent review you'll find online (for now) for this salon.

The last haircut I had (by QB) was on 20 July. That's... 4 months ago. Since then, my hair has grown hot in this weather.  Bro called it a "mane".

After all the disappointments from hairstylists, I was considering cutting it myself. But after watching how Jan Di tried to do it in Boys Over Flowers, decided not to.

Jan Di was lucky. She had the handsome and capable Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) do it for her (before she hurt herself).

Also, after watching Boys Over Flowers, I decided I want Ji Hoo's hairstyle. (Actually, I imagined telling the hairstylist "I want to look like Min Ho" ^_^).

I know this hairstyle suits Ji Hoo (Kim Hyun Joong) because he has a long and narrow face. And my face is different. But I want this style. Korean boyband look. 

I know I complained previously, about Celia @Reds Taka always creating a boyband look on me, but now, I want it.  She has a knack for creating volume and body for my hair. I don't know if the style turns heads the moment I walk out of the salon because it's nice, or because it's not. But right now, I want that boyband style!!

Ergo. I started searching for Korean hair salons online. Turns out Singapore does have a few... Beautyundercover reviewed the best 10  (Very helpful as it collates reviews from blogs and forums and makes it easy to read in 1 website).

3 salons to consider based on budget and reviews: La Coco, Izumi, Monso.

La Coco was tempting because I saw a poster of Korean stars that the salon presumably did hair for. Among the stars, was a smiling Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo from Boys Over Flowers). However, the negative reviews from Beautyundercover were plenty and it was off-putting to read that it was going to be hit-and-miss if I chose to go there.

Izumi... @ Clarke Quay Central was nearer for me. Korean stylist said to have spent time in the US, now in SG. No strongly negative reviews.

Monso... I didn't know where Gallery hotel was, but I could take a cab. Japanese stylists.  Sincere English introduction by the director Mr Soga as a stylist in their Japanese website. Positive reviews for haircut (although quite a few negative for perms, including what are called "dead" perms).

To be honest, I don't expect Japanese/Korean hairstylists to be very creative or impressive. Their fashion styles... are not very modern, hip or cool. But who knows if there might be exceptions, although doubtful.

As I was going to Meidi-ya supermarket @ Liang Court, I dropped by Izumi to have a look. I had no intention of spending $90 for a short haircut.

There was only 1 hairstylist (presumably Izumi herself) tending to 1 customer who looked Korean/Japanese. Small shop, no hair-washing ladies. I stood outside for a while, watching from a spot that they couldn't see. Then I left.

It seemed the stylist was adding the finishing touches to the customer's hair. But the hairstyle looked like nothing had been done to it. Japanese housewife style. Yeah, maybe the customer likes it that way, but I can't imagine the stylist being able to do anything special for me.

After coming home from Meidi-ya, I felt I was really in the mood for a haircut. Bro got hauled off on government service, leaving me needing some loving.

So, called Monso to ask if Mr Soga was available in 1 hr's time.

Was quite excited, smiled to myself at home at the thought of Japanese director cutting my hair.

It was going to be $85, regardless of hair length. (I had wanted to ask about GST on the phone but didn't because I didn't want to sound broke.).

What was the review going to be when I came home? Hmmm.... I hoped to be able to say good things about it, but doubtful, considering the disappointments of other salons before this.

Cabbed to Gallery Hotel.  Salon is at the back of the hotel.

I loved the look at the entrance. Welcoming.

Glass doors at a corner slant, through which I saw 2 men attending to a seated lady customer. One tall guy, presumably the director, and a thinner, shorter man who was deferring to him regarding some instruction. 

I was 20 mins early and wondered if the director would have time for me. Popped my head in until they looked up at me with curious, polite smiles.  I saw their seated lady customer had pretty, long hair. She was the only customer sitting there.

I said I was early but I think they didn't get that, so I said it again, before both of them started walking to me.

I stepped in and thinking that maybe they didn't get what I meant by "I'm early", I mentioned my name, so Mr Soga would know I was the one who called earlier.

Although the Japanese man who answered didn't say he was Mr Soga even when he asked what time I would be there,  right away I had thought I was speaking to the man himself (on the phone). His voice and the way he spoke, matched his look in the photo in their website. Very nice and professional.

Right away, I loved the ambience. Homey/cozy/snug feeling.  Like a little corner tucked away in a quiet part of town. Nice place. Good decor.

Since I was early, I thought I would be put in a waiting chair. But to my surprise, Mr Soga attended to me right away with a firm and friendly voice, asking what I would like him to do for my hair as he led me to the first seat in front of a huge golden-framed mirror leaning from the floor against the wall. 

On my left, was a side table with 2 magazines and a box of tissues. 

"Something different, " I said, to which he smiled. "Fresh, young..."  (I just feel very tired and sleepy with long and floppish hair).

We discussed a little about what might be done.

Different from other stylists, he didn't touch my hair at all, until it was washed. Other stylists would feel my hair first while discussing the style to cut.

Unfortunately, he didn't quite know what I meant by Korean boyband sides or style.  "Big Bang?", he asked,  to which I smiled a little uncertainly while the thinner, shorter guy (who was the hairwasher-apprentice) smiled behind us.

Since I had read a little about the SM Town Korean pop groups coming to SG and was looking up on K-pop bands yesterday, I knew Big Bang was one of them.  But I don't know the guys of the group, although an image of a bleach-blonde guy's head of hair came to mind.  Neither did I print out a pic of Ji Hoo.

Too bad I assumed a Japanese stylist might know what a Korean boyband style would look like.

But, he said he would try (to create the sides like what I described).

The hairwash was Ok.  A vertical piece of white/beige cloth was placed over my eyes till my mouth. I folded it up above my nose, so it wouldn't block my breathing.

It was nice that the guy asked if the pressure of his fingers was Ok.

In one review, someone said there was a Chinese washer who scraped scalp like peeling oranges. I was concerned I would get him (A reason why I was considering going to Izumi more).  But this guy was very gentle.

Too gentle, in fact, but Ok. Would be better if he put in a little more strength in a more sensuous massage.

Reds @Taka washing ladies are still the best.

At the end of the wash, I told him it was nice and thanked him. I did wish it would go on for a little longer as it was quite nice.

When I got back to my seat and the white sheet was placed around my neck (with 2 openings for arms), the hair-washing guy presented a list of drinks. I chose hot green tea.

The haircut took about 25 mins.  Throughout, I was slowly perusing a magazine, while being aware of Mr Soga's movements.  He is tall and rather handsome (too bad about his own long frizzy hair).

Dog tags hanging from his necklace clinked together as he moved while cutting. (I have a small fondness for cool-looking men with clinking things.).

At one point, while he was sitting, he turned my chair closer towards him to the left until he could properly cut my fringe. I was reading the magazine, and it wasn't too near. But I tend to get a little shy when male stylists come closer.

But I realized he seemed a rather shy person as well, quickly glancing away whenever I looked up from the magazine to the mirror at him (to see how he was cutting).

I like that he handled everything himself, except for the hair wash. He spent all the time on me.

There were 2 more stylists there. A young woman and a young man, presumably Chika-san and Ito-san. And 1 or 2 more customers came in soon after me.

Towards the end, the lid for the tea dripped a little onto the table and magazine when I handled it, and I wanted to leave it but couldn't stand the sight of the drips. So, pulled a piece of tissue from the box and dabbed it, but the nice Mr Soga said it's Ok and "thank you" (so that I would hurry up and sit back for his finishing touches, I think.).

The result:  I like the service and ambience. Perfect. The green tea was also very solid, loved it, good stuff.

But overall, the haircut is not proportionate and is lop-sided. 

The back end is short, the sides are wispy and long, the front is long and floppish.

The front fringe is supposed to look like Choi Young's (Lee Min Ho - below pic) slanted down cut, but that's not what I got.

The top was not cut because according to Mr Soga, not cutting adds volume. But other stylists always cut it shorter to add volume since shorter hair has more bounce and body (though unfortunately, they always cut it too short).

The back end, I felt was too short and ragged when he showed me with a mirror behind. Seeing my hesitation in giving approval, he looked worried.  I had to try to see it as interestingly as possible and grant approval since I didn't know how else I could tell him to improve on it. Almost wanted to say "Omoshiroi" in Japanese for "interesting" but didn't because it wasn't really true. (At the moment, it's not too bad if it's swept towards the middle).

For the back end, I had actually granted him creative freedom, although I had expressed a suggestion to perhaps keep it at the original length.  He had insisted it was too long, so I said he could do whatever he felt would be good.

The back upper portion, does have some body in the way it is cut. So, that is Ok.

At the end, he had asked if I wanted to add color. I said no, and he gave an audible smile.

The hairsprays smelled nice (assuming they are from Japan), but have no holding power at all. Makes me consider that perhaps this also applies to their perming products which make weak/dead perms. Wonder why.

Overall,   I don't hate this haircut since there isn't much drastic damage (the saving grace, since it would grow quite soon so I can seek out another salon).

But... $85 is a lot for the result (that looks more like $35). And there wasn't any first-timers discount for me.

He gave me a membership card which he stamped and didn't require my name or signature at all. Also, a "Customer introduce card" to be given to a friend or anyone to receive a first-timer 15% discount. 

So, if I understand it correctly... As a first-timer who came on my own, I don't get a discount. But a friend introduced by me, would get the discount?? Or do I get a discount on my next visit?

He asked how I got to know of the salon. I said through website reviews. It was only later that I realized he must actually be asking if I was introduced by someone. 

Anyway...  I most likely won't be going back, partly because of the location.

After the haircut and looking for a bus-stop (coming out from a longer distance in the process), I discovered it's actually not far and near to Meidi-ya @ Liang Court.  It's along Robertson Quay which is just beside Clarke Quay. If coming by bus and walking from the bus-stop outside UE Square, it would be nearer than walking from Clarke Quay Central.

From that bus-stop outside UE Square, it's just maybe 10~15 minutes walking to the hotel. Turn right when you see a big colorful bridge.

But I'm just not keen.  The hotel's entrance faces inside a small, looped cul-de-sac drive-in that isn't good for getting cabs or for tour buses to drive in. Poor location for a hotel. 

I read that Midori @ Novena is good. But Novena is too far for me. To think of the distance and then being disappointed once more...  Maybe I'll just let it grow long again.... and cut it myself.  I have been quite tempted to buy a pair of haircutting scissors from Medi-ya.

Or if I'm still interested in getting Ji Hoo's look... I might make the effort of trying out another salon next time. I've already saved screenshots of his style to print and show.

Although it feels less hot and heavy now, $85... is still.... a pity, especially when I'm broke. I had to dig out $85 from somewhere. And while the number is just a number, when you take out 1 piece $50, and have to take out another $50 to make it enough,  you start realizing how much it really costs.

I don't know how those girls can spend more than $400 just on a perm and coloring in those salon reviews.

The right way, is actually to spend little, so that if it's awful, at least it won't be so painful. Unfortunately, hair salons in SG are ridiculously expensive, just like SG hotels.

Hey... looking at the receipt now... Turns out Mr Soga can spell my name!! O.O I'm impressed and surprised. I thought he didn't know the name since I didn't expect the Japanese to be familiar with English names.

Update @ 10.49 a.m. 23 Nov:   Still not happy with the haircut when I looked in the mirror this morning. Looks like didn't cut.

Some time back, I had actually tried Shunji Matsuo @ Heeren once (now @Taka). Was cut by a non-Japanese stylist who was very careful and precise. But the end result was too short and not nice. So, I haven't been to any Shunji outlets again since then.

So far, if I try 1 hairstylist and it's bad, I don't go back to the same salon or outlets of that salon.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

[신의] 실수 Faith Bloopers/Mistakes/Questionables Korean Drama Min Ho

A rough glance around Google search. I'm the only one doing this.

While others talk about the time travel aspect of Faith, I've been wanting to post about the film's bloopers/mistakes since the beginnning.

For the storyline, I don't think there's anything that requires any deciphering. It's simple and by its simplicity,  wraps itself up without causing any confusion or needing any explanation.

For bloopers/mistakes, there are quite many competing for the Number 1 spot. But right off, there seems only 1 that takes first place.

In  Asianwiki, it says production started on May 24,2012.  And in this latest post on Min Ho's thoughts after filming his final scene on Oct 30th, twice he says that filming has been 6 months. 

If Asianwiki is correct and counting the time period from May 24, it's actually been... 5 months and 6 days.

All along I thought they finished filming before the air date. If so, then from May 24 ~ Aug13, they would only have 2 months to complete filming it. Impossible but do-able, I thought.

Turns out, filming continued even after date of airing, all the way till Oct 30th (as in the above link to Min Ho's thoughts on last day of filming). That last day of filming video is available online, by the way. On the official SBS channel and Youtube.

It must have been a really heavy, crashing schedule where nobody got enough sleep at all, as can be seen from the super-tired look of a woman crew on the last day in the video. As the camera turned to interview her, she looked absolutely collapsing asleep behind her glasses while standing.  That's the most tired person I've ever seen.

Made me wonder how Min Ho and Hee-Sun still looked so good in comparison. Perhaps, the cast got more sleep than the crew?  Possible, because they can sleep during make-up and while waiting around.

As the drama was being aired, they were filming it. Meaning, a very tight race to complete 2 episodes on time every week.

Notice that at the start of the drama, Hee-Sun and Min Ho looked very fresh. But as it progressed, they looked more and more worn out.

Because of the rush, tiredness and the director being more intent on the creative aspects of filming, mistakes will inevitably be made. Obviously, the actors and actresses can't also be watching out for mistakes since they are more intent on watching how they perform.

Still, regardless of whether it was 2 months or 6,  shouldn't there have been the equivalent of a  "proofreader" on the set while filming? Someone who monitors the consistency of different takes and frames?

In a Taiwanese TV drama  called Engagement of Love, the female lead is a young girl with the job called "场记" Chang (3) Ji (4).  Log Keeper/Script Clerk/Continuity girl. Her role is to ensure that everything is consistent and she watches for mistakes on the set.

It would seem that Korean TV drama filming does not have such script clerk/s?

In City Hunter, there is a scene where Min Ho carries Kim Nana on one side of his shoulder. But the position changes to the other side in the next frame. With this, I began to watch if Faith would show up this mistake as well. 

Sure enough, it did.

Overall, while Faith was well-produced/well-directed,  it was also quite sloppily done.

Besides a lot of armpit-killing (swords slid under armpits to kill with CGI blood droplets flying in the air), quite a lot of obvious details have also been omitted/sacrificed in favor of just telling the story or just to look good.

Click on images for larger display.  

#1   In Episode 2, Philip Lee carries the princess out of the smoked out hideout.

Princess's head is on his left side.

As he carries her out of the room, her body changes position to his right side. At first, when watching this scene, something seemed wrong, until I realized it was the change in the princess's position. Caught it.

#2  In Episode 21, Eun Soo mentally counts to three when she predicts Choi Young will turn to look at her.  Listen with earphones. You will hear a background man's voice saying "two".  That should be the cue from the director or someone in the crew so that Min Ho knows when to turn. But they missed out removing the voice.

#3   Episode 21. Choi Young drops his sword from his left hand after talking to the king. Vice-captain also saw it. But it was his right hand that was frozen by KC's power. It was also the right hand that shivered while holding his sword in the next episode 22.

If the director intended that both hands are affected by KC's power, there was no indication of this before or after this scene in the king's chamber.

#4   Episode 22, the Yuan Tansaguan envoy takes out a pocket watch.

Yuan dynasty was until the 14th century. Such a pocket watch like his was made in the 16th century, 200 years later. Moreover, his watch has 2 hands.
Click:  Early watches only had an hour hand, the minute hand appearing in the late 17th century.
I thought the director would be explaining this, maybe the Tansaguan got it from the future, for instance. But it was left as it was.

#5   Episode 14. Eun Soo waits for Choi Young to escape together.  Just before she runs to him on the bridge, her pink cloth pack is tied round her back (the first image shows the cloth tied in front).

But in the next frame when she goes to hug him, her pink pack is gone.

It was likely removed because it got in the way of him hugging her.

#6   In all the Chinese writing, Faith used modern simplified Chinese words. In the past, ancient Chinese writing was an older form that modern Chinese people would find it hard to read (and is no longer in use).

Based on this website, there had been no more changes to the Chinese writing since the Tang dynasty. In the example shown in that website, that "dragon" word  (in the 5th box)  is still an old form with more strokes than the modern form at the end.

Meaning, in the Yuan dynasty (that comes later than the Tang), the old form of writing would still be in use.

The modern form that Faith used, only started in China in the 1950s.

So, it is impossible for Goryeo-Yuan time period to have such modern simplified writing in the imperial edicts/Doctor Jang's diary/messages (that even I can easily read).

#7  Whose fault is it that Faith's previews didn't match the actual drama?

Scenes that viewers were looking forward to watching or expecting, were missing. Was it out of the director's control? If those scenes were not going to appear in the episodes, why show them in the previews?

Preview for Ep 9  (the start of Choi Young's new hairstyle with headband).
Ep 9 preview:

In this preview, Choi Young's hairstyle is changed. But this change was missing from the actual episode 9.

Instead,  Choi Young is shown with a different hairstyle than in the preview.

Preview hairstyle:  Looks older and aunty-ish compared to the episode hairstyle below.

Episode hairstyle:  Looks younger and better than the preview hairstyle.

The heart-to-heart talk with Lady Choi (location and dialogue) was also changed.

Preview scene:  She asks Choi Young why he was being so loyal to the king all of a sudden.

Episode scene:  She discourages him from falling in love with Eun Soo.

In the preview for Ep 9, it is this scene with the new hairstyle:   Choi Young asks Deok Man to protect Eun Soo. Deok Man is happy thinking he gets a chance to touch Eun Soo. Choi Young smacks his head. 


But in the actual scene that is actually in Ep 10:  Choi Young is in a different uniform, different location with different hairstyle from the preview. When Deok Man is happy that he gets to touch Eun Soo, Choi Young kicks him (instead of smacking). However, the dialogue is the same as in the preview scene.


#8  I remember in one of the episodes, at the end, there was a long preview. Included in it, were the scenes of Eun Soo playing the harp and Doc Jang with the needles growing from his hands. But I can't find it in any of the episode previews. Strange.

Maybe it was this:

I kept looking forward to seeing those scenes but even until the last episode, they were not shown.

Also, I kept looking forward to Min Ho looking like this (below pic) in a teaser/trailer photo, but it never happened (which I am not happy about). I wondered (and hoped) if he was playing evil here.

But ultimately, I think this scene of him should fit into the part where he was very ill from his stab wound.

It would seem that initially, the creators wanted to give him a soft boyish look. But later, changed it. In the teaser photos/videos of him, he had long, soft hair and a very young look. There is even a photo of him with blue hair. I don't know how that came about.

Viewing all the teaser/trailer videos, Hee-Sun and Min Ho went through quite a lot in getting their parts settled for the final version.

One trailer shows Hee-Sun with a really elaborate and heavy hairdo. And also shows her wearing a hat with a black veil. These scenes never made it into the actual episodes. For the hat, it was changed to just a normal bamboo hat without veil.

Incidentally, the drama was initially called "Great Doctor" or "Divine Doctor". But because the focus was actually on Min Ho and not on Eun Soo/Hee-Sun, the title was changed to "Faith".

#9    In Choi Young's time in the drama, there are sliding doors, doors that swing out by holding onto each side, and doors with a sliding bar across.  The Coex door has 2 long vertical bars down each side. Why would he pull open one side without even a moment's hesitation as to how it might be opened? It felt a little strange watching him pull open it so naturally.

On the other hand, Eun Soo keeps saying she's been watching TV dramas/movies. So, she should have no problem sliding aside that bar across the door when she tried escaping. By the time she figured out how to slide that bar, Choi Young had come to push it back. Perhaps, she only watched modern TV dramas/movies.

Although it was a very good touch to have her struggle with opening the door... I was thinking she should know how to slide that bar. On the other hand, if she easily slid that bar, it might seem less believable, and viewers would have to take it that she had watched it on TV-- less impact compared to her struggling with that door and Choi Young stopping it.  


#10  Armor.  While I understand the weight of the costumes and production budget... it is rather hard to ignore plastic, foam and rubber armor.  Eun Soo shouldn't have been able to have pierced through it so easily.

Also, Choi Young's armor folds and buckles up quite often when he sits down or kneels. In the making of the part where he enters court with his men for the first time in their new uniforms to kneel before the king, the front part of his armor actually got in the way when he tried to kneel. He had to stand and straighten it.

In this scene, he sat to talk with Eun Soo, and when he got up, the back part of the "armor" buckled up with creases.

#11  Language. King Gongmin ruled Goryeo in 1351. We are now in 2012. This is 661 years difference. Even comparing the English language now to the 19th century (200 years' difference), there is a difference in speech. Yet everyone speaks normally with Eun Soo as though they are in modern-day Korea.

#12  Bowls. Are empty.  Empty drinks break the spell of the make-believe. At least, the characters must have wet lips when "drinking" for a real effect.

Scene where Eun Soo is in bed and the Suribang woman is squeezing herbal soup. Choi Young is supposed to bring the bowl to Eun Soo and feed her.

In the making of it, the bowl actually has dark liquid, which Min Ho brings to Eun Soo/Hee-Sun. But along the way, he spills it. Also, instead of feeding it to her slowly, he forces it down her too fast. The repeat takes must have delayed them quite some, so that the director must have decided to keep the bowl empty.

Scene where Eun Soo needs to drink a big white bowl of poison.  It's obvious there's nothing in it as she drinks and then her lips are completely pale-dry.

#13  Shoes. Same as armor, I can't help noticing that the shoes look modern with rubber soles.  Choi Young's shoes: flat soles with no grooves for grip (worn away?).

#14   Heart CPR.  Ep 5 where Eun Soo pumps her body weight into Choi Young to resuscitate him.

Notice his chest is larger/higher than normal for his lying down position.  They must have put something inside his shirt to allow Eun Soo to pump him with her body weight and hands. Without an airbag (I assume), Min Ho would have hurt from all that pumping.

Compare this to the last episode, where she pumps his chest while he lays on the grass. It's obvious she isn't really pushing down on his chest. Just making the action of it.  Assume they didn't put an airbag inside this time. His chest looks normal/flat considering at least 2 layers of clothing that he's wearing.


#15  Last episode 24. Ki Cheol's injury.

Choi Young throws his sword through Ki Cheol's back. And it has penetrated quite inwards towards the middle of Ki Cheol's body. So, it is not just a side graze.  (Which also means he fell back on the sword which should push in further through).  

However. There is no wound at the back of Ki Cheol.  


#16  Peeling sticker. Why did the director have to film this part of the pillar? Obviously pasted, not painted.  I would think a real ancient palace would have hand-painted designs, real gold layering etc... Even if faded or damaged, they would repair it.

Perhaps, the director thought the peeling "paint" would give it an authentic feel. But it's an opposite effect. It's in fact, embarrassing to show a palace neglected like this.

This is the scene where Eum Ja is eavesdropping on Choi Young for the last time because Choi Young realizes and starts chasing.  Choi Young has dragged out Eun Soo and asks her to shut up. But she has just realized that the boy she saved would kill Choi Young in the future. Ep 10.

#17   Eun Soo's wrist watch.  None of the Goryeo characters even once mentions her watch.  This is a time-piece that is so small that it can be worn on the wrist, and nobody mentions it? This is too much of an oversight.

Plus, the fact that her watch is so shiny and eye-catching on her wrist. Not even Choi Young who is so observant ever expresses any curiosity about it. Not even Doctor Jang. Or Ki Cheol.

Also, at some point, her watch disappears, just like her green handbag. ^_^ Of course, we know what happened to her handphone. Dumped on the straw some place where she was held hostage in Ep 2.

#18   Philip Lee. At the start, I thought he was going to be a rival love interest for Eun Soo. Turned out to be not. Not only that, his scenes became fewer and fewer until his part was totally extinguished suddenly and unconvincingly in Ep 21. We didn't even get to see his face after so long of his absence. Eun Soo is just told that he died.

The reason? He died while protecting her antidote.

Although we have never seen him fight against Eum Ja and Soo Inn, he is after all, an accomplished fighter with his fan and a smart man.  It is highly unlikely he would have just died like that, even if he was protecting the antidote.

Ah ha. I see.

Dropped out because he had to go for scheduled eye surgery. But why was it scheduled to be at such a time? And how did he get injured if it wasn't on the set of Faith?

While reading the article, I kept agreeing "Yeah, yeah, yeah!".  Exactly what I said above.

How could this be Goryeo's greatest doctor when his character was so bland, he had nothing to say and just sat back while things were happening around Eun Soo?

I thought he had few lines because it was hard for him learning the pronunciation etc..? Or was that in the past that he learnt Korean and is now fine? (I read another article some time back, that said he is American but insisted on returning to Korea and learning the language from scratch).


There you have it. 18 bloopers/mistakes/questionables that I didn't even have to sweat picking them out.  I'm sure there are more that I missed. If so, let me know.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Faith Min Ho Korean Drama Supplemental 2: Background

While searching for Faith production date, coincidentally came upon this.

While reading, I said, "I see... I see..." , because it provides the answers to my earlier Faith Supplemental post.

1)  Why are 2 scenes in the "First Generation" Youtube video in the Faith preview but not in the Faith drama?

2) Why is the male lead not Lee Min Ho in the "First Generation" video? But Kim Hee-Sun (Eun Soo) is in it.

3) Why is it called "3D" in the "First Generation" video?

As I already guessed, Faith would not have flown without Lee Min Ho. I wouldn't have watched it. And the drama would have become just another Korean production that few people outside of Korea (or even the Koreans) would watch.

As it happened, even before the drama aired on August 13th, I was already waiting for it for 3~4 months since the announcement that it was Min Ho's next new drama after City Hunter.

I waited so long that I wondered if I could wait till August because at the beginning of this year, I was quite badly ill.

In fact, I've been thinking that Korean TV should thank Lee Min Ho for making people around the world take interest in Korea and Korean dramas.According to a newspaper article I read, Korean dramas and their idols are actually not popular outside of Korea, not even in Japan. 

So, Min Ho is really amazing to have generated such interest around the world. Mongolia, Kuwait, Iraq, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and other countries (like Azerbaijan ) that you wouldn't think would know or be interested in  a Korean drama and its actor (or even have internet access).

I think it's because he looks Caucasian. So, he has international appeal.

When I first saw him in the starting episode of City Hunter where he appears as a street youth in Thailand, wearing a green tattered T-shirt,  I thought they got an Asian-Caucasian to play in the drama.  Didn't think he was Korean at all.   Fair face, longish hair, tall. His Caucasian-looking nose and that face.

Turns out, he is Korean. And only recently started learning English. How did eating Kimchi make him look so handsome? I have no idea. As far as I know, he has perfectly Asian-looking parents with none of that Caucasian look of his. So... where did it come from? Ancestor somewhere?

Lee Min Ho's star is currently very bright. So indeed, he "has the power to save any drama from floundering".

Poor Faith was actually something that nobody wanted to produce until Min Ho agreed to do it.  And then suddenly, SBS agreed to give it a chance.  After 3 years of it floating around (it says 3 years, but it also says since 2010, the director had been sending out offers to actors to play the main lead. That's 2 years, not 3.). news that Lee Min Ho had finally taken up the offer, SBS confirmed it would give Faith a time slot.
Wahh... like so proud and grand. Give Faith a time-slot.

And that's also because the original script was changed, which drew Min Ho in. Everything falling into place thus: Script changed, Min Ho in, SBS gives time-slot.

A rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus said, “The new synopsis with scriptwriter Song Ji Na was better than the original Faith synopsis. It also gained trust in that it was a collaborative piece between Song Ji Na and director Kim Jong Hak...
Curious why the words "gained trust" were used. Was there something about the writer that added trust?  Famous writer (in Korea)? Did it mean then that the director alone was somehow untrustworthy? 

From the "First Generation" video, I think the director probably worked on it alone and only later collaborated with the female writer who made it into a more interesting love story. The director's version is a man's idea and as I mentioned, it was pretty messy and confusing. Which is probably why nobody wanted to produce it.

Meanwhile, while nobody believed in the drama, Kim Hee-Sun (Eun Soo) stuck by it since the beginning. (How about Philip Lee who appears at the end of "First Generation" video?).

Ever since 2010, director Kim Jong Hak’s Faith had sent out offers to Lee Joon Gi, Song Seung Hun and Kang Ji Hwan for the lead role, but because the 3D medical drama seemed too extravagant, production continued to be delayed.
Kim Hee Sun had waited for Faith since its beginnings, but the drama was unable to settle down due to the lack of a proper male lead, making it wander between MBC and SBS.

The above 2 quotes partly answer the points at the top of this post:

The "First Generation" video was the original idea that the director wanted to make.  But it was rejected by the TV people.  Eun Soo was in it because she had stuck by it since the start.  The male lead was Kang Ji Hwan in that video because he was one of the guys the director sought out to play the role.  The video says "in 3D" because that was what the director wanted to do at the start. And there were 2 magical doctors in the video because, it was supposed to be a "3D medical drama" (meaning... there wouldn't be any/much romance in it. Basically, a man's storyline).

It still doesn't explain why the 2 scenes from the "First Generation" were in the actual Faith preview. Was the director thinking of somehow working those scenes into the actual Faith drama?

And it doesn't explain what happened to casting Kang Ji Hwan as the male lead.

The piece (Faith) will feature Song Ji Na’s brand of realistic settings with fast-paced thrill, detective work and humor, as Choi Young’s cold charms and Eun Soo’s (Kim Hee Sun) unpredictable ways are expected to come together in a comical combination.
While I don't agree that the settings are realistic or that there was any detective work (except maybe a little at the start regarding Ki Cheol), I think "cold charms" is the perfect description for Choi Young. Cold charms, indeed.

Update 8 Nov:

Why Min Ho chose Faith after turning it down.

Based on the quote below, I would say the first "draft" didn't fit him because it was not romantic and couldn't display his characteristic cool image. The new piece fits around him, revolves around him and makes him look cool and a ladies' man. Does it imply then, he would only be doing roles that make him look good?

Three years ago when he first received the offer to appear in Faith, however, Lee Min Ho turned it down, saying the character didn’t fit him. Why, then, did he decide to take up the offer in the end?

A rep from Lee Min Ho’s agency Starhaus Enertainment told enews on August 28, “The synopsis and content had changed from when we first met with Faith three years ago. More than anything, Lee Min Ho fell for the piece after reading its script. We turned it down at first, but in the end we decided to take it up.”

Yeah, I agree that now, he is very much a man, even compared to City Hunter, as I mentioned in an earlier post at the start of Faith.

He was just a boy in Boys over Flowers, but he returned to his viewers as a man. 

Monday, 5 November 2012

Going to Korea to Stalk Lee Min Ho (If He's There): Learning Korean from Faith

Ahh... I still love Japanese language. After watching Faith for so many weeks, suddenly feels good to hear Japanese again.  Was just clicking around Min Ho's stuff on YouTube, when came upon Hakuouki clip. No idea what it's about, but their voices make me feel at home again.

Korean language... is just hard on the ears.

I haven't been interested in Korean movies/dramas until recently.

For dramas, I started with... "You're Beautiful" and found it very nice, even though the main guy isn't attractive/manly.   (Previously, I had watched Princess Hours but it didn't arouse any special feelings).

Then discovered Lee Min Ho's City Hunter. Then went to Personal Taste. Then to Faith.

For movies, I borrowed 2 DVDs in the past. "Who R U?" and the one with the creature monster thing. Both surprisingly good.

Except for Lee Min Ho, I find that Koreans are not attractive (compared to the Japanese/Taiwanese).  And I've the impression that their dramas are long-winded and boring (before watching "You're Beautiful").

So far, recently, those few dramas that I couldn't complete watching even the 1st episode, I would say it's pretty much confirmed that Korean dramas are boring. If Faith dragged on for longer, it would be in that category (even with Min Ho's face).

So, I haven't been making any effort at all in remembering or learning Korean words. Not even when watching City Hunter.

This time, Faith... because I enjoyed it so much at the start, I began translating it into English from the Chinese subbed broadcast.

In the process, I found to my surprise that Korean is actually even closer to the Chinese language than Japanese is to Chinese.

Many Korean words sound like their Chinese counterparts, with the same meaning. So, it became naturally easy that some words would be remembered.

In the same way as picking up Japanese words while watching anime (through the English subs and Chinese equivalent sounds), I picked up some Korean words for the first time from Faith (through Chinese subs and Chinese equivalent sounds).

To be used when I go to Korea to look for Lee Min Ho ^_^ If I want to, I can find out where he lives and stalk him. -.-

I used to have this idea that when I go to Japan, I would be so lucky as to bump into my favorite Seiyuu/s (anime voice-actors) in a Japanese 7-11, although I doubt I would be able to recognize him/them even if we did bump. (Miki Shinichiro comes to mind, with his straw-colored dyed hair).

Similarly... would I be so lucky to bump into Lee Min Ho at a convenience store in Korea? *dreamy look* Would I even recognize him? *imagines him in baseball cap*  How can I not when he's so tall?

What would I say? Would do I do?! *panics* I don't want his autograph. I.... uh... *he turns from the cashier and coming towards me....* ARghhhh!!! Nooo... Oh, my god.


The words I learnt from Faith to be used in Korea: 

Kidari = Wait
Hello = ... (I didn't quite get that, it's too long and too fast)... something-seiyo?
Yogi = Here (Yogi bear, how can I forget? It's the first thing I learnt)
Kogi = There
Kamsamida = Thank You
Toumang = Flee/escape (can't think of a use for this unless I'm in a bad situation).
Kiri liko opso =Impossible
Choon Choon =  In a hurry
Ba le = Hurry
Shikan = Time (in Japanese it's Jikan)
Tangshin = You  (Dou is the impolite form, I think) 
Imja = Lady (Hahaha... I don't think we'll be needing this. It's either too ancient to be used, or for old couples to use. Either way, I'll get laughed at. Fine, if I want to crack a joke with it.)
Shiro (yo) = Don't want to.
Na/ Nan = I  (It seems Choi Young uses "Nan" and Eun Soo uses "Na". Not sure if Koreans separate the genders like Japanese "Bokuwa" and "Watashi")
Irokei = Like this
Opso = Don't have.
Hokshi = Perhaps (can be useful when asking for directions or hotel location. Example: Perhaps, it's here? Hokshi Yogi?)
Kun Dei = But
Chol Tei = Absolutely (Ok, learnt this one from City Hunter when Min Ho says he absolutely would not touch Kim Nana while staying with her in her apartment)
Hagima = Don't
Chang Ga Man = Wait a moment  (Equivalent to Japanese "Chotto Matte")
Shun = Hand
Ker = That
Ker Ta Ume = And after that
Lap Chi = Kidnap (I don't think we'll be needing this either, hopefully.)
Sarang = Love (of course, I already knew that from... City Hunter's OST?)
Chrome = Then
Kiligu = In other words/meaning
Oto Kei = How? 
Boyo = What? 
Whey = Why 
Ah Ka = Just now 
Pou Wa = protection
Yakso = promise
Kyung cha = police 

Ching Gu = friend 
Keronika = that's why
Tang Jang = immediately

I'll add on if/when I think of more. Of course, I can't just go to Korea with these words. Need more. Well, I'll learn more.

Mystery Solved: Eun Soo's Mini/Pocket/Portable Projector Faith Ep 24 Min Ho Korean Drama

5 hours. That's how long it took today (5 Nov Monday) to find out the brand and model of Eun Soo's damnable pocket projector shown in Faith Ep 24.

Why did they have to use that projector to drive me nuts with curiosity trying to find it out?

I think I'm the first person to post this.

For Koreans, it should be no problem knowing what it is.

But for me, who haven't the faintest clue, searching online was pretty damn damnable. I almost gave up.

But to give up, means giving up the curiosity and the desire to know. Not possible because it was bugging me right then. Dammit.  The harder it was, the more curious I got.

First, I went to the SBS website. They have the clearest video quality.  Previously, I only managed to get the words "mobile" and "projector" from the other poorer video quality websites hosting the last episode.

This time, at the SBS website, I played back the scene to get this:

Click on it to get a bigger picture and you'll see what the side panel says.

I input all the words into Google, but came up with nothing. Completely nothing.

Googling Images showed many other pocket projectors, but none were the one used in the drama.  Using Korean, Chinese and Japanese search words also yielded nothing. Nothing on Taobao, Yahoo Taiwan, Rakuten, Ebay, Gmarket Korea...

I began to think that it was possible the Faith creators used a prop and this isn't a real projector (a handphone camouflaged as a projector?).

However. It should be a real projector because they wouldn't go through the trouble of sticking details like that on a prop. They don't have time to do that. As it is, they have rushed through everything quite shoddily already.

Neither would they have time to stick the orange logo like that on a prop.

Looking at it closer, it seems real.  The seams of the casing, looking like stitches, are too detailed for it to be a prop. The buttons and body look real, and it seems really functional, able to project. Therefore, it must be a real product. But why wasn't it appearing in search?

Bro said it could be a prototype. It seemed possible, but I doubted it. I was thinking, maybe it belongs to one of the crew members who got it as a gift from a company somewhere but not for sale.

1)  Is it from Japan or Korea? I was thinking Korea because Koreans would support their own brands. Cheaper and more conveniently available.  But on the off chance that it's from Japan, just because Eun Soo took it from a "Japanese" man who wanted to interview her? Perhaps.

A crew member who purchased it from Japan and the cast borrowed it for the scene? Perhaps.

2) There is a broad yellow tape across the body. Obviously it's hiding something that will identify it. A brand name.

3) There is an orange logo/symbol. What company/brand logo/symbol is that? Googling Images for logos/symbols yielded nothing.

4)  The body is rectangular, rather thick compared to other pocket projectors on the market. No screen. Not a phone. The "eye" or lens is square in front. There's a metal plate to its side. Unable to read the engraving on that plate, no matter what I tried (including downloading an image enlarger).

In Google Images, many pocket projectors have lenses at the side, with rounded bodies. They are also thinner, and are compared to iphones.

So,  I thought it's possible Eun Soo's projector is an older model that has stopped selling.

                       The words on the cover that her fingers are blocking... Unable to be read.
                                                          Click to see bigger picture.

At first, I thought the word on top, looked like "SHARP", but turned out to be not. 


This is when it's in the standby/untouched/not lighted up mode. 


By chance,  quite close to giving up, I stumbled on the answer. Made me quite happy. ^_^ Mystery solved. Case Closed.

Found it on Google Images using the search words "laser projector portable japan". Easy enough? Well, without the words "japan" and "portable", the answer wouldn't appear.

I realized the Koreans used the word "portable" only after entering a Korean Faith webpage into Google translator. Before then, I had been thinking it was a "pocket/mini/mobile laser projector" which yielded no results.


#1:  It is made by a Korean company, that also sponsored production of Faith drama.  For September, it says: "SBS drama called 'Faith' production investment".  (제작투자  = production investment).

All the projectors in the drama should be from this company. Meaning, all those at the "Coex" fair in the drama. Not sure who supplies the magnification gadget that Eun Soo wears for "surgery" though.

#2: This actually says:
Auto Focus" 
In the drama, I think they digitally blurred/scratched it out.
I guess this can't be counted as product placement then? ^_^

#3: It was exhibited in a Korean Electronics Show in Oct 2011.  Already released, but can't find any on sale in Korean online shopping malls.

#4:  No word on Korean pricing and yet Faith has it :

#5: Price on Rakuten Japan:  (But no idea if it's really in stock)
59,800.00 JPY   = 913.234 SGD  =  745.096 USD

#6: There are 2 logos on the same latest model. No idea why there are 2 different logos.

#7: It has an antenna extension, although I don't see it in this white model. Suspect this model could be an older one, although haven't found anything on any older models of this brand.




#11:   It is the ESplus Seeser M1. The yellow tape is hiding the word "Seeser".

Friday, 2 November 2012

Faith Ep 24 Eng Subs/Translation Min Ho Korean Drama Great Doctor

Continuing where Ep 23 left off....

Can be more accurate with more details than English subbing. 
+ Faith producers thank audiences at the end. (see translation below)

Based on TSKS subbing: (part 1) (part 2)

Double-checked with subbing:
The above 2 subbing, have completely different meanings at certain parts. So, it is quite difficult to translate this time. I have no idea why the subbers can sub so differently. Strange. I have translated based on the more accurate of these 2 subbing where necessary.

Choi: (sees Dol Bae): Don't do it!!

Choi: Who's going to give me a sword? All of you get back. All get back!

KC: Don't waste your effort.
Choi: Vice-captain.
VC: Yes, captain.
Choi: Protect his Majesty, leave here.
King: Captain. Who's going to stay and help the captain? Don't let the captain fight alone.
Choi: Nobody is allowed to come over. I'll chop whoever comes near.
KC: Your Majesty.
Choi: Vice-captain, what are you standing there for?
King: I want to remain here. Will be behind the captain.
Choi: Your Majesty.
KC: Bring doc god here.
Choi: Not possible.
KC: Until doc god stands in front of me, I will kill everyone in the palace one by one. This is my plan.
Choi: I won't let you do as you like.
KC: Can't even hold the sword steadily, how are you going to stop me?
King: Captain, for once, you can move aside.
Choi: I'm Ok, your Majesty.
King: I know there's a problem with your hand, so...
Choi: Nothing's wrong with my hand, except that the sword has become heavy.
KC: What nonsense.

What sword is that?
Choi: I have said. It's heavy sword.

Lady C: You're awake? How do you feel?
ES: Where is he?
Lady C: A matter at the palace, temporarily went over there. You were burning up the whole night, are you Ok?
ES: A little giddy. All the cells of the whole body aching. Luckily.
Lady C: Of course, luckily. How could you have been so rash?
ES: I was afraid all this was a dream, was very worried in the dream. Really very afraid.
Lady C: Young-er that fellow, kept watch over you the whole night.
ES: He... He must have been very afraid.
Lady C: Then now, has the poison been detoxified?
ES: Don't know.
Lady C: The fever has subsided.
ES: Isn't it. The pulse previously was quick and irregular. Now, aunt, I...seem to have lived through it. 

Royal guard: What's up?
Dae Man: The Flute-blower and fire-player have come!
Royal guard: They have all gone to the palace.
DM: Block them! They've come to capture doc god!

Choi: Your Majesty. You summoned such a dangerous person into the side hall with some other plan in mind? Or can I immediately execute him?
King: I say, Lord Deok Song Government House. You want to kill me, but I don't wish to kill you. Want to sit down and discuss? You are also Goryeo's people. I heard your elder sister Empress Ki also cherishes Goryeo very much. So, we better find a mutually beneficial way.
KC: At the start, I thought you were only a person who was weak but with strong pride. Never thought you know politics. Choi Young, a person like you, can't live under such a king.
Choi: Please watch your words.
KC: This type of king, will only treat you as a hunting dog. Anytime can also find a justification to throw you into boiling water. Then, you will walk into the boiling pot by yourself. That's the sort of person you are.
Choi: I've warned you.
KC: The people, don't know the king's name. But, very few people don't know who "Choi Young" is.
King: What nonsense is he saying?

Previous king: The people believe in them even more than in me? So, the people trust you even more than in me who is the king, rely on you more, Red Moon captain. Answer me.
Captain: Yes, your Majesty.
King: Is this really so? It is not me, this king, who protects the people. But it's Red Moon team?

KC: His Majesty, in the process of ascending that throne, what has he done on his own? Has he shed a drop of blood? Goryeo's ministers were all also gathered by him. Gaekyung's imperial troops, the national border garrison troops, all obey his orders. All that his Majesty has, is only the name "king".  That's why I say, Choi Young. It's better you be king. If you need Yuan king's official document, I will immediately go request it for you.

(zine ed: Wow...Recognition of Choi Young's accomplishments and ability by his greatest enemy, is high compliment indeed, even if it's an attempt to sway Choi Young if possible. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone. ^_^)

King: Captain.
Choi: Yes, your Majesty.
King: He wants to hear your answer.

(zine ed: More like it's the king who wants to hear it. ^_^)

Choi: My answer is for his Majesty. 7 years ago, there was also a person who asked a person I knew, a similar question. Because that question was too heavy, he could only reply with his life. Now, I understand. He was wrong.
King: Captain.
Choi: It was he who was wrong. Because, he chose to flee.
KC: Choi Young. You don't want to be king? Why don't even have the desire?
Choi: Already have the king, what more do I want? Your Majesty. Want to spare his life?
King: Captain, I...
KC:  Should be enough time already.
Choi: Move aside! Don't fight with him.

Dae Man: Those people are here! Fire-player and flute-blower.
Lady C: Hurry, get up. We'll go to the palace.
ES: Dae Man, the captain?
DM: In the side hall protecting his Majesty. There, strange person came, don't even talk about it!
Soo In: What? So you're hiding in such a place?
Lady C: Please wait here a little while.
Royal guard: Doc god.
ES: Oh, that...inside..
Royal guard: There's one more person hurrying here. I am no match for that person, so please hurry.
ES: Go where?
Royal guard: Take you to Gunsong hall where the princess is.  Come.

Lady C: Are you Ok?
Dae Man: Our doc god. Hurry.

DM: Captain! Doc god is not at Gunsong hall. Said would be there, but she's not. Missing.
Choi: What?

(zine ed:  Can't help thinking that Soo Inn injured his puppy. Someone in a forum said that Dae Man is Choi Young's puppy, with reference to that phone photo of them together. ^_^)

King: Here's so messy, why have you come?
Princess: What have they found here?
Tochi: Your Majesty, there's such a thing here.
King: Aren't these heaven's items that doc god uses?
Princess: Different. These, are rusted.
Servant: Found in a very secret place in the library.
King: This is also something doc god should take a look at.
Princess: What's the captain doing?
King:  I have issued the order to search the entire Gaekyung, and have him wait. Afraid he might wander around in that mental state of his.
Princess: Doc god's health is also not good at the moment.
King: That's right. Leaving behind doc god in that condition, the captain came to my side.
Princess: I have this thinking, your Majesty.  Heaven's person, wasn't she forcibly brought here because of me?
King: Actually in truth, it's kidnap.
Princess: Perhaps, because she's a person who don't belong here, so heaven keeps making it difficult for her?
King: That's hard to say then. I gave the order to bring her here. Didn't allow to let her go, was also me. If suffer hardship, should also be me.
Princess: Then, I should also bear hardship together with you.
King: Why?
Princess: Now we are searching for doc god, so can't. But when she's found, I want to tell her.
King: What would that be?
Princess: The heaven's words learnt from doc god.
King: Say it.
Princess: Later, if your Majesty has something worthy to be congratulated about, I will definitely say it at that time.
King: For instance, win in attacking Ssangsseong's prefecture?
Princess: Yes.
King: Or when find back that homeland soil above?

(zine ed: Assuming he's referring to Goguryeo)

Princess: Yes. Please consider the captain and doc god.
King: Yes.

Lady C: That vicious woman's corpse disappeared. Looks like it was Cheon Eum Ja that fellow who took away.  Taking the corpse, he couldn't have taken doc god. This shows there are other accomplices.
Choi:  How was that person at that time?
Lady C: High fever the whole night, how good can she be.
Choi: The poison?
Lady C: She said it seems the toxicity has been eliminated.
Choi: I have to go.
Lady C: Where are you going? His Majesty also said to wait first.
Choi:  Wait! I can wait, but...
Lady C: Don't separate yourself from the news, just wait here.
Choi:  Fast going to die. Now, me.

(zine ed: Meaning, he is so upset that he feels like he's going to die soon if he doesn't get her back.)

King: I have ordered strict checks on the border villages, and...
Choi: If she goes, it's to the place with heaven's door. I know that road.
King: If you see doc god, find her back...will you follow her?
Choi: In order to obtain this answer, you hold me here?
King: No. In order to let you know doc god's news first, then proceed. And, fine, in order to obtain this answer, hold you here. How tired the captain has been being on this country's soil, I know. So, will you be following her?
Choi:  You have already heard my answer. The answer my teacher gave.  The road he chose, I will not follow. So, I've come back, your Majesty. So, help me bring back my woman.

(zine ed: Meaning, he will not flee as his teacher did, and have come back to the king's side.)

Arrow: Followed to where the enemy is hiding.
Deok Man: Discovered a spy among the new royal guard recruits. Now the king's soldiers will raid.

Eum Ja: Who was it?
ES: What?
Eum Ja: My disciple sister, who killed her?
KC: Take it away. (sits) In order to invite you here, went through the entire palace. But, are you ill anywhere? Still have residual poison?
ES: Am I being kidnapped now?
KC: No, you've been invited.
ES: Then, can I go when I want to?
KC: Cannot.
ES: Why are you like this?
Because we must go together, to heaven's door. Furthermore, to heaven's world. You said before, there's a way to go to heaven with the 3rd relic. That one is here.

Woman: How is it?
Spear: Regardless of beggar or street urchin, have already been informed. Definitely will find wherever they are. And that white-haired fellow, is also together, so will not easily escape.
Woman: No matter what, must find. Otherwise, he will again be like a ghost, live his whole life with a black face. That appearance of his, how can I look on? Right? Ah!

(zine ed: black face means, unhappy moody look)

Spear: What?
Woman: Go look for pharmacies. Didn't you say there're herbs that Lord Government House often uses?
Spear: The adviser! That fellow bought all of that medicine. I'll go investigate, Ok?
Woman: Be careful!

KC: Why are you like this, doc god? What exactly is this...

Man: Hey, come here.
Spear: Just miss one step, the enemy has fled. Will question those witnesses around, no need to worry.

VC: Suribang sent news, looks like in league with Lord Government House. Set off towards Sakyung together with the carriage.
VC: I'll get the guys to pursue together.
Choi: Tell them to wait. I will go alone.

ES: Although I can't be sure, but from the contents of the notebook, that heaven's door is related to sunspot eruption. When this door connects to there, I don't know. Except that, deducing that the captain used the same trail to go back and forth, it's possible to use the same trail to go through. But after that, I don't know what will happen. Lord Government House, this is the first time you're going, so I don't know where it would connect to.
KC: It doesn't matter.
ES: Don't know where you'll go.
KC: All the world's doors, exist to open. Exist for going in.
ES: Then, after going in?
KC: Need to go find, and fill the lack in my heart. Find what can cure my heart illness. Keep searching, one day will find, right?
ES: Fine. I will send you to that door. But you have to let me go.
KC: We go together.
ES: I want to stay here, so..
KC: Go together.

Writing: It's Ok.

ES: This is heaven's words. What does it mean? "It's Ok".

Adviser: Innkeeper! Tonight, we're reserving this inn. The Mrs. is not feeling well, must have quiet.

ES: Let me feel your pulse?
KC: Let someone whom I don't trust know my body's condition? I'm not going to do that.

(zine ed: ^__^ I like Choi Young banging on the door. It's funny coz he bangs it hard like a visitor, making everyone wonder who it is. Then he kicks it down. The scary Choi Young has come to claim what's his. Why doesn't he kick it down at the start? ^_^)

KC: Quick go, together!

Choi: Are you Ok? Anywhere unwell? Then now, it's really Ok? 
ES: Yes.
Choi: Then now, you will stay by my side?
ES: Yes.

Choi: It's tomorrow, right? The day heaven's door opens.
ES: Yes.
Choi: Are you Ok? Passing through that door, there are people you want to greet, right?
ES: Can I?
Choi: I'll take you there.
ES: Lord Government House will perhaps come.
Choi: I know.
ES: If fight, are you confident of winning?
Choi: I guess, I will win.
ES: Why?
Choi: Because want to remember. From now on, can no need to forget. Sleep.

KC: Heaven's door has opened.
ES: Looks like my calculation was correct.
KC: Now tell me. How to get in.
ES: Just go in, will do.
KC: Till the last, still want to lie to me. My eager longing, you so cruelly...
Choi: Please step back.
KC: Answer me!
Choi: Enough.
KC: This world only has this piece of land. If die, so be it. There's nothing left!

(zine ed: Observe, this part, Choi Young stabs him from the back by throwing his sword, but later, when they show KC's back, there's no wound. So how did KC get the wound in front? And how did KC fall back on the sword that's supposed to be sticking through him behind?)

KC: Let's go together. What I can't have, you won't have it too.
ES: Cannot! Cannot!

(zine ed: The word "go" means "die". KC means "Let's die together".

Min Ho really looks like a doll/manequin in this scene. Suddenly so young, so different. His eyes, his teeth. He looks different. Softer and younger, don't look like him.)

Choi Young's voice: Why did it have to be this person?  Thinking of such questions, wasted a lot of time. Father. Now, I've finally found. But is it too late?

(zine ed: Makes me think... whether I too need to go to another era to find a man like that to love me. Must we all? What Eun Soo had, was persistence. She persisted in loving him regardless of how harsh he was to her, without feeling ashamed that he was treating her so roughly. Her persistence broke his ice. But actually... what made her love him? He is after all her captor and didn't care for her after she did her job of saving the princess. Hostage in love with captor situation?)

KC looks like Santa Claus. ^_^)

Choi Young's voice: But that person will reply thus: It's Ok. Everything will be Ok. Now then is the beginning.

Nurse: Doctor Yoo!
ES: Oh, Head nurse Kim.
Guys: Hello.
Nurse: They hurried here all the way from Japan to see Doc Yoo.
Guy: Doc Yoo, could we interview you? Regarding cosmetic surgery...

(zine ed: He doesn't sound Japanese.)

Other guy: Please wait a moment. Doctor, please look the camera.
Guy: Need to interview first.
Other guy: Right, right. Doctor, could you look here.
ES: Head nurse Kim, please do as you see fit.
Guy: Doc Yoo, please wait a moment.
ES: Wait a moment... this... (to Kim) Tell him I'm borrowing his backpack.

Nurse: Yes, this is the police station? Cosmetic surgeon Doctor Yoo has returned. Yes, the one who was kidnapped. But, it's very strange... her clothes are strange too.

Announcement: Now, it has been already announced, regarding sunspot eruption warning. Following the research center's report, until today 6 p.m., nobody has been injured. With regards to aviation, flights are detouring away from the north pole that's affected.

ES: Running only to save that person, at that time in Seoul. That day, which instant went wrong? In order to once again return to that person's side whom I once left, what is needed? Was my longing not enough, or I didn't trust enough? The distance between him and me, once again becomes great. There, I left behind the world in which he was dying. From the original world returned to here that's hundreds of years in the past, only left me alone.

ES: Even so, everyday, I still firmly believe. That day, that person didn't die. I firmly believe. "By Eun Soo".

Mom: Eun Soo, is your cold better?
ES: Of course it's fine already. That was so long ago. 
Mom: The toothbrushes I bought for you, did you receive?
ES: Really miss eating the potatoes that mom cooks. There aren't any potatoes here.
Mom: Say something too.
Dad: What do I say? You just go ahead.
Mom: Still, say something.
ES: Dad! Hm.. my dad hasn't aged at all.
Mom: Let you say something.
Dad: Eun Soo...

(zine ed: Her parents seem distant. Not warm at all. No wonder she just went back without leaving a note to them. They don't seem close to her. Her dad didn't even have anything to say. Eun Soo must be very lonely. No wonder she cried a lot when she had time to think for herself in Choi Young's land. She's a very lonely woman.)

ES: Someone once said, desperate sincerity will form into fate. Only memories will achieve that instant...

(zine ed: Ironic that Ki Cheol finds he has nothing in his world, whereas ES finds she has nothing in her world. Two lonely people. Just 1 luckier than the other for having found love, whereas the other...

I like the camera looking away, then looking back and she's gone. It's a very simple technique, very intentional with the director making his audience look away, then look back. Maybe a little crude. I would rather a more subtle way. Like maybe a light reflected from somewhere onto where she's standing and she's gone. I think that's what the Americans do.)

ES: Give me a bowl of soup rice. Would like to ask about something.
Guard: What?
ES: Why would Goryeo's soldiers be here? Here is Yuan country's land. Is it Ok to come here?
Guard: Why would here be Yuan's land? You don't know our big Hogun, recovered 8000 miles of Yalu river?
ES: Fought war with Yuan country? 
Guard: Did you come down the hill after reciting scriptures for some years?
ES: Could you, tell me the reign title of the previous king?
Guard: Oh, King Chungjeong.
ES: Then, how many years has the current king succeeded the throne?
Guard: Hey, how many years has our king succeeded the throne?
Reply: About 5 years. 
Guard: Heard that?
Voice: Get a move on!
Guard: Yes!

(zine ed:  Why don't she just ask straight out, "Who is the currrent king?"? Instead of going round the bush asking about the previous king etc...

Also, that is not Deok Man.)

: Why is the inspection like this? Just look at the appearance of the fellows outside!
Vice-captain: I will handle it. Then use double defence escort?
Dae Man: Just about. Do as you see fit.
Guard: Yes.

Vice captain: Where did big Hogun go?
Guard: Went there again. That is, that tree there.
Dae Man: Should we send some food to him? Once big Hogun goes there, at least 4 days, 3 nights.
VC: Hey, before going, you guys should be all finished preparing. Really.

(zine ed: Hahaha... as usual, the Vice-captain is powerless over his men, without Choi Young. VC is like a weak mom.

The king has succeeded the throne for 5 years... Means, Eun Soo has been gone for 5 years. Choi Young has been waiting for her for 5 years. Wow. No wonder he looks older.

Also... Choi Young was 29 and she was 33 when they separated. With this time forward thing, she is still 33 but he has become... 34.  So now, he's 1 year older than her. May be coincidental, but I think the Koreans need the man to be older than the woman to make it perfect.  To the Koreans, age matters a lot, so probably needed to make their ages closer, with the man older, to be more well-received by audiences.)

Words at the end from Faith producers (subbed/translated by = Thanks sincerely to everyone for watching Faith during this time.

(End of Translation)