Sunday, 28 December 2014

Phantom 2 Remote Control RC Quadcopter Plane with or without HD Camera

Now only S$140 with Camera!  S$105 without camera!
Singapore buyers: Payment via ATM bank transfer or i-banking.
Delivery date: 1.5 or 2 weeks from payment!  You can pay 50% first & the rest when you collect.
Leave a comment to purchase!

Flies very far & very high.
360 degrees flips/roll-overs.
Flexible & Durable plastic body.
Beautiful night lights.
Boxed set with HD camera + 1 chargeable battery.

Click pics to enlarge: 


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Grandma's Suntec City (Restaurant Review)

Excellent food. But service cold & poor.

Was there at about 4pm Wed before watching Big Hero 6 (bro & I didn't make it in time for the 4.30pm movie and subsequently watched the 6.45pm one.).

Before we ordered, the staff put a basket of Keropok (prawn crackers) on the table. Whether you like it or not, it's chargeable at $1.60. That's one of the things I didn't appreciate.

The staff didn't smile & she sounded rather rude when taking our orders. But she smiled at something I said, so that kinda saved it.  She said their lime juice drink was on offer. I didn't catch it & she repeated. I kinda shook at the "lime" part, said we'll just have the water and she smiled.

All the floor staff are very loose and need to be trained.

One female staff even tried walking past our table, pretending not to see my raised hand as I wanted to add my Gula Melaka dessert to the order.

Tried the Nasi Lemak & Gula Melaka sago dessert.

I love sago with Gula Melaka & must have it whenever a restaurant has it. Unfortunately, nobody has been able to make it right, except here at Grandma's.  It matches my memory of the first time I ate a very small cup many years ago at Doremi cafe at Yaohan when they used to have Yamaha on the topmost floor (7th or 5th?). After my organ lessons, my folks used to eat the local food at Doremi. The good old days (not too long ago) when foreigners were non-existent and nobody knew where Singapore was (before the stupidest man so far in Singapore's history took over).

Doremi sold the sago Gula Melaka in small, thin transparent cups with lids for about $1.20 or less. Can't quite recall. But the price kept increasing to $2.20 until one day the cafe closed down. Not sure if it was the management that closed them down.

That dessert was the only thing I loved and always ordered it. It was easily sold out, so by the time organ class was over, there was frequently none left.

In present time, Grandma's has brought back the flavor and taste of the sago and Gula Melaka. Very nice, almost the same as the past. Perfect @ $3.80, if I remember the price rightly. Nice big bowl of wonderfully made sago with excellent, thick Gula Melaka by the side.

The Nasi Lemak was also nice. Better than Madam Kwan's. Lovely chicken meat and excellent curry flavor. Excellent is the only word to describe it.

Bro tried the Duck Soup. He said it's sourish and thought it was the plum fruit. I said it's because of the salted cabbage (Giam Chye).  At $14.90, it was the most expensive of the 3 items we ordered.

After the movie, when bro & I were thinking what to eat for a late dinner/supper, he asked if we should go back there. I said, "No, poor service.".

For the food, maybe I might go back some other time. But the lack of proper service is discouraging.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Big Hero 6 Baymax Movie Review

Fri 12:06am

I love Baymax. ^_^ I want the one currently on display @ Westgate basement!  Put a heater in  there & he's good to hug (mmm... nice robot). Unfortunately, the big inflatable version is not selling on Taobao & sold out on Ebay (US$560). If only I could steal it from Westgate!!

Watched it Wed 6.45pm @ Suntec GV $8.50 each.  Bro said he was in a depressed mood before watching it but felt better after.

For me, I only watched it because of Baymax. I saw the trailer of him scotch-taping himself with that funny high-pitched air leak & it was just too funny to pass up.

I have been dragging bro to see it with me. He has been refusing because of a persistent cough until I said I don't care, we are going before the movie ends screening.

I don't like sugar-coated Disney movies. I only like Baymax.

I don't like the ending. I would've saved Baymax somehow. And allowed that old professor to kill that guy (why stand in the way of someone else's revenge?). And I would have killed that old professor using Baymax. That's why I don't like sugar-coated Disney. I don't like his cafe guardian either (she recovers from the death of Tadashi so fast, it's a wonder she even cared for them. How can she expect the boy to recover as fast as her?).

I feel there wasn't enough of big inflatable huggable Baymax & too much of him in his armor.  But Bro enjoyed it & that's good enough for me that it lifted his mood.

Bro said at least it was a happy ending. If it were not, and the guys ended up hating each other because of revenge like in X-Men, he would be upset.  "Reality is bad enough. I want to see something happy out of it. Furthermore, we pay for it.".

Well, I don't like sugar coating. Feel good type of movies that "teach" what should be right to do with happy ending, is not reality based.  But I still only like Baymax. He's neutral and huggable and factual.

BAYMaaXXxxx!!!! HUGSSSS!!!

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Orange Lantern Vietnamese Restaurant Harbourfront

Food salty & small amount (but taste better than Pho Street).
Waiter forgot to bring us the water.
It's even more expensive than Ramen Play & Kimchi & Ippudo.
Won't be going back.

Shortest review you'll ever get from me for now.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Warning to Inconsiderate Cosplayers: Anime Festival Asia (AFA) Singapore

Dress up as Japanese anime characters, yet these cosplayers ironically don't even have the Japanese sentiment of civic consciousness.

6 Dec Saturday, I was at Citylink Mall ladies' restroom.  Four cosplayers fixing their long wigs stood at the common/shared wash basin with their pencil cases a.k.a. make-up cases placed along the outer edge.

When I wanted to wash my hands at the available sink that she was standing beside, the woman didn't even bother removing her pencil case from the edge. If I were to use that tap, her case should be wet.

Yet she expected that I or anyone would move to another sink.  I shouldn't have moved but I did. There was just another tap available two taps down the row with another cosplayer woman beside it.

It's two taps down the row that I specially made the move. For what?   Not only that, when I used that other tap, a strand of wig hair clung to my hand.

Next time, I will not move. Whatever items on the common/shared sink that are not removed will be wet. Bear this in mind, cosplayers.

You are not kids. You're already women. Sexually mature.  Means you can already have kids of your own.  I don't care if your mental capacity don't match your sexual maturity.

If you love Japan and Japanese anime so much, learn the Japanese consideration so that you can proudly wear your characters. Otherwise, you are just shit.

If you really love your characters so much, wear it starting from home. What for wear it in the public restrooms and jam up the place?  Don't say the weather is too hot to wear your wigs etc etc... If you believe so much in the characters you play, then for the day/s of the convention, be that character in costume.

More likely, you don't have the guts to wear the whole gear alone from home to the convention.

I warn you again. Next time, if you jam up a common/shared sink with your things, take them away immediately when I want to wash my hands.  Otherwise, be prepared to have your pencil case wet.

In Japan, their civic consciousness is so ingrained in them, even a drunken man who was shouting into a drain at a train station nodded in smiling apology to a train conductor who told him off. The drunk was holding a tall can of a beer and he apologised even though he was drunk and miserable.

In Japan, it is difficult to find trash bins. Everyone takes their garbage along with them until they find a trash bin/recycling point.  It's a terrible inconvenience yet the streets, parks and other areas are clean even in Shinjuku, Harajuku and Akihabara.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tokyo Star Optical (Citylink Review SG)

Very disappointed.  Delay after delay.  Excuses.  Finally when I get my frameless specs, the right lens is slightly scratched near the screw, some paint has come off at the nose bridge with a few additional scratches, and the top of the lens not cleanly cut.  Very shoddy rushed job done. An expensive $196.

Tokyo Star staff said their lab made mistake and only informed them of it 1 day before delivery. And the lab's mistake is so absurd, so amateurish, so unprofessional that it's hard to believe. They drilled the holes wrongly into the lenses.  (Bro said they must have hired China staff who being untrained and crude, made the mistake.).  So far no spectacle shop I've been to has this problem with their lab/s. 

The staff Jodie's prescription is wrong. As of Wed 10 Dec, I am still having a headache wearing it while typing on my laptop. The thought of having to make another specs from yet another shop adds to my headache. These stupid opticians. All graduates from the same stupid polytechnic.

Avoid younger opticians (in their 20s or even early 30s). Accurate ability to prescribe lenses requires substantial experience.  Optometry grads think it's easy with machines. But older optical shops with less fancy machines can do a better and faster job.

In fact, years ago when they didn't even have such machines, opticians were very accurate and I never had any problem with the lenses. The frames and lenses also lasted for years. Quality was very good.

Now even after 15~20 minutes of eye testing at the shop that day,  Jodie was still wrong in her prescription. 

Made the specs on Thurs 27 Nov.   Only on Sat 6 Dec,  was I finally able to collect after all the excuses and delay.  This is the longest I have waited for a pair of glasses I ordered.

I'm going to avoid Japanese optical shops from now on (Owndays reviews are also negative).  They don't know how to do business in Singapore.  This is a $196 review of Tokyo Star Optical. 

I checked for reviews before going but since there were none (except a few sponsored), I decided to check it out myself.  Particularly, I was drawn to their 15 minutes claim.

Their Facebook description: "Our concept is 3 basic price of $96, $126 or $156 with a fast processing time of 15 minutes per customer.".

This is not entirely correct.  It's just a gimmick.

1) The actual prices are higher for almost all the frames.

2) 15 minutes "processing time" only applies to plastic frames. The lenses are simply popped in and out of the plastic frames for in-store "processing".  Rather flimsy.  For frames and lenses that they don't do in-store, they send out.  They don't have the machine for setting in screws etc..

3) Inexperienced & untrained staff.  One staff even asked another staff Jodie, "What is Lau Hua Yan"?".  Working in an optical shop, all the staff should know.

4) Very bad customer handling on the phone.  Staff showed displeasure when responding to customer. No consideration for customer's unhappiness and dissatisfaction caused by their failure.

5) Sign of things not right when the collection date on the receipt shows next year's date. Staff was not even aware it was printed as next year's date.

6)  Staff do not honour what they say they will do. 

7) Unlike other optical shops, they take full amount as payment. No deposit.

8) Jodie said if your lenses have been wrongly measured after they have made it,  no redo. You're stuck with it. 

9) A company that cannot be trusted.

10) Their frames are not made in Japan.  Jodie said Korea,  but the "quality" looks like China.  From Korea but made in China? Only China products can give profit.  Made in Korea won't be cheap.

27 Nov Thurs,  I ordered a pair of frameless.  Jodie confidently told me 4 working days ready for collection. She even said she'll speed it up for me. So collection day will be the following Tues or Wed.

Since she said she'll speed up for me, I was expecting Tues (even though I was doubtful since usually optical shops take longer). 

On 3 Dec Wed, I called to ask.  The staff Nick--very irresponsible and stupid--said he "will check & call back".  Many hours later in the evening, he called to say it wasn't ready and it will be tomorrow.

Why wait so many hours to call back the customer?

Next day Thurs 4 Dec, which is actually a week since the day I ordered the specs, no phone call even after 2pm.

I called and the same stupid Nick answered.  He said he will "check with the agent" (same as what he said the day before).

I waited. No reply call for a long time. So I called again. He answered as if he had completely forgotten he was supposed to call back.  "Oh. The agent said they will deliver by tomorrow.".

I asked what time. He said, "Oh, I didn't ask.".   (It shows clearly he didn't even think of the customer who is waiting).

As to why he didn't call me back when he's supposed to, he said, "Oh, I was also checking with Jodie.".

On the phone, I told him that other spectacle shops don't do this. When they give a time frame, they deliver either earlier or on time. Even spectacle hut is on time.

Plus, Tokyo Star opened more than 1 month ago. Surely, the staff should be accurate in telling the customer when the specs will be ready for collection?

On the day I made the specs, Jodie told me that it will be ready either Tues or Wed. But now it's already Thurs. Still no specs.  And now,  a further delay.  Plus, my specs broke last night.

When I said these,  instead of considering the customer's side, Nick became angry.  His voice hardened and became unpleasant as he repeated that he will call me "tomorrow" when (and if) the specs are delivered. 

I asked what time can I expect his call? (Since he doesn't do what he says.).

He immediately didn't know what to say.   (Surely, he can't expect me to wait whole day for his call?)

I said, "Surely, you have to give a time so I know when to expect? Afternoon?  Or do I have to wait till evening?".

He finally said, "No, morning. Eleven.".

Very likely, it's not going to be "eleven" or anytime at all.  But I said, "Ok. I will wait for your call.".

That ended it.   Later, Jodie called to repeat that I can expect a call tomorrow morning but not necessarily at 11am.  

See how they keep being uncertain about the time? This is very different from other spectacle shops that are able to easily tell you when you can expect your glasses because the delivery timings and lab/agent are known to them. 

She added, "I think it's better you wait for my call.".   Meaning: don't call us, we'll call you, and don't come down to collect unless we call you.

Since I have already said what I wanted to say to Nick, there was nothing more to say to her.

Note that she said "morning".  As of 12pm Fri 5 Dec, she still didn't call.  "Morning" means before 12pm.  Yet once again, she had sounded very certain when she assured me that it would be "morning".

At 1.10pm, she called.  As expected, there will be no specs again. It will be tomorrow (Sat 6 Dec).

I said, "Then why did you say it will be ready in 4 days?". She said, "It's because I estimated it but the lab somehow took longer than expected and they have to get the lenses again and drill hole.".

Somehow took longer? Have to get the lenses again?? What did she mean?

I said, "Is tomorrow confirmed?".

She said, "Yes, confirm. It will be delivered tonight but I need to prepare it.  I think it'll be too late tonight because they're rushing it.  So you can collect tomorrow.".    (That's odd.  First, spectacle delivery is in the daytime.  Second, no spectacle shop ever says they need to "prepare it". )

I asked, "What time will it be delivered tonight?". She hesitated.

Without waiting for her answer, I asked, "Past closing time?". (I shouldn't have provided her this. Should have let her answer.)

She quickly said, "Yes.".

I asked what time should I come to collect tomorrow. She thought about it and said "1pm".   (The shop opens at 11am.  The answer should be I can collect anytime since she said delivery was last night. Other spectacle shops will always say "anytime" since it's already available.)

Sat 6 Dec. I arrived earlier at about 12.45pm. Jodie was cleaning my new glasses. Nick was also there.

I asked them what happened. Jodie said the lab somehow drilled wrong holes and damaged the lenses. They had no more stock of the lenses and had to get them from Japan.

I said, "The lab is experienced, right? How could they have drilled wrong?". She didn't know.

All this time, there was a problem yet they kept saying "tomorrow", "tomorrow", "tomorrow".

And Jodie even tried to cover it up by saying the collection date is stated 7th on the receipt!  (Ridiculous. She had said collection was either Tues (2 Dec) or Wed (3 Dec) and that she would even speed it up.).

I said, "The receipt is printed next year's date.".

She and Nick were surprised.  They looked at the receipt.  Jan 07, 2015.

After Nick made another excuse about why they were late (he blamed the lab), I left the place.

On the day that I was considering the display frames with Jodie, the frameless one actually broke.  The frame was flimsy plastic and the left lens broke off from the screw.  I asked if this was going to happen if I ordered it.

She said it's because it wasn't impact-resistant.  But from my experience, if a display piece breaks like this, it means the frame quality is inferior (because it recently happened to me at another shop).

I paid the full $196 even though they don't accept deposit because I thought Tokyo Star could be trusted.

I don't think my new specs is going to last.

At first, I recommended to bro but now we are going elsewhere.

Update 5:24pm 31 Dec Wed:

I don't have a headache anymore when wearing the glasses. But there is still a problem with the measurement somehow. Makes my eyes & mind tired when typing Word document. It feels like the measurement is heavy on the left eye and on the center of my forehead. I just want to take it off. But when I take it off, the words are not clear. So I put it back on... *shakes head*

Why is it so difficult to make one damn specs?

東京スターメガネを避ける (眼鏡 シンガポール)


1)  実際の価格は、ほぼすべてのフレームの方が高い。

2) 15分は「処理時間」だけプラスチックフレームに適用されます。レンズは、単にインストア「処理」のために、プラスチックフレームの外にポップさ。むしろ薄っぺらな。フレームと、彼らは店内行わないレンズのために、彼らは発送致します。彼らは、などのネジで設定するためのマシンを持っていない..

3) 検眼用語に精通していない経験の浅い&訓練を受けていないスタッフ。

4) 電話での取り扱い非常に悪い顧客。顧客に応答するときにスタッフは不快感を示した。彼らの失敗に起因するお客様の不幸や不満のためには考慮しない。


6) スタッフは、彼らが行います言うことを尊重していない。

7) 他の光のお店とは違って、彼らは支払いとして全額を取る。デポジットは不要。

8) あなたは、彼らはそれをした後にレンズが誤って測定されていることが判明した場合、redoはない。あなたはそれで立ち往生している。

9) 信用できない会社


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Beyond the Pedestal Toilet: Where is Humanity?

Bro: They don't sell those discs anymore. Thumb drive now.

Me: Yeah. My SD card reader is so small but has 3 slots. Can insert into any hole all you want. For all their technology, humans are still so silly. Still haven't gone beyond the pedestal toilet. Is there anything better?

Bro: Squatting one. There's portable. Then there's the dig-your-own-hole type. Which one you want? The dig-your-own-hole type is the latest. No need sensor, no need flush. Just do it and go.

Me: HAhahaha!! You go backwards & call that the latest?

Bro: Well, yeah. That's the best. 

Humanity is just pathetic. They are just animals. There is no god, no nothing. A person dies just like an animal. Without any human dignity until the last breath. If there is a god, why a human does not die differently from an animal? No different than a goldfish.

People who cannot accept the truth, pretend there is a god. Such people are weak-minded & can be corrupted. That's why they can be conned.