Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Search For Crystals in Singapore

Sometimes, I deliberately don't read up information on certain things because I want to feel it myself first without interference. I say "feel" because I have certain feelings for certain situations, people & things.

These 2-3 days, I have shifted some interest to crystals after reading online posts on how to get rid of negative energies/spirits in the house.

Been to 2 crystals shops so far. The first shop (Yu Zhu Gallery@ Fortune Center), despite being located in a quiet & deserted old building on the top floor, made me very happy when I left, even without buying anything. No idea why.

The shop was well lit in warm yellow lights. But each piece of crystal was in a plastic packet so I couldn't dare to pick them up (in case I transferred my energy to it & was concerned the shop person might not like if I touched their things.).   [Update: 6 Dec Tues: We visited the shop again. Was pleased with the very nice & friendly guy there. Not everything is in packets. But the variety is too few. Prices are very reasonable.]

The shop lady was polite. She smiled at me when I entered. Of course, I reciprocated by nodding back with a smile. That created a positive start.  Throughout, she said nothing & let us look around until we walked out.

Bro says my happiness at the end, could be because I was simply happy to have found the shop. Hmm...

Well, when I approached the place, I didn't have any good expectations. I was mentally prepared that the shop staff might be arrogant & rude. Having found the shop on the top floor & the lady smiled... was nice. But nothing to be so happy about, especially when I didn't find anything I liked. Also, the variety was very limited. Very few crystals to look at. Prices were ok for some, but too few to choose from & not able to feel in your hand (because in plastic packets).

Just looking at the crystals in their plastic packets without touching them, made me happy. Don't know why.

I walked out feeling really happy. Never felt like that in a shop before. The sort of happiness that nothing can dent. That feeling.

Could be something in the shop that is giving off that happiness aura that I picked up.

Today (Tues 29 Nov), we went to another shop (Secret Crystals@ Bugis Cube). We were actually there a few days previously at night but it was closed. This time, we arrived earlier in the late afternoon. I expected the shop to be closed (based on a past comment by a buyer that he/she arrived but shop was closed & shop owner replied that she had probably gone out on an errand.).  From experience, this type of self-ownership shop tend to be slack with opening hours. They open & close whenever they feel like it.

So, expecting it to be closed is not something psychic.  But I was very certain today (almost 100% to 100%) that when we arrive, the shutters will be closed.  (2nd visit 1 Dec Thurs different timing: I was very sure she would be open & she was.).

I told Bro before we got on the bus to go there, that if the shop is closed, we will go elsewhere first & then come back.

True enough, the shutters were down.  If I had placed a bet, I would have won.

However, as we got closer, I saw the inside yellow lights were on, meaning the shop owner was around & probably went to the restroom. The sign on the shutters also said, "Be right back".  I was happy to see the shop owner appear inside & come forward to open the shutters without any displeasure. She didn't smile but I could see it was fine.

I said "Hi" & that we came to see the crystals & asked whether we could do that.

This shop is better than the first. More variety. Pretty crystals that I know nothing about.

Wanted to buy quartz but didn't see any that I liked. I came with intention to buy if possible (Selenite is one of them). I liked the box of short & long Selenite sticks.  They remind me of the Thai dessert syrup tapioca drizzled with coconut milk. Yummy.

I liked the long sticks but thinking they are expensive (no price indicated), I chose a short one. The whole box had a very comforting & soothing look.  I liked all of them, especially the long sticks! Liked the whole box.

Now that I'm back home & reading up on Selenite, a website says it emits a peaceful vibration. That's when I realized that that was what I was feeling when looking at the Selenite box. Peaceful.

Before reading that, I didn't know Selenite had a peaceful feeling. I wanted to buy it because websites say it can cleanse aura.

When I was there, the other crystals were just rocks, I felt nothing holding them (except for the frosted quartz).  That box of Selenite was best thing in the whole room/shop, besides the box of honey cake crystals (I don't know what they are called.). Honey cake crystals, I wanted to buy whole box too.

Just buying a short Selenite stick & looking at it, also has that calm feeling. But the whole box is really "power".  The whole box soothes.  It's just very nice to look at. Probably due to the horizontal striations along the crystals.

If only I could buy the whole lot. Loved the honey cakes crystals more.

Definitely buying one Selenite stick. And I held in my fingers a short one the whole time in the shop. We must have spent at least 30-40 mins there.   (A day after. 1Dec Thurs: I find that I like holding/gripping it in my fist. It's very good to hold. Don't know why. It just feels nice in my left fist, fits in against my palm & grip. In my right fist, it's not as nice.).

Bro bought a packet of small Black Tourmaline chips & he poured them onto a plate that we bought after dinner before going home. Put it on his table & he says he feels a difference to his room now.  He's not sure if it's just in his mind.

He actually chose the biggest block with the assumption that bigger is better (no other feelings attached to it). I told him that it's probably expensive considering the size. He then settled for packeted chips that was cheaper. He wanted it because he read the description in the shop: specific purpose to get rid of negative energies.

I walked out of this 2nd shop happy, but not as happy as when I walked out of the first shop. The first shop, I bought nothing but was strangely very happy. This 2nd shop, I bought a few things but not as happy. The seller in this 2nd shop was friendly, so it's not about the service.

Maybe after the first shot of seeing crystals for the first time, the novel feeling has fallen (so fast?)?

Bro says he felt nothing from all the stones/crystals in the shop probably because his "brain fog" was blocking everything.  He just felt stoned by that fog.

Strangely, his feeling of nothing in that shop is what I also felt from the stones/crystals (as mentioned above). I suppose it's a good thing. Means the crystals didn't absorb anything & the shop owner is a good keeper of these crystals/stones to keep them blank (new).

It was only after leaving this shop that I realized the lady boss was nice to have given a discount even though I didn't ask for it. It's not good to ask for discount when buying Fengshui or lucky things. It's better that when a shop boss likes you or likes your business, he/she is happy to automatically give discount. 

Update 7:11pm 1 Dec Thurs: 1 day after our first visit to Secret Crystals, she did not seem to remember us (even though she was friendly & we talked just a day ago). Disappointment. When I stepped into the shop, she saw me. I opened my mouth to say "hi" but she just looked away to another customer. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

On Tues, she said she was going to top up the frosted quartz crystals "this week". But today I went & didn't see any new additions.

We chose 3 packets of crystals (chips) & 2 blocks of Black Tourmaline. No discount. It's fine. Just that when a seller gives discount the first time but no discount subsequently, the customer will make a note of it.

Now I know why the shop doesn't have as good an aura as Yu Zhu Gallery @ Fortune Center. As mentioned above, the Yu Zhu Gallery made me very happy even when I left empty-handed. This was likely because nobody goes in to "dump" negative energies into the shop.

At Secret Crystals on Tues (first time we were there), there was an older woman customer who was very grumpy. Bro said she was exactly like Eeyore. I began to listen to the way she was complaining & started laughing quietly to bro. It seemed everything weighed very heavily on her. Like there's a heavy, moody cloud over her. Grumpy about everything. She said she lost the crystal she had purchased previously & "I was so upset".  Asked whether this repurchase, she should glue it down. It was the way she grumbled that was funny. Bro said I was unsympathetic.

Today when we were there, a woman was complaining about her neighbour. The neighbour was making their lives hell & making her mother ill ("almost passed away").  The shop owner prescribed some advice with mirrors & more smudging. Open the windows & turn on the fan. It sounded like more of physically irritating the neighbour rather than anything paranormal.

Bro felt uncomfortable being in the shop as the woman wouldn't leave. I admit I was also distracted & prefer that she hadn't been there. In fact, I considered walking out without buying anything because I was concerned her negative energy might transfer to my purchases. Due to the distraction, I was pretty sure the shop owner wouldn't be giving us a discount. True enough, she didn't.

When we left, I began to realize why at the beginning, the first time, I had felt less happy at her shop (despite her friendly attitude) than at Yu Zhu Gallery. Because all these people keep coming in to "dump" their negative emotions & energy onto her & the shop.

We still purchased a few items. Only the bare minimum that we needed. I really liked the Peridot chips that I didn't get on Tues & bought 2 small packets $6 each. Bro needed more Black Tourmaline: 1 last small packet of chips left $5 + 2 blocks for $15. Total $32. Expensive.

I actually intended to get a longer stick of Selenite. But when I looked again in the shop, didn't see any I liked. I bought the best already on Tues (the short stick). 

I put back one small blue rock with white streaks that I was holding. Not sure what's it called. I prefer saving the money for better finds at the 3rd crystal shop that I looked up.

Frankly, do the crystals really work? I don't see them doing anything. If not worse, then everything is the same.  I don't mind giving all my crystals to bro. He's the one who says it works.

I don't see any difference. I look at the crystals on top of my desktop computer & I think, "Why I buy these for?". Not that it improves relationship with my bro. Same.  Either that, or I have the suspicion these crystals might be doing the reverse--making it worse. Who knows.

I finally have a deep purple amethyst crystal geode structure that I've always wanted because it's said to drive away evil (or what was it again?). But it's only a small segment of a geode structure for $19.90.  Does it do anything? I rinsed it with distilled water this morning. And gave it some mild sunlight for just a few minutes.  And I'm looking at it now.  And it looks just like what it looks.

To be honest, I can ask this question: What is so special about these rocks that are being sold so expensively?

I tell you I am a sad person. My heart contains a sadness that I bury in order to function properly. And these crystals aren't helping me.  Only 1 place helps me. Japan. But I have no money to fly there.

Only just now (12:39am), I read from 1 website (below quote):  I put in bold "multiple pieces". This is because it matches with my feeling as mentioned above. I said that one short piece is fine but the whole box gives off a "power".  As mentioned, I did not know anything about Selenite when I saw it for the first time in the shop, except that it's used to cleanse aura.  It means, what I was feeling in the shop is true.

Selenite complements all other crystals and instills deep peace and tranquility. This is also one case where bigger is better. I always recommend acquiring the largest piece one's budget can accommodate and multiple pieces. Wherever Selenite is placed, it counteracts any negative vibration and protects against any negative influence.
It's amazing. We spent a total of $72.90 (2 trips) at Secret Crystals. That's too much for so few items. Bro said since the shop always has these customers who "dump" their negative problems there, we won't be going back. We have enough items as it is & it's too costly.

We are just buying what we need to test. Not collectors.

Update: 10:28pm Sat 3 Dec: The 3rd shop is Harmony Gem Crystals. With Secret Crystals & Harmony Gems, we have overspent. These rocks are just too expensive. Beautiful but expensive. Also, these shop owners are rich. Look at their opening hours. Clearly, they don't need  the money. I asked bro, "Is it the crystals that made them rich or they were rich & it so happened they like crystals?". 

Monday, 28 November 2016

Is there a difference between Organic & Non-Organic Food?

Of course. Organic is stronger & better. Do your own experiments.

Some websites insist there is no difference in nutritional value between organic & non-organic. How can there be no difference?

Let's look at just 1 thing: Non-organic food are zapped (irradiated), so they won't grow during transport & purchase. Organic food are not zapped so you will see garlic, potatoes, onions sprouting after a few days sitting around.

You can keep non-organic potatoes for weeks & months without seeing any growth. Same with garlic. Non-organic apples don't rot in the fridge for weeks.

What this means is that when "zapped", these food will lose some of their chemical potency & nutritional value due to destruction or damage to their chemical or molecular structures.

Previously, I sprinkled finely chopped 1 large non-organic garlic clove into my aquarium. 1 large female guppy was infested with white spots. It worked as a cure but not completely & slow. Even after the next day, the fish still had plenty of white spots attached.

Yesterday, I saw either the same guppy or another large female again infested with white spots. Sprinkled 1 small organic clove of garlic, finely chopped into the tank. Today (next morning), the fish is cleared of the white spots & only just a tiny spot or two can still be seen on the fin.  The fish is swimming well & normal.

The other fishes do not have white spots. The garlic has not affected them physically but their immune systems should have been boosted with the garlic chemicals in the water. Very potent garlic. Just 1 small clove.

Both times (non-organic & organic), the smell of garlic could be detected above the aquarium water. I have not changed the water.  [Note: water must be changed next day. Infection is due to dirty water. Change 3/4 amount of water in the tank & make sure the new water is treated with anti-chlorine chemical that you can buy from a pet shop. My tank is 2ft or 60cm.].

Why did I think of sprinkling garlic into the tank? Garlic has natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antibiotic properties. If it works for humans, it should work for fish.

White spots is a protozoan parasite (unicellular organism).

I thought the white spots was a fungus. So, I applied garlic. However, the garlic worked well, even against this protozoan parasite. Potent garlic indeed.

Is Ezbuy A Sinking Ship? Ezbuy Deletes Negative Facebook Comments

Ezbuy deletes their Facebook negative comments in chunks. 

Update 24 Dec Sat: 1 or 2 days ago... It seems still cannot withdraw from Ezbuy a/c even after the 11.11 mess. Could be a permanent thing. In the past when they were 65daigou, withdrawal to bank account took only 1-2 days. Fast.

Be careful how much you put into Ezbuy. Withdrawal back into your bank a/c will be a problem.

Note that the below comments have been deleted by Ezbuy Facebook staff.

Update 11:25am 20 Dec Tues: Amazing. The comments for their first post has risen to 72 but there are only 5 comments there (that are not negative). It means 67 negative comments have been deleted. 

Update 4:51pm 19 Dec Mon: 3 negative comments but I'm showing one here. The comments count has risen to 58, but you'll still only see 2 comments after the Facebook admin deletes everything negative.

Update 4:29pm 17 Dec Sat:  Here's another one.  Odd that people have been complaining that their Economy Air has been faster than Express since 11.11.  And people pay more for Express.

Update 12:59am 17 Dec Sat:   I can confirm that Ezbuy is working round the clock. Deleting negative comments in their Facebook.  Even past midnight, the admin still can delete so fast.

There are 41 comments for their latest posting in Facebook. But when you click, only 2 comments there. Means 39 negative comments deleted. I managed to screen-capture the below before they were deleted.

Actually, many of the complaints have been about customized orders & home delivery.

It's common sense that you can't rely on anybody for "customization" especially from China.  Even if you get the items, it's not going to be the correct measurements or design or whatever.  Customers complicate matters for themselves a lot. 

When buying through Ezbuy, just buy items under 25kg to pick up at their branch offices (warehouse). Anything above 25kg, pick up from their warehouse @ Tai Seng.  Don't need home delivery. Even Speedpost & Singpost are shit these days.

Note that Ezbuy is very strict with weight limit. Anything above 25kg, even past a decimal point, will count as above 25kg & you'll need to go to Tai Seng.

I stopped buying things online that deliver by Speedpost. And I'm not the only one. Customers are lucky Ezbuy has so many collection offices/warehouses.

Ever since I experienced shitty China guy attitude (65daigou at that time) some years ago (he disappeared earlier than the appointed time & I didn't get my stuff), I never used their MRT delivery pick-up points anymore.

True enough, recent complaints have still been about MRT/neighborhood pick-ups. Their delivery guys not delivering (parcel not with them, or bring 1 but missing another etc...). 

Update 11:25am 14 Dec Wed:  So far, 12.12, I don't know if Ezbuy has any problems for China & US orders. They already forestalled complaints with a disclaimer in the ordering section that says there'll be delay of 3-5 days order placement & ETA.

Ezbuy Facebook is still deleting comments very, very quickly & I've been unable to capture any complaints except for 1 this early morning. Definitely, Ezbuy is still removing negative feedback because the number of comments increases but nothing appears when click to read.

The below screen-capture has been deleted by Ezbuy admin.

I don't know why people always say Ezbuy don't reply to enquiries. Ezbuy does. For e-mail & "My Enquiry" in your Ezbuy a/c, it takes 3 days for a reply.  But their Live chat is fine. Just that you have to wait in line for some minutes. I use laptop. For impatient people, they will say there is no response because they left before Ezbuy can get to them in the queue.

Sometimes, the system says there are 61 people in the queue, but they can get to you in about 15 mins. So these impatient people may just leave when they see the number "61".

As for phone... Ezbuy has some explaining to do. I haven't tried using the phone since I always click on the easiest available option which is their chat button. Incidentally, they have changed their chat button to something rounder & more visible.

Update: 12:02am 6 Dec: Ezbuy does not want buyers to complain in Ezbuy Facebook. The deletions of comments/complaints mean that Ezbuy wants buyers to go through the Ezbuy channels without caring that it is because buyers have trouble getting help through these channels that they have no choice but to spill over to the Ezbuy Facebook.

Ezbuy is exhibiting typical China behavior. Very unreasonable. Communist.

A few days ago, Ezbuy started deleting negative comments about buyers' orders in Facebook. Previously, the admin kept those comments & replied to them. But now, chunks of negative comments have been deleted very quickly. The admin don't even bother replying to problem orders.

I visit the Ezbuy Facebook to see if there are any more buyers' problems & screen-capture quickly.  Within the next few minutes or hours, those comments will be deleted. The Ezbuy admin is very hardworking in this way.

The number  of comments increases (in the guitar post) but when you click to read, there are no new comments.  For instance, now it's 213 comments for their guitar upload post. But when you click to read, you'll only see the last buyer's comment posted on Dec 4. There were many other posts after this, all negative but have been deleted.

Even at  235 comments, the last comment is still Dec 4. Those problem orders posted after this, are deleted. Only that imbecile asking about free 2017 calendar is not deleted.


Reading Facebook complaints, can't help but think that Ezbuy may be a sinking ship. Just like Hanjin.

During normal time, Ezbuy already cannot handle orders. Occasional mess-up. Sale time completely fall apart. What you imagine can go wrong, will go wrong.  Ever since they started the Prime thing, it's even worse.

Now, it's not just Prime orders affected. Even Buy-for-me is affected. Mainly China orders. But I would say USA ordering is also not perfect.

More than 2 weeks after 11.11 (China Singles Sale), their warehouse still stuck with items. Even lose customers' items. Quite amazing. Previously, they even showed photos of how organized their warehouse shelving was, compared to other agents. Now, they are showing photos of everything in a mess & 6 to 7 young guys sleeping on the floor among all the stuff, expecting customers to be understanding & to sympathise.

They are the company. How are customers supposed to sympathise? As buyers, we give you our money to do the job right. Not to show photos that you are incompetent by using young, inexperienced guys who are too tired to handle anymore in the warehouse.

You show us photos of the mess, the pile up of parcels as a reason for why you can't find customers' items & even lose the items. What is the purpose?

I made the mistake of leaving more than my usual amount of money in my Prepay (Available balance). Now I can't withdraw & I can't spend it with Ezbuy. I can only keep checking that the remainder amount is the same numbers every day.

Can't withdraw because according to customers who tried, the money doesn't return to their bank accounts even after 13 days.  Previously, before they were Ezbuy, withdrawing money into bank account took only 1 or 2 days, very fast.

Can't spend anymore on Taobao orders because Ezbuy's China warehouse stuck. For USA Black Friday orders, I dare not even order.  One customer complained that Ezbuy still didn't order her items even after 2 days. Another one also complained her Amazon order still not ordered, asked Ezbuy to do it before discount over.

So, what am I supposed to do? What is Ezbuy doing? Sinking?

Someone also mentioned that Ezbuy Facebook admin only replies to questions about promotions & "how-to-use" while skipping over complaints. I noticed that the admin takes more than 1 day to reply to Facebook questions, as if scared to come out. And it's true the admin will pretend didn't see some customers' order problems.

Even 2 China buyers on Ezbuy Facebook have problems with their orders. One of them questioned whether the company is having problems.

Ezbuy Facebook admin also deleted 2 customers' order problems, together with replies. Cleaned it up.

The Facebook admin deletes comments but does not reply to order problems that need help. He/she chooses which ones to reply to.

The absurdity of Ezbuy:

30 Nov Wed 3:22 pm. I wanted to ask them about my item stuck in warehouse. Been 6 days & still "pending inspection & repack". 2 days ago, chat staff "Ice" said will expedite but still the same.

Look at the number of customers waiting to be attended to. First time I see: 61!  In one Facebook complaint, one customer said 100 customers needed to be served. I thought the person was exaggerating. I think it's true.

Yesterday below: One of the funniest thing I ever heard coming from Ezbuy.  Ezbuy has gone completely nuts.

Funny #2:  Go China & look for it yourself.

Fri 2 Dec: Ezbuy recently posted an odd video in their Facebook of two staff singing with guitar. And said they are doing their best 24/7 to clear & fix orders & find missing parcels. That's the China mentality. Crazy. Unprofessional. What the heck are they showing a video of singing? I didn't bother to click.

Luckily, I copied (saved) the above buyers' comments here. The Ezbuy admin deleted them, especially the link to Hardwarezone. 

Update 1:45pm 4 Dec Sun: Even after so long, there are still complaints, although the numbers seem to have somewhat reduced. Many comments have used the Chinese phrase "Don't have such a big head, then don't wear such a big hat".  The below comments were deleted from their Facebook as of 4:15pm.

6 Dec Mon 12:04am:  The below comments have all been deleted from Ezbuy Facebook.  Ezbuy don't realize that anyone would bother to screen-capture. I go to the Ezbuy Facebook to see the flow of what's happening.

Deleting negative comments is understandable to clean up their image, but previously, they did not delete. The order problems weren't even replied to, & the whole chunk of comments were just deleted. The admin is clearly online but not replying to problem orders anymore.

The only reply is to a question regarding future sales events because it means money coming in.  Didn't even reply to someone's question about whether laptop can be shipped to SG. Either admin didn't see or just can't be bothered to reply.

More deletions from Ezbuy Facebook:

Today's new comments by buyers on Ezbuy Facebook: 12:42pm 6 Dec Tues.

Update Wed 7 Dec: 

 This below comment was deleted in just 2 to 3 minutes:

Update Sun 11 Dec: Managed to catch this at about 2am or so. It's deleted in the Ezbuy Facebook. I agree. Ever since they started Prime, too many people & Ezbuy can't cope. But I disagree with service being good. Even without Prime, service was never really good.

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Paranormal Points of Negative Presence in the House?

I got 2-5 of the list (except the first & last point).

For #1, this occurs outside my apartment, near my neighbour's apartment. But we always think that it's because she's ill & can't upkeep.  Not always. Sometimes, there's a strange smell. Bro noticed it first.

#2: My house has always had an oppressive feeling but that's because of my mom's strict discipline since we were kids. Oppressive feeling these days came from my bro's bedroom. For some while, I naturally avoided going into his room without realizing it. I just felt unable to step in further than at the door. In the past, I would easily enter & splat on his bed. Not anymore.

These days, bro mentioned being watched from behind while he's at the desktop in the master bedroom. Watched from outside at the balcony doors even though he can't see it from where he's sitting. He says he would turn in his chair to look there.

#3: I experienced this a few days ago. Murderous thoughts for no reason. I had to drink a herbal tea to stop it. Feelings of being trapped, drowning in desperation, frustration. Helplessness. Feeling of going crazy. Violent feelings & imagery.  Happened for 2 nights. I thought it was because my writing was putting pressure on me.

#4: Bad dreams quite often. No happy dreams. Every morning, I wake feeling soggy & not refreshed. I always blamed my late sleeping (wee hours of the morning). However, in Japan when I was dead tired & slept same lateness & woke early, I always felt refreshed in the morning. Never in Singapore, not in my own home & not in any hotel room.

Noises, no. Movement of objects, no. Smells, no. Just soggy, not refreshed sleep.

#5: The house always feel heavy somehow. A bit uncomfortable but gotten used to it. I always thought it's because it's a mess & I didn't tidy up. But recently I cleared up the front of the living room (threw away many things) & still the feeling is the same.

#6: So far, don't have. But I am not well physically & bro is mentally bugged. This is even though we eat moderately & don't drink alcohol or smoke. There is no particular reason for health problems to be happening. I have a tumor that behaves strangely. Bro has what he calls "brain fog" that changes every day. This happened recently in the past few years.


Saturday, 26 November 2016

Salon Hair Needs Difference Women vs Men?

I'm looking for salon again... Saw this while looking at Beauty Undercover website: Click to enlarge.

Was thinking... No wonder hairstyists always talk to me. Although I'm female, it seems I've a more manly mind than other women.

1) I don't like hairstylists talking to me. Prefer silent. Just do your job & you better do it well. Otherwise, I'll kill you. Talking distracts the hairstylist. The mind cannot give equal attention to both things at the same time. I want to see excellent performance not chitchat. Why would I "confide" anything to a stranger who cuts my hair only once a month or once every two months?

2) I returned to a hair salon because of the head massage & shampooing that I missed after so long since I was first upset & didn't return. When I said I visited for the hair massage, the new hairstylist said, "What about the haircut? I'll make sure the haircut is as good.".

While the haircut is important, a good hair shampoo massage is equally so.

3) I just want a fabulous haircut. No need dye, no need rebond perm whatever. You can't make money off of me using such tactics. Too many salons can only do color. Their "stylists" cannot do haircuts because haircutting is a skill that's acquired through experience & exposure.  Their stylists are typically young punks.

After so many tries of salons, I have not come across one that has hairstylists who are good at haircuts. Haircutting is the most basic thing in a salon & yet they cannot do. And dare to charge so much.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Basketball Shot 180.968m from the top of a Dam in Switzerland

Now there's no excuse anymore to say you can't aim through that neighbourhood basketball hoop.

The dam is 250m high.  So they must have done this at a lower point.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Ezbuy SG Order Testing Review Taobao Agent

Update 11:15am 1 Dec Thurs: Delay at warehouse & even delays in flight time. People are saying it is taking longer to arrive. Odd.

There are things Ezbuy is not telling. When I asked if they had changed CEO, the Facebook admin ignored the question. I think they changed CEO, only hired a few more staff to "handle" the flood of orders & changed shipper.

They moved China warehouses (ship-for-me) suddenly just 1-2 days before 11.11 sale. And even asked customers to pay for the transfer of their goods. Why move the warehouses all of a sudden without informing customers earlier?

Even so long after 11.11, people are still having problems with their orders. And the recent Black Friday, they couldn't even place orders quickly & people were worried if they could catch up to the discounts.

End up customers have to pay for the delay when the discounted items couldn't be ordered in time.

(1 Dec Thurs 11.30pm: below Facebook post)

If they had really hired more staff, there wouldn't be such problems. Some customers have noticed that they hired more live chat staff (who do nothing) whereas their back-end logistics staff are ill-equipped & too few.

Overall, it all comes down to 1 word: Incompetent.

Update 8:16pm Mon 28 Nov: People need to stop sending Ezbuy new orders. They are not moving items from their warehouse. Ur items will join the rest of other people's items. Stuck!


Update 2:23pm 23 Nov Wed:  Luckily I had the sense not to withdraw the money from my Prepay ("my available amount").  With the mess going on (people saying they top up but Prepay still zero), I guessed that if I withdraw, the numbers (the money) might just disappear. True enough, today I read their "FAQs": their finance people are swamped & unable to process withdrawals at least for 2 weeks!

The fact that people are withdrawing money from their Ezbuy Prepay ("my available amount") means they are leaving.  Ezbuy is losing customers.

Sun 20 Nov

Amid all the negative feedback on their Facebook at the moment (since 11.11), I'm daring to buy something again. As mentioned before, I've been buying since Ezbuy started as 65daigou. Even during their worst beginning time, I was there. And I even warned people that it's a bad idea to use 65daigou. See my old post.

I hated 65daigou.

Now, to be honest, I have actually been surprised by how much they have improved. Very fast in so short time. Their CEO He Jian is/was pretty impressive to turn it around so fast. I suspected they have quietly changed CEO. Ezbuy customer Facebook wouldn't reply as to whether they have.

With such a drastic "fall" currently, it's not surprising if the CEO has changed or is no longer sitting there.

To be honest, these days, they have started turning my hate around to ... a more favourable feeling. Quite a feat considering how angry they made me so many times before. 

I have never given them feedback/review every time after receiving my items. Not even when they do well. But these days, they have pleased me well enough that I have started leaving positive feedback regarding their ordering time & shipping out time.

Just a few days ago, I collected 3 small items (in 1 consolidated package via Sensitive shipping). No problem except for China local dispatch that took 4 days. Usually, only 1-2 days will arrive at warehouse. But this time, I'm guessing that near to 11.11, their China mail system already swamped.

I submitted the orders 1 or 2 days before 11.11 for the sale price.  (Days after 11.11, the seller is still keeping the same 11.11 promo price, so the mega-sale wasn't such a "sale" after all.).

Ezbuy order placement was fast, as I recall. No issue with it. Order was placed in the daytime, one seller dispatched the same night. That seller was also damn fast. Very rare so fast.

Sensitive shipping took 6 days from ship out (they shipped on Sat this time). I collected on the 7th day.

1) I always use Buy-for-Me. Recently (early Nov), encountered strange purchaser who would not place order for 4 days from another China website (not Taobao).  At the start of this year, I ordered from that China site before & it was fine.

This time, purchaser wasn't purchasing. So I asked what's going on. If not interested to order, let me know. Different chat staff told me to wait for purchaser to "update". No updates whatsoever. Would not cancel or refund.  Finally, I made a firm request to cancel before finally, the 3rd chat staff refunded instantly.

So, let's test again. I waited until 1 week (it's been more than a week) for them to clear their 11.11 orders. I guessed it would take them at least a week to fix the mess. I'm in no hurry to buy any item. 

As mentioned at the start, amid the negative feedback in their Facebook, I dared to order something again. Submitted a new order last night Saturday.

Partly to test.  Partly because I'm afraid "My Available Amount" might suddenly disappear due to their system mess up. At least quickly use part of the money to buy something even if the order placement & shipping delays are horrible,  rather than the money disappear. Just in case. Due to Ezbuy mess up, can't even withdraw the money in case it doesn't appear back in the bank a/c.

I left a remark to check the item arrives in the correct size when Ezbuy warehouse receives it from seller.

Today is Sunday 20 Nov. As mentioned in the previous post, Ezbuy is dead on Sundays. Now, as expected, it's still in "order processing" mode.  I'm expecting to see "order placed" tomorrow by afternoon or at least end of the day.

(Update at 8.21pm) Shockingly, when I checked at 7pm, the item has been ordered. "Order placed". I had to refresh the page to see if it was going to change back. Nope, the status remains.

For the first time in the all the years with Ezbuy/65daigou, my item is ordered on a Sunday.  Must be a spill-over effect from 11.11 when they said they were working "24/7".  I can't believe it. Order placed on a Sunday. Will they keep this up? I doubt it.  You must remember that they are cranky.

Update 11:39pm Mon 21 Nov: Status still "order placed".  This means this seller is slow at sending out the item. If it continues the same status for more than another day, I'll have to ask Ezbuy to check what's going on. Usually, sellers dispatch within 1-2 days. This seller's dispatch score is 4.8. I expected faster.

Update 9pm 22 Nov Tues: Status still "order placed". I think there's something wrong with this seller. If tomorrow still no movement, will have to ask ezbuy.

Update 2:37pm Wed 23 Nov:  Today 3rd day of waiting for seller to dispatch the item. As of this typing, still "order placed". So, as you can see, although this time Ezbuy ordered super fast on a Sunday, the seller is not cooperative, resulting in a delay. So, sometimes, it's not just Ezbuy's fault. The Taobao sellers are also at fault.

To ask the seller what's going on, I entered Ezbuy chat. Oddly, the staff Katherine told me she is unable to contact seller & "only purchaser able to check with seller". Just some days ago, I had asked a guy chat staff to contact the seller & he did (although he said seller was not replying).

Katherine is another one of those stupid chat staff? Or did Ezbuy change policy again?

As usual, the chat staff (Katherine) said she has "leaved" a message with purchaser to "expedite" the process of dispatching the item.

Of course, leaving a message with purchaser means nothing is going to happen. The purchaser is not going to get back to you or talk with seller.

If the item is still not dispatched by end of today, I'll ask Ezbuy to cancel & refund. This is because there is no point forcing the seller to dispatch. Obviously, there is a problem with the goods. If you force, seller might send a defective item out of spite or just for the money.

The moment there's a problem with the seller's dispatch, just cancel.  In fact, I feel like cancelling now. It's already near 3pm & still not dispatched.

Update 9:24pm: Status has changed to "dispatched by seller".  Either purchaser really contacted the seller to ask about the dispatch or the seller just dispatched without being contacted.

Although how long it's going to take to reach Shanghai warehouse is the next step, my only thought now is whether there's any problem with the item. Hope not.

The normal time for items to reach Shanghai warehouse is 2 days. 3 days sometimes. Longer than that, something is wrong. So far, even my small items have arrived at warehouse. Or even if delayed (until I thought it's missing), it still arrives at warehouse. 

Update 3:14pm Fri 25 Nov: "Pending inspection & repack". I'm quite surprised it's according to usual schedule.  As expected, 2 days after seller's dispatch, item has arrived at the warehouse. Now, let's see how long it takes to be ready to ship.

Update 10:07pm Sat 26 Nov: Still "pending inspection & repack".   I was expecting this since many people already complained in their Facebook about long waiting times for this step. I wonder how long my item will take to pass through. These days, the normal time should be 1 day. Meaning, it's already delayed by 1 day. Meaning, the item should have been ready to be shipped today (so I can press the buttons for it to be shipped).

Update 10:31pm Sun 27 Nov: Still "pending inspection & repack".

Update 8:14pm Mon 28 Nov: More than 2 weeks after 11.11, I thought Ezbuy would have more than enough time to sort out their warehouse mess. Seems not. My item still "pending inspection & repack".  So what those buyers have said in the Ezbuy Facebook are correct. Ezbuy is taking a long time to inspect. Items are sitting in their warehouse. I hope my item won't take 2 weeks to "inspect" just like what a buyer complained recently.

I asked through live chat regarding the order. Ask "Ice" to check since for 3 days still "pending inspection & repack". Her reply:

Let's see whether it will move tomorrow...

Update 12:43am Wed 30 Nov: Yesterday 29 Nov Tues. Status still "pending inspection & repack". At the moment, still the same.

Update 3:43pm 30 Nov Wed: Contacted Ezbuy chat staff. Even though the status says 61 customers waiting to be served, I waited for about 15 mins & was served by "Chao". Ezbuy has so many complaints about this "pending inspection & repack" issue that they have come up with a copy & paste that doesn't make sense. But there's nothing you can do.

What is "bulk of order and along with some sensitive items"?  They don't have a system to sort Sensitive versus normal items?  For this test, I'm not in a hurry to receive my item. I just want to see how long they take.
Update 8:13pm 1 Dec Thurs:  Still "pending inspection & repack". I'm quite relaxed about this order. Ezbuy will deliver but it's going to take a long while. As mentioned, I'm in no hurry.  It's also quite a cheap item, so... the stakes are not high here. Of course, I want to receive it soon. But it's not moving & I jumped into this already expecting it as a test.

By now, actually, I would have already collected my item. It's been 7 days since stuck at warehouse. IF it had shipped out on schedule as normal, it would have taken only 3 days to fly & arrive. Meaning, I would have already collected it some 1-2 days ago.

Update 5:40pm 2 Dec Friday: Still "pending inspection & repack". I wonder... maybe next year then receive?

Update 5:54pm 3 Dec Sat: "Pending inspection & repack".  This afternoon asked chat staff whether item is missing. The reply was satisfactory. It means need to wait till 6 Dec before can click ship out.  I wonder if on that day, again no update? My item is buy-for-me. As mentioned, I always use Buy-4-me.

However, I was reading their explanation in their website updates regarding ship-for-me orders. Majority of complaints have come from customers using ship-for-me because Taobao forwarders don't do sea shipping. For sensitive items, Ezbuy sensitive shipping is cheap. So, everyone sent their items to the Ezbuy warehouse.

Unfortunately, Taobao sellers are shit. As I mentioned, any delays or problems are either due to sellers, Ezbuy or both. Can't just blame Ezbuy. The sellers conveniently missed out the last 5 digits of the shipping address resulting in Ezbuy being unable to match warehouse arrival to customers' purchases. That's why Ezbuy report that items are "lost" or "can't find" in warehouse.

Also, sellers write addresses by hand, not printed labels. When it rains, that handwriting can't be read anymore. So stupid sellers. Just stick a clear tape over the address, lah. Very lazy, sloppy & selfish sellers. Buyers responsibility to pick good sellers.

The solution should be: Customers must tell sellers to input the entire address, leave nothing out.

Update 7:02pm 4 Dec Sun: Same "pending inspection & repack".

Update 6:42pm 5 Dec Mon: Status changed to "ready for shipment". Amazing. Even before 6 Dec, status updated. I requested to ship out. Now status is "Prepare shipment". Let's see how long it's  going to come out via Economy air.

Update 6:52pm 6 Dec Tues: Still "Prepare shipment". 

Update 3pm 7 Dec Wed: Status has just changed to "Shipping to destination". Yay. Took them 2 days. Now, let's see how long it will take to arrive. The ETA is 12 Dec. 5 days' time. Normal ETA. The actual arrival should be in 3 days Friday or Sat counting today.

Update 11:51pm 10 Dec Sat:  Status still "shipping to destination". Definitely delayed.  Normally, it should have already arrived yesterday or today.

From arriving at warehouse to getting ready to ship & shipping to destination, all delayed.

Update 11:27pm 11 Dec Sun: "Arrived, arrange delivery".  Looks like they update on Sundays now.  I arranged to collect tomorrow. It arrived within the ETA, although slower than normal.

Update 12:44am 13 Dec Tues: I collected it yesterday 12 Dec Mon. A queue was outside the warehouse door at Tanjong Pagar. But nobody complained. Too many boxes inside the small office & everyone had to stand outside in line while the guy looked in the boxes for the customers' items. Surprisingly orderly considering so many people's items all over the boxes that were all marked out.

I waited in line for about 15 mins. The warehouse office supposed to close at 2pm. But even at 2.10pm, the door still open with the last few persons waiting for their turn.

Total time taken from order to arrival is 22 days (with Economy Air). Very long. Usually, China items will take only 1 week to get to Singapore from order to arrival. Big difference.

Order was paid on 20 Nov.  Seller's delivery time was about 4 days (also a delay. Normally, sellers take only 1-2 days.). When arrived at Ezbuy Shanghai warehouse, it remained stuck there until 5 Dec (11 days).

I submitted the request to ship out on 5 Dec. But Ezbuy took another 2 days before finally shipping out.

Flying time took 5 days. Normally, it would have taken only 3 days.

Item is fine. Exactly what I ordered. Correct size.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Organic VS Non-Organic Onions: Need to buy organic?

Was Googling for whether I should buy organic yams... when came across this interesting & amusing article on onions.  I know there aren't any organic (Zenxin) yams, anyway.

I know conventional imported onions are irradiated (that's why I only buy local Singapore onions). But I didn't know organic onions are more potent.  From the comments in the article, it's a big difference. Wearing swimming goggles??  :)  Funny.

I remember the last time I teared up cutting onions was a long time ago. It was just too sad. It stung. Had to stop to rinse my eyes.

Come to think... cutting onions never make me cry anymore. These days,  the local Singapore ones don't make me tear up even though I chop them up. Strange. What did they do to the onions? The packet says no preservatives. And they are already peeled.  From Cold Storage. Only $2+.

Recently, I bought Zenxin imported organic Holland onions & also didn't get teary-eyed.  Tasteless onions. Useless in cooking. That's why I avoided buying Zenxin onions for a long time. This time I bought because I felt like buying organic onions.

USA folks are lucky to have choices. Organic & conventional.

In Singapore, organic stuff is very expensive & very few.  A small to medium-sized organic papaya goes for nearly $11 (US$8) or more. Impossible to buy unless you are rich. Conventional Malaysian papayas are only $2+ for a large one, although completely tasteless (& covered in white pesticide/fungicide).


It's ridiculous, thinking about it. All food was grown naturally. The companies destroyed our food source. And now they make "organic" sound as if it's so special & put a hefty price tag on it (after destroying the natural food supply).  We ought to bash up the companies.

It's like the air is clear. Companies intentionally pollute it & then sell clean air on the side at a high price only to people who can afford it.  Why should people tolerate such behavior?

Consumers need to speak up with their dollars. Unfortunately, the majority of people are uneducated & choose the cheaper pesticides food. They still grab conventional strawberries & blueberries, for instance. Still buying (polluted) China vegetables.

You know how USA increases the yield of strawberries? Check it out.  They use a chemical that is banned in other countries. USA is the only country still using that banned chemical to achieve high strawberry yields.

Worse of all, people get married & have kids. When you do that, finances become tight. You cannot afford to buy organic for yourself or your family.  You cannot enjoy the better things in life. You have to count pennies.

Click to enlarge. Or read the comments in the article (link above).

Friday, 11 November 2016

What U Need to Know Before Jumping Into Ezbuy (SG)

Sat 3:18pm 
12 Nov  (the day after 11.11)

It's always interesting & informative to read the Facebook posts by users/buyers.  Some of the comments are quite funny. They are the reality behind all the marketing & promotions.

You can see what problems customers face. More importantly, what's happening at the moment, and how effective Ezbuy's Facebook customer service is.

Some things you need to experience yourself to understand. I've been buying through Ezbuy (65daigou) for some years since the beginning, so I am familiar with their shit. No surprise. Just be prepared.

In Ezbuy Facebook, for every positive review/feedback, there will  be 2-3 negatives. And those negatives are quite bad.

Update Tues 29 Nov:  Complaints are still appearing in their Facebook. It's not just Prime & Ship4Me that are affected. My order is Buy-for-me & it has also been delayed at the warehouse "inspection" stage. It just means that my package is among the heap somewhere & waiting for them to attend.

Update Sun 27 Nov: Don't request for withdrawal. Just leave the money in there & hope it stays there. Wait for Ezbuy to solve their mess or until things return to normal, then either request for withdrawal or spend it on another purchase with Ezbuy.

This is why it is bad to leave money in such an account that is ungoverned. I never keep money with Ezbuy until recently I made the mistake of topping up but didn't buy anything. Even so, guessing they would not be able to process any withdrawal, I left the money in my a/c.

Update Sun 20 Nov: This time, I see they still haven't put up Black Friday banners on their website. Either staff are slacking in putting it up or they are afraid of handling another flood of orders like 11.11 just a week ago.

Update Tues 22 Nov:  For some days, it's been the Ship-4-Me customers encountering problems because Ezbuy shifted their Ship-4-Me warehouses. Some 11.11 orders are still not ordered & customers still demanding for them to be ordered. Odd. Why can't these people just cancel & refund? Their minds cannot go-stun (reverse), is it? Not yet ordered, refund will be fast.

1) Although you are greedy for sales, resist the temptation to jump in during their 1 day mega-sales type promotions where the entire country (China/USA) participates such as 11.11 (China) & Black Friday (USA).

Every year, it's the same problems. Ezbuy cannot handle the flood of orders.

Even during normal time, their purchasers either don't place order or take super long to place order. Nothing happens even if you bug their live chat staff.

This year's 11.11 also same as last year.  Last year, same complaints (I didn't join the sale but read their Facebook.). Last year's Black Friday had super many complaints. So, this year will be the same.

During 1-day type events:

~Ezbuy's phone line will be dead or jammed.
~Their live chat will be swamped or disappear.
~Their website will hang or cannot access.
~Weird things will happen (like your entire cart items disappears, your top up becomes zero, your credit card charged twice.).
~Your items won't be ordered.
~Order status will not be updated.
~Your items won't be checked when received at their warehouse.

Even if ordered, deliveries in China or US will be swamped. Your items will either be lost, damaged or severely delayed.

If you choose to jump in during these times, be prepared for shit.

Ezbuy is like Fate. You can plan & coordinate everything perfectly. But shit happens. With Ezbuy, there is at least "customer service".

2)  Their China purchasers don't order all the items in the same order together. Different Ezbuy China purchasers are ordering your items. So, when you submit all items in 1 order, you'll see some being ordered & some not.  It's like a restaurant that serves food 1 by 1 (not together) depending on who is cooking each dish.

You can test this by ordering the same item from different sellers in the same order.

Back when when they were less tight with shipping categories, I submitted 2 orders of the same soap bar in the same order, each from a different seller. One purchaser ordered one of them without problem. But another purchaser remarked that it couldn't be ordered if I wanted Economy shipping as the item is "cosmetics".  I said that the other purchaser ordered the same item just now & it's fine. Then this purchaser backed off & ordered it.

That's when I realized, it's 2 different purchasers doing the same order list.

That's also why many buyers (in the Ezbuy Facebook) keep asking why some of their items have been ordered while other items are still waiting to be ordered. This problem becomes especially obvious during mega-sales like this year's 11.11.

According to their Facebook staff, the reason some orders are ordered & some are not is because of the below reason. Note that it does not change the fact that the items in a single order are ordered by different purchasers. Ezbuy also does not deny it.
I can verify that for "ezbuy" orders, they don't update the item status like "Buy-for-me".  Status for "ezbuy" order can remain as "order processing" even when an item has already reached warehouse. Previously, I tried out "ezbuy" during normal time & so many days still "order processing". Live chat staff assured me it's already dispatched & waiting to arrive at warehouse (true enough, status was shortly updated to arrived.).

Of course, their purchasers are in China.  Only their frontline chat & phone staff are in Singapore. That's why they have no power over their China purchasers who can choose to ignore them.

My guess is they are paying their purchasers too little cash. Not enough incentive to place orders. And these purchasers are sitting at home. They can choose to ignore anybody & any order.

Purchasers were still ordering fine a few months ago. But somehow suddenly, they changed. Wouldn't place orders for days with no reason given. Or sometimes, place orders within a few hours (like back when they were 65daigou).

3)  Their China purchasers used to be fast & good. Used to order within the same day in amazingly short time.  Just like 30 mins or 1-2 hours.

Whether it's from Taobao or other China site. Nowadays, very seldom orders are placed on the same day. Usually, next day. Worst I experienced was a few days (& even then, still not ordered, so I cancelled & had to ask 3 times for refund.).

If the purchasers feel like ordering, they will order. If they are lazy for any reason, they don't order. No reason given, no updates, no order remarks. You can just sit & wait.

In the past, the purchasers were very responsive & would immediately inform if there was a problem with the order. These days, order remarks are non-existent & very rarely purchasers send a message. No updates if there's a problem.  Purchaser will just MIA even if chat staff "informs purchaser" many times to update.

I can only say that they are purposely not placing orders. Their China crazy genes.

So, you better hope your order goes through smoothly.

17 Nov Thurs:  6 days after 11.11, there are still complaints in Ezbuy Facebook.
4)  In the past, ship out used to be the same day after you submit your item/s for shipping out. These days, ship out takes 1 day if lucky, or more (a few days). I just saw this on Facebook (14 Nov Mon):

Quite a sense of humor, unless he really wasn't trying to be funny. He says it's been 2 weeks. Means his order was before 11.11. Yet for 2 weeks, it's been sitting in warehouse. Most likely missing. He shouldn't have waited so long.

Usual ship out time after request should be 1-2 days (Mon-Sat) for China orders. For US orders, should be 1 day. 3 days still not moving, you can start asking their live chat what's going on.


5)  You will discover that the live chat staff are hopeless. Stupidly frustrating. Clueless about the workings of their own company. Clueless about almost everything. Stupid China chat staff. As a buyer already remarked in Ezbuy Facebook, they copy & paste irrelevant replies that don't help, like a robot.

Exactly what I've been saying in my other posts. They have stupid China robotic staff as their frontline customer service.

Some people have even commented their English is lousy.  I would say it depends. Sometimes, it sounds like a Singaporean with the usual confident English feel. Usually, it's imperfect English that you know it's China, but still understandable. Come to think, those with lousy English tend to be hopeless at solving issues.

6) Live chat staff have no power over purchasing & warehouse staff. All they can do is "inform" the purchaser to update. Wait for purchaser to reply to your enquiry & update (but nothing happens). "Inform" warehouse to ship out your item/s asap (but still not shipped even after end of the day). Basically, the purchasers & warehouse staff work at their own time & target. Live chat staff cannot touch them.

Saw this today 16 Nov Wednesday: 

Actually, buyers should blame their own greed for jumping in for cheap cheap $2.99 shipping for everything. It's too good to be true to just pay a low annual "membership" fee & enjoy cheap cheap shipping. Shipping is never cheap. Ezbuy promo says you can get an entire golf cart for only $2.99 shipping. Isn't that too good to be true? When I see things like that, I will never jump in.

Dangerous promotion because this could be a way for the company to get money while it's sinking. Hanjin shipping was "fast" & reasonably priced (cheap). Everybody jumped in.  Look what happened overnight.

7)  For every problem, I need to ask 3 times, 3 different staff, 3 consecutive days, before the problem gets fixed. It's better to get a different staff on chat because 1 staff can be stupid & another staff might be less stupid. If you cannot get refund from 1 staff, wait till they change to a staff who will refund straightaway.

Ezbuy tends to put 1 staff on chat for the whole day. Sometimes half day, change staff.

If you ask a staff in the morning & ask the same staff again later in the day, you'll find that the staff is still waiting for "purchaser" to reply. Also, the staff will sound annoyed.

8) Note that their live chat is not instant. You have to wait for staff to attend to you depending on the queue number. So just wait. With my laptop, no problem.   

Many customers complain that they get no response from live chat. There is response always. But you have to wait.

9) When an item is not yet ordered, refund into your Prepay will be instant. When an item is already ordered, refund will take a few days. (Prepay = My available amount). There is in fact no need to "wait for purchaser to reply" before issuing a refund if item has not yet been ordered or if cancelled by Ezbuy.

If item ordered but cancelled by Ezbuy, refund will be instant. If ordered but you initiate the cancellation, refund will take a few days.

10)  When you notice purchasers are not placing your order even after 2 days, just cancel & get refund. While Ezbuy is still willing to issue refund, you better take back your money & run. Consider yourself lucky you can get your money back.

I notice many women get so angry about not getting their items ordered. Some ask why have they been refunded without explanation.

I tell you: Explanation carries with it no money. Whereas refund is money back. Which one you prefer? Just take the refund & leave. 

11) Ezbuy chat, order placement & warehouse staff work on Saturdays.  They will sometimes ship out on Sat when they feel like it.

12) Ezbuy all dead on Sundays (during normal time).  I have never had my item/s ordered on a Sunday during normal time. No order placement.

Only once, long time ago, the warehouse shipped out my item on a Sunday afternoon. Only once out of so many orders I placed. If it's true that they work on Sundays, then shiping out on Sun should be quite often. But that is not the case.  More likely, that was a 1-time incident/accident. 

Ezbuy Facebook staff posted the below message today 14 Nov Mon (after being absent for the entire Sunday). Working 24/7? I have never seen any updates on Sundays during normal time (except for that 1 time in the past).

[Update Sun 20 Nov: At the moment, my order is not placed since last night & no live chat & Facebook customer service absent. ]

Perhaps, the staff means that they are working behind the scenes 24/7 but the system updates are dead on Sundays?

The below reply pertains to 11.11 orders since one customer replied that her order changed status on a Sunday to "purchasing order".

And here's one of the customers who replied:

13) Today, I discovered their chatbox has a new function. The ability to suddenly cut off chat immediately after finishing a conversation. Where's the "You're most welcome! Please rate us...."?  I was talking to chat staff called Ice who previously disappeared while talking to a customer (Dennis Foo in Facebook comments below.).

Here's a sample (14 Nov Mon): 

 I always screen capture while chatting.

14) Chat staff become MIA sometimes. It happened to me once or twice before during normal hours (no sale or anything). Staff asked me to wait & I waited for about 20 mins & nothing happened.  Seemed the staff had forgotten even though I think I typed something to get a response. Maybe it hung. So I clicked out of the website.

15)  Never send e-mail or enquiry. It takes 3 days for them to respond. These days, they may not reply. Instant reply is using their live chat box. Some people use the phone. Calling them worked for me in the past. Now, I'm not sure since I've been using their chat.

16)  23 Nov Wed:  Here's something I've never heard of. It was posted Tues.  As you can see, Ezbuy is no help.

Facebook posts. Click to enlarge:

23 Nov Wed:

Note below she said:  the service is worse than last year's 11.11

22 Nov Tues: Why do everyone call when they can use the live chat? The live chat goes on & off but it's faster & responsive. I think this takes the cake. Ezbuy service. Maybe she asked in a very rude way.

20 Nov Sun:

17 Nov Thurs:

From 11.11 onwards:


Odd comment below that I'm not sure it's from a genuine buyer. Ezbuy staff? Everyone's app & desktop were affected but this person says it was "smooth" with "minimal lag"??  Yesterday, even till at night, the Facebook staff was still replying very quickly to comments. Suddenly today, no replies.

I'm curious, how did Oops fare during the 11.11? Let's take a look at their Facebook...

Don't look.

I'm not complaining about Ezbuy. I'm saying when you buy through Ezbuy, you have to be prepared that it's not perfect. I'm always prepared.  Ezbuy is not reliable for doing business or if you need items urgently with a tight time frame. Shit happens.  I don't know why women always expect their things to arrive on time saying "I need those things urgently by Tues!".   Yeah, right.  If it's so urgent, buy from a physical store.

Here's something added today 13 Nov Sunday: Customer says "One of my shoes drop off...".  from cart. I don't know how that can happen.  As I mentioned above, weird things happen during mega-sales. And as another customer mentioned, "they were unable to help".

Here's a customer who realized different purchasers are purchasing different things in her order list:

One customer was saying that he was asked to pay extra because the price had increased. The difference in prices is mainly small amounts. 8 yuan or 5 yuan. Which is just less than $2. But I think it's not about the money? Or is it about the money?

The China 11.11 sales is 24hrs, starting from 00.00am 11 Nov to 00.00am 12 Nov. How can Ezbuy stop the sale at just 9pm??