Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ezbuy US Ordering Also No Order on CNY: Super Slow Recovery Post-CNY

1 Feb Wed 11:31am

Ezbuy is so damn slow. They didn't say their US staff also on long CNY holiday. Only informed that China ordering & shipping will be non-existent during an overly & unnecessarily long CNY period that they give themselves. I hate China.

*shakes head* How can a purchasing & forwarding company take so many days off even after CNY? Look at the live chat date of recovery: holiday until 1 Feb!! Terrible.

Look at the e-mail enquiry recovery: until 5 Feb.

No purchasing even on 3 Feb.

Even if no China purchasing, there should still be US purchasing, right? The US side shouldn't be affected by CNY.  But Mon & Tues (30th & 31st Jan) also no purchasing.

It means their US purchasers are in Singapore.  These days, I also noticed they started ordering during SG daytime (which is late at night or in the middle of the night in the US).  If the purchasers are really in the US, then they are just slow. 

Look at their "operation" schedule for CNY period below:  No mention of US side stopping.

I submitted my US orders since 29 Jan.  Still not yet ordered as this post. Very inefficient.

In the first place, why have such a long post-CNY break that inconveniences customers? Second, since Ezbuy is going to halt US purchasing as well,  Ezbuy needs to inform. I don't even know when my items are going to be ordered.

I mean, come on. It's business as usual for so many companies already. Even Daiso was business as usual on 28 Jan. And Ezbuy is supposed to be a "big" company. Not a little shop somewhere.  Why are you taking more than 1 week holiday since 27 Jan?

Even the China Taobao sellers are online & open for business yesterday (31 Jan).

I could order direct from the US but shipping costs more to SG (than going through Ezbuy's air rate). And my order will go through Singpost which has become unpredictable crap.  EMS/Speedpost is as good as non-existent since it causes so much stress now, it can't even be used to order anything.

Recently, before CNY, I happened to meet the usual nice lady at Tanjong Pagar warehouse. She had quit some months ago but never mentioned the reason. That day, I was very surprised to see her back. She said she was just dropping by, not back working.

When the Ezbuy guys handed me my parcels, she looked on & commented, "No plastic bag?". I said these days, Ezbuy has even stopped giving plastic bags. She said, "Yeah! Si Bei Ngeow hor?!! Si Bei Ngeow!!". She shook her head with emphasis on "si bei ngeow" (super stingy).  I agreed. 

The amount of money Ezbuy makes, they can't even give a plastic bag to customers? It's stingy because previously, they used to have plastic bags at the warehouse collection offices. Even at Taiseng recently, the staff said they did not have a plastic bag. I had to carry the loose items that I took out from the item's box that was too big & bashed up.

[Update 1:23pm:  They just ordered my items & it's 9.22pm in Oregon.]
[Update 8:03pm: My other US item has also updated to "arrange delivery" after 7 days shipping. 3 days earlier than ETA date.  Finally, Ezbuy has awakened. Things are moving again.]

Update 11.04pm 2 Feb Thurs:  Even the China couriers are moving already. Ezbuy still sleeping post-CNY:

Ezbuy's operation schedule for CNY:

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Japan's Method of Controlling Immigrants: I Love It!

Japan is undoubtedly rich. It can afford to pay foreigners to get lost. I wish Singapore would do that. But Singapore has other methods that will work if the government chooses to do it. Why waste money to get rid of trash?  But understandable if such trash sticks worse than glue & refuse to leave even when lack of jobs.

The problem with foreigners is that after staying for some years in a host country, they think they own the host country & that the host owes it to them to keep providing benefits.  They start saying things like "my country" "my city".

For goodness' sake. Where the heck did you come from, Foreigner? Go back to it & "contribute" over there.

Next moment, they will want more foreigners to join them in the host country. Like fleas that say "Hey! Come here! Good pickings here!".  Stupid foreigners don't think: If more come, there'll be fewer opportunities & jobs for themselves.

Look at the photos of those Brazillians. It's a shame they carry Japanese surnames. Look at their faces. They don't even look an ounce of Japanese! Look like Neanderthals.

Look so uncouth & totally Brazillian. So ugly the woman. Look at the way she dresses: unzipped front showing her cleavage. How can she even have any Japanese blood? So crude.

And they even shouted at the officials when told even their kids cannot return to Japan to work. "Shouted". Japanese people would not shout.  I tell you: Even drunk, they will apologize when they are shouted at by officials.

How could Japanese people have had sex with Brazillians & Peruvians??  Must have been damn desperate for sex. I mean, you can use your hand & masturbate yourself.

This Japan case happened in 2009. I looked it up because I wanted to see what's the increase in foreigners in Japan since 2009 when I was there & now.  I certainly don't want to go to Japan & see foreign workers everywhere.  What a nightmare.

Brilliant scheme by Jiro Kawasaki, Japan's "former health minister and senior lawmaker of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party". Unfortunately, there are always stupid countrymen who out of their own interests, will want the opposite (pro-foreigners).

I totally agree with the below.  I love it when he says: "I do not think that Japan should ever become a multiethnic society.”. Bravo!!! Aishiteru.

His idea is same as mine. Singaporeans who marry foreigners & their hybrid kids should get out & live outside of Singapore. We don't need halves. U love your husband/wife from another country? Fine, go & live in that country! Don't clutter up our small Singaporean island space here.

In the end, it's all about Money. These foreigners still leave whether they are paid or not. Some already left without getting paid to leave. Others also leave when they see the money. They work in Japan also because they think they can make money in Japan. Why pretend to say it as if Japan used them? They were using Japan.

Japan is so generous to pay to get rid of them.

Japan Pays foreign workers to go Home: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/23/business/global/23immigrant.html

But Mr. Kawasaki said the economic slump was a good opportunity to overhaul Japan’s immigration policy as a whole.

“We should stop letting unskilled laborers into Japan. We should make sure that even the three-K jobs are paid well, and that they are filled by Japanese,” he said. “I do not think that Japan should ever become a multiethnic society.”

He said the United States had been “a failure on the immigration front,” and cited extreme income inequalities between rich Americans and poor immigrants.
That's right. USA has become too shitty because of their slackitude with regards to foreigners. The whole country is in ruins.  Ghettos & shootings. Unemployment. Social problems. Healthcare problems for their own Americans.

Japan is smart to have taken this chance to get rid of their immigrants.

I was worried that Japan was going to allow even more foreigners into the country due to the Olympics contruction projects.

It seems I might have worried unnecessarily. Japan knows how to take care of itself better than Singapore. Most likely, once the foreign workers are no longer needed after the projects, they will be kicked out.  Hopefully.

This is my worry: 

日本、注意してください。 日本に外国人をあまりにも多く入れないでください。 彼らが滞在すると、彼らはあなたの社会と日本の生活様式を台無しにします。 外国人労働者があなたの小さな食堂を満たし、バスや列車を混雑させてほしいですか?シンガポールをフォローしないでください。 シンガポールでは非常に悪い状況になっています。 私は日本が心配です。 外国人を輸入する理由が何であれ、それは価値がありません!日本政府が日本人のお金や仕事を助けるならば、もっと多くの赤ちゃんがいるでしょう。 それでは、もっと多くの外国人労働者の必要はありません。

My New "Kio Kim" Picking Gold (Ingots) Glass Tank Aquascape

Update 4 Mar Sat 2017: Rummy Nose prefers dark soil/substrate.

Update 12:12pm 8 August Tues: Just buy Japanese Shrimp soil. That soil is specially made to clear up the water & best of all, stablizie the pH every time you change the aquarium water. The most perfect soil. Smaller bags are more affordable for smaller tanks. Don't need much soil. Mine is 6 ft (60cm) tank & just a small bag is enough to cover the bottom. My Rummy Noses have been very red-nosed & happy since then.  


28 Jan Sat 5:17pm

I call this my "Kio Kim" tank.  Pick Gold Tank.

See the 7 crystal gold ingots along the path? As you walk along my "aquascape" path, there's gold to pick. This is a good fortune tank. Plus water & fish. What could be more perfect for Chinese new year (CNY)?

After so long since last year, I finally bought a crystal clear glass aquascape tank. Not ADA, but these days such tanks with less green (called super clear glass) can be bought cheaply.

Mine is only $38. The price marked as $40, but the discounted price written near it is $38.

2 ft (60cm exactly) x 20cm wide x 27cm high. Perfect. Excellent workmanship. Whoever who did this is very good. Silicon glue no smear & measurements accurate. 0.5cm thickness all around.

Slim & long = less soil + less water = less costly + easier to make design changes.

Previous plastic tank also 2 ft but too wide, too deep = more soil + more water = more money.

The below video was taken on 21 Jan. I got the tank a few days before. At first,  I just filled it with water & put the blue crystal chips on the left side only. Then I introduced the guppies & 1 Rummy Nose for testing.  I was guessing the Rummy Nose might not like it (because it's too open with no hiding places, stressful.).

True enough, the Rummy Nose panicked to see it's own reflection & would only stay on the side covered at the bottom with the blue crystals.  For days, it remained like that, unable to get used to this super clear glass tank.

The initial idea was to avoid laying sand or soil altogether because I'm fed up of soil that disintegrates & becomes dirty with bacteria, worms & parasites. The previous soil substrate was very expensive per bag (Gex brand from Japan) & still disintegrated after 2 years. The bigger the tank, the more soil needs to be laid out.   

So this time, I wanted to keep things soil-less & easy to clean. The substrate will just be crystal chips. Tiger's Eye chips + Blue-veined stone chips (both shipped in by air). Quite cheap $1.80 for 250g per bag (around $3 with shipping).  This tank only needed 2 bags of blue-veined chips & 2 bags of Tiger's Eye chips.

Later when I was buying the small tub of lab-grown Gratiola ($10), I also bought a bag of the white pebbles (only $2).

With the panicking Rummy Nose, I thought covering up the bottom of the tank will be better (look more natural & it can't see its own reflection anymore). 

I only set it up on this date of the video. Took hours to finally set this up.  I got rid of the old, scratched plastic tank after transferring the remainder 10 of the Rummy Noses & 1 guppy here.

There were also 10 baby guppies that I saw in the old tank, but when I transferred a few into this new tank, 2 were eaten by adult guppies & when I collected all of them into a bowl from the old tank & this tank, there were only 8. Oddly, hours later when I checked again, there were only 7 in the bowl.  I kept them in a bowl of water (Tetra AquaSafe added) with some of the short plants you see here (Gratiola) & waited till they grew a little bigger.

You can see the water is murky. I blamed the filter media that was just 2 large cheap stacks for $5 & $3.30 that promised to keep the water clear but didn't.  I have been unable to get JBL filter wool (that I was using) from Pet Lovers that stopped selling at Vivocity.

The transparent filter costs just $7 (Crab Aqua brand) & it's for Nanotank. But I wanted this because it's small, unobtrusive & transparent to go with my glass look.  The filter sponge that was provided: I removed it & put in the filter media I bought that I cut to fit.  Later I tried out the large pores sponge that came with the filter & it was even worse (no filtration at all) than the filter media that I bought.

The best part about this filter is that it's transparent & because it's for Nanotank, the nozzle is small enough to leave alone without a sponge to prevent shrimp & those baby guppies from being sucked in. The sucking power is strong (I can see debris being sucked in) but outflow is soft so the fishes won't be disturbed. It's also silent. Not a well-known brand. 

The lighting is a super slim design that I ordered cheaper (than buying similar design in Singapore) & shipped by air last year. This type of super slim design sells very expensively in Singapore.

I wanted to use it for the old, plastic tank out of desperation for trying to make my red plants grow (unsuccessfully).  Again, the old tank was too deep, requiring strong lighting for red plants. After trying it out once, I kept this lighting set, hoping one day to use it again when I can afford to buy a aquascape-type glass tank.

Note that my camera is poor at taking close-up shots & lighting. By the time I was finished doing up this tank, it was already late evening. 6:15pm.

1 week later... 

Today, here's another video below. I spent hours yesterday (27 Friday) fixing this tank. Yesterday was CNY Eve.

I hurried to Clementi all for the sake of my 1 Rummy Nose that was still very pale after so many days. Had to make the tank look natural with soil so that it would stop being stressed out. My crystal-chips-&-glass only idea wasn't working out. With goldfish, it would work, but not with Rummy Noses.

On 26 Thurs, I saw Polyart selling ANS special soil that can "crystal-clear" the water but didn't buy. So, on 27 Friday, I rushed there to buy it. $5.50 for 1 kg (small bag).

Was worried the fish shops weren't open on CNY Eve but they all were @ Clementi. Was there early at about 12 pm or so. Quite many customers, all Chinese men + 1 Malay man in his mosque outfit buying filter media (clay rings & stone rings).  Surprising to see a Malay man & holding 2 packets of filter media (& thinking).

I've been to this shop so many times & this is the first time I see a Malay person.

Aquarium stuff are expensive. All the small things add up. Not just the fishes. The soil alone can cost above $30 for 1 big bag depending size of your tank. Aquatic plants are also expensive @ $1.50 each for the common type. Hang-on filter alone, cheapest I got from this shop was $7 & it broke down after 1 week. Branded ones are $13.50 & above.

Indian man, I only saw once, dressed in office shirt & pants towards evening (he tiredly lugged back his canister after CO2 refill from the shop, meaning he has money to set up an aquascape tank at home. He looked like a working professional who is tired but has money after a hard day's work at the office.).

I bought 1 thick & quite large shrimp log ($8) that I split into 2 to create the "doorway" look. Shrimp logs can help stabilize pH to a more natural level. As it was quite a thick piece, I used hammer & metal spatula to do it & lastly separated them with my hands (& got cut on my finger doing it).

The 2 large pieces are purposely placed a distance apart so that when you look from the front, they appear to be "together" like on the same level.  Visual illusion technique (hahaha...).  I got the idea from Labyrinth movie. The walls looked like on the same plane but when the camera shifted, it showed that 2 walls were overlapping & there's actually a gap in between that can be walked through.

Also bought my JBL filter wool only $4 (I called on CNY Eve to check & the shop said they had it).

And bought another Tetra fish food ("Energy"). The can of heat-treated blood worms I bought earlier didn't work. The guppies looked at it in my fingers that was holding out 1 worm but bypassed. Guess it's tasteless after being heat-treated & too grossly large. The damn can didn't show how large the worms were. That's a wasted $2.50. Made by a Singapore company. From this experience, it confirms that Ang-Moh products are better even though they cost more. I only buy Tetra brand Germany for fish food. For water, I buy Tetra AquaSafe & Tetra plant nutrients.

The above tank video had problems:

1) Murky water that wouldn't clear up.
2) 1 Rummy Nose was pale for days since being introduced into the above tank. Pale face, pale tail. They are only like this when sleeping. I worried that it might die.

I figured the murky water was because of lousy filter media & lack of soil to absorb the fine floating particles. The soil will also stabilize & adjust the pH to a natural level.

As mentioned above, my camera is poor at taking close-up shots & lighting. The lighting is actually very bright. The crystal chips shine in the light & the water is crystal clear when viewed from the front. Oddly, it's still murky when viewed from the sides.

The transparent filter (Crab Aqua brand) that I liked so much, has spoilt. There goes $7. I had actually preferred a well-known brand filter like Shiruba but none are transparent like this Nanotank one.  Shiruba brand, so far I have experience with 2 filters & the brand is reliable, hard-working & long-lasting, but needs improvement with the design.

After I started adding in the soil, the transparent filter started making odd choking noises. But when I opened & checked, nothing was jammed. The motor still kept being noisy like it had something stuck inside. Bro said the motor box couldn't be opened because once open, it wouldn't be water-tight anymore (risk of electrocution).

As there is a small hole at the rotating propellers, I guessed some soil particle/s might have jammed inside. Bro said it's poor quality motor. Just buy a new one.

Unfortunately, it's CNY already & the shops are closed.  I still have my old filter & it's big & grey-black (Shiruba brand). Temporarily, I'll use it. I avoid using this because it's too big & weighs on the glass side. And anyway, the water is still murky when viewed from the sides even though I have now got the JBL filter wool inside.

See that small plant in front? The spear leaves on the left side? @ 1:23 into the 1st video. That plant cost me $5. Couldn't read the scientific name scribble on the bag when I bought it.  En... something Vietnam. There was a bigger one that wasn't Vietnam, with pinkish base & that cost $25 which I couldn't afford to buy. I think it sold out (I don't recall seeing it there on 27 Fri yesterday when I went back looking for other plants.).

I need to hide the wiring behind the tank but don't know how. The filter.... transparent hang-ons are no brand. Shiruba brand hang-ons are grey-black. Most likely, I will be getting a smaller filter whether Shiruba or another no brand transparent one.

That single Rummy Nose now looking better.  And all the Rummy Noses are red & look fine.

In the first video below, there's a smacking sound. That's the sound of a crazy India man downstairs smacking his cricket bat against a ball that he hooked up to the walking space roof. He did it for 1.5 to 2 hrs.

In the 2nd video, you can hear the calls of the Black-naped Orioles in the treetops outside the balcony.

After getting the stuff from Clementi on CNY Eve 27 Jan, I hurried home at around 1.30-2pm. Spent the rest of the hours doing this tank until around 6pm. These below videos were taken today Sat 28 Jan.

The baby guppies are all inside this tank now. Can't see them anymore. Don't know if alive in hiding or eaten.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Inventor loses patent & invention Singapore

Wed 25 Jan

Who dares invent for SG after this? Frankly, a man in his 50s should have known better. Furthermore, a doctor. That's why I always say doctors & professors are stupid. I don't know what kind of smooth-talking was done between Mindef & him. But didn't he read the news on the things that the military does?

Even in the bus, I have eavesdropped on a case about how the military handles matters. Two guys were talking & it was illuminating to hear.

It's funny in the article, Dr Ting says, "I have lost all faith, trust in and respect for institutions.”. Sounds like he was born yesterday.  Of all institutions, you invent something for the military. And expect due reward? The reward you get is loss of the invention & your patent is thrown out. Everything is theirs & you didn't invent anything, plus you lost money fighting it.

Well. I have lost all faith, trust & respect in doctors after finding out that they are licenced killers.

This case, what is even more "interesting" is the mention of the law being changed at the drop of a hat, to suit the occasion.

Better to have invented something for the US instead. At least, they respect patent & copyright laws.

Thomas Edison didn't have any problems with his thousands of patents. That's because he was a shrewd businessman on top of being an inventor. Plus, he wasn't all that clean... If someone stole his patent, I think he will kill that person. He already sent gangs to shoot rivals in the film industry until the US government stopped him. Little known fact?


“I feel betrayed,” inventor and doctor Ting Choon Meng, 57, said as he looked back on his six-year legal battle over the patent of his invention, a safety vehicle to be used during military emergencies. In an emotional interview, he added, “I have lost all faith, trust in and respect for institutions.” 

Ting’s fight with the Defence Ministry goes back to the surprise that awaited him at the National Day Parade in 2011, an annual event that is a proud moment for every citizen. Not for Ting. Actually, that was where his nightmare started: he saw what he claims was his invention taking pride of place in the march past. 
To cut a long story short, an angry Dr Ting went to court for what he felt was an infringement of his patent. He gave up his fight half way because the legal bills kept mounting. “I can’t remember the exact amount but it’s around $200,000.”

Mindef maintained that it did not infringe any patent, since the patent was not valid in the first place.
Part Two of the saga came four years later when in an interview with The Online Citizen he let fly at the ministry.

Both the website and Ting were taken to court over the resulting article under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA), an anti-harassment law.
On the very day of the verdict, the Law Ministry weighed in with a hint that POHA could be changed. One of Ting’s lawyers, Eugene Thuraisingam, said: “I expect the government to change the law.”
In response to the Workers’ Party urging authorities not to amend POHA, the Ministry of Law issued a statement on Monday (23 January) to clarify that the government “does not intend to amend POHA to protect itself from harassment”.

At the same time, it said that the case brought against Ting was not about harassment, but false statements. “The government needs to take steps to protect the public and Singapore’s institutions from the very real dangers posed by the spread of false information.”
Spread of false information... Mm hm.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Foreigners in Singapore: I shoved the foreigner brat

Everybody knows that they are no foreign talent at all. All uneducated, uncouth junk people who have their own country but park in other people's country to cause problems.

Foreign immigrants are never beneficial to any country. Look at the USA. What a mess.

Countries & borders exist for a reason. To keep their people in & keep outsiders out. When outsiders keep coming in, they damage & destroy the local population. Just like animal examples on islands or a country.  The local population unique to that location is edged out & destroyed by foreigners.

In human terms, the local culture & society is strained & torn apart from inside.

Very large differences between foreigners & Singaporeans. Majority of foreigners come from poor & overcrowded countries with high pollution levels. They are uneducated & uncouth. Whereas Singaporeans have high educational levels & high computer literacy levels due to LKY's push in these areas many years ago.

Foreigners don't discipline their reproductive shit.  Their kids are so poorly disciplined, they scream & make a nuisance of themselves in buses, bus-stops & public places.

According to news articles, the Singapore economy is due to trade, exports, imports & market currencies. Nothing to do with foreigners staying in Singapore.

If you say that foreign workers are necessary, then only those working here should be allowed entry. Why are their families here? Why are they uncles, aunties, kids, babies, grandmas, grandpas here? Are their grandparents or babies working in construction sites?

For every person who works here, he/she brings along additional baggage of family members. That is a very heavy load to dump on Singapore.

They just sponge here, spend little & take up a lot of space. One China woman said she don't go out at all. Stay home all day.

Such people live off of packets of instant noodles. They certainly don't go shopping at Orchard Road. So they don't "help" spend for the Singapore economy.

Singapore is so "buddy" with Bully China. Let in all the China people. Give them good jobs & places to stay. Well, look what happened. China outright takes Singapore's military tanks, withholds them for no reason (except for some petty reason/s that only they can think up.). 

A few days ago, I was sitting at the bus-stop outside Ibis Hotel near Sunshine Plaza, talking with my bro. The seat is longish & I sat at the corner end.

A Filipino woman's small daughter climbed up the seat beside me. Her mother sat beside her & the husband sat after the woman. Foreigners, especially Indonesians & Filipinos have a very bad habit of squeezing in. They are stupid like that.  No respect for personal space. They don't even know what "personal space"  means.

The brat started becoming a nuisance right away. Constantly shifting in her seat & bumping into me.  At first, I dismissed it. Then it became worse. The brat was so undisciplined, she was purposely bumping against me & moving about on that seat. Terribly inconsiderate.

The woman said & did nothing.  The brat couldn't even sit properly. Bro said, "The butt can't sit. Foreigner.".

I got more & more fed up. Finally, the brat made me so angry, I shoved her aside to the woman.

The stupid Filipino woman said nothing. I looked at the kid & said, "So ill-disciplined!".  So thick-skinned. Not even an ounce of paiseh. Terrible.

They certainly cannot do this if they were in Japan. Meiwaku = Causing trouble to others.  Japan is so lucky not to allow shit into their country. [Definition of Meiwaku: The Japanese term describing the strong sense of inhibition about being a nuisance in public in this culture.]

The kid even had the gall to continue sitting & even kicked my inner leg with her small shoe.

This kind of kid, I tell you, don't bother rearing. Stop feeding. She will just waste money & dump her parents. Lack of discipline, lack of intelligence, no manners. This kid is very spoilt.

It's better she goes back to her country with her shitty parents & live in that filth, since she cannot be grateful living in Singapore.

With my grumbling in Hokkien & English, the kid decided she didn't want to sit anymore. She mumbled something & got off. Then her mother got off with the husband.  Sooo thick-skinned. Need people to say then they get lost.

When my bus came, the parents who were standing at the side, stared at me as if they did nothing wrong. No apology at all.

They better go back to the Philippines. Their current President is a mad, uncouth, barbarian whom the Filipinos adore.  Anyhow shoot & talks like a gangster with foul language. Short, fat & ugly. I don't know how the Japanese PM even tolerated to visit. Gross. Since Filipinos adore their president so much, go back there.

In the same week previously, bro & I were sitting at the back of the double-decker bus. This foreigner India-looking woman came up with her young bratty son. She was carrying his child micro-scooter for him.

Along the way, he was fretful & threatened to explode in noise. Finally, when the bus was quite crowded, he suddenly screamed. Everybody looked at him, then realizing he was just a piece of shit, they looked away.

My bro yelled at him to shut up,  "OI!". The brat immediately kept quiet. The woman said nothing & looked straight as if nothing happened.

So stupid these women. Only know how to spread their legs for fuck but don't know how to discipline their kids.  Worse than other animals.

Even a cat is better behaved than a human child.  

Some time ago, at Harbourfront mall, I was considering to buy from the Bossini store (beside Cold Storage).

An Indian couple was standing with a trolley (supermarket/cruise) beside me. Their Indian or whatever brat was on top of the trolley. All of a sudden, he released an ear-piercing shriek.

I yelled at him. His parents had no reaction. Just looked straight ahead. As if nothing happened. No apology at all. Did not scold the child. Nothing.

Something wrong with such parents.

Such foreigners are from polluted countries. Toxins in their living environment. So, not surprising, their genes are damaged. India, Philippines, China, Indonesia...

My upstairs neighbour: the Indian Singaporean man mated with an India Indian woman. The kids are crazy. The fat male child when young, would grab & shake the apartment window grilles like a gorilla.  Even now, the female child, now a young woman will suddenly explode in fits of screaming & rage, feet stomping across the house & yelling.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Trump's Day 1: US Democracy = Mess

US immigration attorney said, "In a democracy, there is no CEO.".

And that's why the US is such a mess.  Democracy in the US = Mess.

The US president is deprived of his power. His hands & feet are tied by different groups. He can't make his decisions work because people (out of their own interests) get in his way.

In the end, the US becomes just one big Mess.

"He can't just walk in there and do everything he wants to do on day one," immigration attorney David Leopold told AFP.

"In a democracy, there is no CEO."
In other words,  Singapore is not a democracy since it has a CEO.

Looking at the US however, "democracy" isn't any better. For 8 years, what has been done? The country's coffers are empty. Crime is rampant. Guns & shooting everywhere.  Undisciplined soldiers.  Rather than improve, the US has fallen even further for China to dare take their underwater naval probe.

If the US president cannot even do anything he wants, then what is the use of being the leader of your nation?


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Demon in our House: A Father's Mistake

1:38am 12 Jan Thurs.

Bro should not be in this alone. I have to help him. But how? Against this demon of our house. We think it is trying to collect the "bill" owed to it even though it is not fair.

This demon that my father brought into the house when we were children. What a burden he has put on us. We do not know how to get rid of it.

Even though when young, my bro consulted it a lot, it was without knowing the price that this demon did not state. It is not fair to demand a bill for things that we did not know have a price.

Bro says if it had stated outright there is a price, would people still dare to consult it? It is like a dishonest salesman. Selling an aquarium that he won't point out that there's a crack if you do not see it yourself.

There has to be a way. My brother is in this alone & going crazy. He is trying his best to fight against it but right now, it seems we have reached a limit.

Surely, there is a way. But how?

I feel I am leaving it to bro to solve it himself, because it affects him & not me (at least not as bad as it's affecting him). I realize just now, that he is alone in his battle. I have to help him. I don't know what to do.

Misfortune. Out of so many billions of people in this world, this demon chose us. So many evil people with plenty of negative energies to feed on, yet it chose us. Why?

Is it because watching good people being destroyed is more fun than feeding off of already evil people with negative energies? Some kind of sadistic, bored enjoyment to laugh at?

How can I help my brother who means all the world to me?

Lights, crystals, aluminum foil, smudging. Only these 4. And still, he feels the effects of whatever this "thing" is doing to him at night &/or in the day.

We cannot get rid of the statue because it belongs to my father who refuses to take it with him. He does not know what his foolishness is doing to us. Whether he is still our father, I do not know anymore. Has he been completely taken over? Does he even know? At this point, I doubt he can even stop it from inside himself.

All the religions in this world are the same. Evil. There is no god. Only evil. Humans & other animals are a reflection of that evil. If there is such a thing as "Creation", then that creator is evil.

When people pray & their prayers are answered, there is a price. An unspoken bill. Nothing is free.

People ask for good grades, for a son or a daughter, ask about jobs, whether I should buy this handbag, even what to do about being constipated.  Without knowing that the price far outweighs what they are asking for. Such trival requests in exchange for your life or a loved one's life. Is that worth it?

You ask. You get. How can it be free?

The church has statues that don't speak. And there are no human mediums to speak for them. But that does not mean they are safe. When you pray to get something, it will generate a bill.  Temples are the same.

In all the years living with a medium & his demon/s, only now I realize. What a father's folly has done to us.

As children, we could not refuse or protest, even though I saw it was wrong & was afraid of how bad it would go. It was not our place to go against our father. And so,  decades later, we pay the price.

How can that be fair?

At this point in time, much of the years of our lives are gone. We just want to do what we want for the remainder. Yet this demon keeps plaguing us, day after day.

It is not fair that we should endure this for more years of our lives. It is also not fair that the demon is collecting what it perceives to be some debt owed to it.  Just like the One-China policy that China claims is its right when it is barbaric & nobody recognizes the claim.

We are not bound to pay the demon's bills (of service or whatever it perceives it to be) because it was not stated beforehand. We did not know. We did not agree to any such terms. There is no contract.

You cannot force a contract on someone who did not sign. Or apparently, signature is not needed? Just because we asked for its advice or help in the past, it means we automatically signed our death bills?

I don't know why I keep thinking that it is bro's mistake & he has to bear it. What's the matter with me?

It is not a bill that he has to pay. I have to help him get out of it. But how?

In the movie, Captain Jack Sparrow had to pay because he made a deal. But in our case, we made no such deal. We asked for help, assuming it would be freely given. Without knowing what we were dealing with.

Not just us. Many people were drawn to it, expecting free answers & solutions to their life's problems. Life's problems that are nothing compared to what the bill is going to be. The bill that nobody knows about.

Humans are weak & stupid. Their trust is easily gained. Once you have it, you can do whatever you wish.  This is the way of governments & demons.

All this talk. But how am I going to help him?

In the first place, what is this demon in our house? I do not know.

Am I confident of finding a solution? I don't know but I have to be. In the anime, Hijikata said, "Nobody fights a battle to lose.".

But how are we to win? I will search & keep searching.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Ezbuy Changes Without Informing Again

Sun 4:30pm  8 Jan

*sighs* Every time. Change without informing. Suddenly.

Just because they promoted their service recently on TV & get increased orders, they inconvenience the customer.

Until just a few months or weeks ago, still able to collect below 25kg purchases at Tanjong Pagar "warehouse" office. But due to their shipping jam & 12.12 event, they suddenly realized they have no storage space at Tanjong Pagar. People buying large items in boxes & filling up their office even till now.

Whose fault is it that their Tanjong Pagar office has no space?? Whose fault is it that they don't have a bigger Tanjong Pagar warehouse office?? Whose fault is it to do that TV promotion resulting in increased number of orders that they couldn't handle & shipping jams??

Now I have an incoming 14kg (actual weight 12.5kg) boxed item. Need to select warehouse collection point. But suddenly I see there is no more Tanjong Pagar option?

Checking their delivery information,  "Tanjong Pagar warehouse self-collection" now says "only for parcels < 10kg". 

When did that happen? I wasn't informed.

Everytime on front page, Ezbuy puts up some announcement, but there wasn't one for Tanjong Pagar warehouse. There's only one for increased pick-up points.

Now, there are only 4 warehouse collection points: Jurong/Tampines/Woodlands/Tai Seng. All much further away than Tanjong Pagar.

I don't want their Neighbourhood or MRT collection points or Home Delivery. All of them have complaints of delivery guys not turning up, not bringing the items or disappearing leaving the customers unable to know what to do next (re-schedule may not happen).

Some years ago, I experienced terrible delivery guy at MRT collection point. At that time, Ezbuy was 65daigou. They were using China guys.  He left before the collection time or didn't turn up.  I wouldn't know since when I was there, he wasn't.  After a lot of stress & some difficulty, I finally managed to get my item.

I swore I will never use their MRT collection again. Since then, I didn't buy from 65daigou for a while until much later. Even back when they were 65daigou, they were shit. Now they have changed name to Ezbuy & they are just a little better with different upgraded shit.

At this point so far, every time Ezbuy suddenly changes something without informing, I have still been able to work around it. Even this time, I still can collect at Jurong although further.

But if Ezbuy continues making collection difficult, I will have no choice but to stop buying through them. One day.

I always think: Now Ezbuy can still be used to buy many things. So, you all should buy whatever you want now, before one day, things get worse & Ezbuy shuts down.  Things can change suddenly anytime. Be prepared.

Singpost & Speedpost used to be great for me. Now look what's happened. They have tied their own hands & feet.  I cannot use them. I cannot order anything online that is using Speedpost/EMS which covers everything since they are the national courier once items get into SG. 

Singpost, can still use but very, very carefully (with serious thought) & only for unimportant or inexpensive things. And if you can wait for Singpost to sit on it first (for 7 days) before delivering to you.

Update: On the up side:   Ezbuy is placing orders on Sunday & shipping out within a few hours of submit ship on Sunday. And the ETA is back to 5 days even though ship out on Sun. I'm highlighting it's Sunday because previously, Ezbuy was dead on Sundays.

I am looking at the 14kg parcel that I just submitted for shipping just after this post which was posted at 4.30pm (after deciding to collect @ Jurong warehouse).

Now it's 7:05pm & it's already shipping to destination. That's 2.5 hours. They shipped out in 2.5 hrs after my submission request to ship out. That's fast (as they used to be in the past).  Probably because they are speeding up for coming CNY to avoid build up of orders.

Also, this time I completely missed the "inspection" stage. Didn't see it. Must have been done the moment it arrived at their warehouse in just a few hours when I wasn't looking.  It was "dispatched by seller" for 3 days. At 4.30pm today when I looked, it was already waiting for me to ship (that's when I saw they removed the Tanjong Pagar collection for <25kg & changed it to <10kg.).

This speed is amazing & deserving of praise but don't be too impressed yet. Ezbuy is cranky.