Thursday, 31 October 2013

Heirs Episode 8 & Preview Ep 9 (Lee Min Ho)

Started watching the raw version at 10.54 pm (Singapore time) just 54 mins after it finished airing in Korea. ^_^

This episode... well it's all gibberish until it's subbed. Doesn't look as interesting as Ep 7.

It turns out that Min Ho (Kim Tan) was leaning in with his hips in order to close the door as silently as possible with his long arm. ^_^ His mom was outside looking for them.

While leaning into the girl, he wasn't noticing. But once his mom left, suddenly, he realized... heyy...he had this little lamb beneath him... how could he not take the chance?  Hahaha...


This episode 8 has a lot of scaring Eun Sang scenes by Min Ho and his rival Young Do. ^_^ Young Do calls her and she doesn't want to answer. But she doesn't know.... he is just behind her.


I laughed at this scene where Young Do... is positively not gay. ^_^ The way he looked down and up at the other guy who stood to dance, his face saying how ridiculous it was, before he finally walked away leaving the other guy to put his arms akimbo and shout back.


Young Do is wearing the same design of jacket (black) as Kim Tan (green)?


I love this scene of the 2 guys left out cold by Eun Sang. ^_^  So cute and funny. 2 guys drinking the same drink from her (that she wouldn't serve them).

Then there's the unexpected kiss  ^__^ Min Ho suddenly lunges forth, pushing her against the wall, taking her (and me) by surprise. ^_^  He moved so fast.


Preview: Episode 9 Next Wed

She appears at his bedroom door... He grabs her, hugs her from behind. Hurhurhur... ^__^


Power of Photoshop

Beautiful.  If only real life could be done like that.  Even the color tone of her entire body was changed.

I would do the same to this girl, but mentally. ^_^  That's what I (or we), would do naturally when imperfection is in front of us.

When looking at people at a shopping mall, I would see the mismatches of couples or their similarities, and notice imperfection or beauty when I see it.

Example: Her face is pretty, if only she weren't so fat. If she exercised, she might look hot.
Example: What a lovely pair of shoes. Too bad it's prettier than her face.
Example: Hmm.. that guy looks unusually short. Why? His calves are short and thick, lower body short, upper body longer. Is he really short or is that a visual effect?

I love what they did here: Even her shoulder bone was lifted.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Heirs Ep 7 (Lee Min Ho) & Episode 8 preview

Hahaha... I just finished watching it (raw).  Found it and started watching it about 1.5 hrs after it finished broadcasting in Korea (11.30pm my time, which is 12.30 am Korean time. The drama is supposed to start at 10pm, I'm guessing it airs for an hour).

Ever since seeing his necklace, I have been quite piqued by it. Interesting paper clip necklace. Tonight, Ep 7, I was intrigued enough to search online for it. Turns out to be a designer necklace by (etc etc etc...).  The Koreans are so rich. Able to borrow this necklace for the show (and film in California).

It's supposed to be a panda necklace but I don't see any panda. It looks like a round ball. At first when I first saw it on Min Ho, I thought it was a diamond set in a pendant. But now, they say it's a panda necklace.

Click pics to enlarge (though it still won't be quite visible).  I do love the paperclip design. Very stylish in a simple and expensive way. Very class.  So how much is it?


Here's Min Ho hugging a man!! ^___^ Hurhurhur...!!  Well, not quite. He looks a little uncomfortable hugging another man. It's a no-touch hug. An awkward hug. Or rather,  a sideways hug. -.-  Why can't he just hug frontal in a grab hug? Y'know, like Americans.   (I guess it's coz it's a formal hug from Kim Tan with respect to his brother. The fact that he hugged is already amazing coz it's not something Koreans/Asians would do and especially not in such a situation. And he is able to hug is only coz Kim Tan had stayed in the US.  He's an expressive person.).

Min Ho entered surprisingly, wearing a sweet pink fuzzy sweater.... suddenly, he is in the female role (uke)?  Soft and huggy?  The last pic: his sweater makes him look a little auntish.

But, it has to be noted that his step-brother didn't push him away. So, that's good.


The start of this episode, Min Ho actually looks very worn out.  He is looking much older in this drama due to lack of rest/sleep, I think.  Even the make up can't hide the lines under his eyes. Also, the make-up artist/s for this drama is/are bad.  Maybe the make up artist/s from City Hunter or Faith should come over to Heirs?

Who did the make up for Heirs?

Another one from earlier:

The bad make up that makes both guys look bad. I notice the guy playing Young Do has 2 blemish marks on the right side of his jaw. This couldn't be covered with make up?  Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge. Young Do has dark eye bags. And Min Ho has blemish/freckles (?) on his nose and cheek (acne scar?).  The coloring of the make up for the cast is also bad. Their faces look too oily with an unhealthy/pasty tone that's different from their neck color. The shade/color tone difference between face and neck is quite obvious for both the men and women.


(below) Cute ^_^ He says: OO! And slumps his head on her shoulder.

I am actually liking Young Do more and more. ^_^ He is quite sexy as you get to know him. At first, I thought he was unattractive and hateful-looking. But.. somehow... from when he smiled that sideways mischievous smile... and him loving his dog... I just kinda ... liked him. ^_^   

I think that class girl was right when she said she felt he was better-looking when he stood against Kim Tan (Min Ho).  The way Young Do looked at the girl in the middle of them.... it was sexy. ^_^

I think he likes the girl but is getting her his own way... which isn't working well.

Hmm.. I really hate looking at that woman playing Min Ho's first mother. Why did they get her to play the part? She looks like a witch. Her eyes hang up like dead fish.

And here's the preview for Episode 8 ^__^ Whooo hoo!! SExy scene for tomorrow! Look at him eagerly leaning his hips forwards while closing the door. SExxyy... Min Ho can be very notty and sexy when he turns it on. 

He grabs her wrist... 


I like that both Kim Tan (Min Ho) and Young Do are very forceful characters. Very sexy direct moves with regards to women. The girl has become an object to have between them.

This writer (for Heirs) has very interesting, unexpected and innovative ways that she makes her male characters do.  For instance, in A Gentleman's Dignity, there is the scene where the guy's camera case catches a thread and pulls out the woman's knitted skirt... and the way he tries to shield her with his body in a very suggestive way is very unique and amusing and cute. ^_^

In this Heirs Ep 7, Min Ho unexpectedly pulls off the girl's hair band while walking past her, since he prefers her hair loose.

By the way, I have noticed that this actress is tall. Taller than the other women he has worked with. She is almost his height just by wearing sneakers.   Good for him: He doesn't need to bend down much when talking to her, or kissing her. ^_^

I like that Chan Young helped Eun Sang pick up her stuff into her backpack rather than helping his girlfriend after Young Do pours out the girls' stuff onto the floor. ^_^ It's been obvious at the start that Chan Young loves Eun Sang more than his girlfriend. Friend of 10 years to Eun Sang? Sure? ^_^ Or secretly in love with her?

31 Oct around 2 something am. End of post.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Heirs Ep 3 & 4 (Lee Min Ho Korean Drama)

I want Lee Min Ho.

First however, the bloopers in this episode.  Seems Min ho's action dramas can't do without bloopers.

Notice the Caucasian guy's hand. Min Ho's left hand isn't pinning him but that guy is doing it to himself:

Blooper #2:  Min ho and that girl are in the middle of a sprinkler shower but they are not wet. Min ho has a little damp hair but his suit and face are dry when he should be dripping. That girl's hair is completely dry.

I love Jay's natural acting. :) Very refreshing every time he appears. Blond, natural, young and cute.

I love this scene where Min ho is very decisive and just grabs her suitcase into his house when she insists on leaving.  Here on, he keeps showing a very decisive and sharp intelligence reminiscent of City Hunter. 

There is 1 scene in ep2 where he takes the girl to his house and he does that footwork closing in on her that makes her keep stepping back, which is very much like the City Hunter scene where he was in the girl's house doing that exact same thing. I didn't quite like that since the scenes are too much alike that it looks fake.

At this scene below, I found myself thinking: Min Ho makes me hungry. (I love the waves of his hair).


Min Ho driving her in his car... while she examines his face.

The moment he turned to look at her, I instantly thought: OMG!! So HANDSOME!!! Seems he hasn't lost his touch/looks. If he looked at me like that, I will instantly MELT.

(below) However... here he does look tired. The lines near his mouth are beginning to show. Click to enlarge. In fact in many scenes, he looks quite worn out with a line under each eye. Must be all those ads he has been doing prior to filming of this drama.

This scene where he is driving the girl along the long and winding road... looks like one of his Camry ads.

Min Ho is always doing this (below). :)  Very scary (but very Sexy) behind girls. Remember, I mentioned his intimidating figure in a scene in Faith where he was all in black and stood behind the woman. The focus on him was blurred but it only made it all the more intimidating as he stood behind there.

Incidentally, this scene (of him unbuttoning his shirt and scaring the girl) is also the same thing he did at the beach in Boys over Flowers (see my right bar pic on this website).


Yeah, right. How can we not dream of it when you take off your shirt like that?  Those damn gay guys will love him for this. Crap.  (I notice however that his face loses its handsomeness when he turns with his mouth to talk like that.  I think he was embarrassed taking off his shirt on the set.  He certainly looks like he worked out.).

In this scene below, I love his eyes in the sunlight. The way he looks at her with sexy sulking, accusing eyes without even needing to say anything. ^__^ His eyes are positively sulking at her for wanting to leave him.  Click to enlarge.


He has very expressive eyes.  If not for him, I wouldn't continue watching this drama coz it's so long-winded, boring and messy with unattractive older women squabbling and unattractive male heirs.

Why don't Min Ho just quit the inheritance, get disowned and walk out? (Oh, because he loves his brother).

Frankly, I skipped watching it after ep1. Didn't even know they had 4 episodes out already (twice a week?).  For a moment, while watching ep2, I forgot what the drama was called. It should be called The Rich & Idle.

I skip all the parts/scenes where the women are squabbling and the squabbling semi (whatever)-siblings. The drama started off poorly and so far, is very messy with no clear explanation of who is who.

(below) When I saw Min ho dump himself on the bed directly after his baseball cap scene... I thought: Let me massage you...

(below) How can she not call this sexy man? was my thought and is the name I saved this pic under, seeing Min ho wait so exasperatedly for the girl's phone call.  The infinity (?) pool so nice and scene so beautiful, so many deck-chairs empty, ---empty to a lonely heart.

(below) He's so damn confident in his looks. ^__^ Isn't he even shy? ^__^  Wahahaha! Indeed "At least I'm good-looking". Indeed you are.


(P/S: Why don't Korean men wear socks with their shoes?) In Ep 4, that rich guy Kim Won (playing Min ho's bro), doesn't wear socks even in his full suit at an expensive jewellery store.

I really like that woman who used to be the court lady in-charge in Faith. She can't speak but she's darn smart. It's funny watching her write her notes and outsmart even her employer who isn't that bad after all.

(below) Heyy.... this is a damn cool pic!!! And damn cool entrance into the scene with him! How did they do that? The same way to do magazine covers with your face on it?

(The scenes between the dumb mother and the girl tears me up. It reminds me of my mom. In ep3, when that Caucasian lecturer asked the class what non-English speakers considered the most beautiful word in the English language, I thought it should be "love". When he said "mother"... I felt kinda sad. It's kinda true that it's the most beautiful word.)

End of Ep 4... Oooo... looks like it's gonna get interesting/exciting. 2 friends loving the girl. And how about that cold bro of his?