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Faith Korean Drama Min Ho What Does "Im Ja" Mean (Meaning of Im Ja Ep 13/14)

I asked a Korean contact and it is confirmed that "Im Ja" means "Lady/Miss/Madam" for this historical setting.  So, the Chinese translation of  "姑娘" is correct.

Gu (1) Niang(4) "姑娘",  is actually an old term used in Chinese sword-fighting dramas to respectfully refer to young ladies.

Just as Choi Young refers to himself in the gentleman's Chinese term of  "在下" which means "my humble self", he calls her the respectful term of "Lady/Miss".

It is not possible for Choi Young to refer to Eun Soo as "honey" when he had been calling her "Im Ja" since the beginning even before they fell in love. Also, he is very reserved and prefers keeping his distance, and wouldn't even call her by her real name, only by her official title given by the King.

Choi Young would call her "Im Ja" every time he was upset that she was being foolish.  Like the time she  tried running away by herself without knowing the danger of the place she was going to. And even in the very early episode when she refused to leave the place and argued with him when he moved around after she had just patched him up through the night after stabbing him.

In modern-time Korea, "Im Ja" is used between very old couples above 60. So, I would say the word can then be considered "honey/dear".

But in a historical setting, "Im Ja" is a respectful term for Choi Young to call Eun Soo, instead of using the word "you".  And it means "Lady/Miss".

It is not  "you, but respectful and slightly intimate" as translated in the English subs. It's not possible to have any intimacy in the word, when Choi Young has been using this word since the beginning when he hardly knew her (just very frustrated with her). 

Faith Ep 14 Eng Subs/Translation Korean Drama Lee Min Ho

More accurate, more information than English subs. And click on this sentence to know what "Im Ja" really means.

Where Ep 13 left off...

Translating from Chinese subs:

Choi: Since you want to frame me, might as well pin the crime of high treason on me...

Choi: (turns to his men, holding out the box) Did you guys receive this box?
Royal guard: Yes.
Choi:  Did you guys open it?
Royal guards: No.
Choi: You guys don't know what's inside and just put it in my room?
Royal guards: Yes.
Royal guard: But that...
Choi: As you all heard. They didn't know what this was. Hence, I return it. Go out. Go Out! Please continue.
King: You guys said you received a report.
Yik Che: If he has been wronged, can give him a chance to be acquitted. You explain it.
Choi: So now, you are asking me to explain whether I took the bribe of 500 silver taels.
Yik Che:  You require time?
Choi: I did not accept the bribe. 
King: Captain.
Choi:  And I have nothing more to say. If don't believe, then lock me up in prison, or dismiss me. As you wish. I await your punishment.

King: (addressing Ki Cheol) Did you have to do this?
KC: You misunderstand. I wouldn't make things difficult for you by using the matter of 500 silver taels. Except that, I'm very glad to have come here. The kid who couldn't be defeated even by 7 assassins, I accidentally discovered his 1 weak point. 

Royal guard: Captain...
Choi: Don't come near me.
Deok Man: Captain, Chang Song Sha has come.
Adviser: Royal guard Choi Young, in passing on the enforcement of the Censorate executions, I, Chang Song Sha Jo Il Shin, hereby pass on the execution order...
Choi: Please get to the point.
Adviser: Royal guard Choi Young committed the crime of accepting bribe and abusing his position. Before investigating the inside story and the whole story of the matter, royal guard captain will be stripped of his post.
Chusong: What?
Deok Man: What? 
Adviser: Henceforth, pending punishment, you will take office as an ordinary warrior. Without permission, not allowed to leave the palace. 
Chusong: How can that be? We royal guards enjoy the special privileges bestowed upon us by his Majesty. Except for his Majesty, no one has the right to lay such an order on us! I will go report to his Majesty. 
Adviser: Your special rights and special privileges, have already been cancelled! If don't believe, you can go ask. 
Choi: It's your lordship, right? 
Adviser: What?
Choi: The matter of the 500 silver taels. Was done by you. 
Adviser: Whatever I do, is also for the sake of Goryeo and his Majesty.
Choi: Where is the connection between my accepting bribes and Goryeo and his Majesty? 
Adviser: Royal guard...
Choi: You tell me. 

(zine ed: Ohh.. I see. For once Ki Cheol is really telling the truth that it wasn't him. Come to think, it's an odd little crime to pin on Choi Young. Ki Cheol would do something bigger than just this because Ki Cheol will aim to kill.).

King's voice: Don't tell me you guys have forgotten? Including the two scholars seated here. The reason you guys can still be alive today, don't tell me you don't know? It was Choi Young and guys, who risked their lives fighting dangerously in exchange for this result.
Yik Che: I know.
King: You know and still do this. A mere 500 silver taels.
Yik Che: Your Majesty.
King: Why? You still wish to say how clean and straight you are?  The Lord Deok Song government House Ki Cheol who previously wanted to kill you all, his gold bribes that are higher than Mount Tai, you guys turn a blind eye to. Yet the 500 taels of Choi Young who dripped sweat, dripped blood for you guys, you guys see so clearly.
Yik Che: As a subject who has started afresh to wait upon your Majesty, I feel the most important task now is to consolidate the royal power.
King: So?
Yik Che: The urgent matter now is to quell the rumors.
King: Rumors?
Yik Che: That because your Majesty is still young, Choi Young is controlling everything behind. There is a rumor that says he is practically the regent.
Yi Cheheon:  Moreover, it is well-known, Choi Young is a killer who has killed countless of people. Such a bloody person by your Majesty's side, it is not a good thing.
Yik Che: Now is the period of seeking applicants, unless it's the monarch, nobody will be willing to have villains as bedfellows.
King: So you mean you are thinking of me, that's why you frame the royal guard captain? And even use that sort of shameful method.
Yi Cheheon: I am only following the report, and carry out the proper investigation only. All the more because it has to do with your Majesty's trusted aide, so handle even more urgently.

Yik Che: What does your Majesty wish to do? Will you use your authority to solve this matter? If so, your subjects can also only obey.

(zine ed: Actually, as a king, whatever he says goes. So, he doesn't even need to consult anyone. But he's just being too nice and good.)

(zine ed: It's actually obvious that Eun Soo is not really wetting her fingertip with her tongue, but just touching her lips. Although it's more polite than sticking out her tongue, it's still strange for this story. Doesn't seem possible that as a doctor, she would do this old and unhygienic practice of wetting her fingertip to page through. Also, in reality, I think she doesn't want to touch her tongue anyway.)

Deok Kun: Have you understood anything? (ES tries to hide the papers) Indeed you've something?
ES: Not too sure. This is Einstein's principle of relativity formula. This is Feynman's law. And this is... 
Deok: Does this line read as such?
ES: Y...Yes.  Should require some dedicated research, and seems will need a long time. (he takes it up) Why? I haven't finished copying yet. 
Deok: I've spent a lot of my life wandering and seen a lot of westerners, and learned a little of the writing there.  So at least, I know those are numbers. 
ES: I'm sorry I lied to you. But I still don't know if you're friend or foe. And don't know what I should tell you. 
Deok: Lord Government House was right.  Asked me to first nurture the heart in obtaining doc god's knowledge. I will come again. 
ES: Wait! Let me see the notebook again. The last page.  (traces it) "Eun Soo". (returns it) Ok, go. 
Deok:  Looks like not simple. 

KC: Rabbit dies dog cook. It seems the court officials want to exterminate Choi Young. Of course, it's time to exterminate. Has doc god understood the contents? 
Deok: Difficult to say. 
KC: To obtain doc god's heart, need how long?
Deok: Heart...
KC:   The things needed to bring doc god here, just say so. No matter if it's money or military power.
Deok:  Everything that I need, all that I want, also give? 
KC: Yes.
Deok: How about the princess's seat? Following the throne, if it's the princess's seat, can consider a little. Although... because don't know what's the world of heaven like, so no power to fight with the princess.  

(zine ed: I guess he's being sarcastic that after he's king, he'll want the princess's seat or the princess herself and it'll be a tough fight with her because he doesn't have the upper-hand of knowing what heaven's world is like.)

KC:  Do you have to first sit in the King's seat?
Deok: If don't want to die, then must be this way.
KC: Ohh.. how can you say such a thing. 
Deok: All along living a very secluded life, I have now been called here. And even provoked the king. If I don't become king now, I will be killed. Although I am a person who doesn't think, I know this at least.
KC:  Understood. Then need to to think of a way to obtain the King's seat. Isn't there a simple way?

King: Has that spy spoken? 
Lady Choi: Captured her before she killed herself, and used punishment. She has revealed.

(zine ed: Lady Choi says punishment, which could also mean "torture" although I don't wanna think that the king approves of torture.) 

King: What did she say?
Lady Choi: The King's seal.
King: My imperial jade seal?
Lady Choi: I'm afraid they were thinking of stealing the jade seal to establish their birthright to Yuan. Losing the jade seal that was bestowed upon you by the Yuan King, this matter, can become the reason for questioning your Majesty.
Vice-captain: Since the jade seal is the target, they will continue to steal it, right? Want to tell this to the captain and think of a plan?
Lady Choi: He is now no longer captain, is a warrior only.
King: The captain. What is the captain doing now?

ES: I've been looking for you for quite a while.
Choi: For what reason exactly?
ES:  To remove the stitches. Undo the wrist. Wrist. A doctor who will automatically come find the patient, but this patient's treatment fee, when will he pay up?

(zine ed: How about pay in kisses? ^__^)
ES: Let's have a look...  It's healed very well. My skill is really excellent. If just want me to treat such sword wounds, it's really unworthy of my talent. Just now, the person named Lord Deok Kun came with my notebook. Although I don't know why he would do that, I understood the numbers recorded in the notebook.
Choi: You know?
ES: Those are dates. What year, what month, what day. Following the way of my world, were recorded accurate times.
Choi: Dates and time.
ES: I think it's possible it's the timings that open heaven's door. It's like that, right?
Choi:  Opening of heaven's door, when is it? 

ES: Need to calculate. The Gregorian calendar that's recorded there. Need to use the calendar that's used here to calculate. That will be very difficult. I'm really troubled. (takes out the last stitch) Ok. Your ability to heal is really great. Looks like no need plaster is also Ok. 

(zine ed: ^__^ He's always secretly watching her, mesmerized and doesn't blink).

Choi: When you're done calculating the time, tell me. Need to prepare first.

(zine ed: Choi Young uses the term "my humble self" again, instead of "me").

ES: There's a possibility it's not. After 1100 AD, began recording the dates. I don't know the specifics of what it says. I first went to your living quarters. I thought you were there.
Choi: That isn't my living quarters anymore.
ES: But I discovered this there. Putting the withered flower and medicine together, it's Ok? (zine ed: is that Choi Young's pout? ^_^) In heaven, there's a song with you in it.
Choi: Song?
ES: See gold as rocks, keep in his heart his father's dying wish.
Choi: That sentence...
ES: His whole life give to the country. Is an incorruptible master. General Choi Young.
Choi: That sentence, where did you hear it from? Gold. Rocks.
ES: I said before. In heaven world, you're very famous. Even your father's dying wish is in the lyrics that's sung. Because you are a person who's especially incorruptible. Say you accepted bribes, heaven's people will laugh. Why are you so surprised? Only you don't believe, I am heaven's person, when you're the one who brought me here. I'm going.

KC: Mister Yik Che. You were close friends with King Chungsun. 
Yik Che: Indeed, it was the graciousness of the king.
KC: His son Lord Deok Kun, you've met him earlier? What do you think of him?
Yik Che: What do you wish to know?
KC: Don't you want to choose one?
YC: Choose what?
KC: A king. Don't just be loyal to the present king. You can have other choice.  After looking clearly, choose the figure you like. (walking away) If necessary, will change the king, change the country, and change fate.

Vice-captain: "Did you learn it from the one who uses the sword? Was it he who had you do that?". As though it was all already calculated. This matter, no matter who looks at it, is also a plot to drive a wedge between his Majesty and the captain. Not only that...

(zine ed: I like the vice-captain's voice. Very soothing and sexy. Choi Young... the way he lifts his hand looks a little feminine. ^__^)

ES: This one, only need to to change to Danjun calender will do. Danji year 2333 minus, add...and what is this? Had I known earlier, I would have learned some Chinese writing! Master Jang! Teach me to read these...

(zine ed: I know she said "Kan tan" meaning "simple". But the Chinese subs did not translate this word as such. Click here: Until 1961, the South Korean government calculated years from the legendary birth of Dangun, called the Dangun era or Danji (단기; 檀紀), beginning in 2333 B.C.E.. October 3 in the Korean calendar is known as Gaecheonjeol (개천절; 開天節, or the "Festival of the Opening of Heaven." That day is a national holiday in the Gregorian calendar, called National Foundation Day, or Dangun day. )

Doc Jang: Why have you come here?
Adviser: To see doc god.  How's doc god's-sama health? (turns to the others) Here stays doc god. When came through heaven's door, I saw it personally.

(zine ed: Again, I'm using the Japanese equivalent of the word "sama" to refer to someone of higher rank/station).

Yik Che: I heard you can predict the future. 
ES: That...
Adviser: Not just that, she is Hwa Ta's disciple. Medical skill is also superb. 
YC: How will the future be? 
Doc Jang: His Majesty has let me protect doc god. So, I have to ask you. Why must doc god answer your question? 
YC: It's for this country.
Doc Jang: For this country?
YC: If the rumors about doc god are true, that knowledge and divine power must be used for this country. If not true, we can't allow his Majesty to continue to be confused by her. 
Adviser: You don't need to worry. Concerning your authenticity, I am very clear. 
Cheheon: Master, then let's begin asking.  In the presence of court officials, you said before Yuan dynasty will be destroyed and a new empire will be established, right?
ES: That time was because...I didn't think I would be staying so long here. I said it out of anger.
Cheheon: Did you really say that?
ES: Yes. I said that.
Cheheon: When will Yuan dynasty be destroyed?
ES: I don't know the exact time. Oh yes! I am learning the calendar.
YC: Which king will be more useful to this country?
ES: What?
YC: Even if you don't know the year, you should still be very clear about the king, right? Is the current king useful to this country?
ES: Really.
YC: How will the king's end be?
ES: Heaven's secrets cannot be revealed.
YC: Cannot be revealed. You don't know, right?
ES: If you want to know anything from me, have the king personally ask me! If so, heaven's secrets can also be revealed a little. Do you understand?
Adviser: Yes.

(zine ed: Those guys are not smart considering they are scholars. Then again, scholars aren't considered smart since they are bookish without real knowledge. So rude to someone from whom they are asking for information.)

ES: If want to ask something, should bring something to give me. I am also not some search engine website. Oh, when did you come? You heard everything?
Choi: If the king asks, heaven's secrets also can reveal a little. Only heard till there. 

ES: No matter what, you're really capable to actually come over here. Come in, I will get you a cup of tea.
Choi: Tomorrow, before dawn, prepare to leave. We'll meet  at the usual place. 

ES: Are we leaving here?
Choi: Don't pack too heavily, must pack a little light.
ES: You want me to leave here?
Choi: Those gentlemen, if they feel they need the lady's help, are also capable of putting you in jail to ask.

(zine ed: Choi Young uses the word "Im Ja" again to mean "Lady/Miss")

ES: You lie.  Really? 
Choi: If sleeping in the open, it'll be very cold. Need to wear more clothes. 
ES: Will you be coming with me? Can you do it? Can't, right? Your relationship with the king...
Choi: I will go with you.

(zine ed: Why was he hesitating? Did he intend for her to escape alone? Or was he thinking how to bring her with him? Didn't he think of it in advance like he usually does?)

Empress: Why are you looking at me like that?
ES: Because you are pretty. I've told Master Jang Bin, to make more medicine that's beneficial to the uterus for you. Although that is not my specialty, I want to do gynecological data for you. There are no tools here.
Empress: Is there anything wrong with any part of me?
ES: I will tell you some heaven's information. Remember well. This country has many kings and empresses before. In future, there will also be many. But none who respect each other like this as you two.
Empress: Me and his Majesty?
ES: Yes, you two. You matter much to his Majesty. If you're unwell or something, if you go to a place first, he'll not eat, not care about governance and only think of you. That's how much he loves you.
Empress: I will not leave. Will not abandon his Majesty.
ES: That's so. Can I hug you? Although I know this is presumptuous. But I am elder sister from heaven.
Lady Choi: Said it's started.
Empress: Captain Choi Young's Chingu.

Choi:  Those fellows who left their own posts, don't qualify.

(zine ed: I guess he means they don't qualify to enter in there with him. Meaning, get them outta here.).

Royal guard: We'll carry it out. 

Adviser: Including the Gaekyung's scholars of Mr Yik Che, everyone in the whole country is watching his Majesty. They will attach great importance to today's Chingu's result. Can his Majesty be impartial to his corrupted trusted aide? Labeled on Choi Young's sleeve.. oh, this are not my words. It's what people said. Not such a king, but one who can stand up alone, with decisive ability and wisdom. 
King: Chancellor.

Adviser: Yes, your Majesty.
King: Today's Chingu's main topic is very simple. Whether Choi Young accepted a bribe or not. 
Adviser: Of course, that's correct.
King: I will only require corresponding answer. 
Adviser: Your Majesty.
King: If Choi Young didn't do it, then it's ended. 
Adviser: Must your Majesty spare that evil fellow?
King:  Won't allow you to call him that again. After knowing me, the blood he had to spill, the lives he had to kill, one by one were once my share. Can you understand? 

(zine ed: the king means he had a hand in it as well, in the blood Choi Young had to spill).

Adviser: He is dragging our king, your Majesty's back legs. Why do you deny it?   
King: I am already prepared. Let's go. (in court) Begin. 
Cheheon: This is about royal guard Captain Choi Young's crime of accepting bribe. In the past 7 days, the imperial censors have given Choi Young the chance to clear his name. Sinner Choi Young, if you have anything to prove, please do so. Evidence or witnesses. Have you prepared?
King: I'm unclear about the evidence, but here is a witness. In order to prove the royal guard Choi Young's innocence, I will personally be his witness.
Adviser: Your.. Your Majesty!
King: After having known Choi Young, concerning what I have personally seen of his character, I prove it in the name of Goryeo.
Deok Kun: Can I make a suggestion to his Majesty based on my name as Pyongjang's conductor?
King: I will listen.
Deok: This is now the place of your Majesty's Chingu. Your Majesty can only judge the sinner. Personal feelings are not allowed.
Choi: Sinner Choi Young has something to say. During the past 7 years, serving the post of royal guard captain, till this year met your Majesty who has such abundant trust in me, I became over arrogant.  During that time, compromised in military force, and included into the military weapons the matter of accepting bribes. I admit.
King: I say, Choi Young.
Choi: I harmed your Majesty, my heart aches.
Adviser: The sinner has admitted it. Everyone, please quickly administer the corresponding punishment. Let his Majesty give his order.
Che heon: Sinner Choi Young. Should calculate his booty and impose punishment. Imprisoned in government office, be a slave in the smelting factory will do. Appropriate sentence should be 1 to 3 years. 

ES: Arrested?
Doc Jang: Said he was bound on the spot. Seems once day breaks, will be taken to the smelting factory.
ES: It won't be like that.
Doc: Doc god.
ES: I'm going there to wait. He said he'll come, so will definitely come. Don't you know? He's a person who returns when he says he will and leave when he says he wants to leave.
Doc: I'll go bring doc god's surgical instruments. Bring them with you. And...If you wait and he doesn't come, then come back. Don't wait too long.

(zine ed: Why? Jealous?)

ES: He'll come.

KC: You said Choi Young admitted it?
Deok: Yes, obediently.
KC: It definitely couldn't be like that. Even if he dies on the crime of treason, he'll not admit the crime of accepting bribes. That's what I think. How was the punishment set?
Deok: Imprisonment 1 year.
KC:  That punishment, was personally issued by his Majesty?
Deok: Yes.
KC:  Personally? Without care? Without any awkwardness or opposition?
Deok: So saying... his Majesty and Choi Young... as the one giving punishment and the one receiving it, were a little strange.
KC: By strange, you mean?
Deok: Anger, hope, resignation. These things couldn't be seen.
KC: Dammit.
Deok: What did you just say?
KC: Looks like that fellow is up to his tricks again. Disciple brother! Disciple sister!

King: Clearly. I clearly heard it. Choi Young used his heart to transmit to me in his voice. I clearly heard it. "It's fine, don't worry". When the captain was imprisoned in jail, I decided then, this person, I will never let him be locked up or bound again.  Really shouldn't bind this person.
Empress: Doc god came today. When we were together, I didn't know. But after separating, I understood. Doc god, seems to have come to bid farewell.

Guard: Come, you have lost.

Eum Ja: Where? (outside) One man. One woman. Here.
Doc: You guys are Lord Government House's people, right?
Soo In: We are looking for doc god.
Doc: If it's doc god... should be in the herb garden. Anything the matter?
Eum Ja: He is the doctor of the royal family. Will become troublesome.

King: Escaped? How did he escape?
Lady Choi: It's like this...Wanted to escort those gathered criminals to here as ordered, but he left after defeating the guards.
Vice-captain: Imperial guards are searching within the palace. But based on their ability...
King: Understood.
Lady Choi: What are your instructions regarding the escaped criminal?
King: None. I'm tired. All of you may leave. (to empress) That's right. From the start, a person who couldn't be tied down, unless he willingly stayed.
Throwing away the fastening pins and escaping,  implies... he won't be coming back again?
King: Looks like he is hating holding onto my ankles. I also don't have a clue. His heart.

Choi: Still too slow. Spend such long time. You waited long? Still not yet before dawn. So originally wanted to fetch you at the medical temple. 

(zine ed: The Chinese sub of  "凌晨" means "before dawn".  The old meaning of "凌晨" has a timing of 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.. The modern meaning however, is anytime between 12 a.m. to before daybreak. So, we can take "before dawn" here, to mean between 12 a.m. to 3 a.m.. Meaning, Eun Soo was waiting there before midnight.).

(zine ed: He stands there so straight and tall. So beautiful the scene. Afterthought: All 1.86m of him. *flash of sexual thought of him and me* )

KC: Gaekyung's every nook and cranny, let nothing go. Seal all major roads. Send out all the private soldiers. Feeding soldiers for so long, is for use at this time.
Kiwan: I will go relay the message now. But elder brother... what to do with the problem of the jade seal...
KC: Hurry go! These fellows. Must have gone to the north side. Towards the country's border, everyday deliver information. All personnel, all military strength, capture them with the utmost priority. Draw him, 100, 1000 pieces, spread to all the streets and alleys, stick on city gates ... No. Send out my soldiers. Search him upside down!
Adviser: I will go set it up.

KC: Doc god must have unraveled the secret of heaven's door. That's why Choi Young that rascal is following. No, yes. It's the king who sent Choi Young. The two already conspired. It was me who was tricked.
Deok: Aren't you thinking too much? Can't be you tarnished his name because of this...
KC: Gave you the notebook was for you to bring back the secret! What exactly did you do? You even gave it to her. Yet you just admired her beauty, is that it?
Deok: His Majesty hesitated to act, sent the captain guard, what can he do even if he went?
KC: That is heaven's world! As long as know how to open the door in coming and going, will be able to bring back heaven's knowledge. Then on this piece of earth, I can do whatever I want. Why is it exactly, no one around me has thought of this point? Nobody understands me. Those so-called scholars, the questions they asked of doc god whom they found, turned out to be which king is what type of person. What's there to be curious about? Need which king, just make it out!

Choi: Go.
ES: Now being pursued is me or you? The person fleeing as a criminal is you.
Choi: Seeing that Lord government house's private soldiers are everywhere...their target is only you then.
ES: Then like this: If very urgent, I will surrender myself. And then, taking the chance, you escape. Actually thinking back, after coming to Goryeo, the bed at Lord Government House's residence is the best. Rice and vegetables are also appetizing. And even give new clothes, and... At this time, you must laugh. Because I'm making a joke.
Choi: What joke is that, not funny at all. (spins her around) Follow him. I will go check on the actual situation. 

Woman: Come. Try a bowl of soup rice.
ES: How do you do?
Woman: My soup rice, is no ordinary soup rice.
Man: Number 1 in Gaekyung.
Woman: Quick try it.
ES: Yes.
Man: You're back, eh?
Choi: Absolutely no escape pathways.
Man: If it's just you, probably not much problem. But if bringing this person, is absolutely impossible.
Woman: Want to eat?
Choi: Is there a way to leave by boat? Go by sea.
Man: Ferries check even tighter. This morning, there was a search on a boat about to leave. Ten over fellows came on board, ransacked the whole boat a few times. In order to catch you and this person.
Woman: Why don't you hide here 3, 4 days?
Man: Small leaks like them, definitely can't sustain for long.
Woman: Not leaks, it's minions.
Man: Really. Don't interrupt. (to Choi)  Kid, wait 3, 4 days. They will definitely loose morale and relax. When that time comes, you guys then make your move.
Woman: I'll go make an inconspicuous room for you guys.
Man: Right. Only just 1 room.

(zine ed: Somehow... I get the feeling these 2 guys are trying to get Choi Young and Eun Soo together for some action. Look at them, even more eager than Choi Young. Tsk tsk. ^__^).

Choi: I'm afraid this is the only way.
ES: Can't be...
Choi: What?
ES: Ate all?
Choi: You guys. Recognize Chang Song Sa Jo Il Shin?
Spear: Of course recognize.
Choi: Need to ask you guys to watch him. Can know who he is meeting, what they talk about, will be even better.
Arrow: Can't do that inside the palace. Investigate everything outside the palace will do, right?
Choi: Right.
Man: What exactly are you thinking of doing?
Woman: Can't be you're still working for that king?
Choi: Yes.
Man: That king, didn't he tarnish your name, sentenced you? To do what?
Choi: To have me work in the iron mine extracting iron ores. For a year.
Woman: Yet you still treat him as your king?
Choi: Mm. (to ES) Looks like need to hide a few days.
ES: I heard.
Choi: Can you do it? Carefully, quietly hide.
ES: Only breathe, right?
Choi: Definitely don't show off.
ES: Food?
Choi: Will give. And plenty.

Deok: Chang Song Sa.
Adviser: Yes.
Deok: Do you like "Go"? (zine ed: siege game of chess)
Adviser: I'm telling you again. I've never learned "Go".
Deok: Then learn it from now on. Come. Take up a seed.  (adviser takes up) Lay it down. (adviser sets it down) Good, good. Just begin like this, is good.
Adviser: What exactly you wish to say? Being together with you like this, I don't wish to be seen by others.
Deok: Lord Government House Ki Cheol, is not of sound mind now. In order to capture one doc god, spread private soldiers throughout the whole country.
Adviser: Well, this...
Deok: You have served the king for 10 years already, right?
Adviser: Yes, indeed. 10 years as if 1 day...
Deok: Yet you're not a governing assistant. It's too strange. What are you doing? Lay.  (adviser puts another seed down) Become my people.
Adviser: What?
Deok: Then I will give you the current Lord Government House's position. His assets. His power.
Adviser: Then, what about your lordship?
Deok:  I...naturally will be called king. Then can bestow upon you Lord Government House.
Adviser: What you just treason. High treason.
Deok: Anyway Ki Cheol wants to help me sit on the throne.
adviser: What you said is high treason. If I were to tell everyone what you just said...
Deok: You can go tell. Who doesn't know I want to be king? Looks like I have to find someone else.
Adviser: Your lordship...Just now you said it's Ki Cheol's seat?
Deok: Indeed.
Adviser: Which means, I can be Lord Government House?
Deok: How? Satisfied?
Adviser: Then, what do you need me to do?
Deok: Oh yes, that royal guard captain... what's his name...
Adviser: He's called Choi Young.
Deok: The palace should have his partner. Who do you think it is?

ES: R. Constant K. This formula, where have I seen it before? I've seen it before, where did it come from...
Choi: It's already dark.
ES: This formula, I know it!
Choi: We have to shift together. So before they come, your hair, can you...
ES: R = K (10G+F)
Choi: What?
ES: Earth Science 2. It's in there. Also called Wolf's number.

(Click: The Wolf number (also known as the International sunspot number, relative sunspot number, or Zürich number) is a quantity that measures the number of sunspots and groups of sunspots present on the surface of the sun.)

ES: Oh here. Sunspot group number G, Constant K, Sunspot number F. I'm going crazy! What to do?! I got full marks for Earth Science when I was in school. 

(zine ed: Wah.. she studies this? Surprisingly good.)

ES: But.. what is this?
Choi: Found any leads?
ES: Problem is...the calendar here and the one in use now are different. This one that Mr Jang Bin gave must be compared with Yuan dynasty's Shoushi calendar.  Lunar solar calendar need to calculate properly. But these are all Chinese characters!  Oh, damn!

(Click: Shoushi Calendar appeared in the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) 

(Click: Under Yuan Dynasty: The very precise observations served for the new Shoushi calendar (Season-Granting Calendar) of 1281, which was in use for 364 years. The length of the tropical year was determined to 365 d 5 h 49 m 20 s, a value in accord with the value of the Gregorian Calendar, but obtained 300 years earlier.)

ES: What is it?
Choi: Are all heaven's people like this? Or maybe... it's only you, Lady, who is so special?
ES: What's that mean?
Choi: Your actions. Everything.
ES: What about me?
Choi: Pay attention to unraveling. Only by unraveling the riddle, then can find the way back.

KC: The road leaving Gaekyung. East West South North water and land routes are all blocked. But why just can't find? Why isn't there any news at all?
Soo In: I feel that... she is hiding somewhere in Gaekyung. Or how about I catch some medicine sellers and interrogate them?
KC: Must find. Dig into the earth also must find for me. By the way, where did Deok Kun go?
Adviser: Haven't seen him the whole day.
Kiwan: He went to the palace. I just rushed over from there.
KC: What? Why? What did he go there for?
Kiwan: This... Our spies have been cleaned out. Can't find any movements from them. Really stifling.
Adviser: I'll plant some of our people again.
KC: Disciple brother.
Eum Ja: Yes.
KC: Lord Deok Kun hand to you to watch over.
Eum Ja: Ok.
KC: Could it be... in order to swallow the wolf, I called forth a tiger?

Choi: Still not done yet?
ES: Ok, already! If you can't wait, go wait somewhere else! Must you guard at the door hurrying me?
Choi: Although the room is simple and crude, it's better than open air wilderness.
ES: But..
Choi: Goodnight.
ES: You there?
Choi: I am here. Why aren't you resting?
ES: Can't sleep. Seems as if we came to MT. Ah, MT is abbreviation of Membership Training. Which means, like-minded people go traveling together. It means, overnight friendship. Using Korean to explain is really roundabout. Anyway, what do we do during MT? Right, that is... Truth game. When answering must answer truthfully. Are you listening?
Choi: I'm listening.
ES: Then I'll ask first. Must answer truthfully, ok? Cannot hide or lie.
Choi: I don't lie, find it too bothersome.
ES: If I unravel the dates of these numbers... and find Heaven's door on that day, and coincidentally heaven's door is open... then if I go back to heaven...Then what will you do? Because will never see again, a confidante as capable and kind person as me. Will never find again, the person who will stitch and apply medicine for you when you're wounded. Are you really Ok with that?
Choi: Ok? How can it be possible?
ES: I knew it. I will also not feel good. When I return to my world, I will think very much of ... the king, princess, Mr Jang, the royal guards and... you. I will miss everyone very much. As though I dreamt a long long dream. But dream, isn't it completely forgotten once it's morning? Now then, it's your turn. What do you still want to know about me?
Choi: Nothing. What I know now, is already enough.

Lady Choi: I am Court Lady Choi of Gunsong hall. Do you have any instructions?
Deok: You are Choi Young's aunt?
Lady Choi: Indeed.
Deok: I heard you are famous regarding outside the palace.
Lady Choi: Because the working lives of people in the palace is very dull, it's common that they exaggerate.
Deok: Do you see these papers?
Lady Choi: I see them.
Deok: Try paging them. (she tries but can't) This type of paper is not easy to turn the pages. So people using this type of paper will moisten it with saliva. Like this. Hence, if apply poison on this type of paper... the person using the paper will be poisoned without knowing it.
Lady Choi: May I ask which person of yours used such paper?
Deok: Not long ago, I gave such papers to doc god. She needed to copy down some things. Just nice, I had such papers in my hands. So, gave her a few pieces. Oh yes, doc god's way of writing is very strange. (zine ed: Yeah, she writes as if she's holding a pen ^_^)

Lady Choi: Then, the papers that doc god used, were also applied with poison?
Deok: Yes. That poison, was obtained when I was in India. Colorless, odorless, really amazing. And the symptoms will not immediately break out. Will first be latent in the body for a few days. Then suddenly break out.
Lady Choi: Then the antidote?
Deok: Naturally, in my hands.
Lady Choi: How to obtain the antidote?
Deok: Where is doc god? Know where she is, then I can give her the antidote and detoxify her. If late, it will be difficult to handle. Doc god, there are many people worried about her, isn't it so?

Choi: Doc god. Doc god. (tries nudging her) Doc god. (shakes her) Doc god, wake up quickly. Lady. Lady!

(zine ed: Poisoned... by a man.)

(end of translation)

Update 2.04 a.m. Monday 1 Oct: Ehh? How come the English subs @ Epdrama... they edited out their explanation of "Im Ja"?? O.O I was just looking back at it, re-playing to watch that scene again when saw that their subbed "Im Ja" was gone. Now it's just "Hey, Hey!".

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Faith Ep 14 Raw/Eng Subs Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

Update 29 Sept Sat: What Does "Im Ja" really mean? 


Tues 26 Sept Wed 12.14 a.m. 

It's out on Epdrama:

Comments based on the raw version (before they subbed it, unless in purple): 

Wow.. the way she takes away the stitches really look so real. Sticky and everything.

EHH??!! ^_^ She got that bottle with the flower in it!! So embarrassing!! ^___^ How did she get it??  

^______^ He looks so shocked by her hug that he don't know what to do, except to pat pat her as though he comforting a scared child. Ahhh... How nice it must feel to be hugged like that... T.T  I can feel her body against his... so warm, so firm...

Where does that woman get her spoons from?? And why is there only 1 bowl?? And what's in there?? O.O I bet he's going to finish everything. Only half bowl left, how not to? 

What happened to her hair?? Her curls?? O.o 

This is just sooo beautiful!!! T.T I love this!! T.T    This is just sooo romantic (woman writer)!! He wants to touch her. Yet when he got the chance, hugging her, he was too shocked to react. If she didn't hug him, it would take him forever... >.< He's so reserved. Almost tracing her face when she moved.... He's so shy like a girl. What is he afraid of?

How come she sounds like... she's being made love to? ^_^  I can imagine them having a good laugh over this.

Oh crap. She's sick.... T.T I was thinking she might get arrow-shot at the point when she was looking out from a hiding place with him (like Marion when she was on horseback with Robin Hood in front, in the old drama series).  Turned out they made her sick instead of getting injured. 

At this point as he holds her to him, he is still calling her "Im Ja" for "Lady".   Still so formal.

Update 2.39am Sept 27 Thurs: "Im Ja" is subbed as "Gu Niang" in Chinese, which means Lady or Miss, which is a formal and more reserved form of address than the "Im Ja" subbed in English as "you, but respectful and slightly intimate".   I think the Chinese subs are correct. 

I don't think it's "an old Korean word for 'honey'" (posted repeatedly by others online) since they have not reached that stage yet and Choi Young would not use such a word when he doesn't even call her by her name, except by her official title of "Eui Seon".

I think they need Doc Jang...

Oh crap. How come no preview for next episode and like there's a preview about to show but gets cut off??? 

Could it be... that bowl of stuff she ate? Food poisoning?  (possible, but just kidding) 

*sighs* Now we have to wait for next Mon to find out what happens next to Eun Soo... I am betting Choi Young takes her back to Doc Jang if her condition does not improve coz Choi Young doesn't know medicine. Or she might rest and with the help of the older woman, be able to reduce her fever and get well.

Update on seeing the Eng subs:  2.25a.m. Sept 27 thurs

Ah! I had guessed Eun Soo had been poisoned by her licking of her fingertip when paging through those papers. An obvious technique used in The Name of The Rose starring Sean Connery and a very young Christian Slater.


Faith Ep 13 (Eng Subs/Translation) Lee Min Ho Korean Drama

More accurate with more information than English subs.

(Update 26 Sept Wed) Although this time the English subbed version by the Faith team is pretty good, I think the Chinese subbed version is still more accurate.  

For example, Choi Young was injured in his right thigh by Ki Cheol, but they English-subbed it as "left thigh".  This version is on Kimchi1st, but I also found it on Youtube which I watched on my phone in bed last night:

The Chinese subs matches the Korean words/pronunciation. Chinese equivalent words are also matching the Korean words, compared to English which doesn't have equivalents for certain words.

Starting where Ep 12 left off... Translating from the Chinese subs in the above link:

Eun Soo: Lord Deok Song government House gave you this, right?
Deok Kun: That's right.
ES: Then you and that Lord government House are in the same gang?
Deok: Yes... With that person.
ES: What did he say when he gave you this? He wouldn't gift it to me for nothing, right?
Deok: Naturally cannot gift it to you for nothing. "As long as let her see you holding this, she'll surely follow you".
ES: How could there be such a person as you who makes fun of people!
Deok: This, what is it? Why is this so important?

(zine ed: Deok Kun says "Zhung young", which means important. The Chinese word is "zhong yao". The 2 languages sound very close).

ES: There is no need for you to know. Go tell that Ki Cheol. I don't need whatever notebook. Want to play, ask him to play by himself! And you, get out. This is not a place where anyone can enter.
Deok: I heard you are a person from heaven. And saved people's lives, and predict the future.
ES: I asked you to get lost.
Deok: Seeing how much that Ki Cheol believes, it seems to be the truth. (she walks away) I am holding this. You're not coming with me?


ES: How about here? In our world, friends will go to pubs for some wine after a busy day. But there are no pubs in the palace, so we'll come here. Everyday at this time, we'll meet once.

ES: You guys use willow twigs to brush teeth, right? Add a little of this before brushing. This is toothpaste that I made. Morning and night, at least twice. With healthy teeth, will be able to fight better!
Deok Man: Oh, captain!
Choi Young: What are you guys doing? Vice captain, you...
Royal guard: It's break time, so...
CY: Break time then go take a big nap and replenish your strength, what are you all doing?

(zine ed: Choi Young says "Pu Chong" which means "replenish".  Chinese subs pronunciation is "Bu chong". Again very close sounds).

CY: Didn't I tell you to go to Gunsong hall?
ES: I heard captain's room is over there. Let's go.

(zine ed: I like that she doesn't scold him for disciplining his soldiers. She knows when to poke her hand in and when not to. Her reaction to his refusal to show his hand is very strangely cute. ^_^ With his face so stiff and stern. ^_^)

ES: Hmm... So this is the captain's room. Oh... it's so small. Ah, have a seat first.

(zine ed: Small? I think it's big already. I had initially thought this was a room shared with the other guys coz they used to be here when he first appeared and he asked where his bed was.)

Choi Young: I want to go to see his Majesty. So I have to change, please excuse yourself...
ES: Come closer here to me. Too far, I can't see clearly. Or I go and obtain an order from the princess. "Doc god as Choi Young's attending physician, can any time any place capture him for diagnosis of his condition". Obtain this type of an order? (CY submits) How's the hand? The one that was injured by cold.

CY: It's fine now.
ES: This is... Undo your sleeve. Looks like needs a few stitches. It'll hurt without anesthetic. Bear with it. (uncorks a bottle) This is Mr Jang Bin brand antiseptic. Any other place?

(zine ed: Arghh... she's pressing his wound kinda hard!)

CY: No.
ES: That time, left shoulder and right thigh?  (Shouldn't it be his right shoulder that was injured by KC's hand at court?)
CY: Only grazed the corner of my clothes.

(zine ed: ^_^ So, she wants to see his shoulder and thigh eh? ^_^ Imagine how she's going to see his thigh?! He would have to take off his pants! Or at least pull it up till there. And imagine her looking at his shoulder and being impressed with it... So, she really wants to see his thigh? ^__^ Actually, under his right forearm was also sliced by Ki Cheol's sword. )

ES: This will hurt.
CY: If you're done, then start. (exhales) You can return to the medical temple now. Although during this time, you also didn't quietly remain at Gunsong hall.
ES: Then what about those scary assassins?
CY: They won't come again.
ES: really can bear it. In our world, really cannot bear the pain. So need many things. Anesthetic, painkiller, or drink alcohol; there are even people who play games. All done. This is the last piece of plaster brought from heaven's world. Now it's going to finish, including those I brought with me. Try not to get it wet. I will check it once every 2 days.
CY: I have posted men near Heaven's hole. Ordered them to observe it day and night. Once discover any trace of a sign, will inform as soon as possible. Can also find a place for you to stay and wait nearby. But honestly, I'm rather worried about there. (Eun Soo nods and gets up walking) What's up with your walking?
ES: Why?
CY: Have you injured a leg?
ES: This knife. Too heavy. Why?

ES: Just looking. No matter how I look at it, I feel returning to my world needs a long time. So temporarily need to live here. What sort of world is this place? What is it like? So, this is what it's like. Seems like till now, I've never looked carefully. If look carefully and remember, afraid I will really not be able to leave this world.

(zine ed: At this point, do you hear a sound like her stomach made a hungry noise? Or could it an insect in the background?)

ES: What are your names? I'm Yoo Eun Soo.
Guard: I am Moon.
Guard: I am Lotus Samurai.
ES: What cosmetics do you both use? I should be able to help you guys with something. Those I brought are fast finishing. How do the elder sisters here do skincare?

King: You're back safely. I don't know how long I've waited.
Choi:  Because I changed my clothes, so came late.
King: No need for this. No need to bother about trifles when you come to see me. (inside) Lord government House shouldn't be after the scholars again.
Choi: Rumor was spread that I was the only person who knew where the scholars were hiding. But when the assassins attacked me, none wanted to ask me. Only focused on killing me.
King:   From the midst of those focused on killing you, you return alive.
Lady Choi:  Just in case, still need to be careful and alert.
Choi: The matter of taking the scholars safely to the book banquet, I will do it. But the matter of letting them be safe, needs your Majesty to do it.
King:  Let's try that. Those who defect to me, safely protect them.
Lady Choi: But...somehow, still feel worried.
King:  Worried about what?
Lady Choi: If Lord government House has suddenly given up on assassinating the scholars, doesn't it imply he has some other plan?
King: Some other plan... What can it be?
Choi: Political intrigue, can't your Majesty do it?  I only handle the defense against persons who attack.
Lady Choi:  The words of His Majesty's captain bodyguard, are more and more nasty.
Choi: I'm sorry.

Ki Cheol: How did you feel after seeing? 
Deok: Very interesting.
Ki Cheol: Isn't it. Doc god always tends to surprise those around her.
Deok: So?  The reason you had to call me who was living in seclusion on the mountain, was to see that woman? That's all?
KC: Not just to see. Want to ask you to help me obtain her.
Deok: The king will not accede her to you? (zine ed: "accede to" = to surrender to/give in to)
KC: The young king, is still not quite clear about her true value.
Deok: Then.
KC:  There is a royal guard by his Majesty's side. He is protecting doc god.
Deok: Royal guard?
KC:  A senior official who now has his Majesty in his grasp.  His Majesty caters to his mood.
Deok: Then just tidy up that royal guard, wouldn't that do?
KC: It will be that way very soon. Problem is... That woman's heart.
Deok: (laughs) I'm sorry, sorry. Because it was too funny, couldn't control myself.
KC:  Doc god, I repeat once more, is not a woman of earth world. All that she knows, unless she's wants to, will definitely not reveal. I have tested it, so I know very well.
Deok: So then.  You would have me obtain her heart.
KC:  Yes.
Deok: If I obtain it?
KC:  Give you what you want. Whatever that is.
Deok: Then what is it you wish to have, that needs doc god?
KC: Only doc god will do. What I want to have, is only doc god.

Vice captain: The scholars will be safe once they enter the palace. The first type is visible. Second type is cannot be seen. Arrangement completed.
Choi:  From 9~11 a.m. tomorrow, they will arrive one by one. The place that your group needs to guard is from main door to the front of the side hall main door.
Royal guard: Understood.
Choi:   The roof, need to set up archers?
Royal guard:  Prepared every 5 steps, 1.
Choi: Below, is every 7 steps, 1. The rest all set them up on the roof.
Royal guard: Will the assassins group be coming?
Choi: How would I know? When the enemy is coming, will they first kindly inform then come?

(zine ed: Choi says "Jing Cha" which means "cordially" or "kindly".  It matches the Chinese words "Qing Qie" which sound very close to the Korean. If I were the royal guard being whacked so embarrassingly like that by Choi Young, I would take it to heart and probably get my revenge on him by joining up with the bad guys. It hurts the ego.)

Royal guard: I was wrong.
Chusong:  We are all set over here. For every person who comes, will have a 2-person group protecting. But...
Choi: But what?
Chusong:  Those that can be sent to the outside area are too few.
Choi: I know.
Chusong: Then not enough manpower, what to do?
Choi: The outside area, Iet me handle it.  The internal courtyard, if a rat enters...
Chusong:  Not even an ant will be let in.
Choi: I'm leaving.
Vice-cap: Ant.

Elder Man: Kid, next time among the ranking of the tributes, our carriages...
Woman: Five. Arrange for them to be in.
Choi: Two.
Man: Rascal, you're too disrespectful to your teacher uncle.

(zine ed: The man says "Sa Shu" which is "Shi Shu" in Chinese. It means a teacher-disciple relationship in the same martial arts group. Since the man knew Choi Young's father, he is like an uncle to Choi Young.)

Choi: Two carriages.
Woman: Hey, rascal. So many scholars, including their family members, being hidden and guaranteed free food, lodging and clothing.
Man: How much does that cost? Should we count? Good. Let's count cent by cent. Let's see...that is...
Choi: Two carriages.
Woman: Looks like cannot. Take out all those stinking scholars and throw them away.
Choi: To think of throwing them out.  Might as well invite them one by one and throw into the palace then.
Man: This rascal. Is a business person who is even better than us at calculating.
Choi: Whether it's selling medicine or jewels, you guys watch over the mobilization of your people.
Woman: Then our five carriages?
Choi: Two.
Woman: Fine. Three carriages!
Dae Man: Captain!
Choi: What?
Dae: Doc god! Doc god... she...
Choi: What's up with doc god?
Dae: She went to market. Over there, in the medicine alley, doc god personally...
Choi: The lady guards?
Dae: That...  together.

Eun Soo: The scent is not bad. Is this Matcha (green tea)?
Woman: That's correct, it's Matcha.
ES: I have to buy this. It's full of Catechins and Vitamin C that have good beautifying effects.
Woman: What? (ES is shocked) What did you just say? I didn't understand.
ES: Ah, I was mumbling a little to myself, sorry. How much is this? I wish to buy one.
Man: This, this, (sees ladies drawing sword) what? This, I give to you free. Moreover, this is a little second grade, this...
Woman: Oh, I'll go get for you a few top grade.
Man: But these ladies, why is it I give you guys things, yet like this? Even take out swords, what do you want to do, what do you want to do?
Choi: What are you doing?
ES: They want to...
Woman: Choi Young... Really too beautiful!
Man: One look and I was also taken in, indeed a person from heaven.

ES: Meaning the manufacture of fragrant soap and cosmetics. Starting, give free to everyone. But once used it, will definitely not give up. Starting from the second time, have them buy.
Choi: You want to earn money?
ES: Yes! Especially target Goryeo's rich wives! That'll make me rich! Then I will become a rich, rich person in Goryeo! And I have already thought of the sales method. In that world of ours, there is a selling method called pyramid style. What is this... It is...

Man: Sis, did you see that?
Woman: I saw it.
Man: Saw that rascal was smiling, right?
Woman: He was smiling.
Man: Not those unfeeling smile.
Woman: Smiling very comfortably.
Man: Right?
Woman: Mm.

Deok Kun: Bumped into you here.
ES: Yes, we meet again.
Choi: Aren't you Chawan-sama? Who might this be?

[zine ed: There is no English equivalent for the Chinese term "大人" (direct translation would be "big person") in addressing Chawan, so I have used the Japanese equivalent of "sama". It's a term of address for someone who is above the speaker in rank/station].

Chawan: How dare you. Still not quickly show your respect?
Deok: It's you then? Said to be the royal guard who protects doc god.
Choi: Someone you know?
ES: Said he's the king's uncle.
Chawan: This is Lord Deok Kun-sama.
Deok: Out sightseeing? I also haven't been to GaeKyung in a long while, so came to stroll. Will you be strolling a while more? How about I take you for a stroll?
ES: Please go ahead yourself. We were just getting back. Let's go.

Choi: Have you met before?
ES: A few days ago, met before in the palace.
Choi: Why didn't you tell me?
ES: That's because...
Choi: Dae Man.
Dae Man: Yes, Captain!
Choi: Go pass this to Court Lady Choi. Lord Deok Kun is in the residence of Lord Government House.
Dae: Lord Deok Kun, Lord Government House.
Choi: Immediately.
Dae: Yes.
Choi: Henceforth,  all of doc god's whereabouts, all that she says, need to exactly report to me and Court Lady Choi. 
ES: I say, hang on.
Choi: What? Didn't we agree to say everything? Didn't we say to develop this type of relationship?
ES:  No, I just...
Choi: Just what?
ES: The king's uncle said... 
Choi: What did he say? (ES hesitates) Lady, this is a very important matter, the king has to know. 

(zine ed: Choi Young says "Im Ja" which is subbed as "Gu Niang" in Chinese, meaning "Lady" or "Miss". I'm aware that in Ep14, the Eng subs explain that in Korean, it means "you, but respectful and slightly intimate". Update: 28 Sept Fri = I have confirmed with a Korean contact that "Im Ja" means "Lady" or "Ma'am" in that era.  Click on this sentence to take you there.)

ES:  My notebook that's in Ki Cheol's hands, he brought it. He even bragged about it and made me angry. So I said "no need". I said "I don't need those things. Hurry and get away.". I raised my temper at him. 
Choi: Why?
ES: If I told you, you will again because you feel responsible, worry that I will not be able to have it, you will then say, "I should get it back for you". That's why I didn't say. Why? 

[zine ed: Actually, when Min Ho stands behind a woman, he's an intimidating presence, as bad as a bad guy. Maybe because here he's wearing black (looks black although it's actually dark blue). But also in City Hunter when he is lying down in Nana's sofa and looking at her.]

Lady Choi: (to Dae Man) I know. You may return. (goes to princess' room) Your highness, it's Court Lady Choi. Said  doc god wants to manufacture some kind of magical thing. Said it's something that can make women become beautiful. Need to buy the needed ingredients today, so went to the marketplace. (writes) Lord Deok Kun is in Lord Government House Ki Cheol's residence. 
Princess: Who is Lord Deok Kun? 
Lady Choi: At the moment, he is the only one of the king's clansman. 
Princess: Then why did Ki Cheol call him out?
Lady Choi: I'm afraid it is to threaten the King's seat.  
Princess:  Till when will the spy still be kept?
Lady Choi: At the moment, don't know if there are others besides her. Moreover, still seem to have useful value, so have been keeping. 
Princess: Tonight, I want to set up a wine banquet.
Lady Choi: What?
Princess: Do I have to say it twice? Tonight, I want to set up a wine banquet for his Majesty. So go prepare.
Lady Choi: Yes.

Man: Lord Deok Kun is King's Chunsun's bastard son whom he had with a palace woman.
Woman: From young, after being driven out of the palace with his mother, grew up moving from temple to temple. 
Man: Precisely because he lived a very secluded life, he was able to live till now.
Woman: Yes, at the moment, besides the king, is the only royal clansman.
Man: That person Lord Deok Kun, I met him once before.
Choi: Did you personally see him? 
Man: Yes. Seems to be when I went to Jinpu to do some trading. About 3 years ago. To send to the House of Courtesans (prostitutes) some items. 
Woman:  House of Courtesans? 
Man: Yes. It was said there arrived a type of miracle medicine, that's why I went... Discovered a person wearing monk's robes being surrounded by the courtesans. 
Woman: What, wearing monk's robes? And courtesans? And then?  
Man: At that time, I saw him holding chess.  (zine ed: It is not clear if he was playing it. Baduk is "Go", a game of siege chess)  
Woman: Wearing monk's robe, courtesans and also chess?  

King: They are people who came for my sake. I would like to bestow upon them suitable official posts.  Even if Lord Government House will assassinate a nameless person as he wishes , yet also cannot  kill officials of the court as he wishes.
Adviser: Although saying so is quite a panic, the right of allocation of court personnel does not belong to your Majesty, but belongs to the Governance House. So first liaise with them...
King: I want to abolish Governance House.
Adviser: Your Majesty!
King: Anyway, the current Governance House, isn't it in the hands of Lord Government House?

Ki Cheol:   Power over Goryeo's human resource is still within my hands. So, have prepared a position for your lordship. From now on, your lordship is Pyongjang's conductor of government affairs. That is, a position in charge of Goryeo's administrative supervision of  internal affairs. Is a position that you don't need to obey orders from Goryeo's king, but obey orders direct from the Yuan king. (sees Deok Kun's reaction) You don't like this job? Don't know what you are thinking...
Deok Kun: I don't think anything. This is the cheat code to my survival till now.  Not think.
KC: Tomorrow when you attend court, you have to say something at least.
Deok: You write it for me. I will recite it accordingly will do.
KC: The words that you want to say, how can you have me write it for you?
Deok: The current King, that is, my nephew...  It is because you don't like him, that's why you called me here, right? 
KC: That's right.
Deok: Do you want me to be king?
KC: I have this intention. 
Deok:  So it is.
KC: What kind of king do you wish to be?
Deok: A king who can sit in his seat a long time.

Adviser: Tomorrow at the book banquet, you can do all that you wanted to do. As long as do it in front of Ki Cheol will do. The royal guards will guard Chungon Pianzhong (palace where the king rests and enjoys feasts) ; the imperial soldiers will guard the royal palace.  No matter how capable he is, Ki Cheol will also not be able to do anything, your Majesty.
Lady Choi: Your Majesty, it is Court Lady Choi. Passing the princess's words.
King: Previously, she stayed at Kangan hall, must have been very inconvenient. Now, moved to Gunsong hall, she's going to say it's more comfortable than before, right?
Lady Choi:  The princess asks if you will be able to go over to Gunsong hall tonight.
King: Tonight?
Lady Choi: Said setting up a wine banquet to wait for your arrival.
Servant: Your Majesty...

Lady Choi: All eunuchs and lady guards, step away from the chamber by 12 paces. Don't hear, don't think, need to be alert to outside persons. 

King: Isn't this a wine feast? 
Princess: Lord Deok Kun is in Ki Cheol's residence.  
King:  I heard of it. Royal guard Choi Young already reported it to me. 
Princess: I heard Ki Cheol summoned him to his residence to threaten the royal seat.  
King: So?
Princess: Your Majesty, you ascended the throne not too long ago. Even if Ki Cheol wants to elect a new king, need a birthright. That is,  thinking of a birthright reported by the Yuan king. I have family there and want to ask them for their help. Before Ki Cheol sends people to Yuan, we can talk to the Yuan King first. Please... please let me help you.
King: I ordered this at the last minute. I instructed them to prepare a color suitable for you. Are you satisfied?
Princess: Your Majesty...
King: And this is... Do you still remember?

You are Lord Kangan?
Are you a woman of Goryeo?
King: That day you knew who I was, right?
Princess: I knew.
King: But you didn't tell me. Who you were, exactly.
May I ask you, you are which noble's daughter?  Nevermind. Regardless of which noble, it doesn't matter. I am King Chungsook's second prince, have to inherit the throne in future. As the prince of a small and weak nation, have been a hostage here for 10 years. A person like me requests of you, will you marry me?

Princess: At that time, I couldn't tell you.
King: At that time, why didn't you tell me who you were? After that, I have thought of the reason. Is it to toy with me?
Princess: No.
King: What exactly did you wish to hear from me? Not saying anything, always staying around me.

From now on, she is my...
Whom are you referring to, your Highness?

King: I am now a king. But I have nothing. Power, talented people. This type of me, only have 1 thing. That is my principles. Fight against Yuan dynasty to protect my own country. Fight against the rich and powerful to protect my citizens. 
Princess: To ask for help from Yuan, is breaking your Majesty's principles. 
King: I have already broken my principle. I once vowed I would never love a Yuan woman. But I have broken this. No matter how hard I try, also cannot resist you.  Because I have already fallen in love with you, unable to forget you. That's why I treated you all the more coldly.  This is the weak person that I am. I don't wish to break my principles again. Are you willing to help me by my side? 

(zine ed: ^__^ The princess's expression is very cute and lovable. She can be so headstrong and yet so speechless and soft.)

Man: These are spears and swords, sent over by the iron smelting room. 
Royal guard: Seems we didn't order any new weapons.
Man: I'm just sending them over here as I was ordered to.
Royal guard: Hey! Who's responsible for matters of the iron smelting room? 
Man: And this. Please gift it to the royal guard captain.
Royal guard: The captain? 
Man: Just tell him, this is what he asked for previously. He'll know then.
Royal guard: Oh, Deok Man. Give this to the captain. 
Deok Man: Why should I send it over?
Royal guard: Because I'm busy.
Deok Man: Hey, you rascal... Really.

(The day of the book Banquet. The party that discusses classics/scriptures before the king during Goryeo era. Book Banquet.)

Yik Che: Yik Che and scholars have come on your Majesty's call.
King:  The journey coming here wasn't easy.  I'm very grateful you all can come. Raise your heads. I wish to remember your faces.

Eun Soo: (reciting acupuncture points) Head-dimensional points...Here is? 
Doc Jang: It's Dongjaliu. Didn't you say your memory is very good?

(Dongjaliu is an acupuncture point on the side of the eye (?) Click on this for info in website)

ES: That was a long time ago. Now that I'm older, and suffered too many shocks, my head also don't obey me.
Doc: You know them?
ES:  He's called Lord Deok Kun, I think. Said he's the king's uncle.  Not a very important person, right?
Doc: How much of your memory can be trusted?
ES:   The extent of his appearance is in textbooks... but not a personage who can appear in exams. Shouldn't need to be too worried, right?

King: Today,  in the presence of loyal subjects and scholars, I wish to handle a few country matters. Hope you all can judge the right and wrong and guide. 3rd rank ambassador Kiwan.  From today onwards, dismissed. 3rd rank Chawun, same dismissed.
Kiwan: Your Majesty, what exactly did I do wrong?
King:  Your job is cashier responsible for the King's order, the palace security and conduct of government affairs.
Kiwan: That's right.
King: Since my ascension, you attended court for only 2 days. Neglected your duty, abandoned your work.
Chawun: Your Majesty!
King: You are the supervising body.
Chawun: Yes.
King: In the past year, what exactly did you supervise?
Chawun: What?
King: Nothing in the records, regardless of how it's searched.
Chawun: That... That...
King: Here contains the subjects who can only be dismissed and the reasons. Distribute these one by one. I will personally appoint those positions that are vacant because of this.
KC: Your Majesty.
King: Please speak.
KC: There is a specialized department for the matter of the subjects. If your Majesty would like to dismiss or recruit, first...
King: Ah, you mean the Governance House?
KC: Yes.
King: Has been removed. This morning. So from now on, I will do the matter of the subjects. Yi Che, Yi Cheheon. Appointed as first rank, left political deputy.
Yi Che: I receive the order.
Deok Kun: In name, we are uncle and nephew. This is the first time I am meeting you.
King: I heard you were coming.
Deok: I heard you became a new king, want to do new things, need help, so I hurried over here like this.
King: If that's sincere, then it is worth feeling grateful for. I know that empty position is uncle's place, isn't that so?
Deok: So saying, your Majesty wants to remove Governance House, right? That was set up by my late father, do you know?
King: I know.
Deok: Ah, you learned by following.

Royal guard: His Majesty is alone in there.
Choi: Alone?
RG: Said no one is allowed to come near.
King: I have something I want to ask. 
Choi: Yes.
King: The captain promised to be my people, this matter, the main reason is? Should be in order to honor the promise you made to doc god, right? The promise to send her back. In order to honor that promise, need to fight with Lord government House.  Is it because you wanted that strength that you chose me?
Choi: Is the sequence important?
King: Because I am always feeling the temptation... If I gave doc god to Lord government house, will all this be solved? But if so, you, Choi Young, will then leave me, right? A king who don't even honor a promise, you won't continue to serve, right?

Doc Jang: Every night also has nightmares.
Choi: It's a nightmare?
Doc: Didn't she endure a succession of bad things? From what she said, it's what she had never seen in a whole lifetime in heaven. Seems a big blow.
Choi: I didn't know.
Doc: Doc god is very good at lying, using her smiling face.

Deok: Here. So good.
Woman: I put it here.
Deok: What is this? Ah, now's a headache. With such a pretty face, you actually used such a killer move! Let me see... then...
Soo Inn: This matter, when do we have to do till? (goes to Deok Kun) Please play slowly. I have to go out for a while.
Deok: Then I should put here...
Soo Inn: Did you specially come to see me?
Choi: Thought to say "Hi".
Soo Inn: We have already met so many times, such courtesy.
Choi: Also wish to warn you.
Soo Inn: What warning?
Choi: Don't ever appear in front of doc god again. That person, is afraid of you.
Soo Inn: What if I don't say "hi" to you and look for her?
Choi: Your right hand. Will never come back again. Time has dragged on more or less enough. Time to say goodbye.

Deok: Hey, are you guys thieves?  If you're after money.. you've found the wrong person.
Choi: You have suffered.
Deok: Royal guard.
Choi: Indeed. I am Choi Young.
Deok: As royal guard, you actually treat me who a royal clansman, this way? Don't tell me this is the king's order? Even if it's the king, such an unlawful matter...
Choi: I was only thinking of rescuing your lordship. Passing by, happened to see your lordship being gang-robbed. Saving you at the same time, can I ask a favor from you? Doc god's notebook is in your hands, right?
Deok: Doc god's notebook? In order to get that thing, you do such a thing? You... Do you think I would keep such an important thing on me? That item, is already firmly locked in the drawer of Lord Government House...
Choi: Hope you will find it no matter what. And give it to doc god.
Deok: What are you saying? Unraveling the contents of that notebook, it will then be possible to find the way back to heaven. This is what doc god thinks.  Try unraveling it together. With doc god.
Deok: Why?
Choi: If your lordship can unravel this secret, Lord government house will not anyhow treat you. Aren't you also aware of this? Lord government house Ki Cheol, if he thinks you have no value, he can bury you anytime.
Deok: So?
Choi: You will then have a trump card against Ki Cheol.
Deok:  Then?
Choi: Doc god will find the way back to heaven.
Deok: What about you as royal guard? What will you get?
Choi: I can then be at ease. (stands) These thieves, no matter when and where will also be able to catch your lordship. If get caught again, I won't be able to save you then. So, please watch you words and action. By the way, doc god's knife strokes are pretty good. Personality is also hot like fire. So, I advise you, don't make any disrespectful moves.

Vice Captain: To get along well with the imperial soldiers seems not too easy. To be honest, them and us, is like cats and dogs. At loggerheads, but...

Voice: Thank you.
ES: Then treatment is almost at an end. Come, everyone take one. This is what I asked Doc Jang Bin. Soap that was made by combining very good herbs with green beans. Soap. If use it to wash face day and night, will feel the complete difference to your skin! Take it, take it. Till today, it's free. Free. Service, take it.

(zine ed: The Chinese subs translate "service" very interestingly and amusingly as "Sha Bi Si" which sounds like "service" but literally translates as Kill Must Die. ^_^)
Choi: Please take out your short sword. (ES finds and takes it out) If it's so time-consuming to take out the short sword... will the other party be good and wait for you?
ES: Those I wield my knife against, are all patients being good lying on the operating table.  So...
Choi: This knife isn't as heavy. Put it at your ankle again and try it. (ES inserts it) Pull it out again. (ES pulls it out) Holding the knife that way, will be unable to apply force. Upside down.
ES: Come on.
Choi: Chop with it. (ES tries) Use a little strength. (ES tries) The advantage of a short sword is... can change direction at random, a stroke is fatal.  Problem is focusing strength in one moment. Like this. Opposite direction. One, Two, Three... Chop at me with strength. Now stab over here.

(zine ed: I love it when he spins with her. Very tall. Looks very cool as he steps to swing round. ^_^)

(zine ed: I love this scene where he holds her hand so gently while his face turns so closely against hers. He wouldn't let go, if she hadn't pushed him away thinking it's part of the lesson. ^__^)

Choi: (releases her) Spread your legs, use strength in your stomach. Once more. (ES tries) Ah, too difficult to teach. Please watch well. Like this in 1 breath.

(zine ed: This move is same as City Hunter's, right?) 

ES: (imitates his words before laughing away) This place is also good. Air is good and quiet.
Choi: Even so, you still want to go back, right? You're obviously having a hard time enduring it.

(zine ed: This point, I can fully understand. No matter how beautiful the place, it is not home and the heart and mind yearn for where it must return to. It's really admirable that she can stay so long there without going nuts.). 

Royal guard: I win!
Chusong: You guys don't you know whose military camp this is? How dare you trespass here.
Soldier: Which one? Is he here?
Royal guard: You stinking kid...What are you guys doing? Put down your weapons!
Man: And him.
Soldier: (enters Choi Young's room) Search.
Soldier: Here!

Deok Kun: Is doc god in there? (sees ES) Still remember me?
ES: If you are unwell, I will find Doc Jang for you. Togi...
Deok: This... I stole it. So I can't give it to you. But you can copy it down. Today, I'm here not on anyone's orders, but by my own will. So please cool your anger.
ES:  To let me see, is it?
Deok: Yes.
ES:  What's the condition?
Deok: Condition... Hope you will allow me to stay by your side. Only that.
ES: You said this is an item from a thousand years ago.
Deok: It's said this is Hwa Ta's relic.
ES: Liar. This paper is not that old. See, the highlighter's trace is still very clear. At most a hundred years.

(zine ed: I doubt it's even 100 years. I think it's even younger than that since highlighter ink fades very fast.)

Deok: What's written inside?
ES: Numbers and English.

Choi: What are you doing? (enters court) Royal guard Choi Young,  is here on imperial order. 
King: Please continue.
Yik Che: Recognize this box?
Choi: No, I don't.
Yik Cheheon: This is a 500 silver taels note.

(zine ed: Taels is ancient Chinese currency)

King: The first assignment I gave them after their appointment. That is, investigating you, the captain's, bribery case.
Yik Cheheon: Royal guard Choi Young, once accepted bribe from the weapons merchants. They gave the bribe, they took the bribe. And, in the captain's room, was searched this silver note. Give you chance to explain.
Choi: You mean, I took a 500 taels bribe? Not five hundred thousand taels, but a mere 500 taels?
Yi Cheheon: For now, indeed it is just this.
Yik Che: Your Majesty once awarded the royal guard team, the special privilege that apart from his Majesty, cannot take orders from others, cannot anyhow disband, cannot interfere in governance using the military. Special  privileges and special allowances, easily corrupt.
King: I say, Yik Che. 

(zine ed: The king having a headache is very cute. ^_^) 

King: I have said before...
Yik Che: When your Majesty appointed me for this position, you said before...Must definitely not bow to any power. Must fair and square handle impartially.
Choi: Since you are going to stick a groundless crime on me, why not stick the crime of high treason? What the heck is 500 taels?
KC: In order to earn this mere 500 taels, you let your subordinates use this grade of poor quality weapons.
Yi Cheheon: Captain Choi Young, you said you have never seen this piece of silver taels note. Then can we assume that this note was accepted by your subordinates who hid what they did from you?

(end of translation)