Saturday, 27 February 2016

There Is No Place To Sell In SG & Carousell Buyer Review

I have been trying for years.  Don't tell me there are many online sites because I have tried them. Don't tell me to set up a stall because I have also tried it.

Ebay SG. In the same time I posted the same items on Ebay SG & Carousell, I sold 4 items on Carousell.  On Ebay SG, all I got was "watchers" & 0 sales.  Very rare to have a buyer.

Between Ebay SG & Carousell, it's clear who the winner is.

But don't be happy yet.

Carousell is pretty much dead for items above $50, unless it's a special occasion or season such as X'mas or Valentine's.  Since last year Oct when I joined & the start of 2016, it's been drought season at Carousell.  No Activity. I don't know how long this drought will last. 

Gumtree? Very bad. In the years, I have tried selling different items there,  I got 0 sales. The only enquiry I got was from a Nigerian scammer last year regarding a pre-order coffee machine that he didn't understand was pre-order.  Items I listed on Gumtree over the years were brand new or pre-order. [Depends on what you're selling.].

Facebook? Very bad for trying to sell anything. 1) Ad gets deleted. 2) People go there to look at stupid photos of stupid people & things. Not to buy. This point was already mentioned by an online review site.

Instagram?  I didn't use it but look. You have to buy Followers? It's that bad. If you have to buy followers, then it means there is no viewship. Just like Twitter which I quit.

Twitter? I signed up & quit because it was a desert.

Locanto SG? Useless for selling things. Only works if you are asking for certain things that people don't want, such as old computers.

STclassifieds? You would think that since it belongs to the country's publishing company, it should work. Stupid site. Should also just close down. No Activity. Difficult to post items. After going through the trouble of finally posting something, no buyers.

ST701? Another stupid site that wastes time posting items but no buyers.

Craigslist SG? Even worse than Ebay SG. Gives you a headache just looking at what people listed. Junk site. No enquiries, no buyers. Waste of time posting there.  Craigslist SG is different compared to US where people do get ... bargains... (which come to think, is bad for me as a seller & thinking of Craiglist hunter on Youtube.). Actually, I think Craigslist is just crap for sellers. Plus, the name is hard to type. Awful name.

OLX SG. That was years ago before they shut down. Managed to sell only 1 or 2 pieces of women's clothes there.

Claseek SG. Nothing happens. Waste time posting there.

All other classifieds ads sites: No activity, no enquiries, no buyers.

Fleamarket stall at Orchard area: Very bad. Paid stall money but sold only 1 piece of skirt that was a loss to me & to a lousy young woman who was rude. Even years now, I still remember her attitude & behavior. Tsk, tsk, tsk.  Very disrespectful. They never once had  the courtesy to look at me or talk to me as a person. Very bad.

The young woman (younger sister, I presume) wanted the skirt & wondered if it could be machine washed. I said yes. But the older woman didn't even look at me & said to her sister, "I don't think it's machine washable.".

Come on. Who is selling that skirt? I am standing there. I am the seller. If you doubt my item, don't buy. Very rude to ignore the seller standing there & just go ahead to say whatever she wants.

Bloody woman. I shouldn't have sold to her. $10 or around that price. Couldn't even cover the $20 or $30 stall rent.

By now, she would be some years older. If she's not already dead. Yes, I am still angry when I think of it now.

Such women. Reminds me of another one I met from Carousell just 2 weeks ago.

She came with her boyfriend. It was her boyfriend who contacted me on Carousell.

We met up. Singaporean Chinese couple.

She completely had no smile when meeting a person for the first time. Man & woman didn't even say "Hi". Her face was black as if I offended her. Didn't even make eye contact. Crazy woman.

Her boyfriend seemed Singaporean.  I assume she was too. Won't be surprised if she isn't.

How can someone be so anti-social? It's just basic ettiquette to at least say "Hi" or smile when meeting someone for the first time. What's the matter with her? Hormonal problem or just rotten?

Even I don't like people but at least I have the courtesy to say "Hi" with a smile when meeting for the first time.

If it's hormonal, she will get worse than just behavioral problems. Hormonal problems are serious.

As it was a men's item & since he was the one who contacted me, I assumed the man was buying it. But it turned out she was the one who wanted it. I know because he held up the item & suggested that it was suitable for her purpose (whatever that is) & she gave a nod.

The instant she took hold, she was very rough with it. 

I stood there watching quite appalled by her behavior. I was thinking if that's the way she was going to handle it, it isn't going to last in her hands. And I suddenly feared that she wouldn't buy (which means, I would have to take back the item that her hands just mauled.).

He fingered the front of it & nothing more while she groped it. I felt like my poor brand new item was being raped in front of my eyes. I silently apologized to it for having to sell it to such people.

Done, he asked if it was satisfactory. She gave a nod. Then he handed me the money which he already had in his hand.  I gave him back a dollar change.

When I told bro, he said such a woman thinks she's a princess. He said there are many women like that. I said it's completely appalling.

I think as Singaporeans, they are even worse than the foreigner buyer who first bought from me.

That foreigner was 20 minutes late & no apology. Stone-faced when he appeared, not even a "hi". And I was upset with him. But at least, he was satisfied with seeing only a certain part of the item that I took out to show him (I think he was in a hurry to go). It would be quite difficult to pull it out & put it back into its protective cover. He didn't rough handle it or anything. Just touched to feel it. Paid easy too.

How can Singaporeans' behavior lose to a foreigner?  I expected Singaporeans to be way better.

Why Carousell Keeps Hanging Even when There's Nobody?

I know traffic is poor because not just my items not getting any activity. Other sellers are also not getting any action going by their "likes" count even after 4 or 5 hours.

Today, Carousell has been hanging since 5 or 6 p.m..

I keep asking what the Carousell founders are doing with the $56 million. Eat it? Sit on it? Spend it? For sure, that money is not going into Carousell SG site.  The hanging servers getting worse while traffic is getting less & less. Does that make sense?

This is what I got a few minutes ago at just slightly past midnight when "peak" traffic has stopped:

This is also very frequent. Bullshit. Happens at night. Refreshing the page a few times works, then it happens again.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Carousell Another Misrepresentation Fraudster Seller "Sonderstore"

This guy is even worse than Osaka Bags Fraudster.   Osaka Bags says his bags are "Tokyo Designed". This Sonderstore fellow dares say the bag is "Made in Korea".  Even one step further.

Is Sonderstore & Osaka Bags the same person? Possible but does not seem so because their description style of their items is different. 

These people are just very unscrupulous. No qualms about making these sort of claims, thinking nobody knows.

Come on. So many sellers selling the same thing on Carousell.  The bag he is selling is also in Jamieq's account. Even if the sellers don't blow the whistle on him, buyers will also find out sooner or later.

And look at the price. Made in Korea for only $42.90? Crazy. If really made in Korea, it's not going to cost peanuts like that.  Take at a look at real Made in Korea products & see how much they cost without shipping. There is No way any seller can afford to sell Made in Korea at low prices. I know because I used to purchase a lot of items from Korea.

Genuine Made in Korea items are very good quality but expensive.

What this "Sonderstore" is selling is fraudulent misrepresentation.

Even his item description is wrong. Says the material is "Horse Leather". For heaven's sake. Can't even type it right. It's Crazy Horse Leather.  Big difference between Horse Leather & Crazy Horse Leather.

Furthermore, he wants people's address.  Who wants to give him?

Why do these sellers not understand that misrepresentation is fraudulent? 

I call these people the "Carousell Shit".

Another type of Carousell shit are those people who tag their items with all kinds of crap such that their stupid items appear in every damn search result.

What's a skateboard doing in men's bags search listings? Not just skateboards. Many totally irrelevant items appear. And when you check why skateboard is in the search listing, you see that the seller typed all kinds of shit in his listing to get it listed.

Don't buy from sellers who wild tag their listings to get attention. Such sellers show themselves to be selfish & irresponsible with no qualms about doing things for personal benefit.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Carousell Is So Goddamn Slow

I get this every night between 8 to 10.30p.m.. Not like there's a huge amount of traffic. Traffic is not even moving! I know because listings are not moving in search lists. No sellers & no buyers.

There is almost Zero Activity. And the server keeps hanging. Takes forever to get into my message box. And it affects other users as well since messages are sent twice & their item postings are posted 3 times or more with just 1 click on the button. Crazy.

What happened to the $50 million & $6 million that investors spent on Carousell??? 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Carousell Alert: Nigerian (?) Buyer Tries to Scam Seller (Me)

Thursday 12:30a.m.

So boring the scam. Don't try to scam me with your African scam, Ok?

A scam must be smooth like the Osaka Bags fraudster, such that it's natural & smooth & nobody must suspect a thing. A scam that raises doubts right at the beginning is a failure.

Stupid Nigerian African. Don't even know how to scam.

Sian. No business for my items. The only 2 messages I get are from this boring scammer.

It's also not the first time I received such a message. Previously when I listed items on Gumtree, a weirdo also messaged with the same MO.  At that time, I didn't think it was a scam, but it was just too gibberish to bother with (it didn't make sense).

This time on Carousell, is the first time I receive such a message. User id: vipper21.  It's quite common that some buyers have no feedback score because they just joined to buy something, so no score is not a problem.

But look at the message:

1) All deals are done on Carousell. But this person wants to move it outside.
2) "seldom sign in here"?  Is a very poor excuse for not doing the transaction on Carousell. After all, he is here on Carousell asking about the items. So why seldom sign in here? Doesn't make sense.

When the target "victim" starts questioning like that, the scam fails. The Nigerian scammer is a failure. 

Giving him the beginning benefit of the doubt, I moved to my e-mail & explained details & meet up assuming he is in Singapore. However, he replied as Fred Jackson (, which is strange.

His e-mail:

Hello i am Mr Fred Jackson from United State Of America,how are you
today and how are your families ? hope all is good ? well i am
interested in buying the item for my daughter in THAILAND, because it
my child that need it  and i hope she would like it , so kindly get to
me with the total cost of the item including the shipping cost to her
address below with post office, i pay through either Paypal or Bank
transfer ok reply soon.

First Name-Morin
Last Name-Jackson
Address: 397 Moo 5 Prachasamosorn Road,
Zip Code-40000
City-Khon Kaen

Thanks and have a blessed day

1)  Look at the creepy start. It's like a cold mail, first time. Not a continuation from Carousell. And what's with the "Fred Jackson"?

2) A real US person won't spell out the entire US of A.  That's just soo... boring. And missed out an "s" for "States". Which US person misses out the "s"? I had to look at the sender's name again. Fred Jackson is an American name but he sure does not sound American.

3) Why is the daughter in Thailand, an asian country instead of in the USA?

4)  "because it my child that need it"? The poor English & phrasing don't sound like USA.

5) Getting the total cost for shipping to another country is very troublesome.  I used to do it & it's really troublesome.  In the end, the item becomes so super expensive, it's ridiculous, even if I am not the one paying for it. Plus, having to pack it for shipping overseas. Time-consuming.  Not worth the time or money paid to me.

6)  Problem with payment options with overseas people. Plus, Paypal problem. That's why I stopped sending anything overseas.  From the scammer's options, it leaves only bank transfer since my Paypal is closed.

Bank transfer. Now this is a problem because Telegraphic transfer is Very Expensive for the person paying. There's the actual amount, plus 2 sides of bank fees.

7) No full stop. And I don't like the "ok reply soon".  Rude.

I checked the address & didn't find it on Google map or results. Then I googled "Fred Jackson USA scam". Found it right in the first result.  419 scam. Second result '"Scam Alert Singapore" mentions cases with the same MO.

Ahh! I'm having a headache from lack of sleep & bad eyesight.  Goodnight.

I wanted to check the scammer's location (whether he's in Singapore) by clicking on his Carousell profile but his account has been deleted.  Guess someone reported him.

Then again, if he is using a random mobile number, then his profile will just state whatever he chooses to enter.

(Update: Thurs 3 March). Here's another one. I posted a few items on Gumtree SG & this guy contacted me through Gumtree for all the items with similar & identical messages.

As one of the earlier messages seemed normal, I gave it the benefit of the doubt & replied to the e-mail address. (Only later, I received identical messages to my other items & knew it was that same MO again.).

Here is the reply 2 days later:  

Tim Anthony <>

I replied to the Gumtree message because I tested it first. Gumtree messages always send with "signed by", which is South African.  I ignored all the messages based on this.

Yesterday, I tested it.

Even when I sent message to myself on Gumtree, it is still "signed by". So, I gave this Tim Anthony the benefit of the doubt & replied to his e-mail address.

However, note that the scammer's initial contact is always the same.  On Carousell & now on Gumtree.  It's always:  he don't log in to the account, don't check here... just to direct you to go to e-mail (out of the Carousell or Gumtree system).

(Update 30 Mar Wed):  I received another 2 different "styles" recently for my Gumtree SG listings.  One of them I deleted. Another one is here (scammer sent identical message to 2 items, not knowing that the 2 items are listed by me):

The thing is, I included my e-mail in my listings, so there is no reason for a buyer to ask for my e-mail to "discuss".

What this scammer is doing is simply clicking on any item & just sending this message without even looking at the content of the listing. That's why scammer doesn't know that these items are listed by the same seller. Scammer doesn't care because he/she is crazy.

Frankly, getting messages from this stupid scammer is boring. I feel like scolding him. I am waiting for real sales & real money. But this clown keeps spamming with lousy bait like this.

What "Oh! i guess you still post it for sale"?  A real buyer will straightaway ask to get the item & even give me his mobile number.

In fact, a buyer recently was upset about communication using this "e-mail". He wanted to use the phone. I thought he was either a scammer or an iphone addict. In the end, he left. Good riddance. I am not so desperate to sell to a psycho who sounded aggressive when I didn't give him my number.

Update: Mon 25 July 2016:  Here's another on Carousell. The same thing. Getting people out of Carousell to go to e-mail. It's very silly.  Nobody ever asks for e-mail anymore. It's too outdated. Why the heck will people want to go out of Carousell chat to go to e-mail?  And why can't the person ask whatever he wants on the chat just as he is doing so now?

I just delete the message. Makes no sense. His new ID:  bara__bara

Friday, 19 February 2016

Jamieq Bags Leather Buyer Review Carousell (Real Leather Misrepresentation)

Sat 20.

I read this with amusement. Malay buyer. He/she (sue.n.noor) says "The PU leather was ...more like authentic leather". That is because it IS leather.

If it looks like leather, smells & feels like leather, then it IS leather.  Crazy horse leather. Read my post on it. (

This is the problem when such people don't educate themselves.  Misguided assumptions. They believe what they are told.

Definitely, there is seller's misrepresentation here.  It becomes fraudulent if the seller knowingly lists items as "PU" when in fact it is leather.

Crazy Horse leather is in fact leather coated or treated with synthetic materials such as PU. It is a hybrid. Not entirely PU. But it is leather.

The supplier of these bags always state they are made of Crazy Horse Leather.

Therefore, Jamieq cannot claim that she is unaware that she is selling Crazy Horse Leather bags. She knows she is selling Crazy Horse leather bags.

Does she know Crazy Horse Leather is real leather?  The supplier of the bags will sometimes state the leather used & the grades of Crazy Horse Leather. Therefore, it is unlikely she don't know.

Ironic that she states in her profile description "My dream: less leather!" when she has been selling real leather & misleading others into buying exactly what they want to avoid. Real leather.


Monday, 15 February 2016

NEA Must BAN Joss Paper Burning!

This has nothing to do with religion. It is air pollution. Hazardous Inconsideration. Stupidity. Selfishness.

Singapore cannot be said to have progressed when such people exist. Everyone against this air pollution must urge the NEA to put a stop to it.

Joss papers & joss sticks release carcinogens into the air when burnt.

2015 report:

...lead is released into the air. A study of kindergarten students across the nation shows that the more frequently a family burns incense, the higher the levels of lead in the blood of the children in the family.

Burning joss paper and incense releases benzene, toluene, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide, nitrogen monoxide and particulate matter (PM). On the first and 15th day of every lunar month, the presence of PM1.0 in the air can rise as high as 432.9 micrograms per cubic meter.

Benzene is a carcinogen. Iritates the eyes, skin and respiratory system. Worrying amounts of lead in several brands of joss paper.

Chemicals in joss paper burning implicated in Parkinson's Disease. 

Joss Sticks:

...temple workers tasked with clearing the smouldering sticks, found the cocktail of chemicals in the smoke put them at risk of leukaemia, lung, blood and bladder cancers.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Fed Up of Jamieq Carousell Calling Crazy Horse Leather PU "Less Leather Less Killing PU Thanks ya"

Sat 13

I get the impression she's a scatterbrain airhead.

Why don't she check first before claiming or believing that it's really PU? Don't know if she's really against leather or just pretend or don't want to know.  If she really cared whether it's real leather or PU, she will make the effort to check.

What is Crazy Horse Leather?

Crazy Horse Leather (疯马皮) is made of real leather coated in waxes or PU to create a leather effect that is more durable than real leather. Due to the waxes or PU applied to the surface, it becomes water-resistant. Scratches can easily be smoothed away with fingers. The aged/vintage texture improves with use.

With its enhanced properties, Crazy Horse Leather becomes a material that's better than real leather.

There are different grades of Crazy Horse Leather.

Sellers call Crazy Horse Leather "PU". But buyers must know that it is not entirely PU. Crazy Horse Leather is cowhide treated with surface layers of synthetic materials.

Buyers who are avoiding real leather (because they are against animal cruelty) must know that when a material has a tanned brown leather-look & sellers call it PU or "premium grade PU", that material is Crazy Horse Leather.