Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Kuroko no Basket: Saikou no Present Desu (Explanation of Hyuuga's "waga mama body")

2:48pm. Wed 30 Dec

I just finished watching.  Didn't know they made this. At 18:22 (video time), the translator couldn't understand what the captain Hyuuga/Hyuga said. "Waga mama body" (referring to the sexy body of Alex). 

A lot of translators always think "waga mama" means selfish. Actually, it more accurately means "reckless".  That's why in this instance, the translator couldn't understand what Hyuuga meant.  If you translate "waga mama" as "selfish body", it makes no sense.

The Chinese translation/words at the bottom is correct. It means "wild" or "reckless" body.  In other words, Hyuuga was saying, "What a wild body!".  Or "What a recklessly sexy body".

It's also strange that Kagami said "today" Tokugawa Ieyasu was born. According to translations, it's 31st January. But why would Kagami say January?  "Today" that they are celebrating Kuroko's birthday is 31st December. 


Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Cupid's Arrow Above Japan's Train Station. こんにちは!あなたは電車の駅上の素敵なキューピッドの矢がある知っていますか?

Why is it there suddenly today/tonight? Bro says it's for X'mas. Last night, it wasn't there. It appears brightly then slowly fades away to appear again.

Why put it up there where nobody can see? Zannen desu. Even if you look up, you can't see it!

 なぜそれがそこにありますか 残念。

Interesting sweetness on the roof!  屋根の上に興味深い甘さ 


Watching this train station often, it seems there are more men than women. 


Monday, 14 December 2015

Giving Up On Carousell... (Not Yet!)

Latest:  The Fraudster: http://therevolutioner.blogspot.sg/2016/01/carousell-special-feature-fraudster.html

(Update 1:59 am Tues 22 Dec: Why do people put horrible photos of their ugly children & themselves on Carousell? I hate it when I click on "activity" & see it's an unattractive woman with a kid. Or a black & white photo of a sweaty kid with matted hair looking like a photo from a tombstone. For heaven's sake. Sell. Don't put your goddamn mugshots on a selling site.)

Update 8:21 p.m. Sun Dec 20 2015:

So far, I have found 3 persons (3 different accounts) who are making an estimated $500 to $600/month. Selling the same type of items but in different ways. All 3 making money.

Seems good. But actually, not quite. To make a living, sales has to be everyday & a target amount has to be reached daily.  Clear example: Everyday, I spend $60 on food & supermarket purchases. I have to have at least a profit of $60 everyday to make up for it.

But it's not everyday that I can get back this amount.

It's not everyday that a seller can make sales of $60 on Carousell. In fact, there can be no sale for months. If the profit is $20 every few days, how do you live on it?

It's possible if every few days, the sales make up for the days that didn't make a sale. For instance, for 3 days, no sale. Then on the 4th day, you gain the profit of these 4 days.

The correct question is not whether a person can make money on Carousell.  Making a profit is possible.

The correct question should be: Can a person make a living selling on Carousell? This is harder to answer. I am still watching & learning.

(Update: 10.35 p.m.: I just deleted a message that says "More pictures".  No "hi", no "please" & no full-stop.  New account.  Possibly foreigner. Such a "buyer",  sellers can ignore. No time or effort need be wasted on such a person.  I'm not in the mood to reply. In fact, I feel like replying, "Not 'more pictures Please' meh?".  Not even worth replying to. It's easier to just press the delete button than type. Less problem also. No money, no point talking.)

11.28 p.m. Tues Dec:

Scrap everything I said below. I just found someone who has made at least $600/month on Carousell. This person is very smart. He must be working in marketing. Simple, genius idea. What a fraud. But buyers love it & even say seller is "Trustworthy".  Hahaha!

Just when I was about to give up, I am good to go again.

Some people just have a knack for making money. While I have some gifted abilities, money-making by misleading people is not one of them.

Such a brilliant move. Or rather, such silly buyers. Just when I was thinking that the only way to make money off of these stupid, stingy people is to con them, I find someone already doing it beautifully.

As bro always say, "In business, you cannot be too honest.". 


15 Dec Tuesday. 3:12 p.m.

It's really a pity. The traffic seems to be there. But the buyers are really weird. They ask very bizarrely ridiculous questions & have very strange ideas of how much things should cost. I'm very mystified.

I don't know how old they are or where they are from. Outer space?

Last night, I received 1 message from (presumably) a female asking how much is the item I am selling. I put $0 because that item has to be combined with other items to qualify for cheaper shipping.

So far, 3 persons have asked about this item on previous occasions. But none purchased anything. So this time, I asked her how much she was willing to pay for this item, in order to know what these people are thinking.

She said around "$10".

HA! I had expected a low number but not this low. Laughable.  $10?  I can't believe this person's mind. Has this person even been to a store? A mall?

An item imported from Korea cannot possibly cost $10. Shipping fee? Exchange rates?

Her parents must have been paying for her. She has no idea how much things actually cost. She hasn't worked?

Her hands hold the iphone but what use is it?  

This is the kind of people on Carousell. How to sell to them?

I have been trying for more than a month. With different methods & items. All I got are crazy & stupid messages. Only 4 are actual purchases with a grand total of $35 earnings.  How to live on $35?

I really don't understand. Carousell has the traffic. But where is the money?

Typing this here is a waste of time.

I am seriously considering giving up on Carousell. But there is no other SG platform where there is traffic for selling things. Classified ads are useless. Ebay SG is useless.

It's not the prices of the things I sell.  The prices are very cheap. This is a fact.

My prices are actually too low compared to market prices.  Yet every person who messages me, asks for substantial discounts. Who are these people, where do they come from?

All of them don't have common sense. Low intelligence. 

It's very strange. In my years of doing business online, I have never come across such people.

For the first time, looking at my Carousell page, I am seriously considering whether to just leave it as that. Stop posting more items to sell.

Every item requires a lot of time to search & edit. It takes the whole day to look for things to sell & post them up. One day, at most I can do 5 or 6 items.

I have to get the right remuneration for my efforts. But every day, especially these few days, there is no activity. No messages. When I get 1 message, it's a stupid one.

The fault lies in Carousell's creators. For not attracting the right buyers to the site. For not improving the site to a respectable, high-quality standard. For cheapening it by setting it up as a child's/teenager's "sell-your-junk" site.

For heaven's sake. You 3 guys are university grads. How can you set up a site targeting only teens? School students?

Don't you want your site to have a broad range of visitors, buyers & sellers? Not just confined to selling junk among school kids? Where's your vision?