Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Contest Photos: Singpost's Rumpled Contractor Delivery Mail Men & Women

29 Dec Thurs

Shall we have a contest of the best photos of Singpost's Most Rumpled Contractor-Mailman (or mail woman)?

Have you noticed what your mailman looks like these days? In the past, mailmen in proper, ironed Singpost uniform came on scooters bearing the Singpost logo. They came on time in the afternoons.

Some time ago, the mailman around my area became a rumpled, unwashed fellow with uncombed hair and sandals. Comes at night. Wears an open, crinkled grey, dirty-looking shirt that passes off as a uniform. Pushes the mail in a groceries trolley to the mailbox. Previously, he even sorted out the mail at a nearby sitting area with a woman.

Who is he? Where did he come from? Looks like a China man labourer with dark, crinkled complexion.

Once he sent up a registered package to me.  He almost walked off, but remembered. Opened his old, crumpled transparent plastic bag (with junk inside) & rummaged for a crumpled piece of paper for me to sign.

Another time, I asked him about a Speedpost package, he just rudely shook his head, eager to turn away & walk off, "I don't know! Don't know!".

(I asked because I was desperate to know what happened to my Speedpost package that I haven't been able to receive for days.).

Some days ago, I saw him holding another plastic bag out of "uniform", walking towards a set of mailboxes. He opened it with a master key, shoved the bag of shoes & stuff into an unused slot & closed it.  Then he walked away, hawked loudly & spat onto the ground.

I don't want such a man delivering my mail. But he has been doing it for at least 1-2 years already. 

Yesterday, I saw a mailman in a Singpost truck come out along the side of a road to collect the mail from a postbox. He had uncombed white hair. Rumpled, dirty grey shirt, loose pants & sandals. Dragged his empty mailbag along the ground as he shuffled slowly towards the postbox as if he was having a hangover.

I think we need a photo contest.  Someone offer prize money? Take photos of these rumpled, dirty-looking postmen. This is what Singpost has become. The face of Singpost.
Is it because of too many foreigners in Singapore = increase in number of mail & parcels = Singpost & Speedpost deteriorated to complete crap?

Singpost & Speedpost are different. But many people have the idea that they are the same & speak of them as one.

Speedpost was created to earn more money. Anything exceeding the purposely very limited dimensions of Singpost will become Speedpost.  Whether sending local or overseas, almost all parcels will be under Speedpost. Singpost handles mainly letters (flat & small items).

Speedpost is EMS (Korea/Japan/Taiwan).  All incoming overseas items will be delivered by Speedpost unless you opt for regular airmail (Singpost) or other couriers (such as DHL).

Speedpost is as good as the only delivery system in Singapore for incoming overseas parcels. Without it, you can't buy anything from overseas online stores. And that's not an exaggeration because many parcels come through Speedpost once they get into Singapore.

For small outgoing mail & parcels,  you can still use Singpost & if you don't mind the longer time getting to the other side.

With your cameras & phones, take photos of your neighbourhood postmen or postwomen. See who has the best. Most rumpled, crinkled & dirty Singpost delivery men & women!

Then, we should also give out prizes! Like the opposite of the Oscars. Claps!

My US package already arrived in Singapore but even after X'mas & Boxing Day, still not in my mail box. Where is it? I don't know.

Did the weird China-looking dirty mailman take it? I don't know.  I don't think so.

Is it still in Singpost's processing center? I don't know.

Is it going to be missing like so many other people's items? I don't know.

I knew it was going to come through to Singpost when I ordered the item online. But it is not expensive. I didn't want to go through Ezbuy because I didn't want the purchaser to know what I'm buying.

I stopped buying things directly online ever since the last experience with Speedpost (see previous post).

The status just got updated @ about 3pm SG time. I've been checking & this morning, it remained unchanged until now. The stated time of 1:53am... most likely, it's US time zone system.

Processed through facility only now?? Look at it below. For days, status remained "departed" from Singapore. I assumed it was on its way from Singpost to me.

Boxing Day holiday over on 26 Dec. Today is 29 Dec. And it's only just "Processed through facility"???

Finally, Singpost has tracking information. So, this First Class international small package is a registered article? Didn't the Singpost customer service in reddit say First Class is treated as normal mail?

Singpost tracking finally out only today:

Update 10:24pm 30 Dec Fri: I don't know if it's registered article or not. I waited & the postman didn't appear at my door. At 6.30pm, I went to check the mailbox, don't have. At 7.10pm, the small packet was inside the mailbox.  Good that he left it in my mailbox.

How many days did Singpost sit on my package? Starting from 24 Dec...when it arrived in Singapore. 25 Dec X'mas. 26 Dec Boxing Day. Both public holidays. Ok. Start counting from 26 Dec...  4 days before I get it in my mailbox at night.

It means besides the shipping time from US to SG that took 6 days, I have to add another 7 days in Singapore before I receive it. Total 12 days. Slow.

Strange Ezbuy Economy Air Slow & Exceeded ETA

[Update 7 Jan Sat: Ezbuy US order is 7 days slower than ordering direct from the US seller. That's how slow Ezbuy US buying process has become.  If Singpost were faster, the way they used to be, it would be even faster ordering direct.

On 12 Dec, I ordered 3 items from a US seller. First Class post to Ezbuy's US warehouse. When finally reached Ezbuy warehouse, Ezbuy took another 2 days to inspect before shipping out. Shipping took 7 days. I received only on 30 Dec. Total number of days from order placement to receiving it:  19 days.

Even though later, I ordered another item from another US seller on 17 Dec & shipped by First Class International on 19 Dec, I received also on 30 Dec delivered in my mailbox by Singpost. Shipping time was 6 days. The next huge 7 days delay was on Singpost's side. Total number of days from order to receiving: 14 days due to Singpost's slowness that took a record 7 days just to deliver to my address.

Despite ordering earlier through Ezbuy, I still received on 30 Dec, instead of earlier.  The direct order was made later & yet arrived on 30 Dec.]


Thurs 29 Dec

Just a few months ago, Ezbuy promoted their 2 days Economy Air shipping.

At that time, 2 days was rare. I experienced it only twice in the years of buying through Ezbuy.  They were able to consistently arrive in 3 days.  The ETA would be 5 days, but they would arrive in 3.

With the rarity of their 2 days shipping, I knew they couldn't make it.

True enough, their promotion was as if it never happened. Nothing happened. They were unable to do any 2 days shipping during & after their promise.

The 2 days assurance quietly fizzled off & nobody seems to remember or mention it.

Ezbuy couldn't uphold their promise & began to fall further.

As mentioned, the ETA was 5 days but they could arrive in 3.  Then, they started arriving in exactly 5 days, sometimes at the end of 5 days (late at night so I couldn't collect in the day).  Previously, it arrived in 5 days before 3pm, so it was possible to collect at 4 or 5pm.

Then 11.11, people complained that Ezbuy stopped stating the ETA. And one customer in Ezbuy Facebook said it took 15 days for her parcel to arrive via Economy Air.

It's just odd. Many regular customers have asked what's wrong with Ezbuy.

They seem to be sputtering. Inconsistencies. 1 set of order ETA 6 days. Another set of order ETA 5 days.

My order 23 Dec flight (ETA 28 Dec) did not arrive yesterday, even after 7 days of Economy Air. 1 day late.

I don't recall it happening to my China orders before.  It happened once (late) for my US order but no compensation because Ezbuy only compensates for China shipping.

I don't think it has anything to do with customs checks or clearance. Previously, there was no such problem.

Update: Even at 12:09AM Friday 30 Dec,  my other set of orders ETA 29 Dec arrived late. Just arrived but past midnight (so it's actually 30 Dec arrival, not 29).  [Update 30 Dec Fri morning: The system recorded arrival at 12:06AM, 6 mins past the day. I was compensated.].

Ezbuy system just updated the status to "arrange delivery". 

Where is my 1st set of orders ETA 28 Dec??

Ezbuy is very crafty.  Look at their table for compensation. Late compensation only for 1 day. What about 2 days? 3 days? Means if it passes ETA 2-3 days, there is no compensation.

Only compensate 30% of shipping up to 1 day.  Between 2 to 6 days,  no compensation.

Update Fri 30 Dec 4:41pm:  There was compensation for late arrivals of the 2 shipments. Both calculations are correct & entered automatically into my Ezbuy a/c upon arrival in SG (as mentioned by Venx yesterday in live chat).

The first refund is for the ETA 28 Dec. The 2nd refund is for the ETA 29 Dec (late by 6 mins into the next day). The first refund at 03:39am when it arrived in SG.

I still haven't received the shipment for ETA 28 Dec. I went earlier today at 1.30pm to collect the 2nd shipment ETA 29 Dec & the US shipment. And the staff said the ETA 28 Dec shipment not yet arrived at warehouse office.

Ezbuy is really sloppy weird. 

The shipments that I was able to collect was actually in the 5.30pm slot & yet they were available for collection at 1.30pm.  Yet the shipment (ETA 28 Dec) that was scheduled for 11am slot,  not yet arrive at warehouse office at 1.30pm.  

The delivery guy didn't bring the 11am parcel that should have been there!  Not for the first time, I have to go to Ezbuy warehouse twice!  Delay in shipping time. Delay in collection at warehouse. 

And the staff at the warehouse office are so clueless. I said where's the 3rd parcel? He asked, "What time did you schedule to collect?". As the parcels were all wrapped up, I didn't know what had arrived & didn't open them. So, I thought it was the parcel scheduled for later slot that was missing. Since he implied that I should collect at the specified slot, I didn't argue & left.


Sunday, 25 December 2016

Funny Memory of Japan

26 Dec Mon

While I'm on the topic of recalling Japan in the previous post, I smile to remember this woman at a dining place one night. I will always remember her & her fabulous rice, although not her face.

While in Japan, I had a lot of interesting & amusing encounters with very kind-hearted ladies. Because I look harmless & Japanese-looking (a small-sized woman travelling alone), they are quite comfortable with me & don't mind that I'm an alien. They were very helpful even knowing I'm not Japanese. Of course, I always speak (broken) Japanese & they appreciate that I try.

Many times at the end of helping me when I bowed (to the same degree as they) & thanked them, they will say "Kiotsukete ne!". At that time, I didn't know what that word meant & didn't think anything of it. I assumed it was like "See ya, have a good time" or something.  Only years later back home, I finally learnt that they were telling me to "Be Careful". Gosh.

Never speak English with the Japanese. Be polite by speaking in their language. You are after all in their country. They will appreciate it. Always start with "Sumimasen" (excuse me) to get their attention. It's spoken with a bit of a sing-songing way. Actually, I miss saying it.

As I moved around & soaked in their sounds of speaking, I began to say "Sumimasen" that sounded so Japanese, they would turn instantly to reply happily "Hai!", before realizing that I'm actually an alien.

It was late at night. Usually, I was never this late. I can't recall which train station. But I exited from a train station & was hungry. There was no shopping mall.

The street lights were few & some guys were hanging out in their office clothes. They just glanced at me while I wheeled along my backpack luggage.  Japanese people are nice in that they mind their own business.

I needed food. In case I wanted to try a restaurant (in an emergency), I had set aside some extra cash. So, I was ready if I wanted to try an establishment with a $30 meal.

After walking around randomly & entering a dimly lit broad alley, I saw a food place. From outside, the glass was quite dimly lit but I could see lights & customers inside. Looked Ok.

I don't usually go into dark or dimly lit alleys but this time, I was hungry.

I went up the steps & stood with my trolley luggage at the door. Some male customers eating. A lady inside immediately turned to me & came out to politely welcome me to a large table.  I don't know if she's the lady boss but she was very service-oriented.

I think she already knew I was a foreign traveller.

I didn't know what to order. She didn't show me any menu. The moment I sat down, she lowered herself in a kneeling position beside my table & looked at me. I was very surprised looking at her do that. I was wondering why was she lowering to a such a "servant" position to take my order?

She was a youngish lady but motherly. 

She waited for my order.  I said hesitatingly, "Gohan", meaning rice.

Amusingly, she nodded and said, "Rice" in English. AHahaha! I didn't expect it. So funny. Here I was trying to come up with the Japanese word for rice. And there she was saying it in English. I kept a serious face, even though I was surprised. I've been travelling for some time by then & no Japanese person speaks English.

Then... I didn't know what else to say since I didn't know what food she had. And I didn't want something weird.

Without me saying anything, she very helpfully proceeded to recommend chicken. She said "Chicken" in English although it was with a Japanese accent but I understood. And even raised her fingers to draw an imaginary line down along her throat to describe which part of the chicken. She made sure I understood while doing it. Oh, tender chicken meat at the throat?  I said Ok.

She hurried away & I didn't know what to expect.

She returned some minutes later with grilling apparatus. Oh... So, I was to cook it? It's not going to appear in a bowl already done?

Later, she brought a plate of 3 thin slices of chicken meat with a bowl of rice & a small plate of pickles. So little? No soup?

But I tell you: That was the best plain rice I ever ate. The meat was very tender & nice. The pickles, I liked but too few. I ate everything.  I didn't know how much it was going to cost. But for this amount, how much could it cost?

When I asked to pay, the price was around $15. Expensive for so few slices of meat.

I never knew plain rice can taste this good.  No wonder the Japanese people love their rice. That rice that I ate there, no other Japanese restaurant that I've tried in Singapore has been able to come close. In fact, even their microwave convenience store Omu-rice is better than any of the common/popular Japanese establishment in Singapore.

I still remember the lady & that night. I wonder if she's still there.

Japan Don't Celebrate X'mas? Fukushima Reminisce

Today is 26 Dec Mon.

I know they do in Tokyo. I wasn't there during X'mas so I didn't personally experience it. But away from the city, it seems they don't celebrate or decorate their trees etc...

As if there isn't any X'mas. Looks the same as always. No lights around the trees or decorations.
Click to enlarge.

This is Fukushima Station from a live cam @ 2.21pm Japan time (1.21pm SG time).

I was there in 2009.

At that sheltered area, I waited for the bus shuttle that would take me to Hanami Hill.  Odd that now this place has no buses coming in. Did I recall the spot wrongly? Maybe it was the other side out of camera shot?

At first, I wasn't sure what was going on with the crowds of people there at the time. I just stepped out of my hotel. It was a fine early morning.

Singapore hotels require checkout by noon. But Japan hotels require checkout by 10am. So I had hurry to get up early to dry the laundry that didn't dry during the night. Well, early checkout gave me more time to explore, so that's fine. I got used to it as it went on.

I left my luggage at the hotel counter & will return to collect later. In this instance, I will be returning to the hotel for the luggage. Usually, I don't return to the hotel once I leave in the morning (at night will be a different hotel).

Elderly queuing up happily & excitedly in colorful clothing. Quite a busy scene. Plus there was some performance with drums outside the station.

Some people were giving out a colored (forgot what color) sheet of promotional paper. So I took a look at what it was. Oh, a trip to a hill. There were drawings so I roughly understood that it was a trip to a hill somewhere nearby.

Decided to check it out & joined them in waiting for the bus shuttle. The bus ride turned out to be quite a distance (not as nearby as I thought). The arrival was very worth it. Beautiful, beautiful hill that was crowded on the way up but with quiet spots once you climb.

A lovely big food fair was at the bottom of the hill. I ate some unforgettable & cheap homemade stuff there sold by the elderly ladies. Different types of Dango, salted cucumbers in plastic tubs etc... I think they were made by the residents from the houses there. I just queued up & pointed with a finger of how many I wanted. One of this & one of that? Didn't need to speak so they won't know I'm an alien.

After buying, I just sat around nearby & ate in the sunlight. I still have the wonderful photos that I took of the place & food. But I didn't post them here in case some asshole steals them for his/her own.

For much of my 2 weeks in Japan, it was very much based on impromptu decisions & coincidences. I only planned to go a few places following the cherry trees blossoming schedule. The rest was just random exploration when I reached a place.

After arrival at a place, I had time to check out other places & things before & after my main destination. A day at each place before moving on. I stayed in about 10 different hotels. All wonderful except for the first (Koiwa) & even so, it was ok.

5pm SG time (6pm Japan time): Oh! They do have a few lights on trees!

Goldmine for Theft: Amazon Go (Tap & Take What U Want Store)

Is that the new wave of the future? No service staff, just tap & take what you want & go? I don't think so.

The way that woman puts things into her bag is the same as what shoplifters are doing. The ad seems to be saying, "You like putting things without paying into your bag? Now you can do so freely.".

It's a goldmine of fun & goodies for people with a criminal bent. Don't tempt me, Amazon Go.  I'm seeing your store of goodies & I feel some stirring in my heart.

Anything techno can be hacked. Criminals are very good at that. You're just making it simpler for them now with this "new" thing.

1) Hack into that App, that phone, that identity.  Or create a temporary one. Or use a small device to bypass when pretending to use the phone.
2) Enter with a tap. Everything's all yours.
3) Even if people are honest, there'll be problems with overcharging for things that you put back etc... In the video, it's supposed to delete the item from your cart if you put it back on the shelf.  In reality, even doing it once (let alone twice),  you might have to wait for the system to update etc...Meanwhile, there is no staff or not enough staff on hand to help you if there are problems. And the money has already been deducted from your a/c. Refund might take a long time etc...

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Scarlet Heart Ryeo Young Pretty Girl Child Ep 20

The photos are cluttering up my desktop.  Once posted here, I'll delete from my desktop. No point keeping. Slows my laptop.

When I first saw this girl, I thought, "wow".  She really looks like her mother Hae Soo. Amazing they chose a child that looks like Hae Soo. Very pretty, looks just like her "mother".

This kid has double eyelids too, just like Hae Soo.  In these screenshots, I want to highlight her lovely double eyelids.

Actually, in real life, daughters will resemble their fathers. So, she should have single, narrow eyes like her "father" Wang So (Lee Joon Gi).

Anyway, this little girl is so pretty, I saved some screenshots of her. Soft, pretty (rather than cute). Usually, children, we say they are cute. But this little girl is not "cute" but amazingly pretty the instant you look at her. Captivating face that makes me keep looking.

Even Lee Joon Gi is treating her like a pretty lady/female. Look at the way his fingers hold around her ear first. He did that to Hae Soo's actress. It's sexually suggestive. Usually, adults will just touch the side of the cheek.

Her child's face is so soft, Lee Joon Gi strokes her cheek with his thumb while holding her face.

Unfortunately, while she is pretty now as a child, she'll likely change as she grows. May not be pretty anymore when she's older.

Click to enlarge:


Some extras:  I love the way Jung carries Hae Soo. She's so light & small like a child. Light as a feather.

How can Wang So have had sex with such a child? I suppose she's considered a woman-child? Child-woman?

I love the 2nd screenshot. Very sexy & suggestive the way he leans in like that with a straight back. Unfortunately, she's not his.


Saturday, 17 December 2016


日本人労働者が無料で働いていることを驚かせている。 そんなに未払いの残業。 どうすればそれを受け入れることができますか?






Japan's Stinky Companies That Don't Pay Overtime To Workers

So, how patrotic are the Japanese? Not at all. Their Prime Minister tells the companies to pay fairly for overtime in order to help the economy, but Japanese companies pretend didn't hear.

All the fakery. Japanese companies typically force workers to work overtime for free. So stinky. 

The only way out of this, Japanese people, is this:  When your government cannot help you,  you must help yourself.

Opt out of the workforce & freelance. When more & more people do it, companies will be forced to realize they need to keep good workers. It won't be companies forcing workers anymore. People will choose companies that satisfy criteria that match people's needs.

Companies that don't pay overtime will slowly be pushed out.

Question is: Where is freelance work that pay well enough & won't require leaving Japan?

Government data shows that Japanese work an average of 14.2 hours of overtime a month, but 2,000 respondents in a recent survey by the Japanese Trade Union Confederation said they worked an average of 40.3 hours of overtime a month, and get paid for just 22.7.
"Workers often face pressure from their superiors, sometimes in subtle, unspoken ways, to claim less overtime hours than actually worked," said Toshiaki Matsumoto, chief executive of HR Strategy, a human resources consultancy.
A deferential work culture means few speak up.
"Often I don't bother claiming overtime because my projects would run over budget, and that would hurt my chances for promotion," said one 38-year-old IT engineer who asked not to be named for fear of upsetting his boss.
One 26-year-old at a government agency in downtown Tokyo said he was paid for about 70 percent of the overtime hours he worked.
"I request pay for all the overtime hours I work, but we operate on a fixed budget, which means you don't automatically receive the full amount," said the man, who declined to be named. "I feel like I'm working for free."

China Causing Trouble in Madagascar: Influx of Chinese investors angers Madagascans

When a government profits from selling a country out to foreigners & locals don't like it, the government will advise the country's citizens not to be "xenophobic". That word "Xenophobic" has been abused by governments profitting from shaking hands with shit.

So are the locals who don't stand to gain, supposed to be "accepting" of a takeover?

Just sit back & let the foreigners come? Sound familiar?

Well now, China has jumped like a flea to a surprising part of the world. Madagascar. A country that when mentioned, I think of David Attenborough's documentaries. Surprised to see it is now a China-invaded place.

But good for the Madagascans who have backbone!!! Very happy to see them fighting for their country, unlike in Singapore.

Stupid Communist China think that they are angels & cannot believe that people hate them.  They are in denial & blame it on "outside" politcal forces "encouraging people here to dislike the Chinese". So thick-skinned. Still want to return.

They dare to take our Singapore military tanks. Why don't they do it to Israel or North Korea? See who is crazier.

They do it to Singapore, it works. Try doing it to US & didn't work.

If China is so great at "helping" Madagascans, why is China hated? If China is unchecked, pretty soon, they will say Madagascar is also under their "One-China" policy.

The mine had not yet opened, but Madagascans were already seething with rage and the Chinese management finally quit Soamahamanina, leaving behind empty tents and cigarette butts.

For months, this small city in central Madagascar was engulfed by protests targeted at a Chinese gold mining company, Jiuxing.
For the protesters, the mining operation risked ruining their farms -- one element of a nationwide aversion to the new wave of Chinese investors on the large Indian Ocean island.
Not just in Soamahamanina, but across the country Madagascans have openly expressed their hostility towards the growing presence of China, the country's largest trading partner.
Anti-Chinese sentiment is on the rise in Africa as Beijing increases its business presence on the continent for natural resources while flooding the markets with Made in China goods.
"Madagascar belongs to the Madagascans, not the Chinese or any other foreigners," Fenohasina, a local student, told AFP.
Many farmers who were eager to take advantage of the windfall and had agreed to sell their land to the Chinese miner, are now regretting it.
"Our compatriots are angry with us and accuse us of selling away the country," said farmer Perline Razafiarisoa.
"It's people from outside who are encouraging people here to dislike the Chinese," said Chrysostome Rakotondrazafy, a Jiuxing Mines foreman.
Buckling under the weight of the relentless protests, the Chinese mining workers had little choice but to pack up their bags and leave in October.
The Chinese embassy has warned the authorities in Madagascar against tarnishing its image as an investment destination.

The government is concerned at the growing hostilities towards its powerful partner.
"It is essential to prevent this from degenerating into xenophobia," said the ruling HVM party leader Rivo Rakotovao.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Sue Hair Salons: Danger of Hair Salons Head Wash

Singaporeans need to learn to sue companies. Don't be afraid to win a case.

If Singaporeans sued companies for offences, those companies will be forced to bother with safety issues & there will be fewer accidents. Victims will at least be able to get correct monetary compensation even if the compensation cannot make up for the pain & suffering.

Such as town councils & contractors not maintaining the lifts. Supermarkets causing falls. All these companies can all be sued.

The great thing about western countries is that people know their rights. They know when to sue.

In case you have been observing the stupidity of the positioning of the hair washing basins in salons that force patrons to lie back in ridiculously uncomfortable & unnecessary positions...

Note that those basins can cause strokes:

Notice that nobody said it's his fault that his artery was damaged by the basin & therefore no compensation. He still went ahead, sued the damn salon & won.

In Singapore, such companies will just push the blame to the person saying it's his artery at fault & since it happened after the salon visit, there is no connection. Called "misadventure". Case closed. No need to compensate. That's how in Singapore, many companies get away with plenty of wrongdoings against individuals.

Such companies must never be allowed to escape. They are irresponsibly rich. If for example, a person walks in a shopping mall & falls on slippery wet floor, but there is no warning sign, the person can sue.

Recently, that elderly woman who lost her hand to a town council lift can sue the contractors & the town council. But did she?

A British man who suffered a stroke days after a routine haircut has been awarded $150,000 (£90,000) in compensation.

David Tyler, 45, collapsed in a business meeting two days after a salon visit. It was the result of artery damaged while his head was tilted over the basin during the wash and cut.

The official diagnoses, dubbed “beauty parlour syndrome,” is a textbook condition. Doctors believe Tyler’s corrupted artery caused his blood to clot, leading to his debilitating stroke.

Headmasters, Tyler’s local hair salon, agreed to pay him £90,000 in settlement funds after lawyers claimed that staff had failed to protect his head during the 2011 visit.

As a result the father of two spent three months in hospital, leaving with the inability to walk without a cane and permanent impairments to his vision.

This isn’t the first time “beauty parlour syndrome” has made the news this year — in March, a California woman sued her salon after suffering from a stroke.

“Several of Ms. Smith’s neurologists confirmed with her that the stroke was caused by the vertebra dissecting her artery during her hair wash,” the woman’s attorney Carree Nahama told KGTV at the time.
Doctors told the TV station that to avoid risk, people with arthritis in their neck or hardening arteries, and older people in general, should either avoid leaning back more than 15 to 20 degrees or have their hair washed face down — or skip the wash all together. But the biggest concern is regarding older shampoo sinks, some of which are not adjustable; many, though, now have reclining chairs.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ezbuy 12.12 Purchase

Update 5:53pm 30 Dec Friday:  Ezbuy is just one weird sloppy company.

The 3 shipments finally arrived. 2 China & 1 US.  Almost 2 weeks' waiting time for China order from start to receive. Double the time they used to take. Very slow.  (US order took 7 days flight time).

And delivery guy did not bring 1 parcel to warehouse office. Scheduled for collection this morning 11am. When I was there at 1:30pm, no parcel.   Not for the first time, have to make 2nd trip there. Wasting time with all these delays, this Ezbuy.

Details in below post.

Update 10pm Thurs 29 Dec:  I have never come across Ezbuy so late. My ETAs 28 Dec & 29 Dec orders not yet arrive in SG. See updates below the post.

Update 12:11pm Thurs 29 Dec: Strange. Still not yet arrived. I remember a customer's complaint in Ezbuy Facebook that her parcel 15 days still haven't arrived by Econ Air. Weird.

This morning, I asked Venx about compensation & why these days Ezbuy is late. Venx is quite nice & it's good to see her on chat (previously, she was also good). But I doubt her answer because Ezbuy's Economy Air lateness has been going on since 11.11.  At first, they used to ship within 2-3 days. Then it extended to 5 days. But still punctual.

Then 11.11, people started  complaining that they exceeded their ETAs. Or no ETA stated. Now, ETA for my parcel is 6 days & didn't arrive.

It's just odd.  See the screenshot of the chat with Venx in the post below.

Update 12:30AM Thurs 29 Dec:  EZbuy is late. Did not arrive on 28 Dec. This is Economy Air & still late even after 6 days. Amazing.

Update 6:59pm 28 Dec Wed:  Ezbuy should be called Super Slow Snail. 

6 days already still not yet arrived in SG. Still "shipping to destination." Today is the last day of the ETA. Expected to pick up this afternoon. But still not even arrived.

 Update 12:47pm 24 Dec Sat:  It seems Ezbuy live chat staff don't work today.  Not even X'mas day yet.

(Update 2:40pm: Ezbuy chat staff started late today because I just tried again & got into chat. Scroll down the post to see the screenshot for 24 Dec.).

I just want to ask them to confirm whether yesterday the purchaser moved my items to Sea shipping or not. No reply in order remark. It shows how slack their purchasers are. Previously, if item cannot be shipped by normal air, they will inform customer before ordering & if you want to switch to Sea, they will reply & do it quickly, no problem. These days, they don't care. They quietly order for you. When item reaches warehouse they say cannot be shipped by Economy Air. And that's 3 days after "pending inspection & repack".

The 4 items I requested to ship out on 21 Dec, shipped on 23 Dec. ETA stated as 28 Dec.  5 days. I am expecting it to arrive in 3-4 days (their usual speed) with 1-2 spare days for them to cover their ass. Unpredictable. Could take till end of the 5th day to arrive.

US orders finally shipped today after waiting for 2 days since 22 Dec. ETA stated as 2 Jan. That's 9 days. More than a week. I expect arrival before 31 Dec. If exactly on 31st, collection will be on 3 Jan since 2nd is a holiday. Delay, delay, delay.

Items ordered 12.12, can shoot into next year. Amazing. In the past, by now I would have received all my items.

2 other China items that I requested to ship out yesterday 23 Dec, still sitting in warehouse. 

1 China item ready to be shipped but I have not yet requested to ship out because I originally intended to ship out with another order (3 packets of sand/pebbles) but Ezbuy suddenly said "stone" must change to Sea or cancel.  Agreeing to change to Sea meant that 1 China item is now alone to be shipped (only 170g). I might just ship this order out alone.

Was thinking of adding a few pieces of new underwear order to make up the 500g but I'm broke & tired to order more. By the time I have to push so many buttons just to get my items to move, I'm tired. 

With Ezbuy, you cannot just sit back & relax. You have to do work. If you just sit back, you might never get your items till.....who knows when. Middle of next year maybe.

Update 3:36pm Fri 23 Dec: 

Till now, all items ordered on 12.12, not even a single item has reached me. Order placement was fast. But China domestic delivery delays (7-8 days) + Ezbuy warehouse inspection delay (3-4 days) + Ezbuy warehouse ship out delay (2 days) = long wait.

Even my 3 US items are still sitting in warehouse for 1-2 days after I requested to ship out.

Ezbuy has slowed down a lot.  In the past, they shipped out same day after request for ship out. And orders were placed very fast, within minutes to 1-2 hours.  They could ship out same day the items arrived at warehouse. That's how fast they used to be.

Then they started slowing down. 

Up till some months back, they were still able to deliver to Singapore within 7 days from order placement to ship out. It was possible to promise customers that you can have the goods ready in a week. But now impossible to promise anything.

Now from order placement to arrival takes more than 2 weeks.  Unpredictable.

My 12.12 items haven't reach me at all. And it's been 11 days, almost 2 weeks already.

And this delay is all the addition of the days as stated above.  I request to ship out very fast or as fast as they make it ready to ship, so the delay is not because of my side.

When item continues for days "dispatched by seller", all you can do is wait until it arrives at warehouse. There is nothing Ezbuy chat staff can do to check or anything. 

Ezbuy = slow. This is excluding China domestic delivery delays which is outside of their control.  China domestic delivery depends on which courier the sellers use. They could be using the cheapest & lousiest  to offer you cheap products with free domestic mail.

Warehouse efficiency is under Ezbuy's control. Yet slow inspection, slow ship out. With China domestic delivery being slow, the least Ezbuy can do, is to speed up at warehouse. Yet Ezbuy delays further.


11:44pm Wed 14 Dec

Actually, it was 13.12.  :)  A day after 12.12 that I submitted my Taobao orders.

I'm not into rushing with other people in a jam. Especially since the Ezbuy mountain of complaints during 11.11. And my own experience with their delays.

I still received my item but not keen to go through any mess for 12.12 even though they stated in ordering pages that they will be "faster than 11.11!" [ at the same time saying there'll be a 3-5 days delay in order processing & ETA & please avoid if you are in a hurry. (They did put a disclaimer earlier that buyers should avoid if in a hurry).]

In fact, I almost didn't buy anything from China Taobao.  I've been undecided here & there. Not really keen on giving money to China.

On Sunday, I thought 12.12 was over before realizing 12.12 was actually on Mon (so it's not yet done).

On 13.12, any sellers' discounted prices will be over.  So, I got the free agent fee promotion which isn't much since 6% agent fee is just a few cents to me.

I'm guessing they are prioritizing the 12.12 orders first. So my 13.12 orders will be put on hold.

I paid my 4 Taobao orders yesterday.  One was paid in the afternoon. The other 3 was paid around 11.30pm.

As of now, all 4 are "order processing". I don't know if the sellers of my items took part in the 12.12 price discounts.  But the items are cheap as they are, so it's fine.

Although I didn't get anything China on 12.12, I paid for US purchases on 12.12. And Ezbuy ordered them amazingly fast. Free agent fee, although no seller's discount like Taobao.

I wonder how long it'll take for Ezbuy to process my 4 Taobao items. And whether there'll be any problem with my US order.

14 Dec Wed 4:31pm: Order placed for all 4 items. Good.

15 Dec Thurs 11:33am: "Dispatched by seller". Wow. This time sellers are fast. Plus Ezbuy fast ordering. Looking good.  (My US orders should also be moving unless the seller has a problem. According to reviews, the US seller that I chose does fast shipping. Status still "order placed" but this means it should be on the way if seller has dispatched. US orders do not update status until received at warehouse.).

17 Dec Sat 4:14pm: 1 item is ready to be shipped. 1 item still "pending inspection & repack" for 2 days already. And 1 item still in transit from seller.  Could be jam at China domestic delivery & jam at warehouse due to 12.12. But that 1 item that is ready to be shipped was very fast.

For my US orders: Earlier today I asked them to update on my US orders because since Monday, still "order placed".  Ezbuy chat staff & US purchaser are very good today. :) The chat staff Audrey said will inform purchaser to update (chat was done at 2.10pm). And purchaser updated in my order remark 20 minutes later (2:33pm). Wow.

U see my question mark after the enquiry? That's because Audrey didn't reply until 5 mins later. Depending on the chat staff, sometimes they will reply immediately with "Please hold on...".  In this case, it was 5 minutes later.

Chat staff Audrey came on the chat line almost immediately.

Order remark was placed 20 mins later from the US purchaser:

Update 4:11pm 19 Dec Mon:  Been waiting for 15 mins on live chat & still no staff appearing. The 1 item in transit since 15 Dec Thurs still not arrived at warehouse. Want to ask what's happening.

Another  15 mins later (yes, I waited for 30 mins):  Oh no... I got mad "Boey" on the chat.

This time, slow arrival at warehouse.  I already know seller dispatched on 15 Dec. I'm asking to check why still not received at warehouse.  For items in transit, Ezbuy staff will not know what happened. Always happens with Ezbuy staff.  The item could well be lost somewhere & they still won't know.

Their answer, particularly given by "Boey", is not an answer.  Asking is like not asking.

I estimate should reach warehouse by end of today or tomorrow.

Update 12:33pm 20 Dec Tues:  

You have to be patient on Ezbuy Live chat.  

Slow & patchy ordering process.

Yesterday, asked Boey about that 1 item still in dispatch status. But still not arrived at warehouse by end of yesterday. So, just now I asked Audrey. From her reply that it's with delivery guy, I expect the item to reach warehouse end of today (Tues).

My 2 other orders been sitting in their warehouse ready to be shipped but I can't submit ship out because of this 1 item. No point shipping out without this 1 item that should be coming.

Also, on Sunday, I paid for another 5 more orders.  On Mon 19 Dec, Ezbuy placed order in the morning. Past midnight, I was surprised to see the status for 2 orders already changed to "dispatched by seller". It means these sellers dispatched on the same day they received the order. Super fast. 2 different sellers.  I've not seen such fast sellers. 

One order status still "order placed". Meaning, slower seller.  

The other 2 orders strangely, Ezbuy not yet ordered. Status still "ordering processing". So I asked Audrey what's going on. 

As for my US orders through Ezbuy, still not yet arrive at warehouse. On 17 Dec, asked about it & purchaser had left remark in my order that it's US domestic mail causing delay. 

I'm thinking it's possible the seller delayed sending out the items, that's why so slow. Or... Ezbuy gave the wrong address & it's lost in the mail. Or seller send to wrong address. Wanted to ask Audrey about it, but nevermind. 

As mentioned, you've to be patient. A lot of waiting time involved. In the 20 mins of waiting, I went to crap in the toilet & bathed. Wore my clothes, then the reply came.

At least, Audrey was nice enough to apologise for keeping me waiting.  In total, to get replies & no immediate action, I waited ... more than 30 mins.

 I said, "ok, thanks. Nothing else at the moment.".

Update 2pm: Status for the 2 "order processing" items now changed to "purchasing order". Seems Audrey got through to the purchaser (although there is no update in order remark since it's not necessary.).  Notice that she had referred to the purchaser as "him".  Update 3:49pm: Status changed to "order placed". Update 12 midnight: Dispatched by seller. Another super fast seller. Ordered today & dispatched today.

Update 10:25pm: Order remark was left for my US orders at 8.52pm. It's just odd that the purchaser repeats that it's been dispatched. Was it dispatched only today or earlier? May be 2 different purchasers.

As mentioned above, I paid for the orders on 12 Dec. Ezbuy ordered very fast (in a few hours, if I recall correctly). It's been 1 week.

The first order remark on 17 Dec was (as I posted above):

This second order remark today 20 Dec is: 

Why didn't the purchaser say that it'll take 9-10 days in the first order remark?

Anyway, in order to know how long more I've to wait, I contacted the US seller directly just now. He is known for fast shipping, so it shouldn't take so long for items to be sent. I just asked when he sent out the items.

A while later, he replied with tracking number & said it should be arriving soon. As I expected, the seller is fast with his shipping.  Seller dispatched 13 Dec (US time 3.30pm).

On 15 Dec, it arrived in Portland & has departed for Ezbuy's warehouse.  This is USPS First-class package mail. So, as expected, it's taking longer than Priority mail. I estimate it should reach Ezbuy's warehouse tomorrow.

I was quite worried because buyers' reviews said they received their items fast (presumably in the US). On the other hand, I know First-class is slow. I'm used to paying for Priority & used to the speed. So, I got a bit worried with this one.

For that 1 China item still under dispatch status, despite Audrey saying in chat that it's with delivery man on the way, it has still not arrived at warehouse as of now 11:30 pm.

Update 8:35pm 21 Dec Wed: Absolutely horrible. Got mad "Boey" today again. I confirm that Boey is mad. I abruptly cut off chat without saying anything more at the end.

Till now, the item still "dispatched by seller" since 15 Dec. As posted above, item was ordered on 14 Dec. It should have reached Shanghai warehouse by now.  If it continues like this, I will ask for refund. Obviously, it's lost somewhere. I have already submitted my other items for ship out today after talking to Boey. Not waiting for this one anymore.

Her chat record above (on 19 Dec) shows clearly she said the item was dispatched on 15 Dec. And my own record in this post here also says it was dispatched on 15 Dec. But look at her chat below. Today 21 Dec, she says seller dispatched yesterday 20 Dec.

This time, I waited 15 mins for Ezbuy chat staff to appear online. And got crazy "Boey": 

You see how crazy she is? Her reply is like a mad, repeating robot. She's just randomly saying things to customers.

Ezbuy, how can you put a mad China spoilt robot on the frontline customer service staff?  Mad, spoilt genes from China.

Update 11:15am 22 Dec Thurs:  All 3 US orders/items reached Oregon warehouse yesterday US time Dec 21 10.23am (it's now US time 21 Dec 7.16pm.).  This morning, I see Ezbuy has presumably quickly finished with inspection as stated by the purchaser in the order remark (above screenshot "will expedite the inspection") because the status changed to ready for shipping. So I submitted request to ship out.

From this time's order, I realize that USPS First-Class Package takes 10 days to reach Ezbuy Oregon warehouse. It means order remark by Ezbuy purchaser was accurate.

On 20 Dec (above screenshot), Ezbuy purchaser said it will take 9-10 days to arrive at their warehouse.  It has taken exactly 10 days (including Sunday) from 13 Dec (day of dispatch & acceptance at post office) to 21 Dec (day of receipt by "individual" at Beverton Oregon).

Priority Mail takes only 4-5 days.  When Ezbuy places my order on Mon (SG time), my items will reach Oregon on Friday (SG  time). Assuming the seller sends out my order on same day order is placed, delivery time takes 5 days. If assuming send out on next day Tues, delivery time will be 4 days. I've always used Priority Mail when ordering from a particular website & this is the case every time (order placed Mon & Fri receive at warehouse).

It means First-Class Package takes double the time. Priority mail 5 days versus First-Class 10 days. So, those people discussing in the US forums were correct. Priority mail takes priority & is handled first compared to First-Class.

As mentioned above, these 3 items were paid to Ezbuy on 12.12. This time, Ezbuy was fast in ordering. My seller was also fast & dispatched on 13 Dec US time.

Also as mentioned above, I had contacted the seller who gave the tracking number which is how I got the data below.  That blue highlight, actually at Portland, it said that there will be a delay & estimated delivery time cannot be met.  I checked Google & it seems the delay could be due to their weather (snow).

What's left now is for Ezbuy to ship out.

Next: The 1 item (that costs just $4.37) is still "Dispatched by seller" even after more than 1 week since 15 Dec. Despite talking three times to Boey & Audrey,  nothing happens.

Yesterday, I requested to ship out 4 items & as of now (noon 11:58am), still at warehouse.  Slow.

1 item is waiting to be shipped. But I can't ship it while still waiting for the other 2 more items "dispatched by seller" since 2 days ago.

Slow. Everything is slow.

1:10pm, I just got off chat with Nick. I like this Nick. Rarely see him or rather... is he new? Looking at the words he uses, I felt relieved it's a Singaporean (assuming). So much more comforting or comfortable talking to him. So soothing. I don't mind waiting longer for my item to arrive at warehouse. Is he handsome? Oohh... I like his smiley at the end.

His Ezbuy profile icon changed to bell icon... because I initiated end chat after saying "ok, thanks".

Update 6:49pm: One word to describe Ezbuy: Slow.

Even 1 whole day, still not yet ship out my 4 items that I submitted for ship out yesterday. 

That 1 item that I have been asking about, still not arrived at warehouse even now end of the day. Although slow China domestic delivery is not Ezbuy's fault, Ezbuy can't even call the courier company to check what happened? Just keep reading from the tracking information that stops at Shanghai.

1 item's status finally changed from "dispatched by seller" to "pending inspection & repack". So many hours, still pending inspection & repack. Every step needs 1 day. Slow.

Very slow. Ezbuy. 

7:55pm  Oh good heavens. It arrived & "pending inspection & repack". The one that's been "dispatched by seller" for ages. The one that I had to ask 4 times about. As mentioned in another post, so far, there have been unusually long delays for my China orders these days, but always received at warehouse even for small items. Just that these oddly long delays cause me quite a lot of stress.

Must have been stuck at Shanghai delivery somewhere or stuck at the Guangzhou side.

Now, let's hope Ezbuy really check properly & it's not broken/cracked. It's a porcelain/clay item.

8:08pm: Status changed to "ready for shipment". So fast? Are you sure it's not broken? O.O

I'll wait for the other last 2 items to be ready before I submit request to ship out. One still "pending inspection & repack" & one still "dispatched by seller".

Odd... how come this porcelain item inspection so fast while the one still pending inspection for whole day?  Did they "expedite"  the inspection for the porcelain item because I kept bugging them?

"Expedite" means... didn't open & check? Just send out as it is?

Update 5:59pm 23 Dec Fri:  *sighs* You have to be very, very patient with Ezbuy. Try not to get upset. Recognize that this is the way they do things & work with it. No point arguing with the purchaser or the warehouse.

Below screenshot of live chat:  1 item under "pending inspection & repack" for 3 days.  Earlier today I asked chat staff to expedite. At first, I got Boey again but I ended chat when I saw her online.

I tried again later & Nick was online. After talking to him, presumably he informed warehouse to expedite the inspection process.  Some hours later, the purchaser updated with an order remark that it cannot be shipped using Economy Air. Choose Sea or cancel. 

After 3 days waiting for them to "inspect" so that I can ship out, Ezbuy now tells me it cannot fly.  

It's just 3 packets of small pebbles/sand for the aquarium. Previously when I asked last year, Ezbuy chat staff said fine sand is ok, as long as it's not white. 

Now, it's not ok because it's "stone".   

Why didn't the purchaser inform me before placing the order?? Slacker China purchaser.

Sea shipping will take at least 3 weeks. Plus don't forget: If I change from Air to Sea shipping, Ezbuy will take time to transfer from 1 department to another.  Meaning, by the time I get the items, it'll be mid-January. Either that, or cancel.  I think even Sensitive Air will not allow sand/pebbles. And even if allowed, the weight will cost a bomb (I calculated). 

If I cancel, the $6.01 will be returned to my Ezbuy a/c. 

So. What's my decision? 

Since the items are already at the warehouse, it seems a pity to abandon them if I cancel. So, I said change to Sea shipping. Who knows how long that'll take.  It will be another round of asking what the hell is happening to it after I changed to sea shipping etc... etc... etc...

The pebbles/sand is supposed to come together with my other items for my old aquarium. Nevermind. Ezbuy always does things like that. 

The 1 final item that has been "dispatched by seller" for the past 3 days finally reached the warehouse & is ready to be shipped. Unfortunately, thinking that it'll take forever to reach the warehouse, I already requested to ship out my 2 other waiting items earlier today (who knows how long that will take to ship out). 

The weight of this one last item is just 170g. But the price will be charged as a full 500g. So, do I order a few underwear to add to it? 

My US items still sitting in warehouse. Every time I check, still not shipped out.

Update 2:42pm 24 Dec Sat: 

Yes, Ezbuy chat staff are online. But they weren't there at the usual morning timing.

As usual, after chatting, nothing gets done immediately. Have to wait. Have to poke them into confirming that my order has been changed to Sea shipping. If you just leave it to them, your order might never move.

Something interesting this time on chat.  2 staff got online at once. Heather & Waiyan. I think Heather was pretty good the last time. But it was Waiyan who attended to me.

So far, haven't encountered 2 staff online at once. 1) Instantly online. 2) 2 staff online. Must be no customers today 24 Dec.

Again, it shows how clueless & inexperienced the Ezbuy chat staff are. She doesn't even know the usual procedures.

As far as I know, Ezbuy's Sea & Air shipping are physically different locations.  That's why they can't allow buyers to switch around as they please (unless buyers are willing to pay admin fee).

Only in certain instances such as mine where they suggest changing, then you can choose to change. It means, it will take time to physically move the item from Air to Sea shipping. Delay.

Once over at Sea shipping side, then status will change to ship out from there. I don't recall another inspection.

It happened once before:  I was shocked at the Air shipping cost after they were ready to ship & called them (at that time their phone line was still helpful) to change to Sea shipping. Was told there would be admin fee but the lady was very nice to waive it after I explained that I didn't know the shipping cost will be so high. She said only this one time, she'll do for me. That was back then, around 1-2 years ago when they were still 65daigou.

Note the chat staff's typo mistake below: "can". She meant "can't". 

Update 11:29am 25 Dec Sun: Today, apparently Ezbuy's warehouse staff still work. My 2 items that have been "pending inspection" for 2 days finally shipped out today (X'mas day). ETA 5 days' time 29 Dec.

There's a discrepancy in the way they calculate ETA. My other items shipped on 23 Dec, ETA 28 Dec. 6 days' time.

For that 1 item that I asked to confirm change to Sea shipping, no change in status & no update. It's alone because it was supposed to Econ Air with the 3 packets of sand/pebbles, but last minute Ezbuy said "stone" cannot fly.

I think I'll add a few pieces of underwear to my last item (the 170g) that I have not yet requested to ship. Not that I'm stingy.

Previous 2 items, I had already arranged to ship out when this last item suddenly became available for shipping. I didn't know when this last item was coming in since it's been "dispatched by seller" for 2-3 days. Didn't want to wait anymore, so I requested ship out for the 2 previous items that arrived. It wasn't full weight (still room to spare) but I still requested to ship out.

When this last item became available for ship out & way below full weight, I wished I could squeeze it with the 2 items that I requested to ship. But I don't think they can squeeze in even if I asked.

If I pay to ship out just like that,  I'll be paying twice with rooms to spare. For this last 170g order, it's a pity to ship out with a full price.

Update 1:15pm 26 Dec Mon: Wow. The 3 packets of sand/pebbles that Ezbuy staff (Waiyan on 24 Dec above chat screenshot) said will inform purchaser to change to Sea shipping ... just showed up for me to request ship out.  That's 2 days ago. Fast.

I just submitted request for ship out. Let's see how long Ezbuy will send out.

4:22pm: Wow. Already shipped out! ETA 14 Jan. About  20 days?!!

Update Wed 28 Dec 7:02pm:    1 set of orders ETA today but still not yet arrive (ship out on 23 Dec).  6 days still not yet arrive. Another set of orders due to arrive tomorrow (ship out 25 Dec).  4 days still not yet arrive. Both still "shipping to destination". So slow.  In the past, 3 days, they would be here. Twice, they were here in 2 days. Now 4-6 days still not here.  Slow.

Update 12:30AM Thurs 29 Dec:  EZbuy is late. Did not arrive on 28 Dec. This is Economy Air & still late even after 6 days. Amazing.

It has passed midnight. Later this morning when their chat is open, I'll ask whether there is 30% refund for shipping as compensation for 1-day late. Most likely, they will say, it's not 1 day (24 hrs) yet.

Previously, my US order was late but no compensation because they only compensate for China orders.

Update 12:25pm Thurs 29 Dec: After several delays & pushing Ezbuy, the items finally "shipping to destination". But strangely, the ETA is now 6 days. And they even exceeded it.

She said this batch of parcels had problems at clearing customs. But why previously, they never had any problem & could arrive in 2-3days?

They even promoted their Ezbuy shipping just recently that they can deliver in 2 days. That was when they were shipping at 3-5 days. 2 days shipping is very rare for them, so I knew they wouldn't be able to uphold their promise.  True enough, not only could they not uphold their promise, they fell even further.

So far till now, I've only encountered twice 2 days Economy Air shipping. Usually, 3 days, then it became 5 days. Now 6 days & exceeded.

Update 2:07AM 30 Dec Friday: The US order arrived earlier than ETA although 7 days shipping time is slow. It just arrived. And the ETA 29 Dec order also just arrived by 9 mins past midnight, so technically, it's also late.

Update 5:53pm 30 Dec Friday:  Ezbuy is just one weird sloppy company.

The 3 shipments finally arrived. 2 China & 1 US.  Almost 2 weeks' waiting time for China order. Double the time they used to take. Very slow.

Compensation instant for the 2 China late arrival into SG. Correct compensation amounts entered into my Ezbuy a/c.

Ezbuy is so messed up. Since all arrived, the delivery guy should deliver all 3 parcels to the warehouse office for collection. Instead, the guy delivered 2 shipments scheduled for 5.30pm collection to the warehouse office. And left 1 out that was scheduled for 11am collection.

At around 1.30pm, I was able to collect the 2 shipments (scheduled for later time) but unable to collect the 3rd parcel that should have been there at 11am.

It's also not the first time they mess up, causing me to go twice to their warehouse office.


Flying Budget? Jetstar Scoot

In my gmail, I came across a spam that mentioned Singaporeans flying to Hokkaido on Scoot. Googled for full information & got a blog that did some calculations & illustrations of Scoot website.

4hr 20mins to fly there with 1hr+ stopover at Taipei. Then another 4hr to Sapporo. *shudders*

I really can't sit so long in a budget carrier plane. It's too small, too cramped. And I'm not even tall.

Some years ago, I took Jetstar plane to Taipei (from Singapore). The trip was 3 hrs+. 

I'm petite & even so, the seat was very uncomfortable in the small space. If there is an accident, it's going to be worse than Hell.

I sat at a window seat in a three-seats row on the right side of the plane. The seat beside me was empty. The seat after that was occupied by a long-legged Asian guy who was very quiet & very patient with my 3 times going out to the bathroom. The 3rd time, he was dozing when I had to "disturb" him with my exit to go to the toilet again.

During the flight, he shifted uncomfortably in his seat & sighed. I guessed maybe someone had booked the flight for him & he is now experiencing the misery of it. For me, leg-room is not a problem. But the seat is uncomfortable.

No drinks, no meals is 1 thing. But no space along the aisles between the seats. That's very dangerous.

The width of the aisle was only enough to fit the food trolley. Once the trolley was there & it took ages to move down the rows, there was no way anyone can get up to go to the toilets.

Imagine if there was an accident or an emergency. There isn't going to be any space at all. It'll be jammed.

People always think about the cost savings, the meals, the drinks, the leg-room, luggage. Nobody ever thinks about the danger of the tight space in budget carriers.

They assume the plane will fly according to schedule from point A to point B. But with budget carriers, what corners did they cut to offer the low prices?

Less maintenance? Less of what else?

After flying Jetstar once, I don't think I can make myself fly on a budget airline again.  3 hrs or 4 hrs too unbearable. Furthermore, not once but twice (return trip).

At that time, Jetstar boarding was surprisingly orderly & fast. A steward was smarter than 2 or 3 stewardesses. A man insisted on putting his bags of stuff overhead but the stewardesses said there was no space. He made a lot noise, said he couldn't possible have it under the seat since it's so cramped.

A tall, handsome steward came by & all he did was push the other items aside in the overhead storage & viola! Space for the man's stuff.  *shakes head* How can the stewardesses be so stupid?

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Smudging & Crystals Work on Paranormal Injury

4:15pm Sun 11 Dec

I tend to be lazy in posting paranormal stuff that happens to me. I just don't feel the need or incentive to type it out. It could be something explainable, so... I don't feel the need to give it any significance & tend to just let it slide, although at the time, it is clearly paranormal. 

Typing takes a lot of time. No benefit. I'm a skeptic.

It's amazing how fast time passes. If I don't type it out immediately, the event will just fade away, further and further away into the days, the weeks, months. Then the exact date & day it happened will be forgotten.

First time this has happened to me. For my own record:

2 Dec Friday night, Bro was complaining about his brain fog again. As usual, he dropped himself onto my bed.

I decided to use the small, single-pointed, polished quartz rod that I bought from Harmony Gem that same day in the afternoon.

[We recently got into crystals to help with dispelling whatever is causing my bro to have weird brain fog. This was the first time we visited Harmony Gem. The shop actually closed for a few days & Friday 2 Dec was the day they re-open. At first I had thought we wouldn't be able to go because I wanted to go swimming & Harmony closes at 3pm or earlier.  Won't be able to make it in time. But Thurs night I checked & discovered the pool will be closed on Friday. So we were able  to go.].

I like this quartz piece because 3/4 of it is filled with crystals "ice cloud" inside while the peak is crystal clear. $10. Too bad it's small. Peak to base only 5.5cm tall.

I suggested using the crystal to see if it could help. He agreed. I asked him to lay down on my bolster & close his eyes. At the time, he was lying in parallel with the width of the bed, along the length edge.

With his eyes closed, I put my left hand beside him on the bed for support while in my right hand, I held the crystal by the base & moved the pointed end around his head clockwise slowly a few times, then reversed the direction.  Clockwise is to heal the aura, anti-clockwise to clear the disturbance. I'm not really into crystals, so I don't know which direction I should do first. I tend to do clockwise first.

Did it only about 4 or 5 times with the crystal. Was hoping to go around longer but he opened his eyes.

I asked him if he felt better, he said "a bit".  We thought maybe this was because of his lying down position altering the blood pressure in his head or body.

As I lifted my left hand that was near him on the bed, I suddenly realized there was something painful on top of my left forearm. So I looked & touched the spot. There was nothing on the skin but when I touched the part with my finger, there was a swell underneath. Feeling it, it was quite a thick bruise, like a raised tendon or flesh inside.

I immediately thought something paranormal must have fled from my bro while I was doing the quartz rod on him & that "thing" went into me.  I said that whatever in him must have jumped to me.

Maybe because he didn't want to feel that it was because of him, Bro said I must have banged my forearm on something earlier without realizing it.

Not possible because the whole day, there was nothing that could have caused such a bruise. We went to Harmony Gem, then ate Bak Kut Teh at ARC, then came home. And I watched Korean drama & anime after that at home.

I thought maybe I was hit by the door at Harmony Gem? The door didn't touch me & if it had hit me, I would have known. Besides, I open the door with my right hand. How can my left hand be injured?

Even if I had somehow banged the arm earlier, why was I only feeling it now? Ok, maybe my forearm positioning on the bed might have caused the pain to surface.


But then the next day, the discoloration of the bruise appeared on the forearm.  It was also more painful when I pressed my fingers to feel across the swell underneath.

I said to bro that in exchange for his feeling only "a bit" better that night, I sustained such a bruise. Not matching. I lamented, "I help you but I get this bruise.".  Next time, he can use the quartz on himself, otherwise, I'll get another injury (but he declined using the quartz on himself.).

Sun 4 Dec, I put my small quartz rod onto the bruise & used a rubber band over my arm to lightly hold it in place. Nothing happened after removing the rubber band,  except the imprint of the crystal was on my skin. I also attached my short Selenite stick with the same rubber band & it also didn't work.

Usually, my wounds & injuries heal very fast. Just before this case, I also had a strange, quite large feeling of a bruise on top of my left knee & I only felt it when I squatted in the bathroom while bathing (no skin discoloration).  I didn't know how I got it, but it disappeared in 2 days.

This wound on my left forearm was paranormal. I know it.

Was I "bitten" by some paranormal entity? The discoloration pattern of the bruise looked odd.  At first, I thought it looked like 2 fangs & a mouth in the middle. But on closer scrutiny, the 2 "fangs" seemed to be just uneven skin coloration.  I was unable to figure out the shape of the odd dark bruise between the 2 "fangs".

On Monday or Tuesday night, while we were going home in a bus, I asked bro to look at the pattern. Right away, he said "diamond-shaped" & "square". He even outlined the pattern with his finger above it.

I looked again carefully.  It was diamond-shaped.  One "diamond" point was facing my elbow with the other end facing my hand. The other 2 points faced each side of the forearm.

Bro said, "Strange. What kind of object could have caused this shape of bruise?".

I thought it might be the shape of the quartz rod bottom, maybe some kind of "imprint". But when I checked, the base is 6-sided.

Although the shape is diamond, the swollen flesh underneath is horizontal/lengthwise.

I didn't measure it at the time, but the diamond shape was about 3cm by 3cm.

Bro suggested that perhaps "whatever" fled that night from my quartz, banged into my arm.  (whereas in the beginning, I had thought that it had entered my arm).

Since the mark & swell underneath wouldn't go away, I tried a different method with the crystals.  (After this, I realized that for crystals to work, you can't just stick it there on the wound. Have to move it around above the injury to work.)

I rested my left forearm on a wooden board while the sunlight was shining in my balcony. Then I used my bigger, palm-sized Selenite oval to go around clockwise about 30-40 times slowly over the bruise, then anti-clockwise the same number of times.  When done, the bruise started to tingle. Only the bruise & not the whole arm.

If the tingle was caused by the allevation of the arm, then the whole forearm should react. But only the bruise reacted. Only the exact spot where I circled the crystal.

I also did it another time with the addition of holding a small Tourmaline block in the same hand.

Later, I did it with only the quartz rod & still only the bruise tingled. Maybe it was my standing position?

So, another time at night, I sat down at my laptop with my forearm relaxed beside me. I held the Selenite oval in my right hand & did the same thing. Same tingle at the bruise on my arm.

I don't even need to touch the bruise with the crystals. Just circle the crystal a few centimeters above the bruise. When done, the tingle lasts for about 5 minutes or longer. I didn't notice it the first time immediately until the tingling made me realize it.

I tried circling with a small block of Black Tourmaline & the bruise also tingled. However, the short Selenite stick did not cause any reaction the first time I tried it (I didn't try again). When I bought that short Selenite stick, I also had no particular feeling for it or from it. I just bought it because I assumed the longer sticks would cost more.

It seems the crystal people are right: Bigger crystals have greater power than small ones. Bro thinks so. He says it's common sense that bigger means give off more energy. Then why did my small quartz rod work? 

Crystal people also say that you must have affinity for a crystal for it to work. I think the crystal has power when you have affinity for it regardless of its size. The quartz rod is small but it worked because I chose it with a liking for it when I bought it. The short Selenite rod didn't work because I didn't have any feeling for it when I bought it. The bigger Selenite oval worked because I liked it when I bought it.

For the next 2 days or so, the crystals didn't seem to do much more. The swell underneath the skin was still there & so was the discolored bruise that seemed to stay.

Around mid-week, we decided to purchase Palo Santo wood sticks to cleanse the house. I have been wanting to buy but Secret Crystals sells them expensively at $21.90 for 5 sticks. We got them cheaper for just $12 for 3 shorter sticks at another place.

Just a thought, I asked bro to smudge my bruise. After smudging, there was a slight tingle at the bruise even though the smoke touched along the forearm. Also, the diamond shape appeared have slightly faded around the bottom area (I thought maybe it was my imagination.).

Starting from the next day, the bruise began to fade & the swell subsided. Smudging was done another 2 times to try getting rid of it completely.

Only yesterday Saturday, the discoloration is gone. The swell is still a little there when pressed. Very slight pain (when pressed across) still remains at the moment.

Since Fri 2nd till now Sun 11.  More than 1 week (counting 9 days from Sat 3 Dec) & the wound is still not completely gone. To have caused such an injury, any "bang" (impact) on the forearm must have been very hard & painful. How can I not have known it?

I know for sure that I did not bang that forearm on anything that day. And my wounds & injuries do not take so many days to heal.

The bruise responded to smudging & crystals circling above it. It's no ordinary wound.

Grudgingly, I can admit that perhaps I banged on something without realizing it, but I know I did not.

Just now, I asked Bro to help smudge my forearm again & the bruised area still tingles, but slightly, not as much as before. I guess it's because the wound is going away & the effect of the damage is not as strong as before.

Update 2:03pm 15 Dec Thurs:  Was just talking with my bro about his brain fog & whether he smudged himself last night etc... Then I said I smudged my bruise twice last night (no tingle). And I suddenly realized while saying it that the injury has almost completely healed. I pressed it. The swell underneath with slight pain has gone.

Update 4:41pm 16 Dec Fri: There is still some slight pain when press for it. It's been 14 days since Sat 3 Dec. And still hasn't fully healed. This shows how dangerous these paranomal things are if a person is not properly aware & protected.

To go into an unknown place just to "explore" knowing that there is paranomal activity, is very dangerous. So-called ghost adventurers. They find it fun & thrilling without realizing what these things can do to a person's aura & physical well-being.

Once the aura is penetrated, physical injury is easy & lasting. No doctor can cure it. And you can spend huge loads of money trying to find a cure assuming that it's a real, physical medical problem.

Update 4:09pm Sat 17 Dec. I just did smudging on the injury again. It still tingles after smudging is done. Only at the "bruise" that can't be seen anymore but can still be felt (very slight pain) when pressed along that spot.  I smudged the whole forearm but only that spot tingles.

Update 10:24pm 28 Dec Wed:  The injury completely healed 2 days ago when it so happened I thought of it & checked. I was talking to bro when I remembered. Healed as in completely ok in original condition when I pressed the area. No pain at all anymore. I still smudged it this evening just because I had some extra smoke from the stick.

Took damn long to heal. Unnaturally long. Bro said spiritual injury takes longer to heal than physical.

From 2 Dec to 28 Dec (or 2 days earlier), it's almost a month.  A very long time for just a bruise to heal. Usually, any real bruise takes just 1-2 days for me. Even once when I had a bad fall at Vivocity roof steps & sprained my ankle till it was swollen blue-purple & very painful, the swell & pain subsided quickly in 2 days. And within a week, I could swim.