Friday, 5 April 2019

Carousell SG is Shit Again for Sellers

13 Apr Sat: Update:

It is a newly created "Algorithm" designed to only allow "unique" posts instead of new postings. Limits both buyers & sellers.  Difficult for sellers because often there are same brands of popular items. How to be unique? A duck is a duck. How to call it something else? There are so many GG7x Molten basketballs listed. It's impossible to be the only unique GG7x Molten.


Fri 5 Apr 2019

Same shitty MO from Carousell. If there is a better alternative than Carousell, go for it.

1) Admin seems to be unemployed & very free to keep deleting postings. If your listings get "attention" from the stupid admin, you will notice. It is not a systems glitch.  You can test.

a) If you see your listing appears for "moments" & suddenly disappears upon refresh, it is not a glitch. It is the stupid admin purposely deleting your post. You can try posting the same listing again at another time & if it remains there, it means the admin wasn't looking or not online at that time to delete.

Very troublesome & stupid Carousell admin. Never change since a few years ago when that shithead admin tried selling men's bags with false claims & kept deleting my posts that were selling the same bags as him. Should still be the same admin now since the MO is the same.

I don't know why investors keep putting money into the admin's pocket. Put money into Carousell pocket = the admin don't work & very free to "adjust" the system until it becomes difficult for sellers to sell.

Carousell = trouble for many sellers. It's very hard when you need money urgently. Very hard when you need to put food on the table. Carousell admin don't know what it feels like to be poor & hungry, keep purposely deleting sale postings.

I hope the stinking, insane admin experiences poverty & paths blocked by the actions of other people. Then maybe he can learn what it feels like.

b) In the search results, your listing will not be seen by buyers but you will still see it in your sales page. So you will mistakenly think that your listing is displayed when actually, the admin already deleted it.  So, you will notice that you have no buyers enquiring about that item at all. You will think that nobody is interested when actually, no buyer can see it.

c) Normally, the same post cannot be posted again, but if you can post again, it is because the first one already deleted by admin.

d) Carousell admin will also delete seller's account without explanation just because a buyer falsely accuses the seller. Just because of 1 buyer's shit, you can lose your more than 100 items sales page & postive feedback reviews.

2) Carousell unfairly treats sellers. Without checking or clarifying with seller, they will act only on the buyer's accusations & delete sellers' account.

Every time when dealing with buyer, it is high risk for honest sellers. Almost all buyers are unreasonable, inconsiderate & selfish. It is purely business but buyers always think sellers are at their beck & call.

When that happens & buyer complains, Carousell will not check with seller & will just shut the seller's account.

Many sellers have already been avoiding Ebay or pulling out, because Ebay has been unfairly siding with buyers. Carousell is also not respecting sellers at all.

3) Carousell admin has been trying to "fine-tune" the search system until they mess up the whole system.

When buyers want to browse, they usually will just anyhow type some general words to see the results. They are not going be detailed to narrow down their search. But new postings at Carousell are not showing up in search because of very tight keywords set by admin. Buyers have to type specific keywords before a listing will be displayed (if not already deleted by admin).

So, in search results now, you will see a lot of old postings even when you set filter search as "recent". More than a month old, even 1 year-old listings. Meanwhile, a lot of new listings are not displayed or end up very far down in the results.

For instance, you type "air purifier" in search function & put "recent" as filter. You will get a lot of old listings. To see your newly listed post, you need to type the brand. "Samsung air purifier" & then you will see it further down the results.

Buyers who are just browsing for air purifiers are not going to type any brand if they are just looking. New postings should automatically appear at the top of the search results. Why all the old listings? Remember, I said the filter already set to "recent".

Carousell admin is making it hard for sellers to sell. Sellers are getting no response for their items because buyers are not able to see the posts.

4) With the admin being such a shithead, I dare not even give my card details to pay for any 3-day bump or any shit like that. You dare to trust them to fulfill what you paid for?


Buyer with psychological problem. He wanted to buy a men's sling pouch. I let him choose day, time & place. He told me the clothes he would be wearing so that I can identity him. I also told him what I would be wearing. But on that day, he changed his clothing & just walked around without bothering to check around even though I was nearby. I saw him & wondered if he was the buyer because his clothes wasn't as described.

So, ended up he just walked away when I was just nearby! Then he messaged me on Carousell, accusing me of not turning up & not replying to his messages on that day.  I said I was there & waited but he didn't turn up.

I was so fed up of his brainless accusations. I didn't say I am too poor to afford data plan for my phone. I am so poor I don't have phone subscription.

Why did he last minute change his identifying clothes? Terrible.

He then complained to the Carousell admin who didn't even check with me. The admin allowed him to post negative comment in my review box.  Even after I explained in the review box, the admin still deleted my account without talking to me first.

I don't understand why buyers always last minute change their timing when they themselves had chosen the day & time. As a seller, I am not at their beck & call. I have other things to do before the meet-up.

If you say meet at 5pm, then I will be there at 5pm. I only get free wi-fi at my downstairs. I don't have phone subscription. Even if I have phone that's plugged in 24/7, it is also very inconsiderate to expect me to agree to sudden last minute change of time.

Why do buyers suddenly change to earlier timing & then accuse seller of not turning up, not serious in selling etc...?

Very inconsiderate.

I already let the buyers choose time & day. And yet they demand for last minute changes.

Even worse, buyers will say they will come between this and this time... & make seller wait the whole day.

One Singh woman: she came with a Singh man in a car. She herself agreed to her own timing & day to pick up. But on that day, she last minute changed to earlier timing & then accused me of not turning up.

And then SMSed me regarding the agreed meet up time with "you better be there at this time.".

Better be there? You think you are who? Completely no respect for the seller. If you arrive earlier than the agreed time, that is your business. I have other things to do before the meet-up time. You last minute change time & expect me to be there?

When she saw the vintage item, she shook her head & pretended like it was dirty. My items are very well kept. And vintage items cannot look 100% perfect like new. Aged-look sure have. I suspect she wanted a discount. Really hateful behaviour.

Then she said she needed to "check" first whether everything is in order. I assured her that everything was in order. I said "If you are not buying, I can sell to someone else.". Straightaway, she appeared surprised & quickly said, "I am buying!".

I am not racist but there are some patterns exhibited by such race of people that reflects badly on them. Their tactic. Pretend to be unhappy with an item, expecting to get discount. And then surprised when I say I can sell to other people if they don't want. Suddenly, they will want.

Another buyer was an Indian woman from India. She wanted some baking trays. Said got a few scratches & appeared unhappy. Dragging, keep complaining, wasting time.  I said, "It's ok. I can sell to other people if you don't want.". I took the trays from her, walking off & found the trays still stuck to her hand that was refusing to let go. She then paid.

One guy arranged his own timing. I told him to give me advance notice 1-2 hours before coming. But he didn't say clearly what time he was coming. So I went out. Then he said I didn't show up & accused me of not being serious about selling.

Let me tell everyone, ok? I need money. I am always serious about selling for money. Just let me know time & place & I will be there. Simple. If you last minute change this, change that, I cannot guarantee I can be there.