Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Chocolate Origin @ Bugis Junction (Review)

Was there on Fri 20 Dec. Bought the original flavor cake for $29 sometime in the evening.

I have a very sensitive stomach that easily detects when food is not fresh/not clean within a few minutes. Unfortunately, only after I have eaten it. 

I just recovered by the way. About 98%.  I was ill since Fri night, Sat and Sun.

It is strange that this cake shop doesn't sell slices. Instead, they sell whole cakes for $29 (original) and $36 (dark chocolate). There is also 1 extra thing called Lava Cake Cup.

Overall, strange concept, empty seats when I went there.

Counter staff service could be better. 2 young women. One didn't smile at all and one faked a few smiles occasionally.

The faked-a-few-smiles gave us each a sample to try. It was dark chocolate which bro found a little bitter and didn't like. So, I decided to get the original.

Bro felt $29 was expensive and the taste wasn't that great.

I felt the taste was excellent and better than Awfully Chocolate. I would have recommended it to everyone if not for what happened.

1) Whenever a customer asks to see a cake, the staff takes one out from the fridge to show. Apparently, the same cake, unless it is sold. It means the cake is frequently exposed to the contaminated air (and saliva when staff and customers talk over it) and cannot be properly chilled since it is taken in and out.

They don't have a permanent display set. Their showcase is full of empty cardboard boxes.

2) When I asked if the cake was freshly made, the didn't-smile-staff thought about it and did not mention when, but said that it was "fresh".  What I wanted to know was whether the cake was made that morning. But she did not provide the answer.

3) I asked when is the expiry date. She said 4~5 days. I found it highly doubtful.  A cake can't keep that long without losing its flavor and freshness. This is also considering when the cake was made. If it had been made 2 days ago but nobody bought it, then the expiry day is shortened.

Considering that not many people will want to buy a whole cake at the prices (unless it's a celebration), there is a high chance the cakes have been in the fridge for at least 1~2 days after they were made.

4) I asked if they provided cold packets to go with the cake to keep it chilled. Staff said no, but it would be fine for around 3 hours.

After buying the cake, we went to OG buy a pillow. Took about 30~40 minutes. After that, we took a taxi home where I ate some of the cake before putting it in the fridge.

The next day, I ate a little more of the cake, but noticed that the taste was a little off.  The color of the surface was also less dark (paler off-color).  I assumed it was due to the coldness of my fridge (the box does say to thaw first).  Since it didn't taste as nice, I ate only a little.  Before eating it, I had eaten nothing else. I only ate the cake because I felt a little hungry.

Some minutes later, my stomach didn't feel well. It felt bloated and got worse after dinner (that I personally cooked). My bro who didn't eat it at all was fine.

I was ill since then until Sun, in bed. 

It could have been worse. 

From my stomach's reaction, I would say the cake was not entirely fresh. It is possible that the day I purchased it was actually the expiry date or even maybe a day after the expiry date. Or all that taking it in and out of the shop's fridge contaminated it and shortened its expiry date.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Laksania @ Bugis Plus + (food restaurant review)

One word: Lousy. 

It is what bro said when I asked him what he thought of it when we left.

We were hungry on Friday 20 Dec. I suggested we try it.

Ordered Laksa Fried Rice even though the menu picture didn't look good.  A paste and fried rice can't go together. That is something I personally tried doing some time back. So I know.

Can this Laksa Fried Rice be any better? No.  My own normal fried rice that I cook is better.

Bro was very hungry since he almost finished everything. For him, finishing everything does not mean it's good.

After 2 spoons of the stuff, I was ready to stop. It is the sort of place that the food is so bad you just want to walk out without paying (because they don't deserve it).

Service was poor or bland. Or pretty much non-existent. No water served unless you want to pay $0.50 each.  Never order from a restaurant that does not serve water. 

Bro commented that if they are so stingy that they will not serve water as a basic gesture of welcome, it also means they are stingy on ingredients.  So how good can their food be?

Since no water, we ordered 1 Gula Melaka Tea.  Their gimmick. By not providing water (or providing it at a cost), the customer will think to might as well order a "proper" drink at full cost.

I asked if it was Earl Grey. The woman staff said "Hong Cha" (red tea, which is a Chinese tea).

Gula Melaka does not go with tea. But just to test if it would be better than expected, I ordered it.  It was bad. The Gula Melaka was so much, so sickeningly thick-sweet, it blocked any taste of tea.

Yahoo Ang Moh "MoneySmart" Article (foreigner in SG)


So? You suffered. So? Go back to your own country, then you won't have to suffer so.

But then you were able to stay. What a bummer. If only you had returned. It would have been a relief to have read it.

Our own graduates are churned out every year from the universities and polytechnics, but never find jobs in this saturated island market even after months of searching and going to interviews.

Our own graduates with full-fledged internationally recognized certificates have trouble getting jobs after graduation, after years of tuition, mugging for tests and exams and meeting expectations on all sides.

But here you are, whining about being unable to get a job after landing from a plane? The fact that you could even get a job here at all is a disgrace to our society.

Without even knowing shit about our place, you occupy our space. What job could you possibly have gotten? If it's better than flipping burgers, it shows how bad our situation is. Someone who don't even have a degree from one of our universities, who don't even know shit about our country, who just landed, got a job within 2 months of "searching".

Just get the hell back to wherever you came from.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Foreigners Indonesians & Filipinos in SG

Social problem. These foreigners are uncouth, uneducated, have no manners.

The ones that let them in should be the ones paying the price. Why should ground-level Singaporeans be paying for it?

1) For the first time in my life, I was robbed in my own country by a foreigner (Filipino woman). I have been to Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan alone. But I am robbed in my own country Singapore.

2) Tonight, at about 8pm, I was at Musashi restaurant with my bro at Vivocity. After we sat in our seats, shortly, an Indo couple sat beside us. Right away, I felt it was a bad sign. We should have moved to another seat.

While we were eating quietly, I felt a spray on my face and arm.  Heard a lousy-sounding insincere word "Soorryie" from the Indo woman next to me.

She had opened her Coke can beside herself and sprayed it on me and the seat.  What a stupid woman.

I saw it frothing at the top.

Why didn't she open it in front of her boyfriend/husband-crap and spray on him?  She had turned to open it sideways because she thought it might spray, didn't she?

What a stupid, inconsiderate woman. She looked stupid and selfish.

These people act as though they are civilized when in fact they are crude savages. 

In a restaurant, can't even open a Coke can decently?? Spray onto the next customer? Gimme a break, for shit's sake.  This is the first time I have been sprayed with Coke by the next customer in a restaurant.

They should just return to their shitty country and stay there permanently. There, they can merge with all that shit and nobody would care.

I wanted to order a Coke too and spray it on her, then say "Oh, sorry" and leave the can on the table. But didn't. 1) the cost of the Coke 2) we had to wait to pay at the cashier counter which would drag things out.

Alternatively, I could scoop some curry soup from my bowl and flick it on her and walk off.

Better yet, I could tell the cashier that their table will be paying for us. I will prepare it so that the cashier will think so.

But the less elaborate and easy would just be to order a Coke and open it on her.

3) After that, we went to Giant.

I was standing near a shelf of air freshening purifiers and looking at the prices, when this foreigner staff just walked right in front of me cutting my view. Behind me, was large empty space. He had just cut right across my view and went to the counter ahead.

I really don't know why he did that. There is no difference in distance between walking in front of me and behind me.

I was standing near the shelf of items. There is no reason why or how anyone could just cut in front like that.

Totally Rude behavior.

A Caucasian would never do that. Every time a Caucasian wants to pass my view in a small supermarket aisle or at a bookstore, he/she would politely say "excuse me".

I went to the counter and looked at that foreigner staff. He talked to someone and his English had an accent. He looked stupid and selfish. After talking a while, he walked away.

I asked the Chinese woman staff what was his name and nationality (Indo?). She said "Christian" "Philippines".

When she said his name, I thought: How ironic.

Christian but behaving like such shit.

Why do our companies hire them?  By giving them a job, they have money to continue staying here.

Government agencies hire them because of the propaganda. But other companies should make a stand against hiring foreigners.

Why are Filipinos having managerial positions in Cold Storage, Guardian and Watsons and fast-food outlets?

Flats should not be rented out to foreigners of any kind.

No Singaporean man or woman should marry a foreigner unless he/she is willing to get out of the country to live with that foreigner spouse.

In the past, only Singaporeans could live in our flats.  Foreigners could only live in condos and went to international schools.  I want back what used to be. 

The neighbor across from me is an Indo family. They have been occupying that apartment for 2 or more years already. Every day, I wonder when they will get out. Apparently, they have money to keep renting the apartment and could possibly be PRs.

They shouldn't even be living in a HDB apartment that is meant for Singaporeans.

In the past, since the beginning, it was a Singaporean Chinese family who lived there until the son and daughter grew up and they moved out.

Every morning, the Indo shitty kid would scream for nothing even though he/she is old enough to shut up.

Previously, we sat in a taxi and the driver complained to us about how bad everything is etc... I sympathized with him until he said he married a China woman.


If he married a China woman, what the heck is he complaining about? He is a contributor to our foreigner problems!!

He said if things get worse in Singapore, he is going to escape to China with his wife. Said many Singaporean men do that.

Yeah right. You think your China wife is going to pity you and take you to her home? Why do you think she married you for?  Be careful she don't dump you and find another man once you tell her you quit Singapore and want to live in China.

That stupid taxi driver drove us around with his problems until he chalked up more than $16 worth of fare on our bill just going a normal distance from point A to Orchard Road. At one point, I had to remind him that we were going to Orchard Road.  He said "I know, I know.".

We didn't pay him the full amount since we didn't ask him to drive us round and round with his complaints. It went beyond the cash we had. He said to pay him whatever we had. Christ. I didn't even want to pay him a cent!! (bro paid him some).

I have heard from other taxi drivers that Filipinos/Indos are very rude when taking their taxis. They think the taxi driver is their lowly servant.

One taxi driver said a Filipino woman made him so angry he purposely upset her by calling her an Indo. She said she's not Indo. He said she got so mad being called Indo, it was funny.

Diabolik Lovers: ディアボリックラヴァーズ 非常にひどくたアニメ

Diabolik Lovers: This is the worst anime I have ever seen. I didn't even know Ep 12 was the last. Very badly done anime. Why did they waste time & money making it?

It started out very well. Very exciting for the first 1~3 episodes. Then it just plunged.

1) Every episode is the shortest I have ever seen for an anime. A whole week's waiting for the next one.

2) Every episode never starts off from where the previous episode left off.

3) The creators/producers attempted to make it special & different to match its vampiric theme, but they are really Bad at it.

4) After episode 6, should be Ep 7. But after waiting a whole week for #7, I couldn't find it online. Turned out they issued Ep 6.5. And what was it? A re-run of scenes from previous episodes that were not even in sequence!

That totally solidified how bad the whole production was. Letting viewers wait so long only to release a badly done re-run. It is an insult to viewers! Why did they even bother to make this anime??

5) The starting characters such as Ayato would get interesting and a lot of focus for the first few episodes, then totally disappear for the rest of the episodes.

6) At Ep 12, there wasn't even an ending. It started to go into what would be the next episode,  but there is no next episode. Just this "special" way of putting the opening theme song behind rather than in front like usual.

At the end, they just inserted some meaningless talk by each male character and that's it.

My recommendation: Do not start on this anime. It's useless. Are we supposed to wait for Ep 13? IF it even comes out?

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Hobbit Smaug or Frozen Movie

*sleepy head, read reviews & watched Frozen Trailer again*

Bro drops by my bed.

Me:  *sleepy hmmmm...* Frozen is just like Tangled. At least in DVD I can forward the music. In cinema I'd have to put up with it until the songs finish *groans*

Bro:  Aiyah what you expect? It's Disney.

*goes to kitchen*

Me: And not in the mood for Tolkien sweeping vistas. *also considering the fast moving ground scenes going to make us sick*

Bro: What's sweeping vistas?

Me: Wide spread of scenery. Of New Zealand. -.-

Wife divorced from Orlando Bloom, by the way. Had a son. I was thinking she must have married him because he is Orlando Bloom & it would be like having sex with Legolas the Elf (& the son would be the son of an Elf).  After marrying, having a kid and seeing him turn into a slob (I imagined him putting on weight because he didn't take care of himself and drank beer all the time), the illusion of Legolas wore off.  Now that he's got his big thing back as Legolas... she must be regretting.

Hobbit Smaug Movie

Checked out the trailer for 47 Ronin @ Youtube and clicked on Hobbit trailer. Considered whether to watch it @ 1pm tomorrow with bro.

I had previously read about Orlando Bloom being excited to be back, but he had put on weight and had to work his body back into shape. Well, he is still fat despite the workout. Put on weight around his jaw. His jaw and face broadened due to older age. I mentioned this to bro on a previous occasion.

This time Bro laughed when I said "fat elf" again while watching the behind-the-scenes on Youtube just now.  For a while he stopped, then I heard him bursting out in laughter while getting hot water into his bath in the kitchen bathroom.  So I walked in to see what it was about. 

Bro: Fat elf. HAHAHAHA!
Me: Yah mah. Elf is supposed to be eternal, how can he become fat leh?  Elf is eternally handsome.
Bro: Maybe they have McDonald's there.

Before this, I had asked him if he wanted to watch the movie tomorrow @ 1pm.:

Me: Wanna watch Hobbit?
Bro: Huh?
Me: Hobbit.
Bro: Didn't it show before? 3D now?
Me: This one new one. Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug. Thinking of going to see. Got handsome Elfmen inside.

Friday, 13 December 2013

Taobao Song 淘宝 歌 (听)

(Update Wed 22 Jul 2015: Check out my guide on how to pick good Taobao sellers! http://therevolutioner.blogspot.sg/2015/07/how-to-pick-good-sellers-from-taobao.html).

Looking for surveillance camera on Taobao when saw the first result that wasn't in an earlier search before. New item? Clicked on reviews first, seemed good. Clicked on product description and scrolled down  to see if seller had provided sample of a video.

Yes, there is video.  Clicked on video.

And this wonderful lovely sweet voice rang out with these cute lovely lyrics!! Oh my god. I listened to the song without even really noticing the video sample of a city street scene (it was rather good quality).  Just when I was getting to hear more of the song, it stopped.  Mouu.... nooo....

What song is it?? Who is the singer???  A China singer but who?? Her voice is so crystal clear. Sounds like those Chinese singers of the past with such light and beautifully crystal clear quality voice.  A singer from that era? Didn't seem like it (hoped not).


Replayed the song and used Google Translate to get the words to put this piece of the lyrics into Google search:  你在天涯我在海角

Found the full lyrics that someone posted: he/she was also searching for the song and asked who knew it. But no one gave him/her a reply.

Found another site with song name, lyrist, composer and full lyrics (but no singer name):  So, a song aptly named Taobao (淘宝)!! ^_^  The word "淘宝" means to pan/sieve for treasure.

Sooo cute that the seller used this song for his product!!!!! ^_^ For a surveillance camera!!  I love this seller already.  I have to buy it. Sneaky (seller)!!! I buy because he wriggled his way into my heart with the song!!!!!! >.<  Unfortunately,  this song distracted me from his item and my initial search for .... more than an hour.


淘宝戊道子 原来缘分这么奇妙 

With the song title/name, searched to listen (and hoped to find singer's name along).

Found!!!  http://yc.5sing.com/872500.html  (the end even has cute little bubbles-birds. So cute!!). To loop this same song, just press the green icon at the right hand corner bottom of the player.

Sung by: 戊道子   (now when I click on the link there, it leads to a page with all her songs that she's sung).

Wonderful voice!! Full song to listen.

Now to find her face... I'm sure she is pretty with such a voice.

And I am right! Found her singing as a guest on a show (?) posted a year ago: Young and pretty and can sing (although this song in the video is a different song that isn't nice). http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDM0ODYwNTQw.html

Now.. I wonder if I can see her singing the song "淘宝".... ?

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!  http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzIzMTQxNDky.html

*whistling it*  Oohh... such a pretty girl.

Heyy... why is there no singing? Karaoke??? NOOoooooo.....

Search again...

Ooh.. I'm hungry....

Ok... this: She's lipping it.... but it's her.  MTV http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDg0MDcwNzg4.html

No, I'm not satisfied. What I want is stage singing.

FOUND IT!! http://www.56.com/u32/v_NzA2MzE1NDk.html  (Oh, shit, why didn't the video continue to let her speak?? Would love to hear her speaking voice.)

Is there an Interview????

Interview 4 years ago *sighs* (isn't there a recent one?):  Very China accent. But sweet-voiced and sweet-looking girl.  http://v.ku6.com/show/9_kx55Ps-C75vktd.html?from=my

Hmmm.... not interested in old interview. It is possible she may no longer be singing...

Hmmm... I am no longer interested in her. Just listening to the song will do. -.-

Some bad press about her... apparently she chose the wrong man who pushed her?  According to the title of this video (below link), he hit her, although the footage is not clear. The woman who has fallen is apparently her. In another video... the man had kicked her/a dog and was aggressive towards a female staff.  Such a man... is useless.  I imagine killing him off. It would free him and everyone else.

She looks like a bimbo anyway... (to have chosen such a man... how smart can she be?).


Right now, even the song is tainted... I can no longer feel the same as the first time I heard it. Lemme try. *plays it again*

*whistles it* hmm... *sighs* it is now tinged with sadness listening to it. Well, for all her adoration in these sweet words, she chose the wrong man.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Heirs Ep20 Lee min Ho Last Episode

Out now ! 10:56 pm.

Very sexy shirt. Makes me want to slowly take it off him. ^_^  Korean dressing is very interesting, different & stylish.

Well, it's war again. -.-

Horrid woman in red expects a victory:
Make that short & horrid woman:

Wahh.. such a big son...
so tall... 1.87m...
Wow... her son is really big... A boy becoming so big.

Min Ho unexpectedly hugs another man (again ^_^): Where is Hyo Shin going? Without his hair, he is almost unrecognizable.


They look very funny together... Min Ho's clothing looks very poor and China suddenly. And because he is smaller suddenly. (they are standing on uneven ground).

Ohh... he still has that band-aid! I love the way he wraps his finger... I will kiss it (lick it) and then kiss his mouth. Strange I never used to think he was handsome. He just kinda grows on you...

Guess who this is? Well, if you want her, chase her. Why cry?

I didn't know that thing had legs. Well, I bet everyone will want it. It ain't cute. She wore a hoodie with this design in an earlier scene in her room.

Well, that's the end. Kinda boring actually. Min Ho... please do another ancient costumes drama that will be good.

So sad... nobody cares about Choi Young Do.  T.T
Very soon, Min Ho won't be able to play 18 yr-old roles anymore. He is getting and looking older.

Here are links to the RAW episode. But not the link to the hosting site that I was watching from. You can see why these links are un-searchable. The uploaders used different titles/names.


Also on Daily Motion:  
Part 1
Part 2

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Heirs Ep 19 Lee Min Ho

It's Out! Now at 10:59 pm. But you won't find it yet. ^_^  As usual, I am watching it at a hosting site. I am considering releasing the link to that site only at the final episode.

Stay tuned for pics... (update 12:50am: This Ep 19 was boring without Eng Subs. I skipped a few parts and checked other stuff.).

I just realized that I somehow.. accidentally missed Ep 18. O.O How did that happen?? O.O

Oohh.. it's X'mas music...

(below) hmm... pretty boy Chan Yong, as Min Ho/Kim Tan had observed at the beginning. His face is small, feminine and pretty compared to that older man beside him. He looks almost like a girl.

What an entrance. Unauthorized:

Hahaha... look at what the silly old man is looking at:

Hey... nice decor!! Who did it? Love it. I love the bubble chair. Cute. Funny the old man is sitting in it. Some kinda joke by the director? ^_^ With that sort of mood? I love the lighting above. Cool.

Her voice sounds so lovely when she says it: Happy Birthday, Kim Tan.  The voice and words he wants to hear.

She certainly looks better playing Kwang Tae Kyung's mom. That was just 4 years ago. She aged a lot.
Nice jacket (& suit). Interesting design.
Haahaha! Look at his face:
And his face: sitting across from each other.
Nice shot of the duo:

Preview Ep 20: Looks like he found...

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The situation with my bro

Been pursuing a thief at an establishment. Mentioned to bro that tomorrow I have to return to "look for" my money.

Later, in bed was watching youtube Lee Min Ho on my phone. I was happy and then the most super fragrance of soy sauce chicken wafted through my window. Smelled fabulous and I shouted from my bed: "AHhhh!! Si Yao chicken!! MMMM!!!".  ("si yao" is Cantonese for black soy sauce)

He said from his room: "If you like it so much, look for it. ". I felt something was wrong about the comment, that he had used the words "look for it".

I thought he was joking and went to his room.  He was plugged into earphones and looking at his watch that he was holding in his hand. He wasn't smiling.

"You mean look for the Si Yao smell ah?!" I said loudly in a fun mood.

"You like it so much, look for it.". he said again. I looked at his face for longer while he looked at his watch and he wasn't smiling.

Then he said, "Tsk. You are so noisy I can't do this.".

I just immediately went back to my bed and continued watching Lee Min Ho on my phone.

I am not upset by his last sentence. But that he had used my earlier comment about looking for my money to get back at me.  He hasn't been supportive of my going back to the place to recover my stolen cash. I don't know why.

Previously, when I asked him to help me with it, he had refused. So although the money was his, I am in fact attempting to get it back on my own, which is rather lonesome. If it had been the other way around, I would have helped him, went together with him, backed him up in any way within my means.

The fact that he doesn't see that he is not helping--I have not focused on it because it is something that cannot be changed. I am pretty independent in that way. In that I can do things without anyone backing me up.

Later, he tried to make it up by trying to be cute with his stuffed donkey, coming around my door with it while I was watching my phone.

I didn't want to bring it up, but nevertheless couldn't smile and forgive. Finally, I moved to my desk and while checking e-mails at my laptop, I asked, "What did you mean by "look for it"?".  I knew exactly what he had meant but wanted to raise this issue since I couldn't get past it.

He was quiet.

I repeated what he said, ""If you like it so much, look for it". "If you like it so much, look for it"."

I said it twice, exactly the number of times he had said it. 

He was quiet until he defended himself by saying, "That one is lack of caffeine.".

I said quietly, "You are just being GL.". (GL means "guai lan".  A Hokkien vulgarity to mean bad ass attitude with malicious intent in upsetting people).

My bro, sad to say, is like that. I have come to learn this only some years ago. He didn't use to grow up this way so it is an aspect of him that I have come to notice.

Strangely, he doesn't see it. He thinks I am kicking up a fuss. Said I wasn't being understanding and that there were incidences where he had let pass things I said to him too.

I did not argue that he can take his GL out on other people, but not on me, regardless of how bad he feels. When I was really sick, I never once took my temper out on him.  I even thanked him for thanking care of me.

And I am tired of convincing myself to understand people and thereby convincing myself to forgive them so that we can move on.

Why must I convince myself to understand them? He has a headache from his brain fog, he is feeling bad, so I must understand that and swallow his venting on me?  Why must I do that?

So, I am to be the trashbin that he dumps his "lack of caffeine" on, just because... ?  Just because of what?

Definitely, he takes advantage of me, in that sense.  Because I am familiar.

It is also not the first time he puts his attitude first rather than consider my feelings. He has become egocentric in recent years.  When he defends himself, he only sees it from his point of view, but not mine. Whereas, I consider both viewpoints and in accepting the other person's viewpoint, convince myself that I should be the one to understand. That is in fact wrong because it allows the other person to step all over me.  It is because of this that a past relationship I had with someone dragged out during which I was completely taken for a ride.

That person is similar to my brother. They seem not to be aware of what they do, but they are egocentric and it is always they who are right while it is others who do not understand them.

After his muttering defense that I was not being understanding as he moved about in the kitchen etc.., he left to go out (Chinatown, presumably).

Frankly, sometimes, it isn't so bad to live and spend a life alone.

At any time when I am angry, even at my angriest, I have never been GL to my brother.  I say what needs to be said but never in a sarcastic or malicious way.  I don't hit back in that way.

What I do not appreciate is the maliciousness of the words he used. To his own sister. It wasn't just some random "go away" that I wouldn't have taken offense.

The fact that he didn't support me every time I went to try getting back the money, that's fine. But don't hit back by insulting my attempts at getting back the money.

Makes me regret ordering a X'mas surprise present along with our Amazon orders for him (it's on the way).  I don't feel like giving it to him.  Had the thought of stashing it in my drawer and giving it only when in the mood.

He's like mom, not appreciative. When I was ordering it based on the review, I took the chance that he would not appreciate it because it's a book, even though it is about his favourite characters. He don't read books.  Yet for the fact that it is about his favourite stuff at the moment, made me order it without asking first if he would like to have it (it wouldn't be a surprise then).

Update Fri 20 Dec: The instant DHL arrived on Sunday, December 15 (I called DHL on Sat), we loved & adored the stuff we got from Amazon. Bro loved the surprise book I got him so much that he is protecting it in a plastic wrapper. I love my 2 books. And we certainly love BMO. 

Selected AmazonGlobal Priority Shipping because Amazon auto-informed upon checking out that it would go past X'mas if I chose the cheaper option.  Supposed to arrive in 2~4 days with Priority. It felt longer than that and was a day longer than the 2~4 days (although it is within the Amazon delivery estimation date).

The 2~4 days estimation would be correct if DHL had delivered on the day it arrived at their delivery center but it was Saturday. If I hadn't called to have it delivered on Sunday, it would have taken another day longer.

Order was done on 10 Dec. Shipped on 11 Dec. Arrived 15 Dec. Counting 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 (5 days). Pretty fast still. ^_^ Am happy (though movement of the package in the US side was and is always slow).

Monday, 9 December 2013

Little India Singapore: Yeah, blame it all on the Alcohol scapegoat

Update 17 Dec Tues:  Out of 400 in the riot, "will only proceed on charges for 28".  The rest are free (or can't even be caught). Meaning, they can always do it again.  The penalty at most, is just don't step foot in Singapore again. The message sent is that we need them so much that a little riot like that is fine. Go ahead and continue working. If I were them, I would do it again. It's fun to let out some steam and then go back to work after. Get to do what Singaporeans can't (or dare not).

Meanwhile, one man will face "five years in jail plus flogging" just for bringing a sword on an MRT train while in "samurai" attire (even though it's just a lower Japanese skirt on top of a T-shirt).

And a "drunk" man got off with hitting 3 Singaporean women on Circular Road.  No charges, no penalty.


Some years ago when I went there for the first time with my family, I already felt it was unsafe. Masses of Indians who didn't look like Singaporeans in one location. I felt as if I was in India instead of Singapore. It was so bad I was very irritated that my folks had chosen to go there and I wanted to get out ASAP.

When we were at Mustafa and they wanted me to deposit my backpack, it pissed me off.  I said why should I deposit my backpack?

I felt this was very different from the usual practice in Singapore. I mean this is Singapore not India. Which shopping center or mall requires deposit of handbags and backpacks? It's ridiculous!

Worse still, Mustafa cable-tied all shopping bags right after purchase. Why? Afraid customers would steal? What an insult.

The fact that they have to do that reflects badly on their own people. Implying that their people are thieves, not to be trusted not to steal in a shopping mall. -.- It's ridiculous.  I can only think that this is the case in India, that's why the practice is also applied to  Singapore.

Plus, the Indians (or India Indians) would cluster at the tiny single-file elevators, with no sense that they were completely blocking the way.   My bro says they like to  "cluster f**k".  

Since then, I have never gone back there. I don't know why Chinese Singaporeans go to Mustafa when there are so many classier and more respectable malls in SG with greater variety of items.

In this video below, even a local Indian (young guy) says he would advise his friends to avoid Little India. At night, there are fights and he's heard of molest cases. He emphasized that it is not safe. To think he is saying that about a place in Singapore. I can't quite believe it. It's like he's talking about another place.  The "authorities" have certainly kept a very good lid on this matter. This is the first time I am hearing about fights and disturbances there.

(aftermath of the riot)

(below)Update: Tues 10:53 pm

Are they reading from a script? Paid to say? The bespectacled guy who said everything is good in SG, is because he is earning well here. 15 years taking up our space, eh. No NS, no childhood here. Just money even though English no good. How nice.


(below) Update: 12:55pm 13 Dec Fri:


That's what I was saying! Where was their tear gas?? I think they didn't have any.
Precisely! I was thinking how did so many get injured? How did their police cars even get overturned? Because they are softies, sit around too much with nothing to practice on. They are all young men in a peaceful time.
The riot wasn't even a full course one. Had the rioters been really serious, it would be been total chaos. The police and anti-riot forces took 2 hrs (more than that I would say) just getting it under control.

Look at this old 1960s photo: The men were so fit! So tight their bodies and solid. Handsome.  These are warriors.   The ex-police officer said they did "everything" from traffic policing to coastal patrolling and controlling riots.  That was a police officer. Amazing. Click to enlarge.

Riot In SG (Little India)

The Yahoo news report said the riot was "rare". Actually, it's the first time this has happened. So it is Not "rare".  It has never happened before.

A riot has Never happened in Singapore ever since LKY took control. It is a thing of the past. His son takes over and we are back to the 1960s. 

Having foreigners was supposed to take us "forward" but it is taking us backward.

In the time I was born and bred here, I have never seen or experienced a riot in Singapore. Certainly, the police officers who were at the scene never either. Otherwise, how did they get so injured?

So far, the policemen I have seen are young men. They have only known peace. So they just drove into the scene in their police cars and ... what did they expect?

So far, I have not seen the anti-riot forces use any shields, tear gas or anti-riot gear. What did they do? From the report it seems they reacted slowly and timidly.

When I first saw the Yahoo news headline, I thought "Little India"? You mean our Little India? It couldn't be.  Is there a Little India in India?

Clicking on the article, I saw that indeed, it was the Little India of Singapore.

It was surreal reading it.

A riot in Singapore? Unbelievable.

Practically speaking, the India Indian was probably hit by the bus because he was black (and they tend to wear dark-colored clothing). Against the black of the night, the driver couldn't or didn't see him.

The "authorities" always walk around the true problem. Instead of getting rid of the foreigners and reducing their numbers and preventing non-Singaporeans (including PRs) from occupying our flats, they consider not selling alcohol at Little India, keeping foreigners in housing estates to 10%, increasing the number of buses...

How is the government going to arrest 400 people? At most, just capture the ring leaders. The rest are free. They carry on going to work the next day and nobody knows they were part of the riot if they don't brag or talk about it.

When I read the Yahoo news at about 3am this morning, there was only 1 thought: Send all of them back.

Fact is, for every foreigner occupying a seat in a bus/mrt, it is 1 less seat for a Singaporean.

Won't be surprised if one day the government is overthrown by the foreigners they brought in.

For Little India, with this riot, it is a mark on a tourist spot. And everyone is watching. Malaysia must be so happy now.

http://www.forbes.com/sites/jenniferwells/2013/12/09/singapores-little-india-riot-a-shock-but-not-a-total-surprise/  (the riot occured on Sunday late night towards midnight)

The Forbes article says out of 5 million people in SG, 3 million were born here. Assuming the 5 million stats is even correct, there are 2 million foreigners.

If even a few thousand of them riot and/or hold Singaporeans hostage,  we are finished.

Little India Riot in SG

Me: So. Who is going to riot next? Indos? Filipinos?
Bro: Japanese. *Me wondering why the low profile Japs would suddenly riot*  Complain why the price of sushi so high.
Me:  Indos. Filipinos scared of the cross. Indos scared of nothing.
Bro: Indos scared of batik shirts.
Me: Hahahaha!

*No idea why Indos being scared of batik shirts is funny. They always tend to wear batik shirts. Very old-fashioned, very uncool, very boring, very Indo.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Questions: Ep 17 Heirs

Eng subbed version...

What's with the mobile phone and unlisted number? Why did it connect to Choi Young Do?

How did Kim Tan know that the gloves Eun Sang bought from the store cost 3300 won?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Heirs Ep 17 & Preview 18 Lee Min Ho

Ep 17 is out! 11:08pm.  I am so early, the 2nd part of the video is still "encoding in progress". Cool.

Stay tuned for pics.


Ohohohoho... the 2 knights go after Chan Yong. As if he is her keeper. ^_^ Poor Chan Yong. Choi Young Do enters so coolly. 

The search is on for Cha Eun Sang...

Choi Young Do goes through the files...

Nice side-view hair...
Min Ho steps in...
Min Ho searching CCTV records...
He calls Young Do... ^_^ And I love Young Do's sharp smug look... ^_^
While Young Do blabs on... CCTV shows... Totally heart-breaking.

Hmm... interesting jacket... on Young Do:  I have never seen such a pattern before on a man's formal jacket.

Hahaha...funny scene.  They know each other so well... like husband and wife.  Myung Soo's theories about Eun Sang's disappearance disgusts Young Do who tells him to "mogo" (eat) and the guy accepts with "Mm." and proceeds to eat funnily. This guy can be a cute comedian (odd that he's a singer in a group in real life?).

Look like it was a lucky thing Kim Tan took her passport earlier.  It seems she is still in Korea.

Cute Min Ho:

Cha Eun Sang found. I love the background song. ^_^  Love it when the music stops with a heart stop.
Min Ho looks like a boy when he lays in bed like this...

(below) Hahaha! Young Do uses the direct method: he gets the police. ^_^ I love the way he walks to her. The "clop clop" sound of the heels of his shoes.  Decisive, firm, certain. I love it. So Victorian. He carries the coat very well (2nd pic, very tall, straight, intimidating Victorian-looking). No wonder he is a model.
Ahh, she's so lucky to have the love of 2 lovely men...

I love his ring, by the way. ^_^  Clearer pics from Tudou:

(below) Oh my god. He looks absolutely dashing standing there in the rain. ^_^ Like a prince in his white coat (lab coat? ^_^).  Just as what he said when she once asked where he came out from when he seemed to have come out of nowhere... "from a fairytale".

Quite scary as he approaches. Hahaha... luckily it is out of love and not something else. Like wherever she goes, he can find her.
I thought he was going to bend his head to give her a last kiss... but he gives her his umbrella...
His fingers are very nice... slim and lovely (those beneath hers that take her hand to hold the umbrella).

(below) Oh dear... he's sick. Even so... he still looks handsome!!! Oh my god. His lips are pale and colored to look sick. His hair... ooh I love the style.

Looks like he doesn't want to live anymore...
That's what you get from an 18 yr-old. The fury of of an 18 yr-old.

The way he pines for her... I completely understand. I was like that once... the feeling of being torn apart, you don't want to live anymore if you can't be together. It's like that. Physical separation. Even knowing the other person is alive and well... is not enough. In fact, all the more, you feel the pain of it. Every thing is a reminder. Going to the places we used to go, etc..  It hurts very badly. That's why, never fall in love with anyone. It's not worth it.


Young Do looks like the leader of this gangster group.  ^_^ Very stylish and stands out easily from these 2 guys.  I imagine pointing at him when asked which of them I want.

 Young Do restraints Min Ho with a hug... ^_^
Min Ho is beaten senseless...
Preview Ep 18: 

Ok, now Min Ho looks bad. Finally.
And Choi Young Do finally gets to eat noodles with Eun Sang...
And looks like Eun Sang has come back?