Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Ep 11 Scarlet Heart Ryeo Raw Lee Joon Gi

At some angles, he still looks like that gay man he played in King & Clown. Everytime I see him in any drama, I remember that pretty man in that movie. Amazingly pretty. At that time in the movie theatre, I was so amazed by his first appearance, I immediately thought he was the prettiest woman I had ever seen. Good heavens.

At some angles in Scarlet Heart Ryeo, he still has that look, even though he is older now. He himself said his skin is not as tight as before. Yeah, but ... he's still pretty and handsome at the same time.

He's actually quite small-sized compared to other men. That's must be why they got him to play that gay prettiness in King & Clown.

He looks small-sized lying in the bed (below).  Makes a man feel protective over him. Still emitting that gay aura. Look at his hand. So small & pale. Makes me want to hold it.  Other men's hands are bigger although his hand is bigger than a woman's (Hae Soo's hand).  In a behind-the-scenes episode, Baek Ka (don't know the actor's name) playfully folds Joon Gi's hand into a fist, clasps it completely in his hand and holds it. Then in this episode, Ji Mong's hand is also bigger when he holds Joon Gi's wrist for pulse.

Surprisingly, despite his feminine looks & small size, his voice is very strong & very deep. Surprising to hear such deep manly voice coming from him, particular during interviews.

Click to enlarge:

Pretty and handsome at the same time.  Even more so now when ill with poison. When he's awake & well, he looks different, older face with looser skin around the mouth. Here he looks almost like his role in King & Clown. So handsome princely look: I want to kiss his lips. You know he's got cupid bow lips? Very kissable-looking.  His Adam's apple makes him look very sexy. 

Very sexy manly soft ill moan/groan from him: 

You can see he's much smaller-sized than Baek Ka behind him. In front is the 8th prince. Imagine if these 2 were to gang up against him.  Sexy position.

Even the doctor's hands are bigger than his:

This idea of training for poison, is also same as what Prince Zen did in the Japanese anime Akagami no Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair).

Prince Zen was poisoned by an apple he ate on behalf of the young girl he loved. But didn't die because of his high resistance to poisons which he trained himself for. During the training, he suffered but the result is that he won't die so easily especially when an antidote is given.

Makes me wonder if it's really possible to train for such a thing. How to train for it?

Funny part.  Hae Soo's reply means yes, he's a pathetic man.

I am watching Ep 2 again & everyone looks so fresh. This scene, Wang So so proudly walking every step of the way not knowing that he'll risk his life for her. At this point, if u told him he'll love her & risk his life to protect her, he'll laugh & smirk it off.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Ezbuy Changes Chat to 'Happiness Chat Room' Review

Wed 11:55a.m. 28 Sept

As of last night, it was still Zopim. Free chat box. Why does ezbuy that is so rich get a free chatbox & not a properly paid one?

This morning when I woke, I saw it had become a very ugly bluish purple chatbox called "Happiness Chat Room". Very amateurish-looking chatbox. Ruins their professional image.

Well then, Ezbuy had better make sure there's going to be happiness inside. If customers come out angry from talking to stupid staff such as "Boey", there's not going to be any happiness.

Bad idea calling it "Happiness Chat Room". Just put "Customer Service" will do.

Don't try to be funny.

Odd, I think they are testing or playing with the new chatbox. It has just changed to ""ezbuy online chat".

Well, now it's stupider. No more instant. Another example of if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  I'm worried about ordering more items from them. Now is their free agent fee again.

They do have problems with shipping quite regularly. Without the instant chatbox, it's going to be difficult.

"Reply to you". Even missing the word "to":

I tried again. Got in this time: 

The color is really lousy. As usual, nothing happens for more than 5 mins. Yesterday, it took 10 mins for a reply. They used to be faster.

This time, 12:13 to 12:21 = around 10 mins. Sometimes, there's no reply at all for more than 15 mins. I start wondering whether Zopim was down or they just forgot.  I doubt this new chatbox is going to be any better.

Kind "understanding on this". Not "in". Actually, just full stop after "understanding" will do. I even have to correct their English while waiting.

That's why I say it shouldn't be called "Happiness Chat Room".  

This person is a staff that I previously saw before online. Didn't see him/her for a long time already.

The other night, the moment I saw "Boey" online, I clicked off the chat & out of the page. No point talking to imbeciles.

Update: 8:40p.m. 29 Sept. The chatbox changed back to Zopim hosted again.

This afternoon, I asked about my order again. No update after 4 days now. Odd that the chat staff can't seem to help except to inform the purchaser to update. They don't know what's really going on.

Finally, after complaining to Ezbuy facebook, I got an update. Damn odd crazy China seller.

1) It's seller's fault to intentionally send the wrong size item + damaged. From the glowing reviews, I thought this seller was good. That's why never trust seller reviews on Taobao. China sellers are just weird shit.

2) Ezbuy has actually been very vigilant in stopping the item from being shipped. Luckily they inspected it first. Bloody seller dares to send damaged goods knowing it's a warehouse forwarder's address.

3) The wrong size is so far off from ordered size. And damaged? It's so odd.

Ezbuy's fault lies in not updating me earlier. Earlier on Tues, I already gave instruction to Ezbuy chat staff to get refund if seller is not going to correct the wrong size. But no updates.

If I didn't push Ezbuy to get an update, the problem will just sit there forever. Moreover, now they say China National holidays coming.  I just found out it's from Oct 1 to Oct 7.

Due to Ezbuy's delay in updating me, the refund is going to be delayed for who knows how long. Or even if that damn seller is going to refund. 

This afternoon chat with Ezbuy's staff Jesslyn was at least better than the previous days' staff. Jesslyn, if I remember, is pretty good. She's also been the chat staff for a quite a while already. But even she was unable to do anything.  She's the only one who apologised sincerely about the issue & the waiting chat time. 

Altogether I have been contacting 3 chat staff for the past few days & they all said the same thing. They can only inform the purchaser to update.

Davis was the Ezbuy staff I spoke to the first time. She was the first to tell me the damn seller sent wrong size to warehouse.  I gave instruction to cancel & refund if there are any problems with seller. Davis said will inform purchaser in contact with the seller. Apparently, purchaser didn't get the information because I was asked later.

I regret buying from this China seller. It's such a pity. The seller sells such pretty things with such great reviews. But how come she/her do this? Send wrong size + damaged. I spent $67.82 Singapore dollars on this shop.

Though it's not Ezbuy's fault, as I mentioned above, I was not informed of the problem.

It started last Friday when I noticed 3 items from the seller had arrived at warehouse, but 1 was still being dispatched. Odd. Seller should have sent 4 items in 1 package. Something already wrong.

The 3 items were checked by Ezbuy & ready to be shipped. The last item then arrived at warehouse & stayed there "pending inspection & repack" after 1 whole day. I knew something was wrong.  But there were no updates in remark section.

Contacted Ezbuy on Tues.  Davis said wrong size was sent to warehouse & purchaser contacting seller & will update. Nothing happened.

Contacted Ezbuy on Wed. Low Jiale didn't know what's going on (as shown above in chat screen shots).

Contacted Ezbuy on Thurs today. Jesslyn apologized but I think she wasn't able to do anything.

Earlier, left complaint on Ezbuy Facebook. Ezbuy responded: will get customer service to fix it.

Just now, finally received update in my order remark section. It has actually been edited or changed. There was a previous message that said that the item seller sent was different from the one ordered. That first message is gone.  I don't know what the heck is going on. Different from ordered? Or wrong size?

The changed update says:

The 3 items I just received are fine. Thank goodness Ezbuy warehouse staff checked.

I did consider the $67 that I put into the seller's pocket. Probably paying the China seller's trip to the Bahamas while I don't even have money to go to Japan. When I ordered the 4 items, alarm bells started ringing silently in my head.

Previously, I purchased once from this seller before & the quality wasn't as good as expected, but still ok. With the glowing reviews, I thought this seller was good to order from again.  

Even with my experience ordering from Taobao, ordering from these China sellers is still scary. They see the forwarder's warehouse address & they send out shit knowing it's sent overseas. They think customer can't leave negative feedback.

Super wrong size & damaged? I don't know what really happened in between. Plenty of possibilities.  

The seller is a 金牌卖家. Gold seller. My gold label, your trust.

Another seller said: 我家金牌卖家 都是经过层层筛选出来的。大家买家支持才有的今天... (My shop's gold label is obtained from layers of screening. It is due to buyers' support that we have today...

Really? Or bribed to get that gold label?


Ep 11 Scarlet Heart Ryeo Eng Sub

Subbed using captions for now since Eng Sub not out yet. Partially subbed scenes because I can't possibly sub everything at such a late hour. 12:45a.m. & it takes plenty of effort to do this. From Chinese-subbed version that was already out long time ago.

The saddest part at the end. Court Lady Shang is executed in Hae Soo's place. For all the princes' professions of love for Hae Soo, none saved her.  None dared to stand up against the King. Only saved by court lady Shang who treats her like the child she lost due to poison set by the Queen many years ago.

I love the scene when Hae Soo says if she knew someone was going to die because of her, she would rather not be reborn. If this was a dream & she wakes, she hopes she don't remember this.

Notice 4th prince's left side hand (viewer's angle) under Hae Soo's armpit, very near or even touching her breast as he tries to lift her (2nd pic).  Click to enlarge:

 She becomes hysterical calling court lady Shang's name.

Lee Joon Gi looks the handsomest here:

I was quite impressed with IU here. I thought she was just a pretty face with big eyes. But wow...she really can act the part. And amazing what make-up can do.

Lee Joon Gi's arm over her breasts?  He's wearing a kind of raincoat but because of his Batman appearance in earlier scene, the scenes below remind me of Howl with his black feathers in Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle. Like a big black bird huddled over her.

He takes his hand out & puts it over her arm. He's very gentle.

Earlier scene, 4th prince looked like Batman:
That lousy 8th prince who claimed to love her so much, walked off. He loved the throne more.