Monday, 25 January 2016

Carousell Admin Fraudster Osaka Bags VS Jamieq

Jamieq is a popular & regular profile on Carousell. She has 7 accounts for selling different items & trade.

This afternoon, Jamieq had just posted her new in-stock men's bag.  "Men's Hand Carry Briefcase/ Sling/ Shoulder Bag/#765".   That was afternoon. 

I knew by evening or night (past 6.30p.m.), once the crazy admin fraudster Osaka Bags comes back from work, her listing will be gone.

There is nothing wrong with her listing. No keyword spamming or tagging. All her leather-based bags are listed with a copy & paste description.  There is no reason why this one out of others that are listed the same way, has been deleted.

The only reason is that this bag is identical to a bag he is selling.  He calls the bag "Japan Designed Osaka Briefcase Classic Black".

While a few of her bags remain, many have been deleted without her knowledge.

Right now at 7:59p.m., he is online & deleting posts.

When he is active, his listings occupy rows & rows for 1 to 2 pages of search results. At this time (between now & at least till 11p.m.), if you post similar, identical or competitively better bags than his, your listings will be deleted.

Completely predictable.

Ironically, while getting "likes" is a good thing, during the whole night you better hope people don't "like" your listings, otherwise they will be bumped up to the top of the search listings & the crazy fraudster admin will see & delete. You better hope your items get buried at least during the time he is around.

These days, the crazy admin is active until 12a.m. or later. A customer feedback said he replies to messages even at 4a.m..  Bro says he must be desperate for money to monitor his bags at such an hour.  Didn't even sleep.

At 7p.m., her listing was still there.  Now,  it's gone & it coincides perfectly with his listings that are occupying rows & rows of the search results.  He bumps his own listings or get others to bump for him (likes 4 likes).

To know whether an item has been deleted, simply input part of the item title or entire item title into the search engine. Result will come up empty.

Let me repeat that once an item is deleted from the search database, it means it will not appear when buyers type in the search engine. Nobody sees, nobody buys, nobody knows.

Not even the seller will know because the item still remains on the seller's selling page.  Even if someone clicks "like" for that item on the seller's page, that item will only be bumped on the seller's page but not in search listings.  In the search listings, that item does not exist.

I have a list of her items that she is perhaps unaware have been deleted from search database. Bags identical, similar or competing against his.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Carousell SG Secures $50M For Expansion?

Get rid of your crazy scammer admin first. Even the admin is a scammer.  Investors, don't you read the news? Your two eyes covered by dollar notes. Can't see anything.

Put in $50M. Ambitious Carousell SG might one day collapse. Bubble pops. Expand into New Zealand & Hong Kong. What crap.

What you do with the $6 million? Traffic more a bit in the evenings & the whole site hangs.  And cranky. Always "hiccup".  $6 million dollars for hiccups.

During the weekends, completely no buyer traffic. No activity. Seller activity is there. But where are the buyers? Carousell's heyday is over due to bad publicity & poor management/mis-management.  It's a pity. 

Talk about system moderation. What moderation? When you type men's bag, all the irrelevant things appear. The only moderation is your scammer admin deleting people's posts because his scam is exposed.

Carousell/Carousellers Trustworthy Reliable Safe to Buy From List

The below accounts can be accessed simply by putting each one into the "X" in this link: "".  If these persons didn't change their account names, you will be able to go to them.

Out of 232 persons to whom I sent the scam warning message to, only these 16 people bothered to spontaneously thank me.

I want to thank these 16 persons. If any buyer is ever in doubt of which sellers to choose, these are the ones who deserve your business.

In particular: thirdsaintcity.  His reply was: "Oh thnks bud for the kind info :))". When I said, "Glad you appreciate the info. All I can do is inform people not to buy from him.",  he replied, "I will forward the message around. No worries :))".   It gave me a lot of relief & set me at ease. Whether he really circulated the message, I don't know but he set me at ease. Comforting. Thank you.


Based on this post:

Carousell Admin Fraudster Osaka Bags VS Jamieq:

Carousell Admin Scam Osaka Bags Fraud

There's a saying. If you can't beat them, join them. In the middle of sending a warning message to someone, I suddenly stopped. What am I doing?

For 3 days, I have done nothing except send warning messages to strangers on Carousell, trying to stop them from buying from the fraudster "Tom".

Just now I saw who the 118th fool was in the fraudster's feedback column.  His stupid face with tiny beady eyes.  That is one evil person.

[The feedback number is updated first. In 1 or 2 days, it will be shown who gave the feedback (who bought). Shows how lousy & uncoordinated the Carousell system is. The feedback score has increased to 119 now (but it's not yet shown who contributed to it. Maybe it's another fool who went right off to buy the scam after I said not to.). ]

Userid: weihaofro.  Out of the 232 persons I warned, he is the only one who went right off to purchase the scam right after I told him not to, knowing that I will see the Fraudster's feedback column. (Well, the joke's on him when the bag he buys starts falling apart.). 

He deserves an award for being the stupidest person out of 232 people.

I had quite expected someone to do that when I sent the warning message. People don't think. They will assume that I am trying to smear a competitor's "reputation" & go over to the competitor instead.

People never use their brains: What a chore it is to send unsolicited messages. How much time is involved in doing it. Why is this person doing it if the message weren't true?

One person (userid: dualcircles) replied after receiving my message: "Oh really?".   I had to put his brain to work by informing him how disadvantageous it is for me to send unsolicited messages. I sacrificed hours sending the message at the risk of getting scolded with disbelief & he says "Oh really?"?

Before sending the warning message, I considered. 1) It might trigger someone to learn from it & do the same fraud. 2) It might cause people to think I'm trying to smear Osaka Bags' reputation & go over to him instead. 3) I might get scolded because of people's disbelief & the fact that the message has nothing to do with the product they are desperately selling. (There is however, no other chat/message facility to talk.).

Just now, as I proofread the message I was about to send to the next person, I stopped. What am I doing trying to beat a fraudster? People like buying the scam.  So what if the bags aren't Tokyo designed? They don't mind being scammed.

The face of the fool (in his profile) who bought from the fraudster despite my telling him not to, was telling me to bugger off because he liked the bags even if they are a fraud.

I have been watching the fraudster for 2 months since he started his scam. At first, I thought his scam was brilliant. It wasn't theft. It is like religion. Selling a lie that fools are happy to buy.  Not my problem.

It became my problem when I started exposing him for his lies. His sales was skyrocketing because of his fraudulent claims.  He had just opened for 2 months since Oct 2015. As it neared X'mas of last year, he sold 6 bags a day.  Compare this with other sellers who barely make 60 sales of anything in a year.  I have not seen a seller who can beat 6 bags a day on Carousell.

I know the profit he is making.  It's fine if it's based on legit selling. But it isn't.

Not even Jamieq can match it with her bags account alone (265 sales). And her bags account was opened in Mar 2015, far longer than the fraudster's.  Her main account sells an assortment of items (212 sales) & cannot quite be used in the calculation. Even if used, the number of men's bag sales added to her bags account, still cannot match his in terms of profit.

A few of the bags the fraudster sells, she & a few other sellers have also been selling for a long time. 

Why don't people question the fraudster's exclusively "Tokyo designed" bags?  If Osaka Bags are truly "Japanese designed" & truly his, then others should not be able to sell them.

And since these sellers are selling the same bag/s as the fraudster, why aren't these sellers making as much money & as quickly as the fraudster?

Simply because the fraudster differentiates his products & raises their level among other sellers, with "window dressing".

It's quite brilliant.  It's on the border between scam & fraud.  He didn't run away with customers' money. So it's not quite a scam.  Yet it's a fraud that can't be caught unless you know the source of his bags.  And even when caught, the customers are happy to be scammed.

What can be more brilliant than that? I don't know where he learnt it from.

However, it is a mad brilliance. He is crazy. No doubt about it. No normal, sane person will do what he does.

One of his item description for a backpack states that there is a front pocket when there isn't any.  He describes it as "oxford canvas". There is only oxford or canvas. No "oxford canvas" because these are 2 different materials.

Even my listings that he left alone previously, have now been deleted.

To expose his scam, I purposely posted the same bags as him & at a cheaper price so that buyers would start questioning his bags.  Knowing the source of the bags, I had access to all the product photos. I could post any of the photos I wanted for the same bag he is selling

In the search results, my bags & his appeared side by side. He couldn't allow that. Started deleting mine.

Even when it wasn't the same bag as his, but competitively better, he deleted.

He must have thought I wouldn't realize because my items were still visible on my page. But he didn't know I check my listings carefully & closely.

I realized who was doing it & why.

The problem now is: There are so many thousands of buyers on Carousell. How can I possible warn every one of them? It would be better if these 220 people circulated the message on their beloved iphones & Facebooks.

With the fool showing me that he is fine with buying a scam,  should I even continue wasting my time posting warning messages that people don't appreciate?

Out of 220 persons I sent messages to, only 16 bothered to thank me. I wasn't even expecting anyone to. In fact, I expected to be scolded for sending a message that had nothing to do with the product people were selling.   (That is how bad Carousell is. Don't even have a contact function outside of the products.).

Yesterday, out of 92 messages (out of the 220) that I sent, only 9 persons (out of the 16) bothered to thank me.

One young stupid (userid: ddaarreenn) replied: "LOL What?".  This is the sort of person who deserves to be scammed till he don't know what the heck just happened.

One fool (userid: mystic0711) said,  "Don't understand a thing . he has lots of positive feedbacks". Now, he would be perfect to scam. . A person who cannot even understand something so simple is not worth feeding & wasting parents' time on. Parents, why did you even bother to have him?

It is unpleasant to send unsolicited messages to people.  Personally, I don't like interacting with people, let alone sending them message.

Yet I spent 3 days sending those messages. Hoping that it would stop the sales of the fraudster. Of course, I knew fools would still buy from him. And those who didn't believe me, would also buy from him.

When sending messages,  it was with a lot of care (& time) that I selected people to receive my warning message.  A profile with 1 negative feedback score, I would check to see what it was about. Does this person deserve to receive a warning message?  A negative feedback score of 2 or more deserved to be scammed himself/herself. So I wouldn't bother.  You don't tell a devil about another devil & risk putting ideas into his head.

From this, I found that there are many sellers with perfect feedback scores. The compliments were always the same. "Friendly" "Very friendly" "Punctual" "understanding" "patient" "polite" "came all the way" "waited for me"...   I realized then I also had to write a post regarding desperate sellers & thick-skinned buyers.

At this moment, I don't know what to do. It is 10p.m.. Do I allow the fraudster to do as he likes? After all, he will meet worse as he gets older.  Such persons aren't expected to last very long because of the kind of company he attracts & the enemies he keeps.  One day, he will dip his hand into something that bites hard.

Or should I keep sending people warning messages?

I am sure that the Fraudster knows I know. The 2 fools would have informed him. Userid: Richuu who ran to him after disagreeing that fraud is ethically wrong. And particularly userid: weihaofro who went to buy from him even after my warning (from this user, fraudster will also know I've sent messages).

That he has disabled my account yet left it still able to send messages, means he doesn't see me as any threat. He must be thinking "Go right ahead.  You message people. So?".

From the poor number of thanks I got,  he may be right.  If he didn't understand people so well, he couldn't be a fraudster. It's because he knows how people/Singaporeans think, that he is able to pull off his scam so well.

He doesn't even bother sending me a message to tell me I am wrong. Simply because what I say is the truth. He just quietly deletes, deletes, deletes... 

I want to thank the 16 persons who thanked me for messaging them the warning. If any buyer is ever in doubt of which sellers to choose, these are the ones who deserve your business:


Based on this post:

Carousell Admin Fraudster vs Jamieq:

Monday, 18 January 2016

Carousell Investors: Where Has Your $6 Million Investment Gone To?

Will you be seeing any returns?  Has the $6 million been put to where you invested in? Or has it gone into pockets?

There has been no improvement to Carousell SG.  Even the admin is a scammer.

Despite the $6 million investment, there has been no improvement to the user experience or the maintenance of the system.

Plenty can be done but nothing moves. The only thing that moves is the admin's delete button where he actively & selectively deletes listings that expose his fraudulent sales.

Is the addition of Groups an improvement?  What is its purpose when it randomly puts sellers into irrelevant categories?

Feedback system.  Compared to a certain US site, Carousell's feedback box is pathetic.  Is this all the $6 million can do?  I am not going to provide information on how to improve it.  Neither will I provide information on improving the other sections of the site.

Just getting rid of your scamming admin is solving part of the problems.

Pumping money into a drain. Don't you investors audit where your money has gone?

Another Carousell/Carouhell Scam/Scammer: Seller Admin Osaka Bags Japanese Designed

Scam comes by this method:

Carousell SG Admin Is A Fraudster Tom ("osaka.bags" Scammer)

[Update 9 Mar Wed:  I finally discovered another one of his accounts. This 2nd account, he's selling laptop bags. (laptop.bags). As usual, same MO. "Cashmere" material description. In fact, just goat's hair or more correctly, felt. The same "felt" that can be found at Art Friend.].


"Tokyo.bags". "Japanese designed". "Japan designed". "Osaka Bags" "born from the streets of Japan".

The fraudster, Carousell admin "Tom" has since sold these claims to 127 foolish people who bought his bags.  Another fool will buy his bags.

An admin abusing his position doing this.

Misleading customers with false information is fraud. Misrepresentation of products can incur lawsuits. This person Tom did it intentionally, fully aware that he is scamming customers.

Foolishly, customers praise him as a friendly, helpful, courteous, young man.  He is a very good liar & faker.

Knowing well where he obtained the bags, he still states in every item's title & description that they are "Tokyo designed" "Japan designed" "Osaka bags".   This is a clear case of fraud. 

All his listings have been crafted to fit his scam.  Even the fabric of the bags he stated is false, taking advantage of the fact that the fools who buy from him can't tell the difference anyway. 

Customers purchase the bags on the assumption that they are "Japanese designed". They have a right to demand a refund because his claims induced them to buy.  That is how he obtained his high number of sales in just 2 months.

Profit based on fraudulent misrepresentation.  (Perhaps the only way to succeed on Carousell.).

He stops short of saying the bags are made in Japan because there is no "made in Japan" label.  Everything else he can lie & nobody will know because he intentionally selects bags that bear no logos & no labels.

Blank slate bags for him to craft his lies. Ingenious only if nobody finds out the source of his bags. A risk that he foolishly takes without considering the plenty of sellers on Carousell.

I know the source of his bags.  Because I tried showing that he is lying, he started deleting my posts from the search listings so that my items don't appear to expose him.   I sold the same bags as him & cheaper in order to draw buyers' attention to the fact that his bags are not as he claims.

And now he has disabled/locked my account (Tues 19 Jan).

[I can still see my page but can no longer post items. I have tested & the account can still send & receive messages for now.  Locking of my account happened this morning after one "buyer Richuu" (with 3 negative feedback scores) private messaged me regarding "Osaka.bags" on the day of this post 18 Jan.

That buyer wanted to know why my listings & Osaka bags were similar ( he can't even see that they are in fact identical). When I explained, he didn't think fraud was ethically wrong, threw a spoiled brat tantrum at me & said he was going to "Osaka.bags".  After that, my account was disabled.  

Yesterday,  I was still able to list items. But now at 1pm, I am unable to list my items with a notice that says I am not authorized to do so even though I am logged in"You may not have the appropriate permissions to perform this action. We are redirecting you to the login page."].

"Osaka Bags/Tom" is the admin.

When he is online, he bumps his own listings so that it occupies rows & rows of search results, dumping down on other sellers.  The abnormal distribution of search results is obvious. When he is off, the items from different sellers return to a normal distribution appearance.

[There is another seller who bumps her own posts up to rows & rows. Jamieq. Same MO, same high positive feedback score with eerily the same customer comments on how wonderful the seller is.

However, her rows stay up for a shorter time than his. The system prevents own bumping of posts. However, it can be bypassed. Nobody else bumps their posts in such rows on a daily/nightly basis except these 2 people for the items they are selling.]

The deletions of my listings are not a system moderation mechanism as claimed by "admin support" "Zoey".  My posts are deliberately selected & deleted.  Regardless of how many times I re-post, he will delete it.

Within minutes of posting at night, my posts disappear from the search listings, although they remain on my page.  It means buyers cannot see my listings unless they come to my page. And when they click "like" to bump my items, it's useless because none appear in the search pages (only bumped up on my own page).

If I didn't constantly check my listings, I wouldn't know they have been deleted from the search database. I would think nobody is interested when in fact, the listings aren't even appearing anymore in search results.

Nobody sees my listings in search results, nobody buys, nobody knows. Only his bags will show up each time. Thus, securing his scam that his bags are "Tokyo designed". No exposure, no competition.

At first, I already suspected it was done by a person, not a machine.  The timing of the deletions start from 6pm to around 11pm.  Not punctually.

It means someone after work has come back, starts deleting my posts & stops before midnight because next morning there's work.  A student would have more time & flexible timings.  (Turns out he admits in a customer feedback that he is working.).

After midnight, my posts that I re-posted will stay up in the search listings until the whole of next day. Come evening, they will start getting deleted.  Regardless of the number of times I re-post, they will be deleted.

One item took 8 times to post & every time it was deleted. Why?

If it's really system moderation due to keyword spamming or irrelevant tagging, then my posts shouldn't be deleted.  None of my posts contain any spamming keywords or tags.

I even changed the subject titles & descriptions & the deletions continued.

I even removed all the content & still it was deleted! 

Other sellers tag their listings with all kinds of keywords & theirs are fine.

My listings that expose Tom's false claims or have a competitive advantage over his, are deleted.

At the moment, his bags dominate rows & rows in the search pages without fear of exposure of his scam now that my account has been disabled/locked.

Scams come in many forms.  His method works just as well as other scammers who sweet-talk buyers with lies.

His bags are not  "Japanese designed" "Tokyo designed" or even "Japanese inspired".

He names his bags with Japanese cities to complete his scam that he sells to unwitting customers.  In a cheap way, he calls the bags "Japan Designed Kobe", "Tokyo Designed Yokohama", "Tokyo Designed Sendai".

Has he even been to Sendai? I have been there & I can say I love the scallop fried rice from the mall there.

I have walked the streets of Japan & I can say Japanese people don't carry such bags that he sells.

He even got the spelling of a Japanese prefecture wrong, calling the bag "Amori" when it should be "Aomori".

He goes so far as to describe his bags as "classic" "vintage" "Classic Japanese backpack".  And superimpose Japanese words onto his photos.  His imitation of English "flair" in his item descriptions is wince-worthy.  He doesn't even know when & how to paragraph.

Posting 1 item so many times is really tiring & time-consuming for me.  Always having to constantly monitor & check whether my listings can still be found in the search listings. It's stressful & upsetting that an admin is doing such a thing.

In my 1st e-mail to "admin support", I asked why my posts kept being deleted. They can't be found in any of the search pages.

2 days later, "Zoey" (who is actually the fraudster Tom) replied without even bothering to address me by name. "Hey there"  "It appears that our content moderation system detected irrelevant keywords in your listings and removed them.".

Testing that claim many times, however, proved that it isn't a machine doing it. It's a fraudulent human. 

In my 2nd e-mail to "Zoey", I asked why my posts still kept disappearing despite not having any keyword spam/tags & my observation that the deletions start at night.

I received no reply.  Of course, because the admin is him.  If the admin wasn't him, then I should get a reply & my account wouldn't be disabled while the fraudster's account is still doing fine.

Instead of replying to my e-mail, the "admin" disabled my account right after the "buyer Richuu" went to him. 

4 days later today (20 Jan Wed), he replied as "Zoey".  He said "we" saw that there was keyword spamming for one item.  He finished it off happily smiling in his words that I was to report any keyword spamming if I saw it in other sellers' listings.

(Like hell I would report other sellers to him now that I know what kind of person he is. It would be like throwing sheep to the devil.).

"Keyword spamming" is a complete lie for an excuse because I have tested the system many times.  I know it is not because of keyword spamming or tagging that caused my listings to be deleted.  

He disabled my account yet didn't mention it.  Since he went to my account page, he would have seen my profile description that says my account has been disabled by the "fraudster admin Osaka Bags" & that I can't post bags to expose him anymore.  Yet he said nothing about it.

Instead he sounded very happy.

His e-mail confirms that he, Tom/Zoey/Osaka Bags, is the admin.

Carousell investors: Will you see any returns from your $6 million investment in this sham?  Where has your money gone to?

I would advise people not to buy from Tom.  Those who bought from him have a right to demand a refund because they purchased on false assumption that the bags are "Tokyo designed" "Japanese designed".

When a man has no ethics or don't know what is ethically wrong, can his end be good?  He will attract like-minded people.  Will he spiral down into drugs & depression?  Get murdered? Or become rich?

Certainly, he will get married because many stupid women will fall for his sweet-talk. Doesn't matter if he's not attractive. Such women can't see past their need for sex & babies. Any man who is willing to marry them will do.

Screenshot of Fraudster Osaka Bags: Click to enlarge.

When you see a person using words like "we" & "our", this person is a coward & is dishonest.  He tries to appear as if he is bigger than just himself.  Fake.

He first began with "Tokyo.bags" when I chanced upon his profile.  Started with 50+ bags. Now he has 88 bags.  Watched him for 2 months.

His scam was less elaborate a few weeks ago.  Then he began placing Japanese words onto the photos to create an even more credible "Japanese designed" scam.  He also began raising his prices after he had set up a customer base that trusted him. 

His blatantly fraudulent item descriptions: 

He calls this "briefcase" "Takasaki".  Even dares says it "was designed with... in mind". Calls it "smooth leather". The truth is it's Made in China PU.  Japan did not design it at all.

This bag he calls "Akita Oxford" was made with nothing in mind. Neither is it "Oxford material".  It's Made in China Nylon.  No leather whatsoever. The handles are just canvas & PU. 

This backpack he calls "Kochi City" is same as the others.  Very cheap quality. Refined Oxford canvas? It's actually Made in China Nylon. Leather straps?  PU.  And it's actually modeled by a young woman despite it being a man's/boy's bag.  

It comes in other colors that he doesn't list because they are all ugly & uglier.

Traditional craftsmanship?  He must be nuts. Made of goddamn PU in China. Mass produced.  This one he calls "Tokyo Designed Osaka Classic Brown Backpack".

Huh? This cheap-looking, poor-looking awful blue backpack that looks more for girls than for men is called "Kochi City Backpack"? Oh, I feel so sorry for Japan.

"Made with refined Oxford canvas"?   It's either oxford or canvas. No "oxford canvas" because these are 2 different materials.  And that's PU handles, not "leather".  Also, there is no "front pocket" whatsoever as shown in the photos.  He is totally crazy.

This bag he calls "Japan Designed Osaka Duffle Bag Classic Blue". Look at his "gym/crossfit/yoga".  If it's really deletion due to irrelevant keyword spamming or tagging, then why has this post remained? "gym" "yoga" "crossfit" 'macbook" are all irrelevant to the bag he is selling.  Yet his post stays. Whereas when I do the same or similar to my listings, they are deleted.

In fact, all his listings, every single one of them, is untouched. 

According to customer feedback, he is a young man. I don't know when he became mad. But there is no doubt that he has snapped.  Look at this description below.  This backpack he calls "Japan Designed Nagoya Urban Backpack" has only a front zip vertically down the middle & a zip around it. There are no exterior zip pockets.

However, in his description, he states there is a "classic flap closure with a front strap with personalized tips" "two exterior side zip pockets". He concludes with "personalized metal hardware" when there is no such thing. The backpack is PU material.

(Update Mon 25 Jan) I just checked Jamieq's listings. Many have also been removed from search listings: bags identical or competitively better than his, or similar.

Carousell Admin Fraudster Osaka Bags VS Jamieq:

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Taobao Choosing Sellers (How to)

Thurs 1:39pm  7 Jan 2016

Even though I know Chinese & have been buying for some years, choosing good sellers is not easy.  It takes experience to be able to pick items & sellers.

The choice to buy from a seller is based on several factors, several aspects. Not simple at all. The decision is formed from weighing in all these factors.

Newbies will definitely make mistakes if they just buy based on 1 aspect or surface value such as price or photos. Price alone is only 1 factor. It does not determine whether you will get what you see.

Previously, I was of the assumption that the higher the feedback score, the better. So, I only purchased from sellers with 4.8, 4.9, 5.0 scores.  But only recently, I found that the feedback score has to be considered together with other factors.

A seller rated 5 for all 3 areas under feedback scoring (item description accuracy, customer service & delivery speed) can still send items that are defective or not what is shown in the photos.

A seller with 4.5 or 4.6 or 4.7 scoring, can send a product that is excellent in quality with excellent delivery speed.

Recently, I took a risk out of my assumption & purchased twice from different sellers with 4.5, 4.6, 4.7 scores (together with considering other factors).  The prices were low enough to take a chance in finding out.  The items received turned out to be excellent & sellers delivered quickly. Amazing.  5/5.

I have noticed that China buyers understand that the feedback scoring is not entirely accurate. Often, you will see them buying from low score sellers,  surprisingly often reporting good feedback for items, delivery speed & customer service.

I have also recently purchased an item with zero reviews (after also considering other factors).  Previously, I have never purchased any item with zero reviews.  The item turned out to be surprisingly good.

So what are the several factors to consider when choosing?  You will have to pay for my experience & knowledge to know.

Friday, 1 January 2016

65daigou Goofs Up (Again) at start of 2016 New Year (review)

1:17pm. Sat 2 Jan.

I just came back from a wasted trip to their warehouse. 

Wasted bus fare. Wasted time. All because 65daigou "forgot" to "switch off" the cut-off time on Thurs, thus allowing customers to pick a Sat slot.  Really don't know how 65daigou can "forget" to switch off the cut-off time for selecting slots. Isn't it automated?

What? 65daigou staff ran off to celebrate the new year & "forgot" to attend to the computer system? They just left their posts to celebrate? Stupid staff.

I was told there are 3 customers  (including myself) affected by their "forgot". 

In my a/c, it still states "pending delivery". It's been saying "pending delivery" since early this Sat morning.

65daigou should have changed it to "please contact customer service". They could've done it but they didn't bother.

Stupid 65daigou. If there's a better company, I will go for it.

When they started this collection service, I already knew something will go wrong. Just waiting to happen. One of these days when I go to collect, there will be no parcel.

True enough, it has happened.

Stupid 65daigou. Start of the new year & let a customer scold them.

When I called, a woman answered in Chinese. She didn't even care that it was their mistake. Just kept asking me to re-arrange another pick-up. Crazy impatient.

I spoke in English. Said 65daigou should have changed "pending delivery" to "please contact customer service" & she totally brushed it off with wanting me to arrange another pick-up.

Her tone & attitude were so bad that it made me angry. I wasn't so angry at first. Her poor customer service made it into a bigger problem.

Now it's not just 65daigou "forgot to switch off" mistake. It is now also poor customer service. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

When I asked for a 3-5pm pick-up on Monday, she said only after 5.30pm. Because the driver won't deliver (to the warehouse) before 5pm...

Seriously, she makes no sense.  First, it's their mistake that I have to re-schedule my pick-up.  I should be allowed to pick any time I want out of their slots. Normally, for Monday, there are morning & afternoon slots. Why this time there's only after 5.30pm slot??

65daigou cannot be used to do business. Risky.  They don't deliver on time. And they can send the wrong goods. Bro has been getting wrong items 4-5 times already (seller scam by sending wrong & 65daigou didn't know or didn't care.).

Dirty Admin on Carousell: