Thursday, 30 August 2012

Faith Ep 6 the Great Doctor (English Subs)

Eng subs out:

I like that Choi Young steps in without fear in front of Dae Man in confronting Gi Cheol. Hmm.. Gi Cheol mentions a previous time they met. When was that? .... Yeah. I remember. Choi Young crashed his party, demanding that he kneel before the imperial edict.

I like this king, he has won me over again with his intelligent explanation to his empress. I don't know why she cries, but I think his point is very good. Still... I don't approve that he used Eun Soo in his personal gamble with Gi Cheol. I guess the empress cries because she is disappointed with him? In this scene, it shows how young she looks and impetuous.

From the king's explanation to Court Lady Choi, he is idealistic and young, but with good intentions and doing the best he can to understand everything around him. In answer to his question, "Do I look pathetic?"... I answer, "No. I think you did good, though... I hope you'll be right.".

I can't help laughing inwardly and smiling at her teasing Choi Young about his... confession that he loves her. Bet he regrets having said that, even if it was to get them out. Still... I doubt it was just an excuse. I don't think he's the sort who would say something so serious just for an excuse if he didn't at least feel something of it.

HAHahaha!! Look at her pursuing his eye contact. It's amazing she is doing that to a warrior like Choi Young and not being whacked for it. And he lets her!

Correction: Swordsmaster.  ^__^

Well, she is always touching him without warning. Grabs too.

Ahh.. why did Dae Man, a trained warrior, inhale that green smoke?

By the fact she asked Choi Young to let her go back to the door, lend her money for it because he said he liked her... I sigh, just as Choi Young looks, his eyes... it would seem Eun Soo has no such feelings for him, and has no understanding or care for the people she has met.  But... good idea, I feel, if I were her. Best time to leave, actually. And it's understandable, and true that whatever is going on, has nothing to do with her because she is from another place, another time.

HAHAHA!! That royal guard imitating the Empress's cool voice is soo cute! The way he says it, perfectly matches her fair cool tone. And his eyes. HAhahahaha!!! ^__^ Then realizing his own imitation, looked embarassed.

These 2 young newly weds... are fighting with intermediaries between them. Ahh...

Hmm... this royal guard has a very soothing and nice voice. This is the max number of words he has spoken so far. Usually, he says very little in front of the captain.

^__^ Yeah, as mentioned in the previous post, the problem with getting up on a horse. As Eun Soo has said, the horse is moving (even though it's kinda staying still). It's still a moving, living, breathing thing that moves when you try to get on it. It's very difficult!!

Why does he look at her like that when she says, "Who would like to have you who fights and kills..."? He looks hurt. Maybe he's thinking, there was once a girl who would have him. Or is he disappointed that she doesn't have feelings for him?

He looks...hurt looking at her face while she looks so spoilt, cold pouty. Or hurt because he's saddened that she can say such insensitive things? He looks hurt like she just broke his heart. Or sad that she doesn't know he came back because of her? She brought his heart back. She doesn't know her importance to him.

Choi Young eats aspirin without water.... chews them >.<

Yeah, I totally agree with Court Lady Choi, who is the aunt of Choi Young. I had wondered the coincidence of their shared surnames and the her manner when seeing him for the "first" time when they came back. The 2 sentences a king (or even a doctor) should never say.

She also says what the Empress said, that the king is wrong in handing good people over to Gi Cheol. But from his explanation, seems he is too idealistic, thinking Gi Cheol will value them and he can win Gi Cheol in some kind of friendship (?) because of this.

^__^ Look at their divergent questions to each other. So funny. ^___^ The woman in red and Choi Young. The woman is concerned with womanly issues, while Choi Young is concerned with manly ideas of figuring out his enemy's motive.

He can spar without a sword. His words back at her is like a sword against her insult that he isn't any fun.

Hmm... it would be sexy if... Gi Cheol wasn't so... unhandsome? Crazy? when the woman in red says he wants Choi Young more and more.

What would be sexy, would be the woman in red stealing a kiss from Choi Young who lets her when he closes his eyes for his sleep. After all, he let her sit on his lap, without feeling any threat from her.

Could Choi Young's hurt look be because he knew the woman in red was listening in the bushes and would find out Eun Soo and him are not lovers? Eun Soo was then letting the cat out of the bag without knowing, ergo Choi Young's pained look.

Ahh.. hang on, there is a mistake in the English translation. Eun Soo says if the previous king and Choi Young weren't close, "the King" wouldn't have asked Choi Young to take her to  cure the previous king. It wasn't the king. It was Gi Cheol.

I wonder, when the king asked the guard to bring back his Empress by any means possible, was it because he loved her, or because he was afraid she would mess up his plans with Gi Cheol?

When the guard reported that the Empress said, "Impossible" that the king was waiting for her, the king snorted in disbelief. Was it because he was really worried about her and that he was disgusted she doubted it?

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Faith Ep 6 The Great Doctor (Raw-comments)

It's out here:

HAHAHA!! Court Lady Choi nudging Doc Jang till he almost falls!

Eun Soo is still carrying her green handbag??? My god. Where did she get it?? She was taken from the herb place. Choi Young didn't bring it with him. I thought I saw her with her handbag, crooking her arm with it, rewound to have a better look and... my god. It Is her handbag!

Seeing her so enthusiastically speaking to Choi Young as they lead with their horses... I am smiling. ^__^ She's so... womanly, it's so sexy and amazing at the same time. Her good humor makes me smile even though I don't know what she's saying. That's a happy woman. So talkative, so noisy. Dae Man is smiling behind too. And Choi Young is sooo patient with her, not saying a word.

(on Eun Soo taking time to adjust getting up onto a horse):

Hahaha... yeah, it's difficult to know where to grab a horse when... uh... getting up on it. It's like where to touch... coz it's a living being and so huge... I mean.. we are brought up to think that animals bite if you touch them, so... it's hard to think of getting up on one. Yeah, the hardest part is swinging your leg over onto the other side. I almost fell off while doing that. I swear. And I actually sat crooked in my seat the whole time with my helmet slightly off.

HAHAHA!! Eun Soo can't sit up after getting onto the horse. Well... at least with Choi Young's help, she's facing forward. HAhahahahaa!!

HAHAAHA! Choi Young is so patient.

Mm. She must hold the reins tight. Pull so there is a tension, otherwise, the horse will not be "controlled".

Wow... she really talks non-stop. How does Choi Young stand her?? Even in the forest... at night... she doesn't stop.

O.O That woman in red just sat on Choi Young's lap. O.O O.O I knew she liked him right at the start when she saw him the first time. He's so manly... and his silence and mean business manner is sooo sexy and attractive. I'm surprised he let her sit like that when he wouldn't even let her touch his hand earlier.

(seeing Choi Young close his eyes to sleep while she goes near to him) Gee... he's not afraid of her.

(they enter a village) Hmm... are these buildings real? So real-looking... where is the place?

Ahh... I don't know what's going on at the end.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Faith Ep 5 The Great Doctor (English Subs/Translation)

Update 3 Sept Mon:  I have actually been bugged by my translation for the part where Gi Cheol meets the King regarding the blood-stained message. The Chinese subs were difficult to understand (due to the politics involved). I would have left it at that, but for that comment (comments section) for this post, I am encouraged to continue translating and have taken another look at that part.

So, I have edited it by viewing the Chinese subs again while also considering episode 6. It seems clear now that Gi Cheol was trying to frame the previous king who is only a boy.

Update 29 Aug Wed: Epdrama has finished English subs.

Ok, the Chinese version is out already this morning I checked @ 11.53 a.m (Tues 28 Aug).

It's not that I'm translating to post. I translate it because I need to understand the Chinese subs myself. And translating it carefully word for word helps me to read in detail and more carefully. It takes Loads of Time. If I were not translating it, I'll just read over certain parts that I don't bother finding out the English meaning for while watching, although it saves a lot of time and I still get to know what is being said.

The English subbed version on Epdrama should be out tomorrow 29 Aug, maybe evening.

Meanwhile, I am watching the Chinese subbed first. And translating some of it here.

Gi Cheol: Your Majesty, I am Deok Song, Gi Cheol. Rushed here to see you. But why are there such strange rumors? Heaven's door, heaven's doctor, doctor god (Eui Seon). Even though your Majesty is young, stayed in another country too long, what you see, what you hear is all a mess, but you are the king here. Who is it, who dares spread rumors into his Majesty's ear and stir the divine heart? Is it you, demon? You, demon disguised as a woman. Answer me.

(zine ed: Hahaha... Eun Soo is totally all woman. So womanly. And cute too.).

Doc Jang: Can't run away. If you run now, you'll be dead.
Eun Soo: Don't tell me he'll really kill me?
Gi Cheol: Demon, still not answer quickly?!
King: Indeed, indeed. So, Gi Cheol is the Secretary of State. When I was in Yuan, Qi empress always mentioned you. I am also aware that I am here today, is also thanks to your sister.

(zine ed: Gi Cheol is elder brother of Empress Qi).

Gi Cheol: You know it's thanks to who?
King: Returning here from Yuan, Empress Qi  had said, "when you return to your country, Excellency Deok Song will watch every move you make. So, there is no need to worry. Consequently, he will also not observe the courtesies to you the king. Even if he steps right up to your throne, don't be alarmed. If his rude manners frighten Goryeo's chancellor, don't be surprised. Deok Song Gi Cheol, Empress Qi's elder brother, is not that he is disloyal to the king. But that he is too loyal, not able to control his impulse." See, he is afraid I am being hoodwinked, and looks so worried. That loyalty.

(zine ed: O.O Either Empress Qi did not say that and King is making it up, meaning he is really ... crafty himself. Or Empress Qi really knows her brother well. The tables have turned and Gi Cheol seems momentarily surprised, speechless. His look is like... "Lemme get this straight".).

Gi Cheol: Then, is your Majesty saying she is really from Heaven? Really believe this absurd lie?
Empress: Yes. I, your Empress, daughter of Yuan King, after leaving Yuan, my throat was hacked by unknown assassin along the road. It was doc god who joined back my neck. On this soil, such a doc with such skills, can there be another?
Doc Jang: You gotta look as though you came from Heaven.
Eun Soo: What do you want me to do??
Court Lady Choi: Don't cry, don't panic.
Doc Jang: Just act like when you're in Heaven, will do.
Gi Cheol: Ahh... Young, pitiful Majesty. Empress. Who caused you guys to believe? Is it Royal guard Choi Young? It was Choi Young who brought that demon. Hoodwinked you two into thinking she is from Heaven? I heard that's the case, is that it? Where is the royal guard Choi Young? Quickly take out that despicably disloyal rascal.
Eun Soo: That won't do.
Gi Cheol:  So, the demon can speak human language.
Eun Soo: That... royal guard Choi Young, he is my patient. Without my permission as his doctor,  nobody is allowed to take him away.
Gi Cheol: You little woman...
Eun Soo: What?
Gi Cheol: You little woman, how dare you anyhow speak in front of me.
Eun Soo: Watch your words! You speak to whoever without courtesy and are impolite. I'm really... Although I don't know how I got dragged into this crappy place... I can't believe you called me a little woman at my age. How old are you? 
Gi Cheol: W..What? 

(zine ed:  Oh...hahaha!  :) No wonder he is speechless. So rudely outright asked for his age. And he's so obsessed about his skin, doing facials...). 

Eun Soo: No matter what, I am Gangnam cosmetic (/plastic) surgeon. Meaning, I get 3 to 4 cases of threats from patients and their relatives every month. You think you're the only one who can be impolite, pretending to be elegant?  Because we are before his Majesty,  so I've been withholding. I guess I'll stop here. (Goes to the king) Your Majesty,  I have a patient urgently needing me, I would like to go back first. Could I leave? 

King:  You may go, doc god.
Eun Soo: You scared me!
Gi Cheol: You demon, do you wish to die?
Eun Soo:  Your Majesty, he said his name is Gi Cheol, right?  Ohh... I remember now. Gi Cheol, Empress Qi, King Gong Min...It even came out in the exams!  I may not look it, but I'm good at exams. Anyway, it won't be long before Yuan dynasty is destroyed. (starts reciting the dynasties) T... Tang... Song.. Yuan.. Ming... Yep, indeed it will be Ming dynasty. Soon, Yuan dynasty will be destroyed and Ming dynasty will be set up.

(zine ed: Those nursery rhymes are pretty good! How did the Koreans think of that?!).

Eun Soo: Right, and Gi Cheol, I also remember now how you died.  But I won't tell you. Because you're unlucky.  Hey you... f**k go to hell.... (huffing)  Now then...
Doc Jang: Well done.  Though it was a little overboard, but it was good.

(zine ed: Yeah... she completely knocked Gi Cheol speechless). 

Doc Jang: So, doc god, you will be re-taking the royal guard as your patient?
Eun Soo: I don't want to continue staying in this kind of crappy place. I've had enough. I have to go back, but besides him, who else is willing to take me back? 

(zine ed: Actually, I've been thinking, that if I were her, I would have left to find the way back, at the start. As she had earlier observed, the further they leave the doorway, the more difficult to return to it.).

Eun Soo: So, I have to save him. By whatever methods.
Doc Jang: The area of the stitch has festered with pus.
Eun Soo: Need to re-open the wound.

(zine ed: Actually, I think no need to re-open the wound. Possible to put antibiotic poultice over the wound? Re-opening it traumatizes the body that's already wounded/weak. And will just cause re-infection. That's why Choi Young almost died.)

Eun Soo: The re-opening of the wound will release a lot of pus.
Doc Jang: Pus?
Eun Soo:  Fluid.  The surrounding grey white areas are already dead. Although don't know the extent of it, but need to debride (surgically remove the rotted areas).
Doc Jang: Similar to your sterilizing water, should be pig hoof soup. Let the soup follow the needle into the patient.

(zine ed: soup? One of the docs must have killed him.) 

Doc Jang: It'll guide out the rotten flesh and pus. From there, new flesh will form, removes gas in the intestines, removes rotten flesh and treat the flesh that's about to rot.

Grey Scape:

Father: Still can't let her go? 
Choi Young:  Still can't let her go. Can't do it.

(zine ed: beautiful music)

Girl: No need to worry about your back. I'll always be at your back.
Choi Young:  Don't leave my sight.  Then I can protect you.

(zine ed: What was her name? By committing suicide, first she is letting Choi Young down, breaking her promise. Second, she wasted her teacher's saving her with his life. Wasted his sacrifice.). 

Back in medicine room: 

Dae Man: Doc god, Doc god!
Eun Soo: I really don't understand... why is it like this? (speaks to Doc Jang) I say, that Psycho, we already spent the night removing all the pus. Blood circulation is also Ok. Blood pressure normal. Fever has gone. Why is he still unconscious? Why??
Doc Jang: This isn't the first time the Captain has been wounded by a sword. Because his inner power is deep , even without herbs, he is able to recuperate on his own.

(zine ed: Wahh... he is so super!).

Eun Soo: That's really great. Then why isn't it working this time?
Doc Jang:  Middle doctors treat the person,  lower doctors treat the sickness. Lower-skilled doctors treat the patient's sickness, medium-skilled doctors treat the patient's body. Although doc god healed his sickness, yet did not cure him.  (zine ed: Earlier, I had mentioned that only love can bring Choi Young back. Update from epdrama English translation: So, is Doc Jang saying Eun Soo is ...  a lower grade doc?).
Eun Soo: When I was in school, my professor nagged everyday. No matter how perfect a doctor's treatment or how successful an operation, if the patient has lost the will to live, nothing can be done.

[zine ed: I disagree because the view is assuming that doctors are so great (arrogant view). Reality: If the doctor's skill and treatment are lousy, even if the patient wants to live, nothing can be done. Reality: Even if a patient has fighting spirit to live so much, doctors and their treatments will kill that will to live and kill that patient]. 

Doc Jang:  In Heaven, there are also people who have lost the will to live?
Eun Soo: But I didn't want to see that.  Do you know why I switched from surgery to cosmetic surgery? I am good at surgery. You saw that. I'm very capable at it. I received a professional license for chest surgery. Our department chief is Korea's most skilled lung cancer specialist, very famous for his operation time that is 1.5 times quicker than others. Learning from him, I got 1.2 times the speed. What I wish to say is, it's true I am good at surgery and I like it, but I hate patients. 
Doc Jang: A doctor who hates patients? 
Eun Soo: That's why I switched to plastic surgery. Moreover, it is cosmetic surgery.
Doc Jang: Plastic, cosmetic...
Eun Soo: Surgery, besides the risks, there is no money in it. Double eyelids surgery, once such a simple surgery is completed, the immediate profit is 50,000 to 100,000. But a belly operation that takes a few hours,  the sort of surgery that gets you so tired you can't even stand steadily after it is completed, do you know how much is the profit? That is... You totally don't get my meaning, right?

(zine ed: Yeah, neither do I. What the heck is she saying? Is she saying she is a doctor who goes for only money? That she is actually a lousy horrible person and a doctor?).

(zine ed: Hahaha! Doc Jang's shake of his head is sooo cute!! It's like a circular shake. Adorable!).

Doc Jang: Have you killed a patient? 

(zine ed: Hey, that's a good question. Doc Jang understood after all. Brilliant! I bet she did...). 

Eun Soo: No. You think it's like filming a drama? Assuming I killed a patient, and feeling guilty, that's why... Really. The patients I operated on and were responsible for, are all doing well, none dead.
Doc Jang: Then, you are afraid you might slip up and kill them.  (zine ed:  Way to go, good analysis, Doc Jang!). 
Doc Jang: If captain Choi Young dies, he will be the first patient whom you, doc god, killed.

(zine ed: Doc Jang is brilliant. He figured her out.).

In Gi Cheol's room: 

Gi Cheol's adviser:   Definitely a bunch of lies. The words of that demon, every word, every sentence, is all rubbish. 
Guy: That's strange. You're the king's man. How come you're doubting it the most now? 
Adviser: Just a demon, creating such chaos in a country. I really can't stand it. Do you know what rumors are at court? In order to assist the new king, the doc god was bestowed by Heaven.
Guy: Frankly, when that woman speaks in front of me, I also get creeped out.  She completely disregards us.  And she said Yuan dynasty days are numbered,  going to end. Not only that, she even knows when my brother is going to die.  (zine ed: Eun Soo said she knows "how" Gi Cheol will die, not when).
Adviser: I told you so many times, it's demon words swaying the public.
Guy: You! You also heard her curse. Those officials who were there, all said, that curse is a death curse.
Gi Cheol: Need to meet that demon again.
Guy: You didn't say, I was actually going to bring her to meet you. Those scumbag royal guards surrounded me, said the king had orders that no one could see her, didn't allow me to see her. 
Gi Cheol:  If it's the royal guards, is it Choi Young? I said to bring him to me.  He is the person I want.
Adviser:  Actually, this matter is a little strange. The royal guards are tight-lipped, it's difficult to find out anything, but I was still able to...
Gi Cheol:  Get to the point.
Adviser:  Choi Young was cursed. 
Gi Cheol: Cursed?
Adviser: That doc god personally went to the military quarters, I guess Choi Young offended the doc god at that time. Someone said he received doc god's curse.  Anyway, since then, he has been sickly.  Now, seems his life is hanging on a thread.
Guy: See? It's a curse!
Adviser:  I already said, that's all just rubbish. 
Gi Cheol:  I need to see his Majesty.


Gi Cheol:  Deok Song Government House, Gi Cheol to see the King.
King: Ah. All of a sudden this grand greeting, I'm too surprised and let you kneel too long.

(zine ed: What a cunning king. )

King: Sit as you like. What is it that brings you here this hurriedly this late of night?
Gi Gheol: A few days ago, your Majesty gave me a copy of the secret imperial edict. I am here to respond to your Majesty.
King: Ah! The 24 loyal officials who were simultaneously poisoned.The note that was discovered there. That's right, I did order someone to give it to you. 
Gi Cheol:  The position of Kangnam is finished, hope that the days will allow great things to be done.
King: Your reply?
Gi Cheol:  The position of Kangnam is finished, Kangnam is in position, tips the boat and dies.  Here the meaning of "Kang nam"...
King:  Refers to me when I was Lord Kangnam.  Continue.  (zine ed: the name Kangnam was his old name before his ascension to the throne).
Gi Cheol:  Hope that the days will allow great things to be done...looking for a chance to do something great,  the meaning is...
King: Here writes "choal", this word can also mean King Gyung Chang.  (zine ed: Gyung Chang is the boy King in Ep 6).
Gi Cheol: Then can I explain? 
King: Let's hear it.
Gi Cheol: When Lord Kang nam ascends the throne, my  Lord Gyung Chang will be finished.  The loyal officials helping your Majesty.
King: This is the copy of that edict. After acquiring this, is to protect the group that was set up to protect the previous king Gyung Chang. 
Gi Cheol: Besides this, I have nothing to say. If it were not Lord Gyung Chang who is being released, who would write such a secret edict?   (zine ed:  Gi Cheol was trying to frame the boy king?).
King: Then after receiving this, who killed all those gathered?  Who is it? 
Gi  Cheol: It was me. 
King: You?
Gi Cheol: Yes, your Majesty.
King: Was it done for me?
Gi Cheol: For your Majesty and for Goryeo.
King: (flashback) Then I can take this and expose them.
Choi Young (flashback): You can do that or pretend you don't know. It is your choice.
King (turns back to Gi Cheol) Government House.
Gi Cheol:  Please speak.
King: If this secret edict was not brought along by those who were killed that day, but was written after they were poisoned by someone who faked it, how is that explained then?
Gi Cheol: Who and why would do such a thing?
King: (laughing) Yes, who and why would do such a thing? This is not something that can just be laughed off.  For my sake, those disloyals were killed. I should greatly thank whoever did it.
Gi Cheol: You have intention of rewarding?
King: What do you think? I still don't know what sort of reward to match such an effort.
Gi Cheol: Then I will be so bold to accept it.
King: Tell me.
Gi Cheol:  In my residence, there is a patient who can only be saved by Hwa Ta. So, I plead to you to allow me to take doc god with me. If that woman is really from Heaven, then the illness will definitely be cured. If she is not, I will quietly eliminate her for you.

King:  Must you kill that woman?
Gi Cheol: Did I not say? This is for your Majesty's sake.
King: Is it because you're afraid that woman will be on my side? Deok Song Gi Cheol is actually a petty person who is even afraid of a woman.
Gi Cheol: I am not afraid of her, but your Majesty. Don't you know?
King: The charade stops here. Tell me, what is it you want?
Gi Cheol: I'm not playing around. My great hope is that your Majesty will be over to my side. I have to eliminate everything that stands in the way between our relationship, regardless of whether it's doc god or that royal guard.
King: Become over to your side... meaning a King who listens to you guys?
Gi Cheol: Ahh... a little... different from that. What I hope is your heart's will. The more difficult to have, the more I want it. Obtaining a person's heart, is what gives me joy in life.
King: Heart's will?
Gi Cheol: What's so funny?
King: Try it.
Gi Cheol: If I try it...
King: Let's see who will obtain that heart's will. First, let's test it on doc god. How much time do you need to obtain her heart?
Gi Cheol: That's right...
King:  7 days enough?

(zine ed: Now This gets interesting!! This king... is crafty, dangerous, but his mind is very interesting. Even insane, just like his brother before him. Choi Young will be so mad if he finds out the king just wagered his doc god. To Gi Cheol, this is a really hot, exciting challenge!).

Gi Cheol: 7 days is enough. 
King: Take her away then.  If you can obtain her heart in 7 days, then she is yours.

(zine ed: How can the king do that? Breaking Choi Young's promise to her twice! I guess the king is betting Gi Cheol will lose, but still...sending the doc god to this person...It's too risky, lots of stuff can go wrong.) .

King: But if you fail...
Gi Cheol: If I fail...?
King: Deliver her back safely. You do not have confidence? 
Gi Cheol: I accept. 

(zine ed: I think Gi Cheol is impressed with the young king. :) The way the king sits and talks, it's like the king conversing with the devil. He just made a deal with the devil.). 

In the Herb Room: 

Eun Soo: Sorry, I'm was just...  (mute woman grabs her) W... why...
Dae Man: The captain's body is very cool, his pulse is also difficult to feel for ...
Eun Soo: Where is Doc Jang?
Dae Man: He has been out a long time seeing other patients. Aren't you going to do something? How can you not do anything?!  Give him some medicine or acupuncture or something... Or do you want me to bring you some equipment? I've even prepared the sterilization stuff that you requested...
Eun Soo: If only we had an ECG... If we had... pulse oximeter and ventilator...

(zine ed: Ahh.... modern docs are so helpless without their drugs and equipment!!).

Dae Man: What are you saying?? 
Eun Soo: At this point, there is nothing more I can do.
Dae Man: Are you not Heaven's doc?
Eun Soo: It's what you guys called me.  I didn't ask to be called that. (turns to speak to unconscious Choi Young) Hey... I overheard what the king and you talked about. Living in this crappy era is very tough. I can understand. I can also understand how you got to become psycho.  But you're not the only one who is hanging on and fighting to live a life. Why is it... why is it... (checks on Choi Young) Arrest.

(zine ed: She checked on him because he looked dead. Only after did she check his breathing. Maybe his breathing has been very shallow, but I think if breathing stopped, there would be a silence. I was also thinking maybe get Doc Jang to massage his heart might be stronger and better, although Eun Soo's softer strength might be just right. 

Ahh... living in this era now... isn't any better I think. Humans are humans. Hmm... shouldn't Eun Soo be massaging more towards the left side of his chest? She's massaging his right side...  Poor Dae  Man. He loves his captain so much, has always been standing by and watching over him).

Doc Jang:  Enough, he has already stopped breathing.
Eun Soo: How can you do this? Where are you going, leaving me here alone?!

(zine ed: She sounds like his wife). 

Eun Soo: Moreover, stabbed by me. You can't do this,  can't do this!!  Didn't you tell me, I have to follow closely by your side? You said that so you could protect me! So we have come to this step...

(zine ed: How did Min ho control not twitching at all when the tear fell on his cheek? Usually, it's natural reaction for the eye to twitch even just slightly, but his eyelid and eye did not move at all. He looks happy though. Hmm... it seems that he "moved" by a frame that overlapped his face, looking as if he took a breath.). 

Her voice reaches Choi Young:  So you could protect me!

Doc Jang: There is breath.

(zine ed: seems now Eun Soo is massaging the correct side of his chest).


Court Lady Choi: Empress.. Empress... you can't do that Empress...even if...

Servant hurriedly announces her arrival.

Empress: Your Majesty,  may I ask you...
King: If I say no, will you leave?
Empress: You said you're allowing doc god to be taken away?

(zine ed: ehh... how did she know?)

Empress: To give to that Gi Cheol guy?
King: This is the palace, don't just say his name. Call him his title Lord Deok Song Government House.
Empress: The doc god is to be given to royal guard to treat and save him.
King: I know.
Empress: No, you do not know.
King: To think you are a princess. Haven't you been taught etiquette?
Empress: Compared to etiquette that doesn't take us into consideration, isn't the etiquette between the Goryeo king and subjects more important and urgent?  For the sake of preserving your own life, your etiquette of offering people by your side one by one to the enemy,  is considered what sort of etiquette?
King: Who am I? Who am.. I?

(zine ed: He is always pulling rank. I hate that, ego problem. The Empress would be king if she were born a man! The throne should be hers.).

King: Is the character of the princess this bad... or is it because you're princess of yuan while I am a powerless Goryeo King? That's why you feel you can treat me any way you like?
Empress: You still don't understand?
King: It's because I don't understand, I ask you to answer!
Empress: The wild chicken that is being chased by hunter, thought that by burying its head in trees, nobody would be able to see it. Your Majesty, are you such a wild chicken?
King: What did you say?
Empress: Who is on your side. Who to protect so that you can live. You really don't get it? By giving up doc god, if royal guard Choi Young dies..  who will stay by your side? 

(zine ed: Ahahaha.. I think the real reason is because she likes Choi Young herself. ^_^). 

King: So now, princess, you hurried over here because you're worried about me?  I heard you met Choi Young earlier, secretly at your place.  Was that also for my sake?

(zine ed: Er... that was... er... because she wanted to touch him...).

Empress: Didn't expect you to care so much for me.
King:  Just because a question is difficult to answer, you can't reply?  You met Choi Young at your place is for whose sake?  I'm asking you. 
Empress: If you collapse, so will I. If you're trampled on, so will I be.  Of course, I am worried about you. 

(zine ed: Ah. I see. So it's about herself. Should I believe it?). 

Empress: Unable to stay in my room just worrying.  Without caring about etiquette,  I rushed over making a din.  It was my mistake to come, and a mistake to have asked.  I won't come to look for you or ask you again. So, I hope you will forgive me.

Herb place:

Lady: Oh my god...

(zine ed: In the raw version, I had wondered why Gi Cheol's men were able to enter the King's area and take Eun Soo. I thought they just bypassed the King. Turned out, it was the King's idea for her to be taken away.).

Guard outside: Where is the doc god?

(^_^ Min ho is in his favourite position: sleeping. Look at his face. Blissful. He once said he wished he could be in a show where he can sleep all the time.). 

Gi Gheol's bro: Out of the way.
Guard: This is the herb garden, no entry by order of the King. How dare you bring your own troops in here.
Gi Cheol's bro: It's the imperial edict. The edict to invite doc god is right here. What are you doing? You guys dare hinder my way? Die!
Doc Jang: Wait! Doc god is treating a patient so...
Gi Cheol's bro: I already said this is an imperial edict.
Doc Jang: Please produce it as evidence.
Gi Cheol's bro: What? What did you say?
Guard: Yeah, we also have an edict. Before you show it, nobody is allowed in.
Gi Cheol's bro: You guys are really disrespectful! Why are you still standing there? Those who stand in my way, die!

(zine ed: Eun Soo shouldn't have come out).

Doc Jang: Please go back inside.
Eun Soo: That man is still alive. Wait! Time out! I want to treat that man who is injured...
Gi Cheol's bro: You...  who call yourself doc god... Listen well to me...
Eun Soo: Yeah... you can talk later... To this man who needs treatment, time is life. You know I'm a doctor, right?  A doctor on a battlefield can't be killed either. Red Cross! (goes to the man) Need to stop the bleeding first! Help me press here.
Gi Cheol's bro: You have to come with me immediately. Stand up. 
Eun Soo: Then... if I don't? 
Guard: Stop it! Sheath your blade. Sheath it! It's an edict. Doc god, you have to go. 
Gi Cheol's bro: Have to go.

Court Lady Choi:  Doc god was taken away last night.
Empress:  She wasn't invited to leave but was taken away?
Court Lady Choi:  I heard that was how it went.
Empress: Will they kill her?
Court Lady Choi:  If they feel she is useful,  will let her live for a while.  
Empress: If there is no useful value... will they kill her?  Then Choi Young, will he also die?

Adviser: Your Majesty, please give the order. As long as you give the order, I'll go over hellfire, even using my blood to open a path, to bring back your Majesty's doc god.  Just give me Dragon Tiger and Eagle Armies, these 2 troops plus the royal guards. I can do it.

(zine ed: Ahh.. I love the scene when Choi Young wakes. The sunlight streaming in, so bright and his wrist so thin and pale as he raises it to shield his eyes. And his voice... so realistically thick, and difficult as he tries to speak after having been asleep for so long and just revived from the dead.. Then faithful Dae Man cutely uses his body to block the sun for his captain ^_^). 

Dae Man: Captain? Captain.
Choi Young: It's... too bright.
Doc Jang: So you've told him? And the reason why doc god was taken away?
Dae Man: Well, he asked. Don't tell me I don't answer?  That's the captain asking.
Doc Jang: You were unconscious for an entire day.  And once completely didn't breathe. If not for doc god, you wouldn't still be around.  Your pulse is still weak. Need absolute rest.
Choi Young: You were just watching when doc god was taken?
Doc Jang: It was an imperial edict.
Choi Young: Use your needles or just punch them up.  Or just make her unconscious. Then just find excuse to say she can't be moved. 
Doc Jang: As the king's royal guard, you intend to defy the edict?
Choi Young: I am weak enough as it is. Don't waste my precious energy. Step aside.
Doc Jang: This are Keep Steady pills, only left 3.  It can protect your heart rate for a day. Avoid using your inner power as much as possible otherwise you may not be able to use your power again.
Choi Young: Ahh... you are a doctor who says such pessimistic words.
Doc Jang: Right now, they intend to show that you are the one who brought in a fake. What counter plan do you have?
Choi Young: Direct break through.

(zine ed: Ahh.. end of Chinese subs translation as it's taking too much time. I'll just watch it, then move on to watching the Eng subbed version of this same episode. Then move on to watch the Chinese subbed version of Ep 6.)

[Mm.. today my ... monthly thing is making my anemia worse. Seems this anemia is always hovering, and plunges when that time of the month comes. I bet now if I see the doc, he'll send me for transfusion. :-/   ]

[Hmm.. the part when the King is upset that Choi Young and the Empress didn't trust him... that they went and did their own things... sounds like this King has the same condition as his brother. Low self-esteem, ego problem... feeling persecuted, the "nobody wants me, nobody needs me" thinking, leading to mania in his brother the previous king.

I also liked that Choi Young thought to wipe away the blood from his mouth and neck first before entering the room that Eun Soo is in, so that she wouldn't be alarmed. So thoughtful of him.

His protection of her also becomes more aggressive and complete, not even letting that woman in red go a step near her in ep 6, and also drinking the wine first.

It's so wonderful her voice, when she gets up from the bed and softly calls him with affection, "Psycho" when he comes to rescue her.

Hahaha... I guessed as much when Eun Soo and Gi Cheol gang stared at Choi Young, when I watched the raw version of this episode. Why everyone looked so shocked.

Choi Young said he is talking to Gi Cheol just to buy time to rescue Eun Soo out and that the King does not know he has come alone to rescue her. His men, the royal guards aren't here either without the King's command. Choi Young says, "I came on my own.". Gi Cheol asks why.? Choi Young says, "Because I, on my own, have fallen in love with her.".

Is Choi Young telling the truth or just came up with a very good excuse to get her out?

The music...actually sounds a little like... Pirates of the Carribean...]

Faith Ep 5 (Raw version)

Wooooo!!! Ep 5 is out 1+ hr ago since airing in Korea! But still in RAW version.

Arghhhh,.... It seems Eun Soo speaks up when it comes to Choi Young.  I wish I knew what Eun Soo was saying to that Deok Song Excellency! What's she saying that makes him so speechless???!! She said... O.O "Hey you... f**k...go to hell" O.O

Ohh... here she finally ties up her hair, as one viewer said that he/she has never seen a surgeon who does surgery with her hair let down like that.

Would love to know what Doc Jang says while holding her like that :) She looks like wearing modern shoes with rubber base...

How come Gi Cheol always wears the same clothes, never change?... I think now should be a perfect time to kill/assassinate Choi Young.

Oh my god... I'm choked up with tears... Gotta keep calm for the sake of my own heart that cannot stand the exertion. Eun Soo almost lost Choi Young... He looks positively smiling back there as her tear fell on his cheek. So good to see him revived.  How did she know he had suddenly stopped breathing? Must be the silence of his breaths. This scene needs no translation.

How come the King suddenly darker complexion than usual?

So cute, Dae Man. He blocks the light for his captain. If only Eun Soo were here, she would be so happy to see him wake. Wow... he can get up, so fast wearing his clothes already? No need to eat? I like that the doc grabbed his wrist. ^__^ Yeah, I know it's testing his pulse but it's still nice to see... ^___^

Hmm.... that white-haired guy is as tall as Choi Young. So... Lee Min ho's height is actually not that unique. If Choi Young stands straight, he is still taller than the white-haired guy, I think.

Oh? ^_^ Qing Gong (air step-flying technique common in Chinese gongfu)? Choi Young knows Qing Gong? He can do it in his condition? Is it that pill Doc Jang gave him? Ohh... he knows how to use that shield. How did he learn of its capabilities? :)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Faith Ep 4 The Great Doctor (English Sub/Translation)

I found that the English subbing takes 2 days to be up @ epdrama and some other hosting sites. Whereas Chinese subs are already out after 1 day of the drama airing in Korea.  Also, the Chinese subs are more accurate than English.

Example: the aspirin that Eun Soo asks Choi to take. English sub translates as "6 pills a day". But this doesn't sound right according to what Eun Soo says. The Chinese subs translate as "2 pills each time, 3 times a day".

Ok, here's Ep 4 English translation from:

I'm watching this for the first time.  For this Ep 4, it is stated that the translation was done by a cultural company that has exclusive rights to do so.

Gi Cheol: Choi Young. Only believe in him.
Guy: It's what we heard from our spy. His Highness personally said to Choi Young "The only person I trust in this world, is only you.".
Gi Cheol: Then who is that royal guard's father?
Guy: Choi Won Ji. Also a founding Goryeo meritorious direct descendent. His grandfather once tutored Choi Yong who was a bachelor of arts under King Chungryeol.
Gi Cheol: The heir of such an illustrious family, becomes just a military official.
Guy: It's heard that since the age of 16 when his father died, he went the way of the warrior. It's even said he was once the youngest vice general in the Red Moon team.
Gi Cheol: Red Moon team.
Guy: A secret team specializing in choosing top warriors with top-notch inner abilities.
Gi Cheol: I know.
Guy: I'm sure you've also heard, due to their extremely mysterious movements, they were called the Ghost Moon team. As long as see the red moon flag, the foreign invaders will all flee in a hurry. 
Gi Cheol: I also know how the team collapsed. Red Moon team. Once the vice general of Red Moon team. This time, the failure of the raid was also because of him?
Guy: Should be. The new king is so weak, he can't even ride a horse.
Gi Cheol: I want to have him.
Guy: You mean Choi Young?
Gi Cheol: The infamous Red Moon team. Now why didn't I think of getting my hands on him earlier?  Regardless of official post or riches given to him, as long as can get him, it'll be good.

(zine ed: Yeah, I had thought of this earlier when he was getting loyal retainers to his side. I was thinking he should get Choi Young, an asset if he can get the guy, rather than all these useless retainers.).

Choi Young in grey scape:  (zine ed: beautiful scene and music. He looks so lost and so beautifully lonely.).

Elderly man: Still have not found it?

Choi  wakes.

Guard: Captain, the preparations are ready.
Choi: How many people?
Guard: Can only choose those we can trust, so the number is not over hundred.
Choi: Which about the empress's side?
Guard:  Court Lady Choi will see to it. She said just guard the king wherever he is, will do. (outside) Whatever it is, this is still the palace. As courtiers, would they dare harm the king and the empress?
Choi: I had thought of this too. Once arrived at the palace, it'll be safe. Until yesterday, before encountering the odd rut, I was thinking this way. After seeing Gi Cheol, it was very scary.
Guard: What?
Choi: Didn't you see it yourself? At the banquet, regarding kneeling to receive the imperial decree.
Guard: That matter... really raises anger. At that time, if we had forced him a little...
Choi: If we had forced him....he would have killed the king instead of me.  If the matter gets to the point of whether to kill or not kill the king, the first to lose blood will be us royal guards. I don't want to die so tragically. The rooftop in the west has no guard?
Guard: I'll post someone there immediately. Then do we just let that usurper who deserves punishment go? Those ministers of state?
Choi: Save it. Don't know how late we'll have to guard. Save some of your strength. The rooftop in the west.
Guard: Yes. I obey.
Dae: Your body is really bad, right? Just now, the heaven's doc said...
Choi: Shut up.
Dae: Captain...
Choi: Didn't you hear?  The entire Goryeo, the number of people who can be trusted is not even a hundred. But what will happen if the person who leads them collapses?  The most important is that if I collapse now, my last chance will be gone.

Eun Soo changing clothes.

Eun Soo: If this damn reality is not a dream, then what is it? I came here in a time machine, but I didn't see any sort of machine. Don't you think the size is a little small?
Jang: Where're the clothes that were delivered?
Eun Soo:  I don't like layered style. I hate elaborate and tedious the most.
Jang: What you're wearing is underwear. Clothes that are not to be seen by other people.

(zine ed: Ahahaha... no wonder. He's a doctor, so he just looked and looked away) 

Eun Soo: Or perhaps, it is an interstellar door... what's it called... Wormhole! Yes, as long as able to overcome Einstein's theory of relativity... then will be able to go through wormholes to travel through time. There is such a Physics theory. I actually hate SF fantasy the most.  But now, how to explain all these? How can it be Goryeo here? (passing servant) Oh, scared me! Who...

(zine ed: I think Jang is being unfair to Eun Soo by treating her this way. Either he is secretly in love with her, or jealous. In Ep 2, it's understandable that Eun Soo seems to have a rather shallow attitude, but she did explain that she had no proper breakfast and needed food. But Jang took it to mean that she had a shallow attitude towards the patient).

Jang: It's Togi. She's very knowledgeable in herbs. Also, the owner of the hospital herb garden. Dried toad venom...Is that bamboo? 
Eun Soo: What?
Jang: It's a herb that can be used to eliminate toxins in the human body. Did you not say the royal guard requires all these?
Eun Soo: What did you say this was?
Jang: Dried toad venom. (Eun Soo bites it) That's toad. She says it's the black eye socket of the toad. The brow beam. Between the brows. Use the hand to press that part to squeeze out the juice. It's made by drying in the dark for a night.  It's mostly used for treatment of boils and dysentry.  But doesn't the world of Heaven use these too? I heard you are Hua Ta's disciple. (zine ed: Well, all the more shouldn't he treat her better?)
Eun Soo: Who?
Jang: Hua Ta. The one referred to as a god...
Eun Soo: Hua... Ah! That Hua Ta!
Jang: You're not his disciple?
Eun Soo: The world has changed a lot. We all do the Hippocratic Oath. (she starts reciting the oath).
Jang: Hee...
Eun Soo: Hippocrates. In faraway Greece...
Servant: Doctor. Heaven's doctor, the king requests for you.

Choi Young is walking the corridor when a voice calls him: Please enter.

Eun Soo in the king's room.

Eun Soo: Is this Goryeo's porcelain vase? How much does it cost roughly?
Servant: What?
Eun Soo:  Something like this, since it hasn't become antique yet, it surely shouldn't be so expensive. Where can I buy it?
King: You like it?
Eun Soo: How do you do? I heard you're the king, But I'm not too sure how should I greet you. (zine ed: her bow is actually a western curtsy, eh? ^_^;)

King: It is also my first time meeting a person from Heaven. So I am not sure how I should treat you. We'll take it as it goes, what do you think?
Eun Soo:  Oh, really? That would be good.
King: Upon arriving at the palace, some troubling things happened. I was rather lacking in my treatment of you. Are you satisfied with regards to food?
Eun Soo: Well, I am not a picky person. But since you asked... The food is rather bland and there is no Kimchi. And I want to take a warm... bath.
Servant: I will go prepare now.
King: Person from Heaven.
Eun Soo: You mean me?
King: I wish to ask a favor of you. Will you agree?

Choi Young goes with the Empress.

Empress: This country's citizens are all the same?
Choi: What?
Empress:  I would like to ask you whether all the citizens hope that I and the king die?
Choi: No.
Empress: Then it is a portion of them?
Choi: I am only a warrior who doesn't know politics.
Empress:  I am asking you.
Choi: Can I first ask you something?
Empress: I am listening.
Choi: When did you learn the Goryeo language? You married the king 2 years ago. It's amazing to have achieved such fluency in just 2 years.
Empress: Do you mean you don't want to discuss with a Yuan person regarding matters of Goryeo?
Choi: I am impolite. Question retracted. (zine ed: both Choi and the empress are equally smart).
Empress: It's been 8 years. 8 years ago, I saw a person who was from Goryeo. In order to talk with him, I started learning the language. Satisfied with this answer? Sit. Then it is your turn. I was honest with you, you should also answer honestly.
Choi: There is only 1 person in the entire Goryeo who endangers the king's and the empress's lives.
Empress: You refer to Qi Empress's elder brother? His strength is as great as a storm wind. Whereas our strength is like the candle in front of the storm.
Choi: That's about it.
Empress: If he kills us and becomes king, you will become his royal guard, right? Work for him through the night. Sacrifice your name to fight with his enemies.
Choi: If I live till then, then that's what I'll do.
Empress: So that's why you want to die? Tired of fighting for this king and that king. So, thinking to die and end it all?

(zine ed:  Wow... the empress is a genius. She figured him out so easily! I always thought since Ep 2, that she should be king. Wow, she puts a hand on him to sit him back down. Soooo coooll!!! The music is very nice and moving. )

Choi: Empress...
Empress: It's burning like a fireball. But I heard you refused treatment.
Choi: Please take back your hand.

(zine ed: Wahh... it must take him all his restraint not to brush her hand off like what he did to Eun Soo. The Empress seems to enjoy the supreme privilege of having her hand on his forehead. ^__^.  I love this scene!!  Though I see that Choi sits down before the Empress has laid her hand on his shoulder.  

Choi is like a wounded lion in a corner. Doesn't like to be touched.).

Empress (reluctantly moves away her hand): Don't die. This is your Empress's order.

Back in the king's room. 

Eun Soo: Doctor god?
King: Yes. I hope you will become this country's god of medicine.
Eun Soo: What is that? Whatever that is, I say King, I'm a person who has to get back.
King: I know, but...
Eun Soo: I was kidnapped to here. No, I was kidnapped to here, and kidnapped again and almost died.  All these, I will let it be. But when I go back, that vase, that Goryeo vase, or a few paintings also good. Let me take a few stuff before I leave. All of what happened, yeah, all of it, I will let go.  Yeah, is that Ok?
Adviser: How do you intend to get back?
Eun Soo: That door that I came through...
Adviser: That door, you saw for yourself, has already closed.
Eun Soo: It's closed but it can open again, right?
Adviser:  Hua Ta passed through that door 1000 years ago.  Nobody can predict when it will open again.
Eun Soo: How can it be?!!  What is your conclusion based on? Then what am I to do?

(zine ed: Hahaha... the guys got  a shock when she slammed the king's table like a wild woman. ^_^).

King: Doctor god, in the past 10 years, this country has been under the interference of yuan dynasty.
Eun Soo: I am not sure about history.
King: I heard that every year, the citizens suffer in silence as they labor to offer tribute. Even in yuan dynasty.
Eun Soo: I say, I know I shouldn't be saying this. But I also know that those in politics say the same things. Citizens, countrymen... that sort of thing. In the end, say 'I have to sacrifice myself to create happiness for the citizens'....
Adviser: Doc god, please watch your words.
Eun Soo: You see! When citizen wants to say something, will get blasted.
Adviser: You!
King:  Just speak a little less.
Adviser: Your Majesty.
King: After submitting to Yuan dynasty, this country's 6 kings could only put "chung" in front of a posthumous title.
Eun Soo: Posthumous title... "chung"?
King: Especially for the previous king, Chung mun.
Eun Soo: If it's the word "chung",  it means Goryeo's  last period.
Adviser:  Last period? What last period?
Eun Soo: What were the names of those kings? Not now, I mean back then.
King: You mean the posthumous titles?

(zine ed: Ahhh.. must we get a history lesson? I would rather the director just cut to the chase with the story).

Adviser starts reciting names of previous kings.
Eun Soo: My history is crappy. But reciting still Ok. (Starts singing nursery rhyme with historical lineage of kings). Then... then you are that Gong Ming!
King:  Heaven has decreed I am Gong Ming?  (zine ed: Ahh... she is committing the time paradox complication)
Eun Soo: After, after, King Chu Mu... would be Gong Ming. It's what's written in history.
Adviser: It's true it's the Yuan posthumous title "chu", your Majesty.
Eun Soo: Then she is a Yuan princess. Princess of Lu kingdom?
King: Lu kingdom.. ?
Eun Soo: This... This is really big. King Gong Ming with the princess of Lu kingdom.  You two are famous! You're good at painting, right?
King: Yeah, I know a little.
Eun Soo: I've seen it!  The painting that King Gong Ming painted. In the region of Mapo, there is an ancestral temple. There is a painting there and beside it,  there is also Choi Young temple.
Adviser: Choi Young? You mean that royal guard captain? Why would he be at Heaven's temple?
Eun Soo:  You said Captain? The one who kidnapped me, that psycho I stabbed ... is who??

Choi Young with Jang.

Jang: You wish to know this blood, is from someone who was poisoned or normal blood?
Choi: Are you able to differentiate?
Jang: To investigate whether there is poison is not difficult.  It's a little ... strange.
Choi: Strange?
Jang: Need to check first whether this blood is human.
Choi: There's also a possibility it isn't from a human?
Jang: Can I take it with me to experiment?
Choi: Yes, go ahead. (sees the doc off) Chu Song. What is it? What were you discussing?
Chu Song: Ahh... that.
Choi: Speak.
Chu Song: They all didn't believe it.
Choi: What?
Chu Song: Doc god.
Choi: Doc god?
Chu Song: We said she's from Heaven whom you personally invited here and she's for real. And that we saw it with our own eyes. But they still wouldn't believe.
Choi: I said before, don't spread this around. Who was it? Who started it?
Chu Song: It wasn't us. It was inner sanctum.
Choi: What?
Guard: It was the eunuch from the inner sanctum who came out and said it. By now, it should be well spread.
Guard: Everywhere, people are talking about it. A doctor came from Heaven and using Heaven's medical skills, saved the Empress. Even used Heaven's intelligence to predict the future!
Guard: We merely answered them when they asked us if it was true. We said it was true.

(zine ed: Ahh... he's surely going to kill that woman. Can't kill anybody else.).

Back at the palace.  (zine ed: hahaha.. the king really gave her the vase. Look at her hugging it.)

Lady Choi: You are a person knowledgeable in medicine. So specially gave you sleeping quarters near the herbal room. However, as long as you give the order, you can have any room in the palace.
Eun Soo: Palace room? Other than here, are there others more spacious?  (zine ed: Uhh... she's pushing it. Greedy. Now I see why Jang the doc dislikes her so much.).

Lady Choi: Do you wish to personally see it?
Eun Soo: Can we go now? I really do love viewing apartments. (sees Choi Young) Oh, how do you do.
Lady Choi: W..wait..  young Young!
Eun Soo: That... are you called Choi Young?  (zine ed: look at her still hugging her vase. Hahaha!)
Choi Young: It is not convenient for me to move around alone.  But I'll send a few capable men to protect you.
Eun Soo: Protect me from what?
Choi: If there's nothing,  leave her quickly.  It is not safe here anymore.  Someone is already targetting you.
Eun Soo: Me? Why?
Choi: You don't need to care. Just follow what I tell you to do.
Eun Soo: Wait a sec. Why should I listen to you?! I have a backer too. Know who it is?  It's the King. The king personally invited me over and pleaded for me to be doctor god, you know? With my status, if I ask you something, you have to at least answer me, right? You are not a general now. At most, you are just a big military official or a small fry.
Choi: Togi, Togi! Do you have something like a cloth bag? Help me tie her up so I can haul her away. She's very noisy, also gag her.
Jang: This wouldn't do.
Eun Soo:  Doctor Jang!
Jang: The king has ordered that all the medical staff must take care of and protect the doc god. 
(zine ed: Look at the way she poses against Jang ^_^).  

Choi:  Il Shin (the adviser) is the one behind it, isn't he?
Jang: Even so, it is still an imperial decree.

(zine ed: Look at her. Why she show the vase?! Thank goodness he didn't faint when confronting that usurper Gi Cheol at the banquet. I was so afraid he would.)

Eun Soo: What's wrong? What's happening with you? Choi Young!  

(zine ed: arhhh... she broke the vase. So that's why the focus on her holding the vase all this time. To emphasize Choi Young's importance to her. Uh... why did Jang just stand there and not rush to Choi? Or Eun Soo... not rush to him?).

Gi Cheol's room.

Guy:  The doctor sent from Heaven. That doctor can raise the dead and can predict the country's future. And this doctor from Heaven assists the new king. No matter how stupid the citizens are, who would believe such a joke?
Woman in red: What are you doing?
Guy: You're here.
Woman:  I asked you what you were doing.
guy: After adding 21 types of herbs and lighting the fire, let the herbs go with the warmth to enter the skin.
Woman: Senior, he said light the fire, you know? 
Gi Cheol: It's just a small flame. Do you want to try?
Woman: Can I?
Guy: Not too hot.
Woman: This degree?
Guy: Need to quickly light, then stop.
Woman: Burning senior's face..  is quite amusing.
Gi Cheol:  The information that you got others to send... the person dug out from Heaven is a doctor?
Woman: The assassin sliced the neck of the princess. But that Heaven's doctor saved her. I heard by sewing back the open wound.
Gi Cheol: You didn't see it yourself but heard it from others?
Woman: If I had seen her, would've brought her to you. I wouldn't have let her go so easily.
Guy: This is impossible, impossible. Whether it is the truth, is not important.
Gi Cheol:  It is a real headache when those who are foolish start believing those words.
Woman: I heard she's in the palace. Do you want me to bring her here? Or just burn her?
Gi Cheol: I have to make a trip tomorrow. Inform all the officials, I will be going to see the king tomorrow. But before then...

(zine ed: Er... what's the meaning of that look? Sex?)

Choi Young wakes.

Jang: Can you sit up?   (zine ed: ^__^ I like how close Jang leans to Choi)
Choi: How long have I been out?
Jang:  Not even a moment after fainting.
Choi (refusing to admit): Who fainted?
Jang: Nobody knows you fainted. Besides Togi and myself and that person.
Eun Soo: The area that was operated on is inflamed. Because of this, you have fever.  Those herbs can really match up to antibiotic effect?
Jang:  Thought you didn't care anymore?
Eun Soo: No medicine what am I to do?  I don't know a single herb.

(zine ed: this seems to be a modern-day problem about docs, even in Korea, as seen here. Docs are helpless without their pharmaceutical drugs. They have lost precious ancient knowledge of natural remedies.). 

Jang: I made some herbal medicine. Wait a moment.
Eun Soo:  Indeed, the abdomen is well developed. When I opened it, I was worried about damaging other organs. But luckily only the liver was damaged. Indeed, thank goodness for a well developed abdomen.  

(zine ed: the way she lifts up her hands praising his abdomen... looks like she's admiring his physique.  Only later I realize she's praising his physique to kiss up to him. But she's so noisy. I can totally feel how Choi Young feels hearing her voice non-stop. How come Choi Young has to wear so many layers of shirt?).

Eun Soo: Um... Choi Young. It's your name, right? There is no second Choi Young in Goryeo now, is there? Then later, you will become a general. Then you'll do many many things. So, if I had really travelled through time, I mean, if it's really according to history, you'll become a general.

(zine ed: finally, she stops calling him psycho and smoozy over to him. Ahhhh... she's not supposed to upset history by telling all these things to people before they happen!)

Eun Soo: Anyway! General Choi Young must live! Then can you protect Goryeo on the battlefield and leave your name in history.
Choi: Is this true? Heaven's doctor can predict the future?
Eun Soo: I am not from Heaven. I think I come from the future.
Choi: The future?
Eun Soo: But if you die because of me, history will definitely be twisted and distorted. (zine ed: yeah, right. You're doing that right now).  All the TV dramas say that... if want history to topple down. Oh my god!
Choi: Don't get up.
Jang: Are you Ok? Did you get hurt?
Eun Soo: X-men.   (zine ed: Oh yeah... I didn't think of that red costume).
Jang: What?
Eun Soo: Just now, that X-men woman had super powers...   (zine ed: Hahaha! She looks so cute describing the bomb).

(zine ed: that woman in red standing there smiling at Choi, looks like the female version of that guy who acted in You're beautiful. Jang who played Kwang Tae Kyung). 

Woman in red: You're royal guard Choi Young?
Choi: Introductions later.
Woman: Ok. Are you scared? I have something to say that cannot be heard by others.
Choi: I don't want to listen.
Woman: What a pity.  (zine ed: she seems to have taken a fancy to Choi)
Choi: Or die.
Woman: Bye!  Hope to meet again!

The King comes to the herb area to look.

King:  I heard there was a raid. Was she here to harm the doc god?
Choi: It's said there are those in Gi Cheol's employ who have sound and fire abilities. Seems it is one of them.
King: The doc god is fine, right?
Choi: Thanks to your Majesty's grace.
King: You also know how to speak in that fake kiss-ass way.  The doc god is safe, but how can it be of my doing?  Because of me, she almost lost her life. The one who saved her was you.
Choi: This was found at that place the officials were killed. Seems to have been written and hidden beneath a stone tablet by someone before dying. The blood on it seems to be blood spat from the person who was poisoned. However, Jang doctor's analysis shows that it is not human blood. Centipedes have no reaction to human blood.  It is something else that the centipedes like. It's chicken blood.
King: So the blood on that paper is chicken?
Choi: Yes.
King:  So after those who died,  someone placed it there? Who did it? Why?
Choi: Whoever it is hopes that people will see this secret note.
King: Then what is this for and how is this evidence?
Choi: You just need to wait.
King: Wait?
Choi: He'll come to you. Orginally, this was used for this purpose as a fake evidence.
King: Then do I take this and expose the fakery?
Choi: You can do that, or pretend don't know. This is something you need to decide.
King: If expose the fakery, it means wanting the other party to correct it. If pretend don't know, then it means letting him do what he likes, willing to allow whatever the other party intends. Two choices to choose from.
Choi: Yes.
King: Even if the other party comes, whatever decision I make does not concern you. You have already done your duty, so you want to leave, is that it?

(zine ed: Wahh... Choi Young is really by the book. He doesn't go a step further than what was agreed. I had forgotten about the agreement between the king and Choi.). 

Choi: I remember your promise. (zine ed: wahh.. meaning asking the king to honor his).
King: You really have to leave?  Previously, caused you break your promise, ordered you to capture that doc god... that matter... disturbs you that much? I need someone I can trust. You should know that person is you. Bringing the doc god here, to save my situation, while I clearly know this is dangerous for her... a sovereign like this disappoints you this much? 
Choi: My impending departure is a long-awaited matter.
King: Then convince me.
Choi: There is no need for you to know, it is small matter.
King: If you don't want to tell your king, then tell the person whom you feel is your only friend! I plead like this and still no?
Choi:  Sovereign, when I was young... regardless of the team members' individual background and identity, it was all for the sake of practising inner abilities and to protect Goryeo. The people who gathered together just for this belief... to me , after having lost his father, was like family. The captain was my teacher and was like my father. The team members were like my brothers and sisters. Our main job was to burn enemy ships, or to infiltrate enemy camps and kill the generals.

(zine ed: I would rather the director not animate it like this. It's comical, rather than being a serious matter).

Choi: No matter how good we were, the enemy numbers were greater than ours. No matter how great Red Moon team was that caused panic in the enemy.  But they didn't completely lose. As a mysterious team, we didn't have any provisions or reinforcements.

Choi: After experiencing many battles, the over 70 members, was halved. We watched the sacrifice of our friends, then have to go on to the next mission. Our informant was very reliable every time. But perhaps the enemy became cunning, we accidentally entered into an ambush. Suddenly one day, the king wanted to see us. Perhaps because we were so effective against the enemy. It was like a dream.

(zine ed: Hahaha!! I can't believe Choi Young used to laugh and loll around like that! What a difference!).

Choi: Can you see me, see me? It's great!
Girl: You scared me!
Choi: Ahh... our captain is going to enjoy this luxury.
Girl: Don't let him hear you.
Choi: Why? It's a fact. Don't tell me the king just wants to look at us? Definitely will reward us and provide us staying quarters. It's not bad, right? Could you give us a few good horses? I really wish to have a young and strong horse. It's always those old horses...
Old captain: Listen to me well. We'll see his Majesty today. He is the one we risk our lives protecting. But compared to the king you imagine, there might be a distance. But for the sake of those Red Moon members who sacrificed their lives, our every word and action today, represent the entire group. We must not be careless.

(zine ed: They sacrificed their lives for a king who enjoys himself with wine, women...).

King: Who are you?
Captain: Red Moon captain Wen Gi Yo, with the rest of the Red Moon team to greet your Majesty.
King: Ahh.. the Red Moon team! I remember, I remember! Come, come! Red Moon, is here? I know, I heard you guys are very fierce. Quick rise, rise and let me see. What's this? Is this the Captain sword that the ghost god bestowed to you? Let me see how many people has this sword killed... A hundred?  A woman. There's a woman.
Captain: She is Dan Bei Ra.
King: She knows gongfu too?
Captain: She learnt from young. Her speciality is the whip.
King: This is the first time I've seen a woman who knows gongfu. Really not bad. Let me see whether there is anywhere that she is different from other women. Remove it. Take off all your clothes. I wish to see inside.

(zine ed: I think at this point, the warriors can attack and kill everyone in this hall. How come the guys are not defending her? One of them could pretend to direct the King's attention elsewhere with drink or something, idea from Hakuouki Reimeiroku when Souji directed the anger of Serizawa to wine at a banquet.).

King: What are you doing? Didn't I ask you to take off all? This is an imperial order, an order! Ahh... it's too slow! Don't you know gongfu? Why are your movements so slow? Aren't there a few more layers? Quickly remove them! Or you want me to personally do it? A really disloyal subject. Come, come, come.

(zine ed: Ah! Finally, the captain. If it were Choi Young at this time, this age, that king wouldn't have stood a chance.).

King: How dare you. What do you think you're doing?
Captain: Your Majesty, she is just...
King: Just, just, just...! Did you see? Did you all see? Really presumptuous! I heard compared to me, the citizens trust this guy more! You are that Red Moon captain that the citizens rely on and trust more than me? Answer me!
Captain: Yes, your Majesty.
King: Is this really true? The one who protects the citizens isn't me but Red Moon team?
Captain: That is not so, Your Majesty.
King: So, can disobey the imperial order as you will, is that it?
Captain: I have never disobeyed an imperial order, your Majesty.
King: Then good. You, come here, come here. I, the King, order you to take off all your clothes. How dare you defy the order. Destroy 3 generations. (stabs the captain instead) Oh look... it really went in. What a sharp sword! It went in in an instant!
Captain: Get back.
Choi: Captain.
Captain: Young Yung. Show your loyalty to the king. Become his shadow in future. Become Goryeo's official. Answer me! Only by doing so, will you save Red Moon team and brothers. Look at me, young Yung. You have to protect these brothers. Answer me.
Choi: Yes.
Captain: I am sorry for offending your Majesty. Please forgive. I came to offer them to you. Please keep them by your side. Each one of them is as good as a hundred... in the protection of your Majesty.

(zine ed: Ooh... then this king Gong Ming is 100 times better than that one.). 

King Gong Ming: So that's how you came to be the royal guard who protects the king. How many years was this?
Choi: Already 7 years.
King: How many Red Moon team members are still remaining in the palace?
Choi: Some left, some died. Now, it's just me.
King: So there is no one left to protect, then you say you're leaving?
Choi: Yes.
King: The one who killed your teacher, should be the previous king, right? My brother.

(zine ed: No wonder his brother was dethroned).

Choi: Yes.
King: You hated me from the start, right? Because I am his younger brother. Then? After you leave the palace? What is your plan?
Choi: First, I intend to take the Doc god to the Heaven's hole. I still owe her. Wait for the door to open, at the same time, I wish to be a fisherman. My skill as a fisherman is pretty good.
King: After you have repaid her, what next?
Choi: I am also searching... for the higher purpose that makes me must continue to live.
King: But the task I gave you, is not completely done. Please remember.
Choi: Your Majesty... that...
King: No need to see me out. Because I feel apologetic towards you.

(zine ed: Eun Soo calls him psycho. HAhahaha!!)

Eun Soo: Psycho..!! Obviously it's shock. Put the legs up here. Need to get the blood to flow to the brain and heart. Need salt and sugar water.  Need blankets to warm the body.
Guard: What happened to captain?
Eun Soo: It's starting up. Need to breathe in oxygen. And need a pharmacy. If not careful, will enter the lungs. Need an infusion.

(zine ed: I'm guessing she means an IV drip. Later, when I watched the Eng subbed @ Epdrama, it is translated as "I need Ringer's solution.". It also sounds like Eun Soo said "Ringo's". According to Wiki, it's an isotonic solution for intravenous administration. 

Jang: The pulse is very fast but weak.
Guard: Captain, wake up..
Eun Soo: I'm going crazy. Everything also don't have.

Grey scape.

Choi: Father.
Father: What is the matter?
Choi: Can I also be here? Stay... here.

Back in the room.

Servant: This is yellow lotus anti-toxin soup. Temperature is just right.
Jang: I can hardly feel his pulse. Does he not want to come back to life?

In the herb room.

Lady Choi:  I was only ordered to prepare.
Eun Soo: That's what I saying, why do I have to make such preparations?
Lady Choi: This is the imperial decree.
King: I have not decided. But regardless of whatever decision, your view of me may be bad.
Empress: Whatever decision might that be?
King: Among them, first, exhibit my uselessness, then being dethroned.  Of course, this means my life is endangered. Second, in order to keep the throne, willing let myself be laughed at. Empress, which one do you prefer?
Empress: Both, I do not wish to endure.
King: You feel so too, eh.
Empress: Where is royal guard Captain Choi?
King: Pleading illness and unable to attend court.
Empress:  Pleading illness?
King: Without the royal guard, there is only the 3rd method.
Empress: Your third method should have been thought of by that someone standing beside you, right?
King: He is the only one loyal and protects me.
Empress: I am surprised that you are telling me all this.
King: Because whether it is being laughed at by others, or be killed by others, you will also be bearing it with me.


Announcement of the Majesties arrival.

King: Please be seated.
Official: Your Majesties, to see both of you safe, it is thanks to Heaven's protection.
King: Yeah, that's so. I am also grateful to Heaven's blessing. Have you all not heard? The journey of my return to our country was fraught with difficulties. The Empress even almost lost her life. I'm sure this isn't the first time you all are hearing this. Why look so shocked? Everyone also knows it was Heaven that opened Hua Ta's Heaven door, sent Heaven's doc and saved the Empress.

(zine ed:  Eun Soo weaseling out of her court chair and Lady Choi pushing her back into it ^_^)

King: I have been considering. What does Heaven mean? Why not give Yuan country, or other country. But chose Goryeo? Gave me, a useless king, a Heaven's doctor. What do you officials think? And doc god said before, the things I will do in the future, able to do, this country's tomorrow and the future, Heaven has already arranged everything. Officials, do you wish to listen?

Gi Cheol: It's really difficult to do. Your Majesty, I am his Excellency Deok Song. I came here in a hurry. But what strange thing were you saying just now? Heaven's door, Heaven's doctor. Doc god. Although it is said you are young, stayed too long in another country, can't differentiate between what you see and what you hear. But you are still my Goryeo king. Which idiot is it! How dare you confuse the King with foolish citizen rumors? Confused the divine heart?  Is it you, demon? That demon disguised as a woman, answer me! Hurry up and answer me, demon!

(zine ed: This the first time I have translated an entire episode. 

Well, I finally understand why Choi Young wants to die, or lost the will to live. He has lost 2 fathers and more. He fought believing in a cause that turned out to be false. Everyone that he was to protect either left or dead. And he only stayed by the king who killed his captain because he was commanded by his captain to do so. 7 years.  Hopes and beliefs destroyed. He is the last.  What is there left to live for (except to send Eun Soo back)? With the past so overwhelming, sending Eun Soo back is the least on his mind.  I guess only a love can bring him back.).

Update: 24 Aug Friday.

Found something interesting tonight on a different Eng subbed host.  I don't think the translation is really accurate, may be subbed from the Chinese version, since some translation is same as mine.  But this part is very illuminating:

According to their translation, the posthumous title "Chung" for loyalty (I removed "loyalty" from my translation because it's the Chinese version of that word), was gone with King Gongmin, as this adviser observed when Eun Soo arranged the names.  All the king's titles under Yuan's interference start with Chung, but King Gongmin does not have "chung" to his name. Meaning, this king succeeded in becoming independent from Yuan dynasty. Capable king and he did by standing up for his beliefs.

Taken from