Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Weirdest Paranormal Event In Our House Monday Night

Wed 3:22pm  19 April 2017.

Note: This is for my own record. Not for any reader to think we are crazy or anything. There is a lot of background information that I didn't say.  If you are reading this, you don't know us at all & cannot say that we are nuts or that these "things" don't exist. If you are a professional psychic who can "see things" in houses,  you're welcome to contact us.

Monday Night Before Midnight.

I was typing at my laptop, working on a paragraph of my novel. Smelled a bad burning smell. Turned round in my seat to look at the hall. Direct line of sight. I saw my bro walking straight towards the balcony but stopping at the pile of stuff before the balcony.

He was holding the aluminum foil tray in his right hand. Looking down at the tray as he walked. When he stopped there, he looked down at the middle of the tray for some moments, then turned & walked back the direction he came.

Earlier, he had said he wasn't going to burn the papers (it will liberate "them" back to the air). 1) So, I thought he had changed his mind.

He appeared to be looking downwards into the middle of the tray where I assumed he had burnt some paper.  I assumed he had come from the master bedroom because I saw he was walking straight towards the balcony area (rather than curve out from his bedroom which is opposite mine).

The smell of burning stank up my room badly. 2) And when he walked away, I was wondering if he was going to flush the ash off in the kitchen bathroom toilet. Hopefully not, because I will be sitting on the toilet and those "things" flushed into the toilet may still remain... (even though he said before that he flushes away the water in the container that he used to trap them in the master bedroom toilet, not in the kitchen bathroom toilet).

3) After he walked away, I started turning on my humidifier in front of my blowing bladeless fan (facing the door) to get rid of the smell that came into my room. The smell of burning typing paper smelled like burning joss paper. I even sprayed my desk area & behind the fan (so the wind will take it forward) & the door area with mist in a bottle containing some aroma essential oils.

For the past 2 nights, I've been lazy with having to refill my humifier so many times with tap water so I try not to  turn it on until I go to bed (so the water will last till the morning).  That night, I didn't turn it on while I was typing until I smelled the burning smell (although my fan was already on).

4) After turning on my humidifier in front of the blowing fan & misting with the spray bottle, the smell cleared. Then I sat back on my chair & resumed typing, thinking that the smell was strong & smelled bad due to the optical brighteners in the typing paper. Toxic chemicals may have been released into the air but just briefly, I thought.

With all these thoughts (#1-4), I still did not step out of my room. I just took what I saw for granted & just sat back down to continue my work. I assumed bro was doing his "thing". When I am typing at the laptop, my attention is on my work & it's a very factual effort. Meaning, I wasn't thinking of anything other than what I am trying to achieve on my latop.

This was also the first night in 2 months that we decided to turn on the lights as if things were normal. We were fed up & decided to invalidate "their" existence. "They" don't exist.

For 2 months, we kept the power to the lights turned off (only use battery lights to prevent EMF emission which "they" take to become a nuisance). It has been very inconvenient & ridiculous. Other people can turn on their electric lights, why can't we? It's crazy.

The moment the lights were turned back on, I started getting headache. But ignored it the whole day. Why shouldn't I be able to turn on the lights in my own house? It's ridiculous.

Later that night, bro came into my room & as usual, we just talked. I didn't mention anything about what I saw earlier & the bad burning smell when he burned the paper in the tray.

Next day, in the daytime, it so happened we were talking about "last night".  I mentioned the scene I saw & the bad burning smell of the paper. He said he didn't do it.

I was surprised. I said "I clearly saw you doing it.".  He said no. The only time he burnt using the tray was much later after I had gone to bed, around 5am or so.  And burnt typing paper does not give off such a strong smell as I described. Once it turns to ash, there is little lingering smell, he said.

I went into the hall & showed him exactly what I saw him do.

I was really disturbed. I mean, come on. I saw him clearly.  And the smell was so strong that I turned on the humifier & misted my room. My mind was sharp & clear & I was wearing glasses. And I was thinking those thoughts (#1-4) as I looked at him with the tray "last night".

Not only did I think the thoughts while looking at the scene, I even took action by turning on my humidifier & misting the room. How could I have seen a hallucination? 

He said if he had burnt the stack of papers (which I saw him dump aside in the living room earlier in the day), he wouldn't have any papers to burn when he did it at past 3.30am. The stack of papers, he insisted, remained where he had left them in the living room.  Now, I can't vouch that the papers were still there at night because I had forgotten about those papers during the day, but I definitely saw him burn something in that tray.

He said when he burns the papers, he does it only in the master bedroom. Why would he come out? He said he don't come out because the wind or breeze from the balcony might interfere. And he only did it once in the master bedroom some days ago. And never did it again, until after 3.30am "last night" (which is technically Tues morning). In between, he did not burn anything.

Also, he said if he had burnt something, the tray would have marks of being cleaned or washed. There were no such marks when he used it a second time after 3.30am.

No sheets of the papers were missing. He said each one has different words on it. Even if he burnt something, what was it? Because he is certain it wasn't the papers that were burnt. 

Now, this is just crazy for me. I mean, if I cannot trust my eyes, even when I saw the whole scene so clearly, what can I trust in this damn house?

I said maybe somehow your memory has been tampered with & you "forgot". He said even so, the stack of papers were still there for him to burn after 3.30am. This point, only he can verify it because I don't know whether the papers were still there until that time.

I refuse to believe that what I saw was not "real". I saw what I saw. Nobody messes with my mind. I really hate that. I refuse to believe that those "things" can be so "powerful" that they can do scenes just because we turned on the power to the lights.

I said, "How can it be? Then won't eye witness accounts be dismissed in a court of law because nobody can be sure the person saw what he saw? Eye witnesses are valued. If no eye witness can be trusted with his eyes, then??".

He said, "Why are you talking about court of law?".

I said, "I am just saying...I saw what I saw.  And I clearly saw you go towards the balcony with the aluminum tray.".  

He said, "Then did you see smoke coming out of the tray?".

It suddenly occurred to me. "No." I said. I thought perhaps the tray was high & the smoke maybe didn't rise high enough.

Odd, now that I think of it. There was no smoke, yet there was very strong smell that filled my room. Also, just now I thought of it: He usually walks with sticky feet sound around the house but there was no sound when I saw that scene.

I asked where in the tray does he burn the paper. He said he burns it at the corner, not in the middle as I presumed to see in that scene. He said he don't burn it in the middle in case the paper does not completely burn whereas at the corner or side, he can get it to burn fully.

Bro told me to just forget about it. I said I will not. Previously, there was another incident that he told me to forget & I just let it go (I can't remember what incident but similar to this case).

Since I am very sure I saw clearly, it means the fault lies with 1) Bro. Maybe his mind has been tampered with & he can't recall. Or so muddle-headed with brain-fog that he forgot.

If so, as he already explained, that stack of papers will not still be there after 3.30am for him to burn.

He said, earlier in the day when he dumped that stack of papers in the living room, he had no intention to burn them at all (because as mentioned, he didn't want to liberate "them" back into the air). Why would he burn them later? And he only burnt them after 3.30am because those "things" were disturbing his sleep. I said there are some instances where he changed his mind abruptly. He said even so, he would remember & say that he changed his mind. In this instance, he insists he did not do what I saw him do.

2) Those "things" really exist & they played with my mind. They took advantage of my focus on my typing & slipped in while I was in an imaginative mode in my writing.  Vivid. Real. A shift from what I'm typing to the real world. Is it that hard to do? The mind is already primed & "open". And as I mentioned, I just took for granted that what I was seeing was as usual. Bro was wearing what I saw him wear throughout the day: just a black shorts.

I'm just very disturbed & perplexed & displeased. I told bro that if his mind was going nuts, rather than that, it would be a relief if someone told me that yes, that scene I saw was a hallucination caused by those "ghosts" in the house. I don't fear ghosts as much as if I have to worry about my bro & fear him.

There is no reason for my bro to lie. He is also not a liar.

And he said when he entered my room "last night" to talk, he had noticed that I turned on my humifier in front of my blowing fan, but he didn't know why. He said he didn't connect it to my seeing him burn the paper & it stank (because he didn't do it).

Also, he said he had glanced into my room through the gap (I left my door ajar) & saw that my yellow lamp was off & candlelight was behind my door. He said he was quite relieved that I turned off the lamp because he was concerned about the electrical bill going up if I left it on the whole night. This lamp is old-style & not energy efficient.

I said what he saw was correct.  I had turned off the lamp assuming it was perhaps making me unable to sleep & I had lit the candles behind my door instead. Since he is so observant, then his memory is correct.

He said his mind was clear & he would remember if he had burnt paper in the hall. Also, the cleaning up of the tray after burning paper takes some effort. Definitely won't forget if he burnt something. He said therefore, his memory is not in question. 

Since there can be no explanation, I have to let it go. Another case that I have to let go, although this is the first time I have to blog about it. I can't just let it go without some record here.

Background information:  

Earlier in the day, he was "shooting" at the written paper/s stuck to a board on his pillow. He said "they" are in the paper. I said "burn it". He said he didn't want to as it would liberate them back into the air. He walked out of his room & slapped the sheets onto a box at the side along the hall & walked off while I watched him thinking that he should burn it otherwise these "things" will then linger in the hall.

Because of this, he suggested that because I had said "burn it", those "things" are showing me what I want to see.


I couldn't sleep at all even till 3.30am. Although I stopped typing (due to drowsiness) at about 1.30am & went to bed, I didn't sleep at all. Oddly my mind was sharp & clear in bed (I considered maybe it was the small amounts of coffee I drank in the daytime, although I did consider it was caused by those "things".).

Then I heard bro having nightmare in his bedroom at around that time. Two separate sounds of his voice in a boy's high-pitched tone when he's having nightmare. Earlier, he had been having trouble with his pillow & didn't manage to get rid of the "thing" that has been disturbing his sleep for many days already. So, I expected he would have a disturbed night. 

However, he hadn't been having nightmares for a long while since putting Black Tourmaline  on his bed. Some time ago, he had removed the Black Tourmaline.

He was snoring loudly despite his nightmare. So, I guessed he wasn't aware that he was having a nightmare. His door was completely closed (previous nights he left it ajar).

I said loudly, "Are you having a nightmare? You haven't had nightmares for a long time already. Put the Black Tourmaline back on your bed.".

I listened for a response. I was thinking of saying that if "it" continued disturbing my bro, I will step into the room. But I didn't say that since bro said it might give them power to be more "real".

Bro was still snoring. But he stopped making the nightmare sounds. So, I went back to my bed. But still couldn't sleep. At about 3.30am, I got up to eat some bread with soup. Then went back to lay in bed.

I had turned off my yellow lamp on my desk (afraid it would overheat & that it was keeping me awake even though previous nights I had slept fine with it & even 3 of such lights).  And lit a plate of candles instead behind my door (another plate of candles already earlier lit outside my door). 

The moment I lay down (my own door ajar), bro opened his door & came out. Shortly, he returned & closed his door. So I thought he was fine. Then I was able to sleep. So after that, whatever he did, I don't know.

He said he was disturbed by his pillow & started "shooting" the words on the paper/s while afraid that I might be awakened by the sound. Then later, he took the papers & burnt them in his room. There was little smell & he turned on his exhaust fan to suck out any remaining smell.

I said I did not know he did that as I had already fallen asleep by then.