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Faith Ep 24 Raw/Eng Subs Min Ho Korean Drama

Can be more accurate with more details than English subbing. 
+ Faith producers thank audiences at the end. (see translation below)   =

Out now on the SBS official channel. 10.47 p.m. Oct 30 Tues. 

ARghhh... Noooo... His #2 died. T.T  Dol Bae. Is his #2. I think he's even better than the vice-captain and is actually #2 deputy after the vice-captain (#1 deputy).

Shit... Choi Young's hand. Won't fight. At the same time, I remember doc god said his hand shaking is... psychological?

Heyyy, Hey, Hey!!!!!! No touching!!! Dammit!! So sexyyy!!! ARGHHH!!! Drives me nuts.
Is Min Ho totally enjoying this? ^_^   I think she touches his scar on his eyebrow at the start. To think that back in the early episodes, he wouldn't let her touch him at all. The proud captain. Now he likes it. ^_^  I love his fingers curled in this position. Very cute and sexy.


Bet they had a good laugh over this while filming... ^_^ Especially Min Ho, giggling. Would be interested to see how they film this.   Bet many people are going to make this part into gif.   >.<  That will then drive me totally nuts. To see it replay over and over again.

Hahaha! Ki Cheol looks so grumpy.  Got rejected by the door.

Ohhh... so that's a mobile projector. I didn't know they had them that small on the market. O.O

EHHH!?! What's she doing??? Keeps walking in and out of that door. And where is Choi Young?? Is she going to be stuck in the past without him?!!  I don't think I can go back to the future not knowing how he is, or what happened to him. Why wasn't he back there on the grass??

Ahhhh.... *sighs* Thank goodness.  For a moment, I thought she came back too early (time-shift earlier and all those stuff haven't happened yet).

He looks pretty good with a little beard/stubble like that. Cool. And older. And different. More angular. He actually looks a little Japanese.

YAYYYY.... I won the bet. I predicted she would stay in the past. Come, collect money. *stretches out hand* 

And So. A major load of work ends...  Hard work. Good job, guys.
Very well made (except for a few bloopers...).

Wondering.... When is Min Ho's next new drama?

So actually, the pink-purple diary is not hers. Belongs to the Japanese reporter. She took his backpack, that's why there were so many things inside, including an empty camera roll container.  But the projector is hers and... the necklace that wasn't in Ki Cheol's stash (?).  Meaning, her past self died a long time ago and she left behind all these things.

As I guessed, they wouldn't be showing the 2 scenes missing from the trailer (+1 missing, if counting the one at the end of one of the episodes where Choi Young has a completely different hairstyle).

Wonder why the director edited these 2 scenes away. Even in the making of the drama, they were in there. 1) This guy using acupuncture magic to "treat" a bare-backed woman lying on a platform. 2) Eun Soo in ancient clothes playing a magical harp. She looks absolutely beautiful in there and she knows magic.  There's blue glow as her fingers run along the harp "strings".

Is there going to be a Part 2?

Faith Ep 23 Eng Subs/Translation Min Ho Korean Drama Great Doctor

Continuing from Ep 22...  

Can be more accurate with more details than English subbing.

TSKS team of translators for Korean Drama Society for Chinese broadcast. Clearer video quality.

Mapleto.com has updated to TSKS subbing.  Previously, it was by some other translator/s.


This time TSKS subbing is not as good as before. So, I used this below link to double-check:  by 262s.com

How to read this as English subbing: 

1) Open your notepad. Copy and paste the English translation from here into it.
2)  Move your notepad above the Mapleto.com/Letv.com playing screen like this.
3) Just scroll down the notepad words as you watch.  

"Tansawan/Tansaguan" is "Duan Shi Guan" in Chinese, which means a Yuan official's position. Has complete power of decision over areas under his authority.

The Korean pronunciation for "captain" is "Tei Jang" which everyone is still calling Choi Young. "Hogun" in Chinese is "护军" which means a senior military commander/officer, but not a general. 

Note: In this episode's re-cap, Deok Kun says that "one among the 3 relics", he has hidden in a very safe place/safest place. However, in the actual episode 22, he said that one among the 3 relics, he has burnt. And the rest he has kept in the safest place.


ES: My antidote shattered. If want to cultivate again, need quite a lot of time. No way can wait for the day heaven's door opens.  If cannot, I'll have to die.
KC: From now onwards, the throne is officially granted to Lord Deok Kun here.
King: I haven't finished speaking!
Tochi: Lord Deok Song Government House and influential clans, in order to support Lord Deok Kun, have incited a coup.
Princess: His Majesty has entrusted this jade seal to all you loyal ministers.
Yik Che: Are you asking us to give the order to attack Chongdoong administration office?
Choi: Now there are 900 imperial soldiers surrounding Chongdoong administration office. With just an order, they will be able to take over this administration office.
Princess: Might as well tell me, will be abandoning his Majesty. Just pass this down to those below then.  His Majesty is now holding onto hope, waiting.
AnJae: The battle begins. Let's go fetch his Majesty back.
Adviser: The imperial troops have come!
KC: No. Go look carefully again. They should just have surrounded this place. Those people haven't the guts.
AnJae: Now his Majesty's imperial troops are taking over all the buildings in Chongdoong administration office.
Deok: Have me leave?
Songyou: Leave immediately.
Deok: One among the 3 relics, I have hidden in a very safe place.
Captain: I heard that the plan of manufacturing the antidote failed.
Choi: What I said before, that I wanted to have you stay. I take it back.
KC: Looks like I need to meet that woman.
Soo In: Didn't I say cannot find?
KC: If want her to appear, just have Choi Young will do, right?

Choi: Pack your luggage. Want to go in front of there, wait until the door opens.
ES: I said I am not going anywhere! I am staying here!
Choi: Must I forcibly carry you off on my shoulder?
ES: After that? After sending me away, after that? Did you think of how I would be?
Choi: Lady, didn't you say you can live there?
ES: Only just dragging out an existence. Dragging out an existence in my little room. Every single day, socialize with strangers. Say some things that I don't believe in, all sound and fury for a day. Then at night still need to return to an empty room. Every time before sleeping, I will call out..."Are you... there?". I know. No one will answer me. Then, wake up again in the morning. That's how I live for a day. Just like a dead person. Dragging out an existence that way. Don't you know? You also know, isn't it? Because you'll also be like this. 
Choi: These few days of Lady's gradual death, I also failed to stay by your side. It's bad enough I didn't search for the medicine to save my woman, but I was killing people. This kind of me, how can I protect you?! How can I let you stay by my side?! 

End of re-cap.

ES: No headache, right? 
Choi: No.
ES:  Although didn't examine properly, based on the condition now, it's not the hand that's shaking, it's the heart.
Choi: Tansaguan and that stableman, already verified that they have returned to Yuan. Looks like won't be coming back. But we've already been exposed. So, for the remaining time...  Look at me. Will you look at me? Lady, you asked me before: if you leave, will I be Ok. Do you still remember?
ES: I remember.
Choi: I will be Ok. Will eat well, live well.  If give it some time, I will also forget. Won't think of Lady again. So, don't worry about me and go back.

Choi: After going back, at first will be difficult to bear, but will slowly get better. By nature, you are a very strong person. I firmly believe this.
ES: I feel that after going back, will also not be Ok. Alone, I really don't have the confidence. Perhaps, I will still try looking for you. Unable to find the heaven's door through which you brought me here, perhaps, I will be lost (wandering) in the strange world.
Choi: Don't be like that. Answer me. You won't do that. The remaining time, I will try my best to be by your side. Wherever I am, also uneasy. And, try my best to make you happy. Although I don't have that confidence.

Choi: Lord Deok Song Government House has already fled. The remaining private soldiers have already been captured, doing a headcount. Searching for Lord Deok Song Government House's family members who escaped. Looks like they didn't escape in time from Gaekyung.
Guard: Pass.
Choi: Already increased checks at the major routes going towards the country's border. Must stop him from going back to Yuan. Cannot let him to meet his Ki empress elder sister.
King: (passes note) "Loyalty Courage Defence".  The men of Ssangseong (twin city) prefecture and Lord Government House, are still scattered around the country. Help me form a task force to wipe them out. I wonder whether should absorb the private soldiers whom we captured at Lord Deok Song Government House's place this time. Hogun?
Choi: I have something to report, your Majesty.
King:  Please speak.
Choi: Could the others leave? It seems I am stepping in my teacher's footsteps.
King: What do you mean?
Choi: The few days before my teacher passed away, I witnessed my teacher dropping his sword to the ground. At that time, didn't know the significance of it.
King: What is the significance of it?
Choi: Time to put down the sword. Whatever I lift up, getting more and more difficult. In 7 days, will send doc god back. I will serve your Majesty until that day.
King: Already let you accompany doc god till that day, so you can go. And, I will keep waiting for you to return. Also, remember this.

(zine ed: Smart king. Even if Choi Young cannot wield his sword, his brains and his physical presence are still useful/important. ^_^)

VC: Centralized point...
Dol Bae: Captain.
Choi: To sum up, we're going to Lord Government House's mansion to sort out his property. Guessing those that are valuable have already been taken away. The remaining things, once all roped together and tidied up, turn over to the national treasury. Vice-captain.
VC: Yes, captain.
Choi: Task assignment.
VC: Yes.
Choi: Dol Bae.
DB: Yes.
Choi: Deok Man.
DM: Yes.
Choi: Yoo Eun Soo. Answer.
ES: Yes.
Choi: Come escort (guard) me.

Choi: The relics box has been searched for a few times already. Don't have. You two continue searching this room. We'll go here.

ES: I thought you would die. Everyone scared me like this. Since you're alive, good then. 

Choi: Didn't you say you liked staying in this house?
ES: AHh...give meals at set timings, and give clothes.
Choi:  I know you like food.  Like clothes too?
ES: Of course. Especially like pretty and expensive clothes.
Choi: And what else do you like?
ES: Like days of being in the breeze, also like days when it rains. The instant when it just begins to rain, I like the most. One drop, two drops, when the raindrops start, just when it drops on the forehead. Oh, this way, will then look at the sky, that instant.
Choi: Is that all?
ES: And...yellow underclothes. Grey, green, and...(tall men. Hand that's just that big).
Choi: Is that all of it? Your likes?
ES: (And... that voice) Yes. Looks like my desires have become fewer. What about captain? What do you like?

(zine ed:  Yellow underclothes? How come Choi Young didn't turn to look at her oddly? I have checked that the translation of underclothes/undergarment/underwear is correct.

^_^  She's like a man looking at woman... "desires" "fewer"? I doubt it. Wonder how Min Ho feels knowing what she's thinking and what's she looking at.

Hmmm...what is the meaning of him putting his hand so lightly and preciously on her shoulder? Enigmatic. Wish he would say, but it's because Dol Bae the lamp post is there, that's why both of them are holding back. What a pity she didn't say what she was thinking. Such things are important to say. The importance of the moment.)

Choi: Dol Bae.
DB: Yes.
Choi: Protect doc god.

Choi: This house's servant carries such a thing? Did Lord Government House send you? (goes to the group) Vice-captain.
VC: Yes.
Choi: You handle matters properly here as you see fit.
VC: Yes. Yes? Then what about captain?
Choi: I'm busy.
VC: H...hand.

Adviser: I repeat. This is the last method.
KC: I know.
Adviser: This medicine, although can elevate the inner power to the lungs, and can temporarily elevate skill, can only hold up for half a day. After that, the side-effects are very serious.
KC: I know.
Soo In: Found out where that girl is already.

Choi: We can now assume that Lord Government House knows that Lady is here.
ES: Then what to do? Flee elsewhere? Hide?
Choi: Let's go play.
ES: What did you just say, captain?
Choi: Go play. Do you have anything you want?
ES: Are you buying things for me?
Choi: Need clothes?
ES: Have you got money?
Choi: Probably, will have plenty. The official's salary gotten these few years.
ES: Then, can I have you buy many things?
Choi: Can.
ES: Clothes, shoes, jewellery, all these??
Choi: Yes.
ES: When?
Choi: I'll go make arrangements, then we'll go.  You're that happy? (sees the urns) Not yet give up?
ES: What?
Choi: Making the antidote. And, the thought of staying on earth world.
ES: Wait and see. I will surely succeed.
Choi: Whatever it is, will definitely not give up, right?
ES: So, you should also try getting used to it, don't resist.

King: Looks like there's something important?
Princess: Your Majesty, want to go out and draw?
King: Go out and draw?
Princess: Yes, if want to go to the open field to draw, need bodyguards. Royal guard captain also needs escort. I hope doc god can also come along. In case it gets chilly, there's doc god... That...there aren't many days left till the 2 persons' separation. Doc god has to hide in the barracks everyday, and the captain is busy...

(zine ed: ^_^ It sounds so funny that a royal guard captain needs escort when he's supposed to be the escort)

Lady Choi: Recently, your Majesty has also been working hard on the country's affairs from dawn till late at night. How about taking a rest together?
King: Looks like didn't get doc god's antidote in the end.
Princess: Yes.
King: Then, doc god has to return in the end.
Princess: That's the only way.
King: I'm afraid that after that... after that, the captain's heart...
Lady Choi: As the rank of captain, will not be swayed because of a woman.
King: That's how much you don't understand your nephew's heart. To the captain, doc god, is no ordinary woman. The captain, after meeting doc god, then faced me squarely. Before that, he saw me as just another king after the previous one. In his mind, I was only this (and nothing more). After that, then he faced up to me.

SI: I already said to go straight to Yuan dynasty. Isn't the palace there very good? This filthy place...

(zine ed: She says "Poi goong" meaning an official palace outside of the palace)

Adviser: Want a safe place, no other choice...
SI: Already confirmed. You don't have to worry about Choi Young.
KC: Is that woman with him?
SI: Inseparable. How? Want to bring here? Kill her?
KC: Good teacher.
Adviser: Yes, my lord.
KC: Send someone to find my elder sister.
Adviser: Yes. As a just in case, sent someone already.  Yesterday early morning, already sent. At this time should have reached the country's border.
KC: After the country's border, reach Yuan's royalty. See my elder sister, obtain the letter, return here. Too slow. Too far.
EJ: So, what do you intend to do?
KC: I want to personally go to the palace.
EJ: No matter how, also cannot enter the palace. Imperial guards, also royal guards guarding.
KC:  Annoying minions by the side. We go straight into the middle of the palace.
SI: How to go?
KC: Find a way.

(zine ed: It's modern Chinese words on the book. It says "Research Diary".  Inside, it looks just like a modern day's doctor's handwriting.   The words cannot be read completely, but seems to be writing of different poisons and information about them.)

Dae Man: Cannot, cannot!

(zine ed: Hahaha!! Look at the cooool Dol Bae making a coool salute to Toki)

ES: Wait a moment. What are you saying? I can't read Chinese writing.

Lady Choi: "Using poison to combat poison, use poison to control poison."

(zine ed: As guessed when watching the raw)

Lady Choi
: Be a little quiet, won't you? Adding to the confusion, really. "Similar to Pichun poison is this.". That's its meaning. 
ES: Similar poison?
Lady C: "Use poison that produces similar symptoms as Pichun poison to treat". What does this mean?
ES: Is it Homeopathy, that sort? So, what is that similar poison?
Lady C: It's Green Bean Poison.
ES: Aunt.
Lady C: It's not the antidote. Rather, it intensifies the toxicity, thereby expelling the previous toxin. This, the imperial doctor also thought was very dangerous and wrote that the method shouldn't be used. That's why didn't tell you, right? You just know this, will do.
ES: This, is not something that wouldn't work. In my world, there are also people researching this. Went to a seminar before...
Lady C: This is too dangerous.
ES: He, put down his sword and moved about. After that, what else would he put down? I'm very worried.

ES: Just now, you left your sword. Just now, you really did that. Usually, don't you always carry it with you? But just now, you swung it off your hand like this.

(zine ed: ^_^ She sounds like she's talking to a sulking child.)

Choi: Sword became heavy.
ES:  You said sword, became heavy?
Choi: Is that possible? Suddenly feel that the sword became heavy.

Dol Bae: Ready! One! Two! Three! Gather.
VC: The newly recruited soldiers, the difference in their strength and ours is too great. Because selected regardless of humble background as you said, hence there is some conflict among the soldiers.
Choi: I roughly wrote it. Have a look.
VC: You personally wrote this? But, what is this? (loyalty courage defence)
Choi: His Majesty wants to set up a new military agency. Basic military force per unit of 1000 persons. Composed of 4 defences. Each defence comprises of training, planning, supply, scale. All written there. Report it to his Majesty.
VC: I do the reporting? What about captain?
Choi: As above.
Deok Man: And sword. You.

Dol Bae: Captain!
Choi: What?
DB: Doesn't it not matter?
Choi: What?
DB: Captain's hand. Although I don't know exactly what happened...
Choi: Did you go round saying it? About my hand.
DB: Why would I do that? No.
Choi: So?
DB: I saw you drop your sword.
Choi: So what?
DB: Doesn't it not matter, the hand? Can't you continue being our captain?  If you need hand, I will be by your side as your hand. Although my lance cannot be compared to captain's sword, my long lance is also pretty good. Use this, as the captain's hand.
Choi: What can you protect being like this? You just protect your own brains then.
Dae Man: Captain! That strange person is here! Strange person wants to see captain.

KC: Now then come.
Choi: Lord Deok Song Government House.
KC: I waited for you for ages!
Choi: The Ki Cheol who once started a coup. The crime of killing the imperial doctor in the palace. And even two criminals who escaped jail. Now immediately arrest them. First confiscate all of their weapons.
KC: I will enter prison myself. But, I have a request. Doc god. Let me see her.
Choi: You want to see doc god? Aren't you surrendering yourself?
KC: To you, isn't this something worth celebrating? My disciple brother and sister behind me, aren't that easy to deal with. Now, you want to deal with the 3 of us, it's rather difficult, right?

Deok Man:  Is doc god here?
ES: Yes.
DM: The king and princess said they are going out for a stroll. The princess specified that doc god, as a royal guard, is to follow. I'm going out too. Captain!
Choi: Not willing just say so.
ES: What?
Choi: Lord Deok Song Government House wants to see you. Do you want to see him?

Choi: Are you Ok?
ES: You'll be by my side, right?
Choi: Of course.
ES: Then I'm fine.

KC: I've remembered. In the past, it seems we stood at opposite positions here.
Choi: Yes, that was so.
KC: That time, I should have killed you. What a pity.
Choi: I've brought her. If you behave courteously, will let you meet her.
KC: Of course. Of course will do that. Behave courteously. (sees her) Do you know how hard I tried looking for you?
ES: I know. That's why you had Doctor Jang lose his life. 
KC: My disciple brother and sister, don't quite know how to control themselves, hope you understand. I...have got a heart illness. Cure me as a doctor.
ES: Go ahead and speak.
KC: You came from heaven world?
ES: No.
KC: Then, where did you come from?
ES: Tomorrow's world.
KC: Tomorrow?
ES: 600 years from now, the world that will come. Meaning, the people living now give birth to kids, these kids again have kids, such a world that continues, I'm one among them.
KC: If I go there, can I be cured?
ES: Where do you hurt?
KC: In this world, what I want to have, I've already gotten. The delicious, the beautiful, the precious. But, my desire (hunger) is unable to have satisfaction. Hence, once changed the person on the throne. Even dug out people's eyes. But, my desire (hunger) remains unceasing. That's why, even my body has become ill. If go to that world, can it be cured?
ES: If it's this type of illness, then it's very difficult. In that world, there are even more patients like you. The more they have, they more they want.
KC: You lie. Aren't there carriages that can fly there?
ES: There are.
KC: Since that's so, then it's impossible! The people living there, why would there still appear the situation where desires cannot attain satisfaction?

Choi: Are you having a fever?
ES: A little.
Choi: When did it start?
ES: Just now. Started since morning.
Choi: Can't be having fever so soon. There's still a length of time.
ES: So, I thought of an idea.
Choi: Starting to have a fever implies left only 7 days...that way, we're finished.
ES: Yes. Doctor Jang also said that.
Choi: There's still 10 days till heaven's door opens. Then if we set out now...
ES: Listen to me, Ok? Now it's still slight fever. So while still early, I want to do it. If wait till it really heats up, will then be ineffective.
Choi: You have an idea, you want to try?
ES: I want to try it later tonight, but need help.
Choi: Really, there's a way?
ES: Until then, let my heart feel at ease a little.
Choi: Yes.
ES: If the captain's mood is good, then my mood can be good. 
Choi: I understand. Anymore?
ES: Just this is enough.

King: How's Lord Deok Song Government House?
Choi: Just an ill person.
King:  "There's a hole in my heart". Previously, he said so himself.
Choi: Your Majesty. Now, I don't want to think of him. Because now, I have to guarantee a happy mood. She asked this of me. So, please permit me.
King: Ok.
Tochi: This is only a sketch. After going back to the palace, then add color. 
Princess: The captain keeps looking at you. You "love" him very much, right?
ES: Yes.
Princess: Have you told him? This word, the meaning?
ES: The captain, doesn't like learning heaven's language. Princess, and Court Lady Choi. And our Tochi. I'm sorry, could you all go over there and be together?
Lady Choi: By his Majesty's side?
ES: Yes. Want to look at all of you together, want to remember you all at once.
Princess: I understand.

KC: Are you listening to me? Tomorrow, there'll be an interrogation (Chinggu) in the side hall. Guessing I'm the only one being called to the hall. During this time, you guys handle it as was discussed beforehand. Go look for that thing, then come find me, will do. I will be with the king.

Deok Man: Doc god, I've brought it. This green bean poison. The princess says, this is very dangerous, must be careful.
ES: Thank you.
DM: I heard even if use just a little bit, will also be fatal.
ES: I know. I will dilute it 1000 times before using.
DM: Ok.

(zine ed: Deok Man is surprisingly happy about this? O.o Not worried at all? Does he know that she's taking it?)

Choi: Dae Man. Where did she go?
DM: W..went to the medical temple.
Choi: Why go there?
DM: Want to go see?

Lady C: Must you do it?
ES: Aunt..
Lady C:  Didn't you hear what I said? That is poison. Poison that kills. The poison in you not enough, still want to add some more?
ES: I can explain the rationale to you...This...
Choi: What do you mean? What? Just now, the poison that I heard.
ES: It's this. The matter that I want to do tonight. The matter that captain needs to help me with. Will be by my side and help me, right?

(zine ed: Choi Young suddenly looks very intimidating the moment he walks in. So tall and broad-shouldered).

Choi: You want to combat poison with poison?
ES: Yes.
Choi: What's the chance of success? 
ES: Truthfully speaking? I also don't know. Because I am the first to experiment. But there's one thing I can say. If don't even try this, and just wait, when the poison starts up, then it will really be the end.
Choi: This. Are these the days left till heaven's door opens?
ES: Yes.
Choi: Still left so many days. I'm still thinking of what more I can do for you. But, if today fails, I really won't be able to do anything for you anymore. Won't even be able to make you laugh.
ES: Can't wait any longer.
Choi: How can you have such an expression like it doesn't matter?  How can you be like this?
ES: Then, face the possibility of death at the end, and cry while waiting? Isn't that too miserable? I believe the result will be good. Will surely get better, will live. Living on, can stay by your side. So, it's Ok.

VC: Hey,  doc god? Doc god? Is she Ok? What's she saying? Dae Man, Dae Man. Quick open the door. Quick, quick!
ES: This is medicine to reduce fever? If start to have reaction, the body will start to heat up. Also possible will lose consciousness. Even then, have to let me be. These are all evidence of the body's fighting reaction.
Lady C: I understand.
ES: If after dawn, the fever still has not subsided, then feed me the medicine to reduce fever at that time. Because can't let it go on for too long.  Also, help me replenish some water content.
Choi: I'll do it.
Lady C: That's for just in case...
Choi: I, will stay here.

Lady C: How is it?
Choi: Fever still hasn't subsided. It's already day.
Lady C: Burning really bad. Take a rest. I'll do it.
Choi: This person still can't take a rest. Fighting hard the whole night. Absolutely not give up.
Lady C: I understand. She is definitely that sort of person. Still don't know have to fight until when. Go take a break.

ES: I'll give you my emergency medicine, aspirin. Painkiller, fever, anti-inflammatory. Once time two, a day 3 times.

King: Lord Deok Song Government House, Ki Cheol. You plotted to rebel. Committed a crime that angers both heaven and people.
KC: Your Majesty, I have a presumptuous request.
VC: That hand!! Protect his Majesty!

Lady C: What's this?
Dae Man: Captain! Trouble! That strange fellow captured his Majesty!
Lady C: What? What did you say?
Dae Man: Lord Deok Song Government House, Ki Cheol.
Lady C: Go. I'll take care of doc god. Young-er.

(zine ed: Once more, she says "Young-er" which is an affectionate way for her to call him as an aunt. The "er" is for someone older to call someone younger who is close like family.).

KC: Your Majesty.
Tochi: Your Majesty, quickly retreat.
KC: Please stand right there.
King: Lord Deok Song Government House. Are you crazy? What are you doing?
KC: Nothing. I only came to find my things, that's all. So you just stay here, your Majesty. Have all the other people get out. They are too annoying!

KC: Royal guard, Choi Young.
King: Lord Government House has gone crazy.  Gone completely crazy.
Choi: Lord Government House. Why are you doing this?
KC: Where is doc god? I need to take her away.
Choi: (sees Dol Bae) Don't.
Dol Bae: Your opponent is me.
Choi: Don't!!

(End of Translation)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Faith Ep 23 Raw/Eng Subs Min Ho Korean Drama

Out here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_aEGYcg5Uc&feature=player_embedded
[Now, the uploader is smart. Didn't put the name of the drama. Use the letter "f". Previously, used the Korean title words and it was removed by Youtube. However, this means that fewer people will be able to find it unless they know it through the uploader's links or some other means.]

Or:  http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/JZ20wfBH7CI/?resourceId=0_06_02_99?fr=2&referrer=http%3A%2F%2Ftv.yb88.com%2Fplay%2F%3Fclassid%3D8

Her massage looks very comfortable.... ^_^ I would like to have it. Mmmmmm... ^__^

Yoo Eun Soo!

Hahahaha!!! The king bangs the table with the side of his scroll. Then bangs again when Lady Choi, Tochi and his wife still ignore him.

He drew her so pretty... ^_^ Even though it's just a drawing.

Don't they look like a matching couple? Hahahaha...
The 2 men....

... looking at their 2 ladies.

Whooo! When Choi Young turns to look at her, it's Perfect! Camera moment! Too bad can only take picture with the mind. No camera. Darn. The director really knows beauty, to have Choi Young turn to complete the picture. Beautiful.

Hmm... I didn't notice when her ever-present handbag stopped making an appearance...


I actually found the Youtube link from the link below, while googling using Korean words. It's impossible to find the Youtube upload just by googling because it doesn't contain the drama title or the word "episode". People search using the drama title and episode number, so it won't turn up in the search.

Surprisingly, it's from "Korean Colorado Network".  Korean network/community in Colorado? From there, I was able to just click to the Youtube site.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Faith Ep 22 Eng Subs/Translation Min Ho Korean Drama Great Doctor

Continuing from Ep 21... 

Can be more accurate and detailed than English subbing.

Once again, faster and more punctually out than English subs. The episodes are always out when I look on the next day of the airing of the show. 

How to read this as English subbing: 

1) Open your notepad. Copy and paste the English translation from here into it.
2)  Move notepad above the Mapleto.com playing screen like this.
3) Just scroll down the notepad words as you watch.  

TSKS team of translators for Korean Drama Society for Chinese broadcast:


"Tansawan/Tansaguan" is "Duan Shi Guan" in Chinese, which means a Yuan official's position. Has complete power of decision over areas under his authority.

The Korean pronunciation for "captain" is "Tei Jang" which everyone is still calling Choi Young. "Hogun" in Chinese is "护军" which is a senior military commander/officer, but not a general. 

Dae Man: Hurry leave!
ES: Can't!
Royal guard: The enemy knows inner skill! Step up your guard! (zine ed: Inner skill/power martial arts)
Dae Man: Hurry!

King: The person who put the princess under house arrest, who killed our child. I am now going to see him.
Princess: Yes.
King: I thought over it again and again. Now also want to tear his corpse apart with 5 horses. But I have to bear it.

(zine ed: The corpse is torn/split apart with each horse pulling each limb. The 5th part being the head)

I understand.
King: Everyone, even the captain, also don't understand me. A matter that can be done by issuing an order, why must bear it till now?
Princess: I can understand. I can understand your thinking.
King: Today, I might be back late.
Princess: I will wait for you to come back.

(zine ed: Just as what ES said to Choi Young when he said the same thing as the king. "I will wait for you to come back.". I like this background music that's playing for the king and princess. Was also played when Choi Young was in that realm between life and death with his father. I don't think it's in the OST tracks. Need to check again.) 

Lady Choi: Doc god! Doc god? (to Dae Man) What happened?
Dae Man: Th..That..fellow wearing the bamboo hat surprise attacked. N..now has already left.
Lady Choi: You rascal, every round only reply half. (to ES) Doc god, what exactly happened?

(zine ed: Hahaha... Lady Choi is a strangely practical woman. With Choi Young, and now even more so with ES.  Look at her face when reluctantly patting ES. ^_^)

Lady Choi: You were experimenting on the antidote...
ES: ...All ruined. Not one left.
Dae Man: Doc god! Your instruments are missing. Look here.
ES: Looks like he wasn't here to kill me. But to take away my instruments. Then he could have just asked for them!
Lady Choi: Looks like started following from inside the palace to here. Already had this planned right from the start.
ES: That item... isn't it tied on his sword? The item of that person who was once engaged to be married.
Lady Choi: Perhaps.
ES: There's something I really wish to know. Could you answer me?
Lady Choi: Please ask.
ES: After that person passed away, you said he was very sad, right?
Lady: Yes.
ES: How sad was he? For how long?
Lady: What do you wish to know?
ES: Those that are shattered, are my antidote. Need to start cultivating once more, will need a very long time. Before heaven's door opens, definitely will not make it in time. Give up other methods, give up returning to the future, want to start afresh, perhaps really will not be in time. If cannot...I can only die. If I die, what about him?
Lady: Do you intend to stay?
ES: Otherwise, am I crazy? Am I crazy? That time, if I had just left once and for all. I feel that I am really going crazy. Every day every day, I keep thinking only of that matter. Is he Ok? Is he really Ok? Nothing bad will happen, right?
Lady: You go and ask him yourself. By nature, he doesn't talk much about his own matters. So although doesn't quite know how to express himself, you should still go and ask him. Then he will answer you, to doc god he'll answer.

(zine ed: The problem was in her previous choice, she chose to run away and since then always wondered what would have happened if she had gone back. Now that she's gone back, she's saying if only she had left that day... -.- No wonder Choi Young is so frustrated with her.) 

Songyou: This is the official document that grants Lord Deok Kun as king.
KC: If you had given this to me earlier, everything would have been much simpler.
Songyou: His highness Lord Deok Kun. I'd like to ask.
Deok kun: Please say it.
Songyou: If you ascend Goryeo's throne, what do you intend to do first?
Deok: Follow the agreement and give Goryeo to Yuan, satisfied?
Songyou: And then?
Deok: After that, I will be the Prime minister. Ah! Will reward Lord Government House who assisted me this time.
Songyou: And then?
Deok: Tansaguan, do you also have anything you need? Please say it.
KC: Were you satisfied with the replies just now?
Songyou: Satisfied. A person busy fighting for power, who controls this land, will not be a danger to Yuan.
KC: I seem to have heard that you are also a Goryeo person.
Songyou: Yes, I was. When I was hopeful, it was also once important. Once thought, as long as fight to obtain, would once again be able to find back the homeland of Goguryeo. Also had before such conviction. If only I worked hard.

(zine ed: Click: The ancient kingdom Goguryeo, .... was one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, along with Baekje and Silla.)

KC:  Goguryeo homeland?
Songyou: But, the troubled world is always in the hands of such people as you, Lord Government House. Other people can only be pulled along. That being so, what does it matter whether the homeland is lost or not?

(zine ed: He echoes what Lord Deok Kun also said to the king. What does it matter if the name of Goryeo is changed to another name when it is passed to Yuan?)

Songyou: Such a conclusion was gotten. I will not be participating in questioning. Then.

(zine ed: Ehh? He has a watch! A... O.O ...pocket watch!! Where did he get that?! Yuan dynasty was 14th century.  Pocket watch like this was manufactured in the 16th century.)

King: Captain.
Choi: Yes, your Majesty.
King: Today, will also probably be very tragic.
Choi: Yes.
King: Have you bid doc god farewell?
Choi: Because she is a person who is going back, I didn't further say goodbye.

KC: His Majesty has personally arrived.
King: Save the greetings. (sits) Lord Deok Kun.
Deok: Yes, your Majesty.
King: Give you one more last chance. Either be punished for the crime of kidnapping the princess, or leave this piece of land. 
Deok: Your Majesty, this is a questioning ground. Is the sinned person guilty of crime, any wrongful treatment. All need to one by one carry out.
King: I am saying, thinking of sparing you. I can spare you, leave this piece of land. But your royalty name will be removed. Don't ever covet the throne again. Don't because of this, let the country's people sacrifice their lives.
Deok: Lord Government House, you may begin.
KC: This is the king's official document that the Tansaguan sent today. From this day on, the throne is, this person's, his highness Lord Deok Kun. Those who defy the Yuan King's imperial decree, are the traitors of Yuan. Also, this country's traitors.
King: Lord Deok Kun.
Deok: Yes, nephew.
King: Must blood be spilt? It's not your blood, so it's Ok?
Deok: Since not willing to shed blood, then don't resist.
King: The ministers are gathered in the side hall now. I want to go and ask them. Between me and uncle, who will they choose to be king. So, wait a little while more...
KC: Regardless of whether it's the ministers or people, I hate trouble. Or just do it this way. The previous king is discontented with the succession of the throne this time. Has defied the king. No choice but to kill him.
King: Uncle! I have not finished speaking!
Choi: They are not people who will listen.

Choi: Dol Bae! (to King) I'll guard your Majesty's withdrawal.
King: No, captain. I still have to remain here.
Choi: Let's go.

Anjae: A situation has happened inside. Prepare to counter it.
Guard: When is the surprise attack?
Anjae: Now's not the time. Wait for the order.
Guard: Wait till when?!
Anjae: I said to wait!

Tochi: Now his Majesty is being detained at Chongdoong administrative office. Lord Deok Song government House and powerful family clans, in order to back Lord Deok Kun, have incited a coup. At his Majesty's side, are only about 10 plus royal guards protecting. Arrival of the Princess.

(zine ed: He said "Chongdoong Hengsong". "Hengsong" is "行省 Xing(2)Sheng(3)" in Chinese, which means "province". However, it is an abbreviated meaning that actually means "secretariat" which is an administrative office/division/department that's responsible for local government affairs.)

Princess: Before his Majesty went to the administrative office, had me inform all the ministers. This is the instruction for ordering the deployment of soldiers. And this is the jade seal.  His Majesty said want to hand this jade seal over to the ministers. In case something happens to his Majesty, the funeral arrangements will be decided upon by the ministers. 
Yik Che: Are we to order an attack on Chongdoong administrative office?
Princess: Yes.
Cheheon: Then we are to stamp with the jade seal?

King: We will head this way!
Choi: The exit is there.
King: I'm not going out. I want to continue staying here.
Choi: Your Majesty. If you had given an order, should have been here a long time ago.
King: It will come.
Official: First, send people to the administrative office, make enquiries as to what exactly happened.
Cheheon: Now is his Majesty's life-and-death moment. What is there to make enquiries for?
Yik Che: I know clearly what you all are worried about. Today, if we attack Chongdoong administrative office, is equivalent to attacking Yuan dynasty. Is tantamount to not hesitating to go to war with Yuan. Just don't want to personally make the decision.

(zine ed: So he is saying they are all cowards? The King then, is very wise to take this gamble. If he wins, it will be the greatest decision he's ever made till now, because he is forcing them to choose and decide, to be pro-active in their government instead of just sitting. He is waking them up. If he becomes king by their choosing and actions, it will mean all the much more. Testing their guts is good. Training them to be of use now and later, although it is a very big gamble using his own life.)

Cheheon: Yuan's official document has arrived. Bestowed the throne upon Lord Deok Kun.
Officials: How did it turn out like this? Then what should we do?
Cheheon: Everyone must think clearly! His Majesty is not the king chosen by Yuan, but the king whom we support!
Official: Isn't his Majesty also originally the king chosen by Yuan dynasty? 
Cheheon: Not going to deploy soldiers then?! His Majesty is now in great danger.
Official: Cannot, cannot start a war.
Official: Cannot attack the motherland.
Official: How can we dispatch the army troops to the administrative office?

Guard: Inside is in the middle of intense fighting.
Anjae: His Majesty?
Guard: Don't know.
Anjae: When exactly are these old men going to make their decision?
Guard: Don't wait for order, just directly go in, cannot? Inside, there are only 12 royal guards.

Choi: Now there are 900 imperial soldiers who have surrounded this Chongdoong administrative office place.
King: I know.
Choi: The moment they receive the order, will be able to take control of this administrative office.
King: Perhaps.
Choi: But. According to your Majesty's battle plan, the officials should be using the jade seal at this time to order the deployment of soldiers, right?  They definitely won't abandon you, will not disregard your safety. That's what you think right?  But. Those officials are weighing the pros and cons of you and Lord Deok Kun. Racking their brains over it.
King: Precisely because they are so weak, that's why need today's experience. If they continue vacillating like this, I won't be able to do anything.

(zine ed: vacillating = being indecisive, going back and forth, wavering)

Choi: If it drags on for too long, I'm afraid I won't be able to protect you.
King: It's regarding the matter of letting my people go to the battlefield. I need to obtain their permission.
Choi: Do you think the people believe the officials?
King: Captain.
Choi: Yes, your Majesty.
King: I now look upon myself as a citizen.
Choi: Understood.  Just now, the members who have been arranged, among three persons, one withdraws to save strength. The rest of the members all in the room to protect his Majesty.

ES: Our royal guards, how much danger are they in?
Dae Man: It's Ok.  Captain is together with them.
Royal guard: Just now received news, the other party used "Wheel War".

(zine ed: "Wheel War" is army terminology which means a strategy used to tire out the enemy and then wipe them out. In battle, a few persons take turns to fight with 1 person, or a few groups take turns to fight with 1 group of people, until the other party tires out and loses due to exhaustion. In negotiation, the discussion pushes the other party to exhaustion and forces the other party to give way.)

Royal guard: Because our member numbers are not enough, even captain, is also powerless.
ES: Then a lot of blood will be shed?
Dae Man: It's Ok, captain... (avoids royal guard) What are you thinking?
ES: Just thinking... living here is like this, right? This is how he has been getting by. Thinking of these...

Adviser: Hwa Soo In, Cheon Eum-Ja, are you here?
EJ: How come now then come?
SI: Come already, hurry up let us out! What are you dawdling for?!
Adviser: Lord Deok Kun has gotten the king's official document. Even if kill the imperial guards, will also pardon you guys. So no need to worry about the consequences.

(zine ed:  Sounds like what a joy to be able to do so, how liberating.).

Cheheon: How about this then. Those who agree to deploy troops, stand here. Those against, stand there. The opinion of the majority will be implemented.
Official: Even if it's the majority, also doesn't show that it's the right choice!
Official: That's right. Cannot because of the majority then start a war.
Officials: Right, right. Need to think carefully.

(zine ed: *chuckling* By the time they finish thinking, their king would have died. Then no need to think already.)

Deok Kun: What exactly are we waiting for?! While no one is ruling now, we should take the chance and enter the palace!
KC: Cannot go.
Deok Kun: Why?
KC: Because the imperial troops have already surrounded this administrative office.
Deok: I am the king. The imperial troops are the king's army.
KC: You should go and try telling that to the imperial troops.
Deok: Then what should we do?
KC: Need to kill the present king.
Deok: But there's obstruction from that Choi Young! Just sending those little soldiers, can they kill him off?
KC: Don't send those little soldiers, what else can be done?! If I could personally go and capture them...
Adviser: 500 of our additional private soldiers are hurrying here. Lord Pak's residence sent 300 private soldiers, Kaeum city sent 400.
KC: When arriving?
Adviser: Our soldiers will approximately arrive momentarily. The rest will arrive around sunset.
KC: Heard that? I am waiting for this.

Cheheon: There is no time.
Official: Cannot drag on like this.
Yik Che: Princess, you need to be careful of your divine body (health), you better go in... 
Princess: Might as well just say it, want to abandon him. Want to abandon his Majesty, just tell me this directly. Perhaps now, his Majesty is still waiting hopefully.  1 day, even if it's 100 days, also will keep waiting. I can't stand it anymore. So might as well just abandon him! You all, don't have the courage to abandon him, and don't have the courage to save him, right?

Guard: Report!
AnJae: The battle begins! Go get his Majesty.
Guards: Yes!

: It's the imperial guards!
KC: Impossible. They dare not attack this administrative office. Should be just surrounding it.
Adviser: Already broke through the city gates! Already surging in, my lord!
KC: No. Go take a good look. Only surrounded that's all. They can't possibly have the guts.
Adviser: My lord... Your body is also unwell. If surrounded just like this...
KC: Who am I? Why?

(zine ed: Poor KC. I like him. Deok Kun was right then, back when he said KC was half crazy already. Seeing KC, brings to mind that Choi Young will also become like that, since he has also gotten what KC has.)

AnJae: You're Ok?
Choi: Lord Deok Kun?
AJ: We're searching.
Choi: Help me pass the message that I've gone to look for him.
AJ: I've come to get your Majesty.
King: Did you come because you received the deployment instructions order?
AJ: Yes, received. I heard that all the ministers in unison proposed the deployment instructions order. Now your Majesty's imperial soldiers are taking control of all the buildings in the administrative office.
King: The captain? Where is the captain?

Dae Man: Captain!
(zine ed: I love the look on Dae Man's face.)

Choi: You all have worked hard. (Good work, guys)
ES: I'll help you. Take off armor.
Choi: It's Ok.
ES: Don't be like this. Back go past, avoiding. Don't treat me this way.

(zine ed: She means, going past with his back to her, avoiding)

Choi: It's not my blood.
ES: I know.
Choi: Today, the enemy we fought, were all ordinary soldiers. So, it wasn't so difficult fighting them. So...

King: Didn't catch Lord Deok Kun in the end. If captured him, this time will really justifiably kill him. He actually got people to kill the king. Really deserves death. I heard the administrative office has already been completely taken under control. Now thinking of how to use that administrative office. Where to use it on.
Princess: What are you worrying about now, your Majesty?
King: In the day, swayed the ministers' hearts. At night, want to pry into the king's heart?
Princess: Your Majesty.
King: I did something bad to Choi Young.
Princess: Was he injured?
King: In order not to let even more people see blood, let the captain see more blood. I obtained the birthright, but that price was paid for by the captain. I am unable to feel at ease.

Deok: Let me leave? Why? Aren't I Goryeo's king? I have the king's official document. You guys have also given me your approval.
Songyou: Now, leave immediately. Once it's daybreak, the king's soldiers will hit in here.
Deok: I say, Tansawan, I still have remaining cards.
Songyou: If you have remaining, then give to there.
Deok: There. You mean Lord Deok Song government house's troops? 
Songyou: If want to come back again, then leave before it gets even later.
Deok: Come back again?
Songyou: There is no other person able to pin down the current king. That's why letting you live. Grab the chance. (to man) Send this person to Changsa, will have someone waiting there. And this. There will be big smithies when you go to Changsa.  Go there and have them melt these. Don't leave behind anything. Need to monitor the entire procedure from start to end. (to Deok Kun) Go along.

Deok: Lord government house. Lord government house's things. I will tell you where are the so-called relics of Hwa Ta. But you have to satisfy one request of mine.
KC: Say it.
Deok: Must help me get rid of that girl and brat. The next time I return, I hope they are not on this earth.
KC: I know who you are talking about.
Deok: That woman is also holding onto another heaven world's thing.
KC: Heaven world's thing.
Deok: Inside there, there's paper that's same as the notebook. In that paper, there's what you said is heaven world's writing. That content is something like a prediction thing.
KC: Inside there is...
Deok: It's contained in a barrel this big. The material of that little barrel, I have never seen before.
KC: Didn't you say that the so-called heaven world's things are all false?
Deok: I didn't know if that was heaven world, or some place on earth. If really have that sort of place, then it's no surprise that that evil-spirit girl who is born there, is able to predict. One among those 3 relics that was left for that woman, I have burnt it. The other items, have been put in the safest place.

(zine ed: KC's reaction upon hearing that one item was burnt, would be the same as ES's, although ES would be more intense.). 

ES: Use strength and pull a little. It's a sturdy hand. Strange. With equipment then can properly check it out. To determine whether it's just the nerves or psychological. Lie down.
Choi: Want me to lie down?
ES: To give you treatment. Be good.

(zine ed: At this point when he lies down, he really looks like Dao Ming Si, the F4 leader played by Taiwanese actor Jerry Yen in the Taiwanese version of the drama in 2001. I had noticed the similarity earlier on. Some time back, I read someone at a forum/website also commented that Min Ho looks like Jerry Yen. But I think, actually, only at certain angles. Min Ho has a softer look. 

Coincidentally, Min Ho also played the F4 leader in the Korean version of the drama that aired in 2009. I wonder if the Korean creators intentionally chose Min Ho to play the leader because he looks like Jerry Yen. But the Korean version is really bad to even watch, even with Min Ho as the lead.)

Also... what treatment is ES giving him? How come she left him to take his sword? O.o).

ES: You said this is your teacher's sword.
Choi: Yes. You sit down. This sword is called ghost sword. Even if use strength to chop, will also not have a mark. Moreover, usually will not be touched by blood. But yesterday, it actually had blood on it. When the sword is pulled, also not too noisy. When looking at it in a dark place, it will faintly glow. (whispers) Like moonlight.

[zine ed: From his description, a beautiful sword (even though in reality, it gets stuck and can't be pulled out). It's a nice touch from the creators. A swordsman who knows his sword so well and speaks of it with such love. As though it were a human.]

ES: I used it to stab you, right?
Choi: Was used to kill my teacher.
ES: You felt very sad, right? Your teacher passed away like that.
Choi: Yes.
ES: That's why you kept sleeping. Thinking of dreaming of him in the dreams.
Choi: The first time, still dreamt of him in the dreams. But later never appeared again, I still kept waiting.  (zine ed: I love his voice when he says "...yo..". Sounds so young.).

ES: If...
Choi: What?
ES: If you didn't meet me, will you still continue sleeping like that?

(zine ed: I've also thought of this earlier. I guess he would just waste away without her, and likely purposely get himself killed after leaving the palace.)
Choi: I also don't know. If didn't meet Lady, what will happen to me. Totally don't know. The person who poisoned Lady, I didn't catch. The person who threatened Lady, I have also let him go. This sword, is unable to stab the people who should be stabbed. Always stabbing those pitiful people.

King: Already decided. Taking the family members of Lord Government House as the leader, including the affiliated power of 6 families, all to be punished for the crime of high treason. Furthermore, the foreign officials in Yongbin embassy, without exception, search them thoroughly, find Lord Deok Kun. As above.
Guards: Yes, we obey!
King: Captain.
Choi: Yes, your Majesty.
King: The days till doc god goes back, still left how many?
Choi: Still have 14 days.
King: The matter of capturing Lord Deok Kun will be till today. Try your best to spend more time with doc god. I heard the manufacture of the antidote failed. Just do as I say, spend more time with her.

Dae Man: Kept not letting me say. Doc god also cried for a long time. Once she cried, I didn't know what to say.
Choi: Cried?
Dae: Cried very badly. The first time I see someone cry like this.
Lady Choi: Even if like this, also keep worrying. If leave, will you live well. If die in front of you, what will you do? Besides matters about you, everything else also don't matter. Only worried about you. So, I let her ask you directly. Has she asked?

Songyou: Hogun Choi Young.
Choi: I've something to ask you.
Songyou: Ok.
Choi: The night that Chongdoong administration office was taken over, someone said saw a black carriage. When pursuing Lord Deok Kun, this carriage fled from inside the city. Already verified it's the Tansaguan's carriage.
Songyou: Is that so?
Choi: Was it you who let Lord Deok Kun go?
Songyou: Already sent to Yuan.
Choi: Then I will verify.
Songyou: I heard Lord Deok Kun say, it's Pichun poison. Correct? I heard this poison has no antidote. I have met doc god. Also verified she is a person who has come from heaven world.
Choi: So?
Songyou: A person who is already going to die, I just let her go. As I know, because of her, hogun will also die. Better not to have her by your side.
Choi: What is the meaning of this?
Songyou: This is the last bit of loyalty towards Goryeo.
Choi: Because of doc god, I will die?
Songyou: I am saying there is this possibility. Moreover, need to be careful of Lord Deok Song Government House. This is, all that I can do.

ES: According to your pulse, the pulse flow is unimpeded, very strong. Ah, yes. This is soap and cosmetics for the princess and Court Lady Choi. I made them using highland spices that I have been saving. They are also very famous in heaven world. The complexion will become very good. Will be much liked by the king.
Princess: Already preparing? Preparing to leave? When do you intend to leave?
ES: That time, the matter that you were curious about, I will answer it for you. Didn't you say you want to know when your child will be born, what the future will be? What if I said, your child will be born 10 years later? What do you guys intend to do then? Then during this time, you guys won't be meeting each other?
Princess: I know what you mean already.
ES: You guys, won't spend such a long time together. Even if try hard, it's also only 100 years.
Princess: 100 years.
ES: So, every day must also love each other like today.
Princess: Love...?
ES: It cannot be described with words, it's just a good feeling.  Even if beside, will also miss (yearn for/long for), that sort of feeling. It's love.

(zine ed: Hmm... I think I can confirm that feeling. Even when beside, there is a missing/yearning feeling. When apart, of course, it's much worse. Unbearable yet having to bear it.)

ES: Captain.
Choi: I heard there was a surprise attack in my room. The matter of the antidote-making that failed, that till now haven't told me.
ES: That...
Choi: What exactly are you thinking?
ES: I was just thinking to take it as though nothing had happened.
Choi: What?
ES: Although was a surprise attack,  I had the royal guards, so was safe and sound. Although the antidote failed, I will make again.
Choi: Make again?
ES: Mm.
Choi: Can that be made before Lady dies?!
ES: For the sake of survival, that's why make it. Why speak of death first? Don't be like this. Let's go back.
Choi: This time. Just this one time. I want to take back my promise. The promise of sending Lady back. Taking back this promise at the same time, I decided there is no other way. Although cannot keep watch over you, and even forfeit Lady's life. What exactly am I doing? 
ES: Why do you make promises by yourself? I already said no need to. 
Choi: What I said previously, that I wanted Lady to stay. I now take it back. It was me who thought wrong, said wrong.
ES: Wait...
Choi: I'm leaving first.

Adviser: The liquid funds have already been sent to Yuan. Should be not too big loss. The house, land and slaves left behind here, tsk, these are more of a pity.
KC: Want to find back my things.
EJ: Hwa Ta's things. Although had it for ten over years, yet never knew what they were anyway. So what if they are found?
KC: Because they are my things.
SI: The things in the king's room, how to get? And who can he trust anyway?
KC: Truth or lies, need to try then will know. Heaven definitely knows, yes. Maybe it's a place hidden on this earth. How come I didn't think of it?
Adviser: That... How about we leave this place before the palace soldiers attack here?
SI: Why? Don't be in such a hurry. At least must return the debt of having a bucket of oil poured on me that time. Burning about 10 of them should be able to quench my anger.
KC: That woman... I still need to see her.
SI: Already said cannot find! Medical temple, Suribang, also don't see a shadow of her! Even if turn the palace upside down, also nobody knows. Once a day go and treat the princess, yet nobody has seen how she comes. Looks like she's disguised herself.
KC: If want that woman to appear, just have Choi Young, will do, right? 
EJ: If it's that fellow... I'm game anytime.
SI: That person, has some strangeness. Choi Young this person, I'll deal with him. I will solve it.
EJ: Disciple brother. Why so persistent over that woman? I feel that...you don't actually want to have her.
KC: Could it be because unable to have? That's why I am so anxious?

(zine ed: Actually, I've been thinking for some time now, if he is actually in love with her, but doesn't know it since he is unfamiliar with the feeling. So far, he has never once tried to harm her. He just wants to have her. His idea of "have" lies between having an object and ... perhaps love that he isn't aware of. Question should be: Is he in love with the idea of heaven world that she represents, or in love with her, or both? Very complex. He himself seems to be at a loss and even perhaps driven crazy with it.)

Vice-capt: What're you doing?

Choi: The promise to send you back. For me to honor that, you have to be alive. Until then, I will protect you. So...just be good and stay by my side.
Choi: I'll go first.
Choi: Here. By my side. If go too far, will be very difficult to protect you.

VC: It's late.
ES: Ah, yes.
VC: I will escort you to the side courtyard.
ES: I will go back myself later.
VC: The captain, he doesn't quite know how to express himself. Actually...his temper is not that bad.
ES: I guess.
VC: Perhaps... If it's inconvenient to stay in that room, I'll find another dormitory for you?
ES: Also Ok.
VC: Actually. Everyone is very worried. Considering the captain's personality, will definitely not let out his bed. The guys said every time enter the room will see two chairs put together, like you're sleeping there. So geared up their courage, thinking of  wanting to put a bed in there! Tsk. The guys were just saying it...
ES: Please escort me.
VC: If any difficulty, please say so anytime.

(zine ed: Aw... they are such nice guys. So cute. ^_^ Can imagine how appalled they look seeing the 2 chairs together and thinking the captain let her sleep like that. Hahaha...)

ES: I'm back.
Choi: Tomorrow. Set out.
ES: No.
Choi: Tomorrow early morning. Set out.
ES: Just now, you only cared about yourself when you spoke. Now should listen to what I've to say.
Choi: I'm listening.
ES: I, want to do my medicines. Remain here.
Choi: Cannot.
ES: I want to stay here, will stay by your side. To go or not to go, don't want to always consider such things. Waste away the time day by day.
Choi: Do you know, what you are saying?
ES: I know! If not successful, I may die. Right in front of you. If it becomes like that, please look at me. Keep hugging me till the end. Don't leave me all alone.

(zine ed: No wonder he got so mad, he walked out. Here he is, thinking of the solution, but she's thinking of the end.).

Choi: Pack your luggage, immediately. Now immediately go there, wait until heaven's door opens.
ES: I am not going anywhere, I want to stay here!
Choi: Am I supposed to go carrying you on my shoulder then?!
ES: After that? Send me away, after that? Have you thought what would happen to me? Have you ever, thought for me?
Choi: Over there, won't you be able to live?
ES: Yes! Can live on. In heaven world in my room, that's how I'll live on. Every day every day, face people who are strangers. Smiling frivolously, everyday entertain (socialize).  Wait till at night, will again return to an empty room. Every time when sleeping, will at least call out once, "Are you... there?". I know. Nobody will reply. And then, morning wake up, will once more repeat and get by the day. Like the walking dead. This type of living. Don't tell me you don't understand? You should understand. Because you will also be like that.

(zine ed: Actually, he already understands. When his beloved died, he was like the walking dead. That's why he is determined now, that it will not happen to her.)
Choi: These few days of Lady's gradual death, I failed to stay by your side. Not searching for the medicine to save my woman is bad enough, but I was killing people! This kind of me, how can I watch over you?! How can I stay by your side?!

(End of translation) 

Faith Ep 22 Raw/Eng Subs Min Ho Korean Drama SBS

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Every time he's wounded, he'll hide himself away inwardly, not want Eun Soo to touch or talk to him. Like a wounded lion.

I like the sunlight on his face and hair like this. The director has a sense of beauty, even though the director himself might not be good-looking. ^_^ A pity.  



In this episode,  Min Ho looks fairer/whiter than usual.

Faith Ep 21 Eng Subs/Translation Min Ho Korean Drama

Continuing from Ep 20... 

Can be more accurate and detailed than English subbing.

Once again, faster and more punctually out than English subs. The episodes are always out when I look on the next day of the airing of the show. 

How to read this as English subbing: 

1) Open your notepad. Copy and paste the English translation from here into it.
2)  Move notepad above the Mapleto.com playing screen like this.
3) Just scroll down the notepad words as you watch.  

TSKS team of translators for Korean Drama Society for Chinese broadcast:


"Tansawan/Tansaguan" is "Duan Shi Guan" in Chinese, which means a Yuan official's position. Has complete power of decision over areas under his authority.

The Korean pronunciation for "captain" is "Tei Jang" which everyone is still calling Choi Young. "Hogun" in Chinese is "护军" which means a senior military commander/officer, but not a general. 

ES: Loyalty!
Choi: What's going on?
ES: This is the safest place in all of Goryeo. Thinking of hiding here. Inseparable. Already got the king's permission. And, this. Even gifted a sword to me! Look. It's mine. Royal guards dormitory...seems don't have dormitory specially for women. So I intend to temporarily stay here. Just need to lay a simple bed over there... I am a person, who can sleep soundly even with 2 chairs put together.

Dol Bae: Hey Deok Man...How did you clean up...
Deok Man: Dae Man...

ES: I am worthy of the rice money. I  can check the team members' health, give free treatment...
Choi: So? Am I to stay here too?
ES: Here is after all the captain's room, and you are the captain.
Choi: Because I am the captain? (leans forward) Here?
ES: Here. Don't flee.

Deok Man: Captain is alone with doc god.
Dol Bae: You fellow!
Deok Man: Why did you hit me?!
Dol Bae: What are you looking at? Still not going?! Not going!? Told you to go.

Choi: Why?
ES: Why what?
Choi: A person who will be going back when it's full moon. Why would you come into my room and even say want to stay together? Why?
ES: That...The king said...the safest place is...here...
Choi: The king said?
ES: Well...I did beg him a little...
Choi: Really a puzzling person. From the start.
ES: You mean me?
Choi: Why do you smile so brilliantly? Why do you suddenly get angry? Subsequently, I finally understand. Because you, have been worrying about me. You cry because worried about me, laugh for me. Because worried for me, ran away from my side. This time come back, is also because of me, right? Worried for me who is always looking into the distance at the palace.

(zine ed: Yeah, but she was actually worried that he would regret it later if he didn't go back and something happened to the king and princess.)

Choi: This is concerning Lady's life.
ES: I didn't die.

(zine ed:  I love the way he holds her hands in his, so tenderly.)
Choi: Here's the procedure. First, I will obtain the antidote. If no need to return to heaven world can also detoxify the poison in you, I will ask you. Can you stay for me? I know there are also people in heaven world waiting for you to return. But, I will still ask you. I will protect you your whole life. Will you walk with me till the end of a lifetime?

(zine ed: My eyes are tearing up typing this above translation. T.T Difficult to translate with tears blurring up.)

ES: Protect me? But it won't be easy.
Choi: I know.
ES: A lifetime?
Choi: If I can grow old with Lady, that will be a whole lifetime. Not a few days for now, will be a whole lifetime. So. When I ask you at that time. Can you, give me the answer?

(zine ed: Awww... he's so nice. He doesn't require a promise now, knowing that later situation might be different. But he informs her first. Such a nice, intelligent man. This way, she wouldn't be shocked by the question later. Prepares her heart first.).

Choi: Your Majesty is looking for me?
King: Have a seat. When do you intend to come back? Yesterday, I originally wanted to give doc god the title of National Medical Master. Because the higher the position, the safer it will be. But she instead insisted want to be a royal guard.
Choi: Yes.
King: So, you will also temporarily stay in this place, right?
Choi: There is a matter, I wish to handle first.
King: You mean Lord Deok Kun.
Choi: He dared to put the princess under house arrest.
King: Also doc god's antidote.
Choi: Can surround and crush him?
King: The Tansaguan is sheltering him.  
Choi: Can't move it on top of the table, I will personally handle it?

(zine ed: Means to bring it out into the open where everyone can see)

King: Then we will move it on top of the table.

ES: Don't lose!
Deok Man:  Rest assured I won't! Captain!
Choi: Continue.
Deok Man: Yes.
ES: (sees Choi Young) What?

Choi: Aren't you supposed to be hiding here?
ES: I am hiding.
Choi: Hiding out in the open with the large crowd?
ES: I heard it's all royal guards, it's Ok.
Choi: Who said so?
ES: Today, I originally wanted to go to the medical hall. But they said need to obtain captain's permission. So waiting for you--I mean--captain. I need to to go and get some necessary medicinal herbs. Also those things I'm experimenting on. Can I go, captain?
Choi: Don't move alone. Need 4 persons in a group.
ES: 4 persons a group. Got it!
Choi: After bringing here, stay in the room properly. Do well those whatever experiments.
ES: Yes, captain. Why did you suddenly come back? Don't tell me, came back to see me?
Choi: Today, will be very late.
ES: Yes, captain.
Choi: Have things I need to handle.
ES: I will wait for you, captain.
Choi: Call me "captain" again, one more time.
ES: Cap...tain?
Vice-capt: Captain. Ah that. If prepared, can set off already.
Choi: Let's go.

KC: Your Majesty.
King: You've come.
KC: Still cannot?
King: I've said before I have sent doc god to some place.  No way to let you take away now.
KC: Looks like I need to think of a way to find her myself.

ES: So the county mayor captured Chunhyang. But what to do? Can only be captured by the county mayor who wants to capture. When reached the mayor's house, at the very high main hall, sat the mayor. In the courtyard below, he had the tied up Chunhyang kneel there. The mayor asked, "Is Chunhyang willing to serve me?".
Deok Man: Wahhh... That sort of fellow isn't limited to just our place here. (zine ed:  He means such fellows can also be found in the tale that ES is telling them).
ES: But you know how Chunhyang replied?

(zine ed: Chunhyang is "Chun (1) Xiang (1)" in Chinese,  the name of a woman who fell in love with a man of a different social status and they secretly got married.
From a Korean classic literature "Chun(1) Xiang(1) Zhuan(4) 春香传/Chunhyangdyun". It's equivalent to the Chinese classic literature "Dream of the Red Mansions". Chinese translation of "Chunhyang" is "Spring Fragrance". In English, "Chunhyangdyun" is called "The Story of Chunhyang".)

"Not willing!". Like this. (Toki comes) Why?

Dol Bae: Deok Man protect doc god. The rest follow me.
Deok Man: Doc god.

(zine ed: I have thinking that Toki that herb girl has very nice, healthy black hair).

Royal guard: Here.

Deok Man: Doc god.
Dol Bae: They have already left. And this. Imperial doctor Jang saved this.
ES: What do you mean? What happened to doc Jang?
Royal guard: Passed away.
Dol Bae: Immediately return to the barracks. Don't know when they will come again.
ES: Move aside. I want to have a look.
Dol Bae: Killed by inner skill experts.  If they come again, we won't be able to resist.
Doc Jang: Japan has a type of Pichun, guessing it's that type of poison. At first, it starts as a rash like this. There won't be other symptoms. But if fever starts, it would be at most 7 days till death.
ES: Then what to do?
Jang: Need to try making the antidote.
ES: Can it be made?
Jang: Try it. If don't try, won't know.

[zine ed: Actually... where did Philip Lee (Doc Jang) go? He just appeared on and off, then we saw less of him and then now suddenly died without even showing him.]

KC: You go and hide first in Chongdoong administrative office. Although the king will think of all ways to find you, still, he won't look there. Don't think of any tricks again. I will do the thinking.

(zine ed: "Hengsong" is "行省 Xing(2)Sheng(3)" in Chinese, which means "province". However, it is an abbreviated word that actually means "secretariat" which is an administrative office/division/department that's responsible for local government affairs.)

Deok: This is also what I wanted to ask of you.
Choi: Send people to guard all the main doors. Just now, it's very strange that that fellow delayed time.
Vice-capt: Yes.
Choi: Don't let anyone escape.
VC: Understood.
Choi: I am here to see Lord Deok Kun. I heard he's in this room.
KC: You're one of them, right?
Choi: Where is he? Lord Deok Kun.
KC: I've also thoroughly investigated. Taking Jo Il Shin as the first, the royal guards who were in front of heaven's hole that day. All said the exact same words. Heaven's door opened, you went through it and brought back heaven's doctor. The king, was also present, and also witnessed it.
Choi: Have the royal guards who have remained outside, to carefully search every part of this place. The king has already given permission.
Dae Man: Yes.
KC: When, speak as one voice? Was it you who fabricated the content? No. Or was it the fiddling of the eloquent tongue of that evil-doer?

(zine ed: "speak as one voice" meaning when did they start saying the same thing.)

Choi: Please watch your words. For the crime of kidnapping the princess, Lord Deok Kun needs to be investigated. 
VC: Not long ago, a carrirage sneaked out the back door. Our men are chasing after it.
Choi: Absolutely, don't let him escape. Should be heading towards the administrative office.
VC: Yes.
Choi: Being his accomplice, even if it's Lord government house, will also not be safe and sound. Please be careful then.
KC: Let me see her. As long as tell me where she is, I will not kill her. I just have something to ask!
Choi: Besides not killing, what is it you want to do? Already heard of all your deeds during this time. Of course won't let you see her.

[zine ed: ^_^ I like the way he releases his hand from KC. Slides away almost lingeringly (more so if it were done slowly)]


Cheheon: It's not without requirements that war is initiated. But that taking defence as the goal, allocate the army food.
Official: Honestly speaking, our king from the start was already very difficult to understand. Totally don't have any regard for the people. Only has his pride high in the clouds. This is really. Day by day really makes the heart uneasy!
Yik Che: Since the Yuan envoy has already come, then talk with him first.

Choi: Your Majesty. The meeting, you're not going in? 
King: Because too noisy, so first hide a little.
Choi: Lord Deok Kun has already been captured. When interrogate?
King: Today... Today, need to deal with those people inside. Tomorrow, early morning then.
Choi: I'll make preparations.
King: Imperial doctor Jang met with surprise attack. Perhaps, the surprise attack of people who came looking for doc god.
Choi: Was he injured?
King: We lost him. Doc god should have suffered a very big shock. I heard he was her only friend on this earth world.

Dol Bae: Captain! Imperial doctor Jang.
Choi: I heard.
DB: Suribang also met with surprise attack. I heard a few people were injured.
Choi: Was this also done by Lord Government House?
DB: Seems like it was his disciple brother and disciple sister who personally did it. They were looking for doc god. Suribang's people after being captured, seemed to have been interrogated with torture.

ES: Just back? The medicine smell in the room is very strong, right? They said cannot go to the medical temple. So I made a little medicine here. Sorry. That... Imperial doctor Jang.
Choi: I heard.
ES: He was my teacher. A friend who listened to my complaints. But. I keep feeling that it was all because of me that he met with such a thing. (goes to the urn)  Look. This is my antidote. Even going to die, Doctor Jang saved it. This one from the start had a reaction. And need observation. Don't know whether it will succeed. But still, there was a reaction from it. (Choi Young turns her around) Perhaps he died in order to save it. I heard when he died, his hands were tightly holding this. So, Mister Jang, in order to deal with those people who came after me... because of me... if it wasn't for me. In other words, I killed him. It was me who killed him. (tries getting up from bed)
Choi: Sleep a while. (sits) When 16 years old, first time killed someone, was a pirate. People beside me praised me, said I was brave, with good technique. Killed him with one stroke. So, at first was very excited, felt very proud of myself. But, that night didn't sleep a wink. Because too cold, kept shivering. Was absolutely too cold. But actually that time wasn't the cold weather season. Because that time was the 21st of June. That day.
ES: You still remember that day's date?
Choi: Date also remember. The face of the person I killed also remember.
ES: The 2nd one, also remember?
Choi: No. Starting from the 2nd one, I only remember it this way. Kill one, then another, and another. So I know. "It was me who killed", such words cannot easily be said. Do you hear? 
ES: I heard.   
Choi: Then, sleep now.

(zine ed: I love the sound of the horn merging with the music on this cold misty morning. Can almost feel and breathe the cold morning air of that world. The color is also very beautiful. At first light.)

ES: I, here, from now start counting to three. He will turn round to look at me. One, two, three.

(zine ed: Listen carefully with earphones, you will hear a background man's voice saying "two". I think that's a cue from the director or someone in the crew so that Min Ho knows when to turn. But they missed out removing the voice in the edit/cut.)

Choi: If wake up late here, will be unable to eat breakfast. I'll be right back.
ES: One, two, three.

(zine ed: ES is so cute. Smiling like that, like schoolgirl. Hehehe... ^_^)

Choi: Lord Deok Kun. Chinggu is about to begin. Please rise and come forth. Ask you one last time. The antidote, do you have it? 

(zine ed: Heyy... Deok kun is taller than Min Ho)

Deok: What antidote? Ah, her? If I give you, will you return the person engaged to me? (zine ed: He means doc god.)
Choi: Come in. Search him thoroughly, don't let off even one strand of hair. (waits outside) Don't have?
Dol Bae: Don't have.
Choi: Nothing at all?
Songyou: You are, Hogun Choi Young?
Choi: Here that is Goryeo, what are Yuan's soldiers doing here?
Songyou: Lord Deok Kun's current status is the Chongdoong administrative office's Pyongjang conductor of public affairs. Even if committed a crime, arrest or questioning the matter of it, is not under the control of Goryeo, but is under the jurisdiction of the Chongdoong interrogation administrative office that belongs to Yuan country. This, is the law.
Choi: Doc god. Why want to kill? If at Yuan country, she is already famous earlier on, then shouldn't she be invited and shown off? Why must kill off?
Songyou: Wait till I meet doc god this woman, I want to personally tell her.
Choi: One more thing. How did you know my name? I am only a hogun. Recently also didn't guard by his Majesty's side.
Songyou: After all, this is the intelligence I got from Goryeo. The king now, it's possible he'll become a tiger. But, this tiger's sharp claws is Choi Young. As long as eliminate Choi Young, will then be able to rear him to become an obedient cat. So I remember this name.
Choi: The king's seat, you came to scrap it? (dethrone/depose the king)
Songyou: Now not yet decided. Don't know should scrap which one.

Choi: As per your order, handed Lord Deok Kun over to Yuan country.
King: I know this isn't easy.
Choi: Are you sure that if Lord Deok Kun is taken away by them, the officials will work together as one?
King: Need to give it a try.
Choi: Your Majesty. Chongdoong administrative office is Lord Deok Song Government House. It's the stronghold of Yuan's power that Lord Deok Kun was taken away to. This means, will be immediately attacking your Majesty.
King: I know.
Choi: Before then, give me soldiers. I will attack Chongdoong administrative office first.
King: I will ask for the opinions of the ministers.
Choi: No need for their opinions!
King: I need.
Choi: For their own gain, they will do anything.
King: They are using soldiers, while I am using the people. That's why say, need time.

(Chongdoong administration executive office)

KC: The imperial soldiers that the king has is 2000. Moreover, add fragments of bodyguard troops, is also only so-so.

Yik Che: If add up the private soldies of all those clans, their numbers are more than ours by a few times. If they join up, it will be difficult for us to resist.
King: If they are around, we'll be unable to carry out our reform.

KC: Know what this is? This is the king's confiscation of all the slaves that we have. On this account, prepare for war.

King: If Yuan country is going to attack us, we have to deal with Yuan country at our border districts, and inside need to fight with them. Before then, do we sit and wait? They are sheltering the person who once abducted the princess. We have the excuse, cannot let this chance go.

KC: So. (goes to Deok Kun) I want to change. Please put forth our new king. For the sake of this country's peace, children and grandchildren who will succeed us.

AnJae: The Yuan soldiers inside the administration office are not many, about a hundred or so.
Choi: Problem is, if I attack here, don't know what Sangsseong's reaction will be. Who is most familiar with the situation there? (rises) How is it?
King: Still not ready. (sits) The ministers still cannot decide. I will go and see each one of them and persuade them. So hope the army officers (you guys) will wait a little more.
AnJae: Your Majesty,  this type of battle, need to have a sudden raid. If the hour is delayed, the country's borders will be in danger.
King: I know. But, without the consent of the ministers, I cannot decide.

(zine ed: Why is he making things difficult for himself and for his loyal army officers? Choi Young can barely hold his sigh.)

Choi: Wanted to use Lord Deok Kun as the bait to attack Chongdoong administration office. That's why you said not to touch a hair on him.
King: Yes. You think I feel fine about that?
Choi: Also don't have fish pole yet you threw the bait? Do you know what is fishing?
King: I am the king. So need birthright.
Choi: Beseech you to get it done quickly, that birthright.

(zine ed: Wahh... Choi Young is so bold to speak to his king so rudely, stepping forward and demanding the king fix things.)

King: Then do I still need to give you an order? "What birthright, whatever also don't need, just capture. My temper hasn't yet been satisfied.". Then you'll go and do it, right? No matter what. Still remember the scene the first time of our return? The night the assassin attacked by surprise. You said to me, "Even if scared also don't flee, stand behind me. Then I can protect you.". So I hid behind. It's you who fight for me, protecting me.
Choi: Your Majesty.
King: Until when, am I going to hide behind you?
Choi: So? Don't I go, because you need the birthright?
King: I just don't want to sacrifice anyone, to settle with Lord Government House. This way then can look back afresh upon our northern soil. Can't you help me by watching?
Choi: Understood.
King: I heard it was Lord Government House's people who killed the imperial doctor.
Choi: Yes.
King:  Catch them. Don't kill them. Capture alive.
Choi: I obey.

(zine ed: His left hand drops the sword. However, it was his right hand that was frozen by KC's power and shivered with the sword in the next episode. Does it affect both hands? Or... did they make a mistake with which hand it was?)

ES: Within the limits that I can examine, still considered healthy. Pulse can be considered steady, no other symptoms. Toki will go get herbs, remember to take them on time.
Princess: Yes. Doc god. I have something to ask you.
ES: Yes, please ask.
Princess: You said this before. It's heaven's instruction. How much the king loves me exactly. If I go first, what will his Majesty become. You know it all, right? Know that my uterus by nature is very weak. 

(zine ed: "go/leave" meaning if she dies first. In Asian culture, the word "die" is not said because it is inauspicious.)

ES: Ah, this...
Princess: Then tell me another heaven's instruction. We, his Majesty and I, when will there be a next child? There will be another one, right? Our child.
ES: Your Highness.
Princess: Could it be... I am the one who leaves first? Leave our Majesty? That's why, that time you said such things?

Lady Choi: Doc god, sorry to interrupt. Letter sent from Yuan's Tansaguan.
ES: For me? I'm rather bad at Chinese writing.
LC: But must let you personally open it. Said will wait for you now.
ES: Ok.
LC: Doc god, are you Ok?
ES: Where is this person now?

ES: This. The letter written to me. Did you personally write it?
Songyou: I wrote it.
ES: Do you know what these words are?
SY: I know what these words are.

Soo Inn: You are also Suribang, right? I seem to have met you before.
Girly man: Met before? The place where doc god stayed before. Met before?

(zine ed: I can't recall where he met her before. Eng subs translate as "100 nyangs", meaning he's asking them for 100 taels to know where doc god is. Very strange that the English and Chinese subbing versions can be so different in meaning. I am inclined to think that the English subs is correct this time.)

Soo In: What? Play with me? Move aside. I want to burn this house.
EJ: Wait a moment. It's oil. Perhaps will burn the entire house. Looks like someone put in a lot of effort.
Choi: Said before don't fight with them.
Dae Man: Didn't fight. Only locked them up.
Choi: What about the preparations?
DM: Following instructions, already prepared.
Choi: You guys attacked the previous bodyguard team by surprise. Killed the imperial doctor and officials in the palace.
SI: Even so, what do you intend to do?
Choi: Throw away your weapons without a fight, will do. If use fire, you'll first become a fireball. So, better not play with fire.
SI: You're being too mean. And don't seem like it's something you would do. Got the ability, one-to-one.
Choi: Why should I listen to you?

(zine ed: Look at her cute pout ^_^ She becomes just an ordinary woman whenever he shows up and she hates that she's never his match. But.. still she can't help liking him.)

Choi: Drop your weapons, without a fight. Dae Man. Is the oil very strong? I don't really like playing with fire.
SI: Wait a moment.
Choi: Pardon me. Take away.

Songyou: So you know how to read these words.
ES: You know these words?
Songyou: If you didn't know these words, you would not have rushed over here. What's more, I am the person who is hoping to execute doc god.
ES: If I recognise these words, again want to say I'm a demon, want to publicly execute, right?
Songyou: If I do that, you will definitely not tell the truth.
ES: Of course not.
Songyou: Then this way. The topic that is discussed on this spot, when get up, pretend nothing happened.
ES: Ok.
Songyou: What do these words say?
ES: Don't know how to read it?
Songyou: I only wrote it down based on memory.
ES: Where did you see these words?
Songyou:  It was at some place in my paternal great-great-grandfather's diary, that these words were recorded. Seems to be words that great-great-grandfather had seen before somewhere. In this diary is recorded, the story of a woman who saves people using heaven's tools and earth's herbs. Thanks to this woman who saved a child who was going to die...
ES: Is there anything wrong with that?
Songyou: Here, among the people who lived, is one who actually became the leader of a robbers gang. In the end, returned and slaughtered the people of the entire village. This is wrong then. Great-great grandfather left last words. If in future, my grandchildren meet a woman who claims to have come from heaven, execute on the spot. Let the world have peace. What do you think? Have you saved people you shouldn't have?
ES: I am a doctor. To a doctor, there does not exist people who shouldn't be saved.
Songyou: I ask again. You came from heaven world?
ES: No.
Songyou: Here... (Eun Soo) What does it say?
ES:  "What are you doing here?".  That's what's written.

Woman: Searched through all the antidotes. But seems the antidote for Pichun does not exist.
Choi: Is there anything else, that can delay the time, or ease pain?

(zine ed: When I saw the raw version, I thought he was asking for antidote for himself. Turns out it's for her.)

Woman: Although this thing is to ease pain...
Choi: Anything else?
Woman: Don't know if it's effective against that poison.
Choi: There isn't time. Today, let that person remain alone for a whole day, I need to go take a look. What about this?

(zine ed: The way Choi Young snatches. ^_^)

ES: Everyone, queue up well. This... is called Raisin Tree tea. There are many Raisin trees around the barracks. In heaven world, it's often drunk as recovery potion from fatigue. So, I also tried making it. After boiling it like I said, let the members who are changing shift drink will do. I prepared plenty of the materials.
Deok Man: Understood. Don't worry. Oh, captain.
ES: Welcome! You've worked hard, captain. Want a bowl of Raisin Tree tea? This is fatigue-recovery potion.

(zine ed: The Chinese subbed as Camphor tea, which is incorrect since Camphor is toxic. Raisin Tree tea is correct. Oriental Raisin Tree (Huk-Gae/Heotgae tree) is used in Korea to treat hangovers. Said to be effective. Googling the tea will show many results on it being tested as an anti-alcoholism cure.)

I suspect the tea contains caffeine, but no information on this so far.

Dae Man is actually giving his own bowl to the captain. ^__^ )

Songyou: Don't save anyone, don't kill anyone. Stand aside and do nothing towards this world. Can you live like this?
ES: Do you know how much effort I put in, in order to live like this?
Songyou: Whether it's true you came from heaven world or not, this does not concern me.
ES: Only treat small wounds that are not life-threatening, make soap, living so carefully like this.
Songyou: If there are dangerous elements in this world, as the caretaker, eradicating these is what needs to be done.
ES: Although I am not worldly-wise, I know a little about the human body. The human body, only when some dangerous things enter, then can become stronger.  Will develop immunity and resistance. So I want to ask you. Afraid this world become dangerous, so don't work hard to live on. What kind of bullshit logic is that?
Songyou: I think I know what you're thinking already.
ES: Because of me, history will change? So what? Did I come from another world? Where I live, is my world! All along living on, enduring hardship and suffering, really makes me angry. Why? Even so, still want to kill me? Try it. I will fight to live on.

ES: Today, straighten your back on the bed and sleep. This is your attending physician saying so. Be good, Ok?
Choi: Just a newbie, dare to tell the captain...
ES: Please.
Choi: That research regarding the antidote, any progress?
ES: Don't have the sterilization equipment is really a pity. Or extraction equipment. If can have a microscope, I would be so grateful. The biggest problem is time. Suitable temperature, suitable environment are the most important. But don't have these conditions, so can only keep waiting and waiting. (sees him picking the comb) What's with this expression (on your face)? This isn't the first time, right? Pull and see. Use more strength! Nothing out of the ordinary. Did this happen before? When did this start?
Choi: Recently, not enough sleep. So, let me sleep.

Tochi: Chongdoong administration office sent an official document. Lord Deok Kun's interrogation, will be carried out by the questioning officer at the Chongdoong administration office. There,  in the position as the prime minister, invites your Majesty to attend.
Vice-Captain: This is fishy, your Majesty. At this time go to Chongdoong adminstrative office, is very fishy. 

(zine ed: meaning something is not right, something is up, suspicious)

KC: He'll come. Based on my understanding of his Majesty, he'll come.
Deok: If it were me, will definitely not go.
KC: Your highness is putting yourself as the priority. His Majesty, is more concerned about how others see him. So, he will come.
Deok: I don't quite care about politics and such, so don't really know.
KC: Not care about politics?
Deok: Yes. What I care about is only the position.
KC: We are really a perfect match. Because I don't care about that position.
Deok: Why care so much about how others see? I really don't understand this.
KC: Until you sit on that position, also hope you can think more of how others see. Today's interrogation venue, Yuan's Tansaguan will also be there. Please be a little well-behaved.
Deok: Naturally.
KC: If the king comes, then we'll capture him, take him as hostage and take over the army. Replace the throne without bloodshed, this point do first for you. After that, the matter of bloodshed, I will handle it.

Choi: This implies you are going to use yourself as bait?
King: I don't quite know fishing.
Choi: Must it be so?
King: If my action can cause the ministers to take action, isn't this worth a try?
AnJae: We don't know what sort of methods the enemy will be using, your Majesty.
King: Roughly what kind of methods will the enemy use?
Choi: The most important point of the battle: let his Majesty safely complete handling this matter. The place where the interrogation will be carried out, is this Goongmunshi (national door chamber). (To his men) It's better not to tell them that our army is on standby. Leading his Majesty into the administration office, is the responsibility of our royal guards. If let the other party know that our army are all on standby, the other party will call the private soldiers over to nearby Goongmunshi. Then it will definitely be disadvantageous to us. Moreover... (looks at ES) his Majesty's bodyguards are only us royal guards. 12 personal guards. The rest only follow until inside the city.

Choi: The majority of the royal guard troops will be leaving here. Too many newbies, can't be helped. Cannot divide our forces, so it will be rather empty here.
ES: I'll go visit the princess later, then will be good and stay here. Don't worry. How's the hand? Try moving it a little. Any feeling of being unwell, must tell the attending physician. Not answering?
Choi: Just a newbie, really presumptuous to the limit...
ES: All done, captain.

(End of translation)