Thursday, 22 March 2012

City Hunter...

I love him. 


Finished the last episode... now sunk in deep City Hunter mood. As with any good anime/drama that ends... I am lost, left at its end. Want. Desire. City Hunter to be mine. *smiles* 

Where did they find this guy? Amazing. Lee Min Ho. But City Hunter is the man I want, not Lee Min Ho. Thus, it pains me. To think he does not exist. Therefore, I sigh.

To desire a person who does not exist... *tears up* It is a difficult thing. *reminds me of the castle commander in my mind*

City Hunter... I Love Youuu... My love for you has nowhere to go. And therefore, I am lost with no one to tell it to, no way to make you real. *tear falls down the left of my nose* 

All I have are DVDs, if I buy them to watch you again. All I have of you. All other merchandise... cards, calendars... are not you. Yet they are all there is.  

Do you know how hard that is? 

To think people laugh at reading this... Yet my tears are real. 

I desire you. 

Lee Min Ho... what sort of man are you... to make City Hunter so real?

(1.09 a.m.)

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Watching: City Hunter Korean 2011 on dramaload


Ahh.. nothing like using dirty to deal with the dirty :) *sideways smile* Seeing Ahjussi handle that apartment owner, reminds me of Agent Pendergast's style (from the novels of Lincoln Child & Douglas Preston). WHoo Hoo! Way to go. If the clean don't work (the nice Prosecutor), use threat/blackmail. Always works like a charm.

*smiling and smiling watching Yoon sung following her in his car* He really loves her very much. He's just very bad at expressing it because of his ego. Something like F4 Jerry Yan/Dao Ming Si. And he's the one actually doing something practical helping her, unlike the romantic, too good Prosecutor who only sends cards anonymously. Cards can't save her from eviction, even though it can make her feel better/stronger.

I guess.. one guy saves her spirit. The other saves her in a practical way that matters monetarily, physically, saving her body. :)

Both men are wonderful. And she is lucky to have both loving her at the same time.

^____^ I love to see Yoon Sung's jealousy as he follows Kim Na Na and the prosecutor. I love that he follows his heart so naturally, just does what his feels, his initiative, his exercise of his will, his boyish exasperation. I love him.

Without knowing, he has actually fallen in love with her. And I think loves her even more than the Prosecutor, even though Yoon Sung can't express his feelings well with her.

It is not possible to protect his ego, and reveal vulnerability in expressing his heart at the same time. Yoon Sung.. you will have to choose..

When she leaves him at the judo class, saying she wants the Prosecutor to look upon her as a woman... Yoon Sung's face.. really looked hurt. Wow... he really looks hurt.

*smiling watching Yoon Sung nottily leaning his head against Na Na's shoulder*

When words fail, speak the heart with action. :)

*seeing Yoon Sung asking for more kimchi* ^__^ The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

My goodness... is he going to stand there the whole night, guarding her downstairs?? I thought he would park in his car nearby...

Wahhh.. he don't need to sleep... till morning. Pei fu pei fu... (chinese for "admire him, admire him" a.k.a. 'take my hat off to him').

OHhh... I love him, I love this show... *hugs* I want to marry Yoon Sung!!!!!!!! T.T *Hugs Yoon Sung tight tight.... don't let go*

Ep 6...

Ahh.. he plays it wrong again. Doesn't understand her strong will.

HAHAHAHA!! Love it when he says "Oh my god" when Na na suddenly appears by his car while he's rehearsing his lines to her.

*sees Yoon Sung letting her misunderstand and leave* ARGHHHHH!!!! Why can't he just tell her to... to.. ARHGHHH... >.< He's so fast at his moves, but so slow at this!!!! Come on Yoon Sung!! Christ, get her back!!!

Just tell her... "I love you!".

Hahahaa!! Him waving his hands in such an auntie way in his car, trying to get her to listen to him while she sits in the bus, is amusing.

*Silently laughing watching him flush Na Na's toilet the manual way and calling her name in a thin whine* He'll do anything for love. Hahaha...

When Yoon Sung smiles and giggles... it's very scary.... ^_^;

*seeing him convince Na Na to stay with him in her broken house*... now, he's smart already... ^___ ^ Sotong Na Na...can't see he loves her so much... to even downgrade his living conditions to be with her...

*seeing him towering over her* Ehhh... since when he's so much taller and bigger...? (must be because she's been wearing heels...)

^___^ He's very smart. To think of prolonging a kiss, to make the million dollar won price more worthwhile... mercenary. Getting the most of a situation. His forte.

*sees Yoon sung in the bathroom* Ahhh... no 6-pack, but still very super cute.

^____^ Awwwww.... he's so cute eating crackers by himself...and using it to shield his ...lust for Na Na... She's really pretty...

Mm.. thinking... how can a man and woman live together like this in the same room...

Ahh.. I've to go to sleep (2a.m.). Hard to leave part 4 to tomorrow... *still smiling* Stop at Yoon Sung trying to intercept US representative of Maris...

For 3 nights... I've been watching 2 episodes at a time... till 2a.m... sighing and smiling while watching. Such wonderfulness on screen... *sighs again* ... yet none for real life.

Dramaload plays very smoothly, loads very fast, and in HD.  Fabulous it's on Jwplayer, reliable. Thank goodness not  (no longer) on Megaupload or some other video host.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Bad Rude Service @ Taste Original Organic Mart HarbourFront Centre

This morning, I was very happy when a parcel arrived with my DVDs:  Star Trek The Next Generation and MacGyver, complete series boxed sets that I've been waiting for.

A very coincidental circumstance and lucky break had enabled me to buy them from a guy online in Taiwan.

I was going to talk about it, if I hadn't been so upset with the rude staff at Taste Original Organic Mart @ Harbourfront.

The shop has now earned the honor of being posted here.  Free publicity for them.

Previously, when I walked into the shop once, I was never impressed because the staff and items look "China". The items are cheap compared to other organic shops selling US/UK organic products, but that's because their stock is from Taiwan/China and nearby Asian countries.

They do have US items, but just some. Whereas other organic shops sell US/UK items, but few Asian.

In a way, selling Chinese/Asian merchandise is better, because they are familiar to use for our usual Chinese cooking.

To be honest, after buying from them a few times, I was intending to go there everyday for fresh organic vegetables and other items.

Today would have been my 6th purchase (I didn't even realize it's been so many times until posting here), if the woman staff hadn't been so rude.

I was so upset, I put everything back and walked out.

The first time I bought something from the shop, was some days ago--Dr Bronner's Magic Liquid Rose Soap that I reviewed here. (I found out just tonight that the pharmacy at Liang Court basement also sells it at the same price).

While browsing the shelf, I accidentally dropped the plastic cap of a small facial cream jar onto the wooden flooring, and a Taiwanese/China woman quickly came over from the front, asking in Chinese with a smile, "可以嗎?", meaning 'Are you Ok (with handling the items)?'.

I was thinking it didn't bode well, when a staff rushes like that to see if anything has been broken. However, since she was polite about it, I wasn't bothered.

Second time at the shop, I bought a Badger Foot Balm for $11.90 after seeing it online. Was going to post about it here, but didn't/haven't (photos already taken). A poor foot balm that doesn't work even though it's expensive. (Yesterday, I saw it also selling at Unity @ ARC and wished I had bought from there instead of crappy Taste Original).

It was also the first time I met the white-powdered-faced woman whom I assumed is the lady boss. Didn't like the look of her face, and turned out I was right. However, she seemed nice at that time.

So far, the feeling of being in the shop, hadn't been good. Their welcome was cold. There's no feeling of being welcomed, even though they greet entering customers. But since it seemed Ok, I continued dropping by.

They have 3 staff there--the white-powdered-faced woman, a younger Taiwanese/China woman with black-framed spectacles, and a man.

Third time, I bought a packet of fresh Golden Cap mushrooms. The freshest I've ever seen. It's very difficult to get fresh mushrooms these days from the supermarkets. I was also going to post about them here, but haven't/didn't (though photos already taken).

Fourth time, 2 days ago, bought fresh spinach, a packet of sweet radish from Thailand (usually it's from China) and Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Fifth time, yesterday, bought a packet of chocolate butter biscuits and Hibiscus Flowers (for tea). The Taiwanese/China woman said since I liked fruity teas, she was giving me 2 fruit tea sachets to try from a box they had already opened for their own use.

I asked whether there was organic bread, and she considered what day it was. Then she said to drop by the next day (Sat). They would have bread made in Singapore, in different flavors (Blueberry etc...) and US chilled/frozen organic bread.

It sounded to me, the organic bread came only on Sat, which could mean they didn't have enough customers (to purchase on weekdays). 

Since I was surprised there was such a thing as organic bread, let alone made in Singapore and what's more in different flavors, I had to see it. So, I told her I'll drop by again the next day.

Today, Sat, I wanted to buy fresh vegetables (Kailan) for dinner tonight, organic bread and see what else they got.

I guessed the organic bread might not have arrived yet (it was already past 12pm, but small shops are usually slow).

From their fridge, I chose a packet of organic Kailan (from local organic farm Quan Fa), then saw they had fresh Driscoll's strawberries from USA for $12.90. I thought it was cheap considering Cold Storage always charges more. (I found out tonight, it costs $9.90 at Meidi-ya supermarket at Liang Court, and bought it after choosing).).

I took the first box in my hand and noticed a few looked overripe. So I looked in the fridge for a better one. There were only 6 boxes in there and I looked at 5 of them, one at time, putting them back as they were.

There was a last box at the end, stacked below the one on top. As it seemed inconvenient to take out, I almost left it alone. But not fully satisfied with the rest, I reached in and carefully took it out. It was the best one.

That's when the Taiwanese/China woman came and asked in Chinese if it was Ok, then added, "These just came in last night.". 

Not knowing what she was getting at, I replied in Chinese, "Yes, they are very fresh.".

But she continued as if I hadn't spoken, raising her voice in Chinese as she spoke, "They are all the same. You don't need to 挖 (dig) inside.". 

She emphasized the word "dig". This was not right and offensive. 

1) I was choosing and looking, not digging.
2)  As a customer, I have a right to choose what I buy. 
3) I did not damage anything and even took care to handle gently.
4) She as a service staff, should not be speaking in that tone of voice and with those words to a customer.

I explained in Chinese that some of the strawberries were overripe and that's why I was choosing. I said the word "overripe" in English. 

She wasn't listening but instead continued in Chinese, "It's all weighed according to what's stated there. The number of strawberries are based on weight. Some contain fewer and some more, but they are based on weight.".

I repeated that some of the strawberries look too ripe, that's why... 

Yet she continued on about the weight.  I told my bro who was standing beside me, that she didn't get what I mean. She didn't even understand the word "overripe".

In hindsight, I think she wasn't listening because she was venting her temper. Blinded by her anger. Angry at a customer and showing it with tone and words that should not have been used.  

This is not just a misunderstanding. 

How could she use the insulting word "dig"? How could she even have been hired? Or is she the owner of the shop? 

If she is hired help, then it is the employer's fault for hiring someone who cannot understand simple English and thereby offending the customer. 

Is this the way Taste Original Pte Ltd treats its customers? The staff saying whatever they like and venting their temper on customers? 

Thanks to Taste Original for showing me this early, so I can stop spending money at your shop early. Congrats to turning a regular customer into a 'no customer' who don't want to enter your shop ever again. 

After the Taiwanese/China woman finished, I walked towards another aisle, still holding the box of strawberries, and saw the white-faced woman standing behind a tall metal shelf just opposite the fridge. 

She must have seen and heard everything. Since Bro thought I was still interested in the organic bread that he observed wasn't in the shop, he asked me to enquire. I wasn't interested anymore, but when I asked the woman, she slid such an unhappy and unsmiling face in my direction without looking at me, and said it hadn't arrived.

Assuming she is the lady boss, shouldn't she have reprimanded the staff for being so rude to a customer? Instead she just stood there? 

So, she allows her staff to do that? Or perhaps, even asked the staff to do it?

As I stood in the other aisle, considering the lovely strawberries in my hand, I didn't see how lovely they were anymore. Instead, I could only see what the woman said. 

Bro said, "If you're Ok with it, then buy. If not happy, don't buy. No obligation.". (Later back home, he said at first I was still smiling, but my face became more and more unhappy as I considered the strawberries). 

I was smiling or seemed to, because I wasn't angry at the time. I find it difficult to be angry with imbeciles and tend to be slow to anger. 

I said loud enough, pointing my finger to the left, "It's her I'm not happy...".

He said, "Then don't buy.".

With that, I walked back to the fridge, put back the strawberries. Then opened the other fridge door, put back the Kailan nicely, aware that the moment I turned away, the Taiwanese/China woman quickly re-opened the fridge door to fuss over it.

As I walked out, I said loudly to bro, "Ok, come, let's go!", feeling quite happy that thank goodness, I didn't spend any money there.

I think another person would have shouted back at the Taiwanese/China woman for her insult. How could she talk like that to a customer? How dare she.

And I was even nice enough to put everything back. I could have just left them on a shelf and walked out.

Bro told me if it were him, he would have put back the strawberries and walked out. He said he should have scolded that woman for me, but at that time I didn't seem angry. (Actually, I'd have preferred if he shouted at her for me, since it takes me a while to explode. If it had been my Taiwanese guy friend with me, he might have told her off on the spot.). 

Bro said it's not surprising for such small shops to be picky, stingy and calculative about their products, when they have no customers and no money. Their stock becomes more precious than the customers.

I said in that case, they should just hug their stock and don't let customers touch or choose. That way, they can have their stock all to themselves.

With lack of money, all the more they should treat customers well. How can they still chase away the money they need?

Bro said he has also experienced such rude and even ruder staff at small electrical and printing shops. The electrical shops have no customers, and a few of the printing shops have either closed down or down-sized.

As of now, I've found the companies supplying the shop.

Since bro and I enjoy the sweet minced radish from Thailand, we'll try ordering direct from    (I saw their company sticker on the packaging).

This radish goes well with eggs. In Hokkien, it's called "Cai Por". 

As for the fresh organic vegetables and fruits, we can also order online, direct from the Quan Fa farm (I saw their company name and address printed on the vegetables' packaging).  They have a convenient ordering form at their website and even have goat's milk. (Zenxin's organic vegetables sold at Giant supermarket, are strangely bitter).

Thanks to the Internet, companies are now reaching out directly to consumers. 

While Taste Original recognizes the power of the Internet to have put up their website, they fail to see that bad service and bad attitude can affect business also through the Internet. 

If I wanted, I could even pay to put up Google ads to "help publicize" their shop.

It is doubtful a business can continue built on such bad service and attitude. I'm sure I'm not the only customer they have offended.

While some of their stock are fresh or new, they have 2 year-old organic toothpastes, old-looking and expensive cans of drinking powders sitting on the shelves, and unsold "fresh" vegetables and fruits.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Review: Dr Bronner's Magic Soap 18-in-1 Pure Castile Liquid Soap Rose Body Wash/Shower Gel

Update 5 Feb 2013: There is 1 more place that sells Dr Bronner's. I'll tell you for $1. Leave message here.

Update 1 Feb 2013:  If anyone needs Dr Bronner's new flavors and other products, leave a message here.  I can purchase them into SG for you.  Some flavors only for the Asian market, example Cherry Blossom & Green Tea Liquid Soap.  Dr Bronner's has lip balms, soap, gels, lotions etc..


Update 7 Oct Sun 2012Do Not purchase from Taste Original. See review here:
Dr Bronner's can be purchased from the Nishino Pharmacy at basement of Liang Court (near the Supermarket main entrance)

Also, Vitacost does not ship out Bronner's. Bronner's has restricted sales to within the US only.

After ordering the 3 body washes (reviewed below) from a local US spree and while waiting for their arrival, I bought a few more from our local stores.

This purchase of Dr Bronner's was only a few days ago, after the 3 body washes arrived.

Didn't know this brand existed until ... I dropped by Taste Original (direct translation from Chinese) organics store @ Harbourfront. I was just dropping in to see what brands and shower gels they had. Previously, had gone in before but wasn't impressed.

This time...there was something interesting at the end of the store. Strange-looking bottles claiming to be Magic Soap shower gels.

I unscrewed a cap and smelled the rose one. Surprised it was surprisingly nice and robust, not weak or fake. Comparable to Crabtree and Evelyn's rose scent.

So, I looked closer at the bottle. The words "Magic Soaps" is very attractive, though at first, the packaging didn't grab.

As one reviewer blogged, she said it's too full of words. :)

Well, it's true. In this day and age, neat, simple and beautiful packaging attracts. Not a pharmaceutical bottle with a plain wordy wrap of words.

(Now, come to think, the wrap looks familiar... like some kinda polish from Home-Fix or Self-Fix DIY store).

Pharmaceutical is the word, because in those old US days when plenty of things were sold as stuff with medicinal benefits, this shower gel would be touted as having therapeutic, miracle-cure effects.

As I understand from reading here and there, a number of ordinary items as we know now, were sold as miracle cures purporting to cure everything.

So, it's no surprise a body wash like this would need some severe marketing to get people to wow and buy.

The reviewer also mentioned she didn't like the "cleanliness" "godliness" association.

Well, it seems she didn't know that in those days, the US was very Christian. Marketing this as a product approved by God and making a person feel closer to God by using it, was good sales strategy.

As the proverb goes: Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Dr Bronner certainly made full use of that.

Back to present-day: 

How good is this body wash?

First, it's very reasonably priced at just $11.90. I searched online and while there are SG online stores selling this, they charge more.

$11.90 is the cheapest I've found, at Taste Original.

They have a range of the bath gels. Lavender, Almond, Citrus Orange, Tea Tree, Peppermint... They also have soap bars.

At first, I only looked at the bottles and smelled the rose. The ingredients were clear and free of the usual chemicals (which is what I was looking for).

However, I walked out because no expiry date on the bottles. Even though the price tag looked newer than those on the bottles of the others scents (indicating new stock), I'd still like to see the expiry date.

Went home, checked Dr Bronner's online, found that Rose is a new scent (confirming the stock is new), and decided to return.

The Rose costs more than the other flavors, probably because it's a new scent.

After buying it, used it. It is indeed quite good.

First, it comes out as a watery liquid. Don't underestimate this.

Upon spreading it on the hair and rubbing, whoa...!! Plenty of suds! Excellent lather!! Surprising! Love it out of all the shower gels I recently bought.  Just a little is enough, let alone my center-palm-sized filled amount. Hahaha...

As the bottle says, this is an 18-in-1 uses wash. So, using it for the hair is nothing. The back of the bottle says use it on the car, pets, dentures, baby, silk, wool.... for shaving and as an aftershave, as a deodorant... (am I to assume it really has 18 uses?).

*nodding* Magic.

Lathering goes well for the hair and body.

It gets the skin very squeaky clean. For fanatics of clean clean... this is really squeaky skin after rinsing.

Rinsing is easy, easily washed off.

Unfortunately, not moisturizing. Not drying either. It just washes very clean. :) But the suds are lovely. And a bottle should last quite a while.  Taste Original also sells the big bottles (946ml) for those who really love this brand and scents.

The bottle I have is 8 fl.oz.(236ml).

The rose fragrance doesn't last on the skin after bath.

While picking the rose, I also got a whiff of the Lavender and Almond. There's a sign that says not to open cap, otherwise considered sold. But I can't buy if I can't smell it.

Strangely, while all the bottles have a seal under their caps, the Lavender bottles that I checked have no seal. For the rest with seal, there is no need to open/break the seal since the scent is detectable once the cap is unscrewed.

Later back home, I found that the seal on my rose bottle actually lifts together with the cap when it's unscrewed. That explains why the scent can still be detected just by unscrewing the cap. The seal is not sealed.

Didn't buy the Lavender or Almond, but between the 2, the Almond smells better, sweeter (the soap bar smells even stronger). The Lavender scent is surprisingly weak/faint. Was thinking of going back for the Almond after the Rose.

But...will probably not be buying any more of this brand. While it lathers great, it's still soap in liquid form and not really keen on the squeaky clean. The scent also doesn't last on the skin. It's just an Ok squeaky clean bath liquid that doesn't dry out the skin, but nothing else.

Just last night, while looking at iherb website, thinking whether to order and searching for reviews, I came upon someone (a guy) mentioning Vitacost in a woman's blogspot. He said prices are cheaper.

Checking it out, I found it's true, prices are even lower than iherb. And with even more reviews of products.

Vitacost also ships overseas, including SG. So I'm thinking of buying from there.

Some people who bought from iherb said the items they ordered never arrived. Haven't checked reviews of ordering from Vitacost yet.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Mayan Mystery Beam & Indonesian Chicken Language

Early this morning, after washing up, on Yahoo news:

Looking at the temple, reading about the beam, I believe ancient people were smarter than now. The Mayans were some very interesting and mysterious people living in those secluded forests. Not that the man is silly, since he didn't think it was anything supernatural when he saw the pic he took, but that it is possible the temple still has whatever it is in there turned on even after all these centuries. A lightning conductor within that they used to "communicate" with the gods, perhaps.


I really don't understand why we are importing problems from other countries when we already have our own. Right now, a bunch of Indonesians below my window are clucking like chickens with the kids screaming without discipline.

Why do we have to put up with this on our soil?

Every day, this group of Indos will sit downstairs and make a nuisance of themselves, shouting at the kids to "come back" and having a snack picnic with nowhere else to go. They used to park only on weekdays, but now even weekends, they are there. And they stay for hours till dinner-time, clucking in their chicken language.

Their language is really sickening to hear. The worst-sounding language ever, besides Tagalog. If you listen, they are clucking like chickens. Pbark, pbark, pbarkk... When they speak in English, it's even worse. The English language in their tongue, abhorrent to hear.

Meanwhile, their brats cry, scream and run around.

Their reproduction ability is amazing. 1 man, 4 to 5 women, 5 or more young brats including babies in prams. Seems they do nothing except reproduce. Did they reproduce here in SG or in Indo and brought them here?

Guessing the man is the grandpa. The women... No idea where they come from. Their skin is fair, looking almost Chinese. But they cluck like chickens.

I know where the man, 1 woman and 2 kids stay and I wish the rent would just increase so they would get out.

Really feel like shouting at them to just shut up and go back to Indo. We don't want to see or hear you here.

I wish to call the police, but what do I say? A bunch of Indos are clucking under my window, can you get them away?

How about... public disturbance downstairs?

On the way to swimming, I was thinking... if we were living in the US, I would be able to bring down a gun and shoot them, including the one in the pram. If it's not going to grow up to be an Einstein, there isn't a need to leave it around, is there?

That would be in the mind of a character without feeling or humanity.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weleda Pomegranate, Deep Steep Tangerine-Melon, Pangea Geranium Yarrow Body Washes/Shower Gels Reviews & TaQBin Vs Speedpost

(First posted on Fridae)

2012-03-04 01:25

Search for gentle & hydrating body washes without parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) etc...

3 body washes that I ordered from a local US spree came by Ta-Q-Bin on Friday (2 Mar) at 11.35 a.m..

The day before, the courier had actually left the HQ at 1.42 p.m. to deliver (according to their tracking system online). Yet didn't come till I had to go out to dinner.

Speedpost or Singpost would have been faster. No idea why the spree organizer chose to mail to me by Ta-Q-Bin. The items didn't even weigh 1kg (Singpost has a 2kg weight limit).

[I had estimated the package would not reach 2kg, and was less than 1 kg when I weighed it upon arrival. I've a garang guni spring hook weighing scale from Daiso. Also, the tracking system states weight at 958g. Interesting that Ta-Q-Bin states weight of the package under the tracking details.]

Waited till past 8 pm, then bro and I went out for dinner. When came back, there was no notice of missed delivery, unlike Speedpost.

So, I checked the tracking system. It turned out the courier had come at about 9.37 p.m. but I wasn't home.

Friday morning, when I checked the tracking system again, it turned out a re-delivery was being initiated at 9.09 a.m.. But I had to go out with bro to get groceries from the supermarket. When will the courier be arriving? Hopefully not while we are out (again).

If it's Speedpost, calling won't help because the operator will just say "don't know".

I called Ta-Q-Bin and asked. The guy at the other end was very nice. He said he'll need to check with the driver. (Wahh... he has contact with the driver.).

At first, he asked me to hold while he contacted the driver, but after he asked for my mobile number, he said he'll call back.

5 mins later, the guy called to say the driver would deliver before 11.45 a.m.. "Can you wait? Just a while more?".

I said Ok, thanked him. And true to his word, the driver arrived at about 11.35 a.m.. Seems like a local Malay guy, in a black T and black jeans, looking tired, no smile but professional.

The slip of paper he asked me to sign was very small, compared to Speedpost's big copy.

While there have been negative reviews about Ta-Q-Bin online (which discouraged me from using it for my customers), I've found that this courier service has 2 advantages over Speedpost:

1) Ability to check with driver about arrival time. Flexibiity in this way. If I hadn't called to check, I wouldn't know when courier will be delivering. My calling probably speeded things up.

2) Auto next day re-delivery (Speedpost, need to call to arrange for re-delivery 1 day after failed delivery, not same day.).

Speedpost's advantages:

1) Deliver during the day. So no need to expect them at night.

2) Deliver by a certain expected timing to me once the package is with the courier. Package has always arrived on same day once the courier has it, except for 1 time when it was brought over to next day.

3) Speedpost is faster.

Example: Speedpost tracking system says package is with courier at 8 a.m.. Package arrives at 10.30 a.m. or 1.30 p.m. the same day. Whereas, Ta-Q-Bin's system says package is in process of being delivered at 1.42 p.m., but doesn't arrive till 9.37 p.m. same day.

So here we have the 3 body washes from the US online store called iherb.

iherb actually ships internationally, but it's cheaper to join a spree if ordering just a few items (reduce airmail cost). Unfortunately, the spree organizer has recently changed management and someone else will be taking over.

So I will be preferring to buy through someone else if possible.

Total cost including Ta-Q-Bin to me = $64.83. Dividing by 3, each gel is $21.61. Pretty cheap, considering this is US order with airmail for just 3 items. In comparison, airmail alone for 3 or 4 similar items from US skinbotanica website is quoted at US$39.26.

Overall, these 3 body washes are non-drying. But not good enough for dry skin.

Left to right: Pangea Organics, Weleda, Deep Steep.

I've tried all 3. So here's the review.

Usually, I find that Ang Moh (Caucasian) scents are strange--their scents of what's nice is different from us. So, their body washes can smell weird, like Carrefour brand shower gels (makes me wonder about the French's sense of smell.).

Body shop items also smell awful and artificial. Don't know how people can buy. They should try Bath & Body Works, though the gels are very drying (despite what reviewers say in their website).

The first one I tried was the Weleda Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash. The online reviews at iherb said the brand is good, moisturizing and especially gentle.

I brought it to use after my swim, using it for hair and body (as I always do with body washes). Not into buying separate products for hair and body. More convenient and faster to just use 1 product (saves $ too). Usually, using a shower gel for the hair and body is fine for me.

So, how creamy is this Pomegranate body wash?

First, the scent is citrus (grapefruit), not Pomegranate. It smells spicy when open and apply. The spiciness turns into a citrusy grapefruit scent that smells weird and fake.

It comes out as a whitish-yellow cream. Thick and smooth. In the photo, you can see the tube is not 100% filled. So, there's not a lot in there.

Lathering is minimal, but better than Bath & Body Works Breathe Comfort Soap-free Vanilla Milk body wash (that had no lather at all, despite its "high lather" claim).

Breathe also came in a tube and cream-based.

I have now learnt that cream type of body washes are not good. Avoid.

For Weleda, need to use a lot to get enough wash for the entire body. So, it's used up faster. Only 200 ml.

For cleaning power, it's good. Does not leave the floor slippery. Cleans the body and hair well.

For after shower does linger but the smell is weird (poking up the nose, artificial spiciness). So.. I'd rather not have it linger on my skin.

For moisturizing effect... it does not dry out the skin. That's true to what the online reviewers say. However, it's not especially hydrating.

I don't want to buy this again.

Ingredients list: You can see there's alcohol there. Alcohol is supposed to be drying to the skin. It doesn't say if it's been tested on animals (except on myself).

Then I tried Pangea Organics Italian White Sage with Geranium & Yarrow.

When I opened the cap and smelled it, it was very nice to me. Essential oils have a very soothing effect on the mind. I thought the scent was wonderful.

I read it aloud with a fake advertisement voice to bro, "Italian White Sage with Geranium & Yarrow, Mind: Uplifting, Body: Balancing.".

He said, "Good description...".

Then I put it under his nose. "Smells like Harpic." he said.

Tsk. He just doesn't appreciate essential oils. This is the 2nd time he's said a nice shower gel scent I like smells like Harpic.

I smelled it again... and because of what he said, it did smell just a little like the toilet cleaner.... *displeased*


First off, the bottle feels somewhat thick, rubbery. It actually came a little sunken in at the side, due to shipping I guess. But after unscrewing the cap, screwing it back on and then massaging the side, the shape was restored.

The back says, "A little goes a long way", and that's true. Lathering is absolutely a dream! Excellent, very beautiful, luxurious, smooth lather. A joy to spread and use. Truly creamy compared to so-called "creamy" washes like the one above.

Comes out as a rather thick, clear, yellowish liquid.

The scent is a blend of soothing essential oils. Perhaps, their other flavors will smell better, but this is Ok. They have a few other flavors in their shower gels series.

This brand has good reviews (that's why I bought).

As for hydration/moisturizing quality... I think it's better than Weleda, though the difference is not great.

It washes squeaky clean, without getting the floor slippery (a very important point). Leaves the skin with a light scent and gentle on the skin. Non-drying.

Great also for the hair, though might be a little drying. Unusual that no hair dryer is needed after toweling. No dripping water and hair is surprisingly dry after toweling. Good for hotel room use when traveling, saves the need to use hair dryer.

Ingredients list: Looks fine. Thinking of getting more flavors of this brand, though it doesn't say if it's been tested on animals (except on myself). Also, is the bottle made of latex?

Next: Deep Steep Tangerine Melon Body Wash.

It says "We do not test on animals" on the back of the box. On the tube, it says "a rather luxurious lather" (which isn't true).

Of the 3 washes, its scent was the strongest, permeating outside the box when I first opened the package. Unfortunately and disappointingly, it smells very artificial and cheap. Neither tangerine nor melon at all.

More of a cheap citrus/fake pineapple.

Comes out like wet hair gel from a tube. Light yellow, like marmalade from a tube, though more liquid.

For lather, it's Ok but not luxurious as it claims.

Hydration-wise, minimal. Non-drying, but not hydrating either. 

Don't want to buy this again. And not keen to use again (but have to).

Beautiful color of the gel in the tube in the light, though.

It says "Chemical & Preservative Free. No Sodium Lauryl Sulfate".

"Try Me" "We aim to please"....I like this on the box.

Update on airmail cost if ordering from iherb:  5 March Mon

I just discovered that it would have been cheaper if I had ordered direct from the iherb website than joining the local US spree.

Using "International Airmail" option, while no tracking number, is a flat rate of just US$4 for orders over US$40 (up till US$80 and weighing 1.814 kg or less). Estimated average delivery time to SG  9 days. 

If I had ordered these 3 items direct from the website, the airmail option would have cost only US$6. Calculating this: $31.93 (items' cost) + $6 = US$37.93

Using bank exchange rates, it would have cost SGD 48.17 only. 

But I paid SGD 64.83 for the spree and the airmail wasn't direct (spree organizer used Ta-Q-Bin. Extra waiting time for spree organizer to receive items, then mail them out to me, then waiting for courier to arrive).

Iherb is more of an exception than others, for such low shipping.  Obviously, they negotiated with the carriers/couriers for lower rates. Usually, airmail for just a few items is very high, much more than the cost of the items, making it very expensive to order online.

Iherb's airmail fee structure looks perfectly designed for customers buying just a few items.

I haven't tried ordering direct yet, but I most likely will be trying soon.  Considering getting others to spree for this, but probably not, due to lack of tracking number and unknown airmail cost for large orders.