Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hipvan SG (review of a review)

I won't be so silly as to buy from Hipvan, although the name is very catchy. Brilliant name. I admit I can't possibly come up with such a name.

Brilliant splash of investor money. Every time I want to watch an online video or read a website, the Hipvan ad is there, right in front of me.

I was curious about this company because the ad keeps popping up wherever I'm online. So I read up on it & looked at what the heck they are selling. Turns out mostly China things at high prices. Only fools will buy from Hipvan.

True enough, there are always fools.

Hipvan looks & sounds very hip but unfortunately don't deliver. What a pity after all that fabulous marketing & customer interest. You know how hard it is to generate interest & sales online when you've no money? Hipvan has money but unfortunately, it is destroying its own setup.

It seems the owner is the sort who just likes to start something, then disappear to do something else.

Take a look at this blogger's review:  Her first experience with Hipvan was bad. But here is a 3rd experience.

First of all, when you want something done, there's no need to grit your teeth being polite. Get to the point.

Many silly (that is, married) Singaporeans tend to write a complaint in a wimpy way.  They don't like something but they hide it in words that are weak & non-committal. A company will of course see this person as a pushover.

If you want to be taken seriously, type seriously & firmly. 

Why "PS" the most important part? Make it difficult for them to get back that carpet because after all, it ain't your carpet.

Get this across clearly understood: "I will only be home to give you back your carpet when you give me my item. We'll do an exchange on that day. Ciao.".  They won't sweat about that carpet because they will give that carpet customer the same bullshit that they gave you. Maybe your item is also actually in someone's hands.

Worse comes to the worst, if you never get your item, just sell off that carpet online for the same price that your item cost or more for profit. You don't lose a thing. What can Hipvan do? They don't even reply to e-mails. Just be lucky you got a carpet to sell.

Companies are all shit. Just give them back what they give people. Their purpose is to serve the money that people pay. If they break that "contract", they are useless.

Come to think... is Hipvan a real company with many real employees or just a one-man-who-disappeared website?

That's Why Even Japanese People Behave Badly In Singapore (でも日本人がシンガポールでは行儀が悪い理由です)

I told you. Japanese people are very well-behaved in Japan. They bow, they nod, they do everything that their country has forced them to do in order to be viewed as good citizens.

Once out of Japan, their true nature is unleashed.  No different & no better than other foreigners. Screaming kids, loud-talking teenagers, rude & shoving adults.  This is why it is completely believable that these are the same bowing, nodding, polite people who killed & tortured so many people during the World War.

Perhaps it is incorrect to say that foreigners have forgotten they are in Singapore & not in their own countries. More accurate to say that it is precisely because they know they are not in their own countries, that they feel "free" to do whatever they like.

... travel is the perfect opportunity to let your inhibitions go and throw caution to the wind.

Translated into Japanese:





Saturday, 26 September 2015

Filter Stinks: Samsung Virus Doctor Air Purifier AX020FCVANDO

Why?? It's supposed to remove odors, but the filter is giving out a weird, sweet-smelling, headache-causing stink! Damn filter is made in China. What the heck they put in it? What glue?

When first used the machine, the smell was there but bearable. After a few times of turning it on, the smell became worse until a few days ago, it smelled like the motor was burnt.

But we tested it by removing the filter & when we do that, there is no smell. The motor is fine. When the filter casing is put back, the stink is back. 

The stink is coming from the paper section of the casing. Those paper "gills".  It can be smelled just by putting your nose close to it.

Searched online & no reviews mentioning this problem.

I bought mine directly from Korea. This model runs on 60 Hz whereas Singapore's electrical supply is 50Hz. But if it's the Hertz difference problem, it's certainly not the motor giving off this smell.

This model was/is also sold on Q100. And recently was also sold at Best Denki. Both selling at cheaper price than when I bought mine from a Korean website.

Anyone knows what could be causing this stink? 

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Avoid Tim Ho Wan (SG Review)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was at Westgate Jurong East on Wed 23 Sept 4.15p.m..

Your manager Zoee cannot be manager. She lacks managerial ability. It's no wonder staff conduct and quality of the food have declined.

Your company must consider firing or demoting her. 

Tim Ho Wan was quite empty at the time.  But we waited 20 minutes for just 1 item. #R22.

Three times,  I asked different staff to check the order. But each woman never returned with an update. This is very rude. When a customer asks to check an order, the staff must return with a reply. This is basic customer courtesy.  Your staff even lacks this.

And we pay service charge for it.

One woman said "another 2 minutes" but it became 10 minutes.

None of the staff apologized or explained why there was such a delay. Each of them went to "check", then walked away without coming back.

The staff should have informed that there was going to be a delay when we were placing order. If so, we would not have ordered.

All the while, your manager Zoee was standing around, doing nothing behind the pillar at the computer terminal.

She was aware of what was going on, but did not come over to apologize or explain. Even when we stood up and approached the cashier to cancel the order, she did not come over.

Even when the item was served to us, the staff did not apologize at all. The manager still did not come to us.

Finally, I asked one of the staff to call the manager.

When the manager came over, I was surprised because she looked like a waitress. And she had been standing behind the pillar.

I said "Why didn't you come over to explain the delay? You were standing there, right?".

She just said that it was because a fresh batch was being made and the item had to come out with others.

Again, no apology. And no offer of giving a discount as part of customer relations. When a company makes mistakes, the manager will offer a customer service apology. But she did not do that.

Her face was really unpleasant to look at.  She failed in so many aspects as a manager.

Even the cashier is so unprofessional. When I asked for the manager's name, the cashier kept smiling in the direction of the manager and refused to say it. Only very reluctantly, did the cashier finally say and spell out the name.

Please get a better & efficient manager with real ability.

The food is really not worth the prices in the first place. And now with lousy staff and bad manager, Tim Ho Wan will be completely struck off our list of eating places.



Monday, 21 September 2015

Lasers Must Be Banned in Singapore (except for exceptional uses)

...the light bulb gives light in all directions so you only see a small part of the whole. As you move away from the bulb, you see a quarter of the light every time the distance is doubled. A laser gives light in one small beam. If it gets into the eye, you receive all the laser's energy, not just a fraction.
 ...a light bulb gives off light at many different wavelengths (different photon energies). A laser is a pure tone, only one wavelength. The coherent light will be more damaging.
In real life many factors contribute to something becoming harmful. ... with laser pointers, different conditions determine when retinal damage will actually occur.

...some government entities have banned or restricted laser pointers. Some states and some cities have or have proposed age limits on the purchase or use of pointers. The United Kingdom bans the use of class 3A pointers. Laser pointers are high-tech tools, not toys.

The human eye is a fantastic optical instrument capable of concentrating light a 100,000 times onto the retina...More than a few milliwatts at the cornea can be focused to a spot so small that the power density on the retina can become greater than that generated when staring into the sun.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Singaporeans' use of the words "Mature" & "Matured" is Wrong

Are Singaporeans the only ones doing this? Unable to use these words correctly?

"Matured" is the past tense of "mature". "Mature" is an adjective.

Example: This wine has matured.
Example: He looks mature.
Example: He has matured over the years.
Example: Mature housing estates need to be revamped.
Example: Are you mature enough to be doing this?

Stop being an imbecile & use these 2 words correctly. Don't anyhow add a "d".

Even though I don't get paid correcting people's English (& why should I bother? Let them continue being wrong.), reading a Singapore news "article" online with the wrong words gets on my nerves & I have to finally say something about it.  Don't news articles have proofreaders? Editors? 

The wrong usage of the 2 words has been going on for a long time, especially in Singaporean conversations. Annoying. It's just simple English. Can't you get it right?

Friday, 18 September 2015

So Sexy Kim Sung Yeol (Lee Joon-Gi)'s Wriggle

If a man is not gay, watching Lee Joon-Ki's "wriggle" will make him gay.  Watching him do that dance, I just feel like grabbing him... Desiring him. 

Such a Bi Namja (Mei Nan Zi / Beautiful Man). Soo SEXxyy...

Even the guy who plays Gwi (who is obviously bored throughout the interview) is now sitting with his legs spread wider & smiling with subdued appreciation & amusement. :)

Joon-Gi is just too SEXxxyy... he's not even embarrassed to do the dance. It's just very funny to watch because he's not shy doing it & the ladies are laughing so much. (Well, he seemed shy at first, but once he got into it, it just took over very quickly.).

It's a very Hot & SExy dance. And his face while doing it is very sexy.  MMMMMmmm... :)

OooHHhhh... I LOVE the music that goes with it. Soooo SEXxxyyyyy.... (when bro heard that music in his room, he asked if it was Snoop Dogg. I said I don't know, never heard of it.).

The word "wriggle" (or was it "wiggle") was mentioned by someone.

But he's actually not doing a "wriggle".  He is doing the Butterfly Swimming stroke vertically on land. I think I'm the only one who has noticed it & am saying it.

And I think he might be aware that he's doing a Butterfly "wave" because in a Youtube video (BTS behind the scenes), he did it horizontally in the water slowly, in full costume while taking a break from shooting the underwater scene with his female co-star.

I think with this level of flexibility of his body, he should be able to swim Butterfly pretty well. The body undulation. He's got it.

I love his deep, manly voice. With his slim figure, it doesn't seem that he possesses such a voice.  A very sexy, deep, manly voice that I would love to hear whisper in my ear. Mmmmmm..... :)

Too bad there aren't any English subs.

[P/S update 21 Sept Mon: I've actually just taken a look at the song "wiggle" by Snoop dogg on Youtube. The whole "wiggle" song does not have his dance. Joon-gi has matched a perfect segment of that song with his own dance. Very sexy. :)   Fits perfectly. ]

The Gimpy Gimpy (Gympie Gympie) Plant

I was looking up something when came upon a comment (unrelated to the subject of the video) by Jay Lennah under a Youtube video by Weird Fruit Explorer~

"Schisandra berry.  Five flavour fruit may be an interesting one for you to try if you have not already.  Just make sure you never eat the gimpy gimpy plant berry ever.  It's hard to believe that something that horrible exists by nature.".
Gimpy Gimpy plant berry?  Haven't heard of it before. Is that a made up name? Maybe this person was just being cute. Googled it. Viola.

It's the funniest article on an "oh-my-god" plant I have ever read about.


"If You Touch This Plant It Will Make You Vomit In Pure Agony" plant.

That's why I never step into rainforests or any forest. The only time I was forced to, was a forest in Thailand when I had no choice because if I didn't go, I wouldn't be able to graduate. Couldn't wait to get outta there fast.

the British Army had people send them samples of the stinging tree for use as a chemical weapon. Nothing has been heard since then. (We assume everyone who was even casually involved with the project died and they had to dynamite the facility.)

The plant itself looks very harmless in the photo. But you can't even get near it.  The air around it is dangerous. Imagine an invisible dome of hovering, moving spines surrounding it. Wow. That's one scary plant.

And after getting the fruit, it's not even nice.

The most interesting part is the end where it says 2 trees were found with seemingly everything intact but without toxin. Hmm. Why? Random mutant variants that sometimes happens? In these plants, the toxin gene has been turned off.

Goes to show, never know what you will find on the Internet. 

Despite this, I'm still unable to find what I'm looking for & won't be able to. If only I could just go to the Himalayas to collect myself.

Monday, 14 September 2015

To the UN: Refugees Flooding Europe (Solution)

Give these refugees materials to build an island or give them an island. The faster these refugees build their island, the sooner they can live there. Food aid will be promised them for 3 years (medical aid can be longer).

During these 3 years, they have to rebuild their lives on this island & find ways to trade with other countries to be self-sufficient.

They cannot leave this island except to return to the country they left.

In 3 years, food aid will stop. Those who intend to escape when food aid runs out, will be rejected by other countries. The world's countries will only deal with them as a country, not as refugees. They can no longer flood borders because they will have their own country which they built themselves. It is up to them to make their land prosper.

This is their chance to make their lives different. A new beginning with their own hands. But not by flooding other people's borders & sponging on other people's lands & prosperity.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Paypal is Shit. I Hate Paypal.

This is bullshit:   "Your account is reaching a total transaction value of SGD 7,500 and our security measure requires that we collect more information about you.".

To  restore the account, I need to provide Photo ID & a copy of a bill.

That's just complete bullshit.  Due to this problem, I have had to open 3 accounts.  Abandoned one after another because soon after opening each one,  Paypal will say that the account has reached or is reaching S$7,500.

Then it's only a matter of time (about a year) before the account becomes useless. Before then, I'll have to keep checking whenever I want to make a transaction, whether I can still receive & send money & withdraw.

And always only leave a few cents or zero in the account in case suddenly I can no longer withdraw or do anything with it.

Each account Never Ever reached or is reaching S$7,500.  For this 3rd account, I so rarely use it & only for making small payments online.  Yet this last account just got shut down.

I don't know what's the matter with Paypal. It has nothing to do with MAS because it's shit to make the error of saying there's transactions of up to S$7,500 when nothing like that happened.

If it's a glitch, they should have fixed it long time ago. I don't have any more bank cards to open yet another Paypal account.

Because of this, I can't accept payments or do business with overseas people.  And I sure as hell am Not going to submit any documents whatsoever. Paypal can go to hell.

Paypal Is Shit! 

Yet stupid Singaporeans actually submit confidential documents just because Paypal says so. Do your calculations for heaven's sake. Paypal has a history log. Add up your transactions. How the heck does it amount to S$7,500??

Even adding up a whole year's worth of transactions, every one of my accounts never did S$7,500. 

Check this out:  click to enlarge.