Sunday, 27 August 2017

Is Reincarnation An Illusion? Book Preview Online

Mon 12:01pm
28 Aug.

Just posting a short post here with some thoughts. Busy as usual. But ever since accidentally coming across "remote depossession" while reading up online for psychic help... I've been interested & thinking of it. Very interesting.... I want to say "concept" but in my case & what I have been "seeing", I refrain from calling it a "concept".  

To understand what the shit is going on in my case, I've had to read up the moment I get out of bed. I don't think any help from a psychic is coming soon & I've to help ourselves.

False memory syndrome applies in our situation so reading it has helped to open my mind in understanding what I've been observing in my own father.

I agree with this spirit or ghost in the below excerpt. Wise advice. There is only 1 life. The present one. If you blow it, there is no next one where you'll do it  "properly". Do it properly now.

Besides, even if you come back, you are not "you" in your present form with your present state of mind. So, there is no point in saying "in my next life".  If you want to be president, do it now. If still physically possible, regardless of age. Don't say "next life".

In another excerpt by another author, reading about the session in remote depossession was also fascinating. "Fascinating" "blow your mind" "never thought of it" "wow". 

"Little is added in a second trial". I find this to be very correct. Little is gained. Means there is no use in coming back for another round. Of what? Of suffering the same things. Doing the same things. Whatever you do, it is the same thing whether writer, musician, scientist.   Birth, mistakes & death.  It is better never coming back.

What the title is saying is that so-called "past life" or "reincarnation" recall might not be coming from the person under hypnosis, but from the memories of the ghosts or spirits that are inside or "latched" onto this person. So, one moment it is the memory of having lived & died during the Crusades; next moment, a French man stabbed along the street, or someone who was abused etc...

Enlightenment for me. Because I never understood why people have this idea of reincarnation. This spirit talks more sense than any religious crap.

At the "pool" part, I was thinking what about those Tibetan kids who can remember exactly their temples etc..?  Following the below, it means these kids have an original "new" soul that has been surplanted (hijacked) by the old soul of the temple abbot. Possession. 

No wonder when I first read of Tibetan kids being able to recall precisely everything, I felt there was something wrong.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Psychics in Singapore

Psychics in Singapore should stop calling themselves psychics. Frauds. When given a real problem, they run. Or charge $800 for cleansing which anyone can do.

3 names: Gypsy. Adrian. Sharan. In these 4 months, I know more about paranormal shit than they. Call themselves psychic? Read only "love" Tarot? Only appear in Youtube for publicity?

I am psychic. I can tell just from a photo whether a person's face shows a fraud. Contacting all 3 has only confirmed it. But I don't go around publicizing that I'm "psychic" & then cannot help real cases.

People really need help. Such psychics shouldn't pretend to be psychics. I really need help to solve a real problem. But they just coldly walk away. Or worse, dodge the question for help, ask a question out of curiosity & then don't even reply.

I ask for help. Just 1 word: Help.

Yet it's so impossible to find in Singapore. It's absurd. Goes to show what kind of people are here. Psychics? Just horrid people pretending to be psychics.