Thursday, 21 September 2017

Carousell SG Makes Life Difficult

3:07pm Thurs 21 Sept

As usual, nothing works well in Singapore.  The selling platforms in Singapore are already practically non-existent.  Even with Carousell, you can see it's already very bad.

Now, it's even worse. Carousell SG gets worse & worse with so-called "improvements".  Investors should stop investing in such a company run by shit.

For every "improvement" they make, other things in the system go nuts. Something like Ezbuy. The saying never goes out of date: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

There is nothing to fix.  Or at least, fix something without messing up another part of the system.

It's already hard enough as it is trying to sell online. Sellers don't need higher levels of difficulty & worse, payments to a shitty system run by dozens of shitty, smiling people.

What's the latest shit Carousell SG has done?

Now for jobs, services & cars,  you gotta pay $10 at least.  That's a lot of money.

What it means is worse:

1) It'll limit the number of job openings because it's no longer free to list.
2) It'll limit the variety of jobs on offer.
3) If it expands to cover even more categories, it'll mean even more restrictions to list for free. And fewer variety listed.

On the surface, they say it's to prevent "spam" listings. But their horridly tiny keywords search noose has already recently thrown out a lot of spam, resulting in the same shortest-to-the-point titles in order to be on first page. Just a word more & the listing will drop to 2nd or lower pages.  It's crazy.

If you list a fan, you can't put any model number of anything else in the title. The longer your title, the lower it will fall. It will turn up only if someone specifically hits words in your long title.

Previously, all the listing titles in your "store" must be unique. Now you can have the same one-word titles for different items. And the Carousell search function will list many items with the same one or two words title.

It's crazy & stupid. Reflects the mind/s behind Carousell. So stupid.  If you've been selling there, you'll know what I mean.

With this latest "improvement", you can now add words to your listing title without it falling down the page. Apparently, the system is now going by latest timing. If it was listed 5 secs ago, it'll stay #1 on first page. Until... I don't know when. Probably fall down the pages until you either pay their Neopet coins or re-list for free.

All these means = More effort. And it's not as if there's a huge load of buyers on Carousell. I don't know how they look at their traffic but it's a desert.  U can list something & they can have all the "improvements" to their system, but nobody is buying.

[Nobody is buying: I listed an item that was supposedly "liked" by plenty of people before I got the stock. When I actually got the stock & listed it at the same price that they liked, suddenly I can't sell it at all even after 1 month of listing! Another item, I have 61 likes & only 1 person actually paid to order it. Another item has 82 likes & still no buyers. Another item 68 likes & again no buyers.]

Why do such "companies" always cause people problems?

Before this, it was problems with their image uploader. It was working fine before. If anything has to be improved, they should increase the number of images to 5.  Currently 4 images are too few.

But instead, they added extra steps to the whole image loader. It has become extra difficult to post listings! And instead of 4 images, I can only post 3. Because they messed up the system, now everytime select 4 images, must delete 1, then I am allowed to select their stupid categories.

And can't even shrink pics anymore!

Previously,  the uploader could even shrink the pics to fit simply by scrolling my mouse. Even the largest size could fit perfectly. Then it's done. 4 pics up fast in just 1 step.

And then: they added a stupid thing called "Bump".  Now you gotta pay to get your listing updated on their search engine pages.  So-called "coins".  They think it's like Neopets. So stupid & childish. Previously, listings automatically get bumped when anyone "likes" your item.

So, instead of improving, Carousell has become worse. And still sellers gotta use it because there're no other workable options selling online.  Gumtree & Ebay SG are shit.

In the US, if you watch Youtube, you can see plenty of "pickers" who make a lot of money getting their "stock & supplies" for free or almost free. They sell on their Ebay & make a thriving living by it.

What's in Singapore? Nothing.  Only educated, ignorant people will say that Singapore is good. Such people are Chinese-educated or foreigners (those shit-heads who wear T-shirts saying "I Love SG".).

Singapore is just a shitty country. If you have money, just get out, find a better place & enjoy there. No wonder so many people left. Those who stay are plenty of uneducated people & foreigners.

My brother & I should have been born in a better country with better opportunities, no NS, no CPF. We don't belong in this shitty Singapore with small-minded, crazy people who keep fucking to get kids.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Spirit Portal Wind Breeze?

10.10am Wed.   Bro just left.  I'm already awake in bed but immediately, there's this strange flapping sound again. As if there's wind outside. Previously, I thought it really was wind or breeze but I checked once before & the air was still. This is the 2nd time.  It wasn't flapping earlier (I wake a few times during the night & early morning). Only right after bro left.

Above my door is a ventilation rectangle.  When bro started burning mosquito coils some time back to combat that "thing", I covered that rectangle with a sheet of cut white mahjong paper to prevent the smoke from coming into my room.

It's just taped to the upper door frame so if there's breeze from the balcony or if the bedroom door is open & I pass underneath, it will flap due to air current.

But I began noticing that when my door is closed & I'm trying to sleep in bed, it would flap quite irritatingly. Assuming that it's the damn balcony wind, I would ignore it.  Once it flapped so bad, I checked & it was the balcony wind because of the coming rain. When I closed the balcony door, it stopped flapping.

But... I began noticing that it flapped even when everything is still. Like this morning.

Because of the loud flap flap sound, I couldn't sleep any longer. So, I got out of bed, switched off my fan & went outside my door to check. I shut the door. There was no breeze from the balcony because the windchimes are not moving. Bro's fan is off.  I looked at the ventilation rectangle outside & waited. It didn't flap.

Some days ago, I had asked bro to tape it down properly to the door frame.

I opened a side of the kitchen window & went to the bathroom. Then came out & closed back that side of the window. And turned back on the fan in my bedroom thinking that perhaps it was what was causing the paper to flap. Closed back the door the same way, while I stood outside.

Nothing. It didn't flap. The air was still quiet. Windchimes were not moving in the balcony.

I went into my bedroom & sat on the bed with the door closed. Nothing.


These are the "small" things that you will tend to dismiss as just "the wind" or "the breeze" or "it so happened". But it's just weird. Previously when it happened at night, I found the excuse (perhaps) to be the air current from the slit under his closed door due to bro's fan in his room while he was sleeping.  But frankly, I felt no breeze or wind that was flapping my paper so badly.   The top of his door is also covered by thick vanguard sheet that does not flap.

My idea is that there is a spirit portal somewhere between our rooms. It's crazy, but not impossible. Our house is crazy. It's not normal because of our father's stupidity that brought in a crazy entity many years ago. If I had money, of course I would move out immediately.

Over the years, there's been weird shit that I dismissed because of "logic" & "reason". Some months ago, I found many spirit portals in our apartment. Some in mid-air. 

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Dementia Alzheimer's & Psychic Ability

11:36pm 10 Sept Sun 

I was looking up the connection between Dementia & Psychic Ability because according to a psychic surgeon, dad has dementia. A  few years back,  I already suspected that dad might be senile, but since he still seemed to talk rationally, I thought it might not be.

What I mean to find is what happens when a psychic goes crazy with his abilities.   Like Superman who has gone nuts. Is that possible?

For my bro's sanity,  I wonder if we should visit dad & talk to him? I know his concern was that he didn't leave much money for us & he worries it is not enough. I can't believe he cares only for himself & I think it's his dementia & that ghost (or whatever) he worships that has made him like this.

What is the solution to our problem? What is the answer to the question?  Bro thinks that entity inside him may have deceived the psychic surgeon & that in fact, the entity never left. And that dad has no dementia. "That thing is very cunning. It's just a trick to make you soft." said Bro. "Once you fall into the trap, finish.". 


In childhood, we come into the world empty of earthly knowledge. Gradually, we build for ourselves an identity, created out of the experiences and memories of our ongoing lives, and it is these experiences and memories that tie us to the world. But eventually, it becomes time to leave again. Many aging adults experience a second childhood, which we now call dementia. And as the trappings of life slowly drop away with age -- memory, personality, language, even recognition of self -- the person is slowly and inexorably freed from the bonds of earthly existence. Eventually, they are delivered to a dimension beyond space and time that we, the young and vibrant, can only glimpse through the visions of madmen and, if we're lucky, our elders.
It's a nice, comforting & warm way of explaining it. A more accepting way about a merciless process.

Although the following quote has nothing to do with Alzheimer's disease, it sums up for me what is perhaps the greatest lesson of this strange odyssey I find myself on:

"The Pearl of Great Price, The Holy Grail, the Vision of God, Nirvana, Valhalla, Heaven, or Salvation, call it what you will, it will not be found until the individual forgets who they are, and what they are looking for. Then they shall find it. " (21)

Meaning? A person has got to lose his marbles & Self in order to see Heaven? What's the point? Frankly, I don't need to find such Holy Grail. You can keep it.

Joen Fagan, PhD is a psychologist with a great deal of experience in working with people with dementia and their caregivers.  He is currently working on a book with Jean Harsch, MSW, which proposes that “it is possible that there are spiritual dimensions to dementia and that being sensitive to these may help a little” with the incredibly difficult task of caring for someone with dementia.
In a phone interview, Fagan reported an instance of clairvoyance involving his partner Irma that had occurred when she had had Lewy body dementia for seven years.  At that point, she was bedridden, prone to hallucinations and delusions, and only somewhat able to talk coherently.  Fagan was in another room from Irma, with a connecting hallway in between, about 28 feet away, with his back to her, but just visible to her.  He was writing a check to one of their certified nursing assistants.  They were not speaking.
As he handed the check to the assistant, Irma called out clearly, “That check is wrong!”  Fagan and the assistant were stunned.  It’s worth noting that Irma had hated anything to do with numbers her whole life and had never been the check-writer in the family.  Fagan re-did his math, and found that he had, indeed, calculated the payment wrong!

I worked in a memory care center. At times strange happenings would arise. A sort of clarity would come through. residents would make comments to me that fit into my current affairs for which they had no way of knowing. It was very strange to have experienced this , but I believe there is a type of connection somehow.

Thursday, 7 September 2017


2:20pm 7 Sept Thurs

[著者からの注:著作権 2017。英語の原文。 私は2009年に日本を訪れた後、これを何年も書き続けようと努力してきました。いつそれが英語で出版されるのか分かりません。 それは非常に遅く、孤独な書き込みになります。 私はそれを少し日本語に翻訳することに抵抗することはできません。 ほんの少し。 私は日本をもう一度見たいと思う。 代わりに私はこれを日本に書きます。 まだ未完成です。 私はまだ英語でそれを書いて改訂しています。 私はまだ英語で私の章の名前を付けていません。 しかしここでは、日本の読者のための章を追加します。

あなたがそれを好きであれば教えてください。 私は翻訳機をオンラインで使用していますが、私は以前にそれをテストしており、日本人はそれがうまく翻訳されていると言います。私はタイトルを持っていますが、まだリリースしません。私は日本語で少しの作品をリリースするのが楽しいと思った。私はいつも自分の仕事の英語盗難を心配しているので、日本語に翻訳する方が安全かもしれないと感じています。 また、それを見ることは面白く面白いでしょう。 さて、どこで翻訳を始めるのですか...?]

Copyright 2017. 書いた: Nakosuori

ベルサイユ事件に触発された。 2009年には鶴ヶ城を訪れ、白石城に足を踏み入れる。 弘前城をベースとした壁画。 [私の英語の仕事の詳細はいくつかありますが、ここでは日本語ではありません。]


ちょうど梅の果実が収穫された直後、幸福の年、狐の日、フェニックス星座の時にちょうど私が10階の2つのサンデッキに沿って司令官と一緒に測量していた時、 イベント、あるいは2つのイベントが発生したとき。

いつものように、彼の手で私の指揮官は、彼が反対側の領域に直面して立っていたとして、早朝の光の中で堂々と見えた。 城の近所を日常的に航空機で検査していたのと同じように、彼の視線はそれらの土地から逃れなかった。

考えてみると、夏の空気は雲が白くて青くて軽くて涼しく、見た目に近いところに触れることができました。 それは良い夏、夏の太陽の下のすべての良い収穫でした。 昨年よりも良いこともありました。

私の司令官の右に立って、汗をかく耳にぴったりとした鮮明で息を吹きながら、私の主人の右の目の下に歪みが見えました。 努力のせいではなかった。 私の主は十分な休息を取っていなかった。 後で、これは非難されることはできませんでした。

朝の練習のために10階をレースした後、私たちはワサダの土地に立ち向かい、彼らを見渡すように彼らを見渡しました。 平和はもう一年続いたが、3年の停戦の早期休暇を探していた和田田と一軒家は、ついに皇帝の令状に乗っていたという噂があった。

私の心は思考に沈んだ。 3年の平和はすぐに終わらなかった。




6泊前は... ...私はそれを何と呼ぶべきかわかりません...アーチャーの銀色の弓の星座で私の主の部屋から急いで私たちを呼んでいたので、私たちはまだ困惑していました。

私の主人の習慣と同じように、私は彼の好きな3つの茶を、甘い山の桜の涙で彼の部屋で味わっていました。そこでは、茶室の茶室で茶道の儀式を観察するのではなく、 最近まで兵器保管に転用されていた。

私の側では、軽く香りの炭の火鉢の上にあるガラス製のフラスコの温泉暖かい、準備が整いました。 私の主によって特別に委託された木炭は、無公害であり、あらゆる種類の有用で無用なものを作った関東の男性からのものでした。 私の主の命令によれば、その人は何かを非常によく作ってくれました。他のどのものよりも少なくて明るいろうそくの光もそうでした。

水が臨界温度に達する直前に、私はフラスコを持ち上げ、その透明な噴出口に茶葉の唇の上に米粒の高さを浮かべ、最初に2つの穀粒を右に、次に左に、そして再び戻しながら 実際には土鍋のボウルだったものの洗練された側面を流れ落ちる滑らかな小枝。



私の主が部屋のろうそくの灯りに対して書類を熟読したときに、時々薄く切ったり、脇に置いたりして、私の主が静かに許してくれたように、 風味が増します。





中断に変わって、私はボウルを私の胸に降ろしました。 "司令官への報告:艦長

これは、キャプテンが以前にこのようなことを一度も尋ねたことのないように、最も興味深いものでした。 実際に、大尉は私達のランクに加わる前に彼の業績にもかかわらず、むしろ自分自身にとどまった。 何年もの間、彼はここにいましたが、彼は一度だけ言いましたが、一度私の主と話しました。そして、それは、最初に私たちに到着したときにサウスゲートの艦長として喜んで喜んでくれるかどうか尋ねられたときに "はい" 城。 彼はお勧めになった。

私の手のひらに抱かれたお茶の暖かさは、その完璧さがゆっくりと滑り落ちるのを感じました。 それにもかかわらず、義務が呼び出された。 間違った時間に、特に完璧なものが出現しようとしているときには、いつも呼びかけているようです。


「精巧」 私の主は言った。
男は、不安定な躊躇のように思われたが、相手側でギアがわずかにシフトしていると、その男は答えた。 "キャプテンは私の主がそれを自分のために見たいと思う。

深く吸入して放出を強制すると、私の主は池の脇にインク筆を置き、テーブルから浮き上がった。 彼はすでにフルギアだったし、まれに彼はなかった。

私が握ったお茶の退屈な完璧を見越して、私の主は私の方に歩き、右手でボウルを取って曲がって、まっすぐに頭をすくめ、それを私に戻してドアに向かって滑り込ませて開いた スクリーン。




Sunday, 3 September 2017

Does the Christian God Exist Independently of Belief?

2:18am 4 Sept Mon

At the moment at laptop. Same as previous nights, start heavy drowsy soon after bro sleeps. Quartz does not help.

This time, started at 1.30am. Very oppressive stuffy drowsy.

Bro's new theory tonight, is that the ghosts never left with the statues. The statues went but they stayed. I can find no hole in the theory. With that, he went to bed.

1.30am just now, very heavy drowsy. Top of head, frontal area heaviness. Headache. Almost unable to think anymore. Sitting on the edge of my bed with big wooden board folded table underneath (supposed to stop drowsiness but doesn't seem to be working so far).

Stopped work. Just a thought: I used my index finger, wrote the sign of the Cross in the air. Big cross. Horizontal line crossed with long down stroke. Made each sign all around my sitting position. Plus over the top of my head to form a ceiling.

So, the signs became like a protective shield with a roof, was my thought. And I imagined it glowing golden as I wrote each one in the air.

Then I turned back to my laptop. Strangely, it worked. No more drowsiness. Lifted. Cleared up enough to think, although not perfect. Slight headache less than before.

Odd. Father is not Christian. If he sent these ghosts, why would making the cross work? Also, I am not religious. And I sneer at Christians & religion. So why would it work for me? Also, I have been thinking that there are no ghosts in my room, just mind projection from evil father.  If father is not Christian & I am not religious... then what is responding to the sign of the cross if not actual presence of ghosts?

I sense no presence in my room. What is responding to the Cross if not ghosts?

After the first time, the clear-up feeling stayed for a while. Then crept back in, trying to come back to my head.

So I did the Cross again 2nd time. It has held up till now. Not perfect, still a little heaviness on top of my head, but clear enough to think & type this.

Weird. Does God exist? If it does, why is nothing done to get rid of these pests that ruin & disturb human lives?

Something responded to the sign of the Cross. Even God does not exist, it exists for whatever has responded. Therefore it works.

Does doubting whether God exists destroy the protection? Does not seem to.  Apparently, my lack of religious belief does not affect it. It still works. Odd. Why?

I walked away to drink from the cup at my bedside, wondering if by walking out of the imaginary  "shield"  I'm no longer under its protection. Upon returning to sit at my laptop, start to become not so good. Heavy weight starts coming back to top of my head. Clears up short while, then it starts again.

A matter of expectation? Expect it not to work when step out & it conforms to the thought?

11:38am Mon 4 Sept.
In the light of the morning, thoughts are clearer. Think better. I recall previously when bro said he was drowsy, he opened photos/images of Jesus Christ in Google images on my laptop. He said straightaway cleared up.

Although I wasn't thinking of this last night, it probably influenced my thought to do the sign of the Cross. Some time ago before bro did the Google images, I held Black Tourmaline in my hand & crossed the air & didn't seem to work.

Oddly, circling the air at the ceiling with my finger clears up the fog, but only while doing it. After stop, it comes back.

What is odd is that I don't sense any presence. If it's a ghost, it's  a Christian ghost. If it's a Christian, then its presence proves that there is in fact, no God. If there was a god, what is this Christian ghost doing here? Obviously, it feared God & was a follower. So, why didn't it go to the realm that it believed in? Or why didn't God remove it?

Excuses shouldn't be created for God to exist. Observe & think. And reach conclusions. What is so bad about a non-existent God? Other animals live without temples & churches. They are more practical realists than humans.