Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Note to Self for Carous***

Never ever allow buyers to leave feedback.  Just this once after a long while, I forgot. A quick click of the mouse & I realized what I had done. Shit. I had accepted the buyer's request to leave feedback. Shit.

True enough, shitty buyer. Unforgiving. Malay man. Smoker. I knew he was going to be a problem.

He got the item, said he liked it, but it took longer than expected to arrive. Gave neutral rating. And it plunged my feedback score from 100% to 66%. Just because of 1 neutral rating. Terrible.

Smoker. Fat. Unhealthy & ugly.  He will pay with his life for plunging another person's feedback to 66%. So, I am not particularly angry.

I expected he would be shit. So, he falls within expectation. My fault for allowing him to leave feedback.

Once click "accept" buyer's feedback request, it cannot be taken back. I shouldn't have accepted. He had already paid. Why the heck did I accept his feedback request for??? *shakes head*

I haven't been accepting feedback requests for a long time. I don't know why I clicked on it this time.

Can the 66% rating be fixed? Of course it can. That's the best part. 

Monday, 12 June 2017

Urgent: Looking For: Genuine Skilled Psychics, Tarot Cards Reader & Exorcist

Tues 13 Jun 12:17 p.m.

I've searched online & cannot find one who appears reliable. I cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars. If you are a genuine psychic, you would not be wanting hundreds of dollars to compensate for the use of a talent that many psychics claim is to help people.

I can afford some money but not hundreds of dollars. If I had that kind of money, I wouldn't need psychic help (I would be rich & already lucky).

My situation is caused by something that needs professional psychic assessment & help. No Chinese mediums.

If you can find it in your heart to help, pls contact me.

We have tried more than anyone can imagine. So do not tell me to de-clutter the house or use sage cleansing or crystals etc... These methods Do Not work. 

We have gone beyond these methods in order to subdue the entity that is causing our troubles. Bro has even invented devices to counter (in a technical & scientific way) what we assumed were ghosts.

We have done practically everything including hammering nails into the wall. Spraying the air with water. Crystals & crystal tuning fork. Smudging with Palo Santo wood sticks. Throwing away almost everything in a room & furniture around the house, including a $2000+ bed & bed frame. UV. Lights. Darkness. Candles. Sound frequency. Loud jarring music from 3 different radios & speakers at the same time. Yelling. Scolding. Insults. Reasoning. Fire/flame. Mosquito coils. Shutting down all electrical power to everything.  Electric mosquito killers.  Clear plastic sheets. Aluminum foil. Opaque plastic boards. Cloth sheets. Clear plastic cylinders with and without water inside, with and without screw-cap tops. Locks, real & symbolic.  Words written on paper & burnt. Plastic guns with rubber-tipped ammunition. Loud hailer. High-pitched alarm.

I am already partly psychic, yet cannot solve my own problem. I can tell if a so-called psychic or Fengshui master is lying or just trying to pull fast money.  Only genuine professionals are needed. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Haunted Bro's Room Malay Male Gay Ghost

5 Jun Mon.

"There is definitely something in that room." said bro at 3.25am this early morning.

He was explaining to me why he thinks it's not a C1 problem. Not a real physical mechanical neck bone problem for which previously we went to a (quack) chiropractor who "confirmed" that it was a C1 problem. Since I wanted a real problem so we can have a real solution, I was almost desperate to cling to the idea that it's a C1 neck problem that can be solved or eased by doing neck rotational exercises.

Earlier in the day he said the exercises eased the squeezing on his neck. Previous night when he had problem with the ghost, it also eased up when he rotated his neck slightly.

It seemed obvious that it's a C1 problem. Until he clarified that even with the neck exercises, it only eased a little. Not completely gone. But when he insults the ghost or yells at it, it clears up instantly, almost 100% gone.  I thought that this could be because when in anger, adrenaline rushes, clearing up the head.  When he calms down, the neck squeezing creeps back in (the ghost returns).

This morning's incident threw out my theory that it's a C1 problem when he clearly explained.

He finally found out what is causing all the recent weeks of sleepless nights.

Every morning at about 2.30-3a.m., he would suddenly wake with neck squeezing, headache & be unable to sleep. Horrible feeling to go back to sleep & he would get up & it would be impossible to sleep for the rest of the "night" until near morning.  He would also be forced to succumb to an inexplicable drowsiness that can't be shaken off when he lies down & when he is suddenly woken up like this.

I advised that perhaps he should leave the house (& not be depressed in his room & also relieve me from his disturbing scolding of the ghost all by himself) & increase his vibrational frequency so that he would no longer be affected by the "hold" of our father's influence on him at night.  We have been thinking that it was our father (the demon) doing some kind of shit long-range influence on us.

Our father has been possessed by a demon for years. He admits it & over the years has been completely taken over. He admits that he & that thing are One.  Sounds nuts, but we have lived with him in this house with his shit demon god since we were kids. And I am a hard skeptic with 2 Science degrees.

If it were just my bro having trouble sleeping at night, I would say it's just him. And I've been worried that he's going nuts or is nuts.

But I have experienced weird shit myself, unexplainable. So I have never dismissed what he tells me.  Just that I listen & try to think of possible & logical explanations for why it might be happening & what the heck it might be, all the while skirting around paranormal explanations.

But this morning, when my bro explained very clearly to me, I understand clearly. He has also previously said that he is clearly & soberly in possession of his own mental stability.

He said, "It is not a C1 problem.".  Because 1) the effect is only when he is within that rectangular area of the mattress. Recently, we threw away his 4 years old $2000+ King Koil bed on the theory that it's harbouring some unseen force (spirit/spirits) that has been troubling him every night.

I offered him my "new" mattress that was bought years ago but kept clean in my room in its bag. Even after his bed has been thrown & we cleaned up the place & laid down the mattress, the problem still remained.

Regardless of whatever my bro did, the neck squeezing & other disturbances that he was feeling, continued. It meant that it wasn't the bed & bed frame that caused it. But bro said he had no regrets throwing away the bed & frame since he had tried everything & nothing worked.

He concluded that it was the space of the bed that was haunted. In the floor, perhaps. But if it's the floor, I said then downstairs apartment will also be affected since our floor is their ceiling. He said there have been quarrels downstairs & upstairs, both Indian families.

The theory is that this ghost has been sent by our father. Don't know how he's doing it but it's the most possible since he claims to be able to astrally project (manifest). And he has been resentful of us with a lot of negative emotions.

I said since it's the space on the floor, then shift the mattress. But he says, "Why should I shift for them? I put my things where I want them.". 

Previously, I had advised him to shift his bed & bed frame but because it was too heavy & not feasible, we didn't do it. As it was, throwing it out took a lot of effort because the bed head was so goddamn big & heavy. Don't ever buy such stupidly huge bed frame stuck to a huge bed head. It couldn't even fit out of the goddamn door frame. The delivery guy installed separately inside the room back then.

2)  If it's a real C1 problem, it should work every time he did the neck rotational exercises. But the exercises only ease the squeezing & don't clear it up. And it doesn't always work.

3) This early morning, when he said "gay man", it eased up. When he said "Malay man", it cleared up almost completely with a "crick" sound in his neck.  Yesterday early morning, he told me that every time the ghost leaves his neck (when he makes correct guesses), he'll hear a "crick" sound & there'll be instant relief from the squeezing & headache.

When he called out "voyeurism" "pervert", it also eased up. Means he had guessed right. The theory is that this ghost used to be a sexual deviant, sexual criminal that got killed somehow & hangs around because he refuses to admit that he is a perverted gay.

When he said, the ghost is "an all-rounder pervert", the large sheet of plastic hanging over the overhanging shirts on his chair top, was swept down.  When I said perhaps it's the wind from the fan, he said it appeared to be swept down by force or anger. If it were blown down, it should have floated down. But it was swept off as though in displeasure & the air was cleared of the presence.

After the insults, he said the room was cleared of any disturbance. But at 6am, it returned, this time unresponsive to the same insults.

This early morning around the usual time when both of us would get drowsy, there was no drowsiness at all. Strange. It has nothing to do with my swimming or the 1 or 2 cups of coffee I sometimes drink during the day. It's a drowsiness at night (10.30-11pm for him &  1-2.30am for me) that we can't shake off.

In my case, this is even stranger because I am a skeptic & don't really care about such things except making money.

I feel no presence in his room every time he complains of ghosts. I stand in his room & don't feel anything, even though I am somewhat psychic. So my theory is that there is nothing there but something is playing with his mind & torturing him. We don't know what that is.  This morning, we discussed & he suggests it's some kind of energy. I think I agree.

At about 6am when the "ghost" returned to disturbed him & nothing worked to dispel it, he speculated that maybe there are more than 1 ghost in his room. So he tested by saying there's 1 ghost. His headache & neck squeezing remained. "2 ghosts" was the same. "3 ghosts" was also the same. "4 ghosts" cleared it up.

He told me that he then tested with the candle flame which confirmed the presence of 4 around the room.

He says if he guesses wrong, the headache comes back & worse than before. If it's right, the headache will clear.  That's when he knows he's hit the correct answer.

All these suggests to me, that it's a game that something or someone is playing. It's a game that he is forced to particpate every night because it wouldn't leave him to sleep.

Even after so many weeks, I can't say there are real ghosts in his room or mine, because I don't feel such  a presence. Yet there is undeniable something here. Question keeps coming up: What is it?  

Bro says if it continues like this, it's possible to go crazy. He also questions why I am not affected to the same degree as him. I say I don't know. I can say that I am affected in various ways but differently.

3)  The night before, he explained to me the disturbance. He would be dosing off when something would shove him physically. He demonstrated by jerking up the clothes rack stand in the kitchen, saying "like this". Every time as he is about to dose off.

It seems the goal is to keep him sleepless.  Sleep deprivation lowers mental strength & less able to handle stress. It seems the goal is to break him. But why?  This type of "haunting" is if a murderer killed someone & that victim returns to take revenge.

In our case, the only offending & recent event was that we evicted my father's demon statue. Since then, shit has been happening. So, if it's not coming from my father, then where is it from?