Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Japan, here I... (come)

*watching live cam of JR Aizu-Wakamatsu train station, hearing the announcer's voice. Three trains and melting snow on the tracks.*

I really want to go back to Japan this year April, but I really don't know how, on the kind of money I make/have. At this rate, I won't be able to go back even till next year or any other years.

Already, I waited since 2009 when I was there last. I really wanted to go back last year, but... *hears whistle, clicks back on the live cam, watches the train on the right pull out very smoothly* Whoo hoo!! Beautiful.

Now both trains on left and right have pulled out, leaving the one in the middle that I've never seen before since watching the live cam. Never seen any trains on the middle track before till now.


I was saying... I really wanted to go back last year, but still didn't have the cash, and then the problem with the nuclear plant happened.

Not sure if it's even safe to go back. Or need to wait 13 years (according to bro) for the half-life of the radioactive particles to degrade down to?

*sighs* I really want to go back this year. April. Chase the Sakuras again. Miss the castles. Unfortunately,  Tsurugajo is in Fukushima, the very place the nuclear happened. I don't know if the mall there is still there, or been affected by the quake. I miss the shellfish steamed rice there. I want to go back there.

I know when I'm there, I want to go back to Singapore after 2 weeks. But.. right now, I don't really care. I want to go back to Japan!!!  T.T *weeps*

I want to hug it all my life.

It's driving me insane. *tears up a little, wipes it off my left eye*

I don't know how Japanese people can stay and work in Singapore. Don't it drive them crazy to not be home? Their beautiful home where everything is so different, so orderly.

To me, the orderliness drives me crazy after 2 weeks there. But *heart exhales a breath* right now, I really wish it wasn't so expensive to fly there and stay for another 2 weeks. :)

That time was Taiwan 1 week and Japan 2 weeks, $6000 with some change to spare after getting back into SG. The money wasn't mine but .... *oh now the middle train has gone too*... the person doesn't have to know.

This time, I will hit Taiwan for maybe 1~3 days, depending on whether I want to go to Sun Moon Lake (haven't check out the reviews yet). From there, to Japan.

That time, I didn't spend much on Taiwan (mostly on hotel room cost). Japan took about $3000~4000 (quite evenly on hotel rooms, transport and food).

Was a rather restrained budget in Japan back then. This time, I want a little more, to go a little further, buy a little more to bring back (clothes, foodstuff).  I actually wanted to stay in Ryokans back then, but they only accept minimum 2 persons, not individuals. So... that was out, even if I wanted to pay.

The budget business hotels I stayed in back then were excellent, so either I stay in the same type of hotels again, or stay in even better ones with a little more cash. I think I'd rather stay in a Ryokan if possible. An old one by the side of a rushing river in the middle of a forest, would be great. :)

Mm... *sighs*

This early morning when I woke at about 9, I asked myself how to increase your income in 5 days. No sex, no need to solicit in the flesh.

I don't know. If I knew, I wouldn't be asking or typing here. I'd have gone to Japan.

*sees live cam* Ahhh!!!! The sun has come out!!  It is indeed getting warmer after all that snow. Is it Spring now?

Warmth of the sun!! Mmm... :) I feel less chilly already. I can feel how cold it is in there.

Back in April 2009, I was shivering at 14~15 degrees C and it was supposed to be well into Spring with no snow. The nights were colder. No need for air-con. I left a window a crack/small gap open in my hotel room in the nights, and slept sweeter than I ever slept in Singapore. With that cold night air, my washed (not dripping) clothes dried hanging by the chair or railing in the room.

Their sun is weak, unlike the warmth of the Singapore sun that I missed the most while being there. Subsequently, I missed the warmth of the Singapore people and my country. That's what drove me crazy (guessing homesick).  Their automated announcements at the train stations also started driving me nuts.

The crows are however, the same as ours.

The sun rose too early (5am) and set too early (5pm). Darkness came sudden and quick. At 6pm, I would be plunged in darkness.

*sighs* But how much I want to be there now. Then again... with the sun up, seeing it shining on the snow and everything... suddenly... the realities of when I was there, seep into mind... breaking the romance.

Crap. I don't care. I want to go there. I am going there.  I need to find some way of making money to go.

I don't think the teenagers disembarking from the trains know they are on live cam, broadcast to the world on internet. :) Don't know if the Japanese people even know they are on live cams all over Fukushima. Not sure if they have cams in other areas.

I didn't even know, until a Japanese e-mail reply gave me the link. The Tsurugajo tourist agency for the castle used to have live cam that I depended on rather often until they stopped running it after the nuclear plant problem. Then they just stopped it.

So I e-mailed them in Japanese to ask what happened, because people outside Japan love watching it (it's the only way I can still see the castle even though I can't be there).

The reply came that the tourist agency has stopped it. And said I could watch it from another website.

Turned out to be a map of all the locations of live cams installed in Fukushima (bus depot, race horse course, road junction of some town, mountain somewhere, little towns..).  Pretty amazing.

3 of the cams actually pan slowly left to right, and back, to give panoramic bird's eye views of a park, horse racing course area and mountain (Shinobuyama).

Question is, why have they installed live cams at all? Bro said so others outside Japan can view and want to travel there (promote their land). Seems doubtful to me.

He said, pointing to the cameras that we were passing by as we left the MRT, "Who knows, maybe even these are actually broadcasting to the world without our knowledge.".

I'm keeping the Fukushima live cams website secret (perhaps for now). Selfishly hugging it, yeah.

A few cams have been disabled/shut down in a few locations.

Previously, during the winter, many of the cams would show black/blank, but now with the sun, it's clear and bright. I'm able to see things that I didn't before.

Looking at Shirakawa (don't know of it), has a castle. Didn't know they had a castle there, otherwise, I might have made my way there back in 2009.

Currently, watching a man waiting so patiently at the bus-stop. When will he be getting the bus?

I've never been there, but when I waited at bus-stops in Japan, there were never any seats.

He's so patient, seems to be holding something shiny that shines in the light when he moves. Is the bus coming at all?

The bus... never came. I watched him wait, around 15~20 mins. Then he got up (surprised to see he's quite a tall guy) and walked. Sexy height and build (thought he was an uncle sitting there).  Not clear how old he is, but black short hair.

Turns out he has an injured right leg. The thought occurs that he was an athletic who got injured and can't play anymore. (merges with yaoi anime Zetsuai football player who wasn't injured, but the two somehow mixes feelings in me due to his sexy height and plight). 

Poor guy. What happened?

He stiffly crosses the road, leaning on his left leg. He wasn't holding anything.

I wonder if I will see him again.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Eyeline Australia Swimming/Swim/Racing Goggles (Racing Star Smoke)

Look what just came in the mailbox (yesterday evening). From Australia, only AU$5.45. Shipping AU$9. Total:  AU$14.45 (SGD 19.89)

Order processed on 13 Feb, payment deducted 16 Feb from bank a/c.
Arrived in mailbox on 27 Feb. Waited 12~14 days.

Previously, I had ordered from the company before in 2009 and it was as good, except for the price. The goggles were cheaper @ AU$4.70. Shipping was AU$6.75. Total was AU$11.45.

Both times, no tracking number, but it's just a pair of inexpensive goggles, so it's fine.

Previously, I was also unable to check the status/progress of my order after payment, and had to e-mail them. At that time, Eyeline had someone who replied.

This time, when I asked, nobody replied. Couldn't find an e-mail and didn't see the little clickable "Email eyeline" at the bottom of the page (that now I see). So, I sent enquiry using the invoice receipt that was e-mailed to me when I placed the order.

I had guessed the invoice was automated and my enquiry shouldn't be sent there, but since I didn't see an e-mail at their website, no choice. The invoice e-mail was different from the one I used to communicate with Eyeline back in 2009.

In 2009, it was a customer service e-mail, and I received fast and good reply from a representative. So, I was wondering where that e-mail was at their website this time.

I can't recall why I was unable to check progress of my order back then. But this time I couldn't do it because I had forgotten my password. I had signed up a new account this time, because I couldn't recall the username and password of the previous one.

Oddly, this time I was also unsure what's my username to enter into their log-in page.

So, I clicked  "Forgot password?" and had the reset password link sent to my e-mail (yes, I remember the e-mail that I used to sign up. If this also forget, then finish liao.).

Clicking on that link allowed me to put in a new password. But the result was "Access Denied.
You do not have permission to view this content.".

So, that's why I couldn't check my account to see the progress of my order.

Their service and shipping are so excellent, I wish they had better swimsuits to buy from. But their items are very few and poor, compared to Speedo or other websites. So, I only go for their goggles and only the same one that I always buy and have always bought since many years ago when it was still selling at Metro Marina Square for only $6.

Back then, the last time I saw Eyeline googles in Singapore, was at Metro  Marina Square. After that, the brand completely disappeared.

Now only Speedo is selling at sporting stores. A pity because this Eyeline googles is the original, traditional version with the 3 plastic adjustable ridges for nose strap. The nose strap design is very basic, very functional and very perfect.

Speedo's string version (rope and tube nose bridge) seems perfect because it can be customized for any nose width, but it's really very bad, very poor design. I don't see how competitive swimmers can use this. (Speed Demon design description says it's "A long time favorite with competitive swimmers".).

First, the string cannot possibly last long. Second, it's very difficult to adjust. Third, it doesn't hold well in the water.

Eyeline seems to be the only brand still selling the original nose strap, and racing goggles without any rubber/silicon rims/seal (No seal racing goggles).

I'm thinking if I should buy another to store up. Concerned the rubber strap might deteriorate in our weather/humidity if stored too long without use, but...what if Eyeline one day decides not to sell it anymore? Maybe I should buy an entire box load.

They do line/coat the rubber straps with a film of non-sticking/protective powder. So, I'm thinking it should be Ok to store for long-term. Back when I bought at Metro Marina Square, I think I bought 2 pairs and kept one without damage (none that I can recall).

I've given up trying to order a Speedo swimsuit online. The difficulty of finding a reliable US shop that will ship out, and the negative reviews from buyers for the designs I was thinking of getting... I decided not to get.

I don't want to buy from Amazon. They don't have the designs I want, their shipping and handling are very expensive if I'm buying them on my own, and I could go through a local spree but I don't want to wait weeks/months to get it.

Local spree for Amazon is very sloww... My order for 5 paperbacks was placed on 14 Feb, yet hasn't even been shipped out. Guessing we are waiting for other people's orders to be fulfilled by the different merchants before shipment can fly.

So, I've ordered a swimsuit from Korea. Very beautiful design, very unique, never before seen in Singapore. Also surprisingly, a Speedo.

Shipping will be fast since I've a handle on it.

I don't know if it's genuine Speedo or pirated. Logo across the chest and on the side, just like a regular Speedo.

If it's not an authentic Speedo, why would Speedo allow Korea to sell these swimsuits?

Korea's Speedo has so many beautiful and unique designs as compared to US. The swimsuits are like works of art. It's amazing. Mine is like the Sistine Chapel ceiling art by Michelangelo, with cute cherubs.

If it's not a Speedo, I'll know when it arrives. The fabric and sewing close-ups look fine at the website. So, I think it's genuine Speedo.

Below pics:  This is the Racing Star-Smoke. I just clicked to buy this and didn't check out the other 2 colors in the website.

In the past when it was still selling in Singapore,  this design also came in blue (deeper blue, not Aqua) and transparent/clear, both of which I tried. It was impossible to wear the transparent because it didn't cut out the glare or UV when swimming on a hot sunny day (that I used to do back then).

The blue was better, but the black was the best. So, I've stuck with black since then.

Looking at the website now @ 12.08am, the Racing Star-Smoke is the only design with the "regular slotted nose bridge".  It's also the cheapest.

For the Raider series and Speed Demon (yellow and metallised), they come with rubber seals that are removable--"Unique feature allows use of goggle with or without seals"--and "3 sized nose pieces".

I think it's clumsy to have 3 nose pieces when 1 with 3 slots would do nicely. The purple looks very nice, though. If I buy it, I'll remove the rims/seals. But then, it costs $18.75.

The Speed Demon comes in very beautiful colors (green, red, turquoise, purple...) but all with the string-nose-tube design. A pity a regular slotted nose bridge cannot be used instead (the holes at the lenses only allows string to pass through).

Below: You can see the nose-strap at the bottom, with its 3 ridges on each side. The triangle label on the top right says "UV Protection Against Ultra-Violet Rays". For only AU$5.45, that's pretty amazing.

The eye rims do not have any rubber or silicon. Before buying it for the first time in the past,  I was concerned that it might hurt. But this is The Best design ever. I've swum with it for years. It provides comfortable and excellent fit around the eyes. The plastic is rounded, so it doesn't hurt at all.

The clear sides, without any angles or anything,  also provide excellent views around the periphery, so I can see other swimmers to the left and right of me. Thereby, fulfilling its namesake as a racing goggle.

For recreational swimming, the clear sides--unlike other goggles with faceted angles or rubber/silicon--are a safety feature. Gives a clear, unobstructed view of other swimmers around me, or if a swimmer suddenly cuts in the way etc...

Also, Anti-fog:

Monday, 27 February 2012

How Did Play Become Tantric? (Singapore Clubbing)

(First posted in Fridae)

How did Play become Tantric?
2012-02-25 01:36

My previous profile intro said "Who wants to go to Play/Mink?". Yet I ended up on the 2nd level of Tantric (gay men's bar) on Thursday night 23 Feb.

Preference was for 1-1, yet I ended up sitting before 3 friends of "morimoto" (the Fridae contact who had sent message 3 days before on 20 Feb, asking if I would be going to Play on Thurs night).

On Thursday night around 8~9 pm, I was almost dozing off, assuming the night out to Play was cancelled, yet got out of bed, dressed, Googled for the location (with my bro's help) before rushing out to catch a bus.

At the end, as I walked away and down the stairs of Tantric, I wondered what "morimoto" had intended when she asked me out in her message here.

I have no idea. While I should have been angry that my time was wasted in such a manner, I merely considered it without much feeling.

Perhaps, because I had expected it to be worse. Or rather, when something is already expected, it doesn't come as a surprise.

Upon leaving Tantric and sitting in a bus, I smiled. Relieved to be free from an obligation to a person who even though not deserving of it, was nevertheless the recipient.

I was surprised by my own relief, without realizing I was holding onto the strain of not doing something right by an agreement.

My turning up to meet "morimoto" even though I was very tired and sleepy, even though I guessed it would not be 1-1, even though I felt she was not quite Ok, fulfilled the prior agreement that I would be there.

My presence there, even for a few minutes, fulfils it. Therefore, I went.

Besides, I was curious to see if what I thought was right. :)

(continuing... 26 Feb Sun):

On hindsight, it could have been a misunderstanding, though it felt like I had somehow been (intentionally) scammed.

Nevertheless, 3 positives did come out of it and for that, I feel I should let it go without even mentioning it here.

Yet because the situation was so strangely curious, it has made its way here, on somewhat less steam than I usually post with.

It started with hearts. I sent her one when I saw her at my profile. She thanked me, which I felt was very rare and nice. Not many people bother to send a message of thanks for a heart (usually they will just send a heart back).

So, I replied that she was welcome and that her name was cute.

She replied that she was going to Play on Thurs and if I was going, we could meet.

The selection of Thurs was interesting because clubbing usually happens on Fri or Sat. However, if a person wanted a quieter time (for instance, to hang out with friends), Thurs would be suitable.

Also, it sounded she had the schedule already set for Thurs.

So I guessed she would not be alone, although it was also possible that she regularly went to Play to relax on Thurs nights that she had set aside.

I said I was cool to meet up and asked if we should meet somewhere and walk there.

She wasn't sure what time to meet, but probably 9~10pm.

I felt the early time selection was also interesting because usually clubbers would start late.

She offered her mobile number first, which I felt positive about. I offered mine in return and said to SMS in between the time or on Thurs, since the details had not been decided yet.

Till Wed, there wasn't word from her, making me wonder if it was cancelled. So, I SMSed to ask if we were meeting outside Play or....? (whether it was cancelled).

She said we could contact when we are inside.

Inside? Since I have never been to Play, I can only imagine looking for someone I had never met in a semi-darkness like Attica, Firefly or Gotham Penthouse (closed down).

Now, why would someone suggest meeting inside, rather than outside a club? I imagined she would wait more comfortably lounging alone on a sofa inside than waiting outside.

Then she said I could bring friends or anyone who was interested.

So, I asked, "So, you will be with friends?".

She did not reply.

That being the case, and no more SMSes from her, I assumed it was cancelled.

Thursday was a very sleepy day for me. Was too tired to even go out with Bro to the nearby mall when he asked if I wanted to.

Come nightfall, I had forgotten about having to meet anyone for the night, assuming it was already cancelled since no reply.

At about 8pm, I was in bed, re-watching Hana Kimi (Taiwan version) on Youtube on my phone, too sleepy to do anything else. Eyes were partly closing, and I was thinking of calling it a night.

At 8.09pm, her SMS came asking if I would be heading to Play later and that she was still at work.

Considering the question, I considered the answer.

First, she never replied whether she would be with friends. Second, I assumed the meet up was cancelled. Third, I was very tired (haven't been feeling particularly well) and almost sleeping. Fourth, it was most likely she would be with friends (but not telling me).

Should I go? (Bro told me to decline quickly before she left for the club).

If she had replied to my last message (whether she would be with friends), there wouldn't be this reluctance. There was also the casual, impersonal way of her SMS replies that didn't bode well. Plus, I was pretty certain she would be with friends but she wasn't saying it.

On the other hand, I had agreed to meet on Thurs night, and she could be alone after work, waiting for me.

Close to 9pm, I replied that I was very tired and asked if it was confirmed she was going.

(Wondering if she might say that since I'm tired, I'm excused. I had wanted to ask whether she was alone or with friends. If with friends, then I could be excused.).

In a minute, her SMS came that she was already at Maxwell. (Not sure if this was in response to my message since it was so quick).

Bro was right that I had taken too long to respond. She had already left work and arrived.

It sank me a little, since it meant I couldn't say no now. I said, I'm on my way if she was Ok to wait.

So, I got out of bed, tried Googling for Play's exact location and failing to find while the clock ticked. After some 15 mins, I asked Bro to help search for it while I got dressed.

It has been a while since I last looked around that area out of curiosity. I had wanted to have a look at Tantric after it was mentioned online, and went to look at Taboo and Play along the way. But I only stepped into Tantric for 3 mins and didn't enter the rest.

A subesequent occasion when I tried looking for Play again, oddly, I couldn't find it. So, this time, I needed Google map.

Google has this wonderful feature that Bro is very good at finding and using, where it shows an exact place in the day-time with zooming and 360 degrees viewing as though you are there.

Earlier, on Wed, it suddenly occured to me that I had never looked at her profile since her first message. (Yet I was going to meet her on Thurs).

What if she smokes? I don't think I can put up with another Fridae woman who gravitates to a trashbin like the one I once met, and having to breathe in her smoke.

I rushed to her profile to check--and it was the cleanest I've ever seen since being here. No hair dye, no smoking, no drinking (if I recall correctly), no piercing. Normal, boring, like me. Amazing.

Safe, finer, educated types of hobbies. Even finer than mine.

Her admonishing others for the lack of respect for another person (in asking for her pics), sounded so much like me when I used to be upset like that.

She sounded like she knew what respecting others meant. A positive point. How bad can she be if she understands respect?

Her profile was too good to be true. As it is said regarding scams online: If something is too good to be true, it probably is.

After viewing her profile, it occured to me I didn't know what her sexual preferences were. So I went back, thinking I missed out reading it (how could I have missed out something so important?).

It wasn't that I missed out. She didn't have the section "Things I'm Into".

Now, what sort of person would not have that section? Prudish? :) Pretender?


An agreement is an agreement. She was already there, and I was also curious to see whether my guesstimates/predictions were right.

If only she had been honest that she would be with friends and asked if I wanted to join them.

There is no point in me going and then discovering I have to sit with people I don't know without prior warning. I'd still leave. There is no benefit, so I don't know why she did it.

If she was just curious about my appearance, or if she wanted to freshen up her group with a new face, or just to get a kick out of controlling a situation.... I don't see how it benefits in a meaningful way.

So, tired as I was, let's go see whether it is as I guessed.

Just before I left the house, Bro said, "Be careful.". I guessed he meant watching out for traffic. He knew I had been needing my rest, but didn't say anything against my going (even though he said I should cancel).

He asked me to take a cab, but I felt there wasn't a need to.

While it was possible she was waiting for me alone, it was highly likely she was passing the time with friends, in which case, there was no special need for me to hurry.

At about 10.15 pm, I arrived, and walked fast through Chinatown to get to Maxwell food center.

Considering the time when she sent SMS about her arrival at Maxwell (at about 9pm), I would be 1.5 hrs late by the time I walked to Play.

Usually, I'm punctual. If she had replied to my last message about whether she would be with friends, I wouldn't be so late and rushing. I would have been early.

(While I might have declined if she had mentioned a group meeting, I might also have said yes. Her not replying to my SMS message spooked me into thinking the meet up was cancelled.).

I SMSed her that I was on the way to Play.

However, she replied that she was at Tantric and asked if I wanted to go there first.

Tantric? I wondered why was she at the gay men's bar, instead of the agreed place we were to meet. Briefly, I didn't have a good feeling about it.

But then, considering she had been waiting for more than 1 hr... She perhaps got bored at Play and went to check out Tantric.

I said Ok.

As mentioned, having checked out Tantric some time back out of curiosity, I knew exactly where it was. Sometimes, a bus will take me past it. So, getting to it was easy.

In the middle of the road, sits a church. To its left, the lane leads to Play. To the right, a main road leads to Taboo and Tantric.

Reaching Play, I merely had to turn back to the church and cross over.

Arriving at Tantric... guess who I saw coming out of a blue cab?

As I approached the entrance, 2 persons emerged from a cab, standing outside and looking up into Tantric.

The one behind, I assumed was a woman from her size, though I didn't actually look.

Standing behind them, I looked up also, into the semi-dark courtyard with its lounging people and smoke.

Wondering if the two persons were getting in and waiting for them, I noticed the first person stalling ahead at the threshold, seemingly uncertain about going in.

Large, tall and in a yellow veil shawl. As the person turned, I saw the right-side profile of a hooked nose and dark complexion.

Oh, Kumar.

What's he doing here? (Then again, this is a gay men's bar, so it shouldn't be surprising he's here).

(Now in hindsight, I wonder if he owns the place or is one of the owners?).

2 young guys in black had gone near them as the two exited the cab, so I assumed they were together.

However, as I stood behind looking up and waiting for the two persons to enter Tantric, and feeling uncertain about my own entrance, they noticed me.

Surprisingly, Kumar stepped back with the others, and I went forth.

The 2 black guys quickly took positions on either side of the entrance, with the one on the left saying in a formal tone as I passed, "Welcome to Tantric".

Wahh, that never happened when I was here previously. At that time, nobody greeted me as I hung outside with the bouncers staring at me until I asked if I could go in and they unstiffened with a welcoming "sure, sure".

This time, to have a formal greeting like that at the entrance... I must be looking pretty cool. Bro had said I looked cool, using the term that we have for the look.

Behind me, I wasn't aware of Kumar or anyone else following. Subsequently, I didn't see Kumar in there. I guess maybe he felt the place wasn't suitable and went back into the waiting cab.

As on the previous occasion, supposedly gay men glanced up from the tall tables as I stepped into Tantric's courtyard and walked through. I suppose it's only natural to see who enters and leaves.

A few women in black, bare-backed dresses were also there.

Avoiding breathing in the smoke, I went into the shophouse where a long bar counter stretches with plenty of empty space to sit around on cushioned bar-stools on this Thurs night.

Previously when I was there, the place was packed with testosterone with only standing space.

The stools were neatly lined along the walls, so I just sat on one nearest the door and SMSed that I had arrived.

But it didn't seem she received it, since 6 mins later, she asked me to inform her when I had arrived.

Thinking perhaps connection was bad inside, I stepped out . I asked whether she was here and that I was already sitting inside Tantric.

No reply for quite a while, making me wonder if it was a prank.

I began typing the message that I would only wait for another 5 mins before leaving.

While considering the message, the phone rang and I got off my seat while saying "hello".

Standing across from me, just outside, was a woman holding her phone to her ear. A woman with similar facial features as a Taiwanese woman I had fired recently.

There is something about facial features that tell about a person.

Nevertheless, I brushed that aside and said, "Oh." with unsmiling surprise.

She didn't say a thing or smile as she looked me eye-to-eye. Then she led the way up the side where I hadn't known was the stairs.

I said I didn't know Tantric had an upstairs, and thought we were supposed to be at Play?

She smiled back that "we" came to Tantric because there were gays in Play.

For a moment, I didn't catch that. What in Play?

Gays, she repeated as she reached the top of the stairs and pushed open the door.

It baffled me as I went up the stairs. Gays in Play and that's why "we" are in Tantric?

As guessed, I was led to a cosy corner where 3 persons sat in a big, black, plush sofa with a table in front.

Approaching, was not a pleasant feeling. I did not get out of bed for this, although I had a brief secret fantasy of being invited by a woman who secretly didn't mention her friends and then they subsequently, sexually enjoyed me.

I tried to smile without grimace, at the 3 young persons sitting there who looked rather surprised and clueless at who/what was coming to their table.

"Morimoto" sat on the right of the sofa bench opposite the trio, while I took the left.

She introduced me, by saying and pointing to me and her, "We don't know each other. I haven't met her before.".

I wasn't pleased to hear the disassociation.

Nice intro, eh? (after all my hurrying there). Shouldn't the correct/usual introduction be "This is X" and these are my friends, "X,Y and Z."?

Then, she said to me with a smile, "These are my friends." sounding and looking as though proud of them as her friends but not with me as an acquaintance.

Two young guys were on either side of a young Chinese woman. A light-colored Indian on the left and a Chinese on the right.

All in their 20s, I was guessing. All sounding locals.

Surprisingly, they were very nice, asking for my name.

After I said it, they didn't catch it, so I repeated. Then they introduced themselves, one at a time, presenting a hand for me to shake.

Unfortunately, after all that walking and perspiring, and then chilled by the air-con sitting in the Tantric downstairs, my hand was cold (and luckily dry).

Their names fell through the sieve of my mind at the time, since I was preoccupied with the thought of leaving.

However, it must be said that those 3 persons were very nice. Might have been better had it been a different situation.

While I liked the young woman who was very gungho in being the first to introduce herself, presenting her hand pointing down and forwards, elbow out, her name escaped me.

Hand pointing down and forwards with the elbow out--I thought was a rather outdated way of presenting a masculine directness/forwardness that seemed artificial.

From her body language and behavior, there seemed no doubt she was having a positive/favorable opinion of me. At the start, she watched my face while talking to the guys, glancing for my reaction or to see if I was looking.

I wasn't looking at them.

While they talked and laughed, I turned my attention to the layout and ambience of the room. Interesting place, cozy, classy, Victorian-ish, though small. Interesting photos, framed, along the walls.

Interesting that the decor made the room look like an altogether different place than downstairs.

A large TV at the top of the wall was playing a British drama that I wished to know the title to, above the sofa beside the trio's. In the sofa, two short, youngish gay guys lay against each other, watching an identical TV across the room, playing the same drama.

No sound came from the TVs, and an empty bar counter was to the right of the room.

Some time in between, "morimoto" said that her 2 guy friends were gays while the young woman was... a "lesbo"? (not sure if I heard right since it was said very quickly and casually).

By her "masculine" presentation, I would guess the young woman was gay.

It seemed she was curious about me and interested in a wide-eyed sort of way.

At one point, I realized she had clasped her hands over her crossed knees, as I was doing. Whether she was conscious of it or not, she was mimicking me.

In interviews, if you wish to gain favorable response from the interviewer, subtly/discreetly copy what he/she is doing. The interviewer will then feel there is a "rapport" between you and him/her, making you a more favorable choice to hire. I learnt this from body language lessons taught to me a long time ago.

Whether she knows of this body language, I don't know. But she was getting me to see favorably of her.

Unfortunately, a youth untouched by the realities of the world, has no appeal to me.

While the trio talked about their drinking experiences and laughed at the young woman who recounted her reaction to an alcohol she had drank in the past, the Chinese guy abruptly glanced up and asked me, ""How old do you think she is?".

Offhand, one might think 18, as the number showed in my head (if they could read thoughts, they would know this answer to be wrong).

However, as I looked at her face and into her eyes for a few moments while she looked seriously back at me, I guessed 20+.

They seemed impressed and wowed that "that was a new high". So, I guessed I was the first to get it right.

She wanted to know if it was because of her presence in "this place". I smiled slightly, said no. (Though I'm not quite sure what she meant, I didn't think age has anything to do with being in a gay bar.).

I thought she should have asked if it was her dressing. But even then, it wasn't the clothing.

The Chinese guy said if she wore shorts and stuff, I might not have been able to guess. (Earlier, he was trying too hard to sound gay, conscious of my eyes on him).

Had they pursued for a number, I would have given it and believe I would have been quite right as well.

At the start, a few minutes after we sat down, "morimoto" had turned to me and said there was no obligation for me to stay, and that I could leave if I wanted. Or if I wanted to go to Play, we could also go.

I glanced to see what the trio thought of going to Play, and it seemed they didn't hear (or pretended not to have heard) as they talked.

It didn't seem like they would uproot to go to Play.

After making the effort to meet with "morimoto", expecting a 1-1 meet up at Play and ending up at Tantric instead, facing persons I didn't know... She now says there is no obligation for me to stay.

I smiled slightly at her and turned away. Why should I leave and show myself to be as poorly managed as her?

At least, a stay of a few minutes was in order.

Meanwhile, the Indian guy was nice enough to talk a little with me. He seemed curious about me (as the other two were), and he was quite interesting to talk to and quite cute. :)

From him, I learnt that entering Play before 10pm grants free access in and out. After 10pm, it's $15. (A Fridae acquaintance had already told me this before, but I had forgotten.).

Thursday, he said, was also gay women's night. That's why they preferred Tantric. (I wondered, what about the gay woman with you guys? Doesn't she get a say in preferring Play?).

He continued that "morimoto" didn't like Play for the reason. I was about to confirm it with him when I realized I could ask her sitting right beside me.

Did she not like Play because of the theme and that's why she was at Tantric? (I wanted to find out whose/which side was she on, gay or not).

She smiled it away, indicating the trio, "They wanted to come to Tantric.".

How convenient.

After a suitable time, I turned to "morimoto" and informed that I was going to check out Play.

As I got up, it took the Indian guy a moment to realize I was leaving, and he expressed cute and loud disappointment, "OH? You are leaving?" as though my presence was appreciated.

I repeated I was going to check out Play. Given my earlier interested questions about Play, it served as a good excuse to leave.

As I walked away, I heard them say "bye" and slightly said it in return without looking back.

Throughout the whole time, "morimoto" didn't join in the trio's conversations, but merely watched as though she were an older chaperone. Neither did she talk to me, unless I talked to her.

I found that most strange.

After walking out of Tantric, I stood at the bus-stop just outside, across the road.

I considered going over to Play for real, but didn't see the need to pay $15 when I could check it out next time before 10pm and get free access.

If every Thurs night was gay women's night, I could go another Thurs if I wanted.

Wondered if by not going, I might perhaps miss a chance meeting someone interesting (who might not be there another time), but I thought if it was meant to be, there will be a next time.

After a while of waiting, I walked further down, past Maxwell to another bus-stop and caught a bus back.

On hindsight, it was possible she didn't receive my SMS about whether she would be with friends. Just as she might not have received the SMS I sent to say that I had arrived at Tantric (and thought it was a connection problem).

Still, I wasn't told we would be meeting others. I was specific about going to Play or Mink. Yet this was conveniently and unapologetically used for her own occasion at Tantric, with the remark that I had no obligation to stay when I was there. The offer to go to Play never happened.

Overall, the 3 positives were:

It could have been worse ("morimoto" might have been crazier), her friends were nice to meet, and I found I still have the cool-look effect on people with the right haircut :) (that I just had from QB, not even from a salon this time).

I don't think the clothes I wore were anything special.

As bro said when I asked what gives the "cool" look, it's the face and blue glasses (I don't think he mentioned the hair. He never thinks it's the hair though I always say it is.). He said if the face were longer, I'd look even more like my favorite actor.

Mm. Well, while that sounds nice and makes me happy, I think it has to be taken with ... a lot of doubt. :)

I don't look masculine. Bro means the "cool-look" effect of the actor.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Going Organics 2

Update 7 March Wed: Watsons @ VivoCity has resumed selling the Hurraw lip balms and Eco products as of now. The soap smells really sweet and delicious.

(First posted  in Fridae)

2012-02-23 15:59

At the moment, you all have just been spared my unforgiving and unhappy comments about gay women (and men) here and in the "About Me" section, by a Fridae woman who replied to my SMS some minutes ago (this morning when typing this).

Thus, I am appeased...

Another Fridae woman "morimoto" however, deserves mention, because her SMS ended strangely and abruptly without reply last night.

I guess this will be mentioned again in another post some time in future.

Problem sending e-mail to my Korean contact has just been solved.

My SMS sent this morning was received (surprised and relieved). I think it's lousy Yahoo. Keeps bouncing back my e-mails to my Korean contact with mail delivery failure messages (after 1~2 days after I had sent).

*sees my profile at the right side of screen* Why is my profile appearing under Featured Profiles"?


At the moment, also intending to purchase Sanctum Organics Moisture Day cream  online. Googling for website to buy from.

Not the first time seeing this brand that I didn't know is Australian. Yesterday was the second time I saw and tried one of the products (Moisture Day cream) @ The Naturally Better Company @ Millenia Walk (at a small separate space inside PARCO first level).

Price $88. Sales lady informed there's a 10% discount (which would still make it pretty expensive, I thought).

What's interesting is that when pumped, it comes out in 2 separate colors (white and toffee brown). When mixed, the 2 creams combine beautifully moist and creamy on the skin of the hand (during testing).

The scent is nice and the consistency is creamy when mixed, almost like honey, but not thick. It's a very nice and smooth texture to spread evenly, leaving the skin very soft, smooth and moisturized.

I guess it might leave a stickiness if used on the face, though can't really confirm it since I tested it on my hand which was smoothly moisturized after application.

It's a face moisturizer, and the 2 colors coming out separately reminds me of ...another brand at Watsons (the one that has 2 columns in 1 tube).

Unfortunately, while talking to the sales lady about the price, whether it was the Moisture Day or Moisture Control that I wanted and the expiry dates, I saw a red dot on the expiry date of the sample bottle.

A  red dot that covered the expiry date well.

Of course, I peeled it off to see the date. 06 2011.

Last year? June?

How could she still be having this bottle as a sample for people to try??

It's more than 6 months old!

I told her that it's expired and that I had just already applied it on my hand.

She said it's Ok like it didn't matter (of course, because it's not her skin).

Even if it's just a 1-time application on the hand... I'm amazed that this bottle of sample had expired more than 6 months ago. And a red dot has conveniently been placed over it.

She seems a nice lady, but... I'm very surprised that this has been done. I've not seen other sales staff there, so I don't think it's been done by other sales ladies.

Regarding the expiry date on the box of the Moisture Day Cream, it's a few months later this year. Pretty close to now, and tells me it's been a long while since it's been imported.

I don't think a cosmetic product would have only a few months shelf-life. Importation alone takes a month or two.

This, plus the fact that it ain't cheap, and the fact that the expiry date of the sample bottle was deliberately hidden, made me decide not to buy.

(Strange that the Moisture Day doesn't seem able to be found online. Could be old/discontinued product).

I only purchased a Hurraw lip balm that I came for, remembering that it is the only one among all the flavors that gives a tint to the lips.

Yesterday, memory was refreshed--Black Cherry tinted lip balm @ $8.50.

Previously, I had bought the Moon Night lip balm (vanilla flavor) from Millenia Walk at $10.50,  and it's been good. So, I returned yesterday to buy the balm that would give some color to my lips.

Unfortunately, Watsons used to sell items from The Naturally Better Company but stopped recently. Watsons charged $1 more though.

I bought the Eco orange and Patchouli body wash from Watsons previously and it was just Ok, nothing great for the price of $18. Not especially hydrating or moisturizing.

But the Moon Night Treament lip balm is good. The moisture stays and is very light on the lips.

As mentioned in Female magazine Feb issue (that I read while my feet were being attended to at Nails@The Lacquer Room @ VivoCity), the Hurraw lip balm slides on smooth and easy. Not sticky, and no fake-tasting flavors.

The best lip balm I've ever used. Even better than Lip Infusion Moisture Splash by Blistex from Watsons. The original lip splash is better than the Cherry flavor.

For the Cherry Splash, what this reviewer said is true. It's been a while since I used it and forgotten.

It does dry out very fast on the lips, leaving the lips even drier and thirstier. The original splash stays the lips moist only just a little longer, and leaves the lips quite dry as well, but overall, better than the Cherry.

Here are the best lip balms I've ever tried:

Hurraw! Black Cherry Tinted and Moon Night Treatment lip balms. And the website. The Naturally Better Company is actually an umbrella company for a few organic brands:

According to the website, the Moon balm "lends a gorgeous green-blue color", but actually, there's no such color in the stick or when applying.

The black cherry tinted balm does give a nice, slight pinkish gloss to the lips.  According to the sales lady, it gives the lips a natural color. Very smooth to apply. I like it very much. Lovely color on the lips with a light moisture.

The flattish, elliptical design is also very unique.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Going Organic

Update 11 Nov Sun 2012: This is a very old post. Since then, I have found an online site to get organic stuff. However... I have found the site to be excellent, but not perfect.


(First posted on Fridae)

Going Organic
2012-02-17 01:09

Searching for organic body washes (shower gels) that are free from parabens, alcohol, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and other drying/damaging chemicals.

Need something hydrating and moisturizing without needing to use body lotion after bathing.

No point buying a moisturizing body wash and then have to use body lotion after it. If the hydrating/moisturizing body wash/shower gel is that good, it shouldn't be necessary to have to use body lotion.

So, I don't know why women compliment a body wash for being moisturizing and then follow up with body lotion/cream. Double moisturizing? Or the body wash simply wasn't good enough?

Personally, I don't like using body lotion or even hand creams... Even though sometimes I buy, but... then use only a few times before leaving aside. I just find it pointless to apply creams because the body has its own natural layer of moisture and oils.

And that natural cover is easily eroded by the very chemicals that sellers claim to be moisturizing.

I end up throwing away a lot of creams, lipsticks, lip balms, facial toners and moisturizers because they don't work.

Thinking of buying many organic body washes that I browsed online. Very expensive... Can't afford to buy a US$20 body wash for only 8oz (237ml).

237 ml is so little. Really. By the time it gets airmailed into Singapore, the price would be SGD40 at the minimum. Too crazy even for my taste.

Yet it's hard to let go. Red Flower Icelandic Moonflower body wash.

Red Flower is the brand name. Never heard of it but it's got plenty of positive reviews, except for 1 that said the scent was ...too strong/heavy.

So, then I thought of switching to their Japanese Peony body wash, same price, same amount, but my heart has been set on Icelandic because of its wonderful name.

Just recently, I dropped by Crabtree at Vivocity to check out their Pomegranate body wash that I saw online. Looked a rather big bottle but according to online, it's only 250ml.

The Crabtree saleswoman said the individual bottles have sold out, but they have a last set at a discounted price of $55 for the wash and lotion (original price $60).

Dividing $55 by 2... it's still an incredible amount to pay for just body wash/shower gel.

Sniffing the Rosewater shower gel was heavenly, but it's only a very narrow bottle that costs a lot.

Imagine how much smaller the Icelandic shower gel at 237ml would be, and costs even more.

What do these people think they are selling? Gold?

When you browse the shelves of Watsons and Guardian, it's ironic that shower gels that call themselves "moisturizing" actually contain parabens (methylparaben etc...) and alcohol that dry out the skin, instead of moisturizing.

Even Cetaphil, that's said to be for very sensitive skins, contains parabens.

[For more information on parabens, SLS, etc., --]

These days, I've realized that organic is the way to go. As best as possible and if not too expensive, I choose organic fresh vegetables and fruits.

In the past, organic used to equate to very expensive. But these days, prices have gone down a lot and some items are pretty reasonably priced. Fresh and nice-looking as well.

Example:  4 organic Juliet apples from France cost $5.95 at Giant. That's pretty reasonable for organic apples that look good, smell sweet and taste great. And free from pesticides.

A packet of Chye Sim costs about $2.55 at NTUC. That's also reasonable. Compared to non-organic Chye Sim at about $1+, it costs just a little more for pesticide-free and safe dining. It just puts your heart at ease to know it's organic. Whether it's been genetically altered is another matter.

Pesticides and hormones pumped into our food source, can be blamed for plenty of problems in a human body. I would say, even cause sexual orientation problems.

Notice that it is only in recent years that there are more gays and transgender people. I don't think it is about coming out of the closet, or genes.

Hormones and vitamins pumped into eggs, milk, chicken meat...

While I can't say that our water supply is involved, it would not be surprising that these synthetic chemicals have also found their way in there.

Is there organic bread selling in Singapore?

So far, all the flavors of Gardenia, Sunshine, Bonjour and other brands of bread, have a very artificial and yeasty taste. Also, the reason why they can last an extra 1 or 2 days after expiry date, is because of the preservatives.

Probably, it's the preservatives that make the bread taste odd, although Gardenia white bread tastes a little better than the others.

For my skin... all along, I never cared what type or brand I used for shampoo and shower gels. I would buy whatever looks interesting and smells good. I never read the ingredients.

So, I've used plenty of different types and flavors of gels and shampoos over the years.

Of late, I think this has caught up with my skin that has become very dry. Dry to the extent of feeling tight with a little itch sometimes along my thighs when stretched.

Though it probably has something to do with my swimming, past and present, I think it's more to do with the chemicals in the shampoos and shower gels over the years.

It's only recently that organic bath and body products, and food, have turned up on our shelves. And it would seem the more educated people who know about the benefits are appreciating them.

Certainly, more educated also likely means more spending power.

People are more careful these days of what they use and what they eat. Some are overly cautious, without considering that sometimes... it doesn't matter what you eat or do, it's just ... bad genes.

Or it doesn't matter what you eat or do, because... other things can go wrong that wasn't planned or foreseen.

As the proverb says: Man proposes, God disposes. (Though I wouldn't count too much on the existence of such a being.).

As the devil also said on a T-shirt I once saw a man wearing up the bus: God is busy. May I help you?

I like that T-shirt. I believe it's truer than God. *small smile*

Some time back, after seeing that shirt, I considered buying it online, but didn't, again because of cost and shipping.

Just 2 days ago, I spent some bucks buying 3 organic body washes from US websites from a middle person.

All supposed to be organic, sans drying/harsh/detergent chemicals. So, I'm waiting to try them when they arrive.

Meanwhile, I'm eyeing at the brand Pharmacopia (Lavender flavor) for US$15.40 that I saw on Skin Botanica, but don't know how to buy this into Singapore (affordably) together with a few other items.

I could buy through the middle person again... but will need to ask how much.

If I do that, I was thinking of asking how much for a Speedo swimsuit as well.

The Speedo US website accepts cards issued outside of the US, but they don't ship out. So odd and what a bummer.

I need a swimsuit (again).

Last year, I made the mistake of ordering a Speedo swimsuit from an independent swimming products US website (instead of Amazon or from the middle person, that I felt were too expensive).

Well, this website charged even more in the end. Not sure how the heck airmail got so much or how they calculated it.

I ended up paying SGD 140+ for a swimsuit. And it took longer to get here than if I had ordered from Amazon.

Amazon charges for handling and shipping, but they are fast. Just that airmail is a real killer.

Recently, I tested total cost for just 5 paperback books at Amazon and airmail quoted was US$62. My goodness.

US$62. Just for 5 paperbacks (not even hard cover). I went through the middle person to get them for me and waiting for arrival. The waiting is the disadvantage, but no choice, to save on airmail.

Skin Botanica does ship to Singapore, but the airmail is also killer (just 3 bottles of body wash cost US$39 airmail).

If you live in the US, then it's free shipping for orders over US$49 *arggghhh* It's not fair... (common for many US websites to offer free shipping for just low amount purchases).

I considered using Comgateway, but even up till Dec 2011, people were still complaining how bad it was.

Using other US forwarders... will also be costly.

I might have to give up Pharmacopia (unless I go through the middle person or buy from Skin Botanica), though the Lavender has received good reviews.


Then... there's this interesting brand called 100% Pure (or 100 percent pure) with really delicious and fabulous-sounding flavors.

Surprisingly, Google showed up a local business here that actually sells 100% Pure products, from body washes to cosmetics with plant pigments. Their office is at Kallang Pudding (wherever that is).

Found their Facebook first before seeing they have a website (with a URL that doesn't bear the brand name, no wonder didn't come up in Google search).

The brand is supposedly 100% pure in that the products contain only natural ingredients and preservatives. No chemicals whatsoever.

One local blogger brought her boyfriend to their office, and actually ate a little of one of their body scrubs after the owner (?) suggested that she try it. The owner, Janet, says it tastes like jam.

I was thinking... that that being the case, it means the product is as good as homemade (though homemade would be superior since fresher), than spending money buying it.

So, why should I spend $27 on a body wash when I can make it myself? Janet informed that for new customers, there's a 22% discount.

Well... that's if I know how to make a body wash myself.

I know scrubs can be homemade/DIY. It's very simple and cheap. I once put out ads offering natural ingredients facial and body "spa" massage for ladies.

Plenty of recipes for DIY online. All using fruits, natural oils etc... I had some interested replies through my ads.

I'm also interested in 100% Pure's line of body creams, but not sure how oily (or not oily) it's going to be.

Usually for natural products, there will be some settling of natural oils and separation of ingredients etc...

So, I'm not sure how 100% Pure's stuff is going to be (unless I buy a body wash and body cream to try).

A reviewer said the body cream absorbs easily into the skin and the scent doesn't linger.

For the body wash... reviews have said the lathering is weak, scent doesn't linger on the skin, a little watery, but... great for their skin.

Mm... I prefer my shower gels creamy with some light scent on my skin after bathing.

Hard to decide, hard to buy when it's all money money money...

Then there's Pure Fiji, that reviews have been good about. Never heard of the brand either, but they have some very tasty bath wash flavors. :)

Skin Botanica sells some, but here is the wider range on the Aussie site (but they don't ship out):

They also have sites in US, UK, Fiji (assuming main site), New Zealand and Korea (surprisingly).

Clicking on "by Range" in the menu tab, comparisons can be made.

*looking at the Korean site* Hmm... I've a contact person for Korea, so at least I can order. Immediately thinking of importing into SG to sell.... :)

For shower gels, the Korea site has Passion Flower and Frangipani (total 7 choices to pick) but the Aussie has Orange Blossom (total 6 choices to pick).

Other difference is the Aussie version has Hydrating Body mist that the Korean doesn't have.

The Reniu line and Outdoor Protection (insect repellents) are not in the Korean version.

(The Aussie site is very much slower than the Korean)

Dilo Rescue series, body spray sold out at Korean site and also missing Body Gel travel size.

Facial Solution series... the Aussie site has only Toner and Cleanser. Korean site has Hydrating Multi-Active Serum, Multi-Active Night Creme (sold out) and Multi-Active Day Creme (sold out).

I just did the calculation. ~.~ It would cost SGD 50 for 1 bottle of shower gel (Pineapple flavor. Mango sold out) from the Korean site, without shipping.

Buying from Skin Botanica is cheaper...

Definitely can't import this brand for sale unless wanna do wholesale...


I found another reviewer who blogged about buying discounted 100% Pure bathing washes at OG Orchard. But her blog was in 2010.

Tonight (17 Feb), I checked it out, and wasn't surprised to see OG no longer carries the stock.

When she mentioned she bought at a discount, I guessed they were probably clearing out stock. Also, the bottle for the organic mint Eucalyptus foaming shower gel she photographed for her blog is no longer in use. The brand has changed its bottles.

While I could order from Janet and save a lot with the new customer 22% discount...

I just realized that in her e-mail when she replied to me, she typed my name starting with a small alphabet, while she signed off her own name with a capital first letter.

A slip of respect for the customer? *thinks* No wait... she typed the reply on her phone. Meaning, capitals and small letters are difficult to control.

Her sign off could also be an automatic outgoing signature.

Yet fact is, she got her name right with the capital first letter in the right place. Yet didn't bother to amend/notice the small starting letter of my name.

Do I want to give my money to someone who doesn't respect me as a customer?

Well... it's kinda hard to decide when I'm really curious about the body washes and she's the only one who seems to stock them in Singapore.

Strange but true that it seems there is no one else selling the 100% Pure brand in Singapore. How can that be?

If anyone of you sees it selling anywhere in SG, send message.

Update 2: (19 Feb Sun)

I still can't decide whether to get the 100% Pure shower gel and facial cleanser from Janet.

Mainly because I've bought many products that have disappointed so far. From the reviews for 100% Pure, it doesn't sound too great, although it does sound like might work.

Bottomline, it's all about money.

Many things I need to buy and do with money:

1) Go to Japan. I am missing it so very much, it's driving me a little depressed.

2) Go to Taiwan. I need to buy more Wacoal bra and panties that fit me so well. Only the new mall Jing Zhan sells (haven't seen it elsewhere in Taiwan) and the sales lady was so nice when I was there last year.

She told me this Wacoal brand and the designs are exclusive to Taiwan. It got me thinking that that's why I've never seen them in Singapore. A pity. The designs are unique, youngish and most importantly, very fitting. 

From Taiwan, go to Japan.

3) Since no money to go, I would settle for a Singapore hotel room bath tub relaxing soak for 1 night.

I won't "order" any more women from Fridae to give me a massage because I've been too disappointed with freelancers and previous experiences.

4) Full sensuous body masssage from (trying out) Changi Village Hotel (recommended by a woman on Fridae).

Looking it up now, Google says the spa is called "The Retreat" and also available at the Mariott. Great. I can go to the Mariott then, nearer.

Been reluctant to have to search how to get to Changi Village Hotel.

Do you have dirty, sexy, sensuous massage? ^____^

Hmm...seems the massage "treatments" are different for the Mariott and Changi Village, even though both under The Retreat.

*frowns with pout* Prefer Changi Village. Cheaper prices and with the more usual relaxing treatments (what the heck is Thalasso Swedish massage at the Mariott?).

Besides, the woman who recommended it on Fridae said she had tried a very nice sensuous massage at Changi Village. Not sure if her "sensuous" matches with what I'm expecting.

5) 100% Pure shower gel (Pomegranate) and facial cleanser (Lavender).

6) If I order from Janet, I will remove the same items that I put into Skin Botanica's online cart. Still, the other items in the cart will be a costly purchase from Skin Botanica after shipping.

7) Speedo swimsuit. US$49.99. Supposed to be "new" in Speedo website, but why so cheap? Cheaper than their usual. The Magnetic Space Remix Y-Back - Speedo Endurance+ is pretty cool.

I always only buy Speedo's Endurance series, though I wonder how long this one will last because of the shoulder straps. Though they have reinforced the straps, I doubt thin straps like that can last long.

Still, it is a beautiful and cool design in the water. And the price is pretty good.

But where to buy online that will ship to Singapore and how much airmail... headache every time.

I need a US person to ship stuff for me... Anyone (reliable) living in the US, welcome to apply (preferably Oregon/Delaware). I pay a commission guaranteed.