Monday, 20 March 2017

Goodbye Oven Marvel @ Sunshine Plaza (Negative Review)

Mon March 20

Won't be buying anymore from this woman.  Rude since the first time I bought from the shop.  Rude & proud woman. Just because she sells out some chicken pies & curry puffs, she gets it to her head that her stuff are great.

The chicken pies & curry puffs are so-so only. Bro & I go there sometimes because there's nothing else to eat in that Sunshine Plaza area & it's convenient.

Today I asked for 2 chicken pies. Gave her $10 note. She looked at the slightly crumpled middle folded part of the note, tried straightening it & asked in Chinese, "Is this originally like this?".

I said it got squashed in my wallet.

She said in Chinese, "We have to protect our money.".

Immediately, I felt I didn't want to buy anymore.  Criticising my money. My money is little & precious. Consider yourself lucky I buy from you when your stuff isn't that great anyway.

She then gave me the change. But instead of putting the money in my hand, she put it onto the countertop. I had to pick the 4 ten cents coins one by one. 

I was thinking when I walked out the shop,  "protect our money"? You can't bring it along when you die. So what if all your dollar notes are straight? So small-minded. Offensive woman. I bet she offended other customers too.

The note was only slightly crumpled in the middle part. It's still $10.  Just because of some crumple, she criticizes my money. Very bad. Very tactless & stupid woman.

Bro was angry when I told him what happened. He said I should've taken back my money & thrown back her pies at her.  He said, "You should've said so earlier. If I knew what happened, I would have returned the pie.".  I had bought 1 of the pies for him but only told him what happened after he ate it.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Another Lousy Night with Paranormal Shit in our House

If you don't believe my experience in this post, just walk away. You are not the one having to deal with this problem every night. Any reader who thinks he/she is so smart, can come & solve these problems for us. I'm fed up of these shit.

I've no money to go to hotel room even for 1 night, let alone permanently. Bro says why should we surrender our house to these entities? This is our house. We fight.

It's been almost a month since 18 Feb & while we have more information from Bro's experiments on the ghosts/entities in our house, we have made little progress in getting rid of all of them.

Last night, bro was so tired, he roughly tested the bed with candle & said all clear. I didn't quite believe it.

Despite the risk, placed candles on my bed &  slept with it. My bed is those type like in the advertisement, can throw a bowling ball on one side & won't wake the other person on the other side. So the candles are safe & I'm a disciplined sleeper. 

Only mistake, the fan was on. Only morning then I realized. They are afraid of the heat from the candles. With the fan on, the heat is dissipated. No wonder they were still around disturbing my sleep.

Bedhead candle was flicking badly. I thought it was the fan. This fan is bladeless type so the wind is just fair. The other candles were burning steadily along the middle & foot of the bed.

When I rest my head on the pillows there, my cough is triggered. Keeps coughing until I sit up & move away. Suspect it's the bedhead.

So I put my head at the foot of the bed, resting on my stomach with face sideways on the cushion & still cough. I put my slab of Selenite on top of the cushion & rested my face again sideways on top of the Selenite & cough stopped.

So I tried again to sleep on my pillows. Put my Selenite slab on top of the pillows & my head resting on top of the Selenite. It worked. No coughing. But after that, started coughing again.

Returned to foot of bed position with face resting sideways on top of Selenite on cushion & this time, cough started.

Selenite is useless against ghosts.

This disturbance is despite the candles I placed on plates around me. As mentioned, I shouldn't have left the fan on.

I sat up in the middle part of the bed along the side (near the wall) & stopped coughing. My throat felt fine. But how to sleep down the width? My feet will be sticking out.

This morning was thinking those tealights are going to be expensive to buy for every night. These entities are really unlucky. Causing us to waste money on crap.

Muji tealights expensive.  But lasted 5 hours & 20 mins. I started them 2am & they finished at about 7.20am. Pretty long-lasting & steady burn. Really good quality made-in-Japan. But the flame isn't tall. 

No static disturbing my hair because the power was cut. But tonight is going to be hard without turning on the fan (for the candles to burn well with heat).  I left the fan on last night because it'll be warm without fan. Didn't know the heat from the candles is necessary to be useful against them.

So fed up.

Previous night was worse. A lot of static disturbance. And odd bruise up my thigh next morning. Odd wound near by stomach area.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Pest Ghosts, EMF & Tagging with Smell

As mentioned in previous post, this is for my own record. Not for people who think that the universe is square because their own mind is square.

9:22am Fri 10 Mar

I just woke up. It's very strange. Ever since we unintentionally "tagged" the ghosts with insecticide (days of mosquito coil), we can smell them wherever they are.  We had wanted to get rid of them by smoking them out of the house.

They are very dependent on EMF from the main power cables, so bro cuts the power at night to the appliances that we don't need (example, washing machine).  It allows us to get a bit of sleep without much disturbance. They still disturb us during sleep when we are vulnerable but at least they don't gain power to be more active.

This morning when I woke, the air smelled "clean". All "quiet". No activity, as if the ghosts had left. They stay in my dad's room (master bedroom). No matter how much we throw away, clean up & air the place, the smell is still there. The whole room still reeks of the insecticide as if it's still burning.

We threw away almost all the furniture in the room. A week or more later, we can still smell it.

The oddest thing is that it can "draft" out of the room at any time even though the windows are shut inside.  Or as if the door of his room is open when actually it's closed. Sometimes, there would be no smell at all from under the open slit under the door.  And the smell appears around the house suddenly in different rooms at different areas or corners.  When the smell is noticed, it can disappear immediately (if it chooses to).

When I say "so smelly!", the smell retreats. 

In other words, the smell (the particles in the air carrying this smell) is sentient. Somehow, we had managed to "tag" the ghosts with the particles of the insecticide.

To put aside any excuse that the smell is from the leftover junk & floor, yesterday, I mopped the floor with detergent, washed the windows, wiped the door, scrubbed the bathroom in his room & threw out the rest of the junk. And still that smell remains. (We'll be throwing away the old $7000 bed that my dad wouldn't let me throw many years ago. He called this morning & gave permission for us to throw away.).

We have been keeping the door to that room closed since the "fumigation" a week or more ago.

This morning when I woke, as I mentioned, the air smelled "clean". No insecticide smell around. When I passed by dad's room, there was also no smell. A bit of "swimmy" feeling in the kitchen that built up a bit when I entered. I suspect some ghosts have hidden themselves in the enclosed cupboard under the kitchen sink.

After washing my face, I wanted to start the washing machine. Since bro had cut the power supply, I went to turn it back on at the mains in the living room.

The moment I did  & passed by the room to return to the kitchen, I could smell the smell wafting a bit out. So fast they woke to the EMF.

The kitchen started to give an even more "swimmy" feeling in my head. It's like a headache at my forehead. That's how I know they are out.  

I don't get that "headache" when I'm out of the house. And it disappears completely when I'm at the crystal shops or at a store that has a comforting, inviting feel ("good vibe) where I can stay &  relax & be at peace.

[These days, it's a treat to go there. Wish I live in that store. I spend some time there to take a break (recharge) before going "home". Oddly, bro does not feel anything from that store & his brain fog does not clear up while we are there.].

His brain fog and my "swimmy headache" are similar.  But I think it's on a different level because of our different minds. When mine clears up at a certain sound frequency (that we tested), his doesn't. And when his clears up at a different frequency, mine gets worse.

Last night, the smell kept staying in my room at a particular corner beside my laptop while I was typing. Kept disturbing me. Felt very drowsy, can't work on my writing. It's not normal because it will "disappear" briefly when I circle the area with Black Tourmaline. Other methods I tried didn't work.

I noticed the smell quite early actually. Around 9pm or 10pm. I was relaxing on my bed & there would be that insecticide smell coming from my pillow. When I noticed & tried to sniff it, it disappeared. Then it would suddenly be in the air briefly when I sat up before disappearing again. Then it hung around my laptop area. I checked outside the window & around & again it disappeared.

It was like this till past midnight. At about 1am onwards, it remained in the space on the left side of my laptop. When I bent down to check, I could smell it. Even till 2am, it was still bothering. And all the while, I was having this swimmy "headache" & drowsy feeling.

The drowsy feeling is a way of making me want to sleep even though I am still feeling awake & sharp-minded.  (When I sleep, it'll disturb the sleep cycle or the body because the sleep will be troubled while sleeping and I'll wake feeling like shit.).

I do not take any medication, any coffee or anything.  I'm cleaner in my habits than many people.

Finally, I tied a quartz crystal facing downwards on the middle of my forehead (lower down between the brows) & my mind cleared up like new.  Before this, I tried Selenite oval, Black Tourmaline & pyrite. They didn't work as well as the clear quartz arrow/spear.

When I face the quartz arrow pointing up, the effect is not as good as pointing down. No idea why.

I think the area that I covered is the 3rd Eye. I don't know if it's always been partially open or fully open, or we accidentally opened our 3rd Eye somehow. But I think we are noticing these spiritual problems because our 3rd Eye has opened.

Another odd thing: At first, I looked at the dirty floor that needed to be cleaned, so I didn't notice the wall. But when I finished scrubbing the floor of the master bedroom bathroom yesterday, I suddenly noticed that the white tiled wall above has a perfect brown arc across.

More inspection shows other streaks of brown on that wall. Previously, I detected with my dowsing rods that there were portals above the mirror & higher up the wall. The streaks match those areas indicated by my rods.

The color of the arc matches the ash or dust of the insecticide coil particles. The door also has this brown dust.

Assuming it's a lizard that scuttled across the tile, there should be streaks of moving feet & swaggering line. But the arc is very precisely smooth & uniform width. Perfect arc shape.  It starts out of nowhere on the wall (above the mirror edge where previously I had detected portal with the rods) and disappears into nowhere on the wall.

There are other streaks, same color towards and around the power cable hidden in the trunking higher up (didn't manage to aim the camera at the trunking part.).

I emphasize that these streaks or smears were not there before the fumigation. I know because I was using my dowsing rods & looking at every area for portals. The master bedroom bathroom had (or has) 3 portals.

I called bro into the room to take a look. He was intrigued.  I asked if there was any physical reason for that arc. It looks a lot like an orb ghost escaping from the thick smoke (that was done about a week or more ago).

The other streaks look like panicked fleeing to the portals and power cable in the trunking. During the "fumigation" we know the smoke drove a lot of them out because they came out of the room causing headaches etc... and they were measurable on the voltmeter.

The voltmeter has been tested to exclude ambient or artefact EMF readings.  Bro has now become seasoned at detecting when it is normal EMF and when it's something else.

After we looked at the arc on the tiled wall, I sprayed Mr Muscle (light bleach) on part of it. When I flushed it off with just water, that part of the  arc washed away. But when I tried scrubbing out the higher part of the arc (without the bleach), it couldn't be washed away.

Bro said it's like tyre skid marks on the road. Those marks cannot be removed because it has "burnt" into the material. Likewise, it seems this arc was done at high velocity & impact into the tiles. It couldn't be scrubbed out even with a coconut husk scouring brush (only a bit was washed off with harder scrubbing).

We will need a lab person to analyse the tile & the marks.  

Isn't it possible that grease marks that weren't visible before show up due to dust particles from the insecticide? If that's the case,  why aren't there streaks on the other walls of the bathroom?  Why are the streaks at the areas where my dowsing rods had earlier indicated portals?

Part of the arc that I didn't scrub out because it was high up on the wall, is still there. I have also left the other streaks without scrubbing since I can't reach them anyway. Just leaving them there as a record.

After trying to get it out (I decided to leave it there). Took a video of it.  Looks a bit dark because I didn't turn on the bathroom light.  The faded bottom part of the arc is where I sprayed the bleach & part of it was washed away. Even so, traces of the bottom section of the arc can still be seen.

Above the arc, there're very obvious straight lines up along the pipe. A lizard would not do that.  As mentioned above, I didn't manage to aim the camera at the cable trunking on the right side of the pipe where there are more streaks under it (I ended up aiming at the wall below it).

The wall is completely white tiles all the way to the top.

Bro said if this are really their trails, it means these ghosts are physical.  I'm not surprised.  The fact that they reek of the insecticide means the insecticide is of smaller particles that stuck onto the larger ghost orbs/particles. They can't get rid of the insecticide particles stuck onto them because they are static-charged.

If only we could tag them with fluorescent particles. Then with goggles, we can see them. Bro said seeing them is useless if we can't get rid of them.

So far, we found there's nothing spiritual about these spirits or ghosts. They are particles, amorphous like smoke with ancient or old-fashioned ways. Like vampires afraid  of garlic.

Science can defeat them easily if scientists put their minds to it. Bro says, "They don't do it because there is no money in it.".

I said, "Not only that. Their reputation is on the line. Their peers will look down on them, their research grants, their research journal publications, their credibility will go downhill.".

Bro said, "Michio Kaku said that in the past, you would be laughed at if you talked about string theory.".

I was thinking, string theory is now part of physics.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Bro's Comment on Smelly Ghost

1a.m. Wed 8 March 2017

Bro kept sayingthat the area before the kitchen "so smelly" like Semac (the ex-garbage disposal company). He said, "How can you spend eternity smelling like Semac? At least, go take a bath on the Other Side.".

Recalling his comment, I smiled while recounting it to him.

He said, "Yeah. Commonsense that when you are smelly, you bathe. They lost their sense of hygiene. Their compassion. Their humanity ("yan seng" in Cantonese). Everything that makes human beings great.".

I agree. Bro sometimes surprises by saying the most profound, most correct things now that he is older.


9:56am (update)

Bro has a paranormal sense of smell. Sometimes, I can also smell "things" but not this time. These days I've been very  reluctant to come home because of our tiresome "fight" with these ghosts.

In the daytime yesterday, we discussed & I insisted these ghosts were sent because it's not normal for so many to be here causing trouble. Previously, one had already been sent to the balcony. We should've realized that all these others were also sent, but it was a suspicion that oddly, we were slow to realize.  This time, it seemed clear to me.

That being so, bro used a different plan.

Last night, we came home at about 9.30pm. All along the corridor, bro noticed a stench of garbage.

In the house, after we bathed & he was doing his other weapon, he again kept saying it stank of Semac.

I smelled nothing. We looked out the window & there didn't seem to be any garbage smell outside the kitchen.

Later, in my room, he said it stank & he smelled outside the window & said perhaps the wind blew up the stench from the garbage door downstairs (even though I know it's always closed properly & we had previous time went downstairs to check that there was no smell coming from it).

I typed out to him on notepad that "I think (the new weapon) works". He said they could be clustered outside the corridor & window since they can't come in through dad's room anymore. 

His other weapon that he was making at that moment was also working wonderfully. But I think it's the new weapon (that was installed in the day) that was really working.

Suspicious. Last night was the best in the all the nights since we had trouble with these ghosts. With this, we confirm they were sent by dad's demon "god". Motive: To make it unbearable for us, so that we'll get him back.  

Unbelievable, but there are some things that happen whether we believe or not.  Whatever that makes sense in a crazy situation, is the answer. Denying it will only make it difficult to reach a solution.

Our life has become such a nightmare, so surreal that I've stopped being stubborn. Our attitude now, is "whatever". All because of 1 man & 1 woman who made the mistake of marrying without looking at the better things in life that they could have enjoyed by being single.  And dragged their children into a nightmare that for decades we have had to suffer, endure & now fight off.

With those "things" gone, my paranormal-caused piles has disappeared this morning. I don't think it's the ginger-lemongrass combo that I took last night. I've been taking ginger for another reason for 2 nights & no change. There has been no cause, no reason for the piles to happen.  Grade 3 piles happened suddenly, instantly, within 1-2 hours of my checking of the spirit portals many days ago & didn't heal.

I'm writing this for my own record. Not for anyone to criticise in disbelief. If you don't believe what you read, then walk away believing in your own thing. Consider yourself luckier that you can walk away.

I've learnt that "beliefs" are useless in the face of reality. Reality don't care what you believe, what your principles or ideals are.

If you believe there's a god when there is none, you can take that to the grave & find out belatedly for yourself. If there's a god, there won't be ghosts causing trouble in the physical world. There is no law, no governing body. As bro says, "Life & the universe is fucked up.".

Monday, 6 March 2017

528Hz & 432Hz Attracts Ghosts

Tues 3:32pm 7 Mar 

I just tested it. If you're into ghost investigation, you can try these frequencies. These are supposedly "universe tones", "god tone", "divine" or earth's music. Zero information on what these frequencies actually do. People make a lot of assumptions, sleeping & meditating with these tones without knowing what they do.  It is also wrong to assume that these frequencies do nothing.

My hypothesis is that because ghosts are negative energies, they are drawn to the calling of these "earth" "universe" frequencies.  These tones could be functioning like the "Light" that is supposed to take them to the "other side". But for some reason, no "Light" came to take them. Or they chose not to go.

If these frequencies could take them away like the "Light", it will be great. Unfortunately, these tones are only frequencies played via Youtube. There is no spiritual function other than what is played. Sadly.

Or they could be attracted to the frequencies out of curiosity.

We have confirmed on our side that they feed on EMF. When EMF sources are turned off completely, their activity & range collapses. They feed quickly from the mains electrical power.

Cables & wiring with power running cause them to congregate in areas. When mains power has been turned off, they will go closer to the cables or wiring to "drink" closer to the source, thereby shrinking their range & activity, at least temporarily until the mains are turned on again.

EMF sources have to turned off completely. Appliances turned off & unplugged.  Light sources emitting high EMF need to be replaced.

Regarding "unplugged",  I read online about one woman who is "hypersensitive" to EMF. Her husband said the microwave oven not only had to be turned off, it also had to be unplugged. Gym machines emit so much EMF, it was unbearable for her.

With our current troubles with ghosts, I would say her problem is perhaps not EMF sensitivity. She could be sensitive to ghosts.