Friday, 29 April 2016

Carousell SG Imbecile Copycat Thief Seller Vivacity

Sat 30 Apr 2:31p.m.

Stole my image & copies sellers. 

Poor taste & stupid. 

Because he has no taste, he steals from other sellers' good taste.

What for sell the same items as other sellers? Don't you have your own taste & preference? What a lousy, pathetic man.  Completely disgusts me.

Stole my image. That image is mine because I used my photo editor to bring the separate images together into 1.  This guy stole it & put it into his own photos for the same item that I was selling & priced that item cheaper.

What an imbecile.  Under-pricing the items & under-cutting other sellers. Just to get positive reviews. Something wrong with him. So stupid.  Spoil the market & disadvantage himself. Earn less when he can earn more. Sell for less when can sell for more.

He don't even know the market value of the items he sells.

Bro told me to tell him to take down that photo that is mine.  I said nevermind. I already sold that item whereas he'll still be struggling to sell his.  That item was quite difficult to sell. He stupidly followed me & brought in the same item.

I said he's such an imbecile.  Just let him be.

I have my own methods. And this guy has many limitations. Nothing much to deal with. Want to copy? Go ahead. Boring man. 

A person with lousy taste & mind cannot go higher. He will always be behind.

Previously, his profile icon was even weirder.  One of those My Little Pony pic with rainbow. I thought it was a woman. Reviews say it's a man.  A man who cannot grow up.

He must be one of those stunted weirdos with a fetish for My Little Pony. I heard they have accounts on Facebook.

Looking at his sales record since 2014, it's nowhere near the best. Just like Jamieq.

"Carousell Recommended Seller, Feb 2016"?? Crazy.  Putting that statement himself in his own profile.  Last year, it was 2015 with that Pony thing.

Positive reviews don't mean a thing.  There are sellers who have a collecting addiction for positive reviews. They will do anything to get one.  It doesn't mean they are good people. Prime example is the Fraudster. So "kind" & "friendly". 

A buyer even called him "obedient". Holy crap. Obedient. What a lack of respect for the seller. In so many reviews I've read, I've never once seen a buyer call a seller "obedient".  Really don't know what made this buyer say it.

The imbecile seller Vivacity must have agreed to some out of the way meeting place just to sell one damn bag. What a fool.

If someone dares say I am "obedient", I'll kill him.  But the person won't even have a chance to say it. Because I am not obedient.  And I hate time-wasters & people.  If not for money, I won't even be doing this shit. Complete waste of time. And where's the money? Zero.  I'll starve on Carousell. Stupid place with stupid people.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Carousell Osaka Bags Fraudster Mr False Advertising Scammer Opens Premium Laptop Bags

From "laptop.bags" to "premium laptop.bags". He recently changed his new account name. And stopped describing it as a "Singapore registered company".

74 sales as of this post. Pretty good since opening in Jan this year. He has a knack for making very fast sales.

However, I would say this laptop.bags account makes less money that his Osaka Bags. Some of the items are actually free but he sells it for some good money. So that's 100% profit.

But how big is the profit? I would say not as much as his Osaka Bags.

He has shifted his money & focus to this new account. Increasing his stock. He's still calling felt material "cashmere". So the fraud (fraudulent advertising) is still there. And customers are as usual, stupidly buying it with heap loads of praise.

Butterfly Stroke Finally

Sat 9 April.

6 Apr Wed

Today 1st time finally successfully swam 50m Butterfly stroke correctly. Half pool twice (50m) without stopping. 3 times separately. Pool divided into 2 (damnable but fine).

Was so well done, lifeguard stood in front to watch. When done, he strolled away.

I am happy. Been trying for months. Always glad & grateful I am not Muslim or in a Muslim country. Otherwise, won't even be able to swim. I would have missed out on swimming the most beautiful stroke in the whole world. What is life then?

Oh! As a woman, I'm so glad to be born free in Singapore. Born of a free race that does not force any religion on me.  My mind & my intellect are free.

There is a secret to swimming Butterfly. And I think I have just discovered it after so many months of trying. To be able to swim 50m without stopping means I am doing something right.

Previously, I couldn't.  I used to call it my Sinking Fly. Now, it's almost effortless.

Didn't expect to complete 50m Butterfly today.

Was very tired from waking up so early for 2 days. Monday met customer at 9.30am. Today Wed met this customer at 8.30am at Dhoby Ghaut (woke at 7am. I refuse to wake any earlier. Tues didn't swim because right ear water-logged).

After delivering the bag at 8.35am or 8.40am (customer late waiting at wrong place), was so early, I went home. Arrived at the pool at about 10.30 (swam till before close).

Wasn't thinking of being able to complete half pool x2 without stopping. Usually, I must stop and rest at the end of half pool. But I found I still strength left when reaching the end & so made it back without stopping to rest. Was surprised at myself.

Did a few other strokes & tried Butterfly again. Did it again without rest. Another 50m. Wow. 2nd time lucky? And I was supposed to be very tired from lack of sleep. Odd.

Did a few other strokes & tried again. 3rd time successfully. Confirms it isn't a fluke.  I got it right.

Yesterday Fri 8 April, I did it again. Also half pool but non-stop. Once. When I tried again, arms too tired.

Needs fine-tuning for even smoother flow. Need faster.

Real test will be to swim 50m straight with no divider. See if I can complete it.

Odd thing is, seems swimming early in the morning is better than afternoon, even though early morning very tired.  Maybe that's why athletes swim before sunrise.

If not for meeting customers these 2 early mornings, I wouldn't have known, because I don't wake so early. Might not have been able to complete the Butterfly that day if I hadn't specially woken early for the customers. Pushed out of usual zone.

Previous night, prior to Wed's successful Butterfly, had brushed up on watching tips. But... I've always been watching tips & nothing happened. Something clicked into place on Wed morning such that I was finally able to swim it.

Update 11 April Monday. Finally tested it on straight 50m. No divider. Was able to complete to the end without stopping.  Was too tired to do it again.  But at least for the first time, I did 50m straight. Finally.

Today, I learnt another secret about swimming it. Will test again.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Hanami Hill Sakura Spring in Japan Arrived

Sun 3 April. Since Taka having Hokkaido Spring food fare, I thought to check the cams.

2016. Part of Hanami Hill is in bloom. Cherry Blossoms. Spring has arrived. People are already walking briskly up the hill. :) With umbrellas today. Sunday 12.47am Japan time (11.47am SG time).

Wish I was there. Still seem to almost touch & smell the air. Damn.

Saw the video & was a little surprised Sakura already open. Then recalled. Yeah. It was about this time of year... April 7 that I was there. Now is already April 3. Yes. Time to open. 

The castle is still bare. Trees not in bloom yet. Miss you. Matte. Ne? I hope I can return. Unable to find money. Plus I am getting older. I hope it won't be too late.  Money is hard to find. Airfare is expensive. Are you still the same?

People on the bottom left going up. Image not clear. Used to be another angle but it's gone. That angle, close up on a part of the hill that I don't recall going up, was very clear & sharp last year. Tsk.