Friday, 22 July 2011

Today's Bowling Score: Highest I Got So far

CSC Farrer Park.
Last game. Game 4:
3 strikes = 154
Bro got: 7 strikes (XXX in the last frame) = 165.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Tonight's Dinner: Japanese Fried Curry Rice

The photos are not true to the actual thing. It's actually yellower rice. 
Japanese fried curry rice. The taste is surprisingly pretty good. 
Not salty, just right. And moist. Click to see larger photos.
The color of the rice is same as the one on the box.
There were 3 packets in the box. 2 were used to make this fried rice.
Just sprinkle a little at a time over the rice and keep stirring to mix them up.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

James May's Things You Need To Know About The Human Body

That's why you can't eat a banana anymore.
That's why don't kiss me and I won't kiss you.
That's why I try to avoid meat and sushi.
That's why you must change your bedsheets often.
That's why don't touch anywhere on your face after touching a public object. 
Oh, you poor teenagers looking like pizzas...!
That's why we need lots of anti-oxidants and exercise.

"Our bodies still peak between 20 and 35. After that, it's a slippery slope to the grave.".
That's why I have to hurry and finish the things I have to do.
Everyday, I wonder how much time I have left.

"By 60, your eyes let in two-thirds less light than they did at twenty.".  
How am I going to see and write then?
I have constantly thought of this.

Sorry, I don't want to be a machine.
I would rather have my own mind in my own body that will stay young forever.
Trust my bro to have uncovered this BBC wonder.
BBC always makes the best documentaries.
I love Sir David Attenborough. And now, I like James May.

Even though I already know the stuff on DNA, it's still very refreshing to watch this fun and funny episode.

Bro asked me to watch it before You Tube decides to delete it. Pity.
I'm already thinking of getting the DVD.

You Have To Watch This. Aired on 20 June 2011. In 2 parts on You Tube:

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Discover Magazine: Vital Signs: UTIs

I just read Discover mag's (hardcopy from the library) Vital Signs section on UTI (urinary tract infection).

"More than half of all women will contract a UTI over their lifetime. Some sexually active young women average one every two years.

Why women? It's a matter of plumbing: The female urethra's relative proximity to the rectum gives fecal bacteria--especially the always abundant E. coli--easier access to the urinary system than does the male anatomy. Some women even produce specific proteins on their cell surfaces that bacteria can latch onto.

And no, cranbery juice does not cure UTIs."

The article goes on to say, "Left untreated, bacteria can escape the bladder by two routes: via capillaries into the bloodstream or up the ureters into the kidneys....In younger patients the kidney usually takes the first hit: Flank pain strikes like a baseball bat, with fever and vomiting following close behind.".

It ends with the writer (who is a doctor) informing the patien's mother that "Prevention is key. You should keep antibiotics on hand and start them at the first sign of trouble...."

1) I've always felt that SG doctors need to read this section of Discover magazine. Every section is always very interesting with new experiences even for the doctor who is writing it. Assumptions are thrown out, a lot of learning. If this is representative of how American doctors work at uncovering what's wrong, I'm impressed and feel it's better than in SG (although I've seen the doctors at Tan Tock Seng hospital are pretty good too).

2) Again, as I mentioned many times before: men wanting to be women don't know anything about being a woman. Do they as men, want this type of problematic plumbing that women have to suffer? Just plumbing alone, women are at a disadvantage. I don't know why there is this unfairness against women, and that there are even proteins produced by the woman's body itself to aid the bacteria. It's just totally unfair.

So what if a transgender has altered his penis at the surgeon's table? Inside and outside, the plumbing is still not a natural woman's with these sort of problems and unfairness.

3) Not cranberry juice. But cranberry concentrated pills that's supposed to be a natural remedy.

I don't know why this doctor swears by antibiotics that bacteria can get immune to, rather than mention cranberry pills. To the doctors, herbs and herbal remedies are hocus pocus, unlike their western researched drugs that they swear by. They overlook the fact that those drugs cause uncomfortable and sometimes serious side-effects.

What is worse, doctors will even deny there are any side-effects. So, if a patient falls ill from a side-effect, the doctor would rather blame other sources than say it's the drug/s that they prescribe.

4) It is true prevention is the key. However, he should teach the patient how to avoid getting infected in the first place, rather than advise using antibiotics after she's already been infected.

a) As mentioned, due to plumbing, women are more prone to getting such infections.

When I was young, my mom used to teach me: Always wipe away from your vagina. So, after doing your big business, put your hand with the tissue paper behind your butt and wipe out/away from the center area. Do not wipe from the front as this will contaminate the vagina area from back to front. I think this is commonsense that needs to be taught before the wrong habit is formed.

b) The other problem would be using unclean tissue paper when cleaning/dabbing after urinating. Sometimes, the public toilet paper may not be very clean. May be better to bring your own tissue paper.

c) Never sit on public toilets. For small business, hover your butt over the bowl but don't actually make contact. For big business, line the toilet seat with a few strips of toilet paper before sitting. Line the front and sides that will be in contact.

While it seems like a waste of paper, it is necessary unless you don't mind contacting your skin and butt with a public toilet bowl.

d) Avoid using vagina douche. The vagina has its own PH regulators with good and bad bacteria in mutual control. Using chemicals can upset that balance.

e) This is an overlooked fact: using too much detergent to wash underwear.

When this happens, the underwear will become itchy to wear. The sensitive private areas in contact with the cloth will also become itchy (but unfortunately, you cannot scratch or risk getting hurt).

I think the immunity/balance of the private area then becomes compromised, causing infection.

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Three Musketeers: Penguin Classics Edition

Mm. This afternoon, it's now 1.20 pm, the name suddenly popped into my head. Don't know why the book's title suddenly came up.

The Three Musketeers. Not just any Musketeers. It has to be the one that I made sure to remember: translated by Lord something.

Checking up the library's catalogue, because I had borrowed it from the library years back then... Ah! Translated with an introduction by Lord Sudley.

That's the one.

Previously, I had picked up The three Musketeers at a bookstore, and found the translation different and wasn't as good as the one I had read.

I started realizing the importance of the translator and and how much of a difference a translator can make.

Maybe I should look up the book at the library again and read again to see what had captured me in the first place.