Friday, 29 November 2013

Question: What is so great about Cha Eun Sang? Heirs Lee Min Ho

(I'm re-watching Faith, by the way ^_^  I prefer seeing Min Ho in there. He looks good in period costumes. He should do another one.)

At the start, it seemed she was somebody.  Not pretty but tough, smart, independent, down-to-earth, gutsy, even if she has a silly zoned-out look (especially when she walked right between the 2 guys while sms-ing on her phone).

I could understand why the guys wanted her: Choi Young Do wanted her simply because Kim Tan wanted her. But why did Kim Tan want her?

For all those values in her... I still don't get why Kim Tan wants her.  Even more so now that she's just totally controlled by his dad.  Isn't she intelligent enough to do something against it? How come she's so easily afraid when she wasn't afraid of Choi Young Do at first?

It's just strange that she's become some kinda puppet...  I began noticing when she started obeying Kim Tan every time he told her to leave. He is quite bossy.

So then, why is Choi Young Do hung up over her? More and more, she's just doing what people tell her to, with no particular reason to obey. I'm not seeing that intelligence in her. She's making me feel that she's not worth fighting over/for.

More and more, I am liking Choi Young Do.  Kim Tan is bossy and isn't really noticing her as much as Choi Young Do.  Young Do notices things about her than Kim Tan doesn't.

Heirs Eng Subbed Ep 16 (Lee Min Ho)

Hahaha.. "Tan-god". Wasn't Kim Tan previously "Lucifer" (commented by Hyo Shin) at the start? Now he has become god. ^_^

I am only now watching the Eng Subbed version of this episode. It's 8.03pm Friday. Woke on and off waiting for EMS/Speedpost delivery woman, went to supermarket, sleepy the whole day (slept at 5am this morning). I had about 5 hrs of "sleep" on and off.

With Eng subs, it's definitely funnier and better.

It seems there are only 2 or a few sites hosting the Eng subbed version. Previously, Heirs was on Epdrama, but now it's gone.

(below) This guy is an asset as a friend and company man.  He's such a joy to have. Not interested in position or status. He just wants everyone to get along (same as Kim Tan). So, he is accused of offending no one but also having no one as an ally (so said the old man).  It would seem he doesn't need an ally... such a strong, intelligent and independent man who is lending everyone his support, rather than taking anything.

Why would a woman leave him with just his son?  I've been wondering if the boy's mom is that RS woman (Rachel's mom), which would make his son and Rachel... step-siblings. Wow.

Hahaha!! Poor cute Choi Young Do. I love him. "Call me if something happens. And it's better if you call me for nothing.".  ^_^  I think he's really great to make her remember his and Kim Tan's phone numbers in case. He's being very responsible and caring, more so than Kim Tan who has his family matter to think about.  I think she will be happy being with Choi Young Do, perhaps more than with Kim Tan.  Choi Young Do is easier to understand and with less problems.

I love his look. ^_^ Genuinely concerned. He may not know what's going on, but he knows something is up. All the while, still with his light jokes. An admirable, intelligent man.

(below) Hahaha... she found him out once she understands him. It's very painful for someone in love to hear: "Let me just pass by.". It's not so easy!!! >.<  It's unfair to say that. But as she said, "It would have been better if I had known earlier.". 

Heyyy.... he's Very bright! He figured it out! How? He can read her very well. I think he knew because she was just sitting there thinking. Like he noticed earlier at the shop when she easily and willingly wrote on the board that she would eat noodles with him, it's not her normal way. He is more observant than Kim Tan regarding her thoughts, her actions and motivations. Fascinating Choi Young Do.

He looks like his heart just broke...

I love this view of Min Ho. He looks like a prince. I like his hair... in the light, with a little sticking out behind... ^_^ I like that he always wears sneakers with his suits. ^__^ It's so stylo.

Hmm... Choi Young Do was right when he told Kim Tan to let it go, otherwise the old man will lock him up again. If he had let it go, ... I doubt Eun Sang would be Ok anyway. But.. how did she leave when Kim Tan has her passport?

Even when he cries, he is handsome...

Looking for Morinaga Carre de Chocolat カレ·ド·ショコラ

Here's the very funny Youtube vid (below) that I happened to see while looking for the company in SG that brings in this Japanese brand of chocolate ( 

I first tried a box (French Milk) from Isetan Supermarket @ Shaw House. But oddly, after going back there several times, they just didn't sell it anymore. They had placed it near the cashiers.

The box was really beautiful. When you open it, it's like a present. The tray of chocolates opens on a platform that is really amazing & lovely.  Surprising that it can be done with just this small cardboard box. I have never seen anything like it. Lovely as a gift to others or to yourself as a lovely indulgence.

Too bad I threw away the box after finishing. There would have been a sticker of the importer's company name and contact on that box. Damn. I only saved the little 3-piece folded paper with the product info.

After checking out another Morinaga box of chocolate for the company name at Cold Storage, I e-mailed Yamagawa Trading Pte. Ltd. SG. Not sure if they are the ones who brought in Carre de Chocolat, but it's worth a try. Waiting for their reply.  Unfortunately, it's Saturday tomorrow. That's why I hate weekends. Nothing gets done.

It must've been extremely difficult for this actress... not to blink.  She put on contacts right?

Indeed, OISHIIII!!! Shall I order from Amazon Japan?  Hmm... it'll melt.

It's really the best chocolate I have ever tasted. One bite and it totally locks onto your tastebuds. I kept taking one after another.  For other brands of chocolate I usually just eat some and throw the rest away, but this one... I finished it (in over a few short days).

Update: Fri Dec 20

I finally found this chocolate again, but somehow it just doesn't taste as great as the first time. Don't know why. I think it's because it's the same flavor I ate the first time. I want something different. French Milk is boring.

Isetan supermarket is still not selling it after the first time. AND Yamagawa Trading is so rude, it did not reply to my e-mail regarding where I can get more of this chocolate.

In the end, despite my post title hoping for readers to provide information on where I can find this chocolate, I still end up providing the information. -.-

It can be found at...

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Heirs Ep 16 & Preview 17 (Lee Min Ho)

It's out as of 11.05pm. ^_^  Hm... the episode didn't start with Eun Sang in Min Ho's room.

She looks so young and pretty here...

She's so cute... I didn't know what he was watching for until she came out. ^_^ Christ, it's enough to drive anyone crazy when she walks away. T.T I couldn't control my tears watching her walk away through his eyes. "I want to go to school with her too...".

Choi Young Do pushes her off, thus saving her. ^_^
They look like 2 thugs beside her... hahaha...
look at his hand around her... such sexy slender fingers...
Hahaha!! Myung Soo says, "Mm, Oppa." and slips his arm with Choi Young Do after high-pitching as the "daughter".  ^_^He even struts off with a girlish walk!

Oh, I love Min Ho's outfit! Maybe I should dress like this! I like his sweater on the outside with the gold design. Wish I could see the shirt inside (nice collar) but he would've to take the sweater off. ^_^  His jeans is nice. Very stylish ensemble (in his own house, in his room -.-).

Shit. That old man is sending her to Argentina?? I knew he was going to send her to some forsaken place like... Africa or something... darkest corner of the world? Argentina? I think that's bad enough.

WhoooaA!! So sudden, unexpected! We are now back in the store room & knew they were going to kiss.. but didn't know Min Ho was so hungry. ^_^ didn't expect him to suddenly grab her chin for a hot hungry kiss! I love!!  Hmm... I notice that every time he kisses, he looks different from the side-view (doesn't look like him). Min Ho has become a pro at kissing... Now if Choi Young Do can kiss better, he might stand a chance...


Oh my god.. he's such a man. If I see him for real, I'm just going to melt.

Poor Choi Young Do. He actually had a few chances at the beginning, but he blew them all. Now it's too late unless something big happens that shifts her to him. He loves her so much he can't let go. Goes to her house in his car (instead of his motorbike) like a man doing it properly to propose at her house. Then follows her in the car when she rejects...  (Min Ho worked fast. Sealed it with his kisses).

She's just so cute... ^_^ First time she dares kiss his cheek. Chuz.
No Preview again...

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Heirs Ep 15 (Lee Min Ho) & 16 preview

Time to see his handsome face again!  Raw just out. 11.04 pm Singapore time. Watching it at the site that is hosting Daily Motion & this time surprisingly, it's also on Youtube.

The Youtube one... will need proxy to watch it (I'm seeing it & quality poor. It's also unsearchable in the YT search engine).  

So, I'm watching the DailyMotion one.

Oh, I love it when Min Ho's is sexy with a man. ^_^
He pulls the other guy close...  moving his fingers up the shoulder.


Ohhohhohho...! Rachel! She can't do that (but she did)... (he already has someone)...

Oohh... ^__^  Well, it's about time. Serves that woman (his tutor) right.
I think this scene with his eye looking from the kiss will be better done by Min Ho. ^_^  Min Ho will have that glint in his eye.

The cool Choi Young Do steps in to save her again... (they have "glued" his hair to his head again)

Look at her 2 knights just behind her in class. ^_^
What's up? These guys look so funny together. ^__^
Funny the way they shudder as she puts earphones into each of their ears.  Min Ho shudders backwards.

(below) Hahaha.. 2 cute guys watching the woman they love. They almost rise to intervene when a customer complains, but Eun Sung forces them to sit back down with her funny gaze and finger action. ^_^
Look at Min Ho... so cute drinking!! They look so cute together.

He looks good in a blue sweater. Ohmygod, he looks good in anything. His enemy comes to visit him. So funny the way Choi Young Do throws his motorcycle helmet onto Kim Tan's couch (so at home and used to Kim Tan). Both guys sit with such style, so sexy gentlemen. So cold, Min Ho (Kim Tan) is wearing such a thick sweater in his own house.


OHH I love Choi Young Do! He's just sooo cute!! The way he high-pitches about his hair and sweeps it back after what he did. You're soo cool!!!  I love you.

Preview 16: 
I'm looking forward to these guys tomorrow. ^_^ Myung Soo... acting girly again. Funny. Love these guys defending Eun Sung when Min Ho is not around.

Update 28 Nov: Hahaha!! The Eng subbed version is out and it's just so funny what these 2 guys said.

Choi Young Do the 3rd son, Myung Soo the youngest daughter? Hahaha! Cute and very possibly true especially for Choi Young Do who is so close to Kim Tan (there is no friendship closer than an enemy who has become a friend.).