Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Funshion. Would I pay to Watch The Green Hornet?

When watching dramas/movies/anime online, just clicking and watching is best. No download. Example: You Tube or other such sites. Convenient and English subbed, although such players don't always play clear.

The downside is the buffering that is annoying and can take a while. And except for You Tube, it's quite impossible to back track to certain scenes to re-watch without it hanging or stalling.

Now, thanks to Anonymous who commented in the below post, I now know a new drama/movie watching resource: Funshion.  http://therevolutioner.blogspot.com/2011/06/currently-watching-youre-beautiful.html

I just watched The Green Hornet on it and it's fabulous. Would I pay to watch it in a cinema? Yes (but I missed it).

Been considering buying the DVD from Giant at $12.90. But reluctant because after watching, it'll just be put aside. So, I didn't buy. But now I've finally watched it (for free). :) 

Even if you're not a fan of Jay Chou, it'll still be good. For Jay Chou's fans, it's a bonus. Good dialogue equally for Kato (Jay Chou), good action. The storyline is a sideline, and focus is more on the interaction between Britt (Green Hornet) and Kato. Shows up the question: Who is really the Green Hornet? Obviously, we know. 

Funshion is easy to use. That's one of the advantages.

The disadvantages:
1) Requires signing up and downloading their player first.
2) Pop up ad at the bottom right corner of my screen when player is up.
3) Subs in Chinese

1) Excellent video quality
2) Big clear playing screen
3) Good clear sound
4) Downloads fast
5) Buffers fast
6) Plays fast
7) Easy search engine
8) Easy sign up
9) Can back track to a scene easily anytime, any number of times you like, just like You Tube

As is evident, the benefits exceed the disadvantages. Even comes with 360 anti-virus, although who knows whether it really works. I didn't install it.

Easy sign-up: Click "登录" on the upper right top. Click the bigger orange button on the right of the pop-up. Fill in your e-mail address (邮箱). Fill in a Chinese characters username (姓名). For this, go to Google Translator and get Chinese characters, and paste into the sign-up. Typing English characters will not work.

For this (居住地), choose any location. Beijing, perhaps. Then select a sub area next to it.

Next: enter password to be used (密码). Repeat it at the bottom space.
Tick that you've read the terms (if it's not ticked), then click the orange button at the end.

Viola. Done.

Now all you gotta do, is go to the e-mail used in sign-up and click on the link there. It confirms your e-mail address and you're good to go.

Type the name of the movie/drama you want in the Funshion search engine. Can be English words or Chinese for the correct title.

It'll show a results page. Click on the one you want.

Click on the button/words that say "立即观看" (watch immediately). It will prompt you to download the player.

After downloading, just launch the file from where you saved it. You can un-tick all the boxes (Baidu toolbar and whatnot) and it'll be fine. You might want to keep the 360 anti-virus they offer.

The player will open and start playing. If it does not, just click "watch immediately" again and it'll play.

Unfortunately, for this Korean drama: You're Beautiful, you need to input the Chinese title into the search engine. "原来是美男啊".

There are Japanese and Korean versions of this drama. But for both, the subs are in Chinese. Click on "立即观看" and a small pop-up will show the episodes. Click one, and Firefox will prompt you to launch Funshion player that you already have.


If you know Chinese, Funshion is good. If not, that's really too bad because it means missing out on a fine resource (if you are put off by seeing a Chinese site). Not sure what anime they have. For English movies, it should not be a problem for anyone (no need to read subs).

Watching episode 1 of the Jap version of the drama "原来是美男啊": It's not as good as the Korean. Surprising to say, the Jap guys are not as handsome as the Koreans. The Jap cast is not as attractive or lovable as the Koreans.

*Update: It is not necessary to sign up to download their player. Just download the player without sign up, though according to their English website, signing up = faster and smoother downloads and play.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Fun On A Saturday Morning. H&M Singapore website

Hello hello... what have we here?
H&M posters everywhere at bus-stops saying it's true about September 3. Jacket for only $24.90? Shirt for only $17.90? That's good.

What's true? What September 3rd Orchard Building? Orchard building is where?

Googling found: H&M opening first SE Asia store in SG on Sept 3. Oh...
Orchard building is where?

Didn't know it stood for Hennes & Mauritz AB.

Went to H&M website: Designs actually look quite old-fashioned, boring British. Taiwan websites are more interesting in the variety of designs and stuff (although quality not too good).

Ohh..... So cool. :) Play dress up like on a doll! Don't know if this is the same at the UK website or if I played there before (probably yes but I forgot), but this is cool.

A naked woman (almost) and you get to put on clothes for her! :) I like her white panties and bra...You can even choose which model's head/face you want. As you dress her up, the cost of the clothes is added up at the side. Handy, cool.

This is the model's face I choose--young and sexy. That's the top I'm thinking of getting for just $17.90. I love the color, the sexy white line down with the buttons (although not really fond of front row buttons, too old-fashioned/conservative). I can't find a matching pants I like. :(  (maybe try the shorts).

Also dropped by their Facebook that says the first 5 people in the queue of their opening get a $250 gift card; the first 300 get a gift voucher worth $20. Difference between gift card and gift voucher? 

And that's how I spent the first few minutes after waking up on a Saturday morning (without even brushing my teeth).

Orchard building is where?

*today happens to be voting day for the president
** just came back from voting. Hate voting these 2 times (GE & now) because it keeps making me feel like I made the wrong choice (although they all look equally bad). Although whoever we vote for, is the same (who is the real power here after all?), it's hoped the person voted for will be able to do what he says and save us from current situation. In short, what is hoped for, is a savior. Might it not be prophesied that one day, someone will save us? :)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Women's Health Book Recommendation: The Uterine Health Companion

The Uterine Health Companion
A holistic giude to lifelong wellness
Eve Agee
Published 2010
618.14 AGE-[HEA]

Interesting and informative book that leads to better understanding of the uterus and feminine problems in a holistic way, shedding light on the food we eat to exercise and self-care. Holistic and do-able approaches to solve or ease conditions such as menstruation, PMS and fibroids. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

10cc I'm Not In Love

My bro and I were walking along the path to the bus-stop after Liang Court Meidi-ya tonight, when I started na-na-ing this song.

Sitting at the bus-stop, my bro said that song I was doing, it's old song... I said yeah, I have no idea what's it called and don't know the lyrics. I know it's an old song.

He said check out 10cc.

Ten cc?

Yeah. 10cc.

Tee Ee En? See See as in the alphabet?

Yeah, cc. It's their classic. Should have it. It's about this guy who doesn't really love a girl. An infatuation.

Oh? :) 10cc. Ok, I'll check it out at You Tube. Hope it's there.