Monday, 28 March 2016

65Daigou EzBuy Always Unstable Gives Me a Headache

Tueday 1:03pm  29 March.

They change things whenever they like without informing.

What's the point of changing their name when I would rather they focus on their reliability & shipping? Changing name makes it inconvenient for everyone. Now we've got longer to say, take more time to say "ezbuy that used to be 65daigou".  Just leave your goddamn name alone.

One moment shipping soap bars via Economy Air is fine. Next moment, it's not.

Previously, when I ordered soap from Taobao, I found out they had 2 or 3 staff placing the order for me. One person had no problem with ordering. The other person said that soap is "cosmetics" & cannot be shipped via Economy Air. When I said I shipped it before, that person backed off & apologized.

Now, problem again. Since yesterday (Mon) morning, my soap bars have been "ready for shipment".  Now Tues afternoon, still not shipping. Something is wrong. Usually, when I confirm ship out, it will be done within the same day. Why wasn't it moving?

I almost didn't ask. But what if they somehow left out the parcel? Maybe parcel too small among the thousands of things in the warehouse? Maybe the shipping queue too long & I should wait?

Well, their instant online chat is there. It's free. I asked why it was taking longer than usual. Whether it was shipping out today?

From their reply, I can only shake my head at the way they do things.

Although they are shipping via Sensitive Air without my paying more, I didn't ask for Sensitive shipping & didn't know.

Sensitive Air takes longer to arrive which I am displeased with because I want those soap now.  If they didn't do it without extra cost this time, Sensitive Air will also cost more for me.

No explanation why previously it was fine to ship via Economy Air & now no.  Is it because they changed carriers to 2-3 days shipping instead of the usual 5 days? I don't know.

Why wasn't the ordering staff informed of the change? Why wasn't I notified about the shift to Sensitive Air shipping? No notice that parcel will be delayed because of this?

Frankly, 65daigou makes me tired(er), especially when I am already tired. They make my headache worse.

They do things without informing. Not the first time. If using them to do business, it's very risky. Don't ever promise customers anything when it comes to Taobao & 65daigou.

Mon 4 April.

After that, nothing moved. I wondered if they had shipped out without changing the status.

I asked when they were going to ship out the items. The reply was "today" but then nothing moved for the day.  The following day, it moved. And from the ETA, it seemed they were shipping by Economy Air after all.

I got the items today & I don't know why 65daigou put 2 sets of soap bars (3 bars each set) into 1 big box filled with plenty of foam packets. Actual weight about 1.18kg. "Volumetric" 2.61kg.

The other set of soap bars was separate in the seller's box.

Total for these 3 sets (9 soap bars) = 3.45kg, rounded to 3.5kg = $11.83.

I'm frowning.

Why did 65daigou put just 2 sets of soap bars into 1 big box? And why didn't 65daigou just bubble wrap them instead of putting into a box?

Was the foam packets & big box some kinda camouflage so they can fly Economy Air??? Because they said "cosmetics" can't fly by Economy but then flew these soap by Economy.  But then the other set of soap bars was just in a normal seller's thick box with bubble wrap.

Right now, I am at a loss to understand why 65daigou put 2 small sets of soap bars into 1 big box, costing me more money than necessary.

You should see the number of foam packets they put into that box. It's crazy. What the hell are they doing? Large marshmellow-sized foam in 5 large packets.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Consumer Price Tag Fraud @ Meidi-ya Supermarket Singapore

Their latest tactic to make money especially during the crowded weekends when people just grab without looking or checking.

Meidi-ya cannot place the blame on lousy staff.

Price tagging cheaper items with prices of more expensive items.

Sweet turnip weighed & priced as sweet potato. Sweet potato is a more expensive item by weight. This fact was made known to me by the cashier who keyed in my items.

She kept quiet until I stopped her at checkout.

I always monitor the screen & saw there were 3 sweet potatos. I said, "There are only 2 sweet potatoes. Why is there a third?".

I looked in my bags & saw the turnip being price tagged as sweet potato. She didn't look surprised. And remained waiting for payment.

I said, "This is an incorrect pricing. Are the prices for the turnip & sweet potato the same?".

She said no, sweet potato costs more.

In that case, shouldn't she be correcting it? Instead she still stood there, hoping or thinking I would accept the difference which I am sure many people will do to avoid a delay.

However, think about this. If you shortchanged the  supermarket even 5 cents, will they let you go? It is unfair for the customer to pay more due to "wrong" price tagging by their staff.

I said there's a weighing scale over there (near the cashiers) where she could just pop over to weigh the turnip correctly.  But she said the scale cannot be used to weigh turnip. Turnip must be weighed in the vegetables section that has a scale that can weigh turnips.

So she had to close her counter, telling another waiting customer that she would be leaving. Then she ran off to the vegetables section. Total delay.

2 customers waited. Myself & the other woman who stayed. All because the turnip was intentionally weighed wrongly.

Intentionally because the staff cannot claim they can't read.  Also, the cashier said they "anyhow press" the scale during price tagging. This is negligence. 

After a while, the cashier rushed back to her counter.  She said she had to key in all the items in my bags all over again. All because of 1 turnip.

I asked, "Did you scold the staff there?".

She gave a pained expression, "They anyhow press.".

I said, "What about the manager?".

She gave a slight smile & shrugged it off.  Meaning the manager is a hopeless ass.

Meidi-ya is wasting customers' time.  No wonder the cashiers tell me they get scolded. This cashier admitted she had also been scolded over this matter.  She even said it happened to another customer over a carrot.

With such trouble, it's no surprise she either pretends not to see the wrong pricing, hope the customer will not know or customers know but allow it to pass.

Last week, at the meat shelves, I saw whole shelf section of Iberico Pork price tagged as beef.  And all the packets clearly show a sticker that says "Iberico Pork". Yet they were weighed & tagged as beef.

I intentionally asked this cashier which was more expensive. Beef or pork?

She said, "Of course beef.".

I won't ask how much more expensive beef versus pork. But during weekends when I see women just grab packets of pork off the shelves,  Meidi-ya is making a lot more money than is legit.

Bro said that what Meidi-ya is doing is the opposite of what shoplifters do. Shoplifters put cheaper price tags onto more expensive items.

Meidi-ya tags cheaper items with more expensive prices.  Why aren't expensive items tagged with cheaper prices? Is Meidi-ya supermarket having cash flow problems?








間違った値札は、長時間の遅延の原因となりました。すべての私の項目は、ビニール袋に既にありました。しかし、今、レジ係の女性はすべてを取り出して計算をやり直す必要がありました。 ひどい。


Monday, 14 March 2016

Volumetric Weight Shipping 65Daigou

I just came off from online chat with 65daigou staff.

Just when I was thinking of praising 65daigou, suddenly this comes up.

This is the first time I am ordering furniture. Just a light wood rack.  Just some days ago, I ordered 2 & they are now on the way by sea.

A week ago, I ordered a 3rd one.  After 4 days, the status was still "dispatched by seller".  I asked & 65daigou said it was missing in transit to warehouse. Blamed China courier company.

But then status in my account changed to "pending inspection & repack". So I thought they found it.

Over the weekend, the status didn't change. I knew something was wrong.

This morning, 65daigou messaged that it was lost & asked whether I wanted to re-order or refund. I  said re-order. And also changed shipping from Sea to Air because it was already a delay of 1 week.

Weird thing is, tonight, suddenly, the item is ready to be shipped out. Meaning, they found it & there was no need to re-order. And I changed shipping by Sea to Air for nothing!

They are so messed up. I don't know whose mistake it is.  I didn't make a sound about it because I don't know what happened. May not be 65daigou's fault.

As long as it's ready for shipping, it's fine. But then I was shocked by the air shipping charge.

1 rack: Weight/Volume Weight: 3.35 kg/16.54 kg

How can it possibly be 16.54kg??  The previous 2 was Weight/Volume Weight: 5.67 kg/18.13 kg.

How can 1 item be charged almost the same as 2 items?

I asked the online staff & here's the reply. Now you know how they make their money.

[Actually, all the staff should say is that the actual cost during repack will be cheaper/re-calculated. Customer is questioning the calculation based on estimate.].

Ordering small items, it's fine. But not furniture. Terrible.  Using a good excuse "based on international shipping standards" so that people will be satisfied.

3.35kg becomes 16.54kg just because of a rectangular box.  And haven't even round up to 17kg.  Completely shark.  Imagine if ordering a sofa. Good heavens. You would have to empty your bank account.

If 65daigou didn't say it was lost, it would have been Sea shipping. Because they said it was lost & had to re-order, I switched to Air.  *shakes head*

The shipping cost is double the price of the item.  *shakes head*

I now wait to see what the seller has sent. Damaged? Broken? Missing pieces?   These items are for someone else. If anything goes wrong, it's going to be bad.  Furniture ordering is very bad.

Additionally, I had 2 bags to go with that rack.  In the past, it was possible to tick which items you wanted to ship out. But ever since customers complained... it's now all auto lumped to be shipped via air or sea.  Customers shouldn't have complained.

Once lumped into 1 shipment,  65daigou says they cannot be separated. My 2 bags will have to be shipped with the rack.

In the past, once they issued an estimate for shipping out, that was actually the true cost. However, these days, it's changed.  The initial shock that resulted in this post, was based on the estimated cost of shipping out.

After I confirmed the ship out, the cost adjusted to a more "reasonable" value (a difference of... $12).  I suppose the warehouse packed it (actual physical vs theoretical) to cut the estimated weight.

That's good. In the actual packing, the 2 bags occupied the same volume/space as the rack. The total volumetric weight was charged as just the rack at 17kg. Meaning... the 2 bags' shipping is free.

But it still does not detract from the fact that 3.35kg can become 17kg simply by "volumetric weight". Packaging.. spaces... foam... box...

A very good way of earning profit, this volumetric weight idea. Very dangerous to order furniture unless you have your own carrier that you know & can control.

Prior to ordering, I even gave the rack 10kg allowance. And still the actual volumetric weight was far higher than my estimate.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Carousell Osaka Bags Fraudster Buyer Review

There's no stopping fraud is there? :)  He's still calling the bags "Tokyo Designed" with all that fake & crazy items' descriptions.

How does Osaka Bags Fraudster attract exactly the same type of buyers to him? He attracts fools like a magnet attracts iron filings. And the same type of fools (from their feedback reviews).

What do I have to do to attract such fools? They will likely get on my nerves with stupid questions but will I mind?

These days, when I occasionally visit the Osaka Bags Fraudster's page, I don't get angry anymore about the increasing numbers of stupid buyers who leave glowing feedback for him.

Instead, I am amused.  [My previous post on his scam was when his buyers were only 115. Now, the buyers have increased to 137.  Despite my warnings & my blog posts, he is unstoppable.]

Look at this foolish buyer's review:

I smiled reading the "Very relaxed & composed seller".  Of course.  Do you expect a fraudster to be all flustered & nervous?  Smooth & easy because he's done it more than 100 times. Steady & familiar. He knows exactly how these stupid buyers think.

"Answered my doubts & questions promptly". Whenever his buyers/suckers say this, I think: What kind of doubts can bags generate?  I really don't know until I think...

Considering the fake & crazy way the fraudster types his items' descriptions, then yes, there will be plenty of doubts & questions.

Like, why you say "Tokyo Designed" when it's actually not? Why you say leather, when it's actually crude-looking PU? Why you say there's a front pocket when there's actually no pocket at all?

"Provided paper bag to carry it" is very stellar? Is out of this world, eh?  Heavens. I provide a brand new plastic carrier bag for my customers all the time. And nobody says a thing.

I notice Carousell buyers always leave very useless & stupid comments just because they can type. Most will feedback every single detail of a transaction as if it's their first time in the whole world. For heaven's sake.

What is so spectacular about speedy & prompt replies? I do that all the time in e-mail & on Carousell. Nobody says a thing.

All sellers, all companies, all service line workers are supposed to deliver prompt replies.  It is not a special thing. It is Expected. What the heck are Carousell buyers raving about?

Buyers always buying from the Fraudster is like buyers who don't read my blog & still buy electrical appliances from Giant supermarket.  It just continues.

Look at this 136th buyer's review on the Fraudster's page. Specifically, look at his face (if that's his face in the profile pic). All his buyers have this stupid look in their profile pics:


My question: If the bag came wrapped... How did this buyer check it on meet up? 

And all these buyers keep saying "paper bag" "paper bag". What is so great about putting an item in a paper baggg????

I repeat: I put mine in a brand new plastic carrier bag & nobody says anything!  What, it shouldn't be plastic?

Maybe I should put mine in a box in a box in a box. And it's cardboard!  Then, my customers will be totally awed!

Fraud pays. Honest dealing does not. This is what this post is about.