Friday, 28 February 2014

High-Tech Shampoo Ad Makes Waves in Swedish Subway Station

WHOAA!!! COOOL!!!!  I Love it. Especially when she sweeps her hair back at the end. So real.

(Right away, I was thinking if they did that in SG or US or elsewhere, those sensors are going to be stolen. Only in Sweden can they do this.).  Update 3:52pm 5 March Wed: I really like the music & keep playing it just to hear it.

On Yahoo News:

Thursday, 27 February 2014

You Who Came From The Stars Ep 21 Last Episode

You Who Came From The Stars (My Love From The Star) Ep 21 Last Episode

I just finished the raw of the last episode. Pretty teary-eyed but nice. Nice ending. I guess at the end he is still able to drop by now and then, but can't stay long because he is using a wormhole that is unstable?

I love this guy (Kim Soo-hyun). He is a better actor than Lee Min Ho.

This is the first time I see him & he's really good. He is rather small-sized, and as Cheon Song Yi (Jun Ji-hyun) says, he has a small face (which she likes). I don't know why she likes a small-faced guy but ... he is rather handsome with a magnetic presence even though he is shorter than other men & small-sized. 

The fact that he is actually more than 400 yrs old makes him very cute & sexy, especially when he grasps his hands together behind his back like a professor. ^_^

This episode's pics:  (Actually, every episode, I have been saving pics on my desktop till it's gonna explode with other pics that I have... Heirs etc...).

Below: 2 guys hugging...  ^_^ Cute.  Song Yi's bro hugs Min Joon.  I notice this drama has a lot of suggestive gay scenes...   But very tastefully, funnily & cutely done.

The bro's left leg goes over, while his right leg goes between Min Joon's thighs...  Contact both ways.... hmmm... Hey... does it hurt?  Imagining doing this scene, I guess they had to be careful, although falling like that can be hard to control? ^_^


Below: So good friend.  I didn't expect him to hug her. He tells her to be calm & that it's Ok. His love for her is very touching as she looks as though she has gone crazy missing Do Min Joon.


Below: Such a pretty lady but no escort?  So tall & lovely.


Below: The coat looks very long on her, like a woman's long kimono jacket (Haori). On him, it reaches above his knees. On her... it looks about the same (to her knees). Must be the broadness of the coat giving the illusion that it's very long on her.

Below: Min Joon visits the bad guy in prison...To drive him nuts? Min Joon's face here is very soft & handsome.  Looks a little different than his usual.

Raw:  Took me a while to realize that this link gives the Raw version. I always see it at the top of the search list, but pass it because I thought woylaa was some kinda recap page.  It actually puts out the Raw early.  Only yesterday, I discovered it.  Before then, I was searching pages & pages in Chinese, Korean & English for the Raw (took hours & my watching was delayed).

Sunday, 23 February 2014

何が白河城上のオブジェクトを輝いている? (What is this Shining Thing on Shirakawa Castle?)

I was looking at another castle, then at Aizu-Wakamatsu train station, then at Shirakawa, and was suddenly surprised to see this: 

What is this shining light on Shirakawa Castle @ 5.01pm Japan time? I was surprised because I have never seen it before whenever I looked.

The light shines bright,  dims a little, then brightens again. A lamp? A metal carp on the roof?

I asked Bro to have a look while I went away from my room. When I returned, he said the light disappeared.  He said it was shining, but when he looked at a passing train and looked back to the light, it was gone.

At first, he thought it was a body of water. (On the roof? I said. Maybe behind the castle but looking like it's on top? I thought.)

But then he is more certain it's a mirror. But I don't think Japanese castles hang mirrors. Also, the light shone very strong and bright, like man-made (a lamp). If it's a mirror, it should shine and go out, then shine again with the wind. But the light was steady, brightening for a while before dimming a little, like a star.

I have not seen the metal carps or decorations on castle roofs shine like this when I was there (although I have not been to this castle).

A few minutes later.... 4.38pm

It's a damn lamp. Bro says it looks like a panel of lights. The earlier brightening and dimming is probably the dimmer timer function. He says they could be having some festivities or function there, but I really doubt it.  It's winter and it's a very quiet castle in what appears to be a forgotten/out-of-the-way spot. More likely they are doing overtime reconstructing the collapsed part of the castle (still doing it after 2 years since the earthquake. Slow. Work doesn't seem to progress every time I look.  Were they perhaps waiting for the correct rocks to reconstruct?). Passing (cargo?) train below.


Saturday, 22 February 2014

Current Japan Weather Versus Singapore シンガポールの天気

5:29 pm Sat 22 Feb 2014

At the moment, 2 degrees C in Fukushima now while outside my window it's blazing hot Equatorial weather like you wouldn't believe if you are in Japan. Today, SG is HOT. Sweat even while sitting here typing.

Japan's falling snow while I watch them & hear their train announcers: Wish I was there now... not quite though. It's freezing.  Just 1 hr ahead of SG time, their sun has long set while ours is still blazing at 5:37pm.

Aizu-Wakamatsu station at the moment:

Versus SG's Hot blue sky at the moment: 31 degrees C

When I was in East Japan in 2009, it was early Spring & I truly missed the warmth of the SG sun. At that time, Japan's spring sun shone but it is a cold light.

The SG sun warms your face & body. It is heat. It warms you up inside. You can feel the love of the sun. But not Japan's sun in early spring when I was there. Cold.  Unloved feeling.

I miss Japan.


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Masks Review

Freeman Masks Review:

Cheap, but I just found out their masks contain "Methylisothiazolinone". A toxic preservative used in cleaning products.

in a 2013 study published in Dermatitis, methylisothiazolinone was called the "Allergen of the Year for 2013," so it seems it may not be so safe after all!
I bought these at Guardian Suntec (near to the Super Stationery Store):

1) Facial Brightening Golden Grain (contains Methylisothiazolinone)
2) Purifying Clay Mask Acai (contains Methylisothiazolinone)
3) Hydration Goji Berry Mask
4) Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask
5) Avocado & Oatmeal (contains Methylisothiazolinone)

Of these, 3 contain the chemical.  For Golden Grain, whenever I apply it under my eyes, it would make my eyes water and feel stinging for a while and I have to blink a few times.

So far, I have been using them and have had no adverse reaction.  For #5, I was given a few sample packets of this same product because I bought so many (1 free packet for every item purchased). I bought #5 as a packet to try for $1 (Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya sells it for $2.50).

Overall, these masks don't do anything.

The best would be the Charcoal Black Sugar. But as one reviewer commented,  the cap cannot close back once the product has come out. The sugar jams up the cap inside.

Also, because of the sugar, the product is difficult to spread. It has to be thickly smeared and gently spread but not too thin, otherwise, the sugar will start falling off the skin. Quite messy.

And the sugar particles are very big and abrasive. I don't know why these Ang Mohs didn't make it finer. It is after all for the face. Even as a body scrub, it is too rough. 

The mask starts warming up immediately and it's an Ok feeling. After leaving it on for a while, I wet a cloth and massage/wipe it off. It exfoliates well.

And that's about all it does. Nothing special.

I was thinking of throwing away the masks that contain the chemical. But it seems a pity. I have about half of each of the products left & the packet of #5 is not even open (together with a few of the sample packets left).

On the other hand, the masks containing the chemical haven't done anything special anyway. So... what's the use of keeping them?

If you haven't bought these masks, I suggest you look up other products that work better and without the chemical Methylisothiazolinone.

As Korean skincare products' ingredients lists are in Korean when ordering online, I don't know if they contain the chemical. I can use online translation and check, however. So far, the products I have used are Ok, just that some work better and some don't. 

Upate: Thurs 27 Feb 11:26am. I will be throwing away items that contain "Methylisothiazolinone" in the ingredients list.  It is a very common chemical. I found it in Dove body wash, Dettol hand wash, Pure Beauty Pomegranate series & other products.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Why China Staff Should Not be Hired/ Rude Takashimaya Staff (高島屋シンガポールでの失礼なサービススタッフ)

On Feb 13 Thurs 2.50pm, I was at the WMF section (kitchenware). 

2 staff were coming out of the white side door in the WMF section and I went to them with a WMF product to ask if it had a discount.

I addressed the first woman who came out and she completely ignored me and walked away.

I thought she was going to find a WMF staff to assist, but she just went across to a counter, joked around with that promoter and ate something there (looked like a square piece of pineapple).

I walked towards her and asked if there was any WMF staff around. She saw me, but again purposely looked away.

Even if she is not a sales staff for WMF, she should at least have answered me. Very rude. I was very surprised by her attitude. 

She is a promoter for one of the cookware brands. (Her uniform bears a La Gourmet logo).

Such service staff should be fired.

Her name tag is faded so her name cannot be seen. But here are her photos:  (click for larger).

Obviously, a China woman. Only China will ignore an English-speaking customer in such a way. If she don't want to interact in English, she should just go back to China. What is she doing here? Why did the cookware brand hire her? She eats while on the job.


The other woman (auntie) who came out with this China woman, was a Tefal promoter who also ignored my question about the WMF product. She just gave a blank face when I looked at her uniform logo (Tefal) and walked away. So rude.

I have informed both Takashimaya & La Gourmet about the matter.

Update 19 Feb Wed:  Takashimaya responded in e-mail. I am impressed with the reply & very surprised by their swift discipline. They handle such a matter as good & as fast as Giant supermarket HQ customer service. 

International La Gourmet has also replied via e-mail that said the matter has been forwarded to the SG division. Though I have yet to hear from La Gourmet SG, Takashimaya has already handled the matter.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Rude Saleswoman @ Shu Uemura Counter Tangs Vivocity & Rude Watsons Loreal & Guardian Sales Staff

Louise Yong.  Rude, tactless, definitely made me think she shouldn't be earning any commission from me (if I even decide to purchase).

I am considering making a list of all the rude service line people. If I had started sooner, the list would be quite long by now.

Why do makeup/cosmetic companies hire rude staff? Staff should undergo training first before being put up as counter staff.  Things the staff must never say to a customer should be taught. Bottom line is to sell the products, customers must feel comfortable and encouraged to buy. SALES.  Supposed to Sell your product. Never offend the customer in any way.

I was rather offended by this older saleswoman Louise Yong at the Shu Uemura counter @ Tangs Vivocity today at about 6.15pm.  First glance at her, she already looked unpleasant. Her rough makeup face looked very hard and unfriendly.

I was interested in the Whitefficient Essence and asked about it.  After she showed me the counter area with the displays, I  squirted some on the back of my hand, but more came out than expected as the bottle was quite empty.

I asked about the products and how long a bottle of the Essence could last.  She said the amount I put on my hand earlier was too much. Said a little was enough and the bottle could last 3 months. -.-  I didn't bother explaining that the pump had squirted out more than I wanted.  (I doubt 30ml can last 3 months when L'oreal White Perfect Laser Essence with the same amount don't even dare claim to last that long. Only a person who is super stingy can maybe stretch 30ml to 3 months. And with such stingy use, I doubt there can be results.). 

#1 Never fault the customer for using a product. Never say the customer has used too much.

So, she is an unpleasant, rude staff with poor customer relationship skills and also stingy.  The amounts of the emulsion and cream that she later squirted on the back of my other hand were so little, it was amazing.

That aside, I asked whether it was possible to just use the Essence alone without combining with the cream or emulsion.  I was thinking that the essence might need the cream or emulsion to work better, just like L'oreal White Perfect Laser.

She said the essence can be used alone, then gave a crude explanation of the function of the cream and said in a discourteous tone, "Do you understand?". 

#2 Never say "Do you understand" to a customer. Never attempt to belittle the customer. Such a staff should be fired without salary.  

She had poorly described the cream as preventing the essence from "running away" (this was said in Chinese to mean "evaporating") from the face. The Shu Uemura website which I had earlier checked out says that the function of emulsion or cream is to seal in moisture (I didn't tell her this).  I wanted to see if she would confirm it.  Instead, when I prompted at the beginning, whether it was to seal in moisture, she had looked in doubt and said it was to keep the surface of the face clean from dust etc..  Then when I asked if the essence could be used alone, she exasperatedly said the cream prevents the essence from evaporating into the air and then had the gall to say "Do you understand?" in such a rude tone.

Throughout, her tone and words were rude. Certainly, she does not make the customer feel welcome. Definitely, she left an impression--to not buy from her or from this Shu Uemura counter.

Intentionally rude or not, staff should be trained. This has to be emphasized. Train Your Staff.

#3 Always smile & encourage the customer to come again even if the customer didn't buy anything. This is something very easy but very few sales staff do. 

I don't  know why aunties make very poor cosmetics/skincare sales staff (Should hire young people who are fresher and more polite).  These aunties are very offensive in their words and tone.


1) BHG the new level selling cosmetics at the end. This auntie promoting makeup brands at the endRude comments to my inquiries.

2) Auntie at L'oreal shelf @ Takashimaya Watsons.

When I said I was considering whether to buy the Overnight White Perfect Laser cream and inquired if there was perhaps a sample to take home to try (as testing on the back of my hand in store is different from applying it on my face at night + I showed her I was buying the White Perfect Laser Essence), she said there are no samples for the cream but sarcastically continued that if I could provide a container, she would scoop out some of the used tester on display and give me.

What a rude and offensive thing to say. Only an auntie can say such a thing. That jar of cream tester on display has been used by the public.  You think the customer is a beggar? Get a container? If you have no samples, just say so and stop there.

It wasn't as if I was asking for samples for free. I am after all buying the essence and would like a sample to try the Overnight cream (I wasn't interested in samples of other products that she said were available).

Truly very offensive. She should certainly be fired.

I subsequently bought the Overnight cream from Guardian elsewhere.

3) Watsons has always been having very persistent and very offensive aunties to promote their skincare brands.  I have been wanting to talk about this for a long time.

The moment customers walk in, they hang onto the customers and point out customers' flaws just to sell their products. Very bad. 

How do you think that makes a customer feel? Customer is in a good mood to buy stuff. The moment customer enters, meet such auntie sales shit, and right away the mood ruined. Customer don't want to buy anymore, just want to get out. In any case, the customer's  mood has been changed negatively.

Is this the way to do business?

(While you are browsing, they will also bug you to look at their more expensive products.).

4) The same thing at the "new" Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya.  When they opened recently, I went there to check it out. Right away, tailed by more than 6 saleswomen, one after another pestering me. Worse of all, they became purposely annoying. Wah, buay ta han.  Totally bad, made me angry. If just 1 more sales shit approached me again, I was going to shout at the person.

I walked out in a foul mood.

Can you imagine? A customer walks in smiling, wanting to Buy things. But walks out empty-handed and angry.  Cash walking out. And not coming back in again. I haven't stepped in there since then.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Danish zoo kills Giraffe & Feeds to Lions for Kids to watch

I think Tobias Stenbaek Bro needs to be "humanely put down" because his genes is shitty. This is an example of a sadist allowed to continue to live at the expense of other animals. A disgrace to the human species.

"I'm actually proud because I think we have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe that they wouldn't have had from watching a giraffe in a photo," Stenbaek Bro said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press.

He is "actually proud"? He must be mad.  How about we dissect him alive in full view of the audience to better understand the human anatomy?

L'oreal Revitalift Laser & White Perfect Laser Essence/Overnight Review

I have been using White Perfect Laser & was wondering if the Revitalift products worked as well.  Was looking for reviews & found this surprising article instead:

The poor woman. She just wanted to look beautiful and the products made her worse.

Luckily I didn't buy. I wanted to, but saw the box said Made in China. Was telling myself why couldn't they have made it in Indo, Thailand or Vietnam. Plus, the testers on the display smelled awful.

And I don't trust Ang Moh skincare products.  Prefer Korean.

But this time, even I bought the Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence (my 2nd bottle) & Overnight cream.  Usually, I don't buy the cheap common skincare brands in pharmacies and supermarkets because I don't think they work.

After reading the article, I immediately went to check the ingredients on the boxes that I have. The chemical "Methylisothiazolinone" is not listed. But I don't think it's completely safe.  Not surprising considering the list of chemicals listed there.

I first saw the White Perfect Laser Essence at Guardian Pharmacy@Westgate. Was practically ready to buy based on the (older 2012 & Jan 2013) box description. They dared claim that it works like laser facial.  Since they are so confidently making that claim, then I want to try and see if it's true (though needed  to check reviews first. I also checked up on Ellagic acid which I had not come across in a skincare product before.).

The newer boxes no longer make that claim. The latest manufacturing date on these boxes I have seen so far wherever I go is 05/2013.  

When I bought White Perfect Laser Essence based on online reviews & information on Ellagic acid, I just wanted to try and see if it really worked (despite the chemicals).  Usually if a skincare product doesn't work after a few tries, I will just toss it aside regardless of the price.

After using the essence a few times... Damn, the thing works. Can't believe it. And for just $31.90 (20% discount everywhere these days except NTUC).  Those Korean stuff I use cost twice as much excluding airmail.

So far, I have enjoyed using these 2 White Perfect Laser products.  Not perfect*, but surprisingly the fastest and most effective compared to all the Korean and other products I have used.

Works as promised. Smoother & even softer skin (when it's already smooth & soft). Clears pigmentation fast. Saleswoman says it is faster than their White Perfect range which is just normal stuff.

I first used the essence alone and liked it on first application.  Could see that it works in 2 days.

It's the only product I have ever used that sinks in so amazingly into the skin even with a thick smear (that isn't spread out). Pretty amazing.

At 30ml, generous usage finished it in about 2 weeks (daily morning & night). I don't think such a little amount can stretch for 8 weeks as the box's description (about spots visibly shrinking & fading in 8 weeks) leads people to think. But it certainly doesn't take that long to see results.  In 1~2 weeks, it's done pretty good.

After the first bottle, there seemed to be a limit to the results since it was just the essence. I didn't want to spend more buying the creams (usually, I only buy serums or essences). But according to the saleswoman (who also gave me a separate tip on enhancing whitening with the product), the essence needs to be used with the cream for full effect. So, considering this, I later bought a 2nd bottle of essence, this time with the Overnight Treatment cream.

This is the first time I have purchased a 2nd bottle of a skincare product after completely finishing the 1st one.

The essence and Overnight cream do work best/better together. I use the 2 products in the daytime like a mask that I wash off after a few hours.

But (unfortunately) based on that UK article (though the chemical is not listed on the White Perfect Laser Essence & Overnight boxes), I think I will have to stop using them after they are finished and try something else? :(

Before reading the article, I had even wanted to see if it was possible to import a box load of essence to use till perfection.

I wonder if the chemical is listed on the box of Revitalift products in SG? Will have to check next time I drop by Watsons.   

[Update 11 Feb Tues: I checked Watsons today. "Methylisothiazolinone" is in the ingredients list of the Revitalift Day Cream SPF23 & Revitalift Laser x3 cream.

Update 17 Feb:  There are quite many creams and facial foam containing this ingredient. I just realized the facial scrub that I have been using and like, actually contains this chemical as well.]
1) It would seem that after a while, results for the White Perfect Laser Essence & Overnight cream reach a limit? So, even if I stick with the products, I don't think the efficacy will continue indefinitely somehow. 

2) The essence alone is very good at clearing up pigmentation/freckles. But notice that it does it in patches/spots/areas. So, it is not uniform/even in its whitening/clearing up effect. The result is that there are islands of cleared areas that are quite visible surrounded by still-pigmented-lightening-in-progress skin. 

However, it seems that this is mitigated by using the Overnight cream that evens out the island effect for some reason.

3) The essence & cream raise bumps under the eyes. Temporary allergic reaction to the paraben, alcohol, silicon or petroleum-based chemicals? 

4) If you apply too much, the essence + cream in combination will make the lips oily even though of course, the lips were avoided when applying on the face.  It seems that somehow, the cream on the face seeps to the lips, something that I didn't know and hadn't read about. Not surprising considering the soles of the feet are also permeable to substances, for instance garlic. 

5) The quality of the bottle is rather cheap. My 2nd bottle, the blue paint around the nozzle peeled off when I started using it (probably due to the peeling function of the Dermoliss). 

At first I didn't know what the little blue particles in the white cream was. Then when I looked at the nozzle, I saw the paint had come off. -.-  It is however, a glass bottle, although it seems plastic. Glass is better since it prevents leaching of plastic chemicals into the product.


Update 1:27pm 2 March Sun: 

Companies that sell these skincare products are very smart.  They make a product such that you need to buy at least 3 bottles for visibly greater effects, though not entirely fixed.  30mlx3 = 90ml.  ($31.90x2) + 39.90 (I bought this from John Little at no discount) = $103.70.  Pretty expensive to spend on a face.   (Overall, plus the Korean products, I have spent ... A Lot. Too much on just 1 face & all because I didn't use sunblock all these years of hot blazing afternoons swimming.).

For the past 2 nights, I have tried using the Essence + Overnight cream in lesser amounts than during the day for my cheeks, to see if there is a difference using them at night than daytime.  For these 2 try-outs, I didn't use them in the day. 

Is there a difference between using them at night & in the daytime? Using them at night, the skin does look better in the morning,  probably because of the longer hours of absorption, but there doesn't seem to be a difference in effect to the blemishes.  If there's an effect, it must be only very slight.

I still think these products have reached a limit for me. I am already using my 3rd bottle of Essence & it's finishing soon.  Considering whether to buy a 4th.  If at the end of this 3rd bottle, there is still no more difference, then it means these products have reached the limit for me & time to change to other products.

Update 20 March Thurs 2014 3:06pm

I am still on my 3rd bottle.  Maybe this bottle contains more product than the previous ones because it is lasting surprisingly longer. Or maybe because I am using it less these days.  I am bored of it.

Any further improvements already stopped some weeks ago.  Time to move on to other products.  This 3rd bottle is not doing anything. It continues raising bumps under my eyes and that's about it.

I want to buy a Korean product that's very popular in Korea at the moment, but don't have the cash.  Unable to afford this Korean product, I bought another (4th) bottle of this Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence that is more affordable (temporarily until I can afford the Korean product). I haven't used this 4th bottle yet & regret buying.

My advice is to buy just 2 bottles of Loreal White Perfect Laser Essence & that's it. No use buying more.

Another thing I don't like, is that even this essence, if apply a little more, seeps into my lips making them feel a little oily. As the essence contains a lot of bad synthetic chemicals, I don't like it seeping into my lips.  

Using the essence for a short while is Ok, but I wouldn't use it long-term due to these chemicals.

My face hates creams. Using the Overnight White Perfect Laser on top of the Essence sometimes gives me pimples. So, I use the Overnight cream very rarely these days.

The latest manufacture date now, is 06/2013.

Update 25 March Tues 2014 11.52pm :  I started on my 4th bottle (of the White Perfect Laser Essence) yesterday.  Was relieved to have finished my 3rd bottle.  So far, the 3rd bottle has been maintaining my clear & smooth complexion but not doing much for the remaining pigmentation.

I will be trying out a few Korean products from Gmarket soon. For now, I'm giving up on the popular Korean product that I want => very expensive to order just this 1 item (Gmarket does not have it). Although the item price is cheap/affordable, the cost of EMS & agent fee when added makes it too expensive.  Maybe next time.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Kyo no Maiko (Maiko/Geiko Okobo platform heels shoes balance walk)

Shit. All along, I thought they were wearing wigs. That's their Real hair. O.O

Look at the way that old woman pulls her hair and marks a path with the pointed end of the comb across the scalp that's red from all that pulling (I wonder if she loses her hair as she gets older).  Goddamn. All that work and beauty for all that pain.

What if you got an itch in there you need to scratch? Does she wash her hair at the end of the day? How to undo that stuff by herself?

And those beautiful (not plastic) flowers are done by a man (by hand). O.O Let me guess, a gay man? If he's gay, forget it... I ain't putting those flowers in my hair. He can keep it.

I was actually looking for how to walk/balance in Maiko shoes. Checked that such shoes are called "Okobo".

Then in the search results on how to walk/balance in them, I saw this Youtube video in EnglishIn the video, it says the Maiko is wearing 10cm-high platform sandals, but the one I'm getting is 8cm, so I feel the one I'm getting is not as authentic as I prefer *mouth frowns*. (But it's the only one that's nice).

I love this framing of the picture. ^_^ As they walk by... wow.  It's like characters of a fairytale just passed by.  The shoes give them impressive height and with that posture, it's pretty wow.  It would seem that they lean back their weight and stand straight to keep in balance.

And then in that video, I read the comments that pointed me to the original documentary: Kyo no Maiko.

So here it is below. But in Japanese.  Come to think, what's the difference between Geiko and Geisha? It would seem that from this video as I thought, Geiko = Geisha.  (Maiko as the English video covered, is an apprentice before graduating to Geiko).  I like Maiko ^_^ They are young and cute (as the English video says, they are between the ages of 15 and 20).   

Heyy... in that video about differences between Geiko-Maiko, the Ang Moh woman who was translating was also surprised that the Maiko's hair is not a wig. So surprised that she couldn't translate for a while. "Maiko-san, that's her own hair. It's not a wig. Wow.".  I was thinking that while the young Maiko looked amused, the older woman looked rather... disgusted (?) that the Ang Moh translator who was supposed to know (since she knows their language) doesn't know that it's the Maiko's real hair. Yes, that Maiko is damn Cute!! They really know how to makeup. The girl is so cute smiling like that.

Oh my god. She's carrying around 7 meters of Obi (cloth sash) at her back. O.O

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Canton Paradise @ ARC Alexandra Retail Centre (Review)

Only problem is, they serve Shark's Fin.

I didn't check the menu completely first before entering. Saw the lovely pic of fried carrot cake and been wanting to try since the day they opened.

Don't know why Canton Paradise is still serving Shark's Fin when a list of other Chinese restaurants have already showed their support against serving this item.

Awareness has already been raised and support already garnered from restaurants and consumers. So, I am puzzled why Canton Paradise, for all its classiness, is still serving this item with such a dirty bloodied background. It is like "dirty money".   Ill-gotten.

The most recent news revealed a China factory killing the endangered Whale Shark on an industrial scale (illegally).

Canton Paradise wants to be associated with illegal, dirty blood money like that? Completely ruins a restaurant's image and classiness.

It would be nice if the restaurant said that its Shark's Fin was fake. That it's made of starch, flour and sugar (though who would want to order, eh?).

Bro said that it's Ok if I don't order Shark's Fin. I said, "Yeah, but the money still goes to them (the restaurant that sells Shark's Fin). ". 

I considered if we should just walk out after reading the menu at our table. Made it a point that we would not be returning.

Ordered the Fried Carrot Cake with XO ($7.80) since I have been wanting to try. They were crowded during the first few days of opening. This time, the place was quite empty  (27 Jan about 6 pm).  I didn't find any online reviews despite it opening for some time already.

The Fried Carrot Cake XO came in cubes and was nice, particularly with their chilli sauce. Bro ate it without chilli sauce and liked it.  But I still much prefer the local hawker center type (black/white).

Bro ordered the Mango Puree with Sago ($5) while I wanted the Yam Jelly Squares pictured in the menu. However, was later told that the Yam Jelly was sold out and so were other desserts. They only had Mango Puree with Sago or Guilin Gao (black Chinese Jelly).

Or Egg Custard that is supposed to be cold/chilled ($5), which I ordered as replacement.

Both desserts were surprisingly poor. Bro said his Mango Puree was nice. But I tried it and it was thin and disappointing.  Instead of yellow like an egg custard should be, my Custard was pale white and it tasted odd and bland (I didn't finish).

The plate of fried Yi Mee noodles was nice. But very few and small pieces of ingredients in it for the price ($14.80).

The strangest taste was their Yuan-Yang Coffee-Tea Mix (cold drink $3.40). It was bad the first time it was served: the coffee too strong and bitter, overwhelmed any taste of tea. Bro said it tasted weird. After I sent it back, it returned tasting a little sweeter but still not passable (even though, as the nice uncle waiter said, "the chef made it more balanced").  We didn't finish this drink.

Peanuts that we didn't order, already on the table in a small plate = $1.50.

2 disposable packets of thin tissues that we would rather have preferred to be paper napkins = $0.60. 

Plain water (refillable) = $0.50 per glass (did not seem to have been added to the bill).

Total cost = $44.84

One word: Expensive.

Four words: Not worth the price.

Service was however, homely and good. Uncle waiter was very nice and friendly but a little too honest about his forgetfulness regarding which desserts are not available (and had to call a younger guy to come tell us).