Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Links Today for Uterine Fibroids And Ovarian Cysts

I'm considering writing a book on the cure, so stay tuned.

Doctors are actually out of date. They make a lot of assumptions without knowing the true cause behind uterine fibroids.  Yes, there is a true cause. Uterine fibroids can be prevented.

Online information are in bits & pieces & practically useless.  My book will cover what really works.

Update on the below post on Omtantric replies "Max":

The hairstylist did send message to my handphone after all. :) I thought he wouldn't bother and was just trying to get rid of me because I was so persistent. True, I was persistent, but also desperate and earnest. It was not possible that I was lying just to get his number (he's not that handsome, I'm not that crazy over men and I am rather arrogant myself).  He could see I was honest and earnest about having to travel so far to get a haircut from him.

I asked him 3 times to give me his number before, during and after the haircut. He refused with some strange difficulty like he was being tied by company policy or something.  

During the cut, I realized I had pen and possibly paper in my pouch in his cupboard. On the 3rd count, after the haircut, when I was taking my things from the cupboard, I unzipped my pouch, tore a piece from a medical result white paper and took out the pen. Then I asked him to write his number (since he was reluctant to tell me, I thought perhaps quietly writing it down would be better for him). 

He refused while folding the sheet of cloth, and tipped his head towards my paper saying something. I didn't catch what he meant and asked him again to write his number. He repeated slightly louder for me to leave my number instead. So, I did. 

Then I gave it to him and walked away. Just before exiting, I realized giving him my number was useless if he wouldn't call me. I mean, I needed his number to text him to ask if he would be working on a particular day so I could drop in. Anyway... that's the only choice he left me (assuming he would just throw away my number). Previously, I had given my name and number to a woman stylist at another outlet and she never contacted my number ever. 

I walked back in and asked him if he would contact me if he was transferred out back to the usual outlet again, and he vaguely nodded without quite looking at me. I took it to mean he wouldn't and was just trying to get rid of me by asking me to leave my number.

But the next night (Sat night), he sent message at 11.39pm! I only saw it past 2 a.m. (because I didn't know about the message and when I checked the phone, it was because I couldn't sleep at 2+ a.m.. ). Was so happy, smiled in bed. Of course, I thanked him and hoped he would have a good day when he woke. Hoped also that my message didn't wake him. 

Well...a pity he never replied. But.. well... at least he contacted my number, so I had his. 

Friday, 20 July 2012

Replies in OmTantra Complete Waste of Money (on men focused on sex)

With reference to the post here:

The men who reply to the post above "OmTantra: Complete Waste of Money" cannot be good or genuine characters. This is a given (an established fact, condition, factor, etc.).  All those who commented in that post, I first considered their characters and motives negatively, above all. 

So, it is not surprising that continuing communication with any of them would result in waste of time. 

I was brought up to mean what I say, and keep promises that I make. I don't know why people these days cannot even do this. They will say "next time" or even sound sincere in concluding with giving the impression that there is a "next time" (next meeting), when actually, they have no genuine intention of a "next time". Why can't they not say anything rather than let something they don't mean come out of their mouths?

I can only blame their attitude and behavior on poor or no parental upbringing. 

Analysis of a case:  The man named "Max" who commented in the OmTantra post.

Looking at his comments in that post, it is obvious where he is focusing. Yet based on his last comment, we continued via several e-mails. 

On my part, I wondered if there might be a friend in him, and I am one who gives chances where there might be even very slim possibilities. 

However, at no time did I think he was genuine or sincere. His e-mails also proved it, and I also implied it in my replies a few times. 

1) An instability in the format of his comments that can also be seen in his posts, suggesting a certain unreliability (which I also mentioned to him in our beginning impressions of each other).

2) I noticed that every time I mentioned something that I was personally bothered about, he would not say a word about it. Instead, he would select to reply to questions only pertaining to himself.  At most, he would make a comment once and thereafter fall silent on the topic that I cared about, and talk about his side. 

3) On his side, his e-mails were mostly sexual. Sexual exploits of his past, sexual approach towards our communication in trying to elicit sexual fantasies together, sexually oriented questions such as what underwear did I prefer to wear etc...  When I re-directed it by intentionally mentioning my search for good and sincere friends, he excluded himself from it by his words.

4) At first, he pretended concern for my anemia. But that quickly and obviously changed to sex fiend. I felt it surprising that an engineer (as he claims to be) who is educated would be so debased in his mentality. I even considered if this was really a person who even went to university.

5) He was eager to meet, though he pretended to play it easy by not insisting, pretending to care about  my anemia. I said I wouldn't be meeting anyone without a haircut and he didn't offer any solution. When I suggested the 2 things he could help out as a friend with a car, he said he had earlier wanted to drive me there. What a liar. In so many e-mails, he had not once offered anything genuine.

I had showed him a photo of my previous haircut by the QB hairstylist (and he was eager to see), with my lower face masked, intending to post up here, yet he didn't offer his photo.

It was time I cut things short by scheduling a meet up soon. I also wanted to meet him to see if my thoughts about him were correct.  My analyses of people online have never been proven wrong (I told him this right at the beginning).

If I was wrong, I would have a friend. If I was right, then we would never see each other again because it is in the nature of such people to walk away without any further communication.

I was thinking the latter, and it has been proven correct.

6) In truth, I am more educated than the majority of people I communicate with.  But I would rather listen to the other person's level than offer my own.  No point offering something that has no benefit and only disadvantage in a conversation. 

7) I e-mailed select information about myself and my online experiences, only to enable him to understand my character, personality and approach. So while I spent time typing those information, it was for a purpose that I wondered if he could grasp.

It is in my experience meeting such men with sex on their minds, that their eyes have the same empty and blank look. So far, I have encountered 2.

When looking at their eyes, it is just 2 black abyssal beads, with nothing behind or within. It is like looking at 2 black, hard walls.

It is said that the eyes are windows to the soul.  In their eyes, there is no reflection of life within, no softness of a human mind or spirit. 

It could be the result of a "bestial" area of the brain over-dominating such minds over other normal aspects.

In social context,  such men do not smile or blink when talking or looking.  You could say they are slaves to the beast within them. Therefore, you are not speaking to their human minds, but to their beast which stares in an unblinking bestial way that reflects no human understanding.

No surprise the women whom he said he approached online, declined his persuasion of getting a sexual or sensuous massage from them or on them. Those who met with him, declined as well.

8) Earlier, I had already guessed the man would not be attractive. It was proven correct upon meet up. One wonders if it were true (as he claims) that many women were sexually involved with him in the past.  In the past... he might have looked worse, since men tend to look more defined and better with age. (I told bro that even my bro looks better than him, and even our next door bachelor neighbour looks handsome).

Well, on the bright side, at least it wasn't a complete waste of time (this time): A haircut without having to spend a cent (or much tedious time) on transport.  I knew "Max" would not try anything in the car, and I was able to obtain a haircut at Simei where he drove to. I would not have bothered getting a haircut if it weren't because of having to meet people for the first time.

This is the best outcome I have ever encountered so far with gay women and men looking for sex.

For the first time, didn't spend money on buying useless drinks at a cafe just for useless talk, and didn't spend at all on transport to and back from the meet up.

After meeting him, I am to meet another guy next week. And I am thinking of cancelling because I already know the chances of wasting time with this other guy is practically a given. In our e-mails thus far, he has not been a "friend".  Very shallow and short replies of 1 or 2 sentences that are insincere. Once he even missed replying to 1 question out of 2 that I posed to him.

When I adjusted my timing to meet next week, he said he had something else on later (at a rather close time to ours).  Meaning his intention, is to meet for just a short time before the movie, talk a little of whatever he has in mind, watch the movie, and make a hasty leave for his next appointment once movie ends.

It is not the friend that I want. Question is, how to put it to him.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hakuouki: Hijikata, Saito, Sano pics

Pics I saved from screen while watching. 

Hijikata:  He does look younger here. As it progresses (especially after he cuts his hair in Season 2), he looks more strained under the eyes, longer face, more brooding expression, darker look. He smiles more here than later.

Chizuru actually grew taller towards the end of Season 2. Suddenly, she looked more like a woman, instead of a very young girl. Wasn't as short or small as before (compare with Ep 1 of Season 1). Back then, she was so small, Hijikata could actually pick her up! 



The ever cool, ever suave, handsome and silent Saito Hajime. In Peacemaker Kurogane (which I'm thinking of watching again), Saito was on the opposing side. In Hakuouki, Saito is loyal on Shinsengumi side. Or perhaps, in Kurogane, Saito was undercover for Hijikata (just like in Hakuouki)?

Saito is no less capable than Hijikata, and in fact, is on par or even more capable. Able to stand in for Hijitaka as well as if it were Hijitaka himself. No sweat. 

He is like Hijikata's double. When Hijikata is not around, Saito takes his place in protecting Chizuru. Although Sano does the same, Saito has a more personal touch, as though it were Hijikata himself.

Saito acts as Hijitaka's hand, when in fact, Saito is his own man in his own right. At some point, I wondered if Saito could possibly be in love with Chizuru. But seems not. He is just taking care of her for Hijikata. 

I liked that it took a while, yet was pretty soon, that the guys knew it was Hijikata that Chizuru had fallen in love with (even though she didn't know it herself).  It was after that time when she ran to Hijikata to protect him from Kazama (ep 9). After that, everyone knew. 

That is also when everyone started leaving the Shinsengumi.  The guys had no one to stay for. Chizuru was not theirs and they didn't love her enough (Sano, Shinpachi, Heisuke). If they loved her, they would have stayed, regardless of what they personally wanted. But they didn't love her in that way. Ultimately, their own needs came first.

Saito belongs to Hijikata, not Chizuru.

The way he stands alone in his new western clothes, suddenly makes him look vulnerable in the unfamiliar. Very cute. :)  The cool, suave Saito-san. Once referred to as the "expert of explanations" (by Souji) when the Shinsengumi had to explain to the man they didn't like (Itou) why they were gathered (Ep 6).

Season 2, Masaki of the Aizu clan says Saito wears his swords on his right side, instead of left. I didn't know there was this custom. Masaki said Saito wasn't a warrior by wearing his swords "wrong". It got me thinking... how does Saito pull out his sword?  Saito is left-handed? I didn't notice.  But 3rd pic here shows he is.


Confirm from re-watching Ep 1: Saito is left-handed:

Saito is actually smaller-sized than the other guys. Especially when he sits with them. Even Souji is slightly taller and larger than Saito. Yet Saito is the best swordsman among them. (even though Kaoru says Souji is, which is strange).

Saito never smiles. But re-watching Ep 7 (looking for the episode on master of explanations), I realized this is the first time Saito smiles. And the reason? Chizuru. :)  Her cute, lost puppy face.


The beautifully naked (almost) Saito during a physicals exam:  Why does Saito stand like a woman with an arm akimbo? :)

Look at Saito standing so emotionless with Shinpachi showing off. 
Saito is rather thin/slim actually...

Expert at explanations:  You can see even against Itou, Saito is still smaller-sized. :)


Sano (left) and Shinpachi: 

Two sexy guys. Similar. Close pals. I like Sano. Suave, sexy, smooth, yet honorable with Chizuru. A gentleman. At first,  I thought Sano was also in love with Chizuru. He's always nearby to rescue and cheer her up. But he always rubs his hand on her head, meaning he treats her like a little sister.  He is taller and bigger. Very impressive to have him by her side. And I think he feels really good about it. Hahaha...

Extras: from re-watch of Ep 9:

Notice the light shining off Chizuru's sword. As the camera pans down, the rather blinding light reflects off the sword. Visually realistic. Amazing. (I had wanted to mention this earlier, but it passed.).


Hakuouki Season 2

Tues, 10th July

According to Wiki, the historical Hijikata died on June 20th that day, 1869 (no mention how). But in the anime, he seemed to have lived. His hair and eyes turned back to human. And he seemed asleep. Who wiped the tear from Chizuru's cheek? Yet his voice... seemed he spoke to her from beyond.

But going by the anime, he should still be alive. At first, I thought he died, but considering... the Rasetsu die without turning back to human (Heisuke and Sannan) and turn to sand.

Hijikata turned back to human after he killed Kazama. He didn't die and at least have a little more time left. Probably because Chizuru had given him her blood earlier, strengthening him in ways that they probably didn't realize.

I would love for Hijikata to have lived in the anime. Forever with his Chizuru.

My thoughts as I watched the final few episodes last night:

Ep 19 : The Sun's Blade

My god. It's Tsuruga-jo! Saito was there on the top deck with the Lord Katamori. I was there on that deck! Oh my god. Saito was there... They draw the top floor the same as the actual.

I can finally see what they did in those rooms. So large rooms... So, it was for practice. Training.

The moat goes around the castle. But... the moat doesn't go around anymore. It's just a short length front and back. They filled it in?

Morikawa's voice (seiyuu) cannot escape. :) Heard it right off as Lord Katamori speaks. It's Conrad's voice (Kyou Kara Maou) and the Emperor's adviser in Saiunkoku Monogatari.

Wah.. Ishida seiyuu as Masaki, is soo nice.

Seeing Saito rushing into bullet-fire. Ah, shit. How are you going to win running into bullets? *tears* He's going to die...

Ep 20: Sendai castle?

When I visited, it is no longer there. Sendai... has no castle, except the stone bases.

*tears up* Sannan-san... Heisuke...

The lousiness of the Oni is their inability to heal others, except themselves. What use is that? How powerful is that? The Oni have no right to be so prideful when they don't even have any healing power to help people. And stay aloof, mocking humans. Not helping, just staying uninvolved when they can help... (but if some of them take the side of the opposition? It works both ways...causing more harm, more damage.).

But at least, if they don't take sides, at least... help those they feel should be helped. Shiranui should have saved Sanno.

Chizuru could have saved Sannan and Heisuke just by putting her hands over Hijikata's. Tears alone, are for humans. If Oni can only cry, then they are no better than humans.

These later episodes are making me want to find out the historical truth about the Shinsengumi. Were they really heroes as portrayed? What sort of men were they? Did they really die at those places like in the anime?

Ending of Ep 21... Hijikata is very cute. Such a proud, stubbornly reserved man, hugging Chizuru by his side without acknowledging outright his love for her. :)

I love the part about the tea... when Hijikata turns into Rasetsu and leaves in the middle of a meeting, suffering in his room. Chizuru appears... so real, presenting hot green tea at his side... the cup of tea lingering even after she's gone.

EP 22 : Last episode. 薄桜 Bo Ying... means Sakura. Ying 櫻 (Chinese writing)... Ying Hua in Chinese means Sakura Blossom.  (桜) This word must be the Japanese word for Sakura.

Wow.. the way Chizuru moves aside her hair with a sweep of her hand.. and a strand of hair falling back... it's so natural the animation.

Ohh... so Hakuouki is the name given to Hijikata by Kazama. Pale Sakura Oni. Oni (鬼) means ghost in Chinese writing. I finally see the scene that was on the cover of the artbook that I didn't buy in Japan (for some reason. Why??).  It's not quite the same as the book cover (I remember he looked cool and not bloodied), but it's from this scene.

Hijikata = Hakuouki

This scene is beautiful... Kazama falling from Hijikata's blade beneath the Sakura tree. I think Kazama got tired of living as an Oni with nothing to do, and just let himself be killed. The good excuse was to go after Hijikata. And the reason he kept after Hijikata, I think was because he was jealous that Chizuru chose Hijikata over him. 

Beautiful scene, their hair flowing in the anime. Kazama with a smile like it went as planned.

Just before Kazama acknowledges Hijikata as an Oni and giving him the name Hakuouki.

Hijikata... died? Or only asleep? But his voice at the end.. sounds like he died. Then... the tear that was wiped from Chizuru's face? Ahh.. why must they end like that?

What happened to Shinpachi?
In Wiki, Shinpachi and Saito didn't die, together with Shimada.

In the anime, it seems a little difficult to believe Saito, such a genius of a man who has promised to stay alive, would blindly gallop into a hail of bullets. Surely, he would have had a plan of ambush or something?

The same theme of rushing into a hail of bullets is prevalent in this anime... Hijikata later rushes in as well, on top of a horse! Of course, he got shot. Would a military genius ride high on a horse waving his sword arm into a hail of bullets?


Hijikata's Kiss:  Hijikata's hairstyle actually looks like Sebastian's in Kuroshitsuji.


Hijikata looks more like Sebastian in Kuroshitsuji here: 

Chizuru's Kiss:


Every time I watch an anime like this, it always surprises me how far the characters have come from Episode 1. The change is truly amazing, just like real life, but fast forwarded. Only thing is, in Hakuouki, they don't age. Their age don't show on their faces regardless of how much they have been through, how sick they are, how little sleep they get, how the years pass.

Their faces still look same as in episode 1, but change is there. Their clothing, their hair, longer faces, strain under their eyes, less happy, more serious as the episodes progress. The strain can be seen heavier and heavier on them.

Then when they look back in flashbacks, it's amazing how far they have come, how much they have gone through... as though in years, even though it's just been in episodes. I feel as if I have gone with them for years, as they have. Wow.

I don't know how the animators/creators do that. And it gets the heart going, filled with the pain of the years that these people (these characters) have gone through. I guess it's because of the heart motions that create this magic of time in years as we follow the episodes. When the heart and emotions are involved... it feels like a long time.

Hijikata Vampire (Rasetsu) once more: 
By this time, Chizuru has come to enjoy it, I think. :) The camera shows her closed eyes and a breath that sounds like pleasure as Hijikata begins to suck.


Monday, 9 July 2012

Vitacost Review (UPS vs DHL) Ordering from Vitacost

9 July Monday 7.15 p.m.

I better get this down before it slips away. I have purchased from Vitacost 3 times before and had wanted to post here, but never got round to doing it.

This is the 4th time, and I better be immediate about it. :) Now that it's freshly arrived.

I love Vitacost, I love their packing, I love UPS. :) 

This 4th package arrived at 6.20 p.m.. Delivery took only a week excluding Sundays (order was placed on 30 June). The moment the UPS man passed the box to me, wow, the smell was so nice! I mean the box, not the man.

The fragrance from the scents inside the box. Mmm... wonderful.

As mentioned in the previous post, this time, this parcel was held at customs for just a bit due to lack of information (regarding items inside, presumably). I think previous time when I used UPS, Vitacost also didn't list the items outside and it was fine, though smaller and lighter box. This time, could be because it's heavier and bigger box.

Vitacost offers only 2 delivery options: DHL and UPS. Their DHL is much cheaper than UPS, but beware... DHL takes a long time (2 weeks to 1 month) and it routes through Germany (ergo the long time, and hope there is no strike in Germany). One guy in a local forum called it "Deliver Halfway Lost".

In a way, he has a point because, the tracking is... half-baked. Tracks to Germany, then no updates. Then need to call DHL and ask for the Speedpost tracking number to track in SG (only when parcel arrives in SG. So, just call and ask for status.). DHL phone number get from DHL SG website.

The half-baked tracking number... is only if your order has been "upgraded" to DHL Priority. That is actually not really "priority" but DHL Global Mail (as some Vitacost customers realized). I found out it's actually Global Mail when calling DHL SG.

To track, click on this website and enter tracking number:

Customers have been displeased because they pay for "priority" but it's actually standard global mail. They feel they have been conned.

However, it's actually better than standard DHL. "Priority" has at least a tracking number that can be used for a longer distance and in more detail than standard DHL. Even though Vitacost says there is no tracking for DHL standard, there is, but it tracks only very little in the US.

See my example: 

First time: DHL standard. It doesn't say when it leaves the US or anything else. Delivery took 2 weeks for 5 items. Vitacost shipped out on a Sat, surprisingly. 

Second time: DHL "priority" (global mail).  It was a "free upgrade" by Vitacost presumably depending on amount spent.. Checking online, IPZ-Ffm is Frankfurt. You can see it took close to a month (11 items). Once it hit Germany, it wouldn't move due to the airport strike at the time.

For DHL, upon arrival, delivery to the door is by Speedpost. So, a Speedpost tracking number needs to be acquired from DHL call center once you see it has arrived in SG after leaving Frankfurt.

The third time, I got fed up of waiting so long for my items being routed to Germany. What if they had another strike? Why couldn't it be sent out direct from the US?

Switched to the more expensive UPS just to try it out. Turned out to be a good choice.

3rd time: 12 items. First time using UPS. Took only 6 days to be delivered by the UPS courier. Not Speedpost. The boxes of my facial items were rather battered (compared to DHL that delivered everything perfectly beautiful).

See the detailed tracking. It was also updated in real-time throughout the day, and very fast movement of the parcel. I just don't know why it had to route to so many places in the US before going to Hong Kong. Why does it need to go to Anchorage, Alaska??  I told my bro, "Why does it need to go to the Land of salmon and bears first?".

And why is Vitacost (or a branch of it) in Las Vegas?

Price of such detailed tracking? US$56.74

Fourth time (this time):  15 items. Took 7 days. Everything perfect inside the box. Cost of shipping US$61.53. The part about more documentation required... refer to previous post's update. This was solved by calling UPS this morning. The UPS man came to deliver on the same day today at around 6.20 p.m..

Vitacost's speed at shipping out: Fast. For this 4th time, order was placed on 30 June. The shipping was 2 July. That's 2 days. The tracking is updated round the clock, so I assume UPS staff work round the clock.

Generally, it takes 2 days for Vitacost to ship out. Or rather, the e-mail with tracking number was sent to me first and only 1 day later it started showing tracking. I don't know why the first time purchase, it took the same day to ship out, a Saturday. Probably error in sending out that e-mail to me.

Total cost with shipping for 15 items this time is SGD 249 +.  Each item averages around SGD 16.60. Expensive but I love the shower gels (which are free of harsh chemicals) and other stuff that can't be found in SG.

Here are the stuff this time around: 

Vitacost wraps everything nicely and securely. Glass bottles are really super wrapped round and round with bubble wrap sheet. It's a sheet that SG doesn't sell. Pretty cool bubble wrap that's sticky only to itself, not to the product. Protects the item really well. 

You can see  the box has been slightly slit open at the top, probably by curious customs. But the package was not opened (the sides and top were still sealed). The fragrance within wafted out, and if the UPS lady had told them it was shower gels and toothpaste, it would explain the quick release of the parcel. Just with that slit, nothing inside can be seen.

The order list and Vitacost's brochure that they always send with their parcel:

Everything nicely sealed in zip-lock:  The nice fragrance is due to one of Deep Steep's bubble bath bottles. Spearmint and Honeydew (1 flavor in 1 bottle). Their fragrance for this is very strong.  (Update: the fragrance I discovered, is from a hole in the packet of Lavender Mineral Bath salt.).

The long horizontal bubble wrap contains my small bottle of Lavender essential oil. The far right back bottle beside the Mulberries is the Cupcake flavor shower shampoo (for hair, body and bubble bath). I have just used it for my night bath and it doesn't smell anything like Cupcake. :(  And I don't like that it moisturizes the bathroom floor.

Those Mulberries are very nice. A Vitacost reviewer said it's chewy and sweet. Another reviewer in Hong Kong said it was very nice. So, I bought it to try. Also, I think berries are good for my condition. I have never eaten Mulberries before.  Too bad I don't know what fresh mulberries taste like or look like.

These are true to the reviews: very good! Nice, slightly sweet, chewy.

You can see the expiry date: 12/11/13. All the items I received have good expiry dates (unlike another website called iHerb that reviewers said sent expired products).

The Kelp powder I've also used for my fried fish and it tastes very nice as well. I'll post it up later. I want to watch my Hakuouki anime now. Can't wait to watch... Hijikata-san. Please don't die (although I think he does, to match history).