Monday, 20 December 2021

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency & Opensea

20/12/2021 Mon 

After so many years since I first came across Bitcoin, the platforms for buying, selling and wallets are still the same.  More players now but none are flexible, none are safe. Fiat money disappears in trying to buy Crypto currency. Exchange platforms don't take fiat money, only take crypto currency. Supposedly more legit platforms want identity verification (KYC) (Coinbase/Binance) that puts people off. All these problems that prevented me from going into Bitcoin, are still the same. Even after so many years.

Now I take another look. Spend some time looking around. And nothing's changed. I wanted to buy Bitcoin but end up still didn't buy. 

Frankly, I don't see any value in holding Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency when people are having to give up--undoubtedly--a more valuable fiat currency. If fiat currency weren't more valuable, reviewers wouldn't be feeling painful when platforms take their fiat money but give no Cryptocurrency in return. Obviously, it's better to have held on to fiat currency. 

I downloaded Trustee Wallet on my phone based on good reviews. Only to discover that: How come the wallet search for "best" offer for buying Bitcoin and Ethereum keeps listing only 2 players: Mercuryo and MoonPay? Checking out these 2 shows several severely negative reviews.

I will most likely uninstall Trustee wallet. It's a pity because it's more intuitive than ChangeNow. It's also fun to select 12 words instead remembering just 1 password to get into my account, although those 12 words have to be saved somewhere.  

I looked around Trustpilot on Changelly reviews (bad). reviews (bad), Fixedfloat reviews (they don't accept fiat currency, despite good reviews). Uniswap (bad). Simpleswap (bad).

ChangeNow? Somebody said high fees that were not stated in purchasing "coins". And how come the app doesn't allow me to buy $50 USD of Bitcoin or Ethereum? It only responds when I key in $90 USD (Ethereum) or $100 USD (Bitcoin). 

Looks like I will be deleting ChangeNow from my phone too. 

So what's left? Any more wallets?

What am I supposed to do with Bitcoin or Ethereum anyway? Even if I do buy a bit, like 0.001. Not keen on putting down more than $50 USD. Fiat money is still more precious and real in the hand versus a digital token. 

Token. Something that has no value except for the fiat currency that has value that goes to buying it. Like the token you put into a kiddy ride, that was purchased with real money.

I will probably just hang on to ChangeNow (and Trustee wallet) for a while until I need space for my phone. Will uninstall if it's still not in use by then.

I have looked up Opensea. Curious about making money with NFT. Tested it with a photograph and when I wanted to list it for sale, the bill came to $325 USD. Just to list X'mas lights in a tall bottle. Haven't make money, I have to spend money. And if it doesn't sell?  No idea why everyone is crazy about NFTs. Makes no sense.

Coinbase wallet? Cheat. Based on their app reviews.

These cryptocurrencies and "wallets" are just some clown games.

Coinbase? 78% negative reviews on Trustpilot. Only 9% positive. I don't know why Google articles keep saying they are the best. 8 hrs ago, a reviewer lost $100 USD or more. Even after his identity already verified at first, Coinbase still wants further "verification" action which sounds humiliating.

The more I read these reviews, the more it's obvious that these platforms are just fakes wanting money to be deposited with them. And those Google reviews about people getting huge profits from "investing" on these platforms could also be fake or they only made those "profits" on paper and not in their bank accounts.

Their modus operandi is let the person open an account first. Pretend to verify his identity so that he puts his first "investment" inside. When he makes a profit and wants to withdraw, ask him for further verification and then reject anything he sends or just ignore him. Or close his account or freeze it if it's a big investment he put in.

It's wanting-to-belief that's creating "value". Irrational, but nobody cares because they are desperate, which is why countries like Cuba or unstable economies are more into Crypto than other countries. People in unstable economies with depreciated local currencies need Cryptocurrencies to work. It has to work and so, they make it work by being part of the cogs, wheels and chains.  

I also want to be in on this Bitcoin and NFTs craze. I also want to believe in their value and investment potential. But what I find is what keeps showing me that it cannot be done 1) without input of a lot of money upfront. That 12 year-old or 13-year-old who is reported to make a heap of cash from NFTs by drawing some picture, needed to borrow thousands of dollars first. And nothing is said about how or where the "profit" has been cashed out. 2) without an exchange platform and wallet platform that can be trusted to handle money.

Monday, 29 November 2021

Psychological privilege Covid Vaccinated

29 Nov 2021 Mon 

I recall the Discover article that said humans have gotten stupid and are getting stupider over the years due to cities taking away their ability to think.

There is no longer a need to use their brains to find or hunt for food,  to build shelters, to navigate or to make social connections for survival and well-being. People's brains have become under-utilised. And therefore, they have become stupid. 

This Covid proves that it's true. 

How come governments are copying each other?  Where do people get the idea that only vaccinated people like themselves,  are safe? 

Where is the democracy and people's rights that many countries have been so proud of? 

In the end,  all the ideals and assumptions are thrown out the window. Countries that I thought are open and progressive, are not. Countries least expected to be open,  become saviours of people displaced by their own countries. 

I KIV (keep in view)  the countries that are forcing people. So many. Austria,  Australia, USA... 

I keep them in view whenever they appear in the news,  so that I don't give my tourist dollars to them when travel opens again. Not giving them money means not supporting them,  not supporting what they do, not supporting what they have done to their citizens, to people. 

Humans have a tendency to make themselves feel more privileged than they really are,  to make up for what they lack. Any excuse will do,  if it can set them up as "superior" than others. That is how there's slavery and the rest. 

For instance,  "I am vaccinated (you are not). So I feel safe knowing that everyone around me is also vaccinated.".  

Where's the logic of such a remark that is made by various persons interviewed in the news? 

Maybe they didn't read? Maybe they prefer not to know? 

Vaccinated doesn't mean the person is not infected. He/she could be a carrier. Or even a variant might even emerge from a vaccinated person. And you think it's safe sitting beside  him/her? Isn't that more dangerous?

There's still a lot of information to be learnt about Covid. 

Anyone know the long-term effects or side-effects of the vaccines? How about: Are we going to need boosters all the time for the rest of our lives? 

Vaccinated people get vaccinated because they want to live. They are to be applauded for putting their lives on the line for trusting the vaccines. 

Not vaccinated people also want to live. They are also to be applauded for having the courage not to be vaccinated (due to the risk of death) and instead take their chances outside.

I just have to ask 1 question. The news articles say death from the vaccines is "rare". Does anyone want to be that "rare" case while everyone else moves on? 

Monday, 15 November 2021

Punishing the unvaccinated

15 Nov 2021

Well it seems the virus Covid didn't have to do anything to turn humans against humans. If someone said Covid is caused by the devil,  I would believe it even though I am not religious. 

It's so easy to segregate or divide humanity. All you have to do,  is put out a virus. The humans will struggle and find some kind of vaccine. As expected,  some will take the experimental solution, some will not. Then you just let it play out among themselves. What happens when those who take the "vaccine" turn against those who don't? 

Pretty soon,  they won't be fighting Covid. They will be fighting over themselves. What could be more brilliant? 

The virus will do its job and the rest will be done by humans themselves. They think they found a vaccine. By the time the virus is done,  there will be nothing left of humans because they will do themselves to shreds. 

I am very surprised that European countries supposed to be smart. How come stupider than Singapore? 

How to progress with the mindset of blaming unvaccinated people? What did Austria invent anyway?  What is their contribution to humanity? Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

Countries like Netherlands need to ask why despite 80% fully vaccinated population,  there's still a high of 16,000 cases daily. Is it because people are not wearing their masks? Most likely,  because vaccinated people become relaxed thinking that they are protected.

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Tesla in Singapore

This shows how back-dated Singapore is. Tesla and charging ports were already in Kaohsiung Taiwan in 2018. I saw the charging ports at an open-air car park. Even their motorbikes are electric and quiet. They also have charging stations for the batteries. 

Even Taiwan's Ikea is faster than Singapore by 2 years. Meaning their Ikea had products that Singapore Ikea didn't have, and it will be 2 years later that the products appear on Singapore Ikea shelves. 

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Ebola vs Covid

27 Oct 2021 Wed

Both are RNA viruses. As Covid is still being understood...No one knows the future of injecting Covid vaccines into adults and now,  in children. 

Ebola resurgence report 4 Oct 2021:

At the height of the pandemic, I was telling Bro that this Covid virus might just suddenly disappear, just as it had suddenly appeared. Like locusts. It comes and then it retreats. True enough, recently, Japan is baffled by the sudden plunge in number of cases.

Monday, 25 October 2021

No vaccination (vax) no hire?

Oct 25 Mon 4.14pm.

Employers in Singapore have just been given another tactic of not hiring people at the slightest excuse. They have been discriminating  based on age,  gender,  etc.. And now whether an applicant is "vaccinated" or not. If they could discriminate based on the number of horns people have (if people grew horns), they would "select" based on that. 

Stupid companies across the board aren't really even hiring. They put up an ad but when you go there,  it's fun and games for them. An interviewer can go so far as to breach your privacy into your family, your parents even when this has nothing to do with the job application. 

If you have a degree,  you are over-qualified. If you don't have a degree,  you are not good enough. If you have a lot of experience,  you don't have the "relevant" experience. If you have experience and a degree,  you are over-qualified. If you have no experience,  they want some experience. 

If you are a woman,  they actually prefer a man. If you're a man,  they prefer a woman. They don't advertise this,  so you waste your time going to an interview even if your resume makes it through (which is itself odd when they prefer the other gender). 

What people can do, is note which companies are discriminatory in this "no vaccination no hire" criteria and avoid or boycott such shortsighted and small-minded companies.

Even students in the US are smart enough to say that they would rather not go to university if a vaccination is required to get in.  They would rather forfeit getting a degree and just work to earn money. 

In Singapore,  or even around the world,  you don't need a degree to get around and make money. In fact, the ability to get money has nothing to with intelligence. 

It is ridiculous for a country to follow the methods of China that spread the virus in the first place. China says no vax no entry to shopping malls.  Other countries do the same. 

Europe or US says no vax no hire. Other countries follow. 

Just for once,  I wish Singapore is different. But of course,  it never will be. 

Nothing but disappointment. 

Is it guaranteed that vaccination equals hire? If you're dead from a vaccination, that's just too bad. There's always another applicant behind you. If you don't want to get vaccinated,  that's just too bad. There's another applicant who is vaccinated just behind you. And even if you are vaccinated,  gee, you go to the restroom too many times anyway, so you're fired. 

A country can be very beautiful but if the people are discriminatory like this,  then it's just an ugly piece of land.  

More and more brains are choosing to work as digital nomads. Vaccinated or not,  they don't need to come to office anymore. By insisting on having only vaccinated workers,  the company loses out. 

And a lot of companies are having difficulties finding people for jobs. There are simply no takers. People just have better things to do with their lives than work for peanuts. Covid has forced people to assess or reassess their work and their lives. 

Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Goodbye Daiso さようならダイソー

20 Oct Wed. 9.17pm. The last things I bought from Daiso on 18 Oct a day before the malls closed on unvaccinated people were: 1 pair of scissors. 1 storage bag.  1 pair of elastic belts. 3 pairs of men's socks. 1 box of spectacles wipes. 2 watches. 1 waist pouch. 2 boxes of potato soup powder. 1 packet of dried seaweed. 1 luggage belt. It's hard to tell myself that I won't be able to eat the Daiso chocolate cookies ice-cream anymore. Nor have it put into those uniquely small blue plastic bags that fit the ice-cream cup size perfectly. Small things like that,  you know? And let's not forget those little spoons given by the cashier for the ice-cream. Daiso,  I am sorry I cannot wait for your Tiramisu ice-cream shipment anymore because it's taking longer than this malls closure. 

10月20日(水) 9.17pm.予防接種を受けていない人々がショッピングモールを閉鎖する前日の10月18日にダイソーから最後に買ったものは:はさみ1組でした。収納バッグ1個。 1組の弾性ベルト。メンズソックス3足。眼鏡ワイプ1箱。 2つの時計。ウエストポーチ1個。じゃがいも汁粉2箱。乾燥海苔1袋。ラゲッジベルト1本。ダイソーチョコレートクッキーのアイスクリームがもう食べられなくなるとは言い難いです。また、アイスクリームカップのサイズにぴったり合う、独特の小さな青いビニール袋にも入れていません。そのような小さなこと、あなたは知っていますか?そして、アイスクリームのためにレジ係によって与えられたそれらの小さなスプーンを忘れないでください。、ティラミスのアイスクリームの出荷が、このモールの閉鎖よりも時間がかかっているので、もう待てなくてごめんなさい。

Saturday, 4 September 2021

Goblin & Tale of the Nine-tailed Fox Korean dramas


In Goblin, the Grim Reaper doesn't lock his new phone because he doesn't know how. And when he finally locks it, he forgets the symbol to unlock it... 

Ahh... I also don't lock my phone for precisely the same reason. For my own convenience. I don't trust these technological crap. True enough, the phone will lock you out if you keep getting the pass code wrong. Locked out of my own phone? No thanks. 

The Grim Reaper cried the first time he saw the jade ring and the woman...

The first time I heard a Buddhist prayer music on Youtube, I cried. However, I am not religious, don't have a religion and am a skeptic. I told myself it must be because it sounded so beautiful even though I don't know the meaning or the words.  Only that music.. I can't recall which one now. It must be because I felt forsaken by Buddha despite my devotion in my previous life. I have been told by 2 different spirit workers on separate occasions that my soul has spiritual practice. I don't know what sort of "spiritual practise" and I don't know what it means. 

In Nine-tailed Fox... Shin Ju the vet prefers cash over credit card...

I also prefer cash when I sell something. Cold hard cash. Can't go wrong with that. I read online reports about someone who said she didn't receive payment from a buyer because buyer sent via Paylah instead of PayNow.  I refuse to get PayNow or Paylah. I don't want to understand them. As a seller, I don't want this type of crap.  I don't want delayed payments either, so those escrow Shopee seller platform or other platforms that hold my money after the buyer has received the product... is out for me. 

Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox: Does Creamy Cream Premium Ice Cream Shop exist in Korea?

The way the (ex-) mountain spirit ate his choco mint ice cream made me want to go to Korea to try it too. But checking online, there don't seem to be such a shop in existence. Was it just a decal pasted onto a glass panel of another shop? 

The Choco mint ice cream in a tub that he loves to eat however, has been covered by other bloggers. It's Peacock brand Yolow @ nearly 6000 won (SGD$7) which isn't cheap, similar to Singapore's pricing of foreign ice-cream tubs in supermarkets.

This drama is even better than Lee Min-Ho's time travel drama... what's it called? ... (checks online)... The Eternal Monarch. 

Nine-Tailed Fox ... the guy is very lovable and cute. The writer created a very memorable character who is both powerful and resourceful but not invulnerable. Sexy man (Lee Dong-Wook).  Makes me watch certain episodes a 2nd time. Makes me miss him after the show such that I have to watch him again by replaying from ep 1. This is the first time I have seen this actor.

Music however, is not so good and Eternal Monarch has slightly better OSTs.