Friday, 27 January 2012

Ebay SG Singapore & Pinkbox Waterton/Konlinehouse Korea Shopping Service Post Comment

Mm... such stupidity these days. Quite annoying.

I don't like using the "s" word, but it has become necessary these days. No point going around it with lesser and less accurate words.

At first, had ideas of what the first post should be, after the brief absence. Practically typed it out in my head a few nights. But then... things always get in the way, like this:

1) Ebay SG. 

Received Ebay e-mail message this morning, that someone just purchased a set of new cosmetics I was selling. At the same time, there was a 2nd Ebay e-mail saying my a/c was restricted.

Assuming my Ebay message box was also restricted, I sent e-mail to the buyer, thanking her for her purchase with payment details. After that, I signed into my Ebay a/c and realized the message box was fine. So, I sent the same message to the buyer's Ebay account.

Every time I get message from Ebay SG that someone has "bought" my items, I can't rejoice until the person actually makes the payment. Ebay SG has so many bad buyers that usually they don't pay for all sorts of reasons.

To be polite, when someone has "bought" an item, I'd say "Thanks for your purchase", although nothing has been purchased yet and the item is still mine until the money comes through. 

This time, was no surprise to receive her reply through e-mail:  (Joanne Ong
Sorry but I did a wrong click.

"did a wrong click".

How possible is that?

First, there's the big blue Ebay "Buy It Now" button right beside the price. One would need to place the cursor on that button and click it.

Is it possible to do a "wrong click"?

How about after clicking and the price slowly sinking in....she suddenly realized she didn't have the money to pay (or changed her mind about buying)?

Even if it was an accidental click, shouldn't she send a sincere message first to apologize? Why wait till receiving my message with payment details, then say "did a wrong click"?

It is unlikely the click was accidental.
I don't know what young girls like her are thinking these days and how they were brought up. What else can she be, except one of those young flippy floppy girls (unless it's a young floppy "he")?

The new generation are very poorly raised, ever since parents went to work and stopped taking care of their own kids.

The future generation will be worse because they are currently being "raised" by foreigners such as Filipinos, Indos and (goodness no) China-ese.

On a plus side, at least she had the decency to reply that she "did a wrong click". Some others would have just kept quiet and pretend they didn't exist.

Then comes the question...Would it matter if they didn't exist?


Due to the "wrong click",  I can't put the listing back on (unable to put up for sale again), because Ebay now has this ridiculous policy where only a certain number of items can be listed. After that, there is no way to re-list or to change any of the listings, until their bid times all expire at the same time and they are all put back up at the same time.

To change something in a listing, it would then only be possible to put only this listing up. The other items/listings would be denied.

Example, if you had 20 items/listings, you would need to re-list all of them at once.  If you made a change to 1 of them and then re-listed it, you wouldn't be able to re-list the rest. Ebay will say you have exceeded the "limit" of the number of items you can sell, which is insane. It's a bug (among others) or some absurd policy that started some time back.

2) Comment from a she/he/it about Korea Shopping Service Konlinehouse/Pinkbox Review here.

I posted this review of a Korea shopping service that I had used, partly because I knew it would be searched on Google. Meaning, this new blog site would have some traffic from it.

It was a certainty that people would be looking for a review on this shopping service (Konlinehouse/Pinkbox) website, in order to know whether they should trust it or use it. My review would be sought for and found. At that time, it would be the only review available on this shopping service website (it still probably is the only one, I haven't checked).

Since posting it, I've had (not surprisingly), people asking for free information on "reliable" Korea shopping service websites.

When I ran ads looking for erotic/sensuous massage from suitable ladies, women (who don't do their own homework) would ask me if I have found one, and to let them know when I've found one.

At first, I replied without temper. Subsequently, I just told them off to go look on their own instead of riding free on my information that I am seeking on my own effort and time.

Here I am, trying my best to look, hoping and waiting, and finding it difficult (because there hasn't been anyone matching my requirements). And there, these women are not only not offering to provide what I'm seeking, but dare to ask for a handout.

I don't know why women always take, expecting freebies, taking for granted.

Men on the other hand, so far I've found online, freely give information (even though I was looking for women in my ads).

One guy's message made me realize another type of massage that I had never heard of at that time: Tantric/Tantra. He said from my description, it might be what I'm looking for. (It wasn't).

Another guy said he wasn't offering to give me massage, and didn't know how to anyway, but he knew a woman whom he thinks might be suitable and gave me her number (she ultimately turned out to be bad).

There are other times when men have provided information and comfort to me online. But women...

Be they customers, lover or friend... online or offline, gay or not, I can't think of a woman (non-family) who has impressed me positively.

Sure, they impress me all the time actually... I get surprised by their... silliness, ridiculousness, appalling attitude, language and behavior, shallowness, hollowness... I'm just shocked (deadpan).

Now, the latest comment about the shopping service website, asked the same as the others: whether I know of any reliable Korea shopping service and to e-mail her/him/it.

As I have done for the others who asked, I sent her a link to a website that I know is reliable.  In her case, I added that the website would be suitable if she was in Singapore.

Her reply, without a "thanks" or even a "hi":
isn't it just advertising for yours? -.-
Now, consider: If I wanted to advertise something of mine, don't you think I'd put out the link every time someone posted a comment asking for a reliable Korea shopping service website?

Whether I'm advertising or not, the fact is, she asked first. If she did her own homework and didn't ask, I wouldn't need to have to "talk" to her, now would I?

My reply:
You're free to think whatever you like.
Since you asked, there's a link provided to you.
Alternatively, you can search on your own.
Her reply:
sure cause it looks like it. i wasn't asking for services based in singapore, there are plenty of that around if i wanted. so thanks, but no thanks.

Point of fact:  There aren't many Korean services based in Singapore (or based in the US or anywhere else).

The Koreans are very closed in terms of exporting their stuff to the rest of  the world (unlike Japan). Not many people have direct Korean contacts.  Very, very few Koreans offer shopping service.

The Koreans do not generally have incentive to "help" people buy stuff from Korea.

If she wanted a direct Korea shopping service,  she should have said so, then I would have told her to go search on her own. I can only provide information on what I know to be "reliable".

What is this "thanks, but no thanks"? It's not as if I'm peddling the information. When someone provides information/help, regardless of whether it's useful, say "Thanks".  This is the least a person can do to show appreciation.

As mentioned, if she didn't ask, I wouldn't reply. Whether she's asking for services in Singapore or not, it is not a given that an answer is owed to her. Don't take it for granted that people owe her freebie information.

Whether she's looking for a shopping service based in Singapore or not, whether she finds it or not... Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.


As an aside: While I've criticized others for being poorly raised, my search for an erotic/sensuous massage from women is different from it. It is not a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

Take it in context.  Shouldn't an apology for a "wrong click" be sent immediately to the seller? For Ebay SG, there is nothing I can do regarding such buyers. But I wonder what about Ebay US or Europe? Is there any recourse for sellers against these sort of buyers? (probably also not, since Ebay has unfairly sided with buyers).

And that silly girl's "thanks but no thanks", without a "hi" or "thanks" for something given? I wonder if she's from Singapore... It is a sad fact that flippy floppy girls are plenty there. Then again... US girls can be as bad... (recalls a particularly bad one).

Why do I say it's a "she"?

1) Girls/women are more likely into shopping online than men. They cannot resist pretty images and are not as practical as men when shopping.
2) Her tone sounds female (silly, know-nothing, annoying, rude).

Ever since meeting such people online... I've become tired of being "correct". These days, sometimes, I actually don't bother capitalizing the beginning of sentences in some messages to some people whom I feel fed up with.

Yeah, it may sound funny, but capitalization does take effort. It shows respect, consideration, a desire to impress upon the other person positively or negatively, and for crystal clarity.

Unfortunately, while I take some breaks in being "correct", I still try to be mostly "correct" and I still make effort here and there.

Update in the evening:

Regarding "I can't think of a woman (non-family) who has impressed me positively", I recall that some time back, there was an Ebayer from Hong Kong who purchased cosmetics and actually made prompt payment. She was also nice enough to thank me when she received the package and for the "nice wrapping". She meant the bubble wrap that I used to protect the item.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Day...since last Sat... Day 7. A week since I last swum, and I think wounded the fibroid that got worse and gave my lower back hell.

I'm now typing at a distance of... I can't get the tape measure...The laptop screen is more than arm's length away, it's sitting on a cardboard box of the right height, but too far away.

Bro is fashioning a table that can be closer to me...trying to cut the cardboard box that he had bought the fan in for me 2 days ago because my old fan couldn't gear up to speed.

Too bad, the fan box isn't working. So I asked him to check Daiso plastic section for anything that might work as a table top in bed. Like those breakfast bed tables, you know.

I try not to move as much as possible. Just lay in a semi-sitting position in bed, propped with a pillow behind and that's it.

Bro thinks maybe Ikea might have. I said it doesn't have to be exactly a bed table. Just the function will do.

I'm lying perpendicularly in my bed, half of my legs outside on a swivel chair that is no longer in use recently but I refuse to discard. Had a feeling the swivel chair would come in useful. Had bought a new chair to replace it back then, but ironically/coincidentally now that I'm not up to par, I'm not using.

My poor bro is more stressed about my condition that me. He hasn't slept well at all since last week, and has been taking care of me (getting my food, bringing it to my bedside, searching online for more information on the condition).

I told him to take afternoon rest, don't be so stressed. Right now, all we can do is wait. According to online discussions by US women, it would seem a condition of degenerating fibroids that will take 2~4 weeks before feeling better. But those are pregnant women describing very super tough conditions that they went through.

I told bro those women deserve medals. My goodness. How is it even humanly possible to bear so much pain as they have done is beyond anything. Pregnant and with fibroids. Super double pain.

Dad just came home and asked me to go for blood transfusion. Since he don't understand a thing, I had to explain how much of a quack the doctors are.

Bro just came home from buying a tier rack shelf thing for me...

I told dad to not be so stressed (since he was sighing in front of me).  He said his blood pressure went up, etc etc... cannot sleep at night thinking about my problem etc...

I said there's no point worrying because worrying doesn't help. What I need is information and solution. If he has information on TCM, then fine. If not, nothing to be done.

Now, all we can do, or all I can do, is wait for whatever is the natural cycle to pass.

After explaining and talking to him so much, he still mentioned that maybe I should consider surgery. I got so fed up, I told him off that I waste my time talking to him. I glanced at the clock and said that while explaining to him, my day is gone.

If he don't understand, then fine. I am looking for alternative healing. Not more problems from people who don't understand the condition and propose things that will cause complications and more pain.

I'll try another go at writing today.

P/S: the silly hot water bottle doesn't help. It stinks of rubber/silicon. Gave me rash upon contact with skin. Its heat made me feel worse and made my backache worse.


8.36 p.m. Thurs

Patience has turned to anger. Slammed the damn mouse against the mouse pad just now. It's been disobeying commands... bearable when I'm well, hateful when I'm ill. Hate it. Feel like throwing it against the wall. Smash Everything!

Why must I be given this female body?! Who gave it to me?!!

Lower back hurts, my womb/uterus hurts, fibroid hurts. I can't sit here typing without feeling the hurt.

Bro said those "Ah Kuas" (men who play dress up as women), should experience this. Since they want to be women, then have the whole package!

I said, "Now you know why I get so pissed with them. Men who think being women is just about wearing dresses and heels. Simplistic imbeciles. No matter how much you explain to them, they won't understand. Being a man is so much better, fewer physical problems. Women... indeed, I've come to believe, are the weaker sex in terms of physical well-being.".

For the past 5 days, bro has been taking care of me. I've been in bed most of the time. Even now, it hurts to sit too long at my desk. I'm thinking of moving the laptop to my bed.

I've to lay down. When will I be well again? Or is this... only the beginning of an end? *sardonic smile*

Bro has just bought me a warm/hot rubber bottle compress for the cramping feeling in my uterus. Now trying to make the damn thing work. The rubber stinks and hot water cannot be poured directly into it. Yet mixing with cool water does not make it hot. Useless thing.

We can only guess what the heck is going on inside me. I don't even know.

Might have to resort back to using the old fashioned towel in hot water way. Surprising, this simple method gives relief.

Ok, seems the rubber bottle is working. It's on me now and its heat increases from warm to hot.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Back at A&E Again. Alexandra (twice so far) & KK Singapore

First posted in Fridae. (8 p.m. for this posting)

Back at A&E (again). Alexandra & KK
2012-01-08 19:17

I'm feeling cold, unwell. Cold, sweating hands and feet.

Back from KK A&E (accidents & emergencies) where doc tested blood count to be only 5.8. Way below average (11~16) and under half.

Doc was keen for me to do blood transfusion and 1 night's admission for observation. He wanted to bring it up to 8 (= 1 bag of blood increases count by 1 unit).

I wasn't keen. Don't want another person's blood to be circulating in me. And afraid of incompatibility reaction that I read (in the past) can be life-threatening.

I mentioned antigens to him, and whether the matching will be 100% perfect.

Despite doc's assurance that it will be very carefully matched, and discussion with bro (who encouraged the transfusion), I walked out.

I said I was feeling fine (while sitting in the chair in front of the doc. He smiled, said yes, for now. But with so low blood count... it is very dangerous and risky. Can't tell when will suddenly faint. Heart is taxed.

If continue without transfusion, possibility of heart failure later.

Just 2 days ago, on Friday, I went swimming. 30 laps with hand paddles to increase workout. Had backache from another condition then, but didn't know blood count was so low.

Yet was able to pull 30 laps with effort. Had I known blood count was so low, I'd not have swam.

First month last year, a doc had checked blood count to be 7 point-something, and he had let me go without blood transfusion. I continued thinking my blood count remained at that number.

But blood count has since dropped without my knowledge.

Miracle I still could swim without even knowing. My goodness.

Before swimming, I had considered possibility of fainting suddenly while swimming. Body can give out anytime. If that happens, I would drown.

This doc said the same thing when I told him I go swimming.

At the moment, feeling poor.

Tomorrow, going back to KK to do scan.

At the moment, feeling poorly. I've decided to do the blood transfusion tomorrow.

Hope everything will be fine. I do not need 1 problem built on another.

I do not want to do blood transfusion. But looks like have to.

The human body is separate from the mind. I cannot control what the body will do next. I told the KK doc "I will take the risk" before walking out.

But can I? Is the risk something I can afford to take?

Didn't like the doc taking 2~3 bars of syringe of my blood. Before this, asked if it would hurt. He said, just a little. And nurse assured me as well, and told me not to look.

When he said need to draw blood for testing, I asked how much. He showed me about 2 bars of a syringe. I hate syringes.

I think he took more than he told me. :(

Meanwhile, I've customers' orders to handle. I won't be back tomorrow night if I agree to transfusion.

*sinks head into right palm* Why must the human body be like this?

Alexandra I know from checking online, has no gynaecologist. Going there only confirmed it. The doc said he can only give painkillers for the condition I came to see him for.

He referred me to KK. Said they have 24-hrs gynae on duty even on Sun.

So, took cab to KK.

This is how my new year starts.... I fear how it might end.

Between now and tomorrow's appointment at KK for scan... is only a few more hours. Hope this night will be Ok.

Worrying does nothing but add to worry.

Called dad, but dad doesn't seem to care. Didn't ask bro to pass the phone to talk to me.

A few days ago, (the reason for the "shoulder to cry on" blog post) was because of dad's inconsiderate and rather evil behavior.

Yet, I feel he ought to know that I'm going into hospital tomorrow. So, bro called to tell him.

A few days ago...

I believe it was done on purpose because he wasn't pleased with what Bro and I said about his packet of fresh milk that wasn't refrigerated, he spilled the milk on the floor near the sink and just walked away.

I was in the bathroom and saw the spilled milk when I came out. Was going to confront him about it, when bro told me not to.

I told bro, dad did it on purpose so that I clean up.

Now, I guess maybe shouldn't have told him I would be going for scan and stuff tomorrow.

I've always thought that Dad was not quite right in the head. Now I think he has become evil and inconsiderate.

He knows I'm not well and still he spilled it for me to clean up. Even if it were an accident, surely he could have said so.

I feel it was malicious intent. Which means... maybe shouldn't have informed him about my problem.

As mentioned, he didn't even ask to talk to me on the phone. Bro explained to him and according to Bro's reaction and quick putting down of the didn't sound like Dad cared.

At the moment, I wish I had a friend...

I feel as though I've a fever. Sad also. Worry.

My life is ... it feels so short. *tears up, but stops it* Mustn't cry. Mustn't.

I have to believe that the transfusion will be fine.

Yesterday, I created a blogspot to show my writing for the first time.

I hope to be able to continue doing it.

I am still so young. *faint teary smile* With things to do, even if no people to see.

I can only blame it on bad genes, and my mom and dad for reproducing.

Dad's father (my grandpa who passed away years ago), was a heavy smoker. Drank alcohol as well and gambled.

Grandpa's genes... I believe were damaged. The family line from there is not well.

Future generation like myself and bro have to put up with the defects of his genes. Unfair.

Yet these genes have given me a gift. It is why I can write.

If all does not go well... *tears up again*.. I wish to say here, that I've... not lived in vain.

I have tried my best to live it in the best possible way. Even though my writing is not published, I tried my best. I can only hope for time.

Time to finish my 2 novels and time to write more.

In this life, it is my misfortune to have met my past love who did not care for me as much as I loved her. My sadness that I have no good/close friend. My sadness... especially for 1 thing that I was unable to prevent.

It is hard to think on the bright side of this transfusion, and scan.

There is nothing I can do.


I have to think positive. There is no other way. Think positive.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

When U Need A Shoulder To Cry On & Haider Ackermann L'Officiel Interview

11:42 P.M.

(First posted in Fridae)
2012-01-05 22:01

What do you do when you need someone to talk to? When you really need a shoulder to cry on? Just someone to sit with, who notices your state of sadness and need?

Do you:

1) Go watch a movie/TV show and after that forget about it?

2) Feel sad you have no one? Realize you have no one?

3) Go straight to work?

4) Pretend it never happened?

5) Look forward to tomorrow to begin a new day the right way? Consider today wasted?

6) Try to be rational about it and just flip it off in your mind?

7) Take a bottle of wine, sit in a corner?

I am sorry to say... I have to come here to talk about this.

By right, a person should have at least a close friend who feels that something has happened and asks you about it, or listens, or just leans forward for you to cry on without needing any words.

But such a friend, I do not have. Not here, not anywhere.

I wonder how many of you Fridae people here have people whom you can go to when you need comfort, help and just a shoulder.

I won't say whether you have or not, since I cannot say.

But when I need someone, just to sit with when I'm down, it's always just me, my words and my writing.

Human beings. 人間 Ningyan in Japanese. Ren Jian (the human realm) in Chinese.

The heart of a person... can be so shallow (referring to persons I know). That when you need help or just a human presence beside you, there is none.

This is what so-called friendship/relationship is.

Even a woman from here that I went out with just a few times, as a "friend", cannot even be called a "friend". Only an acquaintance.

Usually, I don't initiate correspondence via SMS. But tonight, I did. Nothing in particular, just... to have a response.

The response came and that was that. Nothing more from this person.

Just wanted a response... to comfort me. Just a reaching out from me via the SMS.

But this person.. I know is just using me for whatever reason. Just someone to fit into her schedule when it's convenient. That's all.

Yet, I allow it. To give chance, to just let things be.

Today, the problem was not her.

How many of you have problems with your mom and/or dads?

I think it's a common problem, that has caused many people to move out and find their own way in life, taking in rental mates to help split costs., this problem is also not about moving out.

The incident today stirred up a lot of "buried" things.

Things that need to be continually covered up and put at the back of the mind, so that a person can try to be happy.

With that trigger, my entire day was ruined. It disturbed me very much.

When I feel this way, I just want to indulge in physical pleasure, physical "love". To feel loved, to make me forget.

While people turn to alcohol, I realize I turn to ... sex.

However, in reality I do not turn to sex. But I would like a woman to just make love to me, even if she's a stranger. I don't really care.

That is the feeling. I want to be picked up by a woman, brought to her home and made love to, to help me forget.

That is the feeling, that is the thought.

In the past, this thought and feeling would never have occured. Beyond thought. But somehow...4 years ago, my body naturally gravitated towards massage and the physical pleasure of it.

Some more years back, when I had a past love, it was engaging in bodily pleasure.

Put the 2 together...

Now, I appreciate sex, love-making, physical pleasure as a means of forgetting, of feeling love.

But nowhere can I get it.

Do I go to a whorehouse full of gay women? If only it were possible. If only such a place existed. Yeah, I think in such times, I would go to spend money, to enjoy professional company at professional prices like that.

Not just any whorehouse. I may even request a particular woman. And if she already has company.... well, then sadder for me.

When I feel like what I'm feeling... my first instinct is to wish for a friend with whom I can just call out and sit with. And not say anything, or maybe try to smile. But then this friend will be able to notice that something is bothering me, and will enquire what's up. I may or may not explain the problem, but I will certainly lean forward, against this person's shoulder and just bawl for as long as I need to.

And this person will not say a word, but just let me.

When it is over, I will just say, thanks, and buy this person lunch or dinner.

Is this considered "using" this person? No, because if this person comes to me with a problem, you can bet I'll try my damn-dest to help in any way I can.

As it is said: One good turn deserves another.

I never forget help or good work. Neither do I forgive easily if it cannot be forgiven.

Besides today, and also because of my backache, I'm considering more, that I want to check out a massage at Changi Village hotel, recommended by a woman here.

I told her I would check it out some time, but so far... never did. Apart from money consideration, Changi is also far for me.

But.. since she said they provide sensuous massage that she enjoyed...

It's worth checking out, since there aren't many spas providing such massage.

Previously, I told my bro that, a massage ... somehow activates a primitive part of the brain. It doesn't just feel good. It speaks to the mind as well.

It was difficult trying to explain to him.

A massage that's relaxing and soothing, activates the mind, in a way that exercise doesn't do. Exercise and massage are different.

After experiencing some very excellent massages, I believe massage is a necessary part of life. It is vital for a person's physical and mental well-being.

And it is a very powerful and helpful aid in coping with grief or psychological hurt, need or pain.

Today, back at the same restaurant for 3 days in a row... we were not served by the waitress Joy, but by a new girl.

Joy was there, I saw her. And I was disappointed that it wasn't her who came to take our orders.

Though the new girl was good (and nervous), it wasn't the same.

That, would be, I guess, the end between me and Joy. The end of...

I don't know. Feels like everything.

But I'm reminded of things I'd like to do. To keep at.

Now, as I type in the title of this post, the song by Tommy starts playing in my mind and I whistle it.

A song is well and good. But the reality of not having a shoulder to cry on, is not.

Yes, it's an old song. But the lyrics... when I first heard it, I played it over and over again. Never seemed to tire of listening to it.

It is a true song. Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on. Everyone needs a friend to rely on.

Touching. But unfortunately, there is no Tommy Page in my life. Will a search take me there?

(Update: I realized...quite sadly,  *faint smile* .. that Tommy Page's song is the only comfort I have. But.. typing about it here, and listening to his song.. helped. Wish it were true, that he would be there, "you'll always have my shoulder to cry on" "when the whole world's gone... "coz I'll be there". A comforting thought. Unfortunately, even Tommy Page has vanished. Where is he? I haven't heard any news of him passing.).


Tonight, was needing physical comfort and since a body massage won't be ... (I don't know) sometime in coming...

I had to go for feet therapy at Nails @ The Lacquer Room Vivocity.

The staff there know me by name now. I'm a frequent visitor who doesn't make appointments, just walks in with the same requirements. And I never buy anything they promote.

So, I become memorable. They now realize I do not wish to improve the condition of my feet with anything they recommend, and just want to pay them to maintain my feet for me on site.

I go to smoothen my feet, and following that, the main reason/highlight: feet massage with Papaya or Mango Smoothie cream or scrub.

It's an alternative to a full body massage... make do with it.

It's my only physical indulgence that isn't too expensive. Which is why I always only go for that same "spa" treatment. I know exactly how much it costs every time.

I've tried a recommended "spa" or moisturizing treatment once, didn't work for me, and not for that price.

Anyway, I always need a magazine while the lovely lady attends to me.

The ladies there always do a wonderful, beautiful and dedicated job. I really admire them for their skill and willingness to do such a job which to me, feels rather... insulting.

Their therapies extend to men as well. I saw an Ang Moh man there once, and a Chinese uncle. Pity the poor ladies who have to attend to their huge... difficult feet.

This time, I took a magazine off their counter. As usual, I just glanced at the cover and not at the title that's obscured anyway.

Read a very interesting interview with a fashion designer named Haider Ackermann.

Very very brief interview but I like this man and his very precise and very concise answers. "Economy of expression" hardly does him justice. :)

So, I memorized it as best as I could (but forgot some and need to be helped now with this website:

I was, after all, sleepy and enjoying very nice treatment by the lady doing my feet.

Who would you like to be represented by?

Instead of deciding, I'd rather be surprised... and the person wearing my creations leads her to me.

Who would you like to be approached by?

A stranger.

Who would you like to be provoked by?

A stranger.

Who would you like to be hated by?

A stranger.

Who are you amazed by?

I do not want to be amazed. I'd rather be seduced.

His 4th answer really woke me into thinking... this was an unusual man. Why would he want to be hated by a stranger as opposed to someone he knows? Perhaps, a stranger matters nothing to him. To be hated by a stranger, is to be safe.

The next answer ... is same as what I'd think. I prefer to be seduced. Be surprised. It's sexier. :)

His first answer already caught me a little, because he has no fixed idea, and would rather be surprised by whatever leads him to wherever it might lead. I like that. Personally, I feel this way too.

A few more questions... I like all his answers.

While memorizing, I realized I didn't know the name of the magazine. And looked for the title, that was unclear (blocked by the model's head?).

After a few pages ahead, I saw it was the November 2011 issue of L'Officiel. French.

I would like to get to know such a man. He looks Indian, and I was surprised by his views that I didn't think Indian people would tend to think.

His answers are very... open and interesting. I would like to know him, to know more. What is he really like.

Prior to reading his interview, I had never even heard of him.

Now, I would to see what kind of fashion he designs.

While Googling for that interview website, I glanced a comment somewhere that his designs are not loud...subtle?