Thursday, 28 December 2017

Singaporean Needing (Spiritual) Help & Jobless & Ghosts

E-mail to donate:  A $9-10/hr job is not going help us escape the clutches of a madman doing his spiritual assault on us day & night. We don't know what's going on but a spiritual adviser asked us to flee. How to flee when we've no money?

What we need: 1) Money to leave the country.  2) Or at least a new address to sleep in at night.


You know when you need serious spiritual help, even monks will look at you coldly? Imagine all the while throughout your life, you've been helping people. All of sudden when you need help, even temples & churches don't even bother with you.

Even if you are prepared, it is still a wake-up call.  Temples & churches not even bothering to reply to your call or e-mails? I'm not surprised but it's like an alternate dimension where that's what they do.

That's life in Singapore. I don't know about life in other countries since I haven't had the money to leave. I've been stuck here all my life with the same government that has only burdened its people.

Suddenly, you realize that what they say about money is true. Money Is Everything. Without it, everything stands still.

Yesterday, I heard one office man say to his colleagues: It's only $1.  And I was thinking that even $1 is a lot when you're broke & have no job. The $1 suddenly has a lot of weight.  More weight than its actual value.

And that's a fact of living in Singapore as a Singaporean.

For rich foreigners staying here, of course it's all great. Every so often, they just fly off happily back to Australia or wherever they came from, then fly back here. They live in beautiful condos with pets that need free house-sitting from overseas strangers when they fly off.

Early this morning 7a.m. or so, I was browsing the online ad I had previously seen for Chateraise recruitment. It's expired. But there's still a notice stuck on the wall of an outlet.

So I'm wondering whether in my desperation I should sign up for Chateraise. The first time I saw the ad, I skipped it. Now I'm forced to reconsider.

Working at Chateraise means:

1) Wearing that entire uniform with the cap.
2) Being squashed behind the showcase in that little space with little walking space for hours.
3) Even if they paid the max of $2200, at 7 hours & 6 days a week, after CPF, it works out to be $10/hr. This rate of money can also be found at other places without getting squashed behind the counter/showcase.

And that's the problem with all the working salaries in Singapore. CPF.

It's a lot that's deducted from meagre pay. And companies still keep paying $7-8-9/hr. In the SMS with one cafe manager, I stated my expected salary is $10/hr. Knowing this, he still asked me down for interview. Looking at the full-time salary stated in his online ad, I already guessed he can't pay $10/hr.

Anyway, I still went to the place.  The guy is a foreigner. After wasting time talking about the job scope, I asked politely about the pay. I said, "Not $10/hr, right?". He brought up excuses before admitting that he couldn't pay that amount.  He didn't say how much he could pay but I can guess. I said, "After CPF, the money is really too little. I need to pay the bills.".

He said he also needed to pay his bills for the place.

I smiled & said, "I understand.".

Since I didn't want to remind him of the SMS in which I already specified my expected pay, I was ready to go. No point talking.

Sooner or later, restaurants & cafes will be forced to increase their pay if they want to attract &  keep Singaporeans.  Due to new regulations by MOM,  Singaporeans will be in great demand & the foreigners will finally be out of jobs & hopefully out of the country.

If the government don't take CPF, $8-9/hr job is still Ok.  But for instance a $7/hr job... you're left with just $5+ after CPF. That's the salary I got 20 years ago!  Anything below $10, you are left with crumbs for many hours of work.

Plus, the online ads are flooded with agencies. All these job agencies should be banned from operating. Out of so many ads, only a few are listed by the actual companies themselves. These are the companies to apply to, rather than agencies that take a cut. Agency take a cut, CPF take a cut, you eat what?  I never take jobs from agencies except once when I was a teenager. 

Couples before they get married, need to think responsibly of their kids & this environment that the kids will be forced to make a living out of. 

I don't have money to buy a new phone that is compatible with downloading Apps.  My current phone is old & don't allow downloading of data.  I can't download any Apps at all, which means I can't do all the courier delivery jobs since they all use phones to verify delivery & keep payment records.

At this time 9.25 a.m., Fri 29 Dec, I'm typing here but no money for every word.

My brother is having trouble getting rid of this paranormal shit that's been hugging & bugging his head for months. Whatever he's been trying, it's still stuck there & causing problems every day & night. From the time he wakes, to the time he sleeps if he can even lay on his mattress. And in between while he sleeps, who knows what paranormal shit happens.

I wanted to video him sleeping but it's only a small device & the battery might overheat if unattended.

For years, the madman has been taking our energies like a vampire. Not sure how he did it, but we think it's black magic. While we were having mysterious symptoms, the madman reported excellent health all the time in every medical check up.

We never knew. Now, he's still doing the same thing. Or trying to continue sucking & is attacking us out of spite & hatred after being discovered.

Can't somebody just please help us get away?

Physically, we are separated by physical distance. So how can a madman who is not here, be able to cause paranormal problems?

If he's using black magic, then it means he's using spirits & ghosts. The spiritual adviser mentioned the madman is working with negative entities.  It's beyond our knowledge or ability to fight against. That's why we were advised to get out.

But months later, we are still here.  Under the madman's tyranny. A madman who did nothing for years except cause trouble & deaths to anyone within his sphere of influence. Now he means to drive us insane & kill us. After killing his own brother, his wife, his mother, father & others, it's still not enough.

Physical law cannot bring him to justice.  Meanwhile we suffer, unfairly.  All because we were unfortunately born to this madman. It's actually abuse.

Some parents abuse their children in various physical or verbal ways. This madman abuses using black magic, on a spiritual level. Unidentifiable, untraceable.

Although I  try to be logical about it, I noticed my mobile phone behaving strangely on several occasions. Naturally, I have to dismiss them.

It's said that, or tested by ghost hunters that spirits/ghosts drain batteries of power.

Last night, my phone still had half battery power. But this morning, it was drained.  Does this happen every night? No. 

Some time before bed, I had topped it up. At half power, it should remain so. The phone wasn't turned off, but so far these days, at half power, it isn't drained in the mornings.

Then again, it's an old battery. So, it may be technically cranky.

The oddest thing was ... some time ago I was at a nearby island.  I think it was Kusu island. Or Palau Ubin. The phone battery was really down. I was worried. But when I checked again, the battery was fully charged!!!

My Poor Brother: How Can I Help Him? Crowdfunding is not working. And People Who Disrespect Money & Food

11:51 p.m. 28 Dec Thurs   

E-mail to Donate & get us out:

Seeing him sleep, I think: How can one person suffer so much? My poor brother. How can I help him? He is so tired, he snores as he sleeps with strange exhalations through his mouth even though he has no cold. I fear his spirit is disturbed.

This mental torment day after day without relief. All because he is the son of a madman who refuses to let us go. This madman uses some kind of black magic or some link to latch onto us, causing physical & mental symptoms.

Sitting at the edge of my bed, I can't think of a solution that will bring us enough cash quickly to get us out.

Even if I finish writing my novel, it does not seem like a viable money option.  I've been putting my novel on hold for so long since this thing began. I want to continue writing it, but the need to search for a job, the lack of peace of mind, I just want us to get out to a better place where I can write.

There are only so few ways of getting rich on our own & none is going to happen soon. How?

1) Lottery
2) Become the next Harry Potter writer
3) Sell stuff that's so hot that I make so much money.

Do you know that when you're broke, everything falls apart?

My jogging shoes Nike (not made in China) is falling apart at the sole. I've glued it twice & still it's damn coming apart. Don't buy Nike.  Other brands don't break apart at the front of the soles & sides.  When I had money back years ago,  I've worn Asics, Brooks & Reebok & they've been fine.

My underwear has loosened.

My black pants has split at the seams.

The arm of my glasses has broken off so I am just wearing over my nose with 1 side.

I've no money to buy replacements.

I see people treat their money like dirt. The other day at Meidiya supermarket, one man passed a $38 Japanese eel wrapped in a tray to his wife/girlfriend. She took it from him & just tossed it into their supermarket trolley. $38.  The disrespect with which she just tossed it is unbelievable.

And there are many people like her.  Look around in supermarkets & you'll see many women just taking & throwing the items into their basket or trolleys as if the items are dirt. I don't know what goes through their minds to toss such precious items like that.

It's strange that they have no respect for the food items that they are buying to put into their bodies. These are items that are going to nourish their minds & bodies & should be treated with respect. Yet these brainless people are tossing & throwing food like trash into their baskets & trolleys. One can't help but think that they are mad.

And when you look at these people, you'll realize that they look like shit.

I feel sad looking at such people. Here I am, conscious of everything, yet poor. Whereas these people have money but they don't value it & the food they eat.

X'mas has come & gone & yet I still haven't snagged a job. I've been trying but I think I started too slow. I couldn't find any online in the beginning. By the time I start physically going out to get hired, an entire month has passed.

I spent the entire today trying to get hired on the spot. But the process is so slow, they must find time to call me back & then interview.

At Clarke Quay, I arrived early noon. But a staff told me to come back 2 hours later when the manager will be around. So, I wasted time hanging around the area.  When I returned to the place, the manager (after some confusion about what I wanted) said the recruitment guy just left. So I left my contact number & walked out.

 On the way to the Chinese temple, I was caught in the drizzle. While standing at a traffic light, the drizzle suddenly like a tap turned on, blasting everyone. I had to run back to the bus-stop.

After the temple & desperate enough, I chased the job thing to Orchard where as lousy luck has it (the temple gods didn't improve luck), the recruitment person that I was originally assigned by the system to meet, was on leave. He'll be back tomorrow, so I'm supposed to waste another trip tomorrow. The manager was in but never even bothered coming out to conduct an interview on behalf of the absent man.

Later, I went to Paris Miki to try fixing the arm of my glasses. But as lousy luck continued... the only person who is able to fix it has gone home.  He'll be back tomorrow before 6.30p.m.

Walking away, I said aloud  that Fate is so goddamn perfectly lined up like this. If only lottery was the same.
At the end of the day, I stalked my previous work place that I had quit because of shitty manager & shitty fat woman whom he listens to absolutely. The fat woman wasn't there tonight, oddly. And they hired 2 more new women. Do they need me back? Do I want to go back?

I need the money & have been thinking whether it's possible to return to work there.  I stalked the place to check whether they need staff & how I would feel seeing the manager again.

Seeing the manager there again as I stood outside... Frankly, I don't want to see him again. But if the fat ugly woman has transferred out... maybe I might ask to return. These few days, I've been running through my mind, how I was going to text the manager to ask if I could go back. Whether he might actually agree, is another matter. I am guessing he might not reply.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Another Paranormal Night: Help Us Flee! Calling for Crowdfunding

2:23a.m.. Wed 27 Dec 

Imagine being awakened by a ghost or whatever black magic energy in the middle of the night & you have to scold it with vulgarities to make it go away. And it still stays. You can't go back to sleep. That's the end of your sleep after only a few hours.

That's what happening now. It's always around this time that this type of paranormal shit happens.  Another suicide case sent by the madman to haunt my brother's room. Either that or it's the madman's spirit himself.

If only someone can help us get away from all this.  Donate so we can escape this apartment & far from this country out of the madman's reach. E-mail to help:

The night started badly.  At my laptop,  there was a sudden drowsiness, uncontrollable. Don't know where it was coming from. Then started coughing without being able to stop.  This paranormal cough been going on for a week or more already.  Physically, I have no cough. Throughout the day, I was forced to cough a few times. At night, at my laptop, the coughing started non-stop & the phlegm began.

Suspect it's the high chair that I'm sitting on.

Also, my bed. When bro or myself sleep on it, we'll wake with a weird headache. Before sleep, we'll feel a super unnatural drowsiness. The same drowsiness that makes us just nod off in the bus without realizing. The drowsiness is so bad, even my force of will can't stop it. It overtakes & before I know it, I've fallen asleep & jerking awake to see where I am before being forced to sleep again even when the bus is nearing my destination. It makes us look as if we are so tired when it's an outside willpower forcing on us some kind of a sleeping spell.

Even at work (at my previous job), I felt very drowsy while standing. My mind was very slurry like wearing a very heavy fog on my head. It was very hard to work in that heavy, slurry fog & yet I had to make myself work for the money.

3:16 a.m. Bro says it's bad tonight.  Very persistent weirdness. When he went to the master bedroom & then outside to the balcony, he felt something stuck onto the back of his head (when it wasn't there before). Don't know what the heck it is.  It is a ghost? Or some kind of energy causing the hallucination of something stuck on him?

If someone could help get us out, we wouldn't need to bother with such things. Whether ghost or not, we don't care to know.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Donation Drive to Help 2 Persons Escape Madman's Clutches

10:35a.m. 26 Dec Boxing Day: I realize Boxing Day (day after X'mas) is no longer a public holiday. When? Why?

Please donate or help to get us out of the country. Help us get away from the crazy reach of the delusional madman who is using black magic or whatever crap that's aiming to destroy what remains of our lives. On our own, we can't do it. We are stuck in his evil madness. We have been advised to get out of the country but we have no money.  A $9-10/hr job is not going to get us out.  E-mail to help:

What has been done to us during the night, we don't know. While we sleep, our physical bodies & spiritual selves are vulnerable to whatever is plaguing us in the apartment.

More & more, we learn more about a man whom we never knew. Jealousy. How can a father be jealous of his children who have nothing & whom he made to have nothing?

Never in my mind did I imagine that our parents were jealous of us, their own children. Shouldn't it be that parents want their kids to do well? To succeed them, to be even better? To fly where the parents could not?

In interviews with parents in financially poor countries with little opportunities, I read that they want to give their kids better lives outside & away.

But jealousy explains my observations of our parents over the years. Their odd reactions that I never understood but KIVed (keep in view).

This morning, I woke for once without any cough. My throat was fine. My voice was clear. No phlegm.

I heard Bro already at "work" in the master bedroom & knew he was having trouble with the paranormal shit again. I asked what's up. He said that paranormal thing is still stuck to the back area of his head & wouldn't go.

As mentioned previously, the thing that's latched onto his head dulls his mind, makes him unable to think, causes drowsiness, gives persistent headache inside the apartment & wherever he goes outside such that he is forced to return to deal with it at home. Two days ago, he couldn't even get past the bus-stop. He said it was so bad, he couldn't go further & was forced to return.

Also, a new or different ghost is latched onto his head every time. Each time causing different symptoms.

This morning, he blasted loud music to drive out the evil energy or ghost attaching to his head. But as usual, it stayed. Instead, the ghost or spirits hid in the kitchen from the sound. Bro said the kitchen is "very swimmy" & "there's smell".

Inwardly, while standing in the kitchen & not for the first time wondering if he was crazy, I suddenly began coughing with phlegm!

Where did that cough & phlegm come from? It's nuts. I didn't have it when I woke. So Bro was right.

That cough was also weirdly active last night just as I was going to sleep in bed. Bro said the ghosts or the crazy madman's black magic starts the non-stop coughing at that time so that you can't sleep. The purpose is to disturb your rest every night.

Bro said the latched on ghost or energy or spell on his head makes his head very tight & uncomfortable. We don't know how to get rid of it.

For years, we have had strange circumstances blocking every single one of our paths in life. Anyone would think of them as random coincidences. But after so many years, in hindsight, the incidents were manipulated, orchestrated using black magic (delivered by evil spirits/ghosts) to make us fall. Innocently & naitvely, we never knew because of 1 word: Trust.

The madman abused our trust. Never would I have ever imagined that such a man can be so crazy. In hindsight, we think he was already mad but became crazier over the years until the madness exploded to the present situation in which he is venting his own failures, his own hate, anger & jealousy on us based on his delusions.

 Persistently haunting us. Why? We have no idea. We are innocents caught in his madness.

I can say for sure that we are better than other children in terms of thought & behaviour. Obedience & honesty to our parents was 100%. We never took our father's money unless he himself gave it to us.  Even when we had access to his accounts, we never touched a cent even when he allowed it.

Our upbringing was close to military strictness. We paid the price for that obedience. Our lives ruined. And now, the madman is continuing to ruin us. For what? We don't know.

We are unfairly paying for a madman's delusions. He abused our trust.

It's not just mental madness that stays inside the person. If it's just delusions, the madman can just be mad by himself. But his madness goes out into involving negative & evil entities/spirits to harm, kill & ruin other people's lives.  He becomes a criminal.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Derogatory Age Discrimination Terms of Auntie, Ma'am, Uncle (Singapore)

25 Dec Mon 2:23p.m.

"Excuse me, Ma'am... Where is Clarke Quay?".

I was shooting out around the corner towards Clarke Quay MRT at The Central yesterday. It was what appeared to be a Malay man with his wife & group coming up behind him.

Ma'am?? I thought.

While walking away without stopping, I gave a fake smile & said,  "Not sure.".  The fact that I even bothered to give any sort of smile was already giving them face.

Another man behind him said, "You don't know Clarke Quay?" in a tone that implied I was bullshitting.

So? Do I look like an information booth? Am I being paid to give directions? Am I obligated to give directions?

With all the shit going on in my life & how much I used to spend on face products, people still just conveniently call me "auntie" "ma'am".

What I went through, do you know? How sad I am because of what's happened in my life, do you know? Nobody help me, do you know??!  When I was younger, I help anybody who asked. But now when I need help, who helps me?

You & your happy, happy, ignorant existence.

If you went through the years of crap that I've been through & now with this spiritual shit disturbing us, you would also look as tired & worn out as I.  I dare you to still be able to look fresh & young.

Since he thinks I'm "Ma'am", it means he thinks I'm old. In which case, I have no time & no youth left to waste on him. Let him ask young people who have the time & youth to waste in answering his question.  Don't ask me.

Why can't people just start a question with just "Excuse me"?? Or "Hi"?? Why must they add a derogatory term in front?  If they are fine with being called by their age, that's their own business.. Nobody else has to conform to their uneducated mentality.

Have respect for a person's right to be called by their name, or not at all if you don't know their name.

At my previous work place, the dishwasher's name was Dave. A very nice, respectable name. But employees still called him "uncle". Why? He has a name. Why can't people call him by his name? Instead of a right to his name, he is suddenly shrunk to an anonymous nobody called  "uncle". Why?

What makes people think they have a right calling people based on a person's age??

When I look at these people, they are not young. They themselves are already old & look worse off than me. Many times, those foreigner women who look like shit themselves, call me "auntie".  These foreigner women have such narcissistic, high esteem of themselves, they don't even see the age that they are wearing on their own faces. They think they are still kids.

It seems to be an Asian mentality to add a derogatory label on people based on their age. It's called Ageism. Age discrimination. You don't see westerners doing it. They address people by their names. They respect the individual. 

Saturday, 23 December 2017

CrowdFund: Benefactors Needed To Help Us Get Out This X'Mas (Singapore)

10:25a.m. 24 Dec Sat. 

Urgently seeking funding (donation) to help us get away to another country.

At the start, I already knew the only way was to get out as far away as possible. Then a very kind spiritual healer overseas told us to get out to another country.  Recently we went to a Chinese Buddhist temple for advice & the divination answers said many times, "Migration is advisable".  But we have no money!!! 

The temple said a benefactor will appear & there are helpers everywhere. But where are they?

Last night, again we had no peace. At 2.30a.m., Bro awakened to a paranormal headache that pissed him off so badly he had to get out of the house! Imagine being chased out of your own house in the middle of the night! This is a regular occurrence in our apartment that is being haunted by the spirit of a madman.

And even when goes out, that weird headache still clings to his head! 

The  evil spirit infuses itself into the floors & walls & even new objects that are just purchased. Everything becomes haunted. We were forced to throw away even Bro's bed & frame, such that now he sleeps only on  a thin mattress!! Poor guy. And he isn't even complaining about the mattress at all when the big problem is not even been able to sleep well for months day & night!

This spirit is manipulative & evil & mad. We don't know exactly why it's doing this or how. The madman is presumably still alive. But he sends his evil corrupted spirit to our apartment & haunts us in this way 24/7 inside the apartment & even when we are outside!

Previous months ago, the haunting was confined to the apartment & we were fine outside. Somehow, it just expanded & worsened to cover everywhere outside. We get no relief. Although Bro says the madman sends ghosts to tag along with us or recruits spirits around us outside to disturb us, I don't know.  Whichever way, we are disturbed spiritually, mentally & physically by this thing that wouldn't stop.

This thing whose madness has intensified in just a few short weeks, leading us to think that the madman's dementia is spiralling towards death.

Meanwhile, I am trying to get a job but I am also worried of leaving Bro alone for hours to handle this thing while I am not there.

Around wee hours of the morning, I was also having trouble with my cough. Uable to identity source that is triggering the fake cough. No matter how I shifted the talismans, it was no use. This morning woke with coughing & phlegm (like real special effects).

My brother & myself are tired.

Where is god?

Yesterday, I asked the temple gods or entities for information. The English interpretation can sometimes be quite different than the Chinese answers on the other side of the slip of paper.

1) You advised that migration is advisable. But we have no money. How can we stop this thing that's disturbing us day & night?

Answer: #90. English interpretation.
Glad tidings come from above. All of a sudden, treasures from Mt Tai at your disposal. To inquire or marvel at this good news, best to proceed as many helpers are around. Interpretation: GOOD. One should have many helpers as one will have lots of food, money, and clothing, etc...

So I asked:

2) Where are the helpers?

Answer: #27.
You hesitate to undertake a project although you have dwelled on it a long time. A Benefactor comes along & like a good solid wall, you can lean on him. Interpretation: GOOD. Out with the old. In with the new. Flowers bloom again in spring. Your performance seems meaningless, yet you'll find it suits you.

(I'm wondering what project ....? The brief search on which country to go to live & work? But I only thought of it a few days ago. Typing this, I wonder if it's the writing project that I've been thinking of for a long time but postponed.)

3) How long more is this going to continue?

Answer: #24
An unstable disrespectful person is liken to a flower whose petals have begun to fall. if you hope to continue, struggle hard. Many tasks still left after the struggle. Interpretation: BAD. Do not be bothered either a subject is true or false. Be alert in what you do. To succeed, keep a firm desire.

I guess the "unstable disrespectful person" is the madman. Disrespectful because he thinks he's god & can do whatever he wants in harming innocent people. In the Chinese answer, it says to wait for when the time comes.

4) Why the talismans don't seem to work or sometimes makes it worse?

Answer: #5.
How can one hope to tap underground water by merely driving a metal spike into the ground using up one's energy. But without any pre-arrangement one meets a deity and the meeting produces success. Interpretation: MEDIUM. Before one does any important thing, look at the four cardinal points. Better to let things be for the present. In time, all will be well.

?? I suppose I placed the talismans in the wrong directions? Bro checked online for "cardinal points" which means North, South, East,West. But after placing the talismans according to compass positions, it didn't work. I guess the answer is also saying that by chance, the situation drove us to meet the deity who will help us?

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Urgent Need For Charity Donation CrowdFunding Singapore

Please donate to get us out of this country! 

We have no means of getting out ourselves. It's been months of this mental torture & stress & physical stress.  According to a kind spiritual healer, the only option is to get out of this country. Wherever we go on this small island, is not far enough. Even to the nearby islands, we feel the symptoms.

We need to get far away where the madman & his evil cannot touch us. Help us! Any amount of donation is fine!

10:32am  22 Dec Fri

My bro has been saying that the evil crazy man sends assorted ghosts & spirits to disturb us every day & night. But I've remained skeptical because I don't feel anything creepy in the apartment.

Last night, it seems he is right.

For days now, my bro & I have been having weird paranormal coughs with phlegm (we call it "special effects").  The special effects is so good, there is even phlegm when the coughing fits aren't even real. We don't have any coughs but made to react as if we do.

It's a very dry, irritating cough that is a nuisance. With some (sweet) phlegm thrown in. For me, the phlegm has a sweet taste in my throat. Weird.  Bro doesn't get the sweet phlegm.

I don't get coughs. And I don't cough like that.  It's a cough that pushes & forces itself out.  In fact, I rarely if ever fall ill. And even if I fall ill, I recover in just 1 or 2 days. So this weird cough that has been prolonging for a week or more & is the same for my Bro & myself, is impossible & paranormal. Also, this sort of coughing belongs to that madman. He coughs exactly like that. I used to wonder why he coughed like that.

And he gets such coughs quite often. He would sip hot water until the cough goes away which takes some days.

Last night, I was getting onto my bed to sleep. As usual, been coughing badly every time I approach my laptop area & sit on my high chair.

Earlier I already realized something is wrong with my laptop area. Every time I approach, I start coughing. When I walk away to go to the kitchen, there is no cough. When I come back to my room towards the laptop, I cough again. And when I sit on the high chair, the cough increases while I am typing on the laptop. When I get off & walk away, again no cough.

If I take away the high chair & just stand there typing on the laptop, the coughing is also bad. It's the spot that I'm standing on (the same spot as when I put the high chair). 

Last night, I lit the fat candle that I placed on my high chair. Then turned off the light & went onto the bed. But while coughing, I abruptly decided to turn on the white lamp at the end of my bed. It was pointing upwards from when I used to turn it on when I sleep at night.

I turned it to face downwards to shine across the ventilation opening under my window & across to the corner space of the wall. As I bent over the end of the bed to turn down the lamp head, my cough suddenly stopped.  I began to think that Bro is right. That crazy man has sent a ghost/imp here.

It felt like I had absolutely no cough at all. I was quite surprised. The cough just disappeared.

I turned the lamp until it shone better over the area across the ventilation opening & that corner. And the rest of the night was for once, a night that I slept completely without coughing.

I think it's either an imp, shorty. Or a mindless animal spirit. I've a feeling it's a dumb animal ghost or imp or spirit.  Non-intelligent. Just hangs around bothering people by triggering coughs.

What purpose does triggering coughs serve? I don't know. Typically, people will just dismiss it. The cough is prolonged, so? Nobody is going to notice that it's not natural or that it's paranormal.

Some kind of spirit or ghost has also been latching on my brother's head, causing him severe headaches & drowsiness. It pisses him off to angry violence.

And we don't know what the heck it is.  He says it changes position & he feels like it makes a "tick" sound when it shifts position around his head depending on what he says or writes or if he passes by an area that causes it to respond by shifting. He thinks it's trying to access his thoughts to manifest crap.

When he is in a Buddhist temple, the thing attached to his head shifts with "tick" sound to hide behind his head, avoiding the front that faces the Buddha statue.  The symptom activity is arrested temporarily--he says it just sits on his head not doing anything--or is less intense until he leaves the temple.

He says he cannot prove it but he feels it in his gut that it is the truth: that the madman is practising black magic & has been sending ghosts & spirits to disturb us. The madman is able to project his own soul into our apartment & orchestrate the black magic by utilising the ghosts that are already present in the apartment or recruiting new ghosts from outside.  When we are outside, ghosts are also recruited along the way to disturb us, so certain places with more ghosts that are already present will generate worse symptoms than other places with fewer ghosts present.

Bro says the madman's projected soul orchestrates or gives orders to the ghosts in the apartment because once he managed to drive out the madman's soul & could feel that he still walked into ghosts. But the ghosts were just there, not doing anything even though the madman's soul had departed with a lifting of negative & oppressive atmosphere.

Bro once said that even the ghosts are "cleaner" than the madman who is so evil, the moment his soul arrives, it dooms & glooms the place. On their own, the ghosts don't actively disturb us. It seems they just hang there, lost without orders. But they start causing trouble when the madman orders them to do it.

I'll write more when I can.

11:15p.m.: Bro finally stopped the cough for both of us. Not coughing is a relief for once, although not entirely stopped.  He discovered the source of the coughs & fixed it. Due to circumstances, I am unable to disclose the source of what's been causing the coughs & what he did to stop it. He said he's gotta fix it; every day & night coughing. He needs to sleep.

I agree.  Been coughing so hard these few days that my chest is starting to hurt today. And my bro "sprained" his side from coughing (the pain of the sprain moves around; another fake-o symptom).

Actually, I'm starting to cough again. No idea why. Is the damn madman's black magic or whatever breaking through again?

My poor bro. He's so tired of all this crap that he has to do alone. I said I am also tired of this shit.

I said out loud:  I want to go to a place where there is no madman. I want my brother & myself to go to a place where such a madman don't exist! I want to go to a place where my brother & myself will be free & happy!

I  am still shining the lamp light at the corner space. Something is in this room that's still making me cough. Could be as Bro said: a ghost or spirit parks in the corner & gets its order from the source, then starts effecting the cough. Now that the order is blocked at the source, I suppose the order to cause my cough is still running?

Either that, or it's a portal in that corner space, through which a spell of cough is sent.

That's what I mean by "What is going on?".  Our symptoms are there & it's clearly paranormal but what the heck is it??

I'm also feeling drowsy. And it's only 11.45p.m., not even midnight. This drowsiness is also one of the paranormal symptom. This whole day in the bus to & from swimming, I've been very drowsy.  Nodded off in the bus, couldn't keep my eyes open. It's crazy!

And while swimming, my cough disappeared. Just felt a little tired. When I got out of the pool to the changing room, still no cough. But when I got on the bus to go home, cough & drowsiness came back!

I stop coughing when I hold the yellow talisman onto my forehead like those Chinese vampire. It hangs down my face of course but it stops the coughing. 

But it doesn't work in other placements that I've tried. It only works on my forehead like this, or face down on my bed. There's something wrong with my expensive bed as well (*sighs).

The talisman is from the Waterloo Street Kuan Yin Temple. The Chinese writing says, "Buddhas's power majestically manifests!". It's nicely free & the nice caretakers give out as many as people want.

Interestingly, when I asked in English to be given those "yellow...", the guy tossed a handful onto the table. I took only 2 (one each for myself & bro), but.... I think I was meant to take all (paranormal advice from the Buddha/Kuan Yin, I suppose). Subsequently, I felt we didn't have enough but didn't go back yet.

I think I was meant to take as many as I wanted or all,  because for other people, the guy only gave one or the number that the person wanted. For me, he just grabbed a handful & tossed them onto the table.

I suppose it was foreseen that I would need the lot, although in almost all situations, the talisman didn't work as expected & even made it worse. So, I am actually not sure if I should get more talismans.

I think there's something in the corner space or in the metal frame that I put my laptop on. Sticking the talisman onto the frame stopped my coughing at once. But very drowsy. I find myself going to sleep while sitting up....

Sat 23 Dec 9:15a.m.  Last night, managed to sleep without cough, but all of a suddedn near morning, woke with coughing fits. Very irritating because can't get back to sleep.  Even had phlegm. Where the heck did that come from? It's crazy!

No matter where & how I positioned the talisman on my bed & bedhead, I continued to cough until morning.

Woke early morning, sitting up in bed & I said in anger, "I hope Heaven punishes you for this. For causing thsi fake-ko cough!".

The coughing abruptly stopped. No sensation of wanting to cough again. It seemed to wait. Then in another minute, started to cough again.

I came out of my room, heard my brother lecturing the area near the main door. I asked how he was feeling. He said a heaviness over his head.

He was telling the madman's soul & the assorted spirit/s (that can hear) that Heaven knows their ID & is waiting to punish them slowly & terribly. All the people the madman has ruined & killed will be queuing up waiting to get their revenge. My brother will also be among them, wanting payment for the damage done to his life.

I raised my voice at the area, "Criminal!! You are NOT Divine as you claim to be! You are NOT Divine! I hope Heaven is watching EVERY single thing you are doing! I hope Heaven records very CAREFULLY & CLOSELY what you are doing. We are innocent people. You know we are innocent & yet you do this! I hope Heaven punishes you a lot A LOT for what you are doing!! You're not just a bully. You are a criminal! What you're doing is not small thing. You dare say you are from Heaven?! You don't even know there's a REAL Heaven. REAL higher beings! A REAL universal system that will not let you off so easily!".

During this scolding, my voice felt like it was constricted to raspy-ness so that I don't speak. It seemed the madman's soul & others had has enough of Bro's scolding & didn't want to hear mine. When I walked away, the raspy-ness relaxed & cleared up. 

Bro said the madman is living in a fantasy. In that fantasy that he is god, there is no punishment. He can do whatever he likes. But in REALITY, there are consequences, there is punishment.

I said the madman is a spiritual criminal. Heaven's court waiting for him. Payment for spiritual crimes is very strict. He's not going to get away with it. 

After saying what I needed to say, I went to the freezer, ate some ice cubes & didn't even cough for a while! With a real cough, if I eat ice cubes, it should be worse. But I didn't even cough. Bloody Fake-ko.

Now, readers might think we are nuts. But these symptoms that we are experiencing respond to voice insults & commands. These symptoms are paranormally caused & are Not real. It means that in reality, we are well, our bodies are well. I don't know why our bodies react to spiritual crap!

I cannot explain it so that we don't appear crazy. What I describe is exactly what is happening. So you know what kinda of bizarre craziness we go through every day & night!

That's why I repeat:  Please get us out of here quickly!!  Out of this apartment, out of this country so we can live free from this evil madness! Your donation means a lot to us!!!

And this is just the tip of the problems. This is just 1 incident out of so many weird & awful crap that's been plaguing my brother & myself.

On top of all this, I am still trying to look for a job!!  I've been trying!

If  anyone wants to lose weight, you can get your apartment haunted by crap like this. Every day & night, no peace, no rest from the spiritual assault. You are innocent but this mad thing keeps hitting. Meanwhile, our lives are being wasted every day & night by this crap because we have no money to get out!

10:44am: There is no reasoning with a madman.  It has become a mindless thing that don't know right from wrong. It just keeps haunting the apartment with a crazy vengeance over nothing.

Bro returned from breakfast to say that thing is squeezing the back of his neck. He was so pissed, he slammed the door & kicked it. He said it gives brief relief.  It's some kind of energy that dissipates when there is physical disturbance or violence against it & charges up again.

But we can't keep kicking the door to bring relief. Neither can we tear out the door.

Frankly, I don't know whether the culprit is the madman himself or a combination of himself & the entity he role-played for so many years, or just the entity if it exists or entities if they exist.

According to the spiritual healer, it is the madman himself doing this. No other entity. The madman is working with negative entities. And has been doing so for a while.

The madman is a terribly neglectful & manipulative parent who has been harming his children & even now in adulthood.

The spiritual healer whom I contacted overseas was so disgusted when his findings discovered this.  He & his working spiritual healer partner were close to sneering at such a man. Disgusting. Shameful. Harming your own children in such a way.

As the healers couldn't stop the madman from continuing his mad black magic or spirit disturbances over us, they advised us to get out of the country.  The madman cannot be saved, cannot be changed.

We don't know if the madman is dead or alive.  Even if dead, if Heaven or Hell don't grab him, he'll continue causing problems.

He'll mindlessly continue haunting this apartment. If we manage to get out to another side of the world, the link to us may be broken.

11:38a.m.: Bro intended to go out. But shortly returned home. Violently slammed the gate & door a few times. Said the thing keeps latching onto the back of his head. He can't think! It dulls & numbs his mind & it's like depression but it's not his! It's like an energy bubble that latches onto the crown & back of his head & changes position when brushed aside with his hand.

He guesses the madman is dumping his madness on us. And we are somehow linked to feel the madman's dementia. Or he's under medication that is numbing his crazy brain & my brother is somehow linked to it.

We have tried everything & can't break that link to the madman. First of all, we don't even know what is causing that link. We have already denounced his relationship to us. He was never there when we were growing up. He is non-existent!  Without knowing what is causing that link, we don't know the solution to break it!!!

Bro said he couldn't even go out! He stopped at the  bus-stop & had to come back home. It was really bad.

We are going to the temple. I was supposed to scour the internet for job openings & then go out, but there's no choice today. No time to look for jobs.

10:53p.m.:  Only 9.30p.m., & trouble already started soon after we came home. Bro complained of a swimmy feeling. I agreed because I had already felt it sooner than him but didn't say anything.

Every time he coughed, he feels poking pain in his right side. He says it's unnatural. I said maybe he coughed too hard? He shook his head. I  agree because using certain external irrational-looking methods, the pain can be lessened or made to go away. So it's not real. For our security, I am not mentioning the methods.

I was unable to identify the source of our coughs. After the temple visit, I'm using another method.

.... Didn't seem to work. Bro was still coughing very badly while at my laptop.  I was also coughing but less while I sat on my bed waiting in the experiment.

After taking another bath, while plugging & unplugging my hair dryer in the socket under my laptop stand, I discovered something. When I bent towards the floor to plug or unplug, I coughed. As I straightened away from the floor, the cough stopped. I tried it again. The same thing.

It means that whatever is triggering the cough, is low on the floor.  A short imp?

All our visits to temples, I never asked for help. I asked for information only, keeping a neutral mind. At the end, I said "thank you". Since we have no money to donate, the least I can do is give thanks for the help or at least for their religious space that we take up.

Every time I received a divination explanation slip from the caretakers, I thanked them. I notice everyone not thanking them. Why? The divination slips are answers from the gods that people are asking for help, so why would people not thank the caretakers for conveying to them the answer slips?

I notice the caretakers appreciate being thanked (although they say nothing, they perk up subtly) & thanking the caretakers is also thanking the gods or entities for the answers.

11:52p.m.: Now that was strange. I was still coughing. Irritating. I moved a talisman to a spot that I've been having a feeling to put.

At about the same moment after I set down the talisman, I heard the flap of a wing outside my window. Eh? Something just flew away but it's 11:52pm & there is no one passing under my apartment. And I distinctly heard the flap of wing like a real bird just took off outside my window.

And my cough is gone. Well, not entirely. But better now.

1:01a.m.: I still can't stop the cough that still hasn't cleared. Don't know what is it. Where it's coming from. And there's that unnatural drowsiness trying to force me to sleep while I'm checking the job ads.

I recall Bro's words this afternoon. We are like a military unit running out of ammo, running out of food rations, running out of men. Hiding in a trench with heavy cross-firing above. Where is reinforcement? When's the war gonna end?

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Urgent CrowdFunding for Brother & Sister to Get Away from Evil

10:56am 21 Dec Thurs

We have no means of escape. Our appeal for financial help is our only choice. Please donate any amount you can. This is Not a scam.

We don't even have money to pay the bills.

There ought to be spiritual help organisations like the US Witness Protection Program that relocates people  to new places in secret to live new lives far away in safety.

How much does it take to build a new life in another country?  I think we need at least $100,000 or at least an amount that buys air fare, rental accomodation, work permits, transport over there & food etc.. while I go for job interviews. A job is not going to land on our laps if we are not there.  Also, depending on which country, I will need to learn the language & go for classes.

Crowdfunding sites don't work for me because they use Stripe. I get a blank screen when signing up. Neither can I use Paypal since it's goes crazy on me every time. Also crowdfunding does not work if there is no publicity.

Please e-mail & I'll provide banking details. If you're in Singapore, ATM transfer or I-banking. If you're overseas, bank to bank transfer does incur some banking fee, or you might consider Western Union.

I don't know what to do in this situation. If only someone can tell us what is going on so we know what to do. What is wrong with the apartment? The rooms? What is wrong on us? Is something latched onto us?

Based on strangers' positive reactions when taking to us, nothing wrong is on us. Strangers view us favourably & even come forward themselves to talk to my brother in kind ways. So what is this thing that is spiritually bothering our heads & spirits?

If we have no money, we can work. Right? No problem. But every day & night, we are harrassed by this spiritual disturbance that doesn't stop & even ruins our lives & disturbs our work places. It doesn't let us sleep, causes mental & physical deprivation every night for my brother & myself.

Physical harrassment, we can still call the police. But this? Spiritual harrassment who to call? Ghostbusters? There are none in Singapore!!

Just this morning, again. And tonight, it will be causing trouble again. It doesn't stop! My brother has been solving it many times, but it keeps coming back!! What is it?? I really don't know.

Could be the demon/entity/spirit that our crazy father worshipped when we were kids. Or could be the crazy man himself, delusional & manifesting his psychic madness against his own children.

I am currently looking for a job & I'm really worried. No amount of cash I earn working can save our lives!!

As I said in the previous post, a spiritual healer overseas who helped us, advised us to get out of the country. There is no solution to this thing. And there is no use wasting time fighting it!

We are also no longer young. We don't have youth to waste!! We just want a peaceful place to do the simple things we enjoy doing.  A simple countryside somewhere or a small city somewhere far away from Southeast Asia is fine.  The further, the better.

All our lives have been manipulated, controlled in a dictatorship family. My brother & I have had no happiness. Plus devil or demon or entity worship when we were children. All our life paths blocked. We haven't been able to get out anywhere! It's been an iron grip of despair & emptiness throughout our lives.

Now this thing happens. And wouldn't let go. And we still have no money to escape after all these years!!

I want to detail the symptoms that we are experiencing but it would take too long. I can only say that anyone in our position would be driven mad because there are no breaks or brakes. It's some kind of crazy roller-coaster spirit madness that won't stop. And wherever we go in Singapore or even to the nearby islands, it won't stop.

That's why the spiritual healer advised us to get out of the country. Not just the next town or city.

We think it's our father's delusional madness that is manifesting this spiritual disturbance. He's old & has gone completely crazy & is attacking us by putting some kind of hex or spell on the apartment & us living in it.

Is it black magic? I don't know.  According to the spiritual healer, the madman is working & has been working with negative entities. Apparently, in his past life, he was a dark sorcerer.  I don't know why we can't just have  a father who is normal like everybody else. 

If the madman is alive or dead, we don't know. Even if dead, he's going to continue causing problems.

My brother senses that the madman sends spirits/ghosts/entities to our apartment & the madman's soul has taken residence in a corner of what used to be his room (master bedroom). If his soul is constantly in the apartment, doesn't it mean that the madman is already dead? We don't know.

Rather than waste time & lives trying to find out, it's better to just get out.  This thing is not going to let go. If you believe in divination lots, even the Buddhas at Waterloo Street (Kuan Yin Temple) say that immigration is advisable.

Previously at the start, I used dowsing method to find out that all our rooms contain many spirit portals, some in mid-air, some even above my brother's mattress. The most number in the master bedroom. Our apartment is like Swiss cheese & we don't know when that happened. It explains the weird incidents over the years.

We can't stay in this apartment or this country any more.

If some kind person can donate some money that is plenty enough to get us out, we would be most grateful. You would be doing something very merciful & generous in your life if you can help us, because we are in seriously deep shit.

Once out, I plan to build or re-build our lives & hope we can salvage the remaining years of our lives in the new place.

Your donation means a lot to us. We are not greedy people & asking for help is embarrassing. We are also forced to acknowledge the difficult fact that we can't stay here anymore & have to live & work in unfamiliar territory.

If we had money now, I would get our passports ready & make arrangements for accomodation & work at the other place. In a week once we got our passport, we'll get out.

We cannot & must not stay here any longer!!!  The longer we remain, the more the evil drives us insane.

Yet at the moment, I have to get a job & tonight, we put up with this unknown spiritual madness all over again.  My poor brother is so wrung out!! Can't someone please help us?!!!

If anyone can help us, you would be even better than all the churches & temples & gods.  Because not even the local Tibetan Rinpoche bothers to call my contact number even though we went to the temple (Thekchen Choling) to ask for help 3 times!!  Disappointingly,  the "Rinpoche" isn't interested in giving real help to people in trouble. He don't even attend his own "higher Tantric" classes!!

[Update: 11:10a.m. 9 Feb Fri: The Rinpoche did help us. His aide called us 1 week later to come to the session. He was ill but still attended to people for so many hours. Waited many hours to see him. He gave us advice & some powerful stuff!! Thank you Rinpoche!!!]

We can't sell the apartment because it's not entirely in our names. Also, I don't want another person who doesn't know anything to innocently buy our haunted apartment & suffer the effects.


Monday, 18 December 2017

Crowdfunding Emergency: Please HELP Us Get Out (Singapore)

3:04a.m. 19 Dec Tues

Raising funds to save our lives. This is Not a scam. Please e-mail to donate.  If need be, we are willing to meet people who offer genuine means of help & would like further details.

If there are ghosts, then there must be God. But where is God? What is God doing to let such things exist & disturb the living?

2:28am. 15 Dec Friday 2017

I fear for our lives. Please help us get away. We can't take it anymore. Every night, this paranormal torment. We ask for help from religions & have gotten none! 

It torments my brother every night. He can't sleep & I can't either.  We don't know what it is, but all evidence points to our father who has gone over to the dark side & is using negative entities to disturb us!

Please help us get away to another country.  A spiritual healer overseas was kind enough to help us as best as he could. But after 2 times, he reached a limit & could do no more. He advised us to get out of the country. Not just to the next town or city, but out of the country. It's that serious.

It is hard asking people for help. But we have to, for the sake of our lives.

Please donate as much as you can. This is not a scam. We are not greedy people. But my brother will go insane if this continues.  It is beyond my knowledge & ability to help him or save us. We don't have money to get out!

Please help!!

I e-mailed 3 churches & they didn't even bother replying. All I asked was for my brother to sleep for 1 or 2 nights under the protection of their church. He has been sleep deprived for so long & I just hoped for some respite for him.  Despite my "Urgent" subject heading, they never replied.  Even if they feared or disbelieved, the least they could do is reply "no". Yet all 3 churches rudely didn't even bother replying! So much for the Christians. Representatives of god behaving in such a manner. A disgrace.

When you are in deep shit, know that these 3 churches will not help you:  Church of Divine Mercy, The Bible Church & Church of St Francis Of Assisi (I sent the e-mail to 3 persons for this one).

In the beginning, I also e-mailed so-called psychic Jenny for help & she rejected.  Instead of helping, she asked a question pertaining to my explanation just to satisfy her curiosity & didn't even bother replying anymore. Rude.

Recently, I even asked the Dalai Lama through his "office" in India for information & help. But no reply. For all his smiling face on the book covers & the talks he gives in Singapore, when you need help, where is he?

Just as some people are more susceptible to colds, my brother is more sensitive & susceptible to this thing than I.  Despite my skeptism & disbelief, I am not spared.  Although I feel the effects to a lesser degree, I have also fallen inexplicably ill to the paranormal disturbance.

It's been 10 months (going back far longer) & whatever it is won't stop.  Day & night, worse at night. We can't hold up for much longer. This constant mental, spiritual & physical onslaught that won't stop.

We have tried all sorts of ways to solve it ourselves. But it has only gotten much worse since it started. We are out of options. Out of time & money.

My brother is in danger when he finally manages to sleep in his room at night.  Both of us are in danger. 

We have no way of controlling this thing or making it go away.  Every night is a repeat of the previous night. My brother yells for it to "Go Away!!" & he can't sleep because of the persistent paranormal coughing fits that he does not actually have.

It sounds crazy but he does not have cough. This entity or ghost gives him unstoppable coughing fits when he lays in bed, depriving him of rest. We call it fake cough because it doesn't behave like a normal cough. In certain situations it completely disappears when a normal cough should have been worse.

Hurling insults & vulgarities at our father's name also clears it up. 

We are out of solutions & I can't help.

Illogical & crazy-looking methods are used to contain or control the effects. But these methods keep failing as the effects keep adapting & changing so that what used to work isn't effective anymore.  The strength of the effects also increases, thwarting every one of the attempts at subduing them.

The methods are also failing more & more with shorter intervals of containment between. And the symptoms change daily. My brother thinks different entities or ghosts are sent to disturb us differently every day.

In the day, our minds fight unnatural headaches & drowsiness wherever we go in the country. At night, the fight continues with my brother not getting any sleep.  We don't even know if we are fighting hallucinations or ghosts or entities.

When we finally sleep, our spirits fight on our behalf. We have no dreams & when we wake, we feel as if we fought a battle that we are unaware of.

If you see how tortured my brother's spirit & body are during sleep, you would understand. We have to get out! The longer we stay here, the worse. 

The tortured sounds his spirit makes as his stomach spasms with the unnatural coughs that attempt to break through his sleep deprivation, is hard to bear.  Something is disturbing his spirit.  It appears his spirit or soul is being tortured & badly disturbed by some invisible thing.

As I watch over him, my tears well up. He has suffered much since childhood. It is not fair for him to suffer such torment when he has done nothing.

Throughout the years, he has had no happiness. Can't even do the hobbies that he loves doing. He has lost all interest in the things he enjoyed doing, jaded, disillusioned & disheartened. Now he fights this thing in despair.

I want my brother to be free. For us to live free from the clutches of this thing.

We are quiet & reserved people, too considerate & respectful of others & too generous. We are not money grabbing people. When people need help, I help. but when I need help, who helps?

What remaining time we have left of our lives, I want us to be free.  It is hard watching my brother fight it alone.

When he wakes, my brother says it could be attempts to take his soul by force while he sleeps & his soul is rejecting & fighting it. Watching him, it seems an internal fight is going on & something seems to want to break through (which is creepy).

Whatever it is, is setting up my brother towards insanity & suicide. It happened to our 7th uncle who for years, endured the mental torture alone until he could stand it no more &  killed himself. This same MO is now being used on my brother.

Good thing I also suffer the effects, otherwise I would think he is crazy.  Two persons cannot both be crazy at the same moment with the effects lifting away at the same moment when some bizarre, apparently nonsensical method is used against it (even if I am not aware of the method being applied at that time.).

Are we crazy? No. In fact, at first, it didn't occur to us that it was a spiritual problem. We lost a lot of money on doctors specializing in their fields & A&E (accident & emergency) ambulances & consultation past midnight. But all the doctors always looked thoughtfully puzzled because our symptoms didn't match anything in their experience &  knowledge. They could only say it wasn't this & wasn't that. To them, we were healthy individuals who shouldn't be experiencing such symptoms.

Do we know what it is? Not exactly.  Seems to be not human but at the same time limited by physical distance.

Do we know who is doing this? Yes. But we don't know what happened & what's going on.  We only know he has gone completely crazy, has gone too far down the dark path & is working with negative entities. We don't know if he's dead or alive.

Does distance matter? Yes. We tested this a few times. As we have no money, we crossed water. But as the distance is still not great enough, we still felt the effects although much reduced for my brother. If we could fly out of the country, I am quite sure we will be able to escape the clutches of this thing.

Every night, my brother is pushed to the brink of his mental tolerance & strength. It is hard to watch & bear. Whatever it is, is hell-bent on forcing him into abject despair. It is a wonder he can still hold up. The amount of mental torture he goes through can only be known to himself.

With his every outburst, my heart leaps in panic & my mind is thrown into turmoil even while I am online  urgently trying to find a suitable job that pays a decent salary.  I can't work, can't write, can't think without worrying & panicking.

With the lack of money & my brother's torment, I am under heavy pressure & stress on all sides to save us both in time.

A job that pays $8-10/hr is not going to buy us a new life in another country. What are we going to do? How am I going to save us??

Every day & night, we don't what's going to happen. I dread the coming of night. I dread going home & wish I could stay outside. Sometimes when we are outside, I ask my brother, "Can we don't go home?".

Whatever it is, is not afraid of temples, churches, crosses or statues of Buddhas. In desperation, I had hoped any one of the 3 churches might offer some protection for 1 or 2 overnights of rest for my brother.

So far, I find that religious places offer no help to a real trouble. We even tried asking for spiritual help at the Burmese Buddhist temple & was given the answer that "We don't have that here. Only prayer.".

When the monk said "We don't have that here.", I repeated it in my mind. Don't have spiritual help in this temple? I thought I heard it wrong & had to ask him to clarify.

How can a temple not offer spiritual help to people in trouble? "Only prayer" implies that prayers are useless against a real problem. Then what is a place of worship for? What is the statue of Buddha for? Just a figure to collect money?

Although I have no expectations from these religious places, it is still a disappointment to hear.

We also went to the only 24 hours Tibetan temple, looking for the Rinpoche. Two weeks ago, the staff said he wasn't in Singapore & would return in mid-December.  Now 2 weeks into December, we went back but the Rinpoche was in retreat with the office staff until Monday. Counter staff asked me to leave my contact number so that the office staff can arrange a timing with the Rinpoche. That was Sunday.  I waited the entire Monday & they never called my phone.

[Update 11:13am Fri 9 Feb: The Rinpoche did get back to us 1 week later. I had actually already given up on receiving any contact. But his aide called us to confirm if we were going to attend the consultation session. Thank you Rinpoche!!]

We urgently need help but other people are not urgent.

All these people cannot even compare to the kind spiritual healer overseas who always replied to my urgent e-mail within some hours, even though he knows I've no money.  [Update 11:15am Fri 9 Feb: I just consulted with him again & he has advised us this morning. So I want to go forward with this. So far, I think we've consulted with him 6 times. He refers to me by my name now instead of "the client".].

I hope in reading this, people will help us rather than make unkind remarks.