Wednesday, 25 July 2018

What's better than Distributing Flyers (Singapore)?

4:27pm Today is... *checks laptop bottom corner* Wed 25 July

I found out yesterday that I make a very bad flyer distributor.

I stood there, looking upwards at several blocks of HDB flats @ Toa Payoh & considered which of these apartments contain school children...  It does not help that no clothes are flapping out on bamboo poles from the windows, kitchen or otherwise. All windows mostly closed. What the heck... did they all keep in all the clothes? All dried on this hot day? Are they not home? Do they even have school kids?

Another part of me was scolding myself: What the heck are you standing there for instead of going up there & giving out flyers?

Fact is... I have a limited quantity of flyers. Strongly bearing in mind an online comment by a guy who stuffed 500 flyers into mailboxes & got only 1 reply.... I strongly do not want to waste my flyers in such a shooting spree. Randomly shooting flyers is a waste.

Another fact is... I strangely have an aversion to messing up people's door by inserting a flyer...

Another fact is.... I don't think it's gonna work coz I once gave out 200 (or maybe more) flyers along the entire stretch of Orchard Road on a super hot day & not a single result.

I am reluctant to give out flyers. It's like giving out junk. There has to be a better way. But what to do when you have no money & almost everyone living in HDB flats are uneducated with no money?

I am stuck with 400+ flyers.... out of 500. *grimaces*

Singapore is such a miserable place to be in.

Did you read about that stupid Russian man who stayed in Singapore with 4 kids & he's applying for Singapore citizenship? Consigning his poor 3 sons to serving the army when they turn 18. My god. That's what I mean by selfish & stupid parents.

If you wanna apply for citizenship, do it yourself. But don't do it to your kids who don't know anything & can't choose. You are shackling your kids to a servitude that they are innocent about. You are clipping their wings so that they cannot fly when they grow up.  You are damning them to hell.

I really want to distribute flyers to Hougang but the trip to & back is about $5. If no result from the flyers, I would've spent $5 for nothing. I'm too broke for that.

I need free publicity....

My lack of money is shouting at me to:  DO SOMETHING!!!

You know.... Ken Seeroi should meet up with Chris Broad... Oh... I just checked ... Ken Seeroi already has a wife. What a pity. Two cynically cool men meeting sexy. Married is not.

And now, I've to go to the library ... walk there.. to Self-Study in order to pass an exam in... one month? Two months? I don't think I'm gonna make it...  >.<

Grammar... Reading.. I keep thinking if only we can download the language into our brains. It's faster. Just plug in, fast download like Data in a few hours or minutes.  Plenty of time left till exam time. Relax.

Gee.... come to think... as I start thinking... I haven't thought about how to teach English to people who don't know English... O.O  Do we start at ABC? Good heavens.

I mean... what to introduce first? If past tense & present tense isn't first... then.... what is? Vocab? Cat? Dog? That sort of thing? *thinking*

Sentence construction? The fact that they can print on a T-shirt "Are You Enjoy Spring?" means they don't know the "ing" in describing a motion. When actually, they do have the same idea in their street slang such as "gugu-ru", which means Googling (if you don't know something, google it).

Maybe I should start with that?

I am reminded of the time when I asked 2 school girls for help with buying a ticket at the machine in a convenience store. And they just completely pounced on my small notepad of scribbled English as if they could read....

They took over my notepad, flipping through the pages... devouring the scribbled words... while I watched in quiet surprise at the attention they gave to the directions that I had written to get myself around.

Are they sure they know what they are reading? Coz it's not just in English. It's in scribbled English. I mean... it's in my handwriting.


簡単な英語シンガポールで! 恐れることはありません!月〜金:午前10時〜午後9時 土曜日と日曜日は午前10時から午後9時まで。 時間を選択してください。すべてのレベルが大歓迎です! 会話型英語、ビジネス英語または学校英語。 シンガポールの忙しい労働者、主婦、学生のために! Dhoby Ghaut MRTの近くの快適なクラス。 みんなの手ごろな料金! 今すぐサインアップ! フレキシブルなタイミングと日数!一緒に学びましょう! に書き込んでください thezinepin

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Looking @ Chris Broad's Instagram...

Hell shit! I also got my own photos to show! Even better ones than his!! I got one picture perfect like straight outta National Geographic. Really.  Women in full kimono walking along a path. From the back.

U know, Chris is so photogenic. Handsome fellow. Looking at one of his photos... I suddenly realized I gotta have a large poster of his face in my room. To join the ones that I already have of Richie & Lee Min Ho. People will wonder who is that? I'll say "Chris Broad".  I don't care if you know him or not. He's handsome to me.

Yo, Chris. Can I hug you? U look so squishable. I mean, soft. Huggable.

Friday, 20 July 2018

シンガポールの英語クラスレッスン [学ぶ]

こんにちは、あなたがシンガポールにいて、英語を学びたいなら、私はあなたに教えることができます。 私はシンガポールで15年以上の英語教育を受けているシンガポール国立大学 優秀卒業生です。 私はあなたに英語で何かを教えることができます。 会話英語、ビジネス英語、ライティング、リーディング、スペル。 Dhoby Ghaut MRT の近くの快適な会場。 4レッスンのみ $180。各レッスン1時間。英国の標準英語です。 心配しないでください。 忙しい日本の専門家、学生、主婦に最適です。 あなたの友人を連れて一緒に楽しく学びましょう!

残念ながら、私はシンガポールの日本人に英語の教育サービスを広告する方法を知らない。 メッセージを広めてください。 ありがとうございました。

# シンガポールで英語を学ぶ

Flyers Haters in Singapore...

Are stupid Singaporeans. They have no talent, no entrepreneurial spirit, zero. They live in a stupidly simple world in their brains.

They hate flyers & hate flyer distributors & hate advertisers without considering how hard it is to do business in Singapore. They have no intelligence to think beyond their own selfish little gate & their selfish little world behind it which they think they own but actually don't.

These flyer haters didn't buy their flat. They are only renting it long-term. They own nothing.

One fellow even said flyers are a waste of resources. Yeah? You think people don't know that? Is that a revelation?

You think individuals & businesses want to waste money, waste  "resources" on distributing paper?

What options do individuals & small businesses have in Singapore when it comes to low-cost advertising?

In a country where you are not even allowed to make money from selling "your" flat, what options do we have? Tell me.

One would say there is the "internet". The same fellow said: there is the internet, why would he read flyers?

Yeah? Have you personally tried promoting a business online & witnessed the result if any?

Have you personally taken out money to pay for a classifieds ad & witnessed the result if any?

Have you personally tried promoting or creating awareness for something you want to do? No.

Fact is, you can't even save your own ass even if your life depended on it.

Have you personally gone on the street giving out flyers to a target audience just so they will read it  & not throw away that piece of $ which you paid for?

Do you know what it feels like to see someone take your flyer, walk a few steps & toss it into the trash bin?

That flyer that you paid for: You designed it. You searched for the lowest cost printing shop. You negotiated for the best price per piece. You decided you are going to distribute the flyers yourself. You had to think of where to target your distribution.

Every flyer carries your every thought, your every $, your every wish for your own hope to succeed.

Do you know what is hope? 

People who criticize flyer distributions & make fun of the individuals behind the ads & call just to disturb... these people are evil-hearted pieces of shit that deserve to live in shitty Singapore. They deserve to die here with nothing to show for at the end of their lives. Not even their "house" is theirs. They own nothing.

It pisses me off to read of one shithead guy who says he goes to "school" & hates it when people gives him flyers. Piece of shit. If you hate flyers, just don't take. He went to the extent of bothering the town councils & other agencies who ignored him.

If you are still going to "school", nobody is going to listen to you because you know shit. What experience have you got? Zero. Your "world" is just that few inches of iPhone screen & you want to talk as if you know something.

Can you choose not to serve in the Singapore army? Likewise, people who distribute flyers to create awareness for their business have no choice.

Have you worked 15 hours straight just to pay 1 utility bill? With little to spare for groceries? Have you tried looking for food in the supermarket with just $1.10?

If you have personally stood in the hot blazing sun or drizzle to give out your own flyers to strangers, you will never say you hate flyers.

3:11am 21 July Sat

Later in the day, I have to go to RWS run by fucking foreigners who are so rude & evil & ungrateful. Why did the Singapore government let them in to work? They are in managerial positions when they have no right to be.

I Hate Singapore

I never thought I would hate my own country so much. Once I leave, I am never coming back. This is not my country anymore.

After so many decades, Singaporeans are still so uneducated, despite LKY's push for academic qualifications & computer literacy.  I would think that the older generation would have been wiped out by now & replaced.  Yet, a new wave of uneducated young people keep being born year after year.

Why?  It's horrific.  Singapore has never progressed.

When I was giving out flyers to teenagers today, the guys would decline in Chinese. Why can't they think that the older person is educated? Why do they have the mindset that all older people are uneducated like their own parents?

They think older persons are uneducated because the majority of Singaporeans are uneducated. Their mindsets speak for themselves. No facts need to be presented.

And how come there is this shallow & small-minded view out of our young people's minds?  Because they are islanders. Island mentality never changes.

There is a book actually being sold at Kinokuniya where an asshole author declares on the title, "Singapore is not an island".  I don't know what's wrong with that author to be able to declare such a thing. And the publisher must be crazy to have even entertained the idea of publishing it.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Giving Out Flyers in Singapore

11:37am 20 Fri

Today I'm going to give out 200 flyers. Let's see if it works. In this day & age, online ‌in S‌ingapore is still shit.

4:53pm ... I came home around ... 3.30pm. It was traumatizing giving out flyers to 13-16 year-olds. I don't know if I mean it as a joke.

After "stock-taking"... I counted that I gave out a grand total of ... 37 flyers after ...20mins + another 10mins at 2 locations. 37 flyers minus 2 that 1 idiot guy threw away straight into the trash bin a few steps ahead after taking the flyers from me. I shouldn't have accidentally given him 2 pieces.... That was 6 cents worth into the bin. I wish he was made to suffer working in giving out flyers or forced to do manual labour. The piece of shit.

Piece of fuck. He looks like he has depression. So he's already wasted even at 16 years old.

How can it have been just 37 flyers?? I could have sworn I gave out more. Like 50 pieces. I mean it was awful standing out in the hot shitty weather even with a cap. It was embarrassing having to give out flyers. And this age thing in these shallow people's mindsets is terrible.

I don't think giving out flyers is going to work....

But how else to do it in shitty Singapore?

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Spirit Orbs As Seen By Bro

2:05 pm 19 July Thurs

We suddenly got to talking about his symptoms. I said I told the ghost hobbyists to ask him about the colors of the orbs if they want to know. Whatever you want to know, ask my bro because he's the one with all the barrage of symptoms.  Don't ask me because I don't see anything. I only get 2 things: headaches & drowsiness. Apart from that, I told them I saw a real-looking 3D version of you, which you said wasn't you.

Bro said Orbs are boring. I said, "Yeah, I probably gave the impression that they are like rainbow colors.".

Bro at the wash basin,  "They fly like airplanes but they are sooo small.".

I said, "Ooohh... I gotta get this down. Quote of the day."

As we talked, he later said, "Airplanes, because they're big, turn slower. Orbs shooot by fast.

I said, "Like UFO lor."

"Yeah."....   "can't even fit an ant inside. They are even smaller than an ant. But there are bigger ones, can see from far, but not very big. Like tic tac size.".

He once compared an orb to a piloted plane. It's purposeful, straight line piloting. Straight from the main door somewhere to the altar table where it vanished midway.  He described these orbs as grey or white or black.

Monday, 16 July 2018

This National Day...

I finally can say for certain that I hate Singapore.

Never thought I would say this. But I Hate Singapore. It does nothing except keep pressuring people for money in so many creative ways.

Singaporeans are no better. Stupid & crazy.

Overseas people when I contact them,  always reply even when they cannot help. They will say I'm sorry but it's beyond my ability & recommend someone whom they know might be able to help. Even from that distance, they are always polite & always reply.

Singaporeans just don't reply.  Even when they know someone needs help, they can just keep silent on the other side.   It goes beyond selfishness. This is mental.

And because these Singaporeans don't reply, it makes others learn not to reply either. It creates a society of shit.

And they keep producing children that do nothing except keep screaming & shouting. Mad children.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

RWS Resorts World Sentosa: Boss's Behaviour

8 July Sun 1:37 p.m.

It was 5 July Thurs, around 2.15 p.m.. Very crowded. 3000 people. Event was Public Sector Transformation. Some vendors were there such as Miyoshi & 1 robotics booth.

I was swamped with guests. No manager or team leader came over to help. They have a tendency to disappear whenever an event starts.  When you look around, not a single one of them is around.

Suddenly, the "boss" came out of the ballroom door just a short distance away. Balding man with thin, narrow (beady) eyes, approximately in his 50s (no front teeth), with a paunch & wearing a white long-sleeved, striped shirt with a black jacket.

Immediately, I waved to get his attention (since there wasn't any choice). His head turned but he abruptly stopped himself as he noticed from his side view, quickly pretended not to look, faced in front & walked away.

WAhhh... I have never seen a "boss" or manager do that before. Evidently, he is very experienced in dodging. His spidey-sense alerted him not to look.

I couldn't believe that he just walked away. Even for the rest of the day, I still couldn't believe it.

A boss behaving like that.  Previously, I heard a team leader referring to him as "boss" ("Boss is here. Shit.").

These are your customers. When your staff needs help attending to your customers, the RWS "boss" just walks away?

Subsequently, I was blamed by a crazy, liar manager. He said, "See, how come I can do it so perfectly well whereas you can't?". I said, "That's because there's no more queue now." (& where were you when help was needed?). All the guests had gone inside the ballroom.

The "boss" has no front teeth because once, he smiled while talking to his gang, I saw & wondered why with his managerial salary, he didn't make dentures. It also explains why he has a sunken mouth area appearance common with old men & speaks with unclear pronunciation (but talks loudly).

From one of the ladies, I heard that he is "inclined" towards to young women. Between a young woman & an older woman who entered a room together for work, he made the older woman go home without any reason.

Amazing how RWS can still run. For much of the time, they are winging it & just barely scraping through every single time.

Just recently, I saw the worst, most disorganized banquet ever held at this place. At the end, I smiled because it was just so ridiculous & unbelievable.  The worst team leader (Aldridge who looks like a goldfish but later I heard his team peers perfectly & fittingly call him, "hamster") was in charge. The whole food delivery procedure was such a mess that it was laughable. The guests said, "Ladle is missing. What's next? The chicken?" & the whole table laughed. At that time, they didn't even have any plates laid out for the food.

Well, it's nice that they had good humour. That was alone was cause for a smile. I liked the guests.

RWS Sentosa: SSMC Dinner & Dance SG

Silicon company. Boss is Indian. I didn't know they hired so many China employees. And the boss promised to give them bonus...

It was reported online that Singaporeans avoid renting rooms & apartments to Indians & China because they are notorious for being dirty. Not surprising about Indians since it's rare that one is clean without body odour & every single one of them spray their sneezes without covering their mouths. But last night, I saw that yes, China is truly horrible.

Just 1 China man is enough. China. Totally gross.

It was a dinner & dance setting at RWS (masquerade theme). Towards the end, I saw a China man stand up in a long-sleeved, collared blue-red shirt at a table. And he spat spittle across the next chair and carpet.


I don't know where the spittle landed.  I dare not try to see. Luckily, not the table in my charge.

Too bad I didn't take photo or video. Even if I had the equipment, I didn't have time. It was done fast.

Shocking. First time I see it done at a banquet setting. Carpet.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Learning: One Step Reach Heaven

There is a Chinese proverb "一步登天" . That's what I propose to do. Mount Heaven in One Step.

Is it possible? I am ambitious. Not only mount heaven in 1 step. But do it by August to register for the topmost exam.  Without attending school.

I can memorize entire pages of texts & diagrams. And I know Chinese. How hard can it be?

Ok, don't talk much. I start now. Chiong AHHHHH....!!!!!

Update... 1:51am 9 July...

"the human legs radical"... says the lady host. Human legs radical? The screen shows the bottom strokes (legs) of the Chinese words. Orhh... human legs. It's the bottom 2 strokes under the Chinese words like "light/shine"  光.

Before this, the "human radical" was introduced by the 2 lovely hosts. 人.

In Chinese, the "human radical" is called "Ren Zi Pang". Not radical. Translated, it means "person stroke side". Or... the side is a "human" writing/stroke.

In Chinese, we don't learn in this way. We don't memorize strokes separately like that. We do pay attention to the side strokes of words, but we don't memorize these side strokes because there are many words pairing with these side strokes. We just remember that a word is written with which side stroke.

For instance, we don't separately memorize the bottom "legs" of the word 光. We remember it as 1 word.

But it's understandable that learning without learning the Chinese foundation is difficult. Hard to teach it. So, I suppose this English way is the best method.

Whatever way it sounds, the Chinese meaning remains the same. I heard that there are words that look like Chinese words but with different meanings from Chinese. I haven't seen such words (yet).

Arghhh.. >.<  I'm skipping this video. It's like learning Chinese all over again. I already know.

And curiously, they are still using the old way of writing the "speak" side stroke for words like "plan"  計. This old left side stroke is currently still in use in Taiwan, called Traditional Chinese. Taiwanese comic books are still using this style of Chinese. The modern China version is called Simplified Chinese & that side stroke has simplified to 计.

Update 1:58pm (what's the damn date... sigh....checks laptop corner...) 10 July Tues...

Looking at the verbs... I suddenly remembered the lessons I had years ago ... arghh...

I forgot. I suddenly remember I have no interest in learning it.  Suddenly, it seems overwhelming. How can I take the exam??? >.< People study for 2-4 years.... And I want to do it in 1 month?? A few days???

No, I got the alphabet. I still forget 1 or 2 words, but... I basically memorized already.... I just need to see words put together first... Now where to get that kind of exercise...?? Like sheets of exercises with answers.

It's like 2-4 words put together & I can read each one, but don't know their meaning. U know? So, it's a matter of building the vocabulary. Right?

Like English... we started out learning the alphabet & then use them to form single words "cat" "dog" & build the vocabulary from there. Then expand from there to verbs & sentences. We don't start out with alphabet then straight to verbs, right?

Why is it that those lessons start out first with teaching the verbs? In class, even after learning the verbs, I still can't read.

There's this big gap between learning their alphabet & actually being able to read.


Crap. There's a lot to learn. I'm substituting English words to the particles & checking to see if it stays the same with the English idea. Seems stable so far.

"Ni" = by.  "Wa" = was/are. "O" = precedes a verb. The verb can be present tense or past tense or past participle.  Okayyy...

I think I just jumped from 0 to level 4.

Going down the examples in the exercise & explanations.... >.<   It'ssss soooo long-winded....