Thursday, 30 April 2015

Why Stop Visiting Performing Zoos, Underwater World? Taiji Dolphins Japan

sailor who you’d expect to be picking pieces of flesh out of his teeth with whalebone. Instead, he relates how adult whales, resigned to losing their babies to the sailors, lined up and watched, despite being free to go.
“You understood then what you were doing. It was like kidnapping a little kid from its mother,” he said, emotion brimming beneath the tough exterior.
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sailor ... relates how adult whales, resigned to losing their babies to the sailors, lined up and watched, despite being free to go.

“You understood then what you were doing. It was like kidnapping a little kid from its mother,” he said, emotion brimming beneath the tough exterior.
...the whales are intelligent and emotionally developed enough to both understand what was happening, and to mourn it.

If they understand, why don't they attack??

Documentaries say they are actually more intelligent than humans. The dolphins need to fight back. They are bigger, stronger & more intelligent. Killing humans should be no problem especially in the sea/ocean. Bait the humans, drown them. Easy peasy. Because humans are basically stupid.

If I knew dolphin language, that's what I'll tell them & teach them to do. I am human but I myself don't like humans & what they are doing.  I particularly hate bullies. I will even help the dolphins kill the humans. And I will do it for free.

the whales are intelligent and emotionally developed enough to both understand what was happening, and to mourn it. - See more at:

Won't be eating at Imakatsu @ Star Vista (review)

One of those weird Japanese restaurants that don't open at normal times like normal restaurants.

I can never understand why some Japanese restaurants in Singapore have this weird habit of opening for part of the day, closing, then re-opening later in the day. Or opening only late in the day. How do they make money by being shut for most of the day? Just waiting to close down.

Bro & I planned to eat at Imakatsu イマカツ @ Star Vista after I checked the online reviews. Somehow even with the positive comments about the food, I doubted. I've a gut feeling about such things.

I also somehow had a feeling it would be closed. True enough, when we were there at about 4.20pm, the restaurant was shut.

We ate at Coco Ichibanya, walked around & returned to find Imakatsu still shut!  Has it closed down? Stuck on its window outside was a recruitment sign. Were they unable to open because they lacked these personnel?? 

(Incidentally, all restaurants at Star Vista had these recruitment signs on their windows. Means they are operating at below standard manpower? Which accounts for why customers complained about slow service at Imakatsu in reviews.). 

We walked around some more & returned a 3rd time to see its lights had turned on but still appeared closed. An Indian/Malay man (with an unhygienic-looking goatee/beard & oiled hair) was standing in a square hole counter facing in front, bending & looking at the laptop.

I approached, asked him, "What time do you open?".

He flicked up his eyes without really looking at the customer, "Five-thirty.". And flicked back his eyes to the laptop.

I said, "Everyday?".

Eyes on the laptop, he replied, "Yes.".

This shows that the company hired poor staff.  I haven't even tried the food & already the man's behavior & response made me decide on the spot that I will not be eating at this restaurant.

A staff in uniform, whether the shop is open or closed, represents the company. A bad staff ruins a company's image. As a company, never allow your staff to speak discourteously to a customer in any way. Furthermore, this Indian/Malay man was inside the restaurant as a staff.

Back home, looking at their website, it says their opening hours are: "11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00".  Yet that Indian/Malay man had said they open at 5.30pm every day.

**As of today 2 May Sat, my comment regarding their rude staff has not been replied to. They are not manning their front line.  This is a poor company. They are not taking their service seriously. Very slack & sloppy.

This is very different from Tsukada Nojo Plaza Singapura Facebook who replied to my comment almost live & lightning fast when I posted there previously.  Someone is obviously watching their Facebook closely.

At Tsukada Nojo, when I ate there previously, the staff were attentive & on the ball. Made me very happy to eat there twice. In their Facebook, they showed they were very interactive with customers, warm & friendly.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Pecori ペコリ卵ご飯 シンガポール Liang Court Meidi-ya Japanese Omu/Egg Rice Restaurant (review)

A pity but I've to give this a failing grade. 4/10. Bro who has eaten the worst army food & usually gives high scores, gave this 6/10 & said the chicken is too salty.

Compared to the deliciously fluffy egg of the Omu rice @ Coco Ichibanya Bugis,   Pecori's Omu rice is too disappointing & don't look like their menu photos. I would say the woman who cooked my Mentaiko Cream Omu don't know how to cook.

Don't know if the staff are really Japanese, but this is really surprising & unacceptable coming from Japanese cooks. 

Mentaiko Cream Omu rice: 

1) Egg too thick & looked strangely rubbery. Wasn't wrapped over the rice like Omu rice.
2) Egg had a slight burnt taste.
3) Some bits of burnt carbon from the pan was on my rice.
4) Rice too hard & clumpy. Very bad Japanese rice. Poorly done. Worst Japanese rice I've eaten. Even lose to Ramen Play. Small portion yet I was unable to finish. In fact, the mixture of rice, egg & sauce was awful towards the end (felt a bit sick).
5) Mentaiko cream sauce nothing special. Boring. Failed to save.
6) Very small prawns for decoration. Nothing else.
7) Price at $12.80. Expensive. Portion smaller than expected compared to menu photo.

I saw some unfinished plates on the tables. The staff could be misunderstanding that people cannot finish the rice because it's too much & so they give less, when in fact, it's the quality of the rice that's bad & that's why people don't finish it.

Free Flow of Onion Soup of the day (Sunday): Just onion strips & soup stock. Passable. Bro had 2nd helping while I took a sip. The stock is nice & sweet from the onions.

Bro's order was $9.80. Just a bowl of chicken karage, fries & tartar sauce. Underneath is rice. He said the rice is hard & tasteless. "The quality of the food has declined ever since the Okinawa man.". He is referring to the time before the renovation of the food stalls.

Counter service was good. Helpful in pointing out that "demi-glace" contains beef. As I asked whether the tomato sauce was sour or sweet, she gave me a small spoonful to taste. Sour. That's when I ordered Mentaiko Cream which a blogger had said it was his favourite. *rolls eyes* (although from his unintelligent looks, I doubted the Mentaiko was as "orgasmic" as he said.).

Pecori... brings to mind "peko peko"... Japanese words that mean hungry. Wonder if that's why it's called Pecori.

I read the online reviews before going to try the place. Overall, the reviewers seem to either like or don't like what they ate. Hit & miss.  Bro & I went there because we absolutely didn't know where to go for dinner that wasn't crowded.

I really miss the Okinawan man's cooking back when he used to occupy the stall just across from the cashiers. His rice was excellent of the excellent. Udon dishes were simple & also pretty good. His service & friendship towards us, his love for the food he cooked... was beyond expectation. Wherever he is, I hope he is happy with his family. I frequently wonder if he has returned to Okinawa. If he has, I hope to one day see him there. If he remembers me then, it will be a surprise to see each other again. :)

Friday, 24 April 2015

Picked up $7 on the floor today

(Writing this for my own record)

Upper deck of bus #10 on the way to my swim.

Wish it was $7000. Need to multiply by 1000. Not complaining. $7 is a rarity. Still nice. But I said to myself, "$7... $7000.".  I'll keep $2000 in the bank. And take $5000 to spend 3~4 weeks solo in Japan. Yes, perfect. I'll visit every castle & perhaps finish my novel there.

Folded $5 was on the left, folded $2 on the right. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. In my dreams, it's always coins, 50 cents, 20 cents, pick & pick never ending (clean silver coins).  Here was $7. And nobody was even aware they lay there in plain sight. Must've just been dropped.

Man on the right had his head tilted back dozing but looked up at me when I went to the seats beside his left. Young man on the left was focused on his phone. Another man right in front was on the phone.

I sat down between the 2 men, used my right foot to scrape the notes close enough to pick up. Nobody knew a thing.  Checked to see if there were more under the seats on the floor. None. Got up to sit further back.  Saw that there was nobody else for the entire rest of the deck.

Wish there were more. Like $10s & $50s all over!!!!  With the whole upper deck empty except for these men & myself, I could've spent just one stop to pick them all!!

When the dozing man got up & left, I checked his seat to see if he had left more (if the notes are his). Nothing.  When the man right in front left, I also checked. Nothing. 

I'm money crazy these days...  This thing called money is a bad invention. Previously, I argued with bro that we should all go back to doing barter trade.

I asked bro when I got home, who that $7 could've belonged to since the men seemed completely oblivious. Perhaps someone who was getting off the bus & dropped? Considering the direction of the scatter, could be someone who sat in my seat & dropped while leaving. But my seat was cold.

He said, "It fell from the sky.".

Could be the dozing man. 

Well,  whoever it fell out of, it's a good sign. Today, mine is a $7 luck. Nothing compared to the thousands of dollars luck that my uncle had when he picked up a wallet in the carpark of his condo. That's what I call a Bonanza.

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Loch Ness on Google!

How come the researcher of Loch Ness looks like... from Lord of the Rings ... Gandalf? 

"The entire purpose of our civilization is to explore." ~Adrian Shine.

He spent 42 yrs searching & still haven't found it yet?

"This is the sort of place that if there weren't any dragons,  there really ought to be.".  (I wanna live there!! Every day, I'll sit by the shore & wait to see if there's any! I'll climb the mountains & check for Sasquatch!)

Its images, taken both above and below the surface of the water, are available to view from today - giving armchair travellers the chance to admire the Highlands scenery - or plunge to the depths in search of Nessie.

Google! The aliens' eyes consecutively close. 1st, 2nd, 3rd.  Very possible idea for Loch Ness to be piloted by these... peddling away...

Monday, 20 April 2015

Proof that Singaporean Parents are Stupid

When I see a woman with kids & a man tagging beside, I look away. Unattractive & stupid woman. The man looks as stupid. The kid also looks stupid. What an ugly bunch.

These are women with no desire to rise higher than spreading their legs. No ambition. No intelligence. Disgusting.

Get a load of what these Singaporean women parents have done. Boggles the mind. Then again, what education has these women themselves had? None? I don't pity the children.

And look at what other stupid Singaporeans are doing/have done: " helping" foreigners. I made sure to read that it said "private institution".  Not NUS or NTU, right? This person called "Kelly" shouldn't be allowed to graduate or even to have a university education. It doesn't give her intelligence & she's disgracing herself & the degree.

Then again, it's because she's lousy, that's why she's in a private institution instead of the official universities:

Monday, 6 April 2015

シャトレーゼ Chateraise Patisserie シンガポール伊勢丹! だんごと顧客サービス



しかし、私は、サービスがより良く、より速くすることができます願っています。日本人スタッフが顧客の注文を支援されませんでした。  そして、新しいスタッフが箱にケーキを入れて時間がかかりすぎた

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Why Don't Advertise/Sell on Locanto SG

The admin is atrociously rude. Absolutely lacking in moral fiber. No respect for its advertisers.  This admin should form a club with the admin/s at a gay website called Fridae (that I read was actually ripped off from the original owner.).

Wait a sec, Locanto's admin may actually be the admin at Fridae. Same modus operandi.

Forget about selling anything at Locanto. You won't get buyers regardless of how long the ads are automatically renewed.

Forget about getting a job at Locanto. You likely won't get paid. Look at the ads. No resume is even needed.

Just forget about Locanto.  Take my word for it. It's not worth your time.  Post your ads elsewhere.

Friday, 3 April 2015

シャトレーゼ Chateraise Patisserie @ シンガポール伊勢丹Westgate! とても好きです!

本当に美味しい!! 今日は5ケーキを購入!

私は前にケーキ屋と恋に落ちたことがない。これは私が シャトレーゼ Chateraise からそのような素晴らしく美味しいケーキを初めて食べたさ!私は一度に2ケーキを食べました!私は彼らに私が家に達した瞬間を食べましたそして、私も別のものを食べるように誘惑された

私は前に一度に 2 つのケーキを食べたことがないグリーンティーケーキやティラミス!やケーキはとても驚くほど安いです!ケーキはとてもふわふわ&ライトです!

井之頭さん (孤独のグルメ) ... 私想像は彼が... フォークでケーキをスライスし、彼の口の中にそれを入れて、彼の目を閉じ。 美味しい!

とてもきれいケーキ!多くの女性がに魅了されています!今日はシンガポールの祝日なので (Good Friday)、店はとても混んでいました。ケーキのためにキューイング