Saturday, 25 February 2017

Dangerous to Ignore or Rationalize Away Spirit Entities & Portals

Update: 11.45am 4 Mar Sat: We have new information on spirit portals. From further experiments, these portals are not stand-alones. These ghosts/spirits open these portals through which they pass & the portals close after them. Portals = ghosts/spirits. Get rid of these spirits & the portals will go with them. Where do these spirits get the energy to open or carry their own "transport"? EMF. They take energy from electrical wirings & cables.  2 nights ago, bro was able to get them to show a "1", "2" & "3" on his meter ("show me a '1'" & his meter showed it, but up till 3 they would not show a "4".). He says they can take instruction, therefore they are sentient. However, they refuse to leave.

Last night at close to 10pm, bro's meter registered spirit presence at the kitchen basin area. Caused brain fog. Bro got so pissed, he used the block of black tourmaline he was holding to whack at the air that registered the reading. The meter then read "0".  But the presence had simply moved aside. So bro said, "If u don't leave, I'm going to use 8000V to zap you to a zillion atoms or whatever it is you are made of. Whatever it is you're made of, I doubt you can withstand 8000V."  As bro walked past me to get something, he said to me that they are just made of particles.

Unfortunately, that presence continued staying.   


Sun 12:55pm 26 Feb

I've always been a skeptic psychic. Ignoring many inexplicable things that I sometimes encounter. I shut my mind out to any weird shit.

I believe that everything has a rational, logical explanation, whether we know it or not. There has to be some simple & logical explanation. If unexplainable, it just means science hasn't an answer yet.

But truth is, as I have found out recently, whether we believe in such things or not, they exist. 

In fact, pretending they don't exist, aids these spirits & their spirit portals.

The more people deny that they exist & deny that there are such things as ghosts, spirits & entities, the better they can wreak havoc in our physical world. By ignoring them, we give them power to do whatever they like without our knowledge or our interference.

They open spirit portals in our homes. But you don't even know that such portals are there. You can't see & don't realize what these things are doing to your lives.

Suddenly, serious illness develop for no clear reason. Tumors that change size at different times of the day & night.  Mysterious symptoms (such as brain fog) that doctors can't figure out. Your life isn't going anywhere no matter how hard you try or how optimistic you always have been.  Zero luck. All paths of your endeavours that should have worked cut off for no reason. You think it's just coincidence, random & it happens to everybody.

You never expect or consider that spirit portals in your house or entities that you worship (or don't worship) are causing your situation & will ultimately kill you & those you love. The evil will pass down to your children if you don't stop it.

Many websites & forums only theorize (their beliefs) about spirit portals or "negative entities". These people don't have first-hand personal experience in actually shutting down spirit portals. They don't know what these spirits are or how portals work. They don't know what they are talking about.

Crystal websites keep saying "negative energies", "clearing space", "smudging with palo santo & sage". They don't know shit about what the crystals & smudging can actually do & can't do.

Not even crystal sellers know what the heck they are actually selling. Although they believe they are not selling just rocks, they also don't know anything about the crystals they sell except for textbook answers they read & parrot out to customers.

Two crystal sellers couldn't even identify a small piece of crystal that I brought into their shops. One of the shops was actually the shop that I originally got the crystal from.

Since locating & experimenting with spirit portals, I've come to realize that there is so much we don't know about the spirit (unseen) world.  Our knowledge is so lopsided that while we have accumulated so much information about the physical world, our knowledge of the spirit world is flat bottom. So much more we have to know to catch up.

Because scientists keep ignoring the existence of the spirit world & entities, information & research have been Zero.  While we have progressed in understanding our physical world, we have not moved with regards to understanding the spirit world.  For now, because of lack of scientific understanding, I say "spirit world". It is likely a quantum mechanics world existence.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

US Held Hostage by Its Immigrants: A Day Without Immigrants (Lesson for Singapore)

Friday 17 Feb

This shows how bad the immigrant situation has become over the years of lax immigration. Once they go on strike or riot or stay home, your country comes to a standstill. They hold your country hostage.

And as a leader, you will be blamed for trying to reverse the mistake that other presidents dared not touch for so many years. Your own citizens (which ones are true Americans now?) turn against you, instead of supporting you.

Immigrants hold the country hostage & they are proud of it. This is the meaning of "immigrant". If they loved the country, they will not do that.  They do this because their "money road" is being threatened.

This hostage situation is what Singapore will become if foreigners keep coming & staying with families, relatives & friends. Infestation of immigrants that will be very difficult to remove without problems because they have been incorporated into the economy & society.

It does not help when your own country citizens also start reproducing with these immigrants, producing all kinds of different breeds of "citizens". 

This is what no country wants (unless you don't mind the country falling apart when immigrants show off their numbers).

Immigrants are never beneficial. They are destructive. They destroy a host country's values, culture & way of life.  In a few years, the country becomes shit. 

Japan is lucky in that the Japanese people are very protective of their culture & society. Those who try to break it are malicious foreigners & half-breeds.  Once a nation's identity is destroyed, it's almost impossible to retrieve.

This is what immigrants can do to your country if you let them flood in:
Immigrants around the U.S. stayed home from work and school Thursday to demonstrate how important they are to America's economy, and many businesses closed in solidarity, in a nationwide protest called A Day Without Immigrants.
It was unclear how many people participated, but in many cities, the actions were disruptive, if not halting.

Immigrants are actually costly to maintain. Rather than "contributing" to a country, the host country spends more money. In Singapore, space shrunk. Overcrowding. Public facilities & transport infrastructure were not built to accomodate so many extra people. New buses, new trains have to be purchased to keep up with the numbers when actually, the true population of Singaporeans hasn't increased that much.

Limited bus seats occupied by foreigners. For every foreigner sitting in a bus, there is one seat less for a Singaporean.  This is a fact.

The US & Europe ignores the immigrant problems at their own expense. Is the US any better since allowing in so many immigrants?  Has it progressed at all? Have they become a better & more responsible people? Are they a richer & more advanced nation? No. 

Does the US have a national identity as strong as Japan? The US is just a hodgepodge of people that cannot claim any form of national identity except for their passports.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ezbuy's Fake "Korea" Purchasing Agent Service: Facebook Deleted My Comment

2:20am 6 Feb Mon

It was just a normal question in their Facebook. I asked, "When can I buy from all Korean websites?".

It was deleted. What's so difficult about replying to this question? Why delete it?  Ezbuy said it was not deleted. Then why is it missing?

It's all the more disturbing considering I have been buying through Ezbuy & put up with their crap since when they were 65daigou. I've said it many times before that if there was a better agent (I used to have my own agents who worked only for me), I wouldn't use Ezbuy (65daigou).

If possible, try to avoid Ezbuy. A lot of comments in their Facebook have said they are unreliable. I have to agree that to some extent Ezbuy cannot be trusted. Previously, they have also been deleting chunks of negative comments from their Facebook.

They also tend to change their way of doing things suddenly without informing customers.  It's best not to put too much money into them or into your purchases. One day, if they suddenly "disappear", at least the loss is not so great.  Just a precaution.

If you run a business, you cannot rely on Ezbuy because there is no guarantee your stock will arrive on time. As many long-time customers know, their ordering processing, "inspection" & shipping times are not reliable.

At the moment, Ezbuy is getting people to buy only a few selected Korean skincare & cosmetics products at Ezbuy's listed prices. They don't have actual stock. And the items are listed on Ezbuy's website (not the actual brands' sites.).

When you enter a Korean website URL in Ezbuy's search box, Ezbuy's system will only show the 3 countries that you can buy from. Korea is absent.  

In other words, Ezbuy is conducting a spree for only Korean skincare & cosmetics products.  It is not a true purchasing agent for Korean websites.  Not even for Korean skincare & cosmetics products since Ezbuy lists the items on its own page (rather than leading to brands' websites that contain the full range of products.).

But Ezbuy makes it look as if it's a purchasing agent for Korea by stating "Korea Ezbuy" "New Service Launch".

Purchasing agent means customer can buy from any website of that country through the agent who will ship the items to customers. If purchasing agent cannot purchase from the websites, then that is not a purchasing agent. 

Previously, I asked their chat staff when I can buy from Korean websites. The staff said "soon". I guess she was referring to this "new launch" that is actually a spree of only skincare & cosmetics items. Now, I asked in their Facebook & my question was deleted.

In the past, I bought from a Korean purchasing agent. But when items enter Singapore, they go through Speedpost/EMS. In the past, this was fine. It took only 2 days to receive my parcels. Now, I can't use Speedpost anymore because it has become shit.