Thursday, 23 January 2014

Expat Bankers In Singapore Anton Casey Yahoo News

 How Anton Casey is making life tough for arrogant expat bankers in Singapore.

Really? Sometimes, I think Yahoo news bullshits (with their articles written by "journalists" who make mistakes).

I doubt very much life has become "tough".  Don't bullshit.

Yeah, they can keep a low profile but it doesn't alter anything. They are still here,  earning nice money, taking up our space, buying our food etc...

From the expat recruiter's comment that "It plays right into current prejudices.", it shows that foreigners do not understand Singaporeans & Singapore.  Prejudices? They do not know & understand how it was in the past for Singaporeans & the difference now, and why Singaporeans are angry. Foreigners only know they come here to work, get money, enjoy their status.

Don't talk about prejudices. You have no right to talk about "prejudices" to Singaporeans. 

Those "Singaporeans" who say Singaporeans are xenophobic are the young/er, clueless and stupid.  Frankly, I don't know which rock such "Singaporeans" have come out of, to say Singaporeans are xenophobes. 

The recruiter adds: “The majority of foreign wealth management professionals in Singapore don’t moan to me about living here and they don’t act arrogantly either. But guys like Casey give all us expats a bad name, especially at a time when some locals are blaming foreigners for population growth and rising living costs. It plays right into current prejudices.”
Is he saying he & all the expats are made of air and don't take up housing and living space? His body doesn't contribute to the population? After work, he doesn't have a place to "home" to? Doesn't need to eat at our restaurants, buy stuff from our supermarkets?

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Bro & Me

11:43pm Sat 18 Jan (the below happened a few days ago. Had wanted to post it then, but decided not to. Then I find myself keep thinking it. So, I'll post it now.  Side note: I recently bought a Japanese women's wooden geta that's very comfortable, a Japanese women's embroidered geta and Tabi/Japanese socks to go with).

Bro (sits in front of my laptop, sees the page): How come you keep buying funny funny things?
Me (on my bed, resting from laptop): I wanna wear to Macdonalds.
Bro: You want to wear kimono to Macdonalds?? (he gets up, walking into living room) After you appear on newspapers, I don't know.

Frankly, I heck care. Not only do I want to wear a woman's Kimono, I will match it with a man's 2-teeth geta. I can wear whatever I like.

I am actually looking for a man's long Haori (outer jacket) but there aren't any good designs online and they are too big for me anyway. I love a man's lovely and expensively designed Hakama but... can't afford it and don't have the form to wear it.

I don't like the belt area of a woman's kimono, however (unless a woman is tall, that thick boxy belt will make her look short and tubby).

Thursday, 9 January 2014

St Gregory Spa @ ParkRoyal on Pickering Review
Video clip at the end of the post.

Avoid St. Gregory Spa (Review)

Best to avoid all branches/outlets of this spa.

1) Sloppy management
2) Clueless and unprofessional staff
2) Hiring of foreigner staff who are thieves

A reviewer previously posted online regarding his bad experience at Pan Pacific Singapore.

In my case, it was the branch at  ParkRoyal on Pickering Street.

On 22 Oct 2013 Tuesday, the Filipino woman at the front desk stole $100 from my bag in the locker.  It took me a while to find out who she was and that on 27 Oct,  5 days after stealing from me, she fled (transferred) to Orchid Country Club. 

My only mistake is that I did not catch her faster. I did not anticipate she would leave so soon and took too long to nab her (despite my gut-feeling telling me to do it quickly).

Her name is Marianne:

a) About 1.5 to 1.55m tall
b) In her early 30s.  If I had to put a specific age, I would say 34 or 35. 
c) Slightly plump
d) Hair in a back bun
e) Complexion: Indo/Filipino/Malay
f) Simple make-up
g Does not speak much
h) Lines under her eyes

Any spa masseuses/staff recruitment intending to hire "Marianne" should first check her full name with Sheryl (ParkRoyal Pickering St. Gregory Spa "manager").   I am disinclined to talk to this very rude and incompetent "manager" with such poor staff management.

Surely, she interviewed and oversaw the hiring of such a staff? That she hired a foreigner and a thieving one as well,  leaves nothing to respect in such a "manager".

In fact, the hiring of the other staff already leaves little to respect. The lot of them are either entirely genuinely clueless, in it together or outright liars.

To steal from the locker, Marianne either has access to the master key or already has duplicates for either all or some of the lockers.  With such sloppy management, it is only too easy, particularly when no one is around.   (My thought was that she has access to the master key; Bro says it's easy & fast to duplicate & return the original in minutes without anyone knowing).

It was also not her first time considering the smooth process by which it was done.

She was the only one there at the time and the only one who knew my locker number.

She does not steal all in the wallet, but takes some.  A very smart move, as the missing cash is less/not obvious to the victim and she can continue stealing in the establishment for as long as she remains undiscovered.

From my own investigation (unknown to the staff),  the staff admitted that they are short-handed. They have no part-timers nor temp staff. All are full-timers with one intern.

Why did Marianne leave the spa and transfer to Orchid Country Club?

Although the St. Gregory staff did not say where in Orchid CC she transferred to, it can be deduced.   Change is unlikely for someone in her trade.  Also, she was not a masseuse at St. Gregory. And the spa does not rotate front desk and massage staff.  Since training is needed for massage, it is possible she has no training as a masseuse.

Most likely, she is currently the front desk staff at The Spa-lon Orchid Country Club.  A quick check online reveals shorter working hours at The Spa-lon. It is possible she moved to new "pasture" because of this (as I would later explain in her appearance).

22 Oct 2013 Tuesday: 

A nightmare woke me in the morning with a very disturbing and uneasy feeling that I have never had before. Decided to try St. Gregory, hoping a relaxing time would shake it off. 

Previously, I had e-mailed the spa and Caroline Pua "lifestyle coordinator" replied (much slower than Away Spa's e-mail) with their promotional price of $176 for body scrub and 60 min massage "with use of pool or steam room"  (assuming body scrub is 30 mins).

Some time back, I had visited the St Gregory Spa branch @Beach Road, but after watching the staff, I walked away.

This time, the spa was in a new hotel (ParkRoyal Pickering), easier to access by public bus than Away Spa @ Sentosa, with an "infinity" pool that I was curious to try (never mind the steam room). The promotional package was attractive and it was a spa that I haven't tried before.

I brought $200 cash in my wallet, in 4 pieces of $50.  In my wallet were also a few pieces of smaller notes (in $10, $5, $2).  The $200 cash was specifically to pay for the scrub and massage as I have no other means of payment.

Arrived @ 3.10pm. Pool uncle on 5th floor was friendly. There is no need to sign on the clipboard. Just walk in and straight to the spa.  Later, if you are enjoying the pool, he will provide complimentary glass of chilled water on the table by your deck chair.

On opening the spa door, I saw a single spa staff in uniform at the front desk. Uniform looked like a masseuse doubled up as receptionist. She did not look up immediately at my entrance or to my "Hi". She was looking down at something on the desk (perhaps the booking ledger) or floor.

I thought it strange that she did not immediately look up. So far, staff at other spas have always greeted me with smiles the moment I step in.  In this spa service industry, it is strange to be received with such unconcerned reception for a guest/customer.

The reception area and the whole place was very quiet. I did not see any customers or staff walking in or out.

When she looked up, there was no smile. I noticed lines of tiredness under her eyes. Lack of rest/sleep/stress. I have never seen a spa staff look like this. She did not look happy, although it didn't seem to be directed at me.

She had seemed reluctant to look up upon my entrance, as though she had been put there by someone to stand by and she is dreading having to interact with a customer because she is unfamiliar with the task.

No welcome drink was offered at any time, not even when it was finalized that I would be having the scrub and massage package.  That is also strange.

I said I was walking in for scrub and massage.  She asked "When?". I said, "How about now?". She looked at the booking ledger. I saw a diagonal pencil cross-out of a block of slots even though I could see no one walking in or out and it was so quiet.  She looked and sounded like local Malay lady.

She said it was not possible. "Now only 60 mins massage".

I said "No, I want scrub and massage.". I asked when it was possible and how much time do I have to try out their "infinity pool" and/or steam room before the scrub-massage. I didn't think the time would be too far off. I was really eager to dip into their pool right then but didn't say it. I was already in my swim suit under my clothes.

She thought about it, looked at the clock, mentally calculated the time. Said 7.15pm. I asked what was the time now. She looked back at the clock. Said "3.15".

So many hours to kill? This was the first time the waiting time difference was so far apart. Usually, a spa would be able to find a slot on the spot. How many masseuses did they have? So strange.
She said I could swim in their pool, use their gym (I glanced at the gym, it was empty), their steam room, or rest here (she pointed to a dark alcove of cushioned seats near the reception ahead) to fill the time.

In comparison to the facilities of a top spa that I went to, the little alcove of seats was laughable when I turned to look at it.

Even if I did every one of those activities, I doubted it would last so many hours. What's more, I wasn't interested in the gym, it was so small, and how much time could I possibly spend in a steam room anyway?  At most, I would just test-drive the gym and steam-room for a few minutes.

Furthermore, 7.15 was a bad time. It was the time for dinner, not when the scrub-massage was only just starting. I wanted to be in time to go out dinner with my bro.

I asked if I could use their phone as I didn't bring my handphone. She was friendly about it, said sure, just press 9 first before calling the number. She pressed it for me while I lifted the handle.

After I finished talking to bro, the woman smiled and asked how it was.  I said, "He asked me to go back first, then come back." (which I didn't want to because it was so inconvenient and totally ruins the mood, but I was considering).

She didn't say anything while I briefly considered before finalizing. I said, "Nevermind, I will try the facilities first and see how.". I asked if their gym had any guy supervising or I could just do it myself, and she said no guy, just on my own.

My intention was that I would use the facilities first, then maybe later or next day return for the scrub-massage, assuming it was just a simple and flexible accommodation for the customer.

She was fine with what I said and signed me on for 7.15pm. Issued me the locker key with plastic wire for the wrist. Locker #7.

Seeing me looking ahead as if seeing where to go, she said "I show you." and said it again as she came out of her counter.

In the same area, we turned right, into the ladies' changing room.

She led to the block of lockers in the middle of the room.

Everything in wood design.

Locker #7 faced a small sparkling outdoor horizontal stream on the floor at the back, with pebbles in the water. Around the stream are plants.  A very relaxing feature. The top part of it is covered with wooden wall partition so that only the bottom with stream can be seen.

Between the locker and this stream is a wooden bench.

After showing me the steam room (in the same room) and I said that I would be swimming first, she set the steam room temperature for my convenience (so that I would be able to use it after swimming).

At the lockers, she opened the last one below (close to mine). It contained white folded plump towels.

While I stood on her right side watching her, she said mine is locker 7.  This was the 2nd time she said it (having mentioned it once just earlier).

In hindsight, I realize she was getting me to open my locker by repeating the number.

When I opened my locker, it was already stocked with folded towels and a bath robe. But she still deposited another towel.  Said I could use it for the spa later and can also use the robe.

I thanked her. Strangely, she wanted to leave by crossing in front of me just when I was moving toward the locker, rather than go round the other way. 

She paused. I stopped and she passed.

I said "thanks" again and I heard her murmur "welcome" in reply as she passed.

Throughout the time I talked to her at the lockers, she had avoided eye contact. I thought it was strange, but thought that perhaps she was merely shy. She was quieter than other spa staff I have interacted with.

In fact, her behavior was sheepish, hiding something.

All was quiet. It seemed like a totally empty spa. Felt a dry choke in my throat. Thirsty, and that's when I realized the reception had not offered any water or drink.

I looked around the changing room and explored a few drawers at the dressing-table (with the hairdryers and stuff) before going back to my locker.

In the locker were 2 hangers in the tight space on the right. I used one to hang my jeans.

Below on the left, was a small shelf. Under it, was a pair of black slippers with some white marks on it.  Probably worn before, can't be new since it's not disposable.

I put my plastic bag of stuff on the bottom, thinking what a small locker it was. The jeans dangled down to the plastic bag but I didn't particularly notice how.

The top of the bag was rumpled from my squeezing hold and it looked the same when I opened it later after my swim.

After locking the locker, I wore the wire key on my wrist.

As I felt awkward about seeing the receptionist again (and having to smile at her) if I went through the reception area again, I went by the side.

It meant, she didn't know if I had left the changing room.

During my 15~20 mins swim in that disappointingly little, shallow, dirty and frightfully cold, fishbowl of an "infinity" pool, I saw her stand behind the glass doors, seeming looking at me.

I thought she looked strange standing there staring out like that. But then I thought perhaps,  she was just bored and looking out. I was swimming with my head up (because of dirty water).
In hindsight, she was checking to see if I was swimming, which would ensure she had chance and time to go to my locker.

My locker key was always around my wrist.

After the swim, I returned to the changing room by bypassing reception again.

I wanted to use the steam room next.

To my surprise, the steam room door was open.  Inside were 2 women giggling, chatting and scrubbing in spa uniform.

Didn't the woman earlier tell them that I would be using it? Where's my steam? How is it possible one side of the staff has set the temperate while another side of the staff opens and starts cleaning it?  It shows how bad the management is.

As I watched them, a young Malay-looking woman came out with a nod and smile, prompting me to ask if they were washing it now? (Was this a Malay-run establishment?).

She didn't reply but realized I wanted to use the steam room. She returned quickly and with the other girl completed what they were doing and left as if they were never there.

I went into the steam room to look. It smelled of bleach.

I looked at the floor.

Powdered white bleach with blue particles was still on the floor near the drainage. The drainage was a square piece of tile that was dislodged aside, but the water wasn't draining down there.

With the bleach left on the floor, it meant that when the heat is turned on, chlorine fumes will be released from the leftover powder, which would be breathed in by whoever closed the door to use the steam room. Toxic fumes.

These girls, being uneducated, just left the powder that didn't drain away with the water.

I used my slippered foot to push the water towards the drain but it wouldn't go.

There was no way I could use the steam room then.   It completely ruined my mood. I wasn't interested anymore. Decided to get out while I could.

Disturbed by this dangerous sloppiness, I considered that perhaps their massage might also be unsafe. Unsafe oils? Expired oils? Unsafe and risky massage, dangerous intent?

Better not continue. Though I only used their dirty pool for only a few minutes, I was certain they would want me to pay for it or pay for a massage I didn't want.

There were 2 shower rooms. In the one nearer the stream,  I could see the shape of a woman already bathing inside (through the frosted glass door). Her striped brown and white towel was put over the door handle on the outside. I thought it was rather strange why she didn't hang it on the inside. Later, when I went into the other shower room, I discovered there were no hooks to hang anything on the inside. -.- How is it possible for a spa to not even have hooks inside the shower rooms, is beyond comprehension.

When I opened my locker, there wasn't any noticeable difference.  However, I was a little drawn to the length of my jeans overlapping my plastic bag so much that the jeans covered it. I didn't recall if this was like this in the beginning, but it was significant enough to draw my attention to it such that I looked at it for a moment.

In hindsight, because my jeans was just hung onto the hanger, it is possible it could have fallen when touched/nudged by the thief who then put it back in a looser way that caused the jeans to dangle longer.

As far as I recall, I didn't see any CCTV cameras on the ceiling inside or outside of the changing room.

I closed back the locker and went to the shower room next to the one still being used. Realized no hooks at all inside. Now I know why that striped brown and white towel was outside on the door.

I wedged my towel in the handle of the door inside.

When done, I toweled myself inside the shower room and while doing that, could see through the slit between the wall and my door, an Angmoh woman moving at the mirror/dressing table in a blue blouse. Must be that woman from the next shower, I thought.

I heard a young woman's voice calling into the changing room as she entered, "... forgot your water bottle...!"  It sounded like that Malay girl who had nodded to me earlier.  I didn't hear a reply to her call.

When I came out in my towel, the Angmoh woman came to the basket near my shower room and dropped her striped towel in. The manner with which she dropped it in suggested she didn't think well of the place (like "what a crappy place")

After she walked out and the place was quiet again, I saw a cold water bottle left on the bench.

It is unlikely that the Angmoh woman took the money. She would have to know my locker number first, to be able to pick it. And her attitude and behavior did not suggest that she is a thief.

After dressing, I took my things and left the locker key hanging on the locker door. Then left without notice.

Returning home at about 5.30pm, I called the spa to inform them to cancel the 7.15pm appointment (out of goodwill, considering the masseuse setting up and waiting).

A local Chinese woman picked up.  I said I was calling on behalf of.

She was displeased and very rudely said that the customer has to pay for the use of the "facilities". (What facilities? It was only the dirty pool with poor filtration for a few minutes, the toilet and shower. Furthermore, wanted to kill me with Chlorine fumes from the bleach.).

She was so clueless, she didn't even know that I had already walked out. Said "but she has not returned the locker key".

I didn't tell her that the key was left hanging on the locker door, since I was calling on behalf of (and shouldn't be able to know). I said the key "should be somewhere around".

It was surprising, since the key should have been discovered to be hanging from the locker door by now. It had been more than 1 hour since I left!

It meant there had been no customers for more than 1 hour and none of the staff entered the changing room during this time.  Pretty amazing since staff should be moving around. How can a spa place be so quiet and dead? No one noticed a hanging locker key for so long?

I had no doubt that it was the spa manager that I was talking to: Sheryl. Her demanding tone of voice suggested she wasn't just a staff.

At her rude tone of voice, I reminded her that this call was to be nice in informing her of the cancellation.

She did not accept it. I threw her a casual line that "she" (I) may return. She sounded a little appeased but again mentioned chargeable use of facilities. To which, I was really pissed.

I repeated the purpose of the call again, firmly with finality and precision: "This call is to inform you so that you do not have to wait for her.".

She backed off. We hung up.

After that, I regretted calling.  I informed them of the cancellation so that they can free up the slot for someone else, yet not even a thanks from her.  If someone did take up that slot and suffered for it, it would be bad.  I shouldn't have called. My "niceness" makes no sense.

No wonder spa customers prefer "disappearing" rather than call and receive crap from such people.

When I opened my wallet, I discovered 2 pieces $50 missing.  Right away, I knew it was stolen at the spa. Theft. 

At no time did I open my wallet during or after leaving the place.  As I mentioned earlier, the money was to pay for the scrub-massage.  Without $100, how was I going to pay?

Marianne who took it, is really malicious. She knew the package costs $176 as we talked about it while at the front desk. Exactly $200 was in my wallet (together with the smaller notes).  She would have known it was to pay for the $176. Yet she took it. What if I had gone ahead with the scrub-massage and on paying discovered I can't?

And my wallet looks such a poor cloth thing. How can she even bear to take money from it?

There is no way I could have lost this $100. No way. I did not spend it. I did not drop it. I have used this wallet many years, carrying money changed from the money changers, containing more notes than this, and never have I lost cash.  Due to the friction of the cloth material, it holds cash and other items very well (impossible to slip out).

Why take only $100 instead of all? As I mentioned earlier,  she didn't want her victim to be suspicious.

With only $100 taken, victim would assume it had been spent (and forgotten) or dropped or someone else took it. If she had taken all, victim would know for sure it's theft.

Very clever.

It is also possible that she takes only what she needs, though unlikely. Could also be she pitied my wallet's poor look and spared it partly, though again possible but unlikely.

I told the police officer my case and said that no one outside of that spa could have taken the money (this is 100% guaranteed).  I know my situation, I know my wallet.

On that day I went to St. Gregory,  there was no one at the reception and changing room except that woman and me. Only she knew my locker was #7.

I wore no jewellery and she has never seen my wallet. I was wearing track shoes, blue jeans and a green cotton jacket. No indication I was rich or carried a lot of money. In my hand was only a small white plastic John Little bag containing my swim googles, my bra, panties, wallet, biscuits. I was holding the bag by squeezing its top in my right hand. I was already wearing my swim suit inside my clothes.


Investigation Diary:

Nov 13 Wed I went back to see if could get her. I had allowed time to pass (a mistake I was to learn later) so that she would not be able to recognize me. Intend to catch her red-handed with video.

Arrived late due to problem with fixing makeup and disguise. Arrived at 5pm. 2 Chinese women at counter. 1 younger and 1 older. The younger sounded like the woman I had spoken to on the phone on Oct 22 who was displeased that I had used the facilities and left without paying (Sheryl). Her voice is hard and ill-suited for customer service. Left after pretending to see the spa menu and asking about a few things. Thinking that perhaps her shift had perhaps ended between 4-5pm, I decided to try again  (not knowing that she had already left on 27 Oct).


Nov 19. Tues. Arrived at 3.20pm. Almost same time as Oct 22. But it was still not her. 3 women.

2 women from 13 Wed and 1 Malay woman. Malay woman (Janisa) looked different from the one on 22 Oct. This one was jovial, friendly, open. Asked if I was Japanese/Korean.  Glittery eyeshadow on upper lids. More makeup and broader face than 22 Oct woman.

After today's Malay woman presented the menu and asked a few massage questions I had, she left with the Chinese older woman. After pretending to answer my mobile phone, I ended up telling the younger Chinese woman that I would return another time. I think she recognizes me from last week but she didn't say anything.

Mon 9 Dec. Arrived 3.35pm. Returned for the 3rd time in normal hair with cap turned lid back. Very little make up on my face this time. Dressed differently. Staff did not recognize at all.

I was getting fed up and puzzled why I wasn't seeing that thief.  Decided to ask questions directly.

Janisa was at the counter. I said there was a woman here on 22 Oct Tues at 3pm. Could she check the roster who it was?

As expected, Janisa asked what it was about. I said I left something with that staff.

She asked what did she look like? I said with a bun, simple makeup. Maybe Malay? Dark complexion. I had the impression she was a therapist.

Janisa said she was the only Malay staff here.  Shook her head when I asked if it were possible the woman was Indo or Filipino. Said they are all Singaporeans and no one has a bun.

She went into the side to check with staff behind glass doors. 

A Chinese woman came out: Mary. Then Caroline, another Chinese woman (girlish and small-sized) came out.  I had seen them all before in the previous 2 times I came back. They all sounded Singaporean.

After Janisa had checked the roster online for 22 Oct Tues, she said morning was her. Afternoon was Julian. Evening was their boss Sheryl.

This should be correct because at 5.30pm that day, I had called and a young woman who sounded annoyingly bossy answered the phone. That should be Sheryl the boss. And I think I had met her the previous 1st time I returned. I know who it is.

Janisa said Julian is Chinese (local) and very tall (with no bun). An intern. I said that woman I saw was about her (Janisa's) height. Janisa shook her head like it was impossible.

Janisa confirmed that at 3pm that day, it was Julian's shift. Said Julian is off today and for Tues and Wed. She will be back on Thurs. I asked if I came back around 3pm on Thurs, would it be Ok? She nodded without looking at me.

I asked if it was possible they had part-timers or temp staff? All 3 shook their heads. Caroline said they had very few staff because they did not have such staff.

What about getting therapists to come down to the front desk when they were shorthanded? They said no.

Possible that they transfer out or rotate among the outlets of the spa? Caroline said no. These are the only existing staff they have.

Mary said perhaps I had gone to other spas and got the wrong place? I said no, this is the place.
Caroline wanted to know what it was that I had left so she could "help ask around". I said no need.

I left informing them that I would return on Thurs at about 3pm.

When I went home and told bro, he said it is possible that woman (thief) was the cleaner.

If she was the cleaner, it would explain her strange behavior: she had seemed reluctant to look up at me when I walked in that day. And the unsmiling reception. It was because she's not supposed to be there.

But if that woman was the cleaner, why was she able to mark my reservation in the logbook? And take me inside to the changing room and handle the towels etc..?

Also, Sheryl on the phone had known that I had used the facilities. She wasn't there at that time. How did she know? If Julian is not the one whom I talked to at the front desk that day, then Sheryl must have talked to that woman who stole the money.

12 Dec Thurs arrived at 4pm.

Took less than 10 mins to interview them. Recorded the whole thing on video (without their knowing).

Forgot to check where is their CCTV.  If it were possible, the CCTV would confirm that she was standing at the glass door while I was swimming. Would record only her entering the changing room and leaving it at the time (but not inside the changing room).  To get the CCTV, I would need the police.

Got the information finally: Marianne the Filipino woman.

She had quit on 27 Oct (5 days after she took the money off me). I should have hurried, bought the video cam and returned the next day after discovering the money gone.  But I wanted to order the video cam and stuff online, and finally bought the cam locally and got other stuff online.

By the time I got everything ready, she had transferred out to Orchid Club (Orchid Country Club). I didn't ask the reason. Flown the coop.

I talked to the intern Julian who was the only one at the front desk. Perfect. Got some truth finally.

Either Janisa is really clueless or she is lying. The information she gave me on Monday was different from what Julian checked and told me.

As I expected, Julian is a young intern/girl student who would be honest with the information since she has no reason to lie. Young, naive and only there sometimes. 3 days off day in a week (how much of a worker can that be?), part-time with no obligation to protect anyone or know anything. No commitment to the workplace. A free person. I was counting on her honesty.

According to Janisa on Monday, she said on 22 Oct, there were 3 persons on duty. Herself in the morning shift, Julian in the afternoon, Sheryl in the evening.

However, according to roster check by Julian, she said she was off duty that day. And so was Sheryl.

The 3 persons that day were: Janisa, Caroline (part-timer morning shift 9am to 6.30pm) and Marianne (full-timer who was transferred).  Janisa worked whole day (12.30pm to 10pm). Marianne from 10.30 am to 8pm.

All three were technically there at the time I was there on 22 Oct. But only Marianne was at the front desk and showed me to my locker that she chose for me.

Sheryl their boss was supposed to be off that day and nobody can say that they saw her at the spa. Mary says that when she is off, she does not return.

However, it is certain that I had talked to their boss Sheryl on the phone at about 5.30pm that day. It was her voice because I have met her before (Nov 13). Sheryl was in communication with Marianne, and that's how she knew that I had used the facilities.

Mary's comment that the boss does not return on her off day, is incorrect.  Mary said it based on assumption. She never saw Sheryl that day.

Sheryl had come to work and talked to Marianne who told her that I had used the facilities.

Staff are so blur, just checking the roster is so difficult for them. Either that, or the roster must be so difficult to navigate and read.  Staff took so long just to figure out when Marianne had left their roster/establishment.

Janisa showed confusion when reading the roster from the laptop. It is possible she is really clueless. She almost gave the wrong date of the woman's transfer. Looking at the roster, she said the woman left on the 22nd... then stopped when she realized she was looking at the wrong date. She was looking at the date that I requested Julian to check up (22 Oct).

I was unable to talk to Sheryl since she was on MC until Sunday. (really on MC or take leave?)

According to Janisa, Sheryl is the manager of the spa at Royal Pickering.

Orchid Country Club Spa-lon hours are 11am-9.30pm. St Gregory Spa at Pickering 10am-10pm/9am-9pm. Spa-lon has shorter hours.

Just on that day 22 Oct alone, Marianne worked 10.30am to 8pm, 9.5 hrs. It is possible the shifts at Spa-lon are shorter hours.

On Monday when I asked Janisa if they had any Indos or Filipinos, she had shook her head even though she knew the specific date that I was asking about.

When I asked Julian, she said Marianne is a Filipino. It is a possible explanation for the woman's reluctance  to speak on that day. If she had spoken more, her accent would be revealed. Her eyes were dishonest. She did not look me in the eye when I spoke to her. Her behavior was strange and awkward. She did not look comfortable.

The Spa-lon shouldn't be crowded since it is in a country club and far away from the central areas. It would be rich pickings since it is a country club. With shorter work hours, the transfer is perfect.


Conclusion: The thief is Marianne the Filipino. Sheryl was in the spa that day but nobody saw her.

It is possible the other staff were hanging out somewhere inside the spa, or perhaps not even in the spa. That is why they were unaware that their boss returned.

Marianne had informed Sheryl that I had used the facilities.

My $100 still gone.

Video clip: 

As can be seen, it takes these clueless staff very long just to find out when this "Marianne" left their establishment. Is the font size very tiny? Navigation of the roster very difficult?

Janisa asks "What is it regarding actually?". I had to remind her that I was there on Monday (just 3 days ago). She forgot already?

Considering the delay in replying to my e-mail at the beginning,  the "Caroline" mentioned in the video (who is a part-timer) should be the same "Caroline Pua" in the e-mail reply.  These front desk staff refer to themselves as  "lifestyle coordinators" as can be heard in the video.  

I was thinking at that time, that if they didn't cooperate, I will tell them the truth. That I was robbed at your spa. Would you rather tell me what I want to know now, or prefer police officers to walk in & interview all of you while customers are here?