Sunday, 14 August 2016

Zenxin SG Is A Piece of Shit

That's what I thought when I walked out of Bukit Panjang Zenxin. Don't go there. I hope they go bankrupt & a better one takes over.

Posted this on their Facebook:

Was just at Bukit Panjang @ 4.40pm (Fri Aug 12). Glad I did not buy anything because of stupid & rude woman at cashier. Don't know why Zenxin hired such a stupid woman who only knows how to eat on the job but can't work.She was eating some nuts or something (didn't even wipe her mouth). She showed reluctance the moment I approached the counter. Couldn't even find the price code for the vegetables I wanted to buy. Keyed in the wrong pricing & didn't know how to delete. She said the cashier went to the toilet. Asked me to wait. No apologies. Ridiculous Zenxin only has 1 person who can do cashiering. Waited so long but no cashier. I said if she is able to delete the wrong pricing, I'll just get the broccoli & eggs. When she finally was able to delete, she keyed in the broccoli & eggs. Came up to under $10. I said pay by Nets, she said must above $20. I said since there's no ATM here & I've only have some dollars, I'll just get the eggs. She said she's unable to delete the broccoli. Need to wait for cashier. I said, then cancel all. She just stood there with a stupid face. No apologies. No thanks even when I put back the vegetables & eggs. Since she was so rude, I left the broccoli on the counter & walked out. Not going back again. Waste of time.

Stupid, lousy Zenxin Malaysian company. They are spoilt. What they need is a competitor who will take the business to better levels.

Can't even provide paper bags or plastic bags. $0.20 for a plastic bag if you didn't bring any.

NETs only usable if you spend above $20. Pathetic. I once spoke with an individual seller who applied for NETs & he said NETs is not expensive at all to provide to customers.

I've never been impressed with Zenxin. At first, it was the lack of freshness issue. Then it was bitter xiao bai cai.  Majority of their products are lousy & expensive. They lasted so long only because they are the only organic supplier in the supermarkets.

They get products from cheaper countries (Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand) & sell for high prices. The items may be organic but not top quality as these countries have poorer soil & environmental conditions.  Other so-called organic shops do the same thing (for instance "Yes Natural Organic").

To put so many Taiwanese so-called "organic" items on their shelves, these bosses must be Chinese-educated (which is uneducated). 

Seldom you'll see produce from USA/Australia/New Zealand. Likely because if they get from these countries, their profits will be smaller.

With this latest experience at Bukit Panjang, I'm really fed up with Zenxin. Too bad they are the only organic supplier at Giant supermarkets. 

It's like a bloody Twilight Zone episode:

Bukit Panjang Fri Aug 12 @ 4.40p.m..  I was there with bro. We were there once probably 1 or 2 years ago but it was a completely worthless trip & I never returned. This year, decided to go take another look. So far, been there about 3 times within these weeks.

Friday was the 4th visit. Glad their stupid woman staff was so bad, I didn't buy anything. So happy didn't spend any money this time.

After choosing a broccoli & a packet of Choy Sum vegetables, went to the counter. The woman at the cashier counter looked up with the side of her mouth showing a fragment of nuts or something that she was eating.  She looked reluctant. Straightaway, I knew something was wrong.

1) Eating & chewing on the job is a bad sign.
2) Showing reluctance when customer stands at the cashier counter.
3) Didn't even wipe her mouth & still chewing? 

True enough, something was wrong with her.

She reluctantly approached the cash register. Started searching for the code for the packet of vegetables. Couldn't find the price from a long list at the side of the cashier register.  Odd. Couldn't the barcode on the packet just be scanned?

I said I'll just buy the broccoli. But she persisted in looking for the pricing code for the vegetables & keyed in the wrong price. And didn't know how to delete it.

She told me to wait for the cashier. I assumed the cashier was somewhere inside, so I said get the cashier as we didn't have time to wait around. She said the cashier had waited for me but couldn't hold it in anymore & left for the toilet.

4) Blaming the customer for not coming to the counter while the cashier was waiting.

5) Zenxin has only 1 cashier? And what is this woman chewing & eating at the cashier counter?

I said, fine. Meanwhile, I waited & chose 10 eggs. By then, the cashier still hadn't appeared for 5-10 mins already.

The crazy woman at the counter looked so stoned.  Dead & lifeless eyes.  She said she had managed to delete the packet of vegetables & was able to scan the barcode for the broccoli & key in the price of the eggs.

Came up to around $9.70. I said pay by NETs. She said only above $20. Bro asked me to get more items to make up for it. I said there is nothing else I want. And why should I spend more just because Zenxin is too stingy to pay for the NETs fees unless it's above $20?

Bro only had a few bucks. Only enough to pay for the eggs ($2.50). So I said I'll just get the eggs.

The woman said she's unable to delete the broccoli.  Told me to wait for the cashier.

I said in that case, just cancel all. There isn't an ATM around. The stoned-looking woman just stood there.

I was upset but took the eggs from the counter & returned it to the shelf. Then went back to take the vegetables from the counter & put it back on its shelf.  There was no need for me to do that. I should have just walked out. While putting them back, I berated myself: Why the heck was I so nice to put them back?

Not once did the crazy woman thank me or apologise. She just stood there, stoned. So I left the broccoli on the counter & walked out. When I was outside, the crazy woman just stared at me from behind the glass panel of the cashier.  Just like an episode of Twilight Zone.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Watch Out Instead for the TPP: US Obama Intentionally Mispronounces LKY's Name

Update 5 Aug Fri:

Politics & money.  Domination. Monopoly. TPP.  Reading about it, it's just like the Euro & Brexit. Now, they are doing it again with the TPP. No wonder the US refuses to join it. It's impossible to force the same regulations on different nations.  It ties up too many hands & causes collapse.

Obama insulting SG's PM has valid reason/s.  That being the case, Obama throwing a red carpet for the SG PM is actually gracious considering Congress & the American people are against the TPP.  Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Actually, reading about the TPP,  the mispronunciation is no longer an issue. Forget about it. What is important, what everyone should be worrying about is the TPP.

I hope the US rejects it.  Don't sign it. Intellectual property rights compromised & other plans that is going to sweep across 12 nations. Be very afraid.

I hope the TPP will just stop as an idea & don't go any further.

Describing Singapore’s progress, Obama said, “In less than a generation, under the vision and stewardship of Prime Minister Lee Kew, er, Wan, er, Lee, Lee Kuan Yew, Singaporeans transformed their nation from third world to first.”

The US president chuckled at his mistake, while Lee briefly glanced away.
It's so obviously done on purpose, for amusement & insult. Even the reporter disrespectfully calls SG's PM "Lee".  And our PM did nothing to pay back in kind? Just glanced away?

Where's the verbal fire that our PMs are so good at?

Why don't Obama mispronounce the Japanese PM's name? Or how about North Korea's leader's name? Or Russia's President's name?

Singapore is a nobody to the USA.  Without even reading the article, after I told my bro just the headlines, he said Obama did it intentionally.  Asked why our PM went to the US to be looked down on. 

Firstly because SG has nothing to offer the US. Secondly, the past incidents of LKY lawsuits against the international newspapers are not forgotten together with that super big incident many years ago over Michael Fay. Third, because SG talks as if it's so great.

Not surprising Obama made that "gaffe". He's not that good anyway. Looks sleazy. What has he done for his country? Shootings everywhere. Bloody wild place with mad people.

I'm not siding with my SG's PMs. But can't Obama even be gracious enough to properly host another head of state?  Are we supposed to be embarrassed or is Obama & the US people supposed to be embarrassed? Makes me think that Trump might be more suitable.

The mispronounciation is reported as a "small gaffe".

Compare this "small gaffe" to how carefully the US treated the visit of Saudi Arabia's crown prince recently. Certainly, no mispronounciation of the crown prince's name there.

Although the crown prince (Mohammed bin Salman) is still only a deputy (possibly the next King), he was invited to the Oval Office, out of respect & kiss-ass to the King (& the oil).

The White House said Prince Mohammed's meeting with Obama will take place in the Oval Office -- a rare honor for a non-head of state, one not afforded to the Dalai Lama earlier in the week.
Little is certain about the inner workings of the House of Saud, but the prince's high public profile has led many to speculate that he could be the next on the throne, rather than designated Crown Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.
"He is notionally number three in the hierarchy, but effectively he's number one," said Simon Henderson of the Washington Institute, a think tank focused on the Middle East.
"The King prefers his son and wants his son to be king," said Henderson.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Shannen Doherty: Appointments with Death

Whether Shannen Doherty dies or not, is it any concern of mine? No. I don't know her. But what she is going through, is exactly what people shouldn't do in her situation.

Classic example of doctors killing a person without understanding what the heck they are doing. She already said she can't eat. This means her body is unable to repair itself with nutrients from food. They are destroying the body's natural ability to heal.

She says she can't move, needs to be carried. This is already near end stage.

Despite her hope of survival, she is going to die after a few more appointments.  I have seen it happen to the person I loved.

Commonsense. When you damage the body, it cannot heal, cannot re-balance itself. It will fight to live but if you keep bombarding it & destroying the DNA, it will die.

Shannen Doherty will die if she continues their "treatment".

So-called doctors are destroying her body inside & from outside. It cannot survive. Even if you are young & strong, death will be caused by their "treatments".

When you remove a breast, you will spread the cancer through the rest of the body. Obviously, "doctors" don't know why it happens. That's why they keep recommending breast removal.

Once the breast is removed, the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes.  When that happens, it goes pretty much downhill. The whole body will be destroyed by the radiation & chemo.

Rather than asking her to stop what she's been consuming that has contributed to tumor growth & re-balancing her body's chemical processes, they simply remove the breast.

When the last poison they give don't work (of course it won't), they will say they cannot do anymore. Go die at home or some place with painkillers. This is the way these "doctors" operate.

So-called doctors rob you first, then they leave you to die.

At that point when they "give up" (her body will be too weak to bear another whack of radiation & chemo), it'll be very near the end. Not the end yet as long as you are still alive. It's only the end when you are dead.

Quit now & Shannen Doherty may still survive with better chances with alternative therapies. Even the damage done by the radiation "treatment" can be rectified.  At the very least, you'll not die at the hands of these savages a.k.a. doctors.

I know the steps that can help. But nobody is paying me to talk. 

When the person I loved died, nobody cared, nobody gave advice & the doctors even insulted her & showed disrespect to her as a woman.

The person I loved died 8.5 years ago. If I knew what I know now, I would have been able to help her. Or even save her.  Since my knowledge now cannot benefit her anymore, then I will not let it benefit anyone else.

Actress Shannen Doherty fears for her future after revealing her breast cancer has spread.

The former Beverly Hills, 90210 star confirmed she was fighting for her life a year ago (Aug15) and in May (16), she underwent a mastectomy to remove one of her breasts.
The 45-year-old has been left seriously weakened by the ordeal, which has robbed her of her appetite, and she has been relying heavily on her husband, film producer Kurt Iswarienko, to carry her around the house and transport her to her doctors' appointments.
 "...You don't want to be moved, you can't eat... There's nothing going in my body, it's all going out."
 In an emotional and candid interview with U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight, which airs on Monday (01Aug16), Shannen shares, "I had breast cancer that spread to the lymph nodes, and from one of my surgeries we discovered that some of the cancer cells might have actually gone out of the lymph nodes. So for that reason, we are doing chemo, and then after chemo, I'll do radiation."