Tuesday, 31 August 2021

Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox: Does Creamy Cream Premium Ice Cream Shop exist in Korea?

The way the (ex-) mountain spirit ate his choco mint ice cream made me want to go to Korea to try it too. But checking online, there don't seem to be such a shop in existence. Was it just a decal pasted onto a glass panel of another shop? 

The Choco mint ice cream in a tub that he loves to eat however, has been covered by other bloggers. It's Peacock brand Yolow @ nearly 6000 won (SGD$7) which isn't cheap, similar to Singapore's pricing of foreign ice-cream tubs in supermarkets.

This drama is even better than Lee Min-Ho's time travel drama... what's it called? ... (checks online)... The Eternal Monarch. 

Nine-Tailed Fox ... the guy is very lovable and cute. The writer created a very memorable character who is both powerful and resourceful but not invulnerable. Sexy man (Lee Dong-Wook).  Makes me watch certain episodes a 2nd time. Makes me miss him after the show such that I have to watch him again by replaying from ep 1. This is the first time I have seen this actor.

Music however, is not so good and Eternal Monarch has slightly better OSTs. 

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