Monday, 25 October 2021

No vaccination (vax) no hire?

Oct 25 Mon 4.14pm.

Employers in Singapore have just been given another tactic of not hiring people at the slightest excuse. They have been discriminating  based on age,  gender,  etc.. And now whether an applicant is "vaccinated" or not. If they could discriminate based on the number of horns people have (if people grew horns), they would "select" based on that. 

Stupid companies across the board aren't really even hiring. They put up an ad but when you go there,  it's fun and games for them. An interviewer can go so far as to breach your privacy into your family, your parents even when this has nothing to do with the job application. 

If you have a degree,  you are over-qualified. If you don't have a degree,  you are not good enough. If you have a lot of experience,  you don't have the "relevant" experience. If you have experience and a degree,  you are over-qualified. If you have no experience,  they want some experience. 

If you are a woman,  they actually prefer a man. If you're a man,  they prefer a woman. They don't advertise this,  so you waste your time going to an interview even if your resume makes it through (which is itself odd when they prefer the other gender). 

What people can do, is note which companies are discriminatory in this "no vaccination no hire" criteria and avoid or boycott such shortsighted and small-minded companies.

Even students in the US are smart enough to say that they would rather not go to university if a vaccination is required to get in.  They would rather forfeit getting a degree and just work to earn money. 

In Singapore,  or even around the world,  you don't need a degree to get around and make money. In fact, the ability to get money has nothing to with intelligence. 

It is ridiculous for a country to follow the methods of China that spread the virus in the first place. China says no vax no entry to shopping malls.  Other countries do the same. 

Europe or US says no vax no hire. Other countries follow. 

Just for once,  I wish Singapore is different. But of course,  it never will be. 

Nothing but disappointment. 

Is it guaranteed that vaccination equals hire? If you're dead from a vaccination, that's just too bad. There's always another applicant behind you. If you don't want to get vaccinated,  that's just too bad. There's another applicant who is vaccinated just behind you. And even if you are vaccinated,  gee, you go to the restroom too many times anyway, so you're fired. 

A country can be very beautiful but if the people are discriminatory like this,  then it's just an ugly piece of land.  

More and more brains are choosing to work as digital nomads. Vaccinated or not,  they don't need to come to office anymore. By insisting on having only vaccinated workers,  the company loses out. 

And a lot of companies are having difficulties finding people for jobs. There are simply no takers. People just have better things to do with their lives than work for peanuts. Covid has forced people to assess or reassess their work and their lives. 

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