Monday, 29 November 2021

Psychological privilege Covid Vaccinated

29 Nov 2021 Mon 

I recall the Discover article that said humans have gotten stupid and are getting stupider over the years due to cities taking away their ability to think.

There is no longer a need to use their brains to find or hunt for food,  to build shelters, to navigate or to make social connections for survival and well-being. People's brains have become under-utilised. And therefore, they have become stupid. 

This Covid proves that it's true. 

How come governments are copying each other?  Where do people get the idea that only vaccinated people like themselves,  are safe? 

Where is the democracy and people's rights that many countries have been so proud of? 

In the end,  all the ideals and assumptions are thrown out the window. Countries that I thought are open and progressive, are not. Countries least expected to be open,  become saviours of people displaced by their own countries. 

I KIV (keep in view)  the countries that are forcing people. So many. Austria,  Australia, USA... 

I keep them in view whenever they appear in the news,  so that I don't give my tourist dollars to them when travel opens again. Not giving them money means not supporting them,  not supporting what they do, not supporting what they have done to their citizens, to people. 

Humans have a tendency to make themselves feel more privileged than they really are,  to make up for what they lack. Any excuse will do,  if it can set them up as "superior" than others. That is how there's slavery and the rest. 

For instance,  "I am vaccinated (you are not). So I feel safe knowing that everyone around me is also vaccinated.".  

Where's the logic of such a remark that is made by various persons interviewed in the news? 

Maybe they didn't read? Maybe they prefer not to know? 

Vaccinated doesn't mean the person is not infected. He/she could be a carrier. Or even a variant might even emerge from a vaccinated person. And you think it's safe sitting beside  him/her? Isn't that more dangerous?

There's still a lot of information to be learnt about Covid. 

Anyone know the long-term effects or side-effects of the vaccines? How about: Are we going to need boosters all the time for the rest of our lives? 

Vaccinated people get vaccinated because they want to live. They are to be applauded for putting their lives on the line for trusting the vaccines. 

Not vaccinated people also want to live. They are also to be applauded for having the courage not to be vaccinated (due to the risk of death) and instead take their chances outside.

I just have to ask 1 question. The news articles say death from the vaccines is "rare". Does anyone want to be that "rare" case while everyone else moves on? 

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