Monday, 15 November 2021

Punishing the unvaccinated

15 Nov 2021

Well it seems the virus Covid didn't have to do anything to turn humans against humans. If someone said Covid is caused by the devil,  I would believe it even though I am not religious. 

It's so easy to segregate or divide humanity. All you have to do,  is put out a virus. The humans will struggle and find some kind of vaccine. As expected,  some will take the experimental solution, some will not. Then you just let it play out among themselves. What happens when those who take the "vaccine" turn against those who don't? 

Pretty soon,  they won't be fighting Covid. They will be fighting over themselves. What could be more brilliant? 

The virus will do its job and the rest will be done by humans themselves. They think they found a vaccine. By the time the virus is done,  there will be nothing left of humans because they will do themselves to shreds. 

I am very surprised that European countries supposed to be smart. How come stupider than Singapore? 

How to progress with the mindset of blaming unvaccinated people? What did Austria invent anyway?  What is their contribution to humanity? Arnold Schwarzenegger? 

Countries like Netherlands need to ask why despite 80% fully vaccinated population,  there's still a high of 16,000 cases daily. Is it because people are not wearing their masks? Most likely,  because vaccinated people become relaxed thinking that they are protected.

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